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Jessie May Peters

First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Humanion Editorial

The Humanion Editorial Arkive Year Beta

The Humanion Editorial Arkive Year Alpha

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Political Economics: The Larin Paraske Maxim Or Oath: Do No Harm to Anyone Or Anything



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The Humanion at Its Sixth Year: The Road Less Travelled: Humanics Is the Future of Humanity Because With Capitalism as Pseudonomics We Have No Future At All



|| Thursday: September 24: 2020 || ά. The Humanion completes the fifth year and begins its sixth of publication today as world humanity faces 'the fork' in its journey existential: 'the road, less travelled' is directing one way and the other, diametrically opposed to the first, is the road to extinction, enforced and implemented by pseudonomics of capitalism, that will destroy humanity and all the web and ecology of life on earth. The current pandemic onslaught on humanity by COVID-19 has added to this existential imperative further stress and strife, deaths and suffering while the rich under pseudonomics keep on robbing more and more of the values and worth, created by world’s working humanity while they keep on getting poorer and suffer and pay more.

Take a look at the world: while the total death toll from the pandemic, reaching towards one million and world’s countries are at various forms of lockdowns, inflicting untold suffering to the working and non-working poor humanity, this is the raw and brutal fact, vast majority of the countries of the world do not have universal social security,  education, social and social care services, national health service or housing. Among the world media of all forms and types there exists very little in the way of media and news platforms to bring these vital and most urgent issues to light: and the political elites of the world have fallen into a status-quo quagmire and absolute bankruptcy whereby they have nothing to offer to humanity other than maintaining their rotten and rotting status-quo of pseudonomics while all are directed and dragged towards extinction.

And while these countries go through the pandemic and follow lockdowns, ask yourself, how are these vast number of humanity in these countries, who have no social security, no other vital services, including, national health service, are suffering and how are they surviving or are they at all? How are they surviving? How many are dying as consequences to this sudden disappearance of their livelihoods, because of the lockdown? How many are dying of COVID-19 and how many are doing so in various other dangerous illnesses? How many are going hungry and suffering malnutrition and all other illnesses, arising out of that? How many will have died by the time this pandemic comes to an end from hunger, malnutrition and suffering from both treatable and terminal illnesses in addition to this pandemic because they have no social security and no national health service, which does appear remotely anywhere near the horizon, with highest of optimism? While in the richer countries, once again, the poor are paying the price and, while they all are getting poorer, the money is changing place and the rich are getting richer by the minute and they will keep on doing so.

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The Theatre and Art World Face Existential Threat: The Government Must As a Matter of Absolute Emergency Come Up With Imaginative Package of Measures to Support These Sectors: We Propose Some of the Things That Must Now Be Done to Save These Vital Heritage Landscapes of the Nation



|| Wednesday: June 17: 2020 || ά. It is evident now that the entire ecology of the theatres, arts, music, community art, festivals and community development sectors face unprecedented existential threats due to the pandemic and what it has done to everything in society. Everyone can see why and how this has come about and no one can be in any doubt that these sectors face existential threats and no one can see or predict how things will pan out in the long run. However, until we are able to sense the future with some clarity and confidence we are stuck here and now and we are faced with this sad truth that these most vital heritage and cultural ecology face existential threats, which they can not, on their own, overcome and, we can be, almost, certain that other than the most established and the largest of agencies among them, chances are, unless monumental efforts and initiatives are brought about to support these sectors, most of these vital and valuable community endeavours will come to perish away. This, spiritually looking at it, would be equivalent to see the ‘heart’ of community, life and humanity’ being taken out! What kind of a society and life and what kind of the quality of humanity we shall become without these cultural, artistic, musical and community worlds, feeding and nurturing our souls: empowering us, illuminating us, enriching us, challenging us, inspiring us and enhancing and making us better humanity?

This editorial is to offer some imaginative ideas and we present those to the wider world for the perusal and consideration of all those agencies and organisations in these sectors, all the professionals, workers, managers and leaders, involved in running these bodies and their programmes and those communities and humanity they serve, as well as, for the central government and the entire range and layers of local governments and their leaders and administrations. Because, unless bold, radical, imaginative and visionary initiatives are brought about, which can not and must not be done by any other bodies other than the central government, that must lead all other parties, including, the all these sectors and leaders and the community, as well as, the local government associations, all these sectors and all the agencies and organisations face these existential threats and vast majority of them will disappear, making us  looking at a cultural ‘Waste Land’, as, if, almost, looking at the desperate and devastating aftermath of a cultural and social tsunami, that the pandemic has inflicted on us, where we can not literally breathe for the cultural, artistic, spiritual and social space where we are to do this breathing does not exist any longer

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The Corona Virus COVID-19: Keeping Things Within the Bound of Reason Perspective and Proportionality: Excess Winter Mortality in England and Wales 2018-19: 23,200: COVID-19 Deaths So Far: 36: 23,200: 36: The Most Rational Response Is to Allocate Prioritise Focus Target and Direct Resources to Ensure the Vulnerable Groups of People Are Getting the Protection They Must Have at This Time: Leadership Is a Must That the Country Desperately Needs Now



|| Monday: March 16: 2020 || ά. We publish this research, by the Office for National Statistics:ONS, published on November 27, 2019 about how many people died in the winter than the summer.  This presents the deaths by sex, age, region and cause of death. According to this, there were an estimated 23,200 excess winter deaths, which occurred in England and Wales in the 2018 to 2019 winter, the lowest since the winter of 2013 to 2014. According to John Hopkins University run Centre for Systems Science and Engineering:CSSE the UK COVID-19 deaths have reached 36: coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html.

People do not blink about the total excess winter deaths of 23,200 a year in England and Wales while COVID-19, that has so far caused 36 deaths, all of which are terribly sad and regrettable, however, it is creating a sense of absolute fear, reaching, almost, to a public hysteria, causing infinite anxiety and worry and creating the resultant response and reaction of panic buying etc. COVID-19 is spreading everywhere, true but, so has the influenza or flu virus across the world. COVID-19 has, probably, a slightly higher mortality rate than the flu virus but both are equally aggressive to the same vulnerable groups of people, who are elderly and have multiple health conditions, that make them vulnerable.

The country and, the world for that matter, needs leadership desperately. It is vital that we keep our approach within the bounds of reason, perspective and a sense of proportion and we keep on going as best as we can with keeping our humanity, civility and character intact. Virus or not, we still remain human and we still exist in families, networks of families, communities, where agencies and organisations work and serve us in our civic society. A virus can not, should and must not be let to dictate, direct and devastate our very humanity, which is what happens when we abandon reason, science and evidence; it  must not force us to be anything other than what we are: humanity, members of a civic society, that exists by reason, evidence, science and common sense, as well as, the framework rationality, sense of perspective and proportion. And, above all else, with, by and in humanity.

The UK is lacking that leadership and in this a whole ‘wild machine of fear-mongering’ has taken a life of its own, spreading the fear far and wide. The Corona Virus is a pathogen, that, going by the evidence and science so far, appears aggressive to the same groups of vulnerable people, who get the similar aggressiveness from the flu virus. The rational approach and response, therefore, should be to allocate, prioritise, focus, target and direct resources towards ensuring these vulnerable groups are protected the best ways possible. So far, the UK government has failed to show any leadership and its talking of ‘herd immunity’ is nothing but nonsensical polemics. The vulnerable groups must get the protection at this time and everything must be done to ensure that is the case. Instead of letting fear, paranoia and hysteria keep on going and spreading to create, almost, a dystopian social environment, that is absolutely unhealthy and dangerous to natural public, communal and social life.

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The World Woman’s Day 2020: The Climate Sustainable Welfare Society: Is It the Model of the Future: Because Sustainability Must Be Attempted in Philosophy Political Philosophy Political Economics Sociology Jurisprudence and the Public Affairs Management System to Create a Sustainable Architecture of Existence in a Clean Green Circular and Sustainable Path: Existing Within the Larin Paraske Maxim: Do No Harm to Anyone or Anything





|| Sunday: March 08: The World Woman's Day 2020 || ά. The following is ‘Open Lecture: The Climate Sustainable Welfare Society: Is It the Model of the Future’, given by Ms Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, at the Columbia University, New York, on March, 06: We publish this in our Editorial with the following introduction, in celebration of the World’s Woman’s Day 2020, particularly, for the fact that Ms Sanna Marin herself is a leading woman, a mother and a young leader, who comes from a country, that proudly stands ahead of the whole world, in terms of how close it has reached in getting equality between women and men in all spheres of society; however, in terms of the wider world and, even, Finland, the work of equality has barely begun and, much, much, far too much, there is yet to be done and achieved. So long there goes, lawfully, poverty-wage, poverty-social security, poverty-benefits and the myriad of other devastating expressions of poverty in all spheres of existence, that capitalism’s poverty paradigm creates, maintains, distributes and enforces to the vast majority of workers, women and men, the political fight for equality, so to get to liberty, must go on until we have reached that shore, where all humanity stand on the ground of liberty, simply, because they have achieved equality, which frees them into liberty. That means there no longer exist two opposing camps among humans, the powerfuls and the powerless but, one humanity at liberty in equality.

There can not be any equality until that equality corresponds to equality and liberty for all, women and men, in these areas of life: philosophical, political philosophical, political economical, political, socio-cultural, sociological, educational, public affairs management, jurisprudential, cultural and socio-ecological, in all of which, there must come to exist verifiable, demonstrable, measurable, concrete and legally enforceable expressions of that equality by which humanity’s, both women’s and men’s, liberty, empowerment, enfranchisement, engagement, participation, involvement, connection and ownership can be measured. One, most fundamental of it all, is that there comes to exist the humanical building-block foundational human rights, including, the right to universal income for all citizens, eradicating the massive waste and desperate bureaucracy and the ignominy and degradation of humanity by the so-called social security or benefits and pensions, right to nutritionally balanced food and drink, right to degree-level education and life-long learning, right to a job, absolute right to an absolute home among many other such rights so that equality can be measured and liberty can be seen and shown as existing in all the spheres of existence.

Ms Marin is the youngest Prime Minister in the world and one can hear that youthful vibrancy, faith, hope, conviction, determination and resolution that says that we can ‘seek to try: to do: to change: to make better the human condition’. Because, if, we fail, the entire web and ecology of life on earth, including, the whole of the human race, face definitive extinction. There can not be any sustainability until and unless we take the view that sustainability comes as philosophical, political philosophical, political economical, ethical, moral, sociological, educational, jurisprudential, socio-cultural and ecological and humanical spiritual so that we are able to create a sustainable ‘architecture’ of existence in a clean, green, circular and sustainable political economics, that underpins all forms and expressions of sustainability, just mentioned and when such an ‘architecture’ exists within the Larin Paraske Maxim or Oath: Do No Harm to Anyone or Anything: the last two words signify all sustainability: all things and all living forms must have equitable status in the sphere of all existence or all life on earth, with an emphasis on the Universana. Because humanity does not just exist on earth but it does so in the Sunnara, in the Home Bay of the Milky Way Galaxy in the vast expanse of the Universe, our home Universana.   

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The Movements of People Running For Escaping the Trap of Eternal Despair and Hopelessness: The World Can Not Keep on Looking Away and Ignore Their Plight: The World Must Take Up the Moral-Beacon and Begin Work to Resolve These Problems at the Source: The World IS the Security Council: The Humanion IS Speaking to You: Do Something Now


|| Monday: February 17: 2020 || ά. A monthly average of 11,500 people, travelling from the Horn of Africa to Yemen last year, made the so-called Eastern Route the busiest maritime migration path on earth, according to the International Organisation for Migration:IOM. The Agency states that most are unaware of the security situation in Yemen where they face serious protection concerns, including, active fighting or abuses, such as, kidnapping, torture for ransom, exploitation and trafficking.

This very fact that, despite the war and conflicts going on in Yemen for many years, people are using this route to get out of their places of origin and getting in the war-torn country, where people are far more desperate than the ones coming to them, goes to show how desperate people are attempting to escape their reality, that they find and see as ‘the trap’. It does not matter what awaits on route or wherever they end up, these desperate humanity are not thinking of that but seeking to escape that ‘trap’, that forces them to seek to escape. However, for many, that ends up creating tragedies and will continue to do so. And the world keeps on ignoring and looking away. Every now and than, agencies, like IOM, presents statistics and, well, everybody says, ‘’Tragic! What a waste of human lives!’’ Etc! Etc and everyone moves on! Though, tragic it is and it ought to be responded to properly as humanity should and ought to do: humanity of this world. 

The world can not keep on looking away. It can not keep on ignoring these vital problems. There are many places, hundreds of them, on earth, where conflicts, violence, war and general falling apart of state and government infrastructures means that for people there’s no security, there’s no safety nor there is hope of seeing things ever getting better or that they will be able to get a living for their families. Lawlessness, inter-communal conflicts, religious tensions and hatred, gangs, drug curtails, violence and injury and deaths add to that sense of desperation and fuels this drive to try and ‘escape’ the ‘trap’. ‘Violent and chronic’ poverty is one of the determining factors in a great number of places, from where people are being ‘driven’ outward to seek, search, find and achieve simply ‘bread’. 

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Save the Whales: Save the Planet


|| Tuesday: February 11: 2020: Sir Robert Watson Writing || ά. At the first Earth Day 50 years ago, crowds of protestors across the United States held up signs calling for the world to “Save the Whales.” Much has changed since then, but one thing has remained clear: Whales are crucial parts of the planet’s carbon cycle and ecosystem engineering.  

So, isn’t it time to demand that our leaders commit to fully protecting these magnificent species? 

Covering 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, the ocean is the keystone to life on our planet. The ocean provides services that support communities around the globe. Our world’s oceans not only provide resources for food and livelihoods but also regulate climate and produce about 80 percent of the planet’s oxygen.

By now, the world is familiar with the havoc that climate change wreaks on our oceans.  Warming waters, acidification and sea level rise all threaten the survival of the species, ecosystems and infrastructure that support our planet.

Recently, scientists and policymakers have begun to understand how the oceans can contribute solutions to climate change. As some of the largest species on the planet, whales can make a significant contribution.

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