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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Distorteddia

Against the Machine Machination and Dehumanisation: For Individual Familial Communal and Social Humanity

Humanics The Sociology of Evil: The Architectonics of Rationality and the Self Or the Agency of the Human Mind and Its Autonomy As An Agency: Munayem Mayenin

This is the largest and the fourth volume of Humanics, by Munayem Mayenin, Not Yet Published: Humanics The Foundation: Volume One: Humanics The Humanicsonomics: The Laws and Lawlessness of Pseudonomics: Volume Two: Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume Three: Not Yet Published. The other vital pieces of works of this Author includes, Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume One: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Maya The Mechanoprincipium  and The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto















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The Distorteddia: Stand Against The Machine: Stand Against Dehumanisation

Distorteddia or the Distorteddia Conglomerate is made of all the entities, that call themselves 'social media and this and the other, including, the entire jungle of the so called apps, gadgets, contraptions and platforms. There is something, profoundly dehumanising, deeply contradictory and, fundamentally, anti-nature is happening in society, that has been losing its power to the distorteddia or the entire range of distortive, fragmentary and, often, manipulative 'expressions of realities', that are, simply, seeking to mimic the reality and real society: except, these have neither reality nor society in them, whereby people are, simply, taken on the terms and basis of absolute and must dehumanisation. The market has established its grip so that we are herded to one place and are given 'scripts' by which to 'waste away' by, by, simply, being the 'consumers', buying and consuming, while ensuring that we become and remain nothing but a mob and that we are always at the herding place so that the market and the marketeers have everyone at their disposal, when they advertise their offerings and, along the way, save a great deal of money and make a hell of a killing from it. 

This distorteddia has been let to grow because the entire 'mechanism' from the states and governments to media and publications to universities and businesses and all other from all spheres and all parts of the world, simply, let everything being dragged along and with such a naive, unquestioning, submissive and bedazzled way, that these agencies of the entire world had offered the best and highest most validation, prestige and recommendations, as well as, free advertisements to these distorteddia conglomerate and with it they amassed vast number of human beings just falling into their nets and the more fell the more billions they made and, now, things are becoming insanely obvious as to how desperately dangerous this is getting. It is time to wake up and do something about it. This distorteddia is the most dangerous development in the human progression but this is more dangerous than just physical annihilation of humanity for it is slaughtering the very humanity we are supposed to be and turning us into a mob. 

People have been, increasingly, become nothing more or nothing less than, only, good enough for being part of the mob and staying as such at the herding place, photographed, videod themselves doing nothing and then self-broadcast these goings on of doing and being nothing. People have no other value or virtue in this realm and, thus, sociologically looking at it, one would find and can not but conclude that this phenomenon has developed the following characteristics: 

a: That there is no human agency, human mind:soul:will but an 'automated', programmed and manipulated physiology, that does not think, that does not want to learn and process knowledge and information because they have their 'gadgets', 'devices' and contraptions' and the 'script' of 'behaviours, conducts and what and how to be in the distorteddia, to do that for them so that the entire basis of humanity being an agency of a human mind:soul:will has been taken down. 

b: This is the pre-condition by which the foundation and pre-requisite technicalities are brought about to convert all physiologies into a mob. A mob is like animals in a stampede: an animal as a mob in a stampede and a human mob both are the same in one fundamental way: neither think. They act in one goal: for humans this is programmed or orchestrated or brewed or manipulated but for animals it is not programmed by anyone but by their very fear and paranoia of losing their lives and in the process freezing in a state of utter and absolute panic and, thus, they run, often, to their deaths. So this mob behaves the way it is programmed and it does not and can not behave any other way for the 'individual', that is a must requisite for thinking, considerate, thoughtful, learning, contemplating and developing mind or the agency of the mind, no longer is existent in this scenario. Only this individuality makes a human being unique and capable of running its own self and own agency. This has been 'terminated' from this distorteddia. This is why in that realm of the distorteddia people behave the way they do: they say anything, they do anything and they do not fall short of doing anything so that all the negative traits of dehumanisation: the lack of common human decency, kindness, respect, regard, care, empathy, solidarity, connectedness, communality and civility and social cordiality etc have been replaced by 'mechanistic' dehumanisations. 

In this people are taken onto a 'state', where no one is being or doing but, simply, 'watching' or, rather, watching themselves, as well as others, being and doing nothing. In this they neglect their own self, own health and well being, their own environment and reality, their own individual life, their family life, their social life, the work, cultural and spiritual life. All have been 'connected' to this 'annihilation-machine', that, only, distorts, destroy, devastate, disconnect, disfigure, dismantle reality and humanity in that reality being individual, family, community and society and in this distorteddia does these: makes a great deal of money, herd people, direct, dictate and manipulate people and impose its own 'set of agenda, priority and goals' into the population. 

This is the most dangerous developmental stage humanity has reached and it has gone on to challenge, devastate and destroy the very basis of economics, politics, governance, public affairs management systems, rule of law and the delivery, conduct and running of the judiciary, as well as, destroying the learning, enquiring and innovating sense, space, spheres and culture, which have been brought to a point of, almost, a state of apology, for 'the god' of the distorteddia is utter, sheer and inescapable 'ignorance'. At the same time, seeking and searching for knowledge have been taken over by them as the direct route to 'dictate both what are searched for and what is 'made known' so that all this offers distorteddia to make more money and in this, valid, legitimate, professional, bona fide press and media and journalism, that are, absolutely and fundamentally, vital parts of a democratic society, governance system, judiciary and for social spheres and social and public discourse, have been, almost, killed off. 

It is time the world, the world humanity, all the world's states and governments, all agencies of all shapes, sizes, manners, forms and types, as well as, every single human being on earth, in every country and in every nation, in every people and in every society, in every community, in every family must wake up, make a choice, make a stand up and fight this monstrosity of distorteddia and its utter, absolute and comprehensive devastating assault on humanity by these machinations, by these dehumanisations.

Humanical Psychology

Imagine and, that what you do, becomes you for as soon as you imagine something it becomes real in your soul. And, here, resides the choice; even with imagination: what to imagine and what not to, what to become and what not to, what to do and what not to. Therefore, imagine love and harmony, joy and warmth, care and compassion, humanity and oneness, humanionship and respect, kindness and grace, togetherness and community, giving and expecting not to receive in return and selflessness and highest of wisdom; if the world does not follow, your soul already has and, you are infinitely enriched by it already. Therefore, imagine! Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin

So What is Psychology: It is the science, that studies and learns about the part of humanity, that we do not get to see: The Human Mind: Like the physiology, if not looked after well, this human mind falters, breaks and falls ill for it needs 'food and nutrition', that do not come from physicality but are and can only be generated, in addition to keeping the physiology in a balanced state of good health and well being, from and through being positively and actively engaged in the physical reality created by Family, Networks of Wider Families, Networks of Friends, Fellow Learners, Acquaintances and Colleagues, Networks of Communities and the Wider Civic Society: In Short,  healthy human mind is the statement, that says: There exists a civic society, that is capable of supporting, nurturing and sustaining happy, healthy and balanced human mind:

So what is the Formula: The less civic a society is the more mental and psychological damages it inflicts on all human minds, creating and sustaining the entire range of mental health issues. It can be seen as parallel to this sociological and political philosophical formula: A society, where there is hardly any rule of law, creates, sustains and maintains the highest degree, level and magnitude of repression, oppression, exploitation, violence, infringement, transgression, aggression, unrest, agitation, hostility, anger, animosity, suffering and injustices, all of which create and feed the conditions of the highest possible levels of all manners, forms and expressions of 'crimes' and such society simply ceases to be a society but becomes, effectively, a jingoistic jungle, in which all human minds are broken to destruction. There in such a jingoistic jungle, therefore, can not exist happy, healthy, well balanced human mind but the most severely destroyed, broken and devastated one, that can not, ever, be 'mended' back to health. In other words, the closer the human mind is to natural justice the more it will be like itself and the farther it is away from natural justice the less it will be like itself and so far it is unlike itself is the part, that has been broken and, consequently, it has been made ill because of the breakage inflicted on it. Natural justice is what creates the conditions for natural humanity to exist and natural human mind is such a natural thing, that can not exist as it is, when dehumanisation breaks its home and takes its farther and father away from its natural home, from natural justice, tearing it apart as it does so: Psychology of Zoohuman: Munayem Mayenin

Psychology of Zoohuman

An individual human lives and exists in many a unit of institutions, including, an immediate family, a wider network of a wider family, a Core Unit of Friends, a Social Group of Wider Friends and Acquaintances, a local community, a wider community and a society in general added to which because of recent development in technology the virtual reality. The most fundamental of all these are three: the first being the immediate family, the second being the wider network of wider family and the third being the Core Unit of Friends. Unless the individual is well connected to, with a to and fro active, engaged and positive relationship, with all these units and all their members, all of whom are active in the wider positive units, that spread outward, incorporating, all the basic units, than the individual will find it difficult to reach her:his full potentials and face the risks of all forms of shortfalls, including, illnesses of both physical and psychological nature.

Unless an individual is seen as a metaphorical tree: that has two sets of roots, one going up for light, air and space and one going into the depth of the earth for other necessary goodness for life, without which the tree will struggle to survive, will stunt, decay and suffer as it does so until the end: than she:he is not seen as she:he is in 'potential' and this person will face the same fate as that tree, that lacks the two sets of roots. For humans, the first set of roots goes onto the earth of its core family unit, which is based on the earth of the wider units referred to and the other set of roots goes upwards to the wider units of society. With both these sets of roots the individual generates enough sustenance to support, foster, nurture, enhance, empower and create a personal eco-system to create her:his personhood, being, existence, where one is fully equipped to bring about all the potentials one has onto reality. From Munayem Mayenin's work: Psychology of Zoohuman

Humanical Jurisprudence

The purpose of humanical jurisprudence is to study humanity, when it becomes institutions because of its eternal-static driving force, i.e, the will to to ensure rationality, because in the very foundational core humanity is an expression of the faculty of rationality, eradicates all absurdities, incongruities, contradictions and paradoxes by creating, running and maintaining the system, mechanism, method, protocol, bodies and institutions, procedures and processes of conducting the rule of law in the spheres of: a: politics or public affairs management system, b: economics or political economics, c: philosophy, d: political philosophy, e: social, cultural, environmental, ecological and ethical arenas, that laws are to offer structures, methods and processes, that are necessary, f: functional and:or administrative, the last being how the bodies and institutions are to function and deliver that rule of law. In so doing Humanical Jurisprudence seeks to study and understand humanity as individual persons, as families, as networks of families, as communities, as agencies and organisations, as societies in all of which there seems to be one common feature running across: that they begin, that they progress and that they develop and that they all seem to not only go through changes and movements and, thus, they all follow progressive routes, always aspiring and aiming to reach better a state, which all indicate one thing that humanity is seeking to 'eradicate all absurdities, incongruities, contradictions and paradoxes' for families today are far superior than what they used to be in the long past, societies are far superior today than what they used to be in the past and that this progress seems to keep on going forward and here we find that in all this there are two forces at work: progressive forces and regressive forces. Across the history of human progression progressive and regressive forces fought: the former for bettering the human condition, the later to keep serving its own consumeristic, selfish, indulgent and corrupt self-interest to maintain the status-quo. Where and when progressive forces won the human condition advanced and where and when regressive forces won the human condition worsened and taken backward. The current world is overtaken by the regressive forces and it is, therefore, absolutely paramount that progressive forces unite and work together in concert and in unison to fight back and direct the human condition towards the progressive path once again: towards liberty, equality, justice and fairness for all.

Humanical Moral Science

Capitalism has brought humanity at this point of absolute unsustainability: Now, either it brings humanity to an end or humanity brings it to an end. This ‘either or’ is the philosophical choice before the world and world’s humanity and, there’s no other way about it. Capitalism shall bring everything to an end unless humanity sees it and brings it to an end, creating a new world in a better human condition for all humanity in humanics where all is for one and one is for all: all at liberty and all at equality under the rule of law in natural justice. That is at the far distance, where humanity will have to travel but before that capitalism must be taken on and brought under the rule of law, rule of reason and the rule off ‘humanical socio-spiritual-ecology of morality or social morality or good state’, meaning that this no human-run system of economics must do any harm: it must not harm anyone and anything. Currently, capitalism does nothing but harms all and everything. New progressive forces across the world need to and must rise and take up this challenge and begin work. It is either humanity or capitalism. Humanics believes that it ought to be and must be humanity, that succeeds in installing its choice and will over how they exist on this earth.

Humanity can not be forced live in greed and absolute rotten moral decay and decadence of consumerism and voguism because the very core of humanity is the architecture of rationality in which are written the laws of rationality and as its parts are written in the humanical socio-spiritual-ecology of morality or social morality or good state. In short, this social morality is the rational human urge, choice to see absurdities, incongruities, contradictions and paradoxes end in a rational and moral peaceful equilibrium. Humanical socio-spiritual-ecology of morality or social morality or good state has nothing to do with what constitutes personal morality or religious or state-sponsored morality etc. In this a whole new branch of moral science, yes, it is a humanical moral science, exists, that expands the scope, sphere and arena , where humanity is not individual but ‘social, institutional, organisational, systematic, jurisprudential, administrative, sociological, artistic, cultural, ecological, economical, political and humanical’ and in such institutional ways and manners and forms how does that humanity plurality behave, conduct and exist and by what laws of that good state. However, that is the future but, humanity must rise and strive to get there and not let capitalism kill it off the face of the earth with the rest of the web and ecology of life, which it shall do, if, it is let to do so and it shall do exactly that the way it is bulldozing the world and world humanity towards.

Humanical Sociology

Imagine, a tiny village in the wide expanse of a valley of a mountain that overlooks two countries on its either side beneath almost an infinite sky hanging down with a display of wonderful skyscapes: open fields and valleys, rivers and lakes, hills and groves marking the map with nature's bounties. Through that tiny village go parallel a high way and a railway line linking the wider world to the village, stopping at the tiny railway station with white sign boards marking the station that is lamped with old Victorian lanterns. There is the station office and there is a tiny cafeteria served by a very old man of almost 90. There is a primary school, secondary school, which feed into colleges and universities that are in the wider world, two small markets, connected to the wider market and its chain, a mosque, a temple, a church, a pagoda, a synagogue, linked and connected to the wider spheres of faiths. There are playing fields, farmlands where people are living and going about their business of life. All this is connected to this: social interactions of people, among and between them through established rules and customs and through and by organisations, institutions and structures that they have developed to support them in living life which is to be able to imagine, create and live. To be useful to others as well as oneself and one's family and community. So the Station Master sells tickets, the Station Porter goes up and lights up those old Victorian Lanterns at dusk and puts them off when the trains stop for the day, the old man who did not have to work still gets up at three o'clock in the morning to open his cafe which his family asks him to stop doing but he does so that the people for the early dawn train would find warmth and can have a drink, the Doctor goes about seeing her patients, the chemist goes about offering medications to people, the religious persons go about doing their parts in the 'temples' mentioned, the primary and secondary school teachers go about teaching, the farmers and fishermen go about fishing, the cafes and restaurants go about serving people, the social, political and cultural spheres work on. The study of all this is to understand how this network of people and organisations and the culture that they help create work, develop and run on and this study is the domain of sociology which means it cannot be done properly unless it has an eye in the depth of understanding the political, economical and  jurisprudential philosophy and the management systems that they have created that go towards creating and enabling that culture to which Sociology tries to offer its lights. On a humanical perspective sociology is a tool to understand the inner striving of humanity to create peace and stability through which life is supported, enabled and nurtured which means to achieve natural justice, liberty and equality for only which establishes the due process of law in which the rule of law is the 'nature' of society and the people who live in it being purposeful and useful to wider life while being able to support and develop their own, being at liberty, being at equality and protected by the same laws that protect everyone else equally and at all times. Munayem Mayenin: Editor: Posted on: November 14: 2015

Humanical Philosophy

Humanical Political Philosophy Humanicsovics

Humanical Political Economics Humanicsonomics

Humanical Human Enterprise

Humanical Building-Block Foundational Human Rights

For those, who are interested in exploring the issues raised in this are invited to study, Emile Durkheim and Ibn Khaldun

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