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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Monday: July 14: 2020

Know the Self
As your own Consciousness, Awareness,
Vital Spiritual Life Energy,
Source of your own being.
God in your Heart,
As if to be sitting as a passenger
In a golden chariot.
Your body, an object in Consciousness-Awareness,
Is the chariot,
Your subtle intellect
Is the charioteer,
And the reasoning power
Inherent in the brain is the reins.
Verse Three: The Principal Upanishads: Translation: Alan Jacobs
O mankind We created
You from a single (pair)
Of a male and a female.
And make you into
Nations and tribes, that
Ye may know each other
(Not that ye may despise
Each other). Verily
The most honoured of you
In the sight of Allah
Is (he who is) the most
Righteous of you.
And Allah has full knowledge
And is well-acquainted
(With all things).
Surah 49: Al Hajurat: The Chambers
Translation: Abdullah Yusuf Ali
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Were the dusts to be enough for me to make a universe
Were the neutrinos to be enough to bring about an all
New constructed engineering marvel into being a new
Paradigm that makes magic into science or science into

Magic I would make you a Mayaniverse which will let
You see the universes that bare eyes can not see nor can
Intellect find its way into their construction whether they
Be here at the fingertip or far away at light years’ ends

Were the cuts and wounds and their bleedings and all
Their successive scars and scrolls in whispered-freeze
Were the debris or their frozen screams or the thunders

Of silence enough for me to create a new universe I will
Make you a Mayaniverse that will house infinities of your
Dreams endlessly calling out onto forever-going eternities

Now That You Have

Now that you have taken that oasis that you loved so much
And planted it inside the eternal garden of your soul mind
You that you do not forget to water and nurture that delicate
Loneliness of the eternal green do not forget for a second so

That it stays in focus and you keep it alive so that in this all
Desert false-farce and taught up comedy-clip cliché-mould
Do not touch you do not reach you do not even find your
Reach and stay resolute and keep on going as the oasis for

You are an oasis of the invisibility that you study and seek
To bring about in light like the way the rose bud wakes up
Slowly in light enriching itself gradually in light petal by

Petal inward outward rise and there you stay eternally on
For life is infinity’s open garden always opening out that
What we can only wonder about without really grasping

Love’s Alphabet of Faith

Waking up to find the day’s diagram to the open out
Unfolding inwards towards the open out as skies and
Lakes one into the other lights and their choral blend
Calls to shape new shapes and paint all anew colours’

Coral calls among the seagulls flying among pebbles
Silently changing among the skyscapes moving and
To and fro chased about by the winds appearing from
Afar and near the waters static flows yet silence holds

Breathless it all seems wider horizon bends downhill
At the front and at the back the dome beneath which
All that spread of variables we know very little of but

We still strive to seek to find the reaches of the lights
Adding the riches we make with our beings’ coral
Spread in what we make with love’s alphabet of faith

Destiny’s Little Rose

Many a May make a year many a day a dale
Many people a crowd many cuts a Frankenstein
But only a one can shape a whole with half here
Half there a person humanity’s sanctum home

Many a soul blindly go right towards walls as
No one may grasp destiny’s reach but none can
Escape its scroll though only time does grow its
Little Rose in volatile gardens of all a-hostile web

In all the wounds and cuts or culls or scalding
There grow the inner-green rising to raise this
Newer shapes in newer blooms an ecology new

There in all these markings in paints and sparks
Is made a shell to protect destiny’s little Rose
That it shall raise regardless of whatever calls

As Light and Dark

And you would say come and sit here beneath the lamp and
I will tell you of the story of light and dark that feed us along
The planes spread out this life in living in dying as this flame
Flickers in the gentle flows of our breathing and I will tell you

Of little joys that feed big sparks in us that illumine our soul
You would say take a look at the numbers none could exist
Unless exists the zero from which they arise and fall back to
And you would smile a joy rippling out of your eyes shining

Then silence would sing a fragrance that would remind you
Of a wind in a space-meadow where waves and rays weave
All-while invisible webs of unreachable life's awe-structures

And you would tell me your dreams the sorrows that cut you
Wounds that raised scars and how you built a garden out of
Them and I will listen you and I as light ee dark as dark ee light

They Invented Sophisticated Cruelty

They invented sophisticated cruelty and with it they stayed civilised
Do recall the fact that they did not touch him the good old Socrates
Civilised they swam in filthy rot of slavery by which they consumed
All though they did much debate and drank and ate fighting as hell

They stayed still-civilised and said here is the hemlock Philosopher
Drink and go and save us from your high-horse all good-stuff etc
Sophia silent did stay witness holding that infinite knife inside her
Soul did she not in every breath of her being feel that violation-kill

Of one that only loved that could only love and light up the dark
Where the high Olympians were as rotten as the low-earthlings
Sophia they knew not but they had their sophisticated vulgarity

Which crafted their fall yet from Latium to Labaarnum Shanghai
To Shangrila cruelty’s sophistication goes by the dark-force O he
Only loved O he could only love Sophia’s light that forever goes

::: Munayem Mayenin: July 2020 :::

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