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Syria: Does the Setting Up of the Constitutional Committee Breakthrough Offer a Sure Path Out of the Devastating War and Towards Peace


|| Tuesday: October 01: 2019 || ά. There is a sign of hope for the long-suffering Syrian people as a Syrian-led, Syrian-owned, credible and inclusive Constitutional Committee is set to start deliberations next month, the United Nations Special Envoy for the country told the Security Council on Monday.

‘’As the first concrete political agreement between the Government and opposition groups, it implies a clear acceptance of the other as an interlocutor.” said Mr Geir O Pedersen. “It commits their nominees to sit together in face to face dialogue and negotiation, while at the same time, opening the space for civil society at the table.” 

After years of intense negotiation, the UN Secretary-General Mr António Guterres announced last Monday that the Syrian Government and the Syrian Negotiations Commission had agreed to form a credible, balanced and inclusive Constitutional Committee, that will be facilitated by the UN in Geneva.

‘’It offers a new social contract to help repair a broken country.” he said. ‘’It can be a door opener to a wider political process and, if, accompanied by other steps to build trust and confidence among Syrians and the international community, a step along the difficult path out of this conflict.”

The agreement’s core terms of reference are framed by the key principles of respect for the UN Charter, Security Council resolutions, Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The UN envoy spelled out that the constitutional reforms adopted by the Committee must be popularly approved and transposed into the national legal order by a means, that will need to be agreed.

He outlined the Committee’s structure, which will consist of equal co-chairs, one from the Government, the other from the opposition; a 45-person body consisting of 15 Government, 15 opposition and 15 civil society members to prepare and draft proposals; and a 150-person body from the same sectors, each with 50 members, to discuss and adopt proposals, with a 75 per cent decision-making threshold.

Noting that the UN will release the names of the 150 members after they have been confirmed, he pointed out that the 50 civil society actors hail from different religious, ethnic and geographical backgrounds; some live inside Syria while others are based outside; and nearly half are women.

“Both parties have told me that they have confidence in the United Nations and want to work with us in a sustained and constructive manner.” said Mr Pedersen. “We will do everything we can to meet their expectations.”

“Ensuring sufficient credibility, balance and inclusivity has been a key priority. The result is a negotiated compromise and like all compromises, no one is completely satisfied.”

Lauding the outstanding work of Syrian experts and activists, men and women, on all sides, that have helped create this new public space for democratic and civic debates, he acknowledged that not all of them could be on the Committee, but expressed confidence that they will continue to make their voices heard.

“The future constitution of Syria belongs to the Syrian people and them alone.” he stressed. “Syrians, not outsiders, will draft the constitution and the Syrian people must popularly approve it.

Pointing to the continuing humanitarian crisis in Idlib; ongoing terrorism concerns; violence and the plight of displaced, abducted and missing civilians, the Special Envoy recognised that many challenges persist and appealed to all parties to seize upon the momentum that the Committee offers and take concrete actions, to build trust and confidence.

“Step by step, we need to build the kind of safe, calm and neutral environment, that could make Syrians feel that the political process can restore their country and respond to their aspirations”.


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It Is Time the United Nations Investigate China’s Forced Organ Transplant Practices to Ensure No Crime Is Being Committed Against Humanity




|| Monday: September 30: 2019 || ά. China’s alleged forced organ harvesting crimes were announced at the United Nations Human Rights Council:UNHRC, for the first time, in the Council’s history. Mr Hamid Sabi, the Counsel to the China Tribunal, said that it was now the ‘legal obligation’ of United Nations member states to address forced organ harvesting in China.

His speech comes after the China Tribunal, an independent people’s tribunal, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, announced in June 2019 that China’s organ harvesting crimes amounted to crimes against humanity. Mr Sabi informed the UNHRC of the Tribunal’s damning findings that innocent victims, primarily, Falun Gong practitioners have been killed for their organs ‘for years throughout China on a significant scale and that it continues today.’

The speech is the latest and highest level call for international action against China’s state-backed forced organ harvesting, as global pressure mounts on China to stop the murder of innocent people for their organs, in a scandalous industry estimated to earn the People’s Republic of China over $01 billion per annum.

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, China Tribunal Chair, also, stated at a separate UN event, “Governments, UN bodies and ruling bodies of medical associations dealing with transplant surgery can no longer avoid what it is inconvenient for them to admit. Crimes revealed in the China Tribunal judgment require immediate action. The UN and the International Transplant Society should face up to what is revealed in the China Tribunal judgment and act. The time of convenient 'uncertainty’, when all these entities could say the case against the PRC was not proved, is past.”

Ms Susie Hughes, the Executive Director of ETAC, the international coalition, that initiated the China Tribunal, also, announced that in a recent joint letter, human trafficking, legal, human rights and anti-slavery organisations called for a UN Commission of Inquiry into forced organ harvesting in China.

The China Tribunal’s Final Judgment has propelled an international outcry to put an end to this barbaric trade and has triggered worldwide action, with many recognising that wilful blindness is no longer an option. In the first official statement from a major U.S political party on China’s organ crimes, the US Republican National Committee unanimously passed a resolution condemning ‘China’s involuntary organ harvesting as a major human rights violation’ in August 2019.

In the UK, the Upper House is pressing for the World Health Organisation:WHO to look closely at the China Tribunal’s findings. WHO, who had previously advised the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office that China’s transplant practices were ethical, has now acknowledged that the information they had based their advice on was, in fact, ‘based on the self-assessment made by the country, that is a signatory and in this case that is China.”

In the UK, a private members bill to stop unethical organ tourism will be tabled in October and in Canada an organ trafficking bill recently received unanimous support from both the House of Commons and the Senate.

A joint letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Secretary-General and UN Member States, signed by 18 international organisations, is calling for a UN Commission of Inquiry into forced organ harvesting in China. 

The United Nations Human Rights Council has now been informed of the Tribunal’s damning judgement on the issue of forced organ harvesting in China. The inter-governmental body is made up of 47 states responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights across the globe. The UNHRC has the power to establish a formal Commission of Inquiry into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience In China to expose perpetrators and bring them to justice.:::ω.

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Sustainable Development Summit: A Demonstration of the Grand Declarations Without the Substance of Commitments of Investments Required: The United Nations Makes a Big-Do About Its SDGs for the Hollow Declarations While Its Member States Go About Lip Servicing



|| Tuesday: September 26: 2019 || ά. These days, the United Nations, from all its organs, keeps going on about their Sustainable Development Goals, in themselves, they are grand wishes, listed together without the faintest idea as to how these are to come anywhere near reality when those states and governments signing them, have neither the commitment nor the political will to put their money where their mouths are: to invest. And here is the next part, not all the states of the world can, even, if, they have the commitment and the political will, invest because they have no fund to do it from.

There are the LDCs, there are the developing and there are the developed countries, that the capitalism’s ‘class division’ of countries. The world is run by capitalism. The developing countries have no time to think about the others while inequality and poverty grow all over the places faster than anything else. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, unemployability, rough sleeping homelessness, absence of primary, secondary and college education, lack of higher education provision, shanty town existence for hundreds of millions of people, lack of universal medical care, lack of social security, lack of pension, lack of social care, lack of sanitation, lack of clean drinking water and the list goes on and on. How is any of this going to change?

In capitalism inequality grows and the system distributes it and so does poverty and it grows and grows and it, gets distributed, too. With it all, all kinds of ever-going devices of doing exactly that: growing inequality and poverty, capitalism keeps at its task and the rich keeps on harvesting the wealth, worth and value the workforces create while the dispossessed keep on getting more dispossessed. One of that devices is the payment of poverty wage to the largest group of workers across the world. Capitalism is such an economic system, that pays poverty wage to the vast majority of its workers, with which these workers can not feed their families and they perish away suffering poverty and perpetual hunger.

How is the United Nations going to change this with its glorious SDGs? Where is the will in these states, its members, to offer the substance to go with the skeleton of these SDGs? That they are nothing until and unless the investments, that are a must, are attached to them? Let alone any other states, even, the developed countries have been running, since the financial crash, a political economical war, they called, austerity, against the vast multitude of the poor and working poor and the vulnerable population! While they are doing this to their own citizens how or why are they going to invest in translating these SDGs into reality?

But the United Nations must keep at it and make big-do about its SDGs; the world and world’s humanity must wake up to this fact that the United Nations has become, well, it could not but have had to, because of the way it was constructed, a grand talking shop. It is time for humanity to aspire for something better: a body for the entire world and for the entire humanity and with it an entire new economic system to send capitalism packing to the political economics museum. SDGs can only happen were the UN members to be ready to get the funds required for translating them into reality from their rich-owners for all the states are run by the political elites, who are there because the rich have ensured they always serve them. Therefore, they won’t find the funds because in order to get them these elites will have to disturb their masters, the rich. That, they are not going to do for their masters, the rich, do not take it kindly, when they cut into their profit! To change that the dispossessed must rise to change things. ω.

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Ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit A Report From Leading Scientists Presents Science of Climate Change That Is Hitting Harder and Sooner Than Forecast: Action Now in Highest Emergency Before We Get to the Point of No Return

Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Group of Publications Call Upon All the World's Nations and States to Give Voting Rights to All Over 16 of the World For They Have Shown They Are Far More Wise Than the Older Generations From Which the Tired and Tied World Leaders Are Drawn Who Refuse to Follow Reason: The World's Over 16s Must Demand Voting Right Today















|| Sunday: September 22: 2019 || ά. Senior climate scientists issued a Report on Sunday, showing that over the last several years, sea-level rise, planetary warming, shrinking ice sheets and carbon pollution have accelerated; a sobering call to action for political leaders headed to New York for summit-level climate change talks tomorrow at the United Nations. It is now getting increasingly and absolutely clear to the world that the earth is heading faster than what people thought towards the point of no return. There is no longer time for talking and delivering speeches and having diplomatic rendezvous every now and then.

It is time to act and do so with highest most urgency for it is more than an emergency; it is a catastrophe happening before the world. Leaders, who make excuses will stand before the world and world humanity and they will find no earth to stand on. American administration, may, have other important things to do than attend this Summit but, future American electorate shall not forgive them as to how desperately this administration acted against their own people, their youth in particular and against the world humanity and against the ecology of life on earth.

It is time to deliver: the actions while we still can. The world’s youth have spoken and the entire world is seeing what climate change is doing and going to continue to do, if, inaction keeps the world locked in paralysis. Fossil fuel, coal, must not, be spoken in terms of 2030 and 2050 and 20 this and twenty that: they, must, come to an end. Now. The diesel cars and transport, must, come off the roads. Now. The economies of the world, must be, set on new clean, green, circular and sustainable grid. Now. The world, must, act together and does so. Now. China has shown its vital, vigorous and determined commitment to solar and renewables but, it now, must, as a matter of creating the final momentum, cut off COAL. China can do so, if, it puts its might into it as it has done to developing solar and renewable sector. China can cut off Coal today. This would create a seismic shift away from coal and towards green and sustainable energy. There is no more time to plan and posture and politicking. It is time to do: to exist or not do and get extinct.

The landmark new Report, which will be presented to the UN Climate Action Summit, underlines the glaring and growing gap between agreed targets to tackle global warming and the actual reality. Compiled by the UN World Meteorological Organisation:WMO, the Report, United in Science, includes details on the state of the climate and presents trends in the emissions and atmospheric concentrations of the main greenhouse gases.

Among other findings, the Report says that accelerating climate impacts from melting ice caps to sea-level rise and extreme weather were to blame for the record as the global average temperature increased by 01.1°C above pre-industrial, 1850-1900 times and 0.2°C warmer than 2011-2015.

The Report highlights the urgency of fundamental socio-economic transformations and carbon-curbing actions in key sectors, such as, land use and energy to avert dangerous global temperature increase, with potentially irreversible impacts. It, also, examines tools to support both mitigation and adaptation.

The assessment from the world’s climate experts and scientific organisations comes not just ahead of the UN Summit but, also, against the backdrop of last week’s global ‘climate strike,’ which saw millions of students across the world take to the streets to demand real action from politicians and big corporations to reverse the impacts of what the UN Secretary-General Mr António Guterres has called a climate emergency.

Swedish youth activist Ms Greta Thundberg told hundreds of young people, gathered at UN Headquarters, on Saturday for the first-ever Youth Climate Summit that young people were unstoppable and echoed her young  compatriots, who vowed to keep up the pressure on governments to make serious policy course corrections towards green energy and planet-friendly agriculture to seriously tackle climate change .

Mr Guterres told the young activists that he feared that there was a serious conflict between people and nature, between people and the planet. He further said that there was no time to lose, with so many people around the world, already. He asked world leaders not to ‘come to the Summit with beautiful speeches but to come with concrete plans’, including, carbon neutrality plans for 2050, options to tackle fossil fuel subsidies, taxing carbon and a possible end to new coal power sources after next year.

The findings presented by the Report’s experts spotlight the sense of urgency. Amid growing recognition that climate impacts are hitting harder and sooner than climate assessments indicated even a decade ago, there is now a real risk of crossing critical tipping points, according to the scientists.

For example, the Report shows that the average global temperature for 2015–2019 is on track to be the warmest of any equivalent period on record. It is currently estimated to be 01.1°Celsius, ± 0.1°C, above pre-industrial.

Widespread and long-lasting heat-waves, record-breaking fires and other devastating events, such as, tropical cyclones, floods and drought have had major impacts on socio-economic development and the environment. Moreover, as climate change intensifies, cities are, particularly, vulnerable to impacts, such as, heat stress and can play a key role in reducing emissions locally and globally.

Against this backdrop, meeting the targets set under the 2015 Paris Agreement requires immediate and all-inclusive action encompassing deep decarbonisation, complemented by ambitious policy measures, protection and enhancement of carbon sinks and bio-diversity and effort to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.​

“Strategies for mitigation and for upscaling adaptive risk management are necessary going forward. Neither is adequate in isolation, given the pace of climate change and magnitude of its impacts.” says the Report, which warns that to stop a global temperature increase of more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the level of ambition needs to be tripled.

The scientists say that only immediate and all-inclusive action encompassing: deep de-carbonisation, complemented by ambitious policy measures, protection and enhancement of carbon sinks and bio-diversity and efforts to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, will enable us to meet the Paris Agreement.”

“The scientific data and findings presented in the Report represent the very latest authoritative information on these topics. It highlights the urgent need for the development of concrete actions, that halt the worst effects of climate change.” said the Science Advisory Group to the Climate Action Summit, co-chaired by WMO Secretary-General Dr Petteri Taalas and Ms Leena Srivastava, former Vice Chancellor of TERI School of Advanced Studies.

Caption: The largest glacier in the Swiss Alps, the Aletschgletscher, is melting rapidly and could disappear altogether by 2100: Image: Geir Braathen.


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