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Humanics Does Not Do Taughtologies: Humanics Has Come to This Earth to End the Monstrosities of Capitalism, Which Is Nothing But an Economics of High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities of Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition: But Do Not Expect These Political Forces, Parties, Their Economists, Theorists and Their Propaganda Machines to Tell You About It Because They All Subscribe to Capitalism and Are Part of the Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism Whereby All Parties Are Committed to Enforce Poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Unemployability, Rough-Sleeping, Poverty-Wage, Poverty-Social Security and Destitution Warrant and Lack of Medicare and Social Care, Gating Away of Education, Higher Education and Life-Long Learning and Mass Homelessness of Many Kinds, Including, the So-Called Home-ownership, Which Is Nothing But an Endemic Debt-Bondage, Enforcing A Slow-Poison, Lingering, Life-Long Poverty and All These Create the Sociology of Squalor, That Sustains and Spreads the Sociology of Evil, Where Dehumanisation, Mechanisation, Machination, Manipulation, Herding and Jingoistic Economics of Infinite Greed, Endless and Ever-Going Robbery and Normalised High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities Are Enforced and In All These the Distorteddia Conglomerate Devastate and Destroy Reality, Truth, Science and Reason and Conduct an Ever-Going War Against the Human Persons, Families, Communities and Societies, Against All Humanity, Which Have Created a Jingoistic Jungle of Utter, Absolute and Comprehensive Ecology of Hell of Hunger and Poverty, Which Is What the World Has Become Under Pseudonomics: A Robbers' Field, Running An Open Season of Lootings and Grand Thefts, That Have Created a Sociological Hell on Earth for the Vast Majority of Humanity: Tell the World's Disempowered to Begin Work to Bring an End to Capitalism to Get to a Better World for All Humanity Where No One Suffers Poverty, Hunger or Malnutrition: No One Suffers Poverty-Wage, Poverty-Social Security or Destitution Warrant: It Is Time to Declare the End of This Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism of the Olden, Rotten Politics: It is Time to Change the Plate Tectonics of This World and Begin the Architecturing and Construction of a New World for All Humanity At Liberty and Equality

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Capitalism As Pseudonomics Is Running Economics of Poverty
Enforcing All High-Cruelties
High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities on
the Majority of Humanity on Earth

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Jessie May Peters

First Published: September 24: 2015
Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd

Poets' Letter Magazine Archives Poetry Pearl

Briony Dennis

Poet in Residence at the 3rd London Poetry Festival 2007

August 2006, Print Magazine

Published in London Poetry Pearl   V London Poetry Festival 2009 Anthology

Poets' Letter Magazine Archives Poetry Pearl

Four Reflections - on Eliot's Four Quartets  Heart of Light     

Poet in Residence at the 3rd London Poetry Festival 2007


I tread over the dust.
The moon drops onto the earth
drawing the waves and the wind.
The levanter lures its tales,
a whispering cloak for the water.
These stories cannot be spoken, cannot be heard,
they may only be known.
Known by those who quiet their minds
Long enough to feel their chatter, to see through a mist…
the other.
The other who stands on a shadowed shore
with the sounds of the sand drinking the sea.
The other on a peninsula of calm
eyes gazing across miles.
Boundaries shiver, insubstantial in this place.
I reach the sea's edge
streams of light lick over and…
I am home.
Far from that place. Far from those faces. Those things.
I am home.
It cannot endure, it is merely a reflection but,
in one pure, painful second…
I am home.
But this home, does not belong to me.
It's not mine.
Not yet.

And turning from the fading sounds of hushed footsteps
the other, another
drinks down the…second
savoring its aftertaste before it evaporates
in reality's heated breath.
Never to have existed.


And walking across the lazy earth,
the dry, stretching earth, yawning its limbs across the years.
The other.
Another, gazes across the walking moments… of a waking eternity.


You can never be whole, until you are broken.
Never be one until you lie, a fleck,
a grain on the skin
of the endless
expanse of eternity.
into the earth.
with the weight of a drift of seconds
that accumulate
as a deep drift of leaden snow.
And the galgos steps across the paper strewn stone
Down into the city
down onto the shrinking world.

( This poem was included in the London Poetry Pearl Anthology, published in celebration of the fifth year of The London Poetry Festival 2008)

Copyrights @ Briony Dennis

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