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The General Election 2019: December 12: Against the Conservative Sociology of Squalor

The Political Philosophy, That Says That the Most Vital Part of the Public Affairs Management System, the System of Economics, That Shapes the Market and Directs the Course of Existence of the Entire Range of Business, Trade, Commerce and Financial Endeavours of a Nation and Ultimately Shapes the Human Condition of a Nation Should Not Be in the Ownership of the Entire Nation and Its People as Their State and Government Belong to Them and the Political Economics, That Says That the Survival of the Fittest or Richest Is the Ultimate Aim of Society, in Which the Vast Majority of the Population Must Exist and Perish Away in Serving a Live-in-Life Sentence of Suffering, Agony and Hardship and Must Accept All the High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Tortures, That Capitalism Creates, Distributes and Enforces are Nothing But a Brutal, Cruel, Ruthless and Inhuman Dictate of a Monstrous Social Jingoistic Jungle, Where Neither Civic Nor Community Can Exist Nor Can There Humanity Exist as Humanity Naturale as Individuals, as Families, as Communities, as Agencies and Organisations and as a Civic Society: And When Such a Monstrous Social Jingoistic Jungle is Established in a Country It Becomes Worse Than a Jungle and It Becomes Every Citizen's Civic and Moral Duty and an Existential Necessity of Humanity to Do All in Their Democratic Power to Eliminate Such Jingoistic Jungle and Replace It with a Civic Society Where Community, People, Families, Individuals and All Humanity are as Real, as Connected and as Active, as Engaged and as Creative as the Human Physiology Is in All Humans of a Given Society

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Humanics Spring Festival 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
VIII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
Regine Humanics Lecture 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Their World: Work With Us to Bring Education to All Humanity’s Children


Our mission is to ensure that every child has the best start in life, a safe place to learn, and skills for the future. We achieve our mission by combining the power of campaigning, policy, and innovative projects, to create change from the top-down and bottom-up. We anticipate, target, and solve the complex barriers keeping children and youth from education and opportunity. Informed by breakthrough research and activated by our influential network of next generation partners, we work with youth, governments, businesses, NGOS and campaigners to develop and deploy solutions to unleash the potential of the next generation


The Humanion



Alphansum Isz: Therefore I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius

Imagine: Take the Entire Universe Off Existence: You Can Imagine This But There Must Still Exist This I and This You to Imagine the Universe Away Into Non-Existence. And, This I, This You, Can Not Imagine the Universe Off Existence Without Being in Existence: The Question is What Kind of Existence is That Then, When the Universe is Imagined Away Into Non-Existence: The Physical and Temporal Part of This I and This You Can Not Exist, If, the Universe and Her Temporal Framework Do Not Exist: Or, Rather, Unless We Imagine Our Temporality Into Non-Existence We Can Not Imagine the Universe Into Non-Existence. So, How Do This I and This You Exist in That 'State', Where Nothing Temporal Exist: These Two Entities, Therefore, Can Only Do So in the Non-Temporal State. And What is This Non-Temporal State: Alphansum is The Non-Temporal: The Eternal and The Infinite: Therefore, Imagination is the Only Thing, That Takes Humanity to the State to Reach, Empathise and Understand the 'State of Alphansum' and, There, This I and This You, Find, See and Empathise the Existence of Alphansum and, Thereby, Their Own Existence Outside Temporality: That 'Existence' of Alphansum is Described as Isz: That What Always Isz: Not Being or Existing But, Simply, Just, Isz and Isz Outside Temporality. This is Not 'Existing' in the Temporal But Isz in Infiniternity with No Beginning Middle or End for, Only, Time and Space or the Temporal, Have a Beginning, Middle and End. Therefore, Alphansum Isz: Therefore, I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal and, Thus, This I and This You, are and Can Not But Be an Infinity Unfolding Itself Through Imagination Following the Nine-Step-Realm-Path: If, Alphansum is the Truth the Entire Creation and the Universe are  That  Truth's Beauty's Eden Garden Expressed in the Infinity of Its Expositions, Magnificence, Brilliance, Artistry, Sciences, Mathematics and Creativity, All of Which Unfold by the Laws of The Mechanoprincipium, So That the Entire Universe and Creation are the True Nursery of Liberty and Equality in Natural Justice Existing and Unfolding in the Rule of Law and, in This Scheme of Things, Humanity is The Custodian of The Eternal Learning of The Mechanoprincipium and with the Enlightenment Gained From It to Seek and Try to Become and Unfold That Infinity, Called, Humanity with the Full Utilisation of Imagination, Ingenuity and Creativity: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius











Why Humanity Must Rise to Discard Capitalism In Order to Keep on Existing on Earth

Humanity Will Have No Future Unless Capitalism Is Discarded: Why: a: Lack of Universal Education Higher Education and Life-Long Learning: b: Lack of Universal Employment: c: Lack of Universal Home: d: Lack of Universal Social Services: e: Lack of Universal Social Care: f: Lack of Universal Medical Care: g: Absence of Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: h: Poverty: i: Hunger: j: Malnutrition: k: Destitution: l: Poverty-wage: m: Polluted Natural and Built Environment: n: Polluted Oceans and Water-ways: o: Polluted Toxic Air: p: Plastic Pollution: q: Infinite Greed and Infinite Consuming: r: Highest Waste of Natural Financial and Human Resources: s: Pseudonomical Profiteering and Robbery: t: Unable to Seek to Achieve Circularity Sustainability and Green Economics in All Business Trade and Commerce: u: Global Warming: v: Climate Change: w: Destruction of Representative Democracy and Rise of Racist Misogynistic Chauvinistic Xenophobic and Supremacist Majoritarian Mob Dictatorship: India Brazil United States of America and Many Other Countries Around the World and Particularly in the European Union: x: Sociology of Squalor: y: Sociology of Evil: z: The Distorteddia: We Have Run Out of the Alphabet:!: Alpha: Dehumanisation of Humanity: Beta: The Destruction of the Self and the Agency of the Human Mind: Gamma: The Weakening and Destruction of Individuals Families and Communities: Delta: Absence of a Philosophical Political Philosophical and Political Economical Movement in the World That Takes Into Consideration and Respond to the Existential Threats Being Put Before Humanity by Capitalism and Its Killing Mechanism Means That This Killing Mechanism Is Dragging Humanity Towards the Slaughter-House of the End Along With It the Entire Web and Ecology of Life on Earth Are Being Terminated! Humanics Has Put Forward the Vision of Humanity Without Capitalism But with and in Humanics: It Is Up to the World's Humanity Particularly the Youth to Rise to Save Humanity From This Definitive Doom Being Implemented by Capitalism.  

The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto

The Works of Humanics

Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume I

Humanics The Foundation: Volume I

Humanics The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics Its Laws and Lawlessness: Volume II

Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume III

Humanics Arkive

Humanics: The Foundation, by Munayem Mayenin, has been published by Imsonium Books, on December 06, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-244-34575-4. Humanics: The Foundation: Humanics is the philosophical architecture, mechanism and system of human affairs management, that sets out the way for humanity to achieve a true civilisation in which civic societies exist in the rule of law, rooted in Natural Justice so that liberty and equality exist simultaneously, along with, purpose and meaning of human existence. A Humanical Society establishes itself by eradicating capitalism and all injustices and dehumanisation, suffering and misery it creates, fosters and nurtures, by discarding off the very idea of ownership, replacing it with belongingship, whereby, for the first time in human history, it creates equality and liberty for all humans as they create a humanical and civic society of equals under Natural Justice.

















The Long Walk to Humanics: There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty  that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. 

But until Humanity has achieved the conditions to fully discard capitalism and put it in the archives of history of human development and begin to craft humanics, it must be brought under, run and managed by the rule of law and the absolute yardstick of that law must be that it must always serve the entire people of a country:nation. Capitalism cannot, as it stands, nor can it be modified to do so, so long it remains a system of money to make profits, deliver 100% employment. Never can it deliver this. Thus, societies cannot 'punish' the poor and jobless people, who fill this 'basket' perpetually, for its failures and injustices that it causes. And thus, The Humanion believes we should seek to ensure: a: Guaranteed Universal Income; b: A Guaranteed Home; c: A Guaranteed Education Up to College and Guaranteed Subsidised Route to Degree-Level Education; d: A Guaranteed Job; e: Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need and f: A Guaranteed Universal-Child-Income-Protection Where Every Child is Guaranteed Equal Financial Support from 0-16; g: Guaranteed Social Care and h: Guaranteed Access to Equitable Pension:Provides a living income.

So long scenes like these in which human souls are treated with such brutal, barbaric, cruel and absolutely dehumanised, demeaning and ruthless degradation and contempt, humanity cannot claim that it has learnt the 'C' of Civilisation. And the forces, groups, people and political parties that do not see this as to how horribly, terribly, dangerously counterproductive all this is to a society and to human progress for it is like society has deliberately stabbed majority of its members with terminal blows and let them bleed, suffer in agony of pain and infection and die a lingering, slow-poisoned-death without any care being shown to them and society simply dehumanises itself so that it is able to look at all this agony, strife, pain and suffering and pretends that it does not see. But this won't be accepted by the multitude of humanity and the signs of which have been increasingly becoming more and more evident. This is not acceptable nor is supportable nor can it be left to continue to inflict miseries on humanity. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team                                                                            

At the Beginning of The Humanion’s Fifth Year: The Year Epsilon: Building The Vision of Humanics Up: Speaking to The Humanicsxians of the World and Earth of the Future




|| Tuesday: September 24: 2019 || ά. The Humanion begins its fifth year of publication, The Year Epsilon, today, Monday, September 24. In these difficult times for news publications, when many outlets are disappearing fast across the world and many are struggling to survive, with the readers keeping along with us, supporting and inspiring us, we have kept up walking and seeking to do our best to keep on going and we are doing so every day at a better place than the day before. Therefore, thank you, Dear Reader, for your ever-going faith in our conviction that the dispossessed of the earth, the world and world’s humanity and the Mother Earth need a publication like The Humanion.

Because Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, The Humanion UK Online Daily and our latest publication, The Humanion Portable Daily, are, probably, the only voices in the world, that do not subscribe to the view that capitalism is the pinnacle of human development and progression and there is nothing left for humanity to do on this earth!

And were this to be the case that capitalism is the pinnacle of human advancement than humanity will have absolutely definitive reasoning to, simply, get infinitely depressed and just give up on existence because of the horror of a human condition, that this killing mechanism capitalism has enforced on humanity across a desperate world, in a desperate earth, where both the earth and humanity are literally choking away towards extinction. It is capitalism and its mindless, ferocious and infinite greed and profiteering, that have devastated both the earth and all expressions of the environment and ecology and the web of life and, added to its arsenal, capitalism has found the distorteddia conglomerate, which have joined in the infinite greed and transformed capitalism into pseudonomics, that now is taking it towards its terminal end while the dispossessed are made to keep on paying for their dispossession as the rich keep on robbing the world and the earth.

Against this backdrop humanics is offering the vision of humanity and of this world towards a post-capitalistic world and earth on which humanity creates humanical societies on a grid of civic societies, creating a humanical civilisation. People wait for thinkers to die and their bones turned to dust before they take a look at what has been presented to them. Humanics is new but the most desperate state of humanity and the world is such that we can not but keep on taking forward the vision of humanics, that shows us how infinitely better and superior a human condition we can create for all humanity on earth, getting all humanity at liberty and in equality.

Our desperation gets more desperate everyday: capitalism kills millions of human beings every year across the world, most of these deaths are easily preventable. This does not make news. Capitalism is such an infinitely incapable economic system, that pays poverty wage to the vast majority of the workers, who, despite working, can not feed their families with what they earn and, yet, their created values are, then, robbed off by the rich while the fact remains that only the workers create these values and wealth, yet, they can not feed their families! The workers remain in the darkness of hunger, malnutrition and suffering despite creating the light of the values, worth and wealth! But the rich-owned press, news and media outlets do not speak of this! No, they have mythologies to make, they have fabrications to concoct and they have manipulation and herding to do!

But it, must, make news: no single human being must die because we have an infinitely poverty-raven system of economics, that can neither spell reason nor can it understand nature because it is constructed with irrationality and it is fed through and by the poverty-tube of anti-nature. 

The walk to humanics is a long one; humanics does not have this year or the next or the next five or the next decade nor this election nor the next but further, a far-afar-future when humanity will have learnt enough of capitalism’s infinite destructive powers for the entire humanity, entire human condition and the entire earth and the web and ecology of life would stand as the all-destroyed and all-devasted evidence museum of all high-cruelties, that this killing mechanism will have brought about and only than, the dispossessed of this Mother Earth will rise to bury it to the depth of history. Capitalism shall come to an end and humanical societies shall arise out of the earth’s countries and nations because humanity can not but exist in, with and by humanity, being humanity naturale, which we can not do while dehumanisation of humanity has enforced on us. Humanity can only exist as humanity naturale when all humans are equal and at liberty, which capitalism can not establish because it takes away both from humanity. Humanics is the only way of existence, that takes humanity towards liberty and equality for all humanity across the earth because, unlike Marxism, humanics deals with ownership and money and the power, position and prowess they confer by eliminating ownership and money so that nothing and no one own while the entire earth belongs to all humanity equally at all times under the law in natural justice and the economics is now run in human enterprise and the governance by a direct from of democracy, humanicsovics.

This vision is what humanics sees and we believe in this vision. We thank the readers, who have found their home in this vision and we thank them for their continued support and hope that they continue their support for The Foundation and The Humanion. As always, we shall keep on going, speaking of and taking forward and onward the vision of humanics: change, all change, starts at nano-scale and builds upward. We have begun our work and, nano-scale, we shall keep on working, building upward, wider and deeper towards the nano-seismic.

One day, someday, there will be enough minds across the earth, particularly, from the youth of humanity, will speak of humanics and they will take it forward. We shall keep on walking on the path of humanics and shall keep on calling humanity and the world towards the path of humanics for us to be and do nothing but: an infinity unfolding itself.:::ω.

|| || 240919 || Up ||






Humanics Rejecting the Sociology of Squalor and Taking the Road on the Long Walk to Humanics



|| Thursday: May 02: 2019 || ά. Sociology of Squalor: Within a half an hour walk about and around Islington tube station one would come across many human beings, rough sleeping on empty spaces, benches, outside shops, in green spaces, station entrance and other hide away spaces. Outside the Houses of Parliament many rough sleepers are found, sleeping away on the hard pavements and walk ways. Further up towards Whitehall and Trafalgar Square, around The Strand and Covent Garden Market areas and spaces around Charing Cross Road one soon finds how all the rough sleeping human beings creating a signage of this Sociology of Squalor, that exists right in the middle of all affluence and goings on. Far away from these central London places in Bromley there one would find many rough sleepers on pavements, outside shops and other facilities. In Newham, in Hackney, in Southwark, in Ealing, in Hammersmith and Fulham, in the very grand-name boroughs, such as, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Greenwich and such like there, too, one would find, many human beings are sleeping rough. What should that tell us about the state of society where such things as rough sleeping, arising out of ‘forced’ homelessness occur and occur in such an increasingly alarming number? That there occurred causes, that create and