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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Alphansum Isz: Therefore I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius

Imagine: Take the Entire Universe Off Existence: You Can Imagine This But There Must Still Exist This I and This You to Imagine the Universe Away Into Non-Existence. And, This I, This You, Can Not Imagine the Universe Off Existence Without Being in Existence: The Question is What Kind of Existence is That Then, When the Universe is Imagined Away Into Non-Existence: The Physical and Temporal Part of This I and This You Can Not Exist, If, the Universe and Her Temporal Framework Do Not Exist: Or, Rather, Unless We Imagine Our Temporality Into Non-Existence We Can Not Imagine the Universe Into Non-Existence. So, How Do This I and This You Exist in That 'State', Where Nothing Temporal Exist: These Two Entities, Therefore, Can Only Do So in the Non-Temporal State. And What is This Non-Temporal State: Alphansum is The Non-Temporal: The Eternal and The Infinite: Therefore, Imagination is the Only Thing, That Takes Humanity to the State to Reach, Empathise and Understand the 'State of Alphansum' and, There, This I and This You, Find, See and Empathise the Existence of Alphansum and, Thereby, Their Own Existence Outside Temporality: That 'Existence' of Alphansum is Described as Isz: That What Always Isz: Not Being or Existing But, Simply, Just, Isz and Isz Outside Temporality. This is Not 'Existing' in the Temporal But Isz in Infiniternity with No Beginning Middle or End for, Only, Time and Space or the Temporal, Have a Beginning, Middle and End. Therefore, Alphansum Isz: Therefore, I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal and, Thus, This I and This You, are and Can Not But Be an Infinity Unfolding Itself Through Imagination Following the Nine-Step-Realm-Path: If, Alphansum is the Truth the Entire Creation and the Universe are  That  Truth's Beauty's Eden Garden Expressed in the Infinity of Its Expositions, Magnificence, Brilliance, Artistry, Sciences, Mathematics and Creativity, All of Which Unfold by the Laws of The Mechanoprincipium, So That the Entire Universe and Creation are the True Nursery of Liberty and Equality in Natural Justice Existing and Unfolding in the Rule of Law and, in This Scheme of Things, Humanity is The Custodian of The Eternal Learning of The Mechanoprincipium and with the Enlightenment Gained From It to Seek and Try to Become and Unfold That Infinity, Called, Humanity with the Full Utilisation of Imagination, Ingenuity and Creativity: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius











Why Humanity Must Rise to Discard Capitalism In Order to Keep on Existing on Earth

Humanity Will Have No Future Unless Capitalism Is Discarded: Why: a: Lack of Universal Education Higher Education and Life-Long Learning: b: Lack of Universal Employment: c: Lack of Universal Home: d: Lack of Universal Social Services: e: Lack of Universal Social Care: f: Lack of Universal Medical Care: g: Absence of Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: h: Poverty: i: Hunger: j: Malnutrition: k: Destitution: l: Poverty-wage: m: Polluted Natural and Built Environment: n: Polluted Oceans and Water-ways: o: Polluted Toxic Air: p: Plastic Pollution: q: Infinite Greed and Infinite Consuming: r: Highest Waste of Natural Financial and Human Resources: s: Pseudonomical Profiteering and Robbery: t: Unable to Seek to Achieve Circularity Sustainability and Green Economics in All Business Trade and Commerce: u: Global Warming: v: Climate Change: w: Destruction of Representative Democracy and Rise of Racist Misogynistic Chauvinistic Xenophobic and Supremacist Majoritarian Mob Dictatorship: India Brazil United States of America and Many Other Countries Around the World and Particularly in the European Union: x: Sociology of Squalor: y: Sociology of Evil: z: The Distorteddia: We Have Run Out of the Alphabet:!: Alpha: Dehumanisation of Humanity: Beta: The Destruction of the Self and the Agency of the Human Mind: Gamma: The Weakening and Destruction of Individuals Families and Communities: Delta: Absence of a Philosophical Political Philosophical and Political Economical Movement in the World That Takes Into Consideration and Respond to the Existential Threats Being Put Before Humanity by Capitalism and Its Killing Mechanism Means That This Killing Mechanism Is Dragging Humanity Towards the Slaughter-House of the End Along With It the Entire Web and Ecology of Life on Earth Are Being Terminated! Humanics Has Put Forward the Vision of Humanity Without Capitalism But with and in Humanics: It Is Up to the World's Humanity Particularly the Youth to Rise to Save Humanity From This Definitive Doom Being Implemented by Capitalism.  

The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto

The Works of Humanics

Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume I

Humanics The Foundation: Volume I

Humanics The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics Its Laws and Lawlessness: Volume II

Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume III

Humanics Arkive

Humanics: The Foundation, by Munayem Mayenin, has been published by Imsonium Books, on December 06, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-244-34575-4. Humanics: The Foundation: Humanics is the philosophical architecture, mechanism and system of human affairs management, that sets out the way for humanity to achieve a true civilisation in which civic societies exist in the rule of law, rooted in Natural Justice so that liberty and equality exist simultaneously, along with, purpose and meaning of human existence. A Humanical Society establishes itself by eradicating capitalism and all injustices and dehumanisation, suffering and misery it creates, fosters and nurtures, by discarding off the very idea of ownership, replacing it with belongingship, whereby, for the first time in human history, it creates equality and liberty for all humans as they create a humanical and civic society of equals under Natural Justice.

















The Long Walk to Humanics: There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty  that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. 

But until Humanity has achieved the conditions to fully discard capitalism and put it in the archives of history of human development and begin to craft humanics, it must be brought under, run and managed by the rule of law and the absolute yardstick of that law must be that it must always serve the entire people of a country:nation. Capitalism cannot, as it stands, nor can it be modified to do so, so long it remains a system of money to make profits, deliver 100% employment. Never can it deliver this. Thus, societies cannot 'punish' the poor and jobless people, who fill this 'basket' perpetually, for its failures and injustices that it causes. And thus, The Humanion believes we should seek to ensure: a: Guaranteed Universal Income; b: A Guaranteed Home; c: A Guaranteed Education Up to College and Guaranteed Subsidised Route to Degree-Level Education; d: A Guaranteed Job; e: Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need and f: A Guaranteed Universal-Child-Income-Protection Where Every Child is Guaranteed Equal Financial Support from 0-16; g: Guaranteed Social Care and h: Guaranteed Access to Equitable Pension:Provides a living income.

So long scenes like these in which human souls are treated with such brutal, barbaric, cruel and absolutely dehumanised, demeaning and ruthless degradation and contempt, humanity cannot claim that it has learnt the 'C' of Civilisation. And the forces, groups, people and political parties that do not see this as to how horribly, terribly, dangerously counterproductive all this is to a society and to human progress for it is like society has deliberately stabbed majority of its members with terminal blows and let them bleed, suffer in agony of pain and infection and die a lingering, slow-poisoned-death without any care being shown to them and society simply dehumanises itself so that it is able to look at all this agony, strife, pain and suffering and pretends that it does not see. But this won't be accepted by the multitude of humanity and the signs of which have been increasingly becoming more and more evident. This is not acceptable nor is supportable nor can it be left to continue to inflict miseries on humanity. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team                                                                            

At the Beginning of The Humanion’s Fifth Year: The Year Epsilon: Building The Vision of Humanics Up: Speaking to The Humanicsxians of the World and Earth of the Future




|| Tuesday: September 24: 2019 || ά. The Humanion begins its fifth year of publication, The Year Epsilon, today, Monday, September 24. In these difficult times for news publications, when many outlets are disappearing fast across the world and many are struggling to survive, with the readers keeping along with us, supporting and inspiring us, we have kept up walking and seeking to do our best to keep on going and we are doing so every day at a better place than the day before. Therefore, thank you, Dear Reader, for your ever-going faith in our conviction that the dispossessed of the earth, the world and world’s humanity and the Mother Earth need a publication like The Humanion.

Because Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, The Humanion UK Online Daily and our latest publication, The Humanion Portable Daily, are, probably, the only voices in the world, that do not subscribe to the view that capitalism is the pinnacle of human development and progression and there is nothing left for humanity to do on this earth!

And were this to be the case that capitalism is the pinnacle of human advancement than humanity will have absolutely definitive reasoning to, simply, get infinitely depressed and just give up on existence because of the horror of a human condition, that this killing mechanism capitalism has enforced on humanity across a desperate world, in a desperate earth, where both the earth and humanity are literally choking away towards extinction. It is capitalism and its mindless, ferocious and infinite greed and profiteering, that have devastated both the earth and all expressions of the environment and ecology and the web of life and, added to its arsenal, capitalism has found the distorteddia conglomerate, which have joined in the infinite greed and transformed capitalism into pseudonomics, that now is taking it towards its terminal end while the dispossessed are made to keep on paying for their dispossession as the rich keep on robbing the world and the earth.

Against this backdrop humanics is offering the vision of humanity and of this world towards a post-capitalistic world and earth on which humanity creates humanical societies on a grid of civic societies, creating a humanical civilisation. People wait for thinkers to die and their bones turned to dust before they take a look at what has been presented to them. Humanics is new but the most desperate state of humanity and the world is such that we can not but keep on taking forward the vision of humanics, that shows us how infinitely better and superior a human condition we can create for all humanity on earth, getting all humanity at liberty and in equality.

Our desperation gets more desperate everyday: capitalism kills millions of human beings every year across the world, most of these deaths are easily preventable. This does not make news. Capitalism is such an infinitely incapable economic system, that pays poverty wage to the vast majority of the workers, who, despite working, can not feed their families with what they earn and, yet, their created values are, then, robbed off by the rich while the fact remains that only the workers create these values and wealth, yet, they can not feed their families! The workers remain in the darkness of hunger, malnutrition and suffering despite creating the light of the values, worth and wealth! But the rich-owned press, news and media outlets do not speak of this! No, they have mythologies to make, they have fabrications to concoct and they have manipulation and herding to do!

But it, must, make news: no single human being must die because we have an infinitely poverty-raven system of economics, that can neither spell reason nor can it understand nature because it is constructed with irrationality and it is fed through and by the poverty-tube of anti-nature. 

The walk to humanics is a long one; humanics does not have this year or the next or the next five or the next decade nor this election nor the next but further, a far-afar-future when humanity will have learnt enough of capitalism’s infinite destructive powers for the entire humanity, entire human condition and the entire earth and the web and ecology of life would stand as the all-destroyed and all-devasted evidence museum of all high-cruelties, that this killing mechanism will have brought about and only than, the dispossessed of this Mother Earth will rise to bury it to the depth of history. Capitalism shall come to an end and humanical societies shall arise out of the earth’s countries and nations because humanity can not but exist in, with and by humanity, being humanity naturale, which we can not do while dehumanisation of humanity has enforced on us. Humanity can only exist as humanity naturale when all humans are equal and at liberty, which capitalism can not establish because it takes away both from humanity. Humanics is the only way of existence, that takes humanity towards liberty and equality for all humanity across the earth because, unlike Marxism, humanics deals with ownership and money and the power, position and prowess they confer by eliminating ownership and money so that nothing and no one own while the entire earth belongs to all humanity equally at all times under the law in natural justice and the economics is now run in human enterprise and the governance by a direct from of democracy, humanicsovics.

This vision is what humanics sees and we believe in this vision. We thank the readers, who have found their home in this vision and we thank them for their continued support and hope that they continue their support for The Foundation and The Humanion. As always, we shall keep on going, speaking of and taking forward and onward the vision of humanics: change, all change, starts at nano-scale and builds upward. We have begun our work and, nano-scale, we shall keep on working, building upward, wider and deeper towards the nano-seismic.

One day, someday, there will be enough minds across the earth, particularly, from the youth of humanity, will speak of humanics and they will take it forward. We shall keep on walking on the path of humanics and shall keep on calling humanity and the world towards the path of humanics for us to be and do nothing but: an infinity unfolding itself.:::ω.

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Humanics Rejecting the Sociology of Squalor and Taking the Road on the Long Walk to Humanics



|| Thursday: May 02: 2019 || ά. Sociology of Squalor: Within a half an hour walk about and around Islington tube station one would come across many human beings, rough sleeping on empty spaces, benches, outside shops, in green spaces, station entrance and other hide away spaces. Outside the Houses of Parliament many rough sleepers are found, sleeping away on the hard pavements and walk ways. Further up towards Whitehall and Trafalgar Square, around The Strand and Covent Garden Market areas and spaces around Charing Cross Road one soon finds how all the rough sleeping human beings creating a signage of this Sociology of Squalor, that exists right in the middle of all affluence and goings on. Far away from these central London places in Bromley there one would find many rough sleepers on pavements, outside shops and other facilities. In Newham, in Hackney, in Southwark, in Ealing, in Hammersmith and Fulham, in the very grand-name boroughs, such as, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Greenwich and such like there, too, one would find, many human beings are sleeping rough. What should that tell us about the state of society where such things as rough sleeping, arising out of ‘forced’ homelessness occur and occur in such an increasingly alarming number? That there occurred causes, that create and sustain the conditions for people to become homeless and fall onto the street. However, if, we keep at looking at the surface there can be many theories and mythologies, that can be and are put forward, none of which asks the most fundamental question: what are these people? Who are they? What are their definition as people? That they are many things: a: they are citizens of this state, that conducts its business through the organisation and functioning of a constitutional government, organised in many a layer; b: they are members of a community; c: they are members of a family; d: they are member of a society and e: they are an agency of their own individual person.

Now, out of all these categories of membership, the most fundamental is one’s own person or self; the very maintenance, sustenance and functioning of which determines one’s ability to exist as a unity of that personhood. However, if, we look at this person, we find that out of all these various entities, to which this person belongs to as member, this very person is the least capable of or most vulnerable, since, this person or self has very little power, which it gathers together as to how well all other bodies enable, support, nurture, foster and equip this person with the necessary knowledge, learning, development, expertise, education, skills, aptitudes and competencies, with which this person is able to create, sustain, maintain and develop their personhood or self. This, effectively, means that these higher bodies, must, exist to empower, enfranchise, equip and empower this person or self with all the empowerment they can offer this self for without that that self can not but perish by a continuum of a range of sufferings. But the fact that these rough sleeping persons are thrown onto the street and left abandoned and ignored by the rest of society and all other human beings living in such society should tell us that these bodies above the person, all of them failed in their duties: to empower, enfranchise, equip and empower this person or self with all the empowerment they can offer this self. But they have failed twice: once, they failed to empower, enfranchise, equip and empower this person or self with all the empowerment they can offer this self and, secondly, as consequence to the first failure, these ‘self’ have been transformed into the least capable, most disadvantaged, most harmed and made vulnerable as they have been, effectively, rendered disenfranchised, disempowered and disformed or made the most vulnerable so much so that they are unable to now sustain and maintain their very own personhood, maintain and sustain links and relationships with all other higher bodies, i.e, their families, networks of families, memberships of organisations and agencies, communities and the greater society, as well as, the working and socio-cultural spheres of life and the state and government. This gets further towards the negative so that a great deal of illnesses and health issues of both physical and mental nature set in along with many other issues, all of which act against this person or rather work in concert in building up the momentum to bring and end to this person and this personhood.

And in this, today, the families are failing in all counts to support their members so that they are growing up, well-equipped to develop, sustain and maintain their self or personhood as families as the most fundamental units of more than one persons, creating the most vital of organisational unit to support vulnerable young members, have been falling apart and being unable do the job they are supposed to do properly. This did not happen because families decided to get weaken but the wider bodies, the networks of families, the communities, organisations and agencies and society, the state and governments all were failing so that the conditions for families began to create conditions, where families can not sustain themselves. Consequently, we have witnessed a flow of non-self, quarter-self, half-self or fragmentary self, joining all these bodies, who are by the very structure of them, despite being adults, are still vulnerable and they keep on getting more vulnerable as they go about conducting themselves in a hostile and aggressive environment.

This does not happen from the bottom up but is caused from the top down for out of all these bodies, the most power is concentrated at the top, which is and, must be, seen as determinative for all downwards. In this the state is the highest body with the highest powers and means and systems to enforce that power and capitalism has brought this state under its prowess, by what we are calling ‘state-jacking’, literally, highjack the state, so that this state exists to serve the system of capitalism and in this service this state distributes all the high-cruelties, barbarities and brutalities of poverty of all kinds, manners and types, hunger of all types, mal nutrition of all kinds, lack of education, token education, lack of higher education, lack of life-long learning, unemployment, unemployability, terribly-low-paid work so that there are all kinds of poor, including, working poor, who is the largest group, hunger, malnutrition and poverty-inflictions of all kinds are then allotted to babies and toddlers and the young and all the groups of humanity, deemed to be vulnerable, homelessness, rough-sleeping, lack of proper and necessary medical care and, often, where there is to be medical care, it is increasingly becoming token so that people are thrown about pillar to post, dismantling of social care, cutting and dismantling of all public, civic and community services, provisions and facilities, drastic cuts in public spending, seismic withdrawal in infrastructure and regeneration investments, as well as, severe and drastic cuts in what are statutory services, i.e, education, housing, social services, local government, policing, legal aid, youth services, maternity, early years, family and elderly services, social care services and many others means that the entire society, communities, agencies and organisations and in them the networks of families and the very families are left into a sociology of squalor in which desperate conditions are created through the imposition and implantation of dehumanisation, that kill off all things human and replace that with the sociology of evil.

In this sociology of evil the hardest hit is the most vulnerable and in this as we have set out, the most vulnerable can be put in two groups: all individual self, who are general vulnerable and the other group is the extreme vulnerable: the young, the ill, the elderly, the frail, the disabled and all minorities of all kinds and all the victims of violence, fleeing for safety, particularly, domestic violence. In such sociology of squalor, under the reign of the sociology of evil the first and foremost victims are found from these two groups of the vulnerable. This is how this vulnerable people, these selves, have been paying and are demanded to pay the price. The ones, rough sleeping on the street, have succumbed to the prowess of the sociology of evil and they are at the front signage of this sociology of squalor. This is a direct result of the ‘state-jacking’ by capitalism whereby the states have become nothing but the ‘service provider’ of capitalism, which will not tolerate states to ‘reduce and cut’ its profits. This is why all this so-called austerity regimes across the world have started and have been going on, that, effectively, ensured that states are, simply, enforcing the dictates, that capitalism demanded of it: reduce and cut costs to the utmost for this costs and expenditure are the profit for the rich, which they, must, get back. The rich still keep on making the most profit while the people keep on paying the price. The existing politics, whatever they are called and all the very many different types of political parties have nothing fundamental to say about any of this because they have read the old books and they are regurgitating the same things again and again and over and over again and making the political arena a poisonous field of all forms of ‘assassination’ spheres, where people are forced and herded into a vicious personality cult and personality assassination ‘game’ every few years and the same keeps on going and keeps on being repeated again and again and over and over again.

Yet, let us get back to the beginning. This person, this human self, is a citizen of this state: what is the criteria of this citizenship? That this person is the member of this state by virtue of x, y and:or z. What is this virtue: that she:he is born in this land to parents, who were citizens of this land when the youngsters were born or that they are so by other ways of acquiring that citizenship. However, what does that citizenship entail? The state offers this person citizenship, who is the most vulnerable on her:his own. This person can not, even, exist more than few weeks without a home. This person needs nutritional food and drink, medication and health care as and when she:he is unwell. This person needs a home, that offers shelter in a secure home from the elements: heat, cold, rain, drought, winds and chills, safety and security. This person needs an education and training so that they can get a job. They need an education. They need life-long and continual education and development. They need much more than this: they need a system of civilisation to enable them to exist as humanity proper: this means that there have to be: a system of education, healthcare, housing, social services, law enforcement, judiciary, executive, legislature, infrastructure, such as, airways, highways, road networks, walkways, green spaces, naval and waterways, bridges, tunnels, hospitals, training facilities and a whole host of other amenities, facilities, services and provisions, none of which single self can create. Only, after that this self of a human individual is given all the powers to be able to craft, create, sustain, maintain and develop that personhood without becoming vulnerable.

We have seen so far because of the ‘state-jacking’ of the states by capitalism means that the states are, increasingly, doing all they can to reduce the amount of money they spend and invest in this task so that these individual citizens are left without any of the support and sustenance, that all these people must have. Therefore, they must have a home for life, they must have an adequate level and degree of education, a pathway for life-long learning and development, a job, an income to be able to provide for themselves the necessary nutritional food and drink and all other necessity. Therefore, we come to see that unless these vital necessities are given to each and every citizen of a country these individuals can not exist on their own. This does not happen any longer so that the citizens have no right for their states to offer them these rights. In short, therefore, they are thrown into and onto the elements. This is where we are at and this way we are at a space where capitalism is fixed and everything and everyone, that supports it are running things, servicing the rich, that run capitalism for their own benefits. Citizenship has neither any meaning nor any point when all citizens are left vulnerable and they do not have any stake to their country, their state and to the total wealth of their nation. These Building-Block Foundational Human Rights, proposed in Humanics The Foundation, the first volume of Humanics, Munayem Mayenin, First Published: December 06: 2017, ISBN: 978-0-244-34575-4 and these are further elaborated as part of humanics, in Humanics: The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness, the second volume of humanics, which will be published later this year, are: A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment: B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air: C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink: D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need: E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home: F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning: G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care: H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income: I: Absolute Right to a Job: J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income.  

Imagine, once, created, established and made real for each and every citizen of a country, how revolutionary a change in the human condition and quality of human existence they will usher in overnight for a nation! These are not utopias: Humanics arises out of a life-time’s work of Munayem Mayenin, beginning with his works of Dehumanisation of Humanity and built on it. Building-Block Foundational Human Rights are the future for humanity so to bring about capitalism under the rule and power of the law, releasing states from this capitalistic ‘state-jacking’ and ‘statuting’ it to exist and work and function to serve the people and not some rich and their club members of the tiniest minority. And, in so doing, enable, support, prepare and empower humanity to work towards building the pre-humanical societies, marching towards humanical societies on earth in a humanical grid of a universal humanical civilisation on earth in which all humanical societies would take their place that grid of the rule of law in natural justice.   

This is why it is time that challenges are put forward to this dead-rotten-way-of stuck-thinking. It is time, humanics puts forward that capitalism is taken back from the driving seat, that the ‘state-jacking’ of states by capitalism is ‘reversed’ so that states are freed from ‘servicing’ the rich and is employed to serve the entire nation, entire people of the land. This means that capitalism must be brought under the rule of law and run under the rule and power of the law and in this these new Building-Block-Foundational Human Rights are established and delivered to each and every human being in a given country: to all its citizens, each and every one of them. These Building-Block Foundational Human Rights are rights, that are not only enforced by the law but they are legally enforceable whereby each and every citizen has the legal right to seek the enforcement of these rights should they be infringed. This gives each and every citizen of a country real, measurable and legally enforceable stake to their nation’s wealth and offers solid, measurable and verifiable meaning to what it means to be a citizen of a state, country, nation and people.

These Foundational Human Rights will enable the entire citizenship of a given country into an absolutely different and fundamentally more energised, more enfranchised and empowered humans and the entire quality of life, living and existence would seismically be different and such a society will develop ways, means and mechanism to create pre-humanical society, that will usher in humanical society. The olden books are no longer going to be working for capitalism has devastated humanity long enough and it is time we take the first step on the path of humanical society and leave behind the high-cruelties, brutalities and barbarities, that capitalism has been distributing, enforcing and increasing. Capitalism ends tomorrow, if, we the people are organised and woken up and do rise against it today. But this is a political job, which we can not do: our job is to put forward the philosophical outline, the political philosophical architecture, the political economical basis and mathematics of the political economics, the structure, apparatus and mechanism of the public affairs management system, the principles and fundamentals of the jurisprudence and the architectonics exposition of the sociology, that are a pre-requisite for any political movement. Our task is this: we are not in or for the political task but this, without which, without this foundational work, without this groundwork and without this work of building up of structures in visions, in principles and parameters, with ideas and concepts no political movement can begin or take place.  

But this is the future: humanics is the future: capitalism is the past, that is, still, desperately seeking to hang onto but the future is here with the power of the highest of positive and highest of optimism, highest of conviction and the highest of faith: the future is humanics, the future is humanical. Challenge capitalism and let it defend itself from the past with the present of humanics. One dreamt: one day, there would be a ‘The Humanion’ long ago and, many, many decades later, sitting by the River Thames, on a Summer’s afternoon, near Kew Garden, that dreamer decided to begin publishing The Humanion and, since, then, it has been almost four years. Humanics is the present: capitalism is the past: the past can not keep on holding the progress of the present towards a future, that is true to humanity naturale: all humans, at liberty and in equality under the rule of law in natural justice, where there exists neither the rich nor the poor nor there exist ownership or money and human affairs are run under humanics, in human enterprise.

If, in a Milky Way Galaxy, within the perimeters of about 100 light years, 800 billion stars and countless systems, mechanisms, processes, weathers, climates, ecologies, localities, protocols, laws, times, seasons and cosmic negotiations create, maintain and sustain an ever-going and ever-solid equilibrium and harmony and goes on working in unison and fitting in and responding to, always, perfectly with the wider and greater astronomical geographies and cosmological frameworks, powers, entities and variables and becoming part of the total and universal equilibrium, harmony and peace, then, with only few billions of humans this humanity surely can reach and create humanics: if, you do not believe in this, believe in this, instead: our most eloquent evidence museum we present to you: do not look that far: look at this single little human physiology and see how trillions of cells are organised, architectured and designed, layer upon layer, system upon system, all connected, as, if, a colossus complexus of the entire Mother Universe has been nanocromised into a nano-collosus complexus in this human physiology and it does and can eternally create, sustain, maintain and take forward that equilibrium, harmony or rather, homeostasis at all time. Humanics is possible, spells the human physiology: humanics is possible, shows the architecture of the mother earth and the her little moon: humanics is possible, calls out the Solar System: humanics is possible, says the Milky Way Galaxy: humanics is possible, elaborates the greater Mother Universana. Believe and go: join us on the Long Walk to Humanics.:::ω.

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Latin America Was in Focus as Academics Participate in International Talks: Working Together: Learning Together Is the Best Place for Humanity to Be



|| Monday: April 29: 2019: Lancaster University News || ά. New research projects, focusing on Latin America, were developed when a delegation from Lancaster University travelled to Portugal this month. The delegation participated in a ‘Research in Latin America’ event, organised by one of Lancaster’s strategic partners, NOVA University in Lisbon. The delegation included academics from Lancaster's Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Health and Medicine and the Management School, as well as, professional service staff. A delegation from the University of Cambridge, also, participated in the workshop.

During the event, more than 60 academics from NOVA, Lancaster and Cambridge were divided into inter-disciplinary groups, clustered around topics, such as, developmental economics, societal challenges, health research and technology. Groups developed new research proposals, which are now being prepared for submission to external funders. Professor Robert Geyer, Lancaster University's Interim Dean for Internationalisation, said, ‘’This was an excellent event for discussing linkages with NOVA and encouraging research interaction and relationships between Lancaster and NOVA academics.

We look forward to taking part in the Asia Research event at NOVA in July and inviting NOVA staff to forthcoming Lancaster University research events and activities.’’

Dr Patrick Rebuschat, the Director of Internationalisation, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, said, ‘’This was yet another very productive event with our partners at NOVA University. NOVA and Lancaster share the same ambition, to contribute research-led solutions to current and future societal challenges. It is clear that this can only be done effectively by engaging with other universities, businesses and local communities and our partnership with NOVA University is a clear reflection of this.’’

Lancaster University and NOVA University Lisbon established a strategic partnership in June 2018. The purpose of the partnership is to explore opportunities for collaborative research, joint teaching initiatives and strategic knowledge exchange, including, internationalisation, staff development and student recruitment.

This is the third Lancaster University delegation visit to Lisbon, since, the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding. A fourth visit will take place in July 2019, when Lancaster is co-organising a ‘Research in Asia’ event together with NOVA University. To get involved, email Joe Bourne, j.bourne at To learn more about the partnership visit the partnership website:::ω.

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Down to Earth in UK Cinemas: September 14: It Is Time to Wake Up on Earth and Mind the Web of Life and the Strand of It Called Humanity


|| July 25: 2018 || ά. We didn’t inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children: Chief Seattle: The question is this: how many people of today would recognise the name of this philosopher of the mother earth, who spoke of the web of life, to which, he compared human existence, as a mere strand and said that we ought to remember, respect and protect that fragile, sacred but eternal relationship so that it is this web of life, that must keep on going as it is, rightly, towards our flowing generations of the future children of all humanity. Not many would care but it is time we did for Chinua Achibi wrote of the ‘violence’ against a ‘butterfly’: we, this humanity, have become nothing but the metaphor of that violence done against that metaphorical butterfly for this web of life, that Chief Seattle spoke of, is such a delicate, fragile and intangible thing, that it requires not much violence as can be fathomed from what happens to a butterfly faced with any form of violence from humanity to be done and gone.

All we need to do is add toxins in the air to inflict a chain of events to all life-forms or add plastics and micro-plastics in the water-cycle and this is enough to begin a catastrophic series of events, that risk wiping out an enormous range of life and life-forms from all water-bodies and inflict unimaginable damages and harms to humanity itself. This is frightening but all-consuming capitalism, all encompassing materialism and mindless selfishness and the social disfigurement of the very socio-communal and cultural-spiritual and socio-politico-economical spheres means that we are fast becoming a mindless and utterly isolated, disconnected and disjointed ‘herd’, that is made into a ‘dictated mob-consumers’ and we keep on consuming regardless of what our consuming does to this web of life. But it is time this ends; it is time it ends or we face causing irreversible harms to this web of life and, with it, we ensure the ‘terminus absolute’ for this kind, this us, this humanity and there is no other earth. All this we write because of The Down to Earth Collective’s announcement that its award-winning documentary, Down to Earth is being released in UK cinemas from September 14. The Documentary will celebrate its UK Premiere at Picturehouse Central on September 11, presented by Mr Mark Rylance.

Down to Earth follows a London family, breaking away from society to find a new perspective on life. For five years, travelling six continents, parents Ms Renata Heinen and Mr Rolf Winters and their three children aged 10, seven and six go on a journey of discovery to capture the wisdom of the ‘Earth Keepers’. They find indigenous communities, who have retained a natural balance and live in harmony with their surroundings, far removed from the technologically focused cultures of today. There is no crew, no production team, just one backpack and camera each. Many of the ‘Earth Keepers’ featured in the documentary were hesitant to be on film but as the family lived alongside them, a mutual trust grew and they embraced the idea. Having lived in hiding for centuries, they saw that now was the time to step forward and share their insights with those, who are ready to listen. Their messages portray a way of living, that shares a clear and transcendent vision of life on planet Earth, unaffected by human-made laws.

Filmmaker Ms Renata Heinen said, “I believe that the energy of the recordings of the contributors in the film is so special because of the intimacy. We filmed every individual in their natural environment.”













Filmmaker MR Rolf Winters said, “We wanted to create an experience and not make a ‘talking heads’ film. To capture the journey across the globe.”

Oscar-winning composer Mr Stephen Warbeck, Shakespeare in Love, Billy Elliot, Proof,  said, “I have not come across a piece of work, that so dramatically combines the personal and the universal. Working on a project where there is such a vital connection between the filmmakers and the subject, on a personal, political and spiritual level, meant that I felt a particular responsibility to be as truthful as I could to their vision.”

The film-makers say that Down to Earth is a mirror to humanity, a poignant and timely reflection on our civilised world. The movie invites us to see the world through the eyes of the Keepers of the Earth. It takes us on an inner journey, connecting us with the source and the mutual path we are walking. Down to Earth is both a wakeup call and a resurgence of hope for our world to come. It is not just the launch of a film. It’s the launch of a thought, a vision for the future.

The film has broken box office records in The Netherlands, where it was test-marketed, with over 170,000 viewers in cinemas and is currently the longest running film in cinemas ever, 20 months ongoing. It has become a true movement: The Down to Earth Collective works with hundreds of educational institutions, corporates, charities and community organisations.

In the UK the makers strive to do the same. In their mission to look after the next seven generations, the makers work together with sustainable brands like Weleda, Triodos Bank and Seventh Generation. The latter was acquired by Unilever just over a year ago. The Down to Earth team, also, actively guides the senior leadership of multinationals like Unilever, whose aim is to become truly sustainable companies, using the film and the wisdom of the Earth Keepers to raise the bar.

The film has won a Jury Prize at the Illuminate Film Festival, the Audience Favourite at the Spirit Film Festival and the Jury prize, as well as, the Audience Award at the Dutch National Education Film Festival. The film is now being piloted in the Dutch educational system. 

Down to Earth aims to inspire a fresh dialogue in society. By using an unorthodox model, that includes a dialogue in the cinema at the end of each screening, audiences are invited to use the film and its messages in their own environments to ignite change. People are already responding to this ‘call to action’, showing that real change starts with us, individual human beings and our lifestyle and behaviours. The makers believe therein lies the solution to the big challenges we face in the world.

Picturehouse cinemas, the UK’s leading exhibitor of independent film, has embraced Down to Earth and will be releasing the film in their cinemas throughout the UK. The filmmakers are, also, connecting and working with conscious businesses, organisations, educational institutions and media outlets, who are at the forefront of sustainable transformation. Down to Earth is the right film at the right time, hitting an open nerve in our modern society. 

Filmmaker, Rolf Winters: Mr Rolf Winters has his professional roots in the corporate world. His incessant drive to understand and make better use of human potential led him to found his own leadership consulting firm at the age of 30. The next 10 years he travelled Europe as boardroom consultant and coach, working for some of the largest corporations in the world. Through his in-depth experiences with leaders and decision making at the top of the corporate pyramid, Mr Winters, also, gained an insight into the stranglehold our established structures have on organisations and their leaders; the damaging effects of their short-term focus and their lack of a holistic vision.

He started searching for a different perspective and a key to renewal. When he was exposed to the leadership principles and the way-of-life of the Anishnabe, first Native Americans, he felt he had found that key. The Native American vision on life and their way-of-being resonated so strongly with him and his wife that they left their successful cosmopolitan life behind. They retreated for four years with their three young children into the woods of Upper Michigan in order to gain a deeper understanding of the wisdom and heritage of the Native Americans. Then, he decided to go with his family on a year-long journey around the world, in search for the Keepers of the Earth. Mr Winters continues his work with leaders around the world, now integrating the wisdom and insights he gained from the Keepers of the Earth.

Filmmaker, Renata Heinen: After her studies in communication, Ms Heinen decided to follow her true calling: the path of a self-made free-spirited artist, expressing herself in word and image. Her versatility manifests in many different art forms: from painting on life-size canvas and found materials to metal sculptures and from writing to her current adventures in filmmaking. Living in London in her twenties, she felt drawn to the world of film and worked for a few years as an actress. It was during this period that she started writing screenplays for film. She wrote her first screenplay Walking Wounded in 2003. Her most recent screenplay Life, she has directed herself, which was released in 2016.

Ms Heinen’s raw and uncompromising writing style is a result of her drive for pure intuitive storytelling, whereby the mind only plays a secondary role. Her search for true originality and values, also, finds its way in her art. Her desire not to conform to society’s common denominator became the drive behind the search for a change of rhythm and lifestyle for her and her family. Her encounter with the Native Americans and their connected way-of-life was an obvious fact. For four years she lived with her partner and their three small children in the woods of Upper Michigan, enjoying a life closer to nature and learning from the Native American wisdom.

When the vision came to travel the world to make a film about the Keepers of the Earth, it was the ultimate project where she could bring her various roles and professional skills together in a totally open-ended adventure. With her years of experience as a storyteller and screenplay writer, her desire was to create the weft and capture the spirit of the journey. Her aim was to ensure that the film would primarily be an experience, using all cinematic means to convey the energy and connectedness of the Earth Keepers.

Composer, Stephen Warbeck: Since the early 1980s, Mr Warbeck has built up a considerable filmography. As well as writing music for more than forty television projects, for which he has received five BAFTA nominations, including, one for the highly successful series Prime Suspect, he has scored many feature films, including, The Other Man, 2008, Proof, 2005, Two Brothers, 2004, Mrs Brown, 1997, Mystery Men, 1999, Quills, 2000, Billy Elliot, 2000, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, 2001, Birthday Girl, 2002 and Shakespeare in Love, 1998, for which he won an Academy Award.

Some of his notable stage productions include the National Theatre's An Inspector Calls, John Madden's production of Proof, Sam Mendes' production of To The Green Fields Beyond, both at the Donmar, and The White Devil for the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has written for several shows at the Almeida, including, The Triumph Of Love, Parlour Song and When The Rain Stops Falling. :::ω.

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The Herding of People: Democracy's Perils Caused by Despots and Dictators


|| May 01: 2018: University of Birmingham News || ά. Researchers from the University of Birmingham and the London School of Economics have found that the number of elections across the world has reached an all-time high but that this has done little to increase the quality of democracy in the world. The findings, published by Yale Books in ‘How to Rig an Election’ demonstrate that a remarkably high proportion of national elections are not free and fair, enabling authoritarian leaders to remain in power with the emergence of new technology playing a part in the process of manipulation.

Based on more than 500 interviews and their own experience of watching elections on the ground in countries, including, Belarus, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Thailand and Tunisia, Professor Nic Cheeseman and Dr Brian Klaas show the extent of the democratic decay, that has benefitted dictators around the world. Most worryingly, the research demonstrates that not only do elections, often, fail to remove authoritarian leaders from power but, also, in many cases, they, actually, give ailing authoritarian regimes a boost, making them appear more legitimate and opening up new funding streams.

As a result, authoritarian systems, that hold elections turn out to be more stable than those that do not. Professor Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham, said, ''The finding that many authoritarian leaders are using the image of democracy to strengthen their hold on power should act as an important wake up call for everyone, who cares about political inclusion, accountability and human rights.

The manipulation of elections is becoming increasingly hi-tech and subtle following the emergence of new technology and strategies, that makes it easier than ever before to create fake news, marginalise opponents and hack the electoral system. To fight back, those, who want to defend democracy need to update their own playbook and fast.''
In documenting these processes, 'How to Rig an Election' provides an engrossing analysis of the pseudo-democratic methods employed by leaders around the world to retain control.

More specifically, the researchers expose the limitations of national elections as a means of promoting democratisation and show the six essential strategies available to dictators, the authoritarian toolbox, to undermine the electoral process in order to guarantee victory for themselves. These include 'Invisible rigging': gerrymandering and exclusion, Buying hearts and minds, Divide and rule strategies and the use of political violence, Stuffing the ballot box in ways old and new, Hacking the election using new technology, Tricking the international community into endorsing the result,
This eye-opening study offers a sobering overview of corrupted professional politics, while providing fertile intellectual ground for the development of new solutions for protecting democracy from authoritarian subversion.

The conclusion to each chapter and to the book itself, provides numerous suggestions of ways to defend democracy and strengthen elections based on first-hand experience. ::: ω.

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Can Humanity Not See How Low How Wasteful and How Desperate a State of Humanity is Brought Out by This Flawed Geo-Politics of Pure and Absolute Contradictions of the Lowest of the Highest of Animals: Humanity You are Infinitely Far Better Than This Gutter-Existence



|| April 16: 2018 || ά. Humanity is ravaged by wants and lacks of, almost, an infinity of most desperate needs and necessities: names: Education: A life sentence of ignorance given to the many of all humankind, that is neither human nor kind but dehumanised. Because, if, humankind were to be both human and kind, the cruelties and inhumanities by which most humans are sentenced to perish away this human existence in suffering the agonies and pains caused to them, the state of the world and of humanity will be infinitely different and better than the nightmare of a hell we have going in this world. a: the majority of the human race, that is still 'imbecile enough' to call humanity as 'races' and issue this humanity colours, codes and scripts of identities, despite the science and evidence of humanity being one and the only same thing, will have been born, existed in utter waste of an existence and perished away in suffering the consequences of this, while never being able to set foot to a school. What kind of a human existence is this? What kind of an existence is this, in which this human soul, that has not got an education to know, understand and see and, consequence to all this, become, who and what she:he is and what she:he wants to be and do, in what a complex world, in what a complex human state and condition, in what a mind-blowing complexities and beauties of this universe, in what a magnificent thing being human, being an agency of a human person, both belonging to itself while being an integral and inalienable part of the whole of humanity equally, in which she:he  is 'sentenced' to keep wasting away!

And such a human soul, if, a woman, in most parts of the world, is 'tortured' and ‘culturally programmed’ to accept that she should expect and accept to be inferior than men and that she should expect and accept that her husband:partner will have a right to treat her as, if, she is not a human-proper and beat her up to bring her to line and all such women are the lesser human beings among this humankind, where we are neither human nor kind but electively stuck onto a dehumanised cemented-jacket, that this market has created for us and in it they set, the men and women, against each other as well whereby both, now, have to fit themselves into the jackets of enforced misogyny, masochism, chauvinism and macho-men and macho-women types and, in it neither can, ever, be humans but perish away in a dehumanised enforced fabrication of an existence imposed and enforced on them. For the woman seeking to fit in this jacket: where does she put all the flowing generations of ‘the fathers’, who exist in her genome? For the man, who is seeking to fit in this jacket: where does he put all the flowing generations of ‘the mothers’, who exist in his genome? And, where does this woman put her male children and grandchildren, when she says that the girls and women must get to the top? And, where does this man put his female children and grandchildren, when he wants to advance the cause of boys and men? This demonstrates the anti-nature stance of all this market-jacket fabricated implantations in people’s heads and minds.

Humanity is not and can not but be one: a whole sphere with a lit half and an unlit half: the lit part is the part expressing a gender but the unlit part is containing the other side of the gender. Mothers are seen in the physiology of the woman while the fathers remain being as the unlit side of the sphere of humanity while the same applies to the man, whose physiology reflects the fathers but in its unlit side remain the mothers. With being connected to both the lit and unlit sides of this sphere of humanity, that is showing only one apparent side while holding the other non-apparent side equally as much, humanity is a whole. It can not exist as the market wants it to exist as being a woman or being a man. Humanity, therefore, must exist as being a human being containing both the mothers and fathers, expressing one outward while expressing and containing the other inward and both make the whole of humanity in each parts of it: in the woman and in the man. Challenge market fabricated and implanted view and jacket of humanity and you reach a state of humanics: where nothing is, ever, black and white. Where humanity is a sphere made of two halves, which is of equal worth, value and functionalities; except, they are not the same for each side is created by the reversal of the other side. Therefore, if, a woman is concave, for example, the man is reversed and made into convex or, if, the woman is the right hand the man is reversed into being the left hand or the two spheres of earth is the same. And in this, the man has this perspective of existence, so that he sees the woman in front of him and what is behind and beyond her but does not see what is behind himself and the woman does not have his perspective for she sees the man in front of her and what is behind and beyond him but not what is at her back. But when they join to form a sphere of humanity as equal halves, they hold a 360 degree view and perspective of the entire human existence without which, on their own, they shall always be half of that and do and be half of that or be and do half of humanity. This is how humanity is. Together in one as one humanity, both man and woman, have that infinity in their 'power' to unfold. This is the humanical view of humanity or this is humanics.

Now, back to this soul: and, if, this soul is a man, the same applies to him for he does not know much and he must accept and take what is given to him for he has no education so that he does not know his right as the woman so that that is how their existence is wasted away in a life sentence of double darkness; one darkness is arising out of not having an education and the other darkness is arising out of the cultural ‘torture, programming and implantations’ both the woman and man have had to endure and by which this system keeps supporting the parasites of society, who, like mosquitoes, keep on draining all the life-blood out of this vast multitude of humanity. And, this is 'the normal' or the normaldom by which this system is run. And this is how the whole earth is and the world goes on set in dysfunctional geo-politics and the leaders of all nations and countries, the three-estates: the rich, the middle and the poor, all are set and stuck in this cemented and dehumanised view and they speak and act, as, if, they exist in a reality of their own making while the rest of the humanity is stuck in all these jackets, that are strangling, suffocating, hurting, harming, destroying, devastating, dismantling and disfiguring and causing hurts, pains and agonies in which they suffer and waste away. What kind of a humanity a woman or man can, ever, be and do: if, they are denied the right to have an education? Education is such a thing, that can be expressed in this: suppose, we humans exist inside an invisible 'clothe', that covers us so that we are 'blind' to all senses, unable to use all our senses. So that we can not open our eyes to see, to use our nose to breathe, use our ears to hear, to touch to feel something, to eat or drink by which we simply can not, even, think because of this 'clothe' separating us from the world outside. There is no human existence unless and until that invisible separator is taken out: And the power, that takes away that invisible separator is education. Education is a vital, fundamental and absolute existential necessity for humanity to exist as humanity.

Cruelties of Poverty: let us look at poverties of all kinds, shapes and manners. There are many kinds of poverty and all this begins and ends from the sheer pool of the infinite darkness of no-education, in which this gap gets filled and fed by ill and utter false implantations by societies, that are set to go on and go on the basis of 'me for myself always and forever'. And in this the utter paradox of this system can be seen: there are many grand human rights declarations made about people’s human rights, which are, in reality, for the vast multitude of humanity, merely hypothetical and, yet, all of which are directly and absolutely wiped out by the existence of these cruelties of poverty of all kinds. Therefore, those, who are living in all forms and expressions of poverty are suffering in a state, that has ensured that they have no human rights whatever: for those, who are sleeping rough, for those, who have no jobs, those, who have no social security or pension or social care or medical care and those, who can not but suffer hunger and all forms of malnutrition and those, who suffer, including, those in social security benefits, those with terribly low pay and those, who are vulnerable and those, who are very many types of working poor and all the humanity, that has been sentenced to waste and perish away without an education. These groups have hardly any human right because their poverty erases away all that hypothetical declarations. Unless and until foundational human rights are established so that these guarantee that no one lives and perishes away in suffering away in the cruelties of poverty, there can not exist, function and be applicable, most of the existing human rights, that are now part of the international laws.

These poverties can be classed as

a: Political Poverty: expressed in utter and absolute disempowerment, disenfranchisement and disconnection from the political, governance, public and civic affairs management system and culture of society, which is largely due to the representative democracy because people are dehumanised by the fact that they can not speak but, hundreds of thousands, must loose their voices and elect someone to speak for them, choose and act for them. And worst is expressed in this fact that in a vast number of places on earth, where, even, this representative democracy does not exist so that despots and dictators and tyrants or imposed elected despots run these places.

b: Political Economical Poverty: expressed in all manners of political economic activities so that there are people, who are with jobs and without jobs, whereby the without jobs are left to pay for their poverty and suffer and waste away and, then, there are the rich in jobs and the poor in jobs and the later group is the largest, where they work and exist in suffering the causes of being unable to earn enough to sustain an honourable and dignified living. And, in this, neither this in jobs but poor nor the without jobs and poor have any say as to how things are run and the system supports the rich staying and getting more rich while the poor keeps staying poor and getting poorer. This poverty, creates a socio-spiritio-cultural ecology of a battlefield all across all the spheres of society, whereby, everyone and everything is impacted by the agonies, the fumes and fire and heat and dust and debris, furies and cries of suffering from the injured and the smell of the unburied dead and the blood still blackening the earth and the pulsating cries of suffering and the raging of the hatred, anger, hostility and ferociousness and rage and revenging etc and no one and nothing can escape this all engulfing negative ecology and this all is everywhere dictating the terms and conditions of the existence for those, who have no power or means to add or change or alter or challenge a single coma in that listed terms and conditions of existence.

c: Judicial Poverty: expressed in many ways but relates to no-education so that not many know their legal rights nor do they have the means to seek to get justice and in vast number of places on earth the judiciary is literal extension or corruption-wing for the privileged class to make more money for themselves out of those, who have been wronged and violated and all this means that justice, for many, is a nightmare, that they live by without, ever, dreaming to find a way to get it in reality as reality in their existence. And, in this horrendous state countless human lives are lost in many ways of deaths, disappearances, prisons and torture and maltreatment and abuse, as well as, the existence of the highest of all depravity, cruelty, barbarity, inhumanity of the death penalty, by which states are murdering people and with it destroying, devastating, disfiguring with the callous cruelty all the lives of all the children and young people, individuals and families involved with the victims of this brutal barbarity, who survive them and have to exist with all, that have been inflicted on them.

d: Social Poverty: expressed in all forms, manners and shapes in all social, communal and civic spheres so that there is a lack of everything and everything is falling apart and disappearing so that the people living in such setting are, always, living in this shadow of all this poverty, where the only reality, that they can not escape is the sheer power of that shadow of that poverty.

e: Cultural Poverty: expressed in the vast majority of the poor, who have no right, access or means to get involved in any cultural activities for they must seek to look at meeting their primary and vital needs, which they struggle to do.

f: Spiritual Poverty: expressed in all the negativity, animosity, hostility and aggressiveness expressed and practised by many faiths and non-faith-groups, who, instead of working together and seeking to advance harmony, spread this hidden cultures, whereby, they have two versions of themselves: one for 'us-only' and the other for 'the public' and the public one sounds rather grand but the us-only one is filled with all the negativity, animosity, hostility and aggressiveness, aimed and targeted to the followers of other faiths and non-faith-groups and all that create and sustain this ecology of the hostile and horrid and with this joins in the wider social disharmonious ecology. Add to this the aggressive, hostile, vicious, aggressive, vile and all-negative, all-cruel and all-discarded-human dignity-decency-regard-respect practised by the media conglomerate to create a herding of the people attitude so that these all are everywhere: in print and online and in the air, on radio, on television, on the home phone and on the mobile phone and in and around all social spheres, including, all spheres and settings of society. The only way anyone can escape it is this: that one walks away without any 'gadget' with just their physiology and goes into a forest and there seek to exist, if, one can, without using any 'service or product' of any kind! That is how a horrendous and overwhelming helplessness has been set up, out and about in the sociological ecology!

g: Homelessness: the vast majority of humanity, that do not own their own homes and exist in a perpetual-flowing-as-logs from one place to another and in this they can hardly remember how many places they lived and how many more places they will keep on moving into and out of. This is the largest majority of the people of all humanity, who have no homes of their own and, this means that their country, their nation, their state and government are beyond them and they have no connection, link, stake, ownership or say in any of these entities and their business. In this group can be found the other sub-groups in the first estate countries: they are accepted homeless people, mostly, families with children, including, all the vulnerable people, who are placed in a state of a limbo-existence, whereby they exist and waste away in temporary bed and breakfast accommodations, which are utterly inhabitable and beyond human habitation. And, there they are kept and moved away from, again and again and again, while their children, often, spend periods without being able to go to school and they have no connection to the place nor can they, ever, be able to create any such connections or links since they are kept being moved from one place to the next perpetually. But for this group, what is, culturally, most terrifying is this: that they are kept on the move from one place to the next, whereby they are not living in one place long enough to ‘create routes’ into the wider community, they lack the most vital human connections to wider humanity and this keeps on getting to a state of non-existence. Say, where one has lived in ten places in ten years: what kind of connection or link this person or this family can make and keep with the wider community, society and humanity? This creates something else: they are cut out of any ‘true’ influence for no ‘politicians’ count them as their voters for they are homeless, who are ‘here today and not here tomorrow’ and not worth the politicians' 'investment'. As soon as they leave this place they go to another’s constituency and there they will be treated the same. This way they get the least possible ‘power’ to seek to get any support from the ‘political elite’.

h: Rough Sleeping: A huge number of people, who are homeless but have been thrown onto the streets, by the most lowly of the most ferocious of all cruelties, barbarities and callous inhumanity. They suffer and, paying the price, perish away. This goes on before everyone's eyes and all these eyes are trained not to look, not to register and not to acknowledge the reality they see. The trouble is, the mind, that does that faces an impossible task: because the eyes have seen what they have done and it is in the mind as the poison in the water and the mind can not but exist in that poisoned state and this is how the 'normal' people live until they can not do so any longer so that they fall down breaking to a point that they can not fix themselves nor can anyone else help them. In this system, humans are only ‘good’ so long they are not broken and are able and capable of ‘functioning’ by the ‘given script: as soon as broken, humans are taken off the system and chucked out onto the ‘sociological dustbin’ and, there, you, who is left there, ‘deal with it’.

i: Hunger and Malnutrition

Vast multitude of humans across the globe existing in the three-estate in hunger of various types from extreme hunger, all hunger to half hunger, quarter hunger and perpetual hunger, including, the very many types of extreme hunger expressed by the terms malnutrition, which is the absolute horror of hunger and the most desperate poor of all ages but, the entirety of all babies, children and young and the the elderly, ill, frail and disabled people pay the highest price for this. This causes so much disfigurement and destruction to the human physiology, that, those surviving it, become ‘literally’ less human for they suffer the devastation in their natural growth, they suffer stunting and shrunk brain size and the literal physical size, in addition to all the other illnesses and health conditions, that arise out of this and, often, they die decades earlier than other healthy humans.

j: Unemployment: in many parts of the world unemployment is in such a level, that society simply is a place, where rain hopelessness and despairs all the times; except, it all rains as raging fire

k: Unemployability: because of lack of education and training and, that existed through generations of humanity growing through all forms, types and manners of poverty means a great deal of humanity is, simply, unemployable and, nothing and no one, can change that unless investment is made to get these people the education and training they require in order to be able to seek and gain employment

l: Disconnect Disconnection and Devastation: this means that people in all these expressions of poverty are existing in a state of all disconnects, disjointments and disconnections and are always getting devastated, disfigured and dismantled by all these poverty-knives and they are left on their own to 'deal with it' by themselves

These are not all, that all these poverty types do and are but an absolutely shrunk in gist of the matter. And, in this desperate state the world is organised in ways, that simply, is run by an 'insanity', a 'madness', a 'lunacy' and by an absolute state of a person, who has chosen to exist, act, behave, do and be nothing but an 'imbecile', where leaders and their countries behave and act, as, if, these people are, literally, the bullies and obnoxious animals and they are not educated, they are not rational, they did not hear of human reason, they do not abide by a moral and ethical code of thinking, speaking, acting, being and doing'. They are brought to a state, this state, that our headline speaks of: Can Humanity Not See How Low How Wasteful and How Desperate a State of Humanity is Brought Out by This Flawed Geo-Politics of Pure and Absolute Contradictions of the Lowest of the Highest of Animals: Humanity You are Infinitely Far Better Than This: This Gutter Existence

There are so many wars and conflicts going on in the World, that have been going on for years and all the crises and difficulties, they created in terms human dislocations, forced movements and suffering of endless number of peoples, who are perishing away in unwanted, mistreated and abused state across the earth and along with them the plight of the desperate refugees and migrants and all those, who are taken possession of by criminals and are being bought and sold and trafficked across the earth, to be abused, exploited and tortured, if, we go onto list all these we shall have to abandon this piece and start compiling a few hundred phd theses! But to name a few names: Syria, Yemen, DR Congo, Burma, Lebanon, Burma and the ever-going war-on-now-and-always-on-state between Israel and Palestine and so on. The world has no means nor mechanism nor body, that has the means, power, authority, duty, task, obligation, aims and objectives to act as such so that these things have been going on for years and years and the geo-political world does nothing. The big powers do not do anything for they exist not in the world but in their own little domain of self-interest and self-geo-location-minding.

And, now, here, look at what is happening: Syrian war has been raging for years, seven and still going. No one did anything effective to bring this nightmare to an end. Instead, all the geo-politically-brickened-up forces got into tangle with all the forces from Russia, Iran, America, France, United Kingdom and many many more. And in this violent and volatile mix there are the despots running this Syrian state and government and their war and they are getting stronger because one of the forces, Russia, saw its geo-political advantage supporting them. And, in this, this regime, supported by Russia and many others, has no problem using chemical weapons against its own people. Well, when one decides killing is okay it does not matter to them at all as to how they kill: they kill and that's what they wanted to do. But the end result of that monstrosity, regardless of how it is done, is innocent people are killed and, those surviving are made disabled for life. And, they have used chemical weapons time and again. But, now, suddenly, the big powers want to bomb Syria for this and they have no worry or sense of duty or obligation to unite and get together and work to create a political framework to bring this war to an end! And they attacked and now they declare 'mission accomplished'.

This piece, however, is not about anything else but the psychology or, rather, the brewed, rehearsed and orchestrated social psychosis, behind this humanity, that leads this insane and lunatic world. They have launched a word-rhoea, expressed with vile, obnoxious, rotten and grotesque expressions of animosity, aggression, hostility, indecency, abuse, attack and mudslinging and muddying and the entire world's leaders and leaderships took sides and they have engaged in building up this attack, that ran and ran until they had created a 'volatile and hostile and horrid' state and, then, they launched their attack. And, that state continues. In this all the forces and their leaders of all these countries are engaged in this lowest of human states and conditions. Here, you are not speaking of any ordinary people but leaders, presidents, prime ministers, this kind of leaders and that kind of leaders! And, they are engaged without shame or sense of shame in this lowest level of existence and they are not speaking but, simply, vomiting word-rhoea!

And, looking at this should humanity not just stop and ask: is this how and what we are capable of? Is this how we are going to exist, where our leaders, regardless of who or where we are, exist, think, act, behave and speak  like mindless, thoughtless and most inconsiderate' hooligans and when they open their mouths they utter and unleash word-rhoea and disgusting abuse about others, who are their fellow colleagues, leaders and humans and they are screaming and shouting abuse to all others: each to each, all to all and the media conglomerate has gone into the gutter reporting and creating further gutter of a sphere of herding the mass into the gutter they all want them to go, where they had, already, reached themselves. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Diplomats and Academics, all the rest speaking, acting and behaving as this and what should that show and tell humanity? Or should it? That this is the best we are and we can be? That we think, speak, act and behave as obnoxiously as this? While real human beings, real people, babies, children and young and old people, able and disabled, suffer these wars, these conflicts and the world is made into a nightmare field for hundreds of millions of people from Syria to Yemen, from Burma to the Democratic Republic of Congo and so on? And, this does not mean that life in Russia or America or France or United Kingdom or the other first-estate countries are all heavens on earth: there, this system has created a vast but glorified sociological squalors, distributed to the vast majority of humanity, where all forms of cruelties and inhumanities are, always, inflicted on the suffering humanity.

While the UK Prime Minister wanted to ‘deal with’ the Syria by bombing it further, in her leadership and her party’s successive two governments, have chaired to create a state of expanding this sociological squalor, where thousands of families are wasting away in horrible temporary accommodations, thousands and thousands of people are sleeping rough on the streets, thousands of families are facing losing their homes because of all the cuts in state support, the poor and most vulnerable on social security are literally starving from all basic necessities, where women in poverty are going through and suffering the sheer indignities without being able buy sanitary products, where disabled and the women suffer the highest inequalities and poverty, millions of people have no homes of their own, millions and millions exist in working poverty, where working poor are lining the food banks, where services are cut, roughly, by over fifty per cent, to name but a few of the things, that comes of this sociological squalor. And, while seeking to portray such adoration towards 'establishing the rule of law' in promoting the Syrian bombing the Prime Minister conveniently forgot the fact that the UK has sold billions and billions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, which they have been using to destroy and kill in Yemen!

And this is not just happening in the UK. This reality exists in France and in America it exists, probably, hundred times worse than any other first-estate countries and in Russia, well, there, life is all Putinesque: it exists in a myth, where the rich as in Tolstoy’s Russia have, literally, heavens on earth while the vast majority of humanity is in the ‘today’s Putinesque Serfdom'  of utter and absolute overwhelming poverty and deprivation of all kinds. And, yet, all these leaders and their fellows, from these countries and, not excluding, all others around the world, act, speak and behave this way. Add to this this fact that many of these first-estate countries have been making billions selling and supplying weapons to all these parties fighting these wars! That is the ultimate irony of this whole gutter state existence!

And add to this, the horrendous, desperate and despicable states in which the vast majority of the world's humanity have been kept! And ask yourself and dare assure yourself that this is the best we can think, do, act, behave and be and do as humanity? If, you can assure yourself that this is the best we can do and be as humanity than there is nothing anyone can do or say to you. But, if, you can not find yourself anything other than being utterly disgusted, comprehensively depressed and fully 'enraged' than it is time to make a stand and denounce this circus, that lowers humanity to this ghastly level of disgusting a state of existence, being and doing and it is time to stand up and make yourself heard. This is not about any person involved in what is going on in the world. It is about the state by which the world and humanity have been brought to exist in this utterly unacceptable level of decrepitude and depravity whilst the dying, suffering and screaming humanity across the earth are paying for these cruelties of abandonment by the very system, that is supposed to support, sustain and nurture them and this system is now led by these humanity, who act, behave, think and speak as low as this. They are not going to change anything but everything can and shall, only, change, when every single individual human being makes a choice to do something to refuse to accept this ‘gutter-existence’, refuse to tolerate this, refuse to subscribe to this failed and flawed existence of a waste of all, that humanity is and stand up and say: enough.

This is not the way any of the following must exist in this world: states, governments, peoples, nations, countries, the world and world humanity; neither the human individuals nor the community of humanity nor their leaders, no human being should exist in this gutter state, in this gutter existence. This is not the way we are created to exist. This is no human existence but a dehumanised and destroyed humanity perishing away in a state of utter waste of existence. Humanity and the world and all of us can choose to exist in a better existence, that is worthy of the name, humanity. How we are brought to exist in this gutter-existence is the tragedy but each one of us across the earth has the power to choose: not to take part in this tragedy of the gutter existence: to refuse to accept it, tolerate it and move away from this and onto a positive path. When they reach this low: let us move away, turning and switching off from this gutter-existence and concentrate on the vast multitude of challenges humanity faces across the mother earth and towards the countless and infinite flow of the goodness, that shines the purposeful and good humanity’s being and doing on earth. It is this time: to choose and make a stand against gutter-existence and face towards an existence, that is worthy to be called a human existence: humanity existing as an infinity unfolding itself: and when it speaks it speaks like Nelson Mandela or Maria Skolowska Curie or Mary Jane Seacole or Mary Nightingale or Mahatma Gandhi or King Junior or Albert Einstein or Rabindranath Tagore or Leo Tolstoy or Dostoevsky or Maxim Gorky or Chinua Achibe or Maya Angelou or Williams Shakespeare or Thomas Paine or Khalil Gibran or John Steinbeck or Arthur Schopenhauer or Toni Morison or Pablo Neruda or Descartes or Beethoven or Jean Sibelius. ::: ω.

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