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Nature and Solitude

VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15
St John's Waterloo: Waterloo Road: London SE1 8TY

Regine Humanics Lecture 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ

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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Study: The World Powers Are Modernising Their Nuclear Weapons



|| Wednesday: September 11: 2019 || ά. Nuclear weapons are back at the core of the global political arena. This is the conclusion of a recent Report, published by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Growing emphasis on the role of nuclear deterrence is linked to the increased world power struggle and regional security, as well as, advanced technologies.

This is no longer a question of just the United States and Russia against each other, like it was during the Cold War, because, now, the whole environment relating to nuclear policy is more multipolar. The Report examines the role of nuclear deterrence in terms of the security of Europe.

The key nuclear powers are the United States, Russia, United Kingdom and France, who all are holding on to their nuclear weapons and modernising their strategic forces. Nuclear deterrence, also, remains the cornerstone of NATO’s collective military defence.

While the nuclear weapons are, again, becoming increasingly important, their control has run into an impasse. The INF Treaty collapsed for good in summer 2019 and the future of the New START Treaty, which expires in 2021, is now, also, at stake. The interests of the United States and Russia are in conflict and this, may, have negative impacts on the relations between the countries.

The accelerating struggle for world power and the nuclear deterrence have impacts on the security situation in northern Europe as well. There are two strategic hotspots in the region.

The Arctic region is important for both NATO and Russia. While NATO’s focus is on the North Atlantic, Russia is, particularly, interested in the Kola Peninsula, where most of the country’s nuclear arsenal is located. The western defence system of the Baltic Sea is in turn composed of both the collective defence of NATO and national defence solutions of individual countries in the region. Finland and Sweden are now, even, more strongly committed to being a part of the western defence system of the Baltic Sea region.

The possibilities of the North European countries to influence the treaty regime, relating to nuclear weapons control are quite limited. However, what Finland should, at least, do is strengthen the competence and expertise in this field, both in the context of research and civil society organisations and in central government.

The publication is part of the implementation of the Government’s plan for analysis, assessment and research for 2018. Readmore at vnk.fi:::ω.

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Come Away O Human Child For the World Is More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand: Turn and Unlearn the Imposed Jacket of Mindless Consumptions for This Shall Eradicate You Off the Face of This Earth with the Entire Ecology of the Web of Life Destroyed



|| Friday: June 14: 2019 || ά. Capitalism has brought the world to a state and stage of development, that has ensured the world does not get to become one as a unity of a binary system, composed of the earth and the moon, that is part of an ever-widening school of endlessly flowing but ever-complex living cosmological systems and, with this, humanity, too, has been fragmented into pseudo realms of identities, such as, nations, so that, it, effectively, divided the very world and the very humanity into pseudo compartments, pseudo maps and pseudo borders and, thus, rendering both useless in working together to seek to resolve the ever-increasing and ever-evolving challenges brought forward to human existence. This is because capitalism has neither value nor ideal but a working-madness, a working insanity, an ever-committed doggedness to refuse to accept reason and nature and continue to work against both: this working madness is: to exist to rip the benefits of consuming, as much as, possible of the rewards of the robbery of the values, that working humanity create and, in this, it has an infinity of greed for more and more of the same.

This working insanity or working madness of capitalism takes the view that human choices, actions and activities do not have consequences so that, if, you can make more profit by taking the natural oxygen out of the air and selling it, you go ahead without stopping to think as to what would result from this mindless endeavour. But, then, the entire system’s army of robbers get into it and soon the entire nature is robbed off the oxygen and it is filled with too much carbon die oxide and the entire ecology of life is brought to an end. But capitalism is like that because it exists on an anti-nature sheer, clear and omnipresent functional irrationality, practical incongruity management, that can not be done. This way the entire world is fragmented and these nations are set alone, apart and against each other and all others where they act, as, if, they are an absolute entity and they need not see that this approach is utterly against all evidence, science and reason. In this a nation is like a ship floating on an ocean; except, all its crew and its leadership are stuck inside that ship and they have forgotten the fact that their ship is floating on an ocean, in which they have a view of a little less than few nautical miles, though, they are not even looking at these few nautical miles, at best. Therefore, they stand the existential risk of perishing away when the infinite number of variables in that wide ocean, that is part of a living system, much more wider, much more deeper and much more complex, bring about changes in the local ecology of that ocean, where this nation-ship is ‘blinded’ and they will, thus, successfully, get eradicated out of existence.

Each and every nation on earth are left in this state and they keep on inflating their blindness and they keep on working blindly towards their self-destruction. The night before the wipe out of the Soviet Union no one in that country thought they would wake up the following day, finding that that giant of a state and country they had did not exist any longer. This is what happens to blinded-ship approaches and attitudes. This is what, reason tells us, happens to all Titanics. There are many other such giant states and nations now exist, who work, as, if, they are an absolute reality and they are eternal without taking in the universal view of human history, that presents a plethora of civilisations, one after the other, countless in number, that humanity sought to build, disappeared from the face of the earth without much trace and that they are not absolute realities nor do they have the power to enforce their continued existence and things will come to an end.

But the world is grounded and holed in this geo-political hole, where each player is playing their ‘script’ and they are working to keep on addition grounds to the self-destructive path they are taking, that shall take them to the abyss of definite self-destruction, bringing the absolute end to the entire ecology of life on earth. They do not see it this way and the entire world is in this state of a self-destructive blindness. And as things stand in the world now, the entire world has been transformed into a puddle-circus, that, literally, puts all these counties and states and governments and the people running them into a puddle and a circus, which is not the reality of the vast ocean of life and existence on this earth and on this Universe and, in this, the later, this Universe does not exist for them and in that puddle-circus, they are dictated to create and fester a hostile, vicious, violent and aggressive form of opinion fascism, vulgarity and inhumanity, creating a hollow, shallow and futile waste of human existence while in the reality of this world, in each country and each state, there exists the most desperate human condition, in which humanity keeps on suffering and dying away and along with this join the entire distorteddia conglomerate and the entire range of the media and press, vast majority of which are owned by the powerful and rich elite and they, instead of presenting and reporting and bringing forward the news, views and analysis of the reality, the most desperate reality of the most desperately suffering humanity, they are presenting the news, views and analysis of this puddle-circus and now there are hardly any mention of the reality! This way the system has ‘neutralised’ and eradicated the power and purpose of the press and media.     

Whereas, capitalism has created this situation where humanity faces so many existential challenges, that guarantee the total wipe out of not just the human existence but the entire ecology of the web of life on earth. Let us make a list: politically, representative democracies, where they have been allowed to develop, brought much benefits but, at the same time, it ensured that a total, complete and all-engulfing dehumanisation of humanity is imposed and enforced on the peoples so that they have been made disenfranchised, disempowered and made absolutely helpless for they have no connection or power to change anything in the countries they live in. Further, in vast number of places, instead of, even, representative democracies, there appear the monstrosities of despots, dictators and depraved, that have ‘state-jacked’ their countries for their own personal benefits, strangling their own people. Further, in the name of system, there are appearing large bodies of representative democracies, that have been converted into supremacist and racist majoritarian mob dictatorship, cutting out the entire diversity of humanity and all minorities in such societies, such as, India and Brazil, in which the elite has now found their open season. On the other hand, in China, about one third of the human kind, where an elite in the name of communist party, has strangled the entire humanity out of any say as to how their country and society is run. The same happened in Russia.     

There, instead of the people’s power, enfranchisement, engagement, participation and empowerment, appear an elite, who run things and they do not change for people have no powers to change any of the imposed arrangement. In democracies, such as, the United States of America, the entire system of governance and political economics, has been ‘state-jacked’ by the same elite, who now direct the country’s resources, as, if, they had nothing to do with the vast majority of its people, who are sentenced to keep on serving their live-in-life-sentence. In Europe capitalism and all its stranglehold and vice-claps have been imposed on societies and the vast number of poor and working poor is such that, in the European Union, nothing can change this death-knell of a status-quo. People have no power to change anything whatsoever! 

The United Kingdom is a perfect example, since, the European Union Referendum and the whole saga of getting out of the European Union, in which the country has been taken over by the same elite of the rich and powerful, that went about rampaging, savaging and devastating the country, the people and strewn the entire landscape with broken-down and falling apart entities, through the merciless, vicious and cruel austerity enforced on the people while the Conservative Party has ‘jacked’ the entire governance system and, effectively, robbed off the entire populace of the country, more than 63 million electorate of their democratic, lawful and socio-political rights to choose, who governs them. In this 63 million plus electorate have been muted and invalidated and, instead, roughly, a little more than 100,000 Conservative Party members are given that power to decide who runs the country! And, the people, that are in the leading throng of this Party have, effectively, ‘high jacked’ the entire political, political economic and democratic agenda and the country now has been placed in a whirlpool, where everything is creating a puddle-circus and there is no mention of the real agenda of the most desperate state of humanity in this country, where poor women and girls are going without the basics, such as, sanitation materials, where poor mothers are lining the foodbanks to get both food and nappies for the babies, where working poor are lining the foodbanks, where young children are going to school hungry, where people on social security, including, people with disabilities are forced to exist with support, with which existence is impossible, where housing has become a catastrophe, where public infrastructures have been let to rot away for lack of investment, where people are dying on the street rough sleeping, where many kinds of homelessness are strangling humanity, where, even, the disabled are thrown onto the street to die rough sleeping, where vast majority of the working humanity are paid a ‘slave-wage’, that does not support, even, the bare necessities of life, where public services and amenities have been cut to the bone, education, social services, social care, health services, law enforcement have received drastic cuts and where reigns the sociology of evil in the spread out sociology of squalors. The media and press, like the rest of the world, have joined in and they are reporting the futile and revolting goings on in that puddle-circus, instead of the real desperation of the real humanity in the country. In this the people of this country have now been made the most disempowered, most disenfranchised and the most powerless.    

However, this entire process of representative democracy is profoundly dehumanising, since, it takes people’s power and gives it to the elite to exercise it. In this, people are left outside the entire system while their representatives are running the show. This dehumanising of the populace, of the way they are disenfranchised, disempowered and fragmented, has been creating a social atmosphere, that can only be described as poisonous and toxic. This has been causing a great deal of political, social and cultural strife and people are becoming more and more angry, aggressive, intolerant and flagrantly abusive towards these elites, this includes all representatives of the system and the political parties and the people, who are in leadership positions, against which and against whom the most desperately powerless people are directing their finite anger for their infinite disempowerment.

Jurisprudentially the entire capitalist system is based on absolute, comprehensive and all-engulfing irrationality, incongruity and paradox, that can not hide its very ugly features: there is nothing just, fair or equitable in capitalism for it exists not for advancing any of these virtues. It exists to serve the rich and powerful to keep on making profit by robbing the created values by the working humanity. Were societies under capitalism to be just, fair and equitable, there should exist all humanity at liberty and all humans should exist as equals but capitalism can not spell either liberty or equality because it has arisen by killing liberty and natural justice and, thus, creating inequality and so long it exists it shall continue to ensure there exists no liberty for humans and no equality can be achieved for humanity because capitalism exists to destroy the former and to create, maintain, increase and distribute the later to the vast masses of humanity. Therefore, there exists no basis of jurisprudence, that is the basis of civic societies. Capitalism and civic are eternally two incongruent entities, ideas.

Political Economically, capitalism has established a ground-swell of high-cruelties, that it distributes to the vast majority of humanity and with these it brings about an on-going killing field where millions of humans, including, millions of children dying away every year and those, who are not dying are paying almost equally as high a price as those, who are dying. There with all these high-cruelties, capitalism refuses to advance universal education and life-long learning, thus, it sentences the vast majority of humanity to perish away without education and, thus, it enforces the killing mechanism of annihilating, eradicating and destroying human intelligence. And, then, it goes about wasting and misdirecting enormous amount of natural, financial and human resources in seeking to create ‘pseudo intelligence’, that it implants in the public domain and public psyche as ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘machine learning, that are two of the grandest lies, ever, concocted by anything or anyone.

Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, unemployability, homelessness, rough sleeping, lack of universal medicare, lack of universal social care, lack of universal pension and social security and the list goes on, that creates and sustains that sociology of evil by establishing the sociology of squalors, that festers in an ecology of desperate, all-engulfing pessimism, nihilism and social physosis. In this, the working poverty, slave-waged working humanity going-through the horror of being in a conveyor belt of infinite suffering because capitalism would rather rob off the values, these working humanity created so that the rich can pocket them off. This way the entire system has put up all forms, manners and types of barriers, obstacles and challenges, that, essentially, ensure human existence is blocked off. There, in this capitalist system, can not exist humanity as humanity naturale and the suffering, the agony and the enslavement go on and on. And, these will keep on going so long capitalism keeps on going.

Socially and sociologically capitalism has brought about the continual enforcement of dehumanisation of humanity and out of it, it has created an infinite grid of infinite poverty in which it creates sociology of squalors, where sociology of evil keeps on devastating, destroying and dismantling human existence and all these create the breeding grounds of an ever-harsh, ever-evil, ever-negative, ever-life-crushing and ever-poisonous, all-engulfing negation, hopelessness and powerlessness. This can be found in all countries in the world; from the most advanced economies to the least developed because this is the system. It exists not to support, sustain, advance and nurture the human condition but to do these only for the rich, who own the vast majority of the wealth, assets and values, that they have robbed off the values created by the working humanity.

And from all these infinite greed and mindless advancing of consumerism without any regard to their consequences have brought the world: global warming and climate change, it has devastated and polluted both the natural and built environment to dangerous level, it has brought in infinite devastations through the nano, micro and general plastics pollutions of every possible sphere of life-existence and all these have begun to invade and impact on all living systems and mechanisms in all living organisms, including, humanity, it has destroyed and devastated the natural air so that it has now been made into a toxic mixture, that is causing endless calamities. This air pollution is killing seven million human beings every year, 600,000 of whom are children every year.

It has brought contamination and pollution to all entities of natural and built environments, from freshwater sources to marine ecology, from the soil of the earth to water systems and the entire living ecology of life on earth. The environment, in which hundreds of millions of the most poor of the world in all these horrendous shanty towns across the earth are forced to suffer and perish away are some examples of this infinite desperations, imposed on these humanity by capitalism. Environmental, chemical and other pollutions, have been devastating life and living, that it is now causing terrible inflictions on humanity, deaths and suffering of ill health and so on.

Now all these existential dangers are reaching a point of no-return. Which one of these dangers is the highest in degree as to the severe harms they are causing to life and to humanity? Global warming and climate change are continuing and the world keeps engaged in this puddle-circus, states and governments go on, as, if, reality does not exist and that they can keep on staying in their puddle-circus ignoring the most desperate and most urgent threats to existence of life on this earth. But they are doing exact this: they do not have the will nor the means because they all subscribe to this deadly-parasite of capitalism, that can not exist unless it keeps killing its host. The world is not one and the world humanity is not one and neither have the system, mechanism and apparatus to work as one to face and fight the challenges and change the direction. Further, unless we accept that this entire range of existential threats, obstacles and challenges brought over and against human existence are created by capitalism and its infinite greed and infinite lust to consume infinitely and in this for infinite profiteering, waste, abuse and misdirect enormous amount of resources, rendering far more damages and harms and all of which are advancing the same harms and horrors on humanity, we have no way to respond positively. Capitalism can not be sustained and, if, it is left as and how it is, it has infinite range of arsenal and weapons to eradicate the entire system and ecology of life and existence from earth and that will happen not in a distant future but in such a close-future, that we all now can feel the heat and cold and violence of its ferocious reality.

Climate change, global warming, toxic environment, toxic and poisonous air, the plastic and other chemical pollutions, inflicted on all life-forms and the entire reckless, dangerous, mindless and brainless following up and advancing on of infinite consumption and the infinite greed of pursuing profiteering and causing the entire human existence to be unable to sustain itself philosophically for it has none, political philosophically, because it has none, political economically, because it has a bankrupt one, jurisprudentially, because it has an absolutely dilapidated one, that can not work, sociologically, it has nothing but dehumanisation of humanity, sociology of squalor and sociology of evil and with all these negations the world is broken into pieces and humanity is shattered into nano-particles of identities and neither can work to fight these existential challenges, that have reached the point-of-no-return. Why do we keep on writing about these issues? What else can we do: the entire humankind, faces extinction and the world goes on about its puddle-circus, we refuse to join in and we seek to try to put up our lone and minority voice for the truth requires neither a majority nor a minority but minds and wills of humanity, that work and exist with the architecture of human rationality. So, we keep on writing and keep on bringing forward the news of the reality, that calls our urgent, immediate and absolute waking up to the duties, obligations, responsibilities and imperatives to choose, to act, to seek to change, alter and redirect ourselves towards reaching a way of existence, that can be sustained. Until and unless we are able to rise up to this challenge, the saddest truth is this, humanity shall perish away in the most devastating and most agony-inflicted way and with that demise we shall end the entire web and ecology of life on earth. We exist in infinite of hope and so we keep on going: why do we do that: because when in nature something dies, in that decay not only things die but, also, at the same time, that decay feeds new life, that grows out of that decay. The rate of decaying of what is decaying is the same rate by which the new life is rising. For energy is eternal, that does not and can not vanish but transform from one to another. Capitalism is decaying and its rate of decay is at its fastest now and out of that fastest rate of decay of capitalism is rising its replacement, that the world must look out to identify, support, nurture and bring about into solid existence. This is why we have infinite hope and infinite optimism and infinite faith that this humanity shall not keep on being dragged into non-existence by these monstrosities of capitalism for this humanity is an infinity unfolding itself, that possess the most-rich of all riches: the architecture of human rationality, the eternal spring of the human heart, infinite imagination, infinite creativity and infinite ingenuity, with which to build a replacement of this parasite, this cancer-germ of capitalism. Therefore, we let W. B Yates speak: Come Away of Human Child for the World Is More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand.:::ω.

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Instead of Wasting Human Energy and Ingenuity Into Macho-Making-Pseudo Quarrel with Neighbours the World Should Work Like This: The Water Work: The China Europe Water Platform Gathered in Qingdao for a Workshop and for a Joint Steering Committee Meeting




|| July 03: 2018 || ά. European and Chinese stakeholders of the China Europe Water Platform:CEWP met last week in Qingdao, China for celebrating the official start of a new series of projects funded by the European Union’s Partnership Instrument in support of the CEWP and for a Joint Steering Committee Meeting. Both meetings were held in connection to the Qingdao International Water Conference.

In the starting workshop on June 26 the stakeholders discussed the different objectives and actions planned within the frame of the projects funded by the EU 2018-2021. The support from the EU will enable the CEWP to strengthen its leading role in the field of China-Europe water co-operation, which includes river basin management, rural water, the links between urbanisation, energy and water, international water policy and business and innovation issues.

On June 27 the stakeholders gathered for a Joint Steering Committee Meeting of the CEWP. The meeting ended with a renewed commitment on both the Chinese and European sides towards the Water Platform, whose work is based on mutual interest and mutual benefit.

The CEWP held several events during the Qingdao Water Conference, including, three business related Access Programme Events on June 27 and 28. CEWP’s Access Programme provides insights and future market requirements for water tech solutions.

Considering the particular role of water as a crucial natural resource and its impacts on the environment and on the social and economic development, the objective of the CEWP is to promote policy dialogue, joint research and business development in the water sector. Since the CEWP was introduced in 2012, four annual high-level dialogues have been held respectively in Zhengzhou, Budapest, Beijing and Copenhagen.

The 2017 CEWP High-level Dialogue Conference was held in Turku, Finland with high-level representatives from 11 countries, from the EU, World Bank and OECD and over 400 delegates present.

The conference was concluded by the Turku Declaration, which promotes China–EU co-operation on water resource management, green growth and circular economy  with a particular focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goal on water. The conference was also concluded by the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding, establishing formally a Water Policy Dialogue between the EU and China.

The next high level dialogue is planned to be held in Beijing in November this year. In Beijing the focus will be on the global promotion of water-related Sustainable Development Goals on the exchange of policies and practices related to water security, on the river and lake governance and on the environment restoration.

On December 04, 2018 CEWP will organise a business side event for technology start-ups, investors and established water tech companies in Slush Helsinki, Finland. The topic of this Access Program event will be digitalization as a game changer in the water sector.

The China Europe Water Platformme:CEWP aims at strengthening water co-operation between the EU and China. The EU–China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Co-operation explicitly supports the EU–China Water Platform so as to ‘promote water policy dialogue, enhance joint scientific research and business co-operation with a view to addressing water challenges such as water quantity, water scarcity, drought, ground water, urban water systems, water and security nexus, water use efficiency, water recycling, industrial water use, water and food nexus, water and energy nexus, water quality, pollution reduction, river basin management and water disasters’. :::ω.

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Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis


























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