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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Democracy is Not the Rule of the Majority: Rather, It is the Rule of Law, That Holds the Majority and Minority in an Equilibrium of a Unity by Virtue of Its Judiciousness Rather Than by the Sheer Force of the Many: Munayem Mayenin

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A World in Humanics: The Case For the Universal Assembly of the Humanion: Munayem Mayenin

No parliament has the right nor can it command nor demand such a right to pass any law that dictates personal morality which belongs entirely, fully, comprehensively and inalienably with the Agency of the Human  Mind what is termed in law as The Person. The Person enters into political membership of the State without compromising its absolute integrity of being a whole and nothing but the whole Person.   This does not require much discussion for this is the fundamental basis of Jurisprudence. The State even cannot take away The Person's Membership of the State:Citizenship: let alone his:her right to make own moral choices. In this no such law can be 'legitimately' passed by any Parliament that requires or forces a Person to opt out of his:her personal morality and commits acts against his:her personal morality such a law that requires doctors to prescribe lethal medication prescription for someone, even if in severe pain and suffering, to kill himself:herself nor can such law force anyone to take part in that self annihilation even if they have to watch and observe or even prepare the person committing suicide.






















|| Monday: January 18: 2021| ά. Mr Aleksei Navalny has been deprived of his liberty for his peaceful political activism and exercising free speech. Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience and calls for his immediate and unconditional release. The Organisation reiterates its call to the Russian authorities to open a criminal investigation into Mr Navalny’s poisoning and ensure that all those, responsible, are brought to justice in fair trial proceedings.

‘’Russian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release prominent Kremlin critic, Mr Aleksei Navalny, detained minutes after he arrived at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport from Berlin.’’  Amnesty International said today. Mr Navalny had been recovering in the German capital after being poisoned in Siberia in August 2020. “Aleksei Navalny’s arrest is further evidence that Russian authorities are seeking to silence him.

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 Sri Lanka: COVID-19 Forced Cremation of Muslims Discriminatory: Human Rights Watch



|| Monday: January 18: 2021| ά. Sri Lanka’s requirement to cremate anyone, who dies from COVID-19 goes against public health guidance and discriminates against the Muslim community, Human Rights Watch said today. The government’s spurious argument that burial in accordance with Islamic tradition poses a public health risk stigmatises, oppresses and causes immense distress to a vulnerable minority. The Sri Lankan government of President Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa has claimed that burying people, who died of COVID-19 complications, may, ‘contaminate ground water’.

It has not changed the policy, first codified in a March 31, 2020 regulation, despite World Health Organisation guidelines that burial is safe and growing opposition from United Nations experts, medical professionals in Sri Lanka and religious leaders of all major faiths in the country. Among those, cremated against the wishes of their family, have been a 20-day-old infant and a woman, whom the authorities later acknowledged did not have COVID-19.

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Belarus: Leaked Audio Allegedly Expose Senior Interior Ministry Official Ordering the Use of Illegal Force Against the Peaceful Protesters Must Be Effectively Investigated: Amnesty International



|| Sunday: January 17: 2021 || ά. “Of the string of incriminating leaks, showing that Belarusian authorities crushed peaceful protest through pre-meditated human rights violations, this recording, if, authentic, is the most damning. It must be immediately, impartially and effectively investigated.”

Reacting to the publication of an audio recording, in which one of the most senior Interior Ministry officials in Belarus, apparently, gives criminal orders to police to use unlawful force against peaceful protesters and disregard international law, Mr Denis Krivosheev, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, said.

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China: Global Resistance to Deepening Repression: The Human Rights Watch World Report 2021

|| Wednesday: January 13: 2021 || ά. The Chinese government’s heightened repression in Hong Kong and Xinjiang are emblematic of the worsening human rights situation under President Mr Xi Jinping, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2021. These crackdowns, along with the authorities’ initial cover-up of COVID-19, which contributed to the global pandemic, have generated growing international mobilisation against Beijing’s rights record.

‘’Governments increasingly realize that Beijing’s rights abuses at home have global consequences.” said Mr Sophie Richardson, the China Director at Human Rights Watch. “That momentum should translate into support for independent investigations into Xinjiang, a new United Nations mandate to monitor human rights abuses and an end to the Chinese government’s impunity for serious violations.” In the 761-page World Report 2021, its 31st edition, Human Rights Watch reviews human rights practices in more than 100 countries.

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USA: New Amnesty International Report Details On-Going Human Rights Violations at Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility: We Will Close the Detention Facility at Guantánamo Bay: Joe Biden Said It: Now A Dozen Years Later As He Prepares to Become President He Has An Opportunity to Live Up to Those Words: He Should Seize It: Amnesty International



|| Tuesday: January 12: 2021 || ά. Amnesty International has released a new Report, highlighting on-going and historic human rights violations at the Guantánamo Bay detention facility, as detentions there enter their 20th year and as a new President prepares to enter the White House.  “This is about more than just the 40 people still held at Guantánamo; it is, also, about the crimes under international law, committed over the past 19 years and the continuing lack of accountability for them. It is about the future, too, as we move towards the 20th anniversary of the 9:11 attacks and strive for enduring justice.” said Ms Daphne Eviatar, the Director of the Security with Human Rights Program at Amnesty International USA.

The Report documents a catalogue of human rights violations, perpetrated against those, detained at the camp, where victims of torture are held with inadequate medical care indefinitely and in the absence of fair trials. Transfers out of the facility have stalled and, even, those cleared for release, have remained incarcerated for years on end. Detentions at Guantánamo began out of the decision to frame the US’ response to the 9:11 attacks as a ‘global war on terror’, by passing human rights protections in the pursuit of intelligence gathering.

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A society that does not admit of and accommodate differences can not be a free and democratic society, one in which its citizens are free to think, to disagree, to debate and to challenge the accepted view without fear of reprisal. This case demonstrates that a well-intentioned majority acting in the name of tolerance and liberalism, can, if, unchecked, impose its views on the minority in a manner that is, in itself, intolerant and illiberal: The Canadian British Columbia Court of Appeal on upholding lower court ruling that reversed the Law Society of British Columbia’s denial of accreditation to Trinity Western University’s proposed law school on November 01: 2016


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