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Humanics Does Not Do Taughtologies: Humanics Has Come to This Earth to End the Monstrosities of Capitalism, Which Is Nothing But an Economics of High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities of Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition: But Do Not Expect These Political Forces, Parties, Their Economists, Theorists and Their Propaganda Machines to Tell You About It Because They All Subscribe to Capitalism and Are Part of the Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism Whereby All Parties Are Committed to Enforce Poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Unemployability, Rough-Sleeping, Poverty-Wage, Poverty-Social Security and Destitution Warrant and Lack of Medicare and Social Care, Gating Away of Education, Higher Education and Life-Long Learning and Mass Homelessness of Many Kinds, Including, the So-Called Home-ownership, Which Is Nothing But an Endemic Debt-Bondage, Enforcing A Slow-Poison, Lingering, Life-Long Poverty and All These Create the Sociology of Squalor, That Sustains and Spreads the Sociology of Evil, Where Dehumanisation, Mechanisation, Machination, Manipulation, Herding and Jingoistic Economics of Infinite Greed, Endless and Ever-Going Robbery and Normalised High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities Are Enforced and In All These the Distorteddia Conglomerate Devastate and Destroy Reality, Truth, Science and Reason and Conduct an Ever-Going War Against the Human Persons, Families, Communities and Societies, Against All Humanity, Which Have Created a Jingoistic Jungle of Utter, Absolute and Comprehensive Ecology of Hell of Hunger and Poverty, Which Is What the World Has Become Under Pseudonomics: A Robbers' Field, Running An Open Season of Lootings and Grand Thefts, That Have Created a Sociological Hell on Earth for the Vast Majority of Humanity: Tell the World's Disempowered to Begin Work to Bring an End to Capitalism to Get to a Better World for All Humanity Where No One Suffers Poverty, Hunger or Malnutrition: No One Suffers Poverty-Wage, Poverty-Social Security or Destitution Warrant: It Is Time to Declare the End of This Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism of the Olden, Rotten Politics: It is Time to Change the Plate Tectonics of This World and Begin the Architecturing and Construction of a New World for All Humanity At Liberty and Equality

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Capitalism As Pseudonomics Is Running Economics of Poverty
Enforcing All High-Cruelties
High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities on
the Majority of Humanity on Earth

All-For-One and One-For-All


Jessie May Peters

First Published: September 24: 2015
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A World in Humanics: The Case For the Universal Assembly of the Humanion: Munayem Mayenin


  The World

Imagine a World Humanity in Humanics

O mankind We created
You from a single (pair)
Of a male and a female.
And make you into
Nations and tribes, that
Ye may know each other
(Not that ye may despise
Each other). Verily
The most honoured of you
In the sight of Allah
Is (he who is) the most
Righteous of you.
And Allah has full knowledge
And is well-acquainted
(With all things).
Surah 49: Al Hajurat: The Chambers
Translation: Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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The World Arkive






The Humanion Humanity of the Year 2017

The Portrait of Mother Earth: The Humanion









|| Wednesday: January 20: 2021: Munayem Mayenin || ά. The fact is this, that Mr Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of America, so has been Ms Kamala Harris as the 46th Vice President at noon today; there is no other ‘alternative fact’ about this! This is the truth, the reality. The truth, the reality: the ultimate validity of our existence, to which, must we, at all times, remain grounded, resolutely, which, in turn, means that we remain absolutely grounded to the architectonics of rationality, its architecture, its mechanisms, its systems and its processes, in the grid of learning, knowledge and wisdom, formed of the all the branches of science and mathematics and all other learning disciplines or, in other words, that we follow reason, science, evidence and common sense and all that shall equip us, strengthen us, enlightened us and empower us to remain on that path of solidity and protect us from falling into self-destructive delusions!

This is what the distorteddia have been seeking to do worldwide: to destroy, devastate, distort, fabricate, manufacture an alternative to reality, to truth and these are the ‘weapons’ the ’political opportunists and mudslingers’ have begun to use to their advantage as the distorteddia kept on making money and they have transformed capitalism into pseudonomics along the way. Must we remain resolute and grounded in reality and in truth: grounded in the realities of the humanity and goodness of the individual humanity, of the families, of the networks of families, communities, agencies and organisations and the ever-living, ever-growing stronger, ever-going, combined ecology of that humanity and goodness in the wider civic society. It is time to reassert this commitment and seek and strive to get back to that humanity and goodness and reject ‘opinion fascism’, ‘the pseudo puritan false morality’, where, while the world is getting drowned in utter injustices, hypocrisy, contradictions,  immorality, consumption, vaguism and debauchery, hunger, destitution, rough-sleeping, homelessness, malnutrition, prejudice, hatred, overwhelming poverty in every sphere of existence for the vast majority and much more besides, the distorteddia present a fabricated ‘pseudo puritan false morality’, where the very people, involved in this opine their way into this pseudo puritan false morality! And the ever-toxic, ever-poisonous voyeurism and reaching for the gutter come with that.

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Iran’s Preparation to Produce Uranium Metal: France Germany and United Kingdom Strongly Urge Iran to Halt This Activity and Return to Compliance With the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action



|| Sunday: January 17: 20212021 || ά. The Governments of France, Germany and United Kingdom have strongly urged Iran to halt the activities of seeking to produce uranium metal and return to compliance with its Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action:JCPoA. In a joint statement the three Government said that their governments were deeply concerned by Iran’s announcement that it was preparing to produce uranium metal.

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Global Warming and Climate Change: Step Up Action and Adapt to New Climate Reality: UN Environment Report 

The Universal Assembly of the Humanion



|| Thursday: January 14: 2021 || ά. Though countries have made progress in planning for climate change adaptation, there are significant financing shortfalls in getting them to the stage where they provide real protection against droughts, floods and rising sea levels, a new UN Environment Report has found. According to the Adaptation Gap Report 2020, released on today, Thursday, January 14, by the UN Environment Programme:UNEP, as temperatures rise and climate change impacts intensify, nations, must, urgently, step up action to adapt to the new climate reality or face serious costs, damages and losses.

Annual adaptation costs in developing countries are estimated at $70 billion but, the figure could reach up to $300 billion in 2030 and $500 billion in 2050. Almost, three-quarters of nations have some adaptation plans in place but, financing and implementation fall far short of what is needed, according to the UNEP Report. Stepping up public and private finance for adaptation is, therefore, urgently needed. Adaptation is a key pillar of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It aims to reduce countries’ and communities’ vulnerability to climate change by increasing their ability to absorb impacts.

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Biden Should Cement Rights in US Policy: Human Rights Watch World Report 2021

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|| Wednesday: January 13: 2021 || ά. The US President-elect Mr Joe Biden should work with global leaders, who have sought to shore up a defense of human rights around the world, Human Rights Watch said today in releasing its World Report 2021. His administration should, also, look for ways to entrench respect for human rights in US policy, that are more likely to survive the radical changes among administrations, that have become a fixture of the US political landscape.

“After four years of Trump’s indifference and, often, hostility to human rights, including, his provoking a mob assault on democratic processes in the Capitol, the Biden presidency provides an opportunity for fundamental change.” said Mr Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, in his introductory essay to the World Report 2021. “Trump’s flouting of human rights at home and his embrace of friendly autocrats abroad severely eroded US credibility abroad. US condemnations of Venezuela, Cuba or Iran rang hollow when parallel praise was bestowed on Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or Israel.”

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Global Warming and Climate Change: Urgent Transition From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy Is a Must: UN Secretary-General


|| Monday: January 11: 2021 || ά. Building a global coalition for carbon neutrality by mid-century will be the UN’s central objective, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr António Guterres told a conference on climate action on Monday. “All countries need credible mid-term goals and plans, that are aligned with this objective.” Mr Guterres said, addressing the virtual COP26 Roundtable on Clean Power Transition. “To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we need an urgent transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.”

Painting a picture of some 789 million people across the developing world without access to electricity, Mr Guterres said that three-quarters of whom live in sub-saharan Africa, both an injustice and an impediment to sustainable development.  ‘’Inclusivity and sustainability as key to support African countries, while underscoring that all nations need to be able to provide access to clean and renewable energy, that prevents the dangerous heating of our planet.”

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The World UNICEF WHO IFRC and MSF Announce the Establishment of a Global Ebola Vaccine Stockpile

|| Tuesday: January 12: 2021 || ά. The four leading international health and humanitarian organisations have announced today the establishment of a global Ebola vaccine stockpile to ensure outbreak response. The effort to establish the stockpile was led by the International Co-ordinating Group:ICG on Vaccine Provision, which includes the World Health Organisation:WHO, UNICEF, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies:IFRC and Médecins Sans Frontières:MSF, with financial support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

The stockpile will allow countries, with the support of humanitarian organisations, to contain future Ebola epidemics by ensuring timely access to vaccines for populations at risk during outbreaks. The injectable single-dose Ebola vaccine:rVSV∆G-ZEBOV-GP, live, is manufactured by Merck, Sharp and Dohme:MSD Corp and developed with financial support from the US government. The European Medicines Agency licensed the Ebola vaccine in November 2019 and the vaccine is now pre-qualified by WHO and licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as, in eight African countries.

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