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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Global Warming and Climate Change

The Earth

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Ecology is Not What is Out There, Irrelevant, Far Away, Remote, Outside and Beyond Us But Our Home: If, We Let It Become Devastated Ruins We Let Ourselves Live and Suffer in This Devastation, as Well as, Ruining and Devastating the Entire Web and Ecology of Life. We Can Not Live Well, If, We Do Not Seek to Ensure Everything Lives Well for These Dolphins Can Not Live Well, If, the Oceans are Poisoned. As an Individual Human Soul, a Human Can Not Exist Well, If, the Entire Society is Poisonous or the Earth is Poisoned with Polluted Air or Water. Therefore, Selfishness is Anti-Existence, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Nature, Anti-Life, Anti-Science and Anti-Reason. Commonness, Connections, Oneness and Unison in Goal, Work and Creation is What Humanity is About. If, We Need Support for This View Just Bring in Mind the Human Physiology and See How It All Works in Oneness and Unison So to Ensure Existence is Not Only Sustainable But, Also, Being at Homeostasis, It is Ensured to Continue to Flow.....a Humanicsxian View of the Web and Ecology of Life on Earth: Munayem Mayenin





|| Thursday: January 14: 2021 || ά. The COVID-19 pandemic was not the only long-term crisis the world will remember from 2020. In terms of climate change, the year was, also, one of the three warmest on record and rivalled 2016 for the top spot, the UN weather agency said on Wednesday. “The confirmation by the World Meteorological Organisation:WMO that 2020 was one of the warmest years on record is yet another stark reminder of the relentless pace of climate change, which is destroying lives and livelihoods across our planet.” said UN Secretary-General Mr António Guterres.

He pointed out that at 01.2 degrees of warming above pre-industrial levels, the world is already witnessing unprecedented weather extremes in every region and on every continent. “We are headed for a catastrophic temperature rise of 03 to 05 degrees Celsius this century.” he warned. “Making peace with nature is the defining task of the 21st century. It must be the top priority for everyone, everywhere.”

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Focus on the Natural World and On Bio-diversity Is Absolutely Critical: We Must Tackle Climate Change But Climate Change Must Be Seen As Part of an Overall Agenda to Protect the Natural World: Boris Johnson at the One Planet Summit

|| Monday: January 11: 2021 || ά. The UK Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson MP has at the One Planet Summit, taking place today. Mr Johnson began by thanking the French President Mr Emmanuel Macron for organising this One Planet Summit, calling it ‘an absolutely crucial subject’, which it is for world humanity must learn to accept the highest-possible degree of moral duty, responsibility, obligation and care it has to take the guardianship, custodianship and leadership to look after, to take care, to not harm and to protect the Mother Earth for this is literally the only place, only planet, in the whole universe, that we are so far aware of where life can and does exist: this whole magnanimous web and ecology of life with its infinite bio-diversity, formed of things, of matters, of energies, of vegetations, of animals, of marine, microbial and countless nano-worlds of all lives and living things, including, us humanity and the infinite array of bio-diversity, that decorates the earth’s every possible expression of ‘surfaces’.

It is literally, as, if, the earth is asking for a human soul, for every human soul, all human souls to consider: that their home is on fire and it is going to get obliterated by this fire, burning everything to ashes and dust, everything, that we know of life, including, our very beings, this whole humanity, the whole web and ecology of life as we know them and the question Mother Earth asks is this: are we going to do all in your powers, all in your might to stop that fire or just wait there and keep doing nothing and keep on consuming, that would add to the fire more fuel so that the fire reaches the momentum sooner and bring an end sooner and faster and the agony of that perishing away in utter and sheer sufferings is beyond our imagination. There is no other way to put the emergency any other way for we are heading that way for sure and there is no question as to whether but by when! In fact, global warming and climate change have been, already, running havoc across the earth in all spheres of the earth, where life is spread.

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