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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Political Philosophy, That Says That the Most Vital Part of the Public Affairs Management System, the System of Economics, That Shapes the Market and Directs the Course of Existence of the Entire Range of Business, Trade, Commerce and Financial Endeavours of a Nation and Ultimately Shapes the Human Condition of a Nation Should Not Be in the Ownership of the Entire Nation and Its People as Their State and Government Belong to Them and the Political Economics, That Says That the Survival of the Fittest or Richest Is the Ultimate Aim of Society, in Which the Vast Majority of the Population Must Exist and Perish Away in Serving a Live-in-Life Sentence of Suffering, Agony and Hardship and Must Accept All the High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Tortures, That Capitalism Creates, Distributes and Enforces are Nothing But a Brutal, Cruel, Ruthless and Inhuman Dictate of a Monstrous Social Jingoistic Jungle, Where Neither Civic Nor Community Can Exist Nor Can There Humanity Exist as Humanity Naturale as Individuals, as Families, as Communities, as Agencies and Organisations and as a Civic Society: And When Such a Monstrous Social Jingoistic Jungle is Established in a Country It Becomes Worse Than a Jungle and It Becomes Every Citizen's Civic and Moral Duty and an Existential Necessity of Humanity to Do All in Their Democratic Power to Eliminate Such Jingoistic Jungle and Replace It with a Civic Society Where Community, People, Families, Individuals and All Humanity are as Real, as Connected and as Active, as Engaged and as Creative as the Human Physiology Is in All Humans of a Given Society: Sunday: July 28: 2019

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End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign

Home is not where the heart is
Nor is it where things are kept 
A home is what skins the soul
Without it a human is non-person
Incomplete suffers slowly dying

END Homelessness

This Is A UN Report: Though the United Nations Is Neither the Body Nor Does It Have the Power to Do Anything About It: The World and World Humanity Need a New Body to Lead the World For a Better and Sustainable Human Condition For This Capitalistic Onslaught Is Absolutely Unsustainable: Rising Inequality Affecting More Than Two-thirds of the Globe But It’s Not Inevitable But This Is Being Enforced on That Vast Majority of Humanity



|| Wednesday: January 22: 2020 || ά. Inequality is growing for more than 70 per cent of the global population, exacerbating the risks of divisions and hampering economic and social development. But the rise is far from inevitable and can be tackled at a national and international level, according to a flagship Study, released by the United Nations on Tuesday, January 21.  The World Social Report 2020, published by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs:DESA, shows that income inequality has increased in most developed countries and some middle-income countries, including, China, which has the world’s fastest growing economy.

The challenges are underscored by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr António Guterres in the foreword of the Report, in which he states that the world is confronting ‘the harsh realities of a deeply unequal global landscape’ in which economic woes, inequalities and job insecurity have led to mass protests in both developed and developing countries. “Income disparities and a lack of opportunities are creating a vicious cycle of inequality, frustration and discontent across generations.” he writes.

That’s right, he writes and he can only write. This is the saddest truth. The world does not have a body as the ‘Universal State of the Entire World and of the Entire Humanity’, that has the legitimacy, jurisdiction, powers, organisation, system, apparatus, mechanism, will and the ability and mandate to enforce that will, given by the entire world’s entire humanity. These reports are good to bring these issues to fore but this is no news: capitalism is such a system of economics, that can not but keep on creating, distributing and advancing and enlarging inequality and poverty as it goes.

It is the political economics of each and every country, including, China, that claims to be socialist but it is nothing of the sort and in such countries, such as, the United States of America, the very people elected Mr Donald Trump or in the United Kingdom, people elected Mr Boris Johnson, to name just two countries, who have shown not a nano-iota of a commitment to do anything about changing the shape or size of capitalism. Therefore, neither the people of America nor the UK can expect that, some miraculous reasons, these two leaders will go on doing anything at all about changing anything.

This means that it is time the world humanity and each nation on earth work hard to create progressive forces and they work their hardest to show why they are progressive and the world sees movements in these fronts, that what needs to happen is ‘the changing of the guards’: the economic system of capitalism has become the death-clasp on humanity, that is doing nothing but enabling the rich getting richer and richer and the number of the poor are increasing in alarming rate, as well as, poverty and inequality are increasing with similar rate that the entire system is absolutely unsustainable. It is absolutely, absolutely, absolutely unsustainable.

No peoples of the world can expect that the vast majority of people in each country will just keep on going to get devastated and destroyed by these capitalistic onslaught on their state and quality of life and human existence by all the high-cruelties, high-brutalities and high-barbarities of capitalism of all these poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, unemployability, lack of housing, lack of medical care, lack of and absence of any social security, lack of social care, lack of education and much more besides and they are going to keep on paying the price while the robbery ‘open season’ keep on going.

This can not go on but it shall keep on going until new progressive forces develop and begin their work for change. That progressive forces must be found in each country, in each people and in each nation and all these progressive forces work in concert, in unison and unified way, as, though, they are part of a universal grid of progressive forces of the entire world and entire humanity and they do not lock themselves up in the ‘terrible cage’ of their own country’s maps but, are working together with the world framework to bring about seismic change. Each country needs change but, a country on its own can not sustain such a change unless it is part of the entire world’s grid of progressive forces so that they all are working together to create the ‘motherboard grid’ of the earth, of the world, in which each country fits in and, all, together, create that universal progressive world.

The world and the world humanity require much more seismic change than a French or October Revolution or Long March. The time is now and this work can not begin soon enough. Except, the saddest fact is this that we are nowhere near that point. The world has taken a ‘sickness route’, on which all the major peoples of the world have fallen under the regressive forces while the so-called progressive forces, all over the world, have fallen into irredeemable a state of absolute disarray, simply, because they are still regurgitating the old books. Capitalism will not be made better by Marxism or socialism or communism. The world requires seismic change, that the progressive do not find in the olden books. It is time they begin their task anew, afresh to create that vital and historically necessary endeavour to create the progressive forces, newly revitalised and re-architectured and they go about working to bring about that seismic change.

America is not going to go anywhere so long two elites of the rich are organised into two similar parties, rehashing each other’s ‘stand-points’ of the same oath: to keep on protecting the ‘status-quo’ and existence is rotated around presidential elections, when these parties keep on regurgitating the same old mythologies. Where are the progressive forces of America? This is just an example. This situation applies to most places on earth. The world only changes for the better when progressive forces present a progressive philosophy, progressive political philosophy, progressive political economics, progressive sociology and a progressive jurisprudence and based on that create a progressive, revolutionary and visionary programmes of actions by which they work tirelessly and inspire, unite, educate, empower and lead the dispossessed to bring about that seismic change.

Across the history of human progression progressive and regressive forces fought: the former for bettering the human condition, the later to keep serving its own consumeristic, selfish, indulgent and corrupt self-interest to maintain the status-quo. Where and when progressive forces won the human condition advanced and where and when regressive forces won the human condition worsened and taken backward. The current world is overtaken by the regressive forces and it is, therefore, absolutely paramount that progressive forces unite and work together in concert and in unison to fight back and direct the human condition towards the progressive path once again: towards liberty, equality, justice and fairness for all. 

Having said all this, we return to this Study. The study shows that the richest one per cent of the population are the big winners in the changing global economy, increasing their share of income between 1990 and 2015, while at the other end of the scale, the bottom 40 per cent earned less than a quarter of income in all countries surveyed.

One of the consequences of inequality within societies, notes the Report, is slower economic growth. In unequal societies, with wide disparities in areas, such as, health care and education, people are more likely to remain trapped in poverty, across several generations.

Between countries, the difference in average incomes is reducing, with China and other Asian nations driving growth in the global economy. Nevertheless, there are still stark differences between the richest and poorest countries and regions: the average income in North America, for example, is 16 times higher than that of people in sub-saharan Africa.

The Report looks at the impact that four powerful global forces or megatrends, are having on inequality around the world: technological innovation, climate change, urbanisation and international migration. Whilst technological innovation can support economic growth, offering new possibilities in fields such as, health care, education, communication and productivity, there is evidence to show that it can lead to increased wage inequality and displace workers.

Rapid advances in areas, such as, biology and genetics, as well as, robotics and mechanical fabrications, are transforming societies at pace. New technology has the potential to eliminate entire categories of jobs but, equally, may, generate entirely new jobs and innovations. 

For now, however, highly skilled workers are reaping the benefits of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’, whilst low-skilled and middle-skilled workers are engaged in routine manual and cognitive tasks, are seeing their opportunities shrink.

As the UN’s 2020 Report on the global economy showed last Thursday, the climate crisis is having a negative impact on quality of life and vulnerable populations are bearing the brunt of environmental degradation and extreme weather events. Climate change, according to the World Social Report, is making the world’s poorest countries, even, poorer and could reverse progress made in reducing inequality among countries.

If, action to tackle the climate crisis progresses as hoped, there will be job losses in carbon-intensive sectors, such as, the coal industry but, the ‘greening’ of the global economy could result in overall net employment gains, with the creation of many new jobs worldwide. For the first time in history, more people live in urban than rural areas, a trend, that is expected to continue over the coming years. Although, cities drive economic growth, they are more unequal than rural areas, with the extremely wealthy living alongside the very poor.

The scale of inequality varies widely from city to city, even, within a single country: as they grow and develop, some cities have become more unequal whilst, in others, inequality has declined. The fourth megatrend, international migration, is described as both a ‘powerful symbol of global inequality’ and ‘a force for equality under the right conditions’. Migration within countries, notes the Report, tends to increase once countries begin to develop and industrialise and more inhabitants of middle-income countries than low-income countries migrate abroad.

International migration is seen, generally, as benefiting both migrants, their countries of origin as money is sent home and their host countries. In some cases, where migrants compete for low-skilled work, wages may be pushed down, increasing inequality but, if, they offer skills, that are in short supply or take on work, that others are not willing to do, they can have a positive effect on unemployment.

Despite a clear widening of the gap between the haves and have-nots worldwide, the Report points out that this situation can be reversed. Although, the megatrends have the potential to continue divisions in society, they can, also, as the Secretary-General says in his foreword, ‘be harnessed for a more equitable and sustainable world’. Both national governments and international organisations have a role to play in levelling the playing field and creating a fairer world for all.

Reducing inequality should, according to the Report, play a central role in policy-making. This means ensuring that the potential of new technology is used to reduce poverty and create jobs; that vulnerable people grow more resilient to the effects of climate change; cities are more inclusive and migration takes place in a safe, orderly and regular manner.

Three strategies for making countries more egalitarian are suggested in the Report: the promotion of equal access to opportunities, through, for example, universal access to education; fiscal policies, that include measures for social policies, such as, unemployment and disability benefits and legislation, that tackles prejudice and discrimination, whilst promoting greater participation of disadvantaged groups.

While action at a national level is crucial, the Report declares that ‘concerted, co-ordinated and multi-lateral action’ is needed to tackle major challenges, affecting inequality within and among countries. The Report’s authors conclude that, given the importance of international co-operation, multi-lateral institutions such as, the UN should be strengthened and action to create a fairer world must be urgently accelerated.

The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provides the blueprint for a better future for people and the planet, recognises that major challenges require internationally co-ordinated solutions and contains concrete and specific targets to reduce inequality, based on income.

And, to conclude, the United Nations is not going to be strengthened; no government of any state of the world would change its public policy agenda because it came to power to implement that agenda, which are to keep on the same path of capitalistic onslaught and nothing will change and the next version of this Report will come up, again and again, only, each successive one will portray worse a state of affairs: reporting poverty and inequality increasing and getting worse. That is why progressive forces are a must for the regressive forces have taken over the world and it is up to the progressive forces to prepare, organise and work to unite the dispossessed, the powerless to rise up for that political struggle to change the world and bring about seismic change.

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When the Working People Find Subscribing to the Mythology Implanted in the Political Sphere That Tells Them to Better Their Lot They Should Elect a Republican Such As Donald Trump or a Conservative Such As Boris Johnson Should All the Forces and Agencies Working for Advancing Workers’ Interests and Rights Shut Themselves Down and Join the Republican or Conservative Parties



|| Sunday: December 14: 2019 || ά. We publish an email, sent out from the Economic Policy Institute of America:EPI, by Mr Steven Greenhouse, that speaks of the ‘attacks’ the Trump Administration has continuously made and are still making against the workers and working people of America, many of whom were led to believe voting Mr Trump was going to serve and protect their interests. The rich owned media outlets have all supported the ascendancy of Mr Trump and they still do and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

However, in the political arena of forces and organisations in America and all other places of this world, they are doing the same: the charges of these rich-owned media outlets are that the very parties, forces and organisations, that exist to advance workers’ interests have ‘abandoned’ the workers and, they, therefore, should turn to the parties, forces and agencies, that stand diametrically against the workers and workers’ interests, which they were able to ‘implant and get accepted’ by many workers in the latest general election in the UK. These rich-owned outlets say that the Labour Party has abandoned the workers as the Conservatives say and they should vote the Conservative Party to ‘advance their interests’, while the truth is that this very Conservative Party in government for the last decade ran nothing but a political economical war against the very working people, their families and all the working and non-working poor and the most vulnerable? How does that grand lie get accepted by the people, who were directed to vote the very Party, that has never done anything to protect the interests of the workers?

This is because the entire body of and, they are the overwhelming majority of the whole, the rich-owned media outlets of all forms and mediums, including, the new lot of the entire distorteddia conglomerate now have joined in to ‘destroy, devastate, annihilate, terminate and assassinate’ the leaders and leadership of progressive parties and forces and, particularly, the leaders to a point that, to the entire electorate, that ‘Leader’ stands as ‘the enemy of the people’, ‘the enemy of the working people’. Perfect example of this is the current Labour Party Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn. At the last General Election they did the same but was not as successful to complete the task. However, the Labour Party has undertaken the political work necessary  since the last general election, in which  task it has spent enough time developing the party and party’s membership base and regenerated it all and taken wider the Party’s support base and all of which created a political programme, that has not been produced by any political party in this world since the October Revolution. It was a radical, detailed, courageous and visionary programme of actions, that united all the enemies of the working people against it, who, united and invigorated, in their hatred, allocated much resources towards the Conservative Party and lent it the loyal support and campaigning power of the entire lot of the media outlets, that they own, to launch a counter attack to ‘devastate, destroy, terminate and politically assassinate’ the origin, source and inspiration of ‘such dare’ for advancing the workers’ rights by the Labour Party in the name of its Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn.  

However, it must be said that the Labour Party Programmes and its Manifesto was not a Communist Manifesto translated at all but a true but visionary and pragmatic reflection, response and resolution of the current desperate state of capitalism, bringing the entire human existence and life and the web and ecology of life on earth towards facing extinction by global warming and climate change, environmental degradation and toxification of the waters and air, as well as, the unsustainability of capitalism because of it advancing and enforcing all the high-cruelties, high-brutalities and high-barbarities, such as, inequality rising to unsustainable level, poverty, hunger, malnutrition, poverty-wage, rough sleeping, homelessness, zero-hour contracts, blocking education and devastating vital public, civic and community services, including, health, social care, legal and judicial, local government budgets, law enforcement etc and, withdrawal of vital investments from vital national infrastructures, particularly, social housing.

However, the saddest irony is this that that ‘radical’ a programme of actions of the Labour Party has done one thing: it has brought the Labour Party the closest it has ever been to the working people; except, the workers and the poor have been directed to reject it all and go towards the Conservatives and that has been achieved by the entire rich-owned media joining the Conservative Party propaganda, manipulation, herding and directing machine in running the largest, most concerted and most vicious campaign in print, online, on television, on radio waves and on the entire range of the distorteddia conglomerate and in reality to destroy and devastate and terminate the very name, the very person, that has done that: that has brought about the largest challenge, that the rich has ever faced in the UK since the October Revolution in the world. Were the Labour Party able to get successful in winning this General Election the World’s capitalism will have been made irreversibly different than what it has been because it would have sent out ‘revolutionary nutrition, oxygen and air’ of inspiration to the wider world’s progressive movements.  

The rich saw it, rightly in their view, as the biggest attack on capitalism as the October Revolution’. In this they have used every trickery, every lie, every possible falsehood and fabrication, falsification, propaganda, direction and herding all applied together. They have used fake and falsified stories and conducted a misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories and much more in an ever-going, ever-increasing and ever-vicious, ever-brutal, ever-virulent and ever-concerted ‘misinformation war’ and all of which targeted the ‘synonym’ of their enemy, ‘the enemy of the people’, ‘the enemy of the working people’, the leader of the Labour Party, Mr Jeremy Corbyn and they have successfully ‘assassinated’, albeit, not physically, his entire person, life, life’s works and what he lived and existed and worked for’ throughout his life and made him into that loathsome ‘enemy of the people’, ‘enemy of the working people’ and they have been able to sell that to a great number of working people in many areas and communities, who were abandoned not by the Labour Party but by the ruthless monstrosity of capitalism in the era of globalisation in which the neo-liberals thought they would make the entire world their ‘hunting ground’ and in so doing they went ahead and brought about the financial crash because they had already converted capitalism into pseudonomics and both by both the Blairite New Labour, which had taken the Labour Party’s title and put in it fake Labour, that was why Mr Tony Blair was ‘blessed’ by Mr Rupert Murdoch, who invited Mr Blair to go and give a Key Note Speech at his News International and the Conservative Party, whenever it has been in power kept on dismantling whatever was advanced to better the working people’s lives. The last ten years, this Conservative government has done nothing but running a political economical war against the entire country’s working and non-working poor and the most vulnerable and it has created the sociology of squalor and food banks, rough sleeping and homelessness and hunger and endless other evils, to devastate the lives of individuals, families and communities, that have been abandoned by the entire state, run by the Conservatives. It was not the Labour Party, led by Mr Jeremy Corbyn but the Conservative Party government.

However, in order to sell this the Conservative Party has already created the ‘mechanism’ of execution: the exiting the European Union, which itself is a political philosophical and political economical vehicle to advance extreme English Nationalism to counter the rising nationalist tides in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by which it has wasted three years in absolute and comprehensive waste and people have become truly, tired, sick, exhausted and nauseated to, even, hear it, ‘brexit’ by which the Conservative Party propaganda machine and the entire united rich-owned media outlets ‘shepherded’ the electorate towards voting for it because whatever else was there people just wanted to put this horrible thing out and away, never to hear again. And, for these three years waste and paralysis they were successfully able to sell that the UK had not so far left the European Union because that ‘enemy of the people’ Mr Jeremy Corbyn and his Party was the ‘supreme culprit’. It was he who did everything to block ‘the precious brexit’. It is an utter lie: it was the whole Parliament, including, may other parties, as well as, many Conservative Party’s own MPs, who joined together not to block exiting the European Union but to ensure the UK did not leave the EU without a deal. There’s much difference between these two things.

However, with that ‘mechanism of execution’, the Conservative Party and its supporting media outlets managed to establish all the lies and falsehoods, fabrications, conjectures, conspiracy theories with their polls, polls of polls and projections and they used all the ‘tools’, that they could, including, lying to their teeth and mouth and eyes and ears in every possible ways and every possible means. They were vicious, they were virulent, they were ruthless and hostile and horrible: they were repeating and regurgitating the lies everywhere and every possible second and all of that were directed to devastate, destroy, terminate and conduct the political assassination of Mr Jeremy Corbyn, which were taken up and taken wider and given validity by the entire lot of the rich-owned media outlets and the job was done. It is no exaggeration to say that no political leader in the history of human progression has ever faced such continuous, such ever-ferocious and such ever-going infinite level, degree and magnitude of vicious, ferocious, merciless, hostile, aggressive and brutal abuse, attacks, demonisation and vilification, that Mr Jeremy Corbyn has faced, which has destroyed not just him but the entire of his life’s tirelessly devoted, whole-heartedly committed work to advance workers’ life and rights and better the human condition for the majority.

However, in this Labour Party and what work it has produced where the world’s progressive forces will find what their response must be in how they approach and fight this ‘infinite onslaught of money and manipulation and propaganda’ to destroy the forces, that work and that wants to advance the workers’ rights and interests. Unless and until these forces take the task to create, establish and run a ‘political university’ at every place, where workers live and work and offer that political education to the workers they do not become the workers they ought to become so to become politically educated and politically conscious enough to realise and understand their rights and how they face the conditions they are in and why and how must they seek to achieve the means to better that human condition of all workers and with that knowledge and understanding, knowledge and insight they acquire the skills to challenge, resist and fight to destroy the ‘propaganda, manipulation, directing and herding’ efforts, run and conducted by the rich and from all the apparatus they own and, thus, get united and gather all workers in defying the lies, falsehoods and mythologies and keep on the fight to keep on going until they win the political fight.

This is an infinitely mighty task that all over the world progressive forces have been failing to undertake, conduct and advance and that is why they have been paying the price and that is why the working humanity of the world face this tragedy that they are turned against their own interests and against the very forces, that exist to advance that and they are voting people like Mr Trump or Mr Johnson or others like them. Despite its radical programmes the Labour Party has failed to do exactly that: it has not created, run and conducted that political university and it took the view that it could fight the entire combined lot of the rich-owned media outlets and the Conservative Party’s propaganda, directing and herding machine and win against them by only using the distorteddia outlets, which are part and parcel of the rich-owned outlets; except, they are, at the same time, beneficiary of making a killing from the very Party, seeking to use them. Two examples, the distorteddia let the Conservative Party getting their ‘fake Labour Party Manifesto website’ promoted in them because it was paid for it while the fake website was promoting the Conservative Party advertisements and lies and in other another distorteddia outlet lets the Conservative Party propaganda unit naming itself, ‘factcheckuk’ from where they were ‘falsely’ presenting ‘falsehoods, lies and political manipulation messages.

Further, the distorteddia have destroyed the entire ‘window’ of presenting facts and truths and everything is turned and twisted until all of these become an endless flow of untruths, lies, fabrications and all of them get disseminated to millions in seconds and, that, then, get ‘validated’ by the rich-owned media outlets, they, then, determine who or what gets terminated. The Labour Party has failed in this fight because it went to fight a most sophisticated, most well-resourced and most well-equipped and most powerful an army of an enemy with sticks and stones and clubs. There is hardly any outlet in all forms, that exist to offer it or its cause its support. The best weapon in advancing the workers’ interests and rights is the politically educated, equipped, skilled and empowered workers, that nothing else can replace and that nothing can direct, dictate, herd or manipulate. That does not get to and won’t happen unless the political parties and forces, that are seeking to change and better the workers’ lives and life’s condition and their interests, take up, create, run and deliver that political university to empower the workers with political, political philosophical, political economical knowledge and know-how and equip them with the vitally important political, social, interpersonal and other equally vital skills, so to enable them to keep on seeking and trying to achieve economic and political empowerment as they conduct and advance the political fight to unite and inspire the working people for whom they work and exist. That work is abandoned all over the world by these progressive forces and that is one of the reasons why these forces are failing miserably and that are part of the reasons why people like Mr Trump and Mr Johnson and other populists like them are winning because they are ‘selling’ themselves as the ‘champion’ of the workers and the ordinary people.

On the other hand, the Labour Party sought to use the distorteddia itself, as, if, it was the alternative to reality; it is not and it can not ever be so. Reality can not be alternated by anything: the distorteddia exists to make profit. The good old-fashioned political works in reality, where real people and real workers live, work, exist, relate and interact can not ever be replaced by any other works on any medium of any media outlets. The political parties, their members and their supporters must connect, relate and form, foster and enhance human relations, bonds and comradery  with the people, with whom they are to work and for whom their organisations exist so that a General Secretary and the other members of a local party’s organisation committee must get to know all the party members, all the workers in that area and where they work and who they are and they should relate, create, foster and maintain that relationship to all those they work with and for so that the party workers and activists become part of the lives of the people for whom their party or organisation exist and that is the power, that is the force, that is the spirit, that is the mechanism, that is eternal and that no earthly force can bend, twist, destroy or direct. If, any political party, that says that it is a workers’ party or workers’ organisation and it says that this work it can not do today can go away and dissolve itself.

The distorteddia is not going to win anyone any election for the workers because these distortive outlets are part and parcel of the rich club of the world and they have transformed capitalism into pseudonomics and they want that to keep on going so that workers’ rights do not exist but robotic open seasons keep on increasing their profits while the workers get poverty-wage, poverty and hunger, as well as, zero-hour contracts and the rest of the high-cruelties, high-brutalities and high-barbarities of capitalism. On top of that, these distorteddia have created the ground works in which the entire system of governance and electoral and democratic process have fallen under their prowess and these all face a terminal end unless the world and progressive political parties and forces wake up and fight these degradation and disintegration of the democratic process.

The UK Labour Party has done much work but it must now keep on going and building on that work and begin a new chapter of creating, running, conducting and delivering that University of Political Education and leave the distorteddia and get on the streets and walk to every place, where there’s a worker, shake her hand, speak to her and sit and listen and take her name and where she leaves and create real human relation, that grows and expands and soon there will be an infinite green-grass-carpet of these human relations, connecting all workers, as, if, they have been placed on that body of green-grass and their roots are all connected and connecting the entire humanity of these working people across the landscape, who no media or no media manipulation can dare dictate, direct and herd in buying the lies being attempted to sell to them that the rich people’s selected and paid elite-run parties are the ones the working people should vote for. That work must begin now all over the United Kingdom and all over the world for the world’s working humanity has been taken backward: the workers are taken farther back than, even, how workers were before May Day: workers on poverty-wage are working and still forced to queue at food banks to feed their families. It is unsustainable and it can not go on but it shall keep on going and keep on getting worse unless workers are united as a politically educated and politically conscious and politically empowered and politically equipped, that is united and connected with such a powerful connection, bond and comradery, that no earthly force can dominate, dictate, direct or herd. Such a politically educated, political conscious and politically equipped working humanity can do anything it seeks and strives to do, including, winning general elections because in any given country the number of working humanity outnumber the rich by the largest majority, which is what is required in representative democracies.  

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Why Humanity Must Rise to Discard Capitalism In Order to Keep on Existing on Earth Because It Is Capitalism That Has Brought the Earth and Humanity to This Total Wipe Out: A: Lack of Universal Education Higher Education and Life-Long Learning



|| Sunday: November 09: 2019: Munayem Mayenin || ά. We began this piece on Friday’s edition of The Humanion Portable Daily, October 25, that picked a list on the human condition, that capitalism has brought on earth and sentenced the vast humanity to perish away in suffering a horrendous human condition, comprised of all high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-brutalities and, with it, led everything towards creating an unsustainable way of ‘wasting away’ in endless consumption for infinite greed for profit, into extinction: extinction of all expressions of the ecology of life on earth, including, humanity. From today, we will take up each item on the list and highlight, what that has established on earth for humanity.

Today we begin at A: Lack of Universal Education Higher Education and Life-Long Learning: In humanical societies, learning, continual and eternal, is a Universal and Eternal Building-Block Foundational Human Right, that every human soul is lawfully guaranteed to have for life, from cradle to grave for without the knowledge, learning and wisdom, there can not exist a humanity naturale simply because it is a continually developing and evolving thing and unless, it keeps on learning, it can not keep on developing itself and, thus, it will fail to evolve the way it ought to do: to be and do humanity naturale, getting better at everything all the time, bearing in mind that less than 02% of the human genome has been expressed so far of that humanity naturale, that means that in the eternal developmental scale, humanity has 98% human genome yet to be expressed! Yet, capitalism and those, who are lovers of it, claim that this is the high-pinnacle of human development! But this capitalism has established one thing for sure; its high-principle or high-corruption banditry: that the highest most ‘moral act’, which is the lowest most immoral, unethical and grotesque act, for it to do or follow is to ensure the rich get to take the biggest cut from the total output of the workforce or rather, that their profit is not minimised.

To ensure that is the case, this brutal system of economics, pays poverty wage to the majority of the workers with which they can not sustain a tolerable human existence because they are, then, forced to subsist with that poverty wage to suffer all high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-brutalities of poverty, of hunger, of malnutrition and the lack of all things, amenities, services and provisions, that they must have. In other words, by paying the vast majority of the workforce a poverty wage capitalism establishes the ground works of the sociology of evil, that gets implemented on all spheres of existence: political, economical, philosophical, political philosophical, political economical, governantial, jurisprudential, educational, sociological, social, cultural and spiritual and through all these are now enforced the sociology of evil or the lack and absence of things. This appears as the live-in-life-sentence for the vast majority of humanity, a punishing way of subsisting for the maintaining and sustaining of this economic system, called, capitalism.

This poverty-wage-ground-work, then, goes and ensure the implementation of capitalism’s high-principle or high-corruption banditry’, which means that the rich, both as individuals and as agencies or corporations, pay as little as possible tax and this keep on going downward, ensuring the rich always get to rob more and more from the values created by the workforce, who are the only living thing, that can alone create these values through human work or labour, which are converted into prices so that commodities can be transacted with money. This means, the state and government and, thus, society, get to lose the largest portion of wealth and values on which they could get a large tax revenue, which they can spend and invest in bettering the human condition of the workforce to an unimaginable height. This, essentially, disable these agencies in relation to how much they could do. Now they get peanuts from these rich and they, then, go after the very workforce, who have been sentenced with poverty wage and demand that they pay taxes of varying kinds.

It is like this: that capitalism allows the rich to rob the created wealth and values by the total workforce so that the working humanity have very little to keep on going and, yet, they come to the robbed to make them subject to further, legal robbery from the very little ‘bread-money’ they have to pay the taxes. This way these bodies, have very little to spend on what are vital, essential and most needed public, civic and community services, all of which requires investments of financial resources, which they have very little. In this they now ‘cut’ out their priority cake and education gets a little share with which the state and government can not offer Universal Education and Life-long learning to all citizens so they make education a ‘privilege’ for those, who can afford to pay for it. By this way, capitalism and the elites, who are installed in running the public affairs system, ensure that the vast majority of a nation do not get the Universal Right to education, except that education determines their entire quality of existence, life and well-being for generation to generation, that does not ever improve but keeps on getting worse. This is because the elites, who run things, see educated people as harmful to capitalism because they are always going to be difficult to manipulate, herd, dictate and direct.

This scenario changes from country to country: in this the world can be divided in three groups of countries: the advanced economies, the developing economies and the least developed or the poorest of countries. In advanced economies, their states and governments have ensured that young people up to 16 and:or 18 gets a free education but, the quality of which is terribly poor since a great deal of these youngsters do not receive the quality of education, they are said to get because these states and governments do not invest enough to ensure that quality education. They keep on cutting the investments in that sector of education. In these countries the higher education is gated so that only those, who can pay for education get to receive higher and university education. Higher education is made into a debt-bondage. The idea of life-long learning is a lip-service. Because there is hardly any investment and there lacks the culture of life-long learning in this people are supposed to leave ‘statutory schooling’ at 16 and:or eighteen and they are supposed to live up to their old age and they are not supposed to learn anything ever! Therefore, when they are in their sixties they would find the world they ended up in is a Martian landscape from the one in which they had left school! Someone left school when the world did not even a word for Genetics and now a whole lot of decades later they are hearing ‘ancient Greek’ in everyday vocabulary about Genetics, Genes, DNAs, RNAs, human genome, translation and transcription and this and that!

The developing countries spend far less in education than the advanced economies so that their quality of free education, where it is free, is as inferior as their investment in comparison to the advanced economies. However, their reach of the youngsters is not complete so that many do not get that free education. In these countries higher education is gated, too, so that only those, who can pay for it, gets a higher education. Life-long learning does not exist in these countries.

The least developed countries where education simply does not exist for the vast majority of the people. Only those, who can afford would get an education. Where there are state provisions, that reach only the smallest of numbers of the population.

Vast number of human beings across the earth are born and they subsist and perish away without ever having to set foot at a school; they do not get to learn to read and write nor do they learn anything else. That state of existence without any education is literally a different kind of ‘death sentence’ where the humans not getting an education are made to not ever be that humanity naturale because their infinite imagination, ingenuity and creativity have never been shown to them with the light and luminosity of the lamp of education and learning. They do not get to learn and see and experience what they are and what they are capable of and what they want to bring about into existence with, by and in their human life.

They do not get to know how humanity has dawned on earth and how they kept up and going, developing all the times and how they progressed and how to get better. They would not understand much and everything and everyone will keep on telling them what to do, who to vote and everyone and everything will keep taking advantage of them, abuse them and violate their rights because they did not get to know what their rights are and how to protect them! Capitalism has done that all over the world, where millions and millions of children are going without education and a great number of them are ‘forced’ to get into child labour and existing and perishing away in the high-monstrosity of capitalism: blocking off from education and sentencing these vast number of humanity with a life and existence of no-education. If, this is not a high-monstrosity we will have to change the meaning of the word from the dictionary.

Yet, who are speaking about any of these vital and most paramount issues: no, the rich-owned media, press and news outlets have other things to speak of and go on seeking to manipulate but we must keep on bringing these issues up and out for this capitalist system is unsustainable and it has brought us to this state of human condition, that is enough to finish humanity off, if, it continues to enable millions of humans perishing away every year across the earth and those, who are suffering are serving this live-in-life-sentence of misery, agony, hardship and pain!

Humanics has brought about the vision of that future without capitalism; it is new and it will not just disappear but keep on going for humanity can not just sit still and await extinction. Humanity, particularly, the younger generations, must, not go quietly and wait till extinction wipes all out of the earth. This fight for existence, must, gather pace and must we keep on going because otherwise capitalism will bring everything to an end with this phase of it, this pseudonomics, that now ravages the world and world humanity. Humanics is the vision of the future humanity without capitalism towards humanical societies, creating a grid of a humanical civilisation on earth, where and when all humans become truly liberated at liberty and all are equal under the rule of law in natural justice.

Those, who say, humanics! What is humanics! Tell them, there was a time when no one heard anyone, imagining there was going to be a French Revolution and, the, there came the French Revolution. There was a time, when no one had heard of what Socialism and Communism but then, there was the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Long March and there followed hundreds of other socialist revolution in many a places on earth. Let them know that humanics requires only one more person to hear of it and that person will take it forward. Humanity can not exist and gets destroyed through the destructions, inflicted on it by dehumanisation of humanity. This sociology of squalor, spread across the earth, enforced and enforced and established by capitalism, is spreading the sociology of evil and societies are being continually taken towards the path of sociological jingoistic jungles where humanity naturale can not exist as humanity naturale.

Humanics shall keep on going because believe in this that there are more than one person heard of humanics and you are reading about it and countless others are doing so through The Humanion and The Humanion Portable Daily. We have much time to keep at it: remember, we have only 02% of our genome so far expressed: 98% yet to unfold! This road to humanics is a long one and this is ‘The Long Walk to Humanics’. You have already taken the road: keep on walking and speak to the fellow travellers, the fellow humanion about humanics and we shall keep on going till capitalism enters the museum of sociology and students of the future are studying and wondering as to how on earth that system of economics, in reality and brutal mechanism to conduct ‘civilised monstrosities’, managed to survive as long as it did!:::ω.

This Is Why The Foundation Exists: Why Humanity Must Rise to Discard Capitalism In Order to Keep on Existing on Earth 

Humanity Will Have No Future Unless Capitalism Is Discarded: Why: a: Lack of Universal Education Higher Education and Life-Long Learning: b: Lack of Universal Employment: c: Lack of Universal Home: d: Lack of Universal Social Services: e: Lack of Universal Social Care: f: Lack of Universal Medical Care: g: Absence of Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: h: Poverty: i: Hunger: j: Malnutrition: k: Destitution: l: Poverty-wage: m: Polluted Natural and Built Environment: n: Polluted Oceans and Water-ways: o: Polluted Toxic Air: p: Plastic Pollution: q: Infinite Greed and Infinite Consuming: r: Highest Waste of Natural Financial and Human Resources: s: Pseudonomical Profiteering and Robbery: t: Unable to Seek to Achieve Circularity Sustainability and Green Economics in All Business Trade and Commerce:

u: Global Warming: v: Climate Change: w: Destruction of Representative Democracy and Rise of Racist Misogynistic Chauvinistic Xenophobic and Supremacist Majoritarian Mob Dictatorship: India Brazil United States of America and Many Other Countries Around the World and Particularly in the European Union: x: Sociology of Squalor: y: Sociology of Evil: z: The Distorteddia: We Have Run Out of the Alphabet:!: Alpha: Dehumanisation of Humanity: Beta: The Destruction of the Self and the Agency of the Human Mind: Gamma: The Weakening and Destruction of Individuals Families and Communities: Delta: Absence of a Philosophical Political Philosophical and Political Economical Movement in the World That Takes Into Consideration and Respond to the Existential Threats Being Put Before Humanity by Capitalism and Its Killing Mechanism Means That This Killing Mechanism Is Dragging Humanity Towards the Slaughter-House of the End Along With It the Entire Web and Ecology of Life on Earth Are Being Terminated! Humanics Has Put Forward the Vision of Humanity Without Capitalism But with and in Humanics: It Is Up to the World's Humanity Particularly the Youth to Rise to Save Humanity From This Definitive Doom Being Implemented by Capitalism.

Caption: Image: Campaign Against Arms Trade:::ω.

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The National Education Service That the Next Labour Government Will Create: Free Education for Everyone Throughout Life As a Right Not a Privilege: No More University Tuition Fees: Free Childcare and a New Sure Start programme: Free Vocational and Technical Education: And Free Training for Adults: Jeremy Corbyn at the Labour Party Conference



|| Tuesday: September 24: 2019 || ά. Mr Jeremy Corby MP, the Leader of the Labour Party has delivered his Leader’s Speech at the Party’s Annual Conference today. In his speech Mr Corby said, ‘’Conference, thank you. This is an extraordinary and precarious moment in our country’s history. The Prime Minister has been found to have acted illegally when he tried to shut down parliament. The highest court in the land has found that Boris Johnson broke the law when he tried to shut down democratic accountability at a crucial moment for our public life.

The Prime Minister acted illegally when he tried to shut down opposition to his reckless and disastrous plan to crash out of the European Union without a deal. But he has failed. He will never shut down our democracy or silence the voices of the people. The democracy that Boris Johnson describes as a “rigmarole” will not be stifled and the people will have their say. Tomorrow parliament will return. The government will be held to account for what it has done. Boris Johnson has been found to have misled the country. This unelected Prime minister should now resign. That would make him the shortest serving British Prime Minister in history and rightly so. His is a born-to-rule government of the entitled who believe that the rules they set for everyone else don’t apply to them.

That’s what today’s Supreme Court judgement spells out with brutal clarity. There was no reason – “let alone a good reason”, the judges concluded, for the Prime Minister to have shut down parliament. Conference, he thought he could do whatever he liked just as he always does. He thinks he’s above us all. He is part of an elite that disdains democracy. He is not fit to be prime minister. Let me quote the Supreme Court’s conclusion: “Unlawful, null and of no effect and should be quashed” – they’ve got the prime minister down to a tee. This crisis can only be settled with a general election. That election needs to take place as soon as this government’s threat of a disastrous No Deal is taken off the table. That condition is what MPs passed into law before Boris Johnson illegally closed down parliament.

It’s a protection that’s clearly essential. After what has taken place no one can trust this government and this Prime Minister not to use this crisis of their own making and drive our country over a No Deal cliff edge in five weeks’ time. The Prime Minister has no mandate for a No Deal crash-out which is opposed by a majority of the public. It would force up food prices cause shortages of medicines and threaten peace in Northern Ireland thus destroying the work of the Good Friday Agreement. The battle over No Deal isn’t a struggle between those who want to leave the EU and those who want to remain. It’s about a small rightwing group who are trying to hijack the referendum result to rip up our rights and protections to shift even more power and wealth to those at the top.

Under the cover of No Deal they want to sell off what’s left of our public services strip away the regulations that keep us safe while slashing corporate taxes even further. That would mean a race to the bottom in standards and workers’ rights to create an offshore tax haven for the super-rich. And they want all of this locked in with a one-sided free trade deal that would put our country at the mercy of Donald Trump. That’s why a No Deal Brexit is really a Trump Deal Brexit. That would be the opposite of taking back control. It would be handing our country’s future to the US president and his America First policy. Of course Trump is delighted to have a compliant British prime minister in his back pocket. A Trump Deal Brexit would mean US corporations getting the green light for a comprehensive takeover of our public services

I am not prepared to stand by while our NHS is sacrificed on the altar of US big business or any other country’s big business. And in the coming general election Labour will be the only major UK party ready to put our trust in the people to have the final say on Brexit. We need to get Brexit sorted and do it in a way that doesn’t leave our economy or our democracy broken. The Tories want to crash out without a deal and the Liberal Democrats want to cancel the country’s largest ever democratic vote with a parliamentary stitch-up. Labour will end the Brexit crisis by taking the decision back to the people with the choice of a credible leave deal alongside remain. That’s not complicated Labour is a democratic party that trusts the people. After three and a half years of Tory Brexit failure and division, the only way we can settle this issue and bring people back together is by taking the decision out of the hands of politicians and letting the people decide.

So within three months of coming to power a Labour government will secure a sensible deal based on the terms we have long advocated and discussed with the EU trade unions and businesses: a new customs union a close single market relationship and guarantees of rights and protections. And within six months of being elected we will put that deal to a public vote alongside remain. And as a Labour prime minister I pledge to carry out whatever the people decide. Only a vote for Labour will deliver a public vote on Brexit. Only a Labour government will put the power back into the hands of the people. We can bring our country and our people together. Let’s stop a No Deal Brexit and let the people decide.

We must get Brexit settled not least because Brexit has dominated our politics for too long. The coming election will be a once-in-a-generation chance for real change. A chance to kick out Boris Johnson’s government of the privileged few and put wealth and power in the hands of the many. A chance to give our NHS, schools and police the money they need by asking those at the top to pay their fair share. A chance to take urgent action on the environment before it’s too late for our children. And a chance to end the Brexit crisis by letting the people .. not the politicians have the final say.

In a shameless bid to turn reality on its head Boris Johnson’s born-to-rule Tories are now claiming to be the voice of the people. A political party that exists to protect the establishment is pretending to be anti-establishment. Johnson and his wealthy friends are not only on the side of the establishment they are the establishment. They will never be on the side of the people when supporting the people might hit them and their super-rich sponsors where it hurts – in their wallets and offshore bank accounts.

Let me send this message to Boris Johnson: If you still lead your party into an election we know your campaign will be swimming in cash. But we’ve got something you haven’t. People in their hundreds of thousands rooted in all communities and all age groups across Britain and we’ll meet you head on with the biggest people-powered campaign this country has ever seen – and if we win, it will be the people who win. Labour stands for the real change Britain needs after years of Conservative cuts and failure. We will rebuild and transform our country so that no one is held back and no community left behind. We live in a country where top chief executives now pocket in just two-and-a-half days what the average worker earns in a whole year. Where Thomas Cook bosses were able to fill their pockets with unearned bonuses, while their workers face redundancy and 150,000 holidaymakers are stranded because of their failure.

We’ve had the greatest slump in wages since the first steam trains were built. To share wealth, we need to share power. And that’s what we’ll do in government with bold, radical measures such as giving the workforce a 10 per cent stake in large companies, paying a dividend of up to £500 a year to every employee. We’ll bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers our country has ever seen. We’ll scrap zero-hours contracts; introduce a £10 living wage – including for young people from the age of 16; give all workers equal rights from their first day in the job; take action on the gender, disability and ethnicity pay gaps; and introduce flexible working time for workers experiencing the menopause.

It’s Labour that will get more money into your pocket, rather than line the pockets of multi-millionaires. And we will give people a democratic voice at work, allowing them to secure better terms and pay for themselves. Within the first 100 days of our government we will scrap the Tory Trade Union Act. And by the way, Labour will never tell people they have to work until they’re 75. A Labour government will mean better wages, greater security, and more say. Putting power in the hands of the people. And we’ll bring rail, mail, water and the national grid into public ownership so the essential services that we all rely on are run by and for the public not for profit.

Yesterday I met Luis Walker, a wonderful nine-year-old boy. Luis is living with cystic fibrosis. Every day he needs at least four hours of treatment and is often in hospital keeping him from school and his friends. Luis’ life could be very different with the aid of a medicine called Orkambi. But Luis is denied the medicine he needs because its manufacturer refuses to sell the drug to the NHS for an affordable price. Luis, and tens of thousands of others suffering from illnesses such as cystic fibrosis hepatitis C and breast cancer are being denied life-saving medicines by a system that puts profits for shareholders before people’s lives.

Labour will tackle this. We will redesign the system to serve public health – not private wealth – using compulsory licensing to secure generic versions of patented medicines. We’ll tell the drugs companies that if they want public research funding then they’ll have to make their drugs affordable for all. And we will create a new publicly owned generic drugs manufacturer to supply cheaper medicines to our NHS saving our health service money and saving lives. We are the party that created the NHS. Only Labour can be trusted with its future.

My parents’ generation fought hard to establish the principle of a universal health service owned and run by the public. They left it in our trust. It’s our duty to defend it. We will end the sell-offs and privatisation. Our NHS is not for sale not to Trump or anyone else. And Conference, we will make prescriptions free in England, as they have been in Wales since 2007 when charges were abolished by the Welsh Labour government. And we need to talk about social care as well. When older people, who have paid into the system all their lives need a little help we shouldn’t deny it to them. So we will introduce free personal care for those who need it as the first step in our plan for a National Care Service.

Government should provide a platform that allows everyone to reach their full potential. That’s the principle behind the National Education Service that the next Labour government will create. Free education for everyone throughout life as a right not a privilege. No more university tuition fees. Free childcare and a new Sure Start programme. Free vocational and technical education. And free training for adults. And when it comes to paying for our public services Labour will raise tax but only for the top five per cent. The Tories will cut taxes for highest paid. Labour will make the big corporations pay the tax they owe. The Tories will give them tax breaks.

How can it be right that the largest companies and wealthiest individuals are being given tax cuts while at the other end mums are dads are missing meals so they can feed their kids? Shouldn’t it be a source of shame that the United Nations – the United Nations – had to take our government to task this year over the shocking fact that 14 million people are living in poverty in the fifth richest country in the world? Let me quote directly from the UN report. It said:


“Much of the glue that has held British society together since the Second World War has been deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos.” Doesn’t that sum up the Tories: a harsh and uncaring ethos? Labour will stand up for tenants, for underpaid workers, and for all those struggling to make ends meet. We’ll start the largest council house building programme in a generation. Because Labour puts people before privilege. We will end austerity and help rebuild your community. We’ll restore local pride, revive the high streets that are the centres of our communities and reverse the cuts that have caused violent crime to double.

Labour will get our economy working in every town city and region with a record investment blitz, and we’ll boost the devolved budgets in Wales and Scotland. We’ll upgrade our transport energy and broadband infrastructure with 250 billion pounds of investment. And breathe new life into every community, with a further 250 billion of capital for businesses and co-ops. Investment on a scale our country has never known, bringing good new jobs and fresh growth to where you live. That’s the scale of Labour’s ambition.

No more tinkering around the edges. Because these aren’t abstract numbers on a spreadsheet. They stand for an economic transformation that will change your daily life. Let me give you a concrete example of what it will mean. Labour will invest in Crossrail for the North to link our great Northern cities, from Liverpool to Hull and up to Newcastle in the North East. And we’ll restore the bus services that have been cut leaving people isolated from their communities. For decades we’ve been told the economy is beyond our control, an irresistible force that can lay waste to entire communities while we can only watch on, passive.

But it’s not true. With a serious industrial strategy and a radical Labour government, the economy can be a tool in our hands rather than the master of our fate. And with a government that’s prepared to intervene we can prioritise the things that matter most. Which is precisely what our times demand, because nothing matters more than the climate emergency. That means taking on the big polluters and wealth hoarders who profit from the current system. Bringing our emissions down to net zero won’t happen by itself. It will only be possible with massive public investment in renewable energy and green technology.


That’s not a burden. It’s an opportunity to kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution that will create hundreds of thousands of high-skill high-wage unionised jobs as we triple solar power, double onshore wind and bring about a seven-fold increase in offshore wind projects. And that’s why we announced today that the next Labour will build three new battery plants in South Wales, in Stoke-on-Trent and Swindon.

The climate and environmental emergency we all face is an issue of global security. We’re seeing ice caps melting, coral reefs dissolving, wildfires in the Arctic Circle and Brazil’s far-right leader President Bolsonaro fiddles while the Amazon burns. Real security doesn’t come from belligerent posturing or reckless military interventions. It comes from international cooperation and diplomacy, and addressing the root causes of the threats we all face. Our foreign policy will be defined by our commitment to human rights and international justice, not enthusiasm for foreign wars that fuel – rather than combat – terrorism and insecurity.

So it really beggars belief that this week Boris Johnson is openly talking about sending troops to Saudi Arabia as part of the increasingly dangerous confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, in an apparent bid to appease Donald Trump. Have we learned nothing? Time and again over the last two decades the British political and military establishment has made the wrong call on military intervention in the wider Middle East, spreading conflicts rather than settling them. We must not make those mistakes again. Under a Labour government Britain will be a force for peace and international justice.

Dangerous and wrong-headed international interventions have also exacerbated community tensions at home. When Boris Johnson compared Muslim women to letterboxes or bank robbers, it wasn’t a flippant comment, it was calculated to play on people’s fears. Displays of racism, Islamophobia or antisemitism are not signs of strength, but of weakness.

This Conservative government as well as the far-right has fuelled division in our society. They’ll blame people’s problems on the migrant worker trying to make a better life. They’ll blame it on the mum who’s struggling on Universal Credit. They’ll blame it on Muslims, on young people, on anyone but themselves and their backers, who benefit from a grossly unequal and rigged system. Labour will do the opposite, we will bring people together. A Labour government will transform our economy and communities. We stand not just for the 52 per cent or the 48 per cent but for the 99 per cent.

The Labour government I lead will take on those who really run our country – the financial speculators, tax dodgers and big polluters – so the real wealth creators, the people of this country, can have the jobs, services and futures they deserve. When Labour wins, the nurse wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker wins, the engineer wins. We all win.

The politics we stand for is about giving people who don’t have a lot of money and don’t have friends in high places the chance to take control of their own lives. My job, as Leader, and our job as the Labour Party is to champion those people, to stand up for those communities and deliver the real change our country needs. And I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to every one of them as well as all the members of our party our elected representatives our trade unions for making our party such a strong and welcoming place in every community every workplace and every part of the country.

I have what might be considered a different view of leadership from the one people are used to. I do believe leaders should have strong principles that people can trust. But leaders must also listen and trust others to play their part. Because there are leaders in every community driving change. Many of them would never dream of calling themselves leaders, but they are. I’m thinking of the mother who campaigns on behalf of the residents in her block to get the damp removed, and the fast food worker organising their colleagues to demand a living wage. It’s those leaders Labour is now working with and supporting. Because our philosophy is to trust the people and give them the power to make change in every community and workplace, not hand more power to politicians.

And that’s why, if the British people elect a Labour government in the coming election I will be proud to be your Prime Minister. Because I will be a different kind of Prime Minister. Not there from a sense of born-to-rule entitlement. Certainly not there for some personal power trip. There because I want to put government on your side. To put power and wealth into your hands. There because I believe government should work for you.

And together, we can go beyond defending the gains made by previous generations. It’s time we started building a country fit for the next generation. Where young people don’t fear the future but look forward with confidence and hope. The tide is turning. The years of retreat and defeat are coming to an end. Together, we’ll take on the privileged, and put the people in power. Thank you.


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Progress in Health Equity Is Stalling Across Europe: New WHO Report Shows These Gaps Can Be Reduced Within the Duration of One Government Term



|| Wednesday: September 11: 2019 || ά. The World Health Organisaiton:WHO’s first-ever Health Equity Status Report shows that health inequities in many of the 53 countries in the WHO European Region remain either the same or have worsened despite governments’ attempts to address them. For the first time, the Health Equity Status Report captures the impact of policies to address these risks over the last 10 to 15 years.

It finds that many of the critical factors, that are driving health inequities are not being sufficiently addressed by countries across the European Region. For example, while 29% of health inequities stem from precarious living conditions, 53% of countries in the Region have disinvested in housing and community services in the last 15 years.

This Report is a testament as to how the so-called progressive political forces of Europe have been failing the peoples of Europe because they have forgotten their reason of existence as political forces: to seek to work to make better the lives of these vast multitude of the dispossessed, which requires them to work out what political philosophy and what political economics they are seeking to bring about into existence, that will create a reality, that can be sustained. They are failing the peoples and the obnoxious xenophobic and populist extreme and violent right wing forces are advancing across Europe.

The Report newly identifies five key risk factors, that are holding many children, young people, women and men back from achieving good health and leading safe and decent lives. The range of policies, outlined in the Report stimulates both sustainable development and economic growth.

Reducing inequities by 50% would produce financial benefits to countries ranging from 0.3% to 04.3% of gross domestic product:GDP, the Report finds.

“For the first time, the Health Equity Status Report provides governments with the data and tools they need to tackle health inequities and produce visible results in a relatively short period of time, even, within the lifetime of a national government of four years.” says Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

 Key findings on current health status and trends across the Region show a significant health divide.

::: While average life expectancy across the Region increased to 82.0 years for women and 76.2 years for men by 2016, there are still significant health inequities between social groups: a woman’s life expectancy is cut by up to seven years and a man’s by up to 15 years, if, they are in the most disadvantaged groups.

::: Almost, twice as many women and men in the least affluent 20% of the population report illnesses, that limit their freedom to carry out daily activities, compared to those in the most affluent 20%.

::: In 45 of 48 countries, providing data, women with the least education report higher rates of poor or fair health compared to women with the most education; the pattern is the same for men in 47 of the 48 countries.

::: Where people live influences how long and how well one is able to live: trends show that in, almost, 75% of countries surveyed, the differences in life expectancy between the most and least advantaged regions have not changed in over a decade and, in some cases, have worsened.

::: In the most deprived areas, 04% more babies do not survive their first year compared to babies born in more affluent areas.

::: Health gaps between socio-economic groups widen as people age: 06% more girls and 05% more boys report poor health in the least affluent households compared to those in the most affluent households. This gap rises to 19% for more women and 17% more for men during working age and peaks among those aged 65 and over with 22% more women and 21% more men, reporting poor health in the least affluent households compared to the most affluent households.

::: The accumulated poor health of those with fewer economic and social resources when entering later life predicts their higher risk of poverty and social exclusion, loss of independent living and more rapidly declining health.

The Health Equity Status Report, also, identifies new and emerging groups at risk of falling into health inequity. These include, for instance, young people, who leave school early; these individuals are at greater risk of mental health issues and poverty due to insecure labour markets and higher exposure to frequent periods of unemployment.

Those living with an illness, that limits their daily activities, are disproportionately represented in the least affluent 20%. Life-limiting illness reduces their ability to stay in the labour market and increases their risk of poverty and social exclusion. This massive loss of human potential has an impact on the fiscal sustainability of the countries in this Region through lost tax income and pensions and increased social welfare costs.

Researchers broke the data down to explore what drives health inequities in the European Region. They identified five critical factors and assigned to each a percentage reflecting its contribution to the overall burden of inequity.

Income security and social protection: 35%: About 35% of health inequities result from not being able to make ends meet. People affected, may, include those in full-time employment, who regularly struggle to afford the basic goods and services necessary to live a dignified, decent and independent life; these are the so-called working poor.

Living conditions:29%: This factor includes issues, such as, unaffordability or unavailability of decent homes, lack of food and lack of fuel to heat the home or cook a meal. It, also, extends to unsafe neighbourhoods and violence in the home; overcrowded, damp and unsanitary housing conditions and polluted neighbourhoods. This factor accounts for 29% of health inequities.

Social and human capital:19%: These factors, which account for 19% of health inequities, refer to feelings of isolation, low levels of trust in others and the sense of having no one to ask for help, as well as, feelings of being less able to influence politics and change things for the better. They, also, include violence against women, lack of participation in education and lack of lifelong learning.

Access to and quality of health care:10%: Health systems’ failure to provide universal access to good-quality services and high levels of out of pocket payments for health, are responsible for 10% of health inequities. Out of pocket payments, may, force people to choose between using essential health services and providing for other basic needs.

Employment and working conditions:07%: An inability to participate fully in the labour market, which affects the quality of day to day life and longer-term life chances, accounts for 07% of health inequities. Quality of employment is equally important, as insecure or temporary jobs and poor working conditions have a similarly negative effect on health.

“This Report explains how we can achieve health equity and bring positive change into the lives of all people in our Region. Through this effort we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly, Goal 10 on reducing inequity, the only Goal, which is not improving in our Region.” says Dr Jakab.

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Finland’s New Government Presented: For an Inclusive and Competent Finland: A Socially Economically and Ecologically Sustainable Society Where Education Is the High-Optimal Home of Each and Every Single Citizen of the Country Leading the World League Table

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|| Monday: June 03: 2019 || ά. Following many weeks of government-forming negotiations, since, the General Elections in Finland, that took place mid-april, negotiating parties agreed and presented a new Government for Finland today. According to the founding agreement of the new Government, which is being led by Prime Minister Mr Antti Rinne, the Leader of the Social Democratic Party, Finland is directed towards an ambitious, bold and visionary course, that aspires to include vocabulary, such as, socially, economically, ecologically sustainable society, where it acknowledges, accepts and chooses education to be at the highest part of the political agenda and programme of actions.

There is nothing socially, economically and ecologically sustainable for any society, that does not see this that the quality of its entire nationhood is a direct result, product, output and harvest of its investment in its education and life-long learning: only educated, knowledgeable, insightful, skilled and competent people of a nation can and do have the ‘resources’ to, not only work, create, develop and run such a society but, also, ensure that such society is not ‘wasted away’ by mis-direction, that savages the very society by disempowering and disenfranchising the very populace, that constitute such nation.

This new Government is a coalition between the Social Democratic Party, leading partner, the Centre Party, the Greens, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party. The new government will include 19 ministers: seven from the Social Democratic Party, five from the Centre Party, three from the Greens, two each from the Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party. Mr Antti Rinne takes over from the Government of the outgoing Prime Minister Mr Juha Sipilä. The founding document of this Government says, ‘’Climate change, globalisation, urbanisation, the ageing of the population and technological development, may be, transforming Finland and the world faster than ever before. This transformation offers great opportunities for the development of our country but, it, also, creates insecurity and concerns about what lies ahead. To face this transformation, we need policy measures, that offer people a sense of security and hope for a better future.’’

The document offers the aim of the first Government of the new decade is to seek work to build a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland by 2030. The Nordic welfare state and its key pillars, income security, well-functioning health and social services and solid education, as well as, high expertise create a robust and just platform for the work on reforms. In the socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland the economy is managed for the people, not the other way round. Sustainable economic growth is built on a high rate of employment and strong public finances.

The Government of Antti Rinne aims to create 60,000 new jobs, which will be achieved by measures, that boost the demand and supply of work. Besides a higher employment rate, sustainable growth, also, builds on more robust work productivity. The new Government rates education and research very highly. Education and culture are an important part of our value system and are considered to be a means of guaranteeing individual freedom.

‘’In the 2020s, wellbeing will continue to draw on knowledge and skills and on work and entrepreneurship. We must bring Finland’s level of education and competence back up to the top of the world league. We aim to boast the best working life in the world; to be a nation with happy and competent professionals, where every person’s knowledge and skills are put to good use.’’ puts the document.

Social responsibility means that we take responsibility for each other and our common future. This means a sense of trust that we will all be looked after when we are no longer able to do so ourselves. It means taking care of the whole of the nation and ensuring that our country develops equitably. Not a single senior citizen should be afraid of getting old; not a single young person should be at risk of exclusion. We will build a Finland that is child-friendly, a country where families and their opportunities to make choices are supported and where parents contribute equally to caring for their children.

The world of the 2020s needs trailblazers. An ecologically sustainable Finland shows the way in mitigating climate change and protecting bio-diversity. The Government is drawing a roadmap for an emissions-free Finland. The Nordic welfare model, combined with responsible and decreasing use of natural resources, is a model, that will guarantee the future competitiveness of our country.

Inquiries: Päivi Anttikoski: Director of Government Communications: Tele: +358 40 536 4821: Päivi Paasikoski: Assistant Head of Communications: Tele: +358 40 547 6279: Government Communications Department.

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