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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Body of Works That Bring Into Existence the Philosophy and Vision of Humanics

Munayem Mayenin's Published Works

I Question Therefore I Learn
















Reading: The Doors, Windows, Ventilations, Roads, Streets, Avenues, Highways, Alleyways, Paths and Passages,  Roots, Branches, Earths, Waters and Skies Through Which Human Soul Travels to Eternally Keep on Learning and Growing to Become and Remain Humanity Naturale











Why Humanity Must Rise to Discard Capitalism In Order to Keep on Existing on Earth

Humanity Will Have No Future Unless Capitalism Is Discarded: Why: a: Lack of Universal Education Higher Education and Life-Long Learning: b: Lack of Universal Employment: c: Lack of Universal Home: d: Lack of Universal Social Services: e: Lack of Universal Social Care: f: Lack of Universal Medical Care: g: Absence of Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: h: Poverty: i: Hunger: j: Malnutrition: k: Destitution: l: Poverty-wage: m: Polluted Natural and Built Environment: n: Polluted Oceans and Water-ways: o: Polluted Toxic Air: p: Plastic Pollution: q: Infinite Greed and Infinite Consuming: r: Highest Waste of Natural Financial and Human Resources: s: Pseudonomical Profiteering and Robbery: t: Unable to Seek to Achieve Circularity Sustainability and Green Economics in All Business Trade and Commerce: u: Global Warming: v: Climate Change: w: Destruction of Representative Democracy and Rise of Racist Misogynistic Chauvinistic Xenophobic and Supremacist Majoritarian Mob Dictatorship: India Brazil United States of America and Many Other Countries Around the World and Particularly in the European Union: x: Sociology of Squalor: y: Sociology of Evil: z: The Distorteddia: We Have Run Out of the Alphabet:!: Alpha: Dehumanisation of Humanity: Beta: The Destruction of the Self and the Agency of the Human Mind: Gamma: The Weakening and Destruction of Individuals Families and Communities: Delta: Absence of a Philosophical Political Philosophical and Political Economical Movement in the World That Takes Into Consideration and Respond to the Existential Threats Being Put Before Humanity by Capitalism and Its Killing Mechanism Means That This Killing Mechanism Is Dragging Humanity Towards the Slaughter-House of the End Along With It the Entire Web and Ecology of Life on Earth Are Being Terminated! Humanics Has Put Forward the Vision of Humanity Without Capitalism But with and in Humanics: It Is Up to the World's Humanity Particularly the Youth to Rise to Save Humanity From This Definitive Doom Being Implemented by Capitalism.  


The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto

|| Humanics || Humanical Sociology || Humanical Jurisprudence || Humanical Moral Science || Humanical Philosophy || Humanical Political Philosophy: Humanicsovics || Humanical Political Economics: Humanicsonomics || Humanical Psychology || Humanical Society || Humanical Civilisation || Human Enterprise ||

Humanics Because Capitalism Is A Dying World View and A Rotten and Rotting Killing Mechanism That Can Not Be Sustained

The Body of Works of Humanics Arises Out of the Philosophical Works of Munayem Mayenin

|| The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto || Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume I  || Humanics The Foundation: Volume I || Humanics The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics Its Laws and Lawlessness: Volume II || Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume III ||

As of Yet Unpublished Works

|| Psychology of Zoohuman || Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius || Humanical Jurisprudence || Sociology of Evil || Economics of Squalors: The High-Cruelties High-Brutalities and High-Barbarities of Capitalism || Humanical Moral Science || Social Morality Or Good State || Humanical Civilisation: A Universal Grid of Humanical Societies || Colossus Complexus: Eternally Learning Humanity ||


Humanics Arkive

Humanics: The Foundation, by Munayem Mayenin, has been published by Imsonium Books, on December 06, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-244-34575-4. Humanics: The Foundation: Humanics is the philosophical architecture, mechanism and system of human affairs management, that sets out the way for humanity to achieve a true civilisation in which civic societies exist in the rule of law, rooted in Natural Justice so that liberty and equality exist simultaneously, along with, purpose and meaning of human existence. A Humanical Society establishes itself by eradicating capitalism and all injustices and dehumanisation, suffering and misery it creates, fosters and nurtures, by discarding off the very idea of ownership, replacing it with belongingship, whereby, for the first time in human history, it creates equality and liberty for all humans as they create a humanical and civic society of equals under Natural Justice.

















The Long Walk to Humanics: There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty  that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. 

But until Humanity has achieved the conditions to fully discard capitalism and put it in the archives of history of human development and begin to craft humanics, it must be brought under, run and managed by the rule of law and the absolute yardstick of that law must be that it must always serve the entire people of a country:nation. Capitalism cannot, as it stands, nor can it be modified to do so, so long it remains a system of money to make profits, deliver 100% employment. Never can it deliver this. Thus, societies cannot 'punish' the poor and jobless people, who fill this 'basket' perpetually, for its failures and injustices that it causes. And thus, The Humanion believes we should seek to ensure: a: Guaranteed Universal Income; b: A Guaranteed Home; c: A Guaranteed Education Up to College and Guaranteed Subsidised Route to Degree-Level Education; d: A Guaranteed Job; e: Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need and f: A Guaranteed Universal-Child-Income-Protection Where Every Child is Guaranteed Equal Financial Support from 0-16; g: Guaranteed Social Care and h: Guaranteed Access to Equitable Pension:Provides a living income.

So long scenes like these in which human souls are treated with such brutal, barbaric, cruel and absolutely dehumanised, demeaning and ruthless degradation and contempt, humanity cannot claim that it has learnt the 'C' of Civilisation. And the forces, groups, people and political parties that do not see this as to how horribly, terribly, dangerously counterproductive all this is to a society and to human progress for it is like society has deliberately stabbed majority of its members with terminal blows and let them bleed, suffer in agony of pain and infection and die a lingering, slow-poisoned-death without any care being shown to them and society simply dehumanises itself so that it is able to look at all this agony, strife, pain and suffering and pretends that it does not see. But this won't be accepted by the multitude of humanity and the signs of which have been increasingly becoming more and more evident. This is not acceptable nor is supportable nor can it be left to continue to inflict miseries on humanity. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team                                                                            

The Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism: The World Is in the Grip of the Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism: Where Both the Elites in Power and the Elites in Opposition Subscribe to the Same Capitalism and All Its Poverty-Paradigm Serving the Rich: That Is Why World’s Working Humanity Needs a New World Political Movement


|| Monday: June 29: 2020: Munayem Mayenin || ά. This pandemic has shown us how absolutely incapable we are as humanity in this world to work together for the common good, well-being and, even, survival of the kind. Because we humanity are not one but many, boxed in hundreds of boxes of geo-politics and in that geo-politics, the world is shattered into blocked-up corners and in each blocked-up corner each geo-political identity of humanity keeps on suffering in isolation while the rest of the world does the same. The same humanity in each boxed-up place suffers without regards to the wider world and humanity whereby ensuring all are suffering and, alone, no one can bring an end to these all engulfing sufferings. Take this virus: were it to be far more deadly than what it is, it would have stood with the mighty powers to bring an end to human existence within months.  The infection of this virus now stands at 10 millions across the world! And, like with this virus, we would have nothing or no one to unite and work together to get the world out of these mortal threats from the virus. Think of global warming and climate change, environmental degradation and pollution and the alarming loss of bio-diversity and the entire capitalism’s consumerism for endless profiteering regardless of consequences have brought us to face extinction and the world still does not have the means to work together and face and overcome these existential challenges.

Consider this: this virus jumped into humans in one little place on this earth: in China. That country, instead of accepting the new reports of this virus emergence, started suppressing that news and went after punishing those, who were raising the alarms and with that response China had lost the vital window of opportunity to ‘isolate and block’ that virus as soon as it emerged so that it did not get to spread across the country and then the earth, silently. While it lost these vital opportunities, the virus went on spreading far and wide while, officially, it had not existed. China had not reported its emergence to the world because it was working full-speed to suppress the news. This way China helped the virus spread within its borders and as the world yet had not known about this virus international travel went on and the virus crossed into the international arena and kept on spreading. China finally woke up to realise the severity of the dangers and began to bring it to an end.

However, in this China did mislead the world, which may not have been designed by intention but it came about because of the denial and suppression, which took away the window of opportunity to stop it at its track. This misleading occurs when China reported cases and mortality rate etc where data did not reflect the severity of the virus, its virulence and the people, who were dying as to their make-up, health conditions and other vital states. All those people, who had got infected, suffered and survived on their own and those, who died, all outside ‘system’, China did not know much about these countless people before it had accepted and declared the emergence of the virus to the world.  And because of that the outside world did not think the virus was as deadly as it later became apparent. This misleading occurred because China itself refused to accept that the virus had emerged and people were getting ill and dying everywhere, that, eventually, overwhelmed it only when it accepted the reality but before that point a whole range of people had got infected and many had died, whose data China did not have. Thus, the world had already got the virus spreading long before it came to be notified by China that the virus had emerged and in that the world failed to act with decisiveness and leadership because the world does not have that system, mechanism to act in such manner. The World Health Organisation:WHO is not that mechanism nor does it have the authority, powers and mandate to act with such leadership and decisiveness.

This way the virus kept on going and spreading across the earth as the world kept on disarrayed and dysfunctional and it did not have the system and mechanism to respond to this new threat to human existence. The virus emerged in one place in China and it was one place. Had the world had the system and mechanism to deal with such threat as one united voice, body and power it would have, it should have, it ought to have closed China off and that way, even, if, late, the spread of the virus would not have been as worse as it were to become. The world lacks such a body with the powers, system, mechanism, legitimacy and mandate to deal with these kinds of global issues, threatening the human existence. As already stated the World Health Organisation:WHO does not have the powers nor does it have the mandate or mechanism to deal with such situation. Not even the United Nations is. No one has in this world this absolute power and authority to bring about such a state: decisive and courageous leadership.

Now countries are facing the onslaught of this virus in which people are getting infected, suffering and dying and those, who are surviving face further complications while the entire societies and their economies face calamitous consequences because of the lockdowns, that had to have been imposed, that went country by country where many wasted the opportunity to act quickly and decisively. However, the virus showed that it was more violent and more merciless towards those, who are ‘vulnerable’ by age, sex, men are more likely to be infected, get severe illness and die in greater number than women, other health conditions and all these include all those, who are poor and that includes the entire range of minority population. In simple term, the poor of the world faced the mighty attack of this virus at its fiercest and most ferocious and they have been paying the highest prices across the world. That is in regards to the virus infecting and killing people. But the same poor of all societies are left with the economic consequences and they find, once again, that they are facing absolute disasters because they can not work because of lockdowns and where there is no social security these people are left to hunger and hardship without any support from anyone. And, much of the world has nothing like social security so that working and  non-working poor of the world are left to the mercy of the elements.

This is the reality across the world and where there are social security etc available it does not provide adequate support for people to be able to live on so that people are going hungry or seeking help from food banks and other charities. This is a desperate state of affairs across the earth and added to this most places on earth do not have national health services so that those, who are getting infected stand to receive hardly any medical help. Even, in advanced economies, national health services have abandoned the most of the infected to their own devices in a social abandonment whereby people are left to fight the infection on their own and survive or perish on their own or those, who are surviving keep on suffer complications of many kinds, that are still emerging as the virus keep on going.

This is an infinite mess and this infinite mess is going to get, even, messier as time goes. The virus does not appear to have finished with its spread and as countries began to ease lockdowns the virus is reported to make a resurgence and it is highly likely that it will keep on going for some time to come. This is not very optimistic but the strength of resurgence of the virus in many countries are showing that the virus is still here and not getting any weaker but stronger.

And with all this, we are still here with capitalism: with its poverty-paradigm: its letting the rich rob off the working humanity-created values and worth and pocket them for their own benefit while it enforces a punishment regime for all and spread that poverty everywhere: poverty-wage, punishment-benefit where there is social security and destitution-mandate where there is no social security and this is mandatory for much of the world.

Further to this poverty spreading, there lacks universal education, universal health service, universal social care, universal homes for all, universal jobs for all and much more besides. Added to that the lockdown means that soon the employers going to try and reduce workers’ pay and, thus, impacting on the poverty-wage workers to loss earnings and, consequently, they are going to get poorer still while the rich shall keep on getting richer.

The working humanity of the world can not wait for capitalism to, suddenly, wake up and realise that it can not keep on ensuring suffering, hardship, agony and pain for the vast majority of humanity and change and make itself a different system of economics.

Nothing changes unless there is a philosophy, establishing why something needs to change and how that change can be attempted.

Nothing changes unless there appears a political philosophy, setting out the grounding and founding architecture of that change and offers means to initiate such change.

Nothing changes unless there is a political economics, that presents the architectonics of that change so that it is possible to bring about that change.

Change does not happen because there is x leader or y big brother or z big sister, who is going to be benevolent and will bring about change, that would empower humanity.

Remember, there are two groups of such humanity on earth: the powerful and the powerless. The former lead, direct, dictate and enforce capitalism’s poverty-paradigm because they have the power to do so while the latter accept or does not challenge that. It is time for the working humanity and all the dispossessed and powerless to challenge that and bring an end to capitalism: bring an end to the powerful and powerless and set all humanity, therefore, on the earth of liberty and, therefore, in equality. That is where the future of humanity is headed but it is up to the working humanity to lead humanity towards that future. A new world political movement to discard capitalism and create humanical societies where all humanity is free at liberty and equality. A new world political movement to make and create a one-world to nurture, support, foster, empower and united all humanity as one in one universal body under the rule of law in natural justice. One country or countries or block of countries or a dysfunctional messing together of all countries and nations into one powerless and toothless body, such as, the United Nations won’t do. This political movement is for whole metaphorical physiology of the world and of all humanity and, therefore, political parties of this new movement must be fully, wholeheartedly and comprehensively international and universal: they are not national or country parties. Because unless the entire physiology finds homeostasis there can not and does not come to exist homeostasis for local organs or systems of that physiology. That is the future of humanity but it is upto the working humanity to rise up, organise and united and begin the political movement. In this the younger generations must rise to take up and initiate this visionary movement to change the world to bring about foundational, monumental, seismic and revolutionary change to lead all humanity towards liberty and equality under the rule of law in natural justice. Nothing short will do.

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Humanity: We Are One As an Infinity Unfolding Itself: Otherwise We Are Literally All Quintessence of Dust


|| Monday: June 22: 2020 || ά. ‘’What piece of work is a ‘human’, how noble in reason! how infinite in faculties, in form and moving, how express and admirable in action, how like an angel in apprehension, how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals: Hamlet: William Shakespeare. Were we not to be like so, then, Hamlet would be absolutely right to ask with infinite contempt: ‘what is this quintessence of dust!’ And, here William Shakespeare, in Hamlet, wonderfully, brings into this beautiful sharp focus, by this parallel but paradoxical juxtaposition of two absolutely opposing images of humanity, so to portray the duality, that exists in humanity, whereby creating the philosophical and moral ‘architecture’ or form of what is called choice: that choice offers us the pathways to choose which way to go: to be and do, to exist as: as paragon of animals? Or as quintessence of dust?

And all human history has equally endless evidence for us to find support for human efforts for both. The former inspires us and the latter depresses. However, the system of public affairs management and capitalism as the system of economics, have done nothing other than eat way that choice from humanity so that we are nothing but consumers on our way towards being and becoming nothing but this ‘quintessence of dust’. Consume and keep on consuming and do not look up, do not ask, do no challenge, do not question: keep on watching videos and keep on eating and drinking and enjoying yourself. Do not notice the cuts, the scoldings, the culls, the infections and gangrenes setting in, do not hear of all the millions of humans dying of hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Do nothing. Do not ask for a living wage, do not ask for universal education for all. Do not demand universal health and social care. Do not demand that all humanity get to have a home of their own. Do not demand that humanity is the source, origin and residence of all powers. Keep on consuming till the end and support the rich becoming more rich as the vast majority of humanity fall apart in desperate poverty. Keep on working and creating worth and values and keep shut-up and silent when the rich keep on robbing these values and pocket them!

But the choice is what offers us the way forward: the existential school of philosophy was absolutely right in emphasising that there is no escape from this choice for were we to escape choice, by default, we fall into the desperate route to become nothing but that ‘quintessence of dust’. The current world and the horror of the human condition it has established, brings us close to see how desperately humanity is sprung and strung between and across a landscapes of hatred, poverty and sufferings. Too much, far too much hatred everywhere and far too many political forces are seeking to use to capitalise on that hatred and ‘fish’ for votes and get elected and stay in power to advance their own agenda. In the process humanity is suffering in every country and every land and we are falling flat on the face of nothing but a horror of a human condition, from where there is no escape. The capitalist system of economics has been made into an obligatory ‘religion’ of economics, which is nothing but the lawful robbery by the rich, robbing off the created worth and values of the working humanity and then the system sentences them with a horrible existence with poverty-wage and poverty social security and destitutional misery where there is no social security and in there they are to exist and serve a live-in-life-sentence of misery, suffering, hardship, agony and pain in all high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-brutalities. And all political forces are happy, subscribing to these horror shows and they are running together a ‘complicity mechanism’ of what can not but be a ‘political corruption’, that disempowers the populace in every possible way and manner.

And in this horrendous human condition racism has spread far and wide and everywhere these fascist, nazi, xenophobic and white supremacist forces are advancing while people are fighting back. However, until we look at the entire system of public affairs management system and system of economics and realise all these problems and issues are arising out of these arena of existence: philosophical problems, political philosophical problems and problems of political economics and these all in capitalism have no other aims and objectives other than to empower the rich and the elite, that are divided across various established political parties and political groups, that serve the rich and disempower, disenfranchise and stripe the humanity off any and all possible expression of humanity naturale. Therefore, the time has come for humanity, particularly, the younger generations to begin rising up to challenge the status quo with a new philosophy, new political philosophy and new political economics with a new vision and programme of actions for initiating foundational, seismic and visionary change to end capitalism and lead humanity to liberty and equality in this world.

And while this new world movement rises and gets organised humanity must remember to fight racism or self-loathing with all the might it can muster for racism is here because injustices, inequalities and lack of universal education, higher education and life-long learning and poverty of all kinds and types and these are all where, from advanced economies to least developed to developing economies and capitalism and the power mechanism like it this way: keep the oppressed divided and get them hating and fighting against each other and all others so that they are not fighting against the oppressor, the capitalism and the system of public affairs management it has installed on humanity where the rich direct, dictate and herd humanity towards subjugation to their interests. And, the complicity mechanism of political corruption goes on where all kinds of political parties and forces subscribe to this rotten system of governance and economics and every few years they get to elections and this or that of the same elite gets into power and nothing shits an iota. This is what is happening to this world and it shall not change a dot. For monumental, foundational, seismic and visionary change humanity, particularly, the younger generations must rise for one world on one earth for all humanity as one. The future of humanity is where we all exist by: all-for-one and one-for-all.

This new world movement is to begin as a grid of a political world movement whereby each country and nation will create their own platform and base but these all bodies and forces are connected through and by this international grid and they all share the same goals:

To bring capitalism under the rule and power of the law so to change it, re-architecture, re-shape and recast it and transform it into Kapitalawnomics and using this, these forces create a new set of Humanical Building-Block Human Rights and through these new rights eradicate the entire range of capitalism’s high-cruelties, high-brutalities and high-barbarities overnight. These rights are:

A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment: B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air: C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink: D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need: E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home: F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning: G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care: H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income: I: Absolute Right to a Job: J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income.

Just imagine how the human condition would look and feel like and what a socio-cultural and socio-spiritual ecology this will create in societies where these rights are made into reality and how these will translate into a sudden unimaginable enfranchisement and empowerment among the people!

And through this stage and state of pre-humanical development they lead, design and develop their societies to get to the second phase of development of humanics and begin the journey to create humanical societies whereby capitalism is discarded and humanicsxian economics becomes natural and that is run in human enterprise, where ownership, money and their power and prowess were ended, thus, freeing all humanity into liberty and because of that liberty all humanity becomes equal under the rule of law in natural justice. And in such humanical societies all humans become their own High-Representatives and they create, develop, manage and run the public affairs management, which is humanicsovics, working together as People Parliament, comprised of 50,000 or so people as the base-local unit without any political parties whatsoever and in each country and nation all these People Parliaments create a United National People Parliament where all these local People Parliaments join as an ecology of all public affairs management and there humanity can see how humanity is empowered and enfranchised infinitely whereby all humanity in such a humanical society becomes truly the source, origin and residence of sovereignty. That is the future of humanity where all humanity exists by the high-principle of: all-for-one and one-for-all. Humanics is no plastic surgery nor is it political gimmick nor tinkering and tweaking. Humanics is for no big brother society; no representative democracy but empowering and enfranchising each and every human person of a society to the level of infinity and they join and work together and unfold the infinity, that we humanity are and we follow the path of being and doing nothing but humanity naturale.

And these humanical forces and movements across the earth work to create a Universal and International State and Government for all humanity of this earth with its own legislature, judiciary, executive, auditing, financial and political economics and jurisprudential mechanisms, a central bank and its own currency, that becomes the universal and international currency and much more and this state and government have all individuals of all humanity of the entire earth joining it as its members and their own states and governments join them because their own citizens have joined this Body. All the states and nations of earth are treated as equals and having the same worth, value, standing, status, dignity, respect and regards as all individual humans are treated as. That Universal and International Body becomes the body to lead, empower, enhance and empower all humanity and all human affairs as one humanity, as one humanion, on one earth, on one Sunnara, in one Home Bay Milky Way Galaxy in the entire Universana. There is no one above that Body and no states or governments can act against this Body because they are part of this Body and their interests and the interests of this Body are the same: to serve the humanity under each entity’s jurisdiction at all times under the rule of law in natural justice as are the interests of the entire humankind: that Body of Humanity is the origin, source and residence of all sovereignty.

Humanics has presented the entire philosophy, political philosophy and political economics for the vision of humanics for one humanity to get to liberty, equality and natural justice. The old is dead: capitalism is a killing mechanism and Marxism can not, does not and shall not work. It has failed spectacularly. It shall not suddenly regenerate itself and make a come-back. The old and established political complicity mechanism and the olden dead, tired and sold out elite political groups and agencies have nothing to offer but keep on dragging humanity towards continuing this miserable human condition on this earth. It is time for monumental, foundational, seismic and visionary change, that humanity had never attempted before but it can now be attempted because humanity has advanced much and developed widely. Furthermore, capitalism has brought us into this existential crisis of global warming and climate change, of environmental and ecological degradation, pollutions in all spheres of existence, from land to water to air and the dangerous loss of bio-diversity. This can not be sustained. This pandemic has laid bare the injustices, inequalities, poverty and helplessness of humanity where the rich still keep on getting richer while the poor suffer in terrible hardships because they are poor and they, even,  do not get a living wage and now things are closed for lock down economies so that they can not, even, work to earn a living. And these vast multitude of humanity has been left to fend for themselves all on their own! This horror of a political economics can not survive but it shall keep on going until a new political world movement uproots it wand throws out into the history dustbin and craft, shape, plant and grow a new political economics: humanicsxian economics by humanicsxian political forces and movements, created and led by the younger generations of all humanity.

We end this piece by some quotes about how there is no other higher truth than humanity and that all humanity is one and the same humanity regardless of our various physiological differences. For we all share the same human soul, spread through each and every human person wherever we live or whatever our language or faith or no-faith is. Humanics is an all-humanity in-and-as-one-and-the-same-humanity philosophy. There is no room or space or scope of racism, hatred or self-loathing in humanics or humanical societies ever because humanics stands on the earth of the faith that humanity is an infinite goodness unfolding itself. Racism or self-loathing turns humanity to the exact opposite of what humanity is; it turns and transform humanity into an infinite evil. ‘’Black and white are exterior only ::: Everyone’s equally red inside ::: A Baangali poet || Losing faith in humanity is a sin: Rabindranath Tagore || Above all else humanity is the truth ::: There’s nothing higher above that truth ::: Kazi Nazrul Islam :::

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Because Hope Is the Seed Sign and Science of Progress: Must World Humanity Begin Again Following the Rise Out of These Tragic Times of Corona Virus Devastating the World


|| Monday: April 06: 2020: Munayem Mayenin: Having Gone Through and Recovered From the Corona Virus Infection We Find the Pen to Write to You Dear Reader: Hope This Finds You Well || ά. The individual human being as an agency of the human mind can only work with its own subjectivity, refined continuously through the use of human rationality, which humanics sees as an architecture of a combination of neurology and cardiology working together in concert whereby the former provides the mechanism of structure and functioning as the later provides the principium pathways of values to reaching the truth in which the physicality of the ‘matters of facts’ are kept inside the neurology as memories while the truth is in the mind while the beauty feeds the heart inspiring it. Therefore, rejecting human rationality as a thing made of only neurology, humanics asserts the principle of justice as an innate and inalienable part of human intelligence, that is conducted by not a brain or by a heart alone but by the agency of the human mind, that develops the intelligence, shapes it, nurtures it, guides it and makes the best possible use of it in advancing its existence aspiring to be in natural justice or homeostasis or in peace.

One human mind, however, can not achieve this homeostasis, being in the ocean of life on its own, without seeking to do so with the wider environ where comes the entire humanity: one into many-a-one in the many, between and among whom, this homeostasis must be sought, achieved and maintained. Individual, familial, communal and social homeostasis for that humanity is, therefore, can be seen as the air, pure, natural and free and, that pure, natural and free air is called a civic society. And, in this, civic society creating that homeostasis, can not be achieved with any force whatsoever for peace can not be achieved through violence of any kind because violence suppresses that what remains the cause of the continual violation of homeostasis.

Justice can be seen as creation, sustenance and maintenance of this homeostasis in the case of the human physiology. The purpose of the entire human physiology is to seek to achieve and maintain this homeostasis and so is the purpose of human psyche to ensure that homeostasis or justice is sought, achieved and maintained. This means as we have asserted that the purpose of humanical moral science is to ensure the highest possible usage of the architectonics of the architecture of human rationality and in doing so to try and seek to achieve that homeostasis or peace or justice by eradicating all forms and manners of irrationalities, contradictions, paradoxes, absurdities and incongruities. For homeostasis, peace or natural justice is where all comes to an equilibrium following that eradication of all incongruities.  

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The First Regine Humanics Lecture 2019: Saturday: April 06: Whither to Home Sapiens: Dr J Everet Green: Mercy College: New York

II Humanics Spring Festival 2020: II Regine Humanics Lecture 2020: Monday: April 06: 10:00-20:30

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The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto: By Munayem Mayenin: Published on Saturday: April 06: 2019

We are in the process of getting The Humanicsxian Manifesto translated in as many languages as possible: We have begun by Spanish: Dr Natalia Carbajosa has kindly agreed to translate it in Spanish, whcih will be published as soon as the work is complete: We invite our fellow like minded humanion across Mother Earth, regardless of how 'small' or how 'large' a language they can offer, who are professional practitioners of any academic field but they have the highest degree of cognitive and academic command, expertise and proficiency in both English and the target language and, who are willing to 'donate' their 'wealth of time and mind' to this venture out of, simply, 'to seek to try: to do: to change: to make better the human condition'. If, you are able to do so, please, email to reginehumanics  



|| Thursday: March 12: 2020 || ά. Today we stand at a crossroad in the history of Humanity. Some claim that we are at the very zenith of achievement in science and technology. Genetic splicing will create new species including humans, space explorations will connect earthlings with Extra-terrestrials. In the midst of this euphoria we are witnessing human degradation that was unimaginable when Rachel Carson wrote Silent Springs or Frantz Fanon wrote the Wretched of the Earth. Economic exploitation, commoditization of all values are rampant everywhere.  The desecration by way of pesticides and many other pollutants of planet earth is almost complete. In this world of destruction and despair    is “this   Long Walk to Humanics” a dream pregnant with possibilities or a nightmare.

In a world with highly contested views of philosophical anthropologies it maybe necessary to revisit the perennial existential questions:
Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
 What must be done to get there? 

We are part of everything that exists in the universe. The first step for the possibility of survival is the recognition of the interdependency of all living things. This basic truth stands in opposition to some of the major religious and philosophical world views that have emerged over the past two thousand years.  These modern belief systems with their emphases on individualism, competition and in opposition to co-operation complementarity and reciprocity have set in motion our inevitable demise.  Unless there is a radical course correction, emphasizing human solidarity, humanity will inevitably be reduced to a state of barbarism.  Individual salvation is futile unless we work toward the health and happiness of the whole. We are at this stage where everyone who cares about the planet earth must be fully engaged in its preservation. We are related to everything that exists. Our Individuation is a reflection of the whole.

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The Ideas of Colossus Complexus and Eternal Learning in Humanics: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius



|| Thursday: March 05: 2020: Munayem Mayenin || ά. Where shall we begin speaking of this Colossus Complexus: which sphere, what view, at what point do we begin and where to end, where to find the middle, where we have no clue as to where we are for we, even, do not know where the centre of this Universe is! So, here is The Universe, which we are calling Universana and there are many things on and in it: but we suggest that they are as follows: This Universe-View is a philosophical view, where philosophy is natural science and this is a 'nano-condensed' presentation from Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius, which has not yet been published but, which is a substantially large piece of work. The parts of this work, Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius, that relate to the Universe will form the foundation of what the author terms as the Duantum Physics, the branch of science or physics, that did not exist before but it will come to pass and part of the task Duantum Physics has is to try and answer the questions, that sciences so far sought to 'evade' by creating theories, such as, the Big Bang Theory: that the Universe suddenly came into existence by a big explosion, which is all good but without variables existing there can not be had an 'explosion'. There must exist oxygen and hydrogen in order to get to water. There has to be e first in existence so that it will go through the nuclear fusion or big bang so to produce =mc-squared. Without e existing, mc-squared can not come into existence. There can not be a big bang unless there are variables there to enable that 'whatever-fusion' or explosion to take place. Without a-squared and b-squared being there we can not subtract a-squared-b-squared so to get to (a+b)(a-b). There was a big explosion; except, it did not just happen from nothing. Duantum Physics will show how and why and along with that its task is to show the world the existence of what are called 'dark matters', that the world seems, simply, to keep on talking about without any substance because, apparently, there is no 'trace of it' so far. Except, it does exist, though, strictly speaking, it is neither matter nor energy the way they exist in the Matter Universe. Duantum Physics brings into humanity's view the Duantum Universe at the middle of the Delta of Universes: that's the job of Duantum Physics.

That there is the 'Absolute Still', which is like a Luminous Void, beyond our human 'power to understand', outside the Universe, within which Absolute Still or the Luminous Void, there is The Duantum Universe, as, if, this was placed on a point of the Absolute Still to lock it in position from which it can not shift or move its position. This Duantum Universe is, as, if , primeval and infinite darkness has been condensed into a Mother Magnetism of a Power, we are calling the Duantum; it's infinitely dark, infinitely hot with a dark-fire luminosity, in which the already created time and space have been negated through infinite velocity of this almost-infinite Duantum Magnetism so that this Duantum Universe is infinite velocity swirling round, which is how space and time have been negated. In this, every point in this Duantum is at the same point at the 'same' instance. To human vision this infinite velocity would, simply, appear, as a 'disturbing' static.

Within this Duantum Universe is created the Matter Universe but as with the Duantum Universe was placed at point of the Absolute Still or Luminous Void to lock it in position, a finite Void or De-luminous Void was created within the Core of the Duantum, which is like the Absolute Still or Luminous Void but because it is within the the darkness of the Duantum Universe it is, as, if, the Luminous Void has gone 'off' so that it appears like white paper in very little light and the purpose of this De-luminous Void is, first, to lock the Duantum Universe from the other side so that it is absolutely locked in between the two voids on its either side, secondly, to enable the Matter Universe Function on it, again, in a locked way so that things are 'stuck' on this Void as they move and shift positions and, thirdly, so that the 'architectonic arms' of the De-luminous Void' reaches and stays invisibly manifested at every point, at every dot and at every nano-dot and at nano-space and every nano-particle  of the Matter Universe so that, as the ways are always open for the emergency services to reach anywhere a country, where they need to go, this way it is ensured that the Duantum Universe and its Duantum Power and Duantum Luminosity reaches every of the point mentioned at all times. This can be seen as the Open Kapillarika System of the Duantum across the Matter Universe and, one, can, imagine, seeing this as, if, a human physiology is seen in darkness while the entire capillary system is illuminated in that darkness, where the darkness signifies all times, space, matter and energies.

This De-luminous Void within the Duantum Universe was created by cutting the central and inner most segment or the Core of the Duantum-Architecture, which is sheer and condensed power of the Mother Magnetism of the Duantum Universe. Now, at this point, the Duantum Universe, seen through with x-ray vision look like a burning dark fire outside where there is a off-white little luminous light appearing as a ring of dim light at the middle and inside it, there is a less darker but still burning and rotating around itself, dark fire. The Absolute Still is temperature-neutral, the Duantum is almost-infinitely hot, the De-luminous Void is lot less hot than the inner Cut-Out Segment of the Duantum, which is terribly hot but a great deal less hot than the Duantum. This heat, generated from the De-luminous Void, sustains and supports the cold and flux of space, which has nothing left in it so that is cold and unless kept in a 'standard' state of heat, it will continue to get colder and colder and freeze the entire Matter Universe with the cold. This is why through the De-luminous Void the Duantum Universe reaches every point of the Matter Universe to ensure that 'standard' heat is always kept at the necessary level.

At the Centre of the De-luminous Void was that part of the cut out segment of the Duantum, now, made into an invisible dot, where this 'measured and finite' amount of power, taken off the Central Core of the Duantum, was put under almost-infinite pressure so that this power is condensed by an awe-inspiring speed, force and ferocity by the Duantum Application of the Power of the Duantum Universe so the power inside this little segment went through rapid and progressive shape-change but once they have gone through the various stages from energy to gas to liquid to solid matter, then, began a Duantum-Seismic-Shit because the Duantum Application continued so that the matter went through the same rapid and progressive shape change and condensed further and that all became, what we are calling Solidaas, which is like, the most thick, most condensed and most heavy 'matter, that can exist within the Duantum Universe but it behaves as, if, it is a solid-liquid-gas-power in one instance, as, if, it is a rainbow of all forms, that make the spectrum of power to matter so that, at the same instance, it behaves like all forms in one instance because they all are condensed to the point, where there exists no space between component parts. Hypothetically, nothing of this Universe can exist in that Solidaas. It's power is such that, were it to exist at the centre of the Matter Universe today, it will take onto itself the entire Matter Universe and 'eat' it all up. The only thing, that still exists in this Matter Universe through which we can gather some sense of this Solidaas are the black holes and the super-massive black holes.

And, this Solidaas had been made into a nano-micro-nano-dot  so that it contained the entire Matter Universe in its depth; except, its size was smaller than the head of a pin and that was rotating , only, on its axis and not orbiting because it could not go anywhere because of the Duantum Application Force acting against all around it, in almost-infinite velocity, with almost infinite heat, light, radiation as fire and lights as burning magma. And, from this Solidaas, nano-micro-nano-dot  this Duantum Application Force was withdrawn, with sudden, violent and ferocious swiftness, withdrawing back to the Duantum outside the void.

Therefore, the entire Matter Universe has a Unified Universal Gravity arising out of the Duantum Application Force, that condensed the the energy of the cut-out-segment of the Duantum into Solidaas, which is maintained at the same level as the Duantum Universe keeps the same constant pressure applied on the Matter Universe from all around it and this way everything is rotating and orbiting round and round but within a structured, measured and perpetually balanced way; otherwise things will just run off and velocity of that run will increase and gather momentum and everything will just crash into a state of chaos for there would be no force keeping their velocity in check. That Unified Universal Gravity is applied to all systems of the Matter Universe depending on there 'mass', which, then is organised in a spectrum of the mammoth to nano so that everything has two things in them: mass and weight both of which presents the two sides of the same gravity: the applicable force on them, 'the weight' and the resultant of that applied force, the matter being condensed into 'the mass'.

There is hardly any gravity in all the spaces other than just almost hypothetical last remnants of weak pulses of almost non-existent 'slivers' of energies weaving weakly a presence, but there is a flowing and constant gravity on the De-luminous Void, which supports the spaces, gravity is non-existent. But because there are voids between spaces, between large structures and systems there is always an ever-living, ever-evolving 'cosmic negotiation' perpetually present between and among these bodies so that they interact, seek and achieve a natural equilibrium between them and in that the local ecology is established and according to this arrangement there are 'places' where might appear some resultant consequences and something, might behave in one way, other than the way they were supposed to because of the local arrangement and its arising consequences and laws. 

And, in this, one thing is clear from the fact that all motional things on the Matter Universe are motional on a three-directional way: on their axis, on the orbit and, yet, since the space on which they are on is pressed outward as new spaces are added to the existing space, extending the space, these bodies are moving outward as well. From this we can see that the entire Matter Universe is organised as Sphere shape and, therefore, there is no such thing as straight line in this Universe but all the straight lines are parts and segments of a longer and wider curved lines of a circles or spheres or, rather their circumference or diameter or radius etc. So long we see a straight line we are looking at a small circle or a sphere. If, we, look at very long straight line, say, a few miles long, we appear to see that straight line curving as it goes on both directions and this proves three most fundamental things or laws or the Duantum Delta Laws, that govern this Universe: Law One:  That all lines are parts of a wider circles or spheres because they exist within the applied Duantum force, which bends them inward; Law Two: The Duantum Gravitational Force is acting against everything from all directions making them three-directionally motional and there can not exist anything within the Duantum Universe or in the Matter Universe without being motional and Law Three: The speed, the velocity, the curvatures, the axis, the orbit and the outerbit is determined by this Duantum Gravitational Force and applied to the largest shape and object to the smallest of them, including, when a child draws a few millimetre-long straight line or a small circle or sphere. To bring in Medicine and human physiology: the heart is a perfect system to be mentioned, that can not but work within this force.  

And, back to Solidaas: and suddenly this Solidaas Dot exploded with unimaginable ferocity, fierceness, power and force and from it were released the 'Matter Universe Matters' on a rolling out of things, a process of untangling all that there was condensed in the Solidaas. And, there things spread and spread and were thrown away and blown away into spaces and places as, if, each thing, that went out of the Solidaas were 'nets' made of the 'snakeskin' of what is space, that is made by the 'flakes' of time-dusts and on these nets got lodged and placed matters but all are on motion and rotating and orbiting as they release more times and that become space. And, all these space-nets with their stuck-up motional matters on them, they hang over the De-luminous Void. The Duantum Universe has gone back to itself and simply keeps to its standard mode of operation so that it maintains a constant force and heat up the void and through it, the Matter Universe so that the Matter Universe remain in a healthy 'temperature' for it by itself can not heat up the entire De-luminous Void, a tiny segment of it was by that explosion was covered with all these nets of space, where motional things were in place and as they rotated and orbited they created more time, that went to become space, that kept being added to the existing space, so that that space keeps moving outward over the De-luminous Void. This is why the Universe is expanding and will continue to do so until the entire Matter Universe releases all inside it and becomes space and cover the whole De-luminous Void, that won't happen until the end of the Matter Universe.

But, here are the other fundamental issues brought into laws by this state: in this the younger this Matter Universe is the faster it will release things, eventually, to become space so that, at its height, it will have developed towards the momentum so that it would add more spaces to the existing space so faster so that the Matter Universe would expand faster and faster with that momentum but soon the Summit of that momentum will be reached and the Fall will begin in which the Matter Universe will begin to slow down, as gradually as it had built up towards the momentum, as it begins to release less and less space so that the expansion would begin to slow down and this, on the other hand would show, that the matters of the Matter Universe have now less matters in them and they are less of everything for they have released most of their matters already and because of this they have lost their 'power' to support and sustain that level and degree of 'speed or velocity' as before. Therefore, at the later and end part of the Matter Universe it would begin to slow down and until it releases all the matters and becomes space, all of it, that will now have covered the entire De-luminous Void.

Therefore, despite the space on which all the matters are placed on space-nets, the De-luminous Void is in reach of every space and every nano-particle of this Matter Universe. It is like the invisible writing on a white paper: just apply the heat and the writing will appear. Therefore, we find that this entire Creation is as follows

The Whole Creation a: The Absolute Still or Luminous Void; b: The Duantum Universe; c: The De-luminous Void and d: The Matter Universe: Space:Time:Energies:Matters in Gas:Liquid:Solid

And, now, let us draw in and locate a nano-space in this Matter Universe, called the Milky Way Galaxy, in which the nano-micro-nano-dot is the Sunnara, where the Sun is and within this space is at home our Mother Earth with her little Moon between whom is the Lake Eden Eye. And then look up and see all these stars and constellations and all these galaxies spread about. Galaxies are organised in Clusters and, we imagine, all these Clusters of Galaxies organised in Galaxillations and we call the Galaxillation in which our Milky Way is situated as The Innerluminous Galaxillation and we imagine the entire Matter Universe organised in nine layers of, out going from Milky Way outward, well, it is a prejudicial view, Milky Way Centric!, Galaxillations. We imagine that there are billions and billions of light years between one galaxillation to the next and this distance between two galaxillations, may, increase from one to the next in a progressive manner as we venture outward so that there are more spaces between them and more 'matters' are in them. And to put things in perspective, our tiny wee Milky Way roughly contains more than 800 billion stars!

With this far we have not, even, spelt the C of the Colossus Complexus but this alone shows why there has to be eternal learning. There is the physiology and anatomy and histology and haematology and biology and biochemistry; there is the molecular biology, the genetics, the neurology, the cardiology, the epigenomics, the molecular, the atomic, the electric, the biochemical, the electromagnetic, the magnetic, the chemical, the seismic and the list goes on and on and add one to the other and the others to the next bunch of another bunch and all are connected and there is the universal view, the macro view and micro view and nano view and nano-seismic view and nano-mammoth view and there are microbial worlds, material worlds, marine worlds, animal worlds and to the entire ecology and web of life add the entire Universe, all the endless number of entities there are and all the branches of mathematics, sciences, engineering and all the disciples of humanities and add psychology and society and all, that goes on in society.

And add to that the Brownian Movement and Charles' Law and Newton's Laws, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, add the cells and neurons and gap junctions and action potentials and the blood and the plasma and the haemoglobin and the white and red blood cells and the platelets and the capillary miles and the atria and the ventricles and the systolic and diastolic and the circadian rhythm, the gravity and pulse and the beats and the pia, white and grey matters and the T-cells and nervous system and the bones and the genes and the chromosomes and the DNAs and RNAs and the architecture of the amino acids and the fats and the sugars and the carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals and enzymes and the elements and the trace elements and water and the flow and the current and the electricity and the magnetism and the stem cells and the illnesses and diseases and the wounds and the healing, the scars and cuts and the surgery and infections and viruses and bacteria and the macrophages and the molecules and the atoms and the nano-particles and call in the neutrinos and quantum mechanics and architecture and engineering and add history and literatures and poetry and philosophy and culture and history of cultures, faiths and lack of faith, civilisation, laws and public affairs management and archaeology and anthropology and psychiatry and psychology and palaeontology and botany and zoology and seismology and geology and geo-physics and astronomy and astrophysics and add to it the conflicts and wars and famines and bloodshed and add to it, finally, infinite ignorance........

And, now, look out from the Duantum Universe to take a look at the Absolute Still of the Luminous Still and look in from there to the Duantum Universe and look from the Centre of the Universe outward towards the Duantum Universe and now look inwards from the Centre of the Universe towards getting a sense of the nano, nano-seisminc, nano-mammoth, nano-mammoth-seismic worlds inside there! And, now, take a look at yourself and the reality where you are and take in all there is and, now, repeat the same looks, same views, that you have just done and repeat, except, this time, you are the centre and outside is the Absolute Still or Luminous Void and inside the rest of the Universe and what have you seen? Have you found out that we are infinite ignorance put together and all our systems seem to feed that ignorance for their own agenda and interest while it is obvious that what we must have is infinite thirst, love, choice and determination to keep on the path of Eternal Learning about this Colossus Complexus. Now, that we have made a little presentation you will read and take it in and think and wonder and ponder and contemplate and imagine and go about this humanity and this human existence and, please, bear in mind that this humanity, this us spread across Mother Earth has developed an utter, sheer and absolutely dangerous arrogance that we know it all and that's it! This is why the learning about this Colossus Complexus is and must be Eternal Learning: ever-going, never-ceasing for the more we learn the better we can make the human condition and the better we can be and do as human existence on this earth: with a point, with a meaning and with a purpose to it.

::: This piece of writing presents a nanocromised presentation of the ideas, elaborated in Munayem Mayenin’s metaphysical:philosophical work, Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius, which is large body of work and it will be published soon :::

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