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VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15: 18:30-22:00: St John's Waterloo: Waterloo Road: London SE1 8TY: Book Your Tickets

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The Arkive
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Humanics Spring Festival 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ

Nature and Solitude

VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15
St John's Waterloo: Waterloo Road: London SE1 8TY

Regine Humanics Lecture 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ

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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Elleesium Beautiful London Everything London

VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15













The Elleesium Arkive             To The Nine Worlds

Welcome to The Elleesium Circle: An Open Circle Or Sphere Includes the Entire Universe: Be Part of Both: With the Highest of Humanity Constructed in the Architecture of Human Rationality: Unfold the Infinity That We Are: And Let Us Strive to Seek to Try to Do: To Make Better The Human Condition












The Elleesium Song

The heavens are always a-light in the dark and dark is always lit with lights
Call on the dark call on the lights and light up the heavens with your dreams
For the dreams are that what shapes the steel that makes your architectonics
That what makes us human are the songs that arise out of our dreams as gulls
Free the seas free the skies free the seagulls in your soul and sing all a-light
: Munayem Mayenin: January 29:  2016:

  The Elleesium Beautiful London Everything London






Culture is not what is 'brewed', 'orchestrated' though many and varied manipulations or made 'fashionable' by propaganda; rather it is an expression and celebration of the beauty of all that human imagination, creativity, ingenuity and work, and through them, the resultant of all human interactions, have been able to create. Culture is not a museum or an art gallery or a theatre or an opera or ballet house; Culture is that what cannot simply be put in a cup or plate that people could be asked to 'drink' or 'eat'. Culture is simply a means for humanity to stand before and look at the mirror and 'see' what they have been about and what they have done, been and become.






The Inaugural Family History Day at the Migration Museum London: November 02




|| Wednesday: September 18: 2019 || ά. The Migration Museum London is hosting its Inaugural Family History Day on Saturday, November 02. The Day offers an accessible way for visitors to explore their family's story: whether one is new to family history or, one needs some inspiration and guidance in order to explore family history.

Along with the Museum’s event partners the National Trust, the National Archives and London Metropolitan Archives, the Organisation is inviting you the interested to unlock their family history with workshops, expert talks, interactive installations, photograph dating, archival specialists and much more.

The programme of activities taking place includes ‘Photograph Dating’ with the National Trust Photography Curator Ms Catherine Troiano, Ask the Expert’ with Dr Corrinne Fowler of the National Trust's Colonial Countryside project.

Other activities planned are family history workshops with London Metropolitan Archives, an installation illuminating the history of black Britons with the Black Cultural Archives, the opportunity to share family’s migration story with the Migration Museum and stands and stalls from a range of local history, genealogy and family history organisations.

In addition to talks from a range of speakers, including, Professor Turi King, who led the DNA testing of King Richard III in Leicester, Mr Roger Kershaw, Migration Records Specialist at the National Archives and Mr Robert Winder, Author and Journalist.

Tickets cost £05, including, admission to all talks and workshops, as well as, an opportunity to visit Room to Breathe Exhibition at the Museum.


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Fabio Novembre to Deliver the Next Generation Design Lecture at the London Design Festival 2019 in Stratford on September 18




|| Tuesday: September 17: 2019 || ά. International Quarter London:IQL is hosting one of the London Design Festival 2019’s keynote speeches. A leading Italian Architect and Designer, Mr Fabio Novembre, will headline the ‘Next Generation Design’ event, that will be held at Workable in East London on Wednesday, September 18 during 18:30-21:30.

Workable is based at 01 Westfield Avenue, Stratford, London, E20 1HZ. The London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. A major element of the Festival is the Global Design Forum, which is a thought leadership programme, celebrating design and reflecting the most innovative thinking in the world of design today.

Next Generation Design will explore how design practices and brands spot and nurture new talent and how emerging designers can get noticed and stay ahead in the creative industries.

Mr Fabio Novembre, Domus Academy Scientific Director, will begin the event with a keynote speech, that discusses how to get noticed in the creative industries. It will be followed by a panel discussion with industry experts, including, Mr Julian Vogel, CEO Modus BPCM and Ms Linda Roberts, the Director of Business and Innovation, London College of Fashion and Ms Hannah Robinson, the Programme Manager for Architecture Design and Fashion at the British Council.

The Next Generation Design event will be the only element of the Global Design Forum not to be hosted at the VandA. VandA East is due to launch in 2022 in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Based in IQL, Workable offers shared office facilities alongside panoramic views of the city’s skyline.

IQL is a £02.4 billion joint venture development between Lendlease and LCR. With the vision to create London’s new home for progressive businesses, International Quarter London benefits from an abundance of green space and fresh air, access to some of the world’s most forward-thinking cultural institutions, unrivalled transport connectivity and a workplace design that has employee wellbeing at its heart.

Readmore at londondesignfestival.com:::ω.

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Your Stratford Stage Opens the Doors of Cultural Celebrations Bringing Together An Array of Arts Organisations and East London Talents at the International Quarter London: Throughout May: All Events Free




|| Tuesday: May 14: 2019 || ά. Hip-hop storytelling, local dance battles, mindful art workshops and family fun days are just some of the highlights of the Your Stratford Stage event series, hosted by International Quarter London:IQL, the new neighbourhood destination and business district, located next to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Free to attend and running throughout May 2019, the diverse programme of music, theatre and dance performances, spoken word events, arts workshops and family activities celebrate East London’s creativity and multicultural talent.

Your Stratford Stage is the first in a series of events, taking place across IQL in Summer 2019, with Endeavour Square, the gateway to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, transformed into a public stage for Stratford. Hosted by Lendlease and LCR, Your Stratford Stage showcases some of the best local talents from across the worlds of dance, theatre, music, arts and literature. The exciting line-up caters for all ages and abilities and unites well-known organisations from the UK cultural sector with an inspiring mix of independent artists and performers.


Your Stratford Stage launches on May 16 with an open party at Endeavour Square, IQL, 18:00-20:00) with a lead performance from London Afrobeat Collective, among other acts and concludes with two Half Term Family Days on May 28-29.

The British Council is due to move its global headquarters to Stratford in 2020 and has invited award-winning African hip-hop storyteller, Mr Alim Kamara, to perform at the May 16 launch party, as well as, on the May 28 Family Day. The Artist’s love for the performing arts was developed through his formative years by emulating Michael Jackson’s dance moves and playing lead roles in school plays. As part of the British Council showcase, Mr Kamara will be joined by Discover Children’s Story Centre to deliver a storytelling session of Tom Percival’s book Perfectly Normal.


Family-friendly entertainment on May 28 and 29 include a series of dance activities and performances from Dance Cluster East partners, including, Sadler’s Wells, Company Wayne McGregor and East London Dance. Sadler’s Wells will present Candoco Dance Company’s You and I Know, a romantic duet by Ms Arlene Phillips, told through a series of vignettes set across time, on May 28. Danced with passion and sensitivity by Candoco dancers Mr Joel Brown and Md Laura Patay, the piece is a collection of pop songs and offers audiences a potent and emotive exploration of how we fall in and out of love over and over again, often, with the same person.

On May 28 and 29 East-based Company Wayne McGregor, a world-class ensemble of dancers and resident company of Sadler’s Wells, will perform excerpts from Autobiography by British Choreographer and Director Mr Wayne McGregor. Inspired by McGregor's own DNA and 25-year choreographic archive, Autobiography features music by US electronic composer Mr Jlin, and costumes by designer Mr Aitor Throup.

East London Dance brings together a variety of performances and demonstrations on May 16, 18, 28 and 29. These range from mini dance battles and open freestyling, led by New Movementz, to all-female hip-hop dance from Myself UK and Latin American ballroom dance class from Step Change Studios.

West Ham-based Rosetta Arts has partnered with local artists Ms Sabba Khan and Ms Aisha Naim for its showcase on May 28-29. Ms Khan will perform spoken word on the theme of motherhood and love, while Ms Naim will deliver two mindful art taster workshops.

As part of its Music Academy, Creative Wick, the regeneration agency for Hackney Wick, Fish Island and wider East London, has invited professional musicians, writers and producers to collaborate with a local youth group to produce new sounds for live performance on May 16 and 23.

Also, joining the launch party on May 16 is Stratford Circus Arts Centre’s in-house youth choir, NewYVC, which will perform everything from gospel and soul to the latest pop and RandB hits. Visitors to IQL can, also, catch two other acts including the E15 Jazz Band on May 24 and The Flying Bazazi Brothers on May 29.

Your Stratford Stage participants are British Council: Alim Kamara and Discover Children’s Story Centre, Creative Wick: Music Academy, East London Dance:East London Youth Dance Company, Leap of Faith, Myself UK, New Movementz, On The Move, Step Change Studios and University of East London’s Dance Collective, London Afrobeat Collective, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, Mr Smith, Print Wagon, PRS Foundation, Rosetta Arts: Sabba Khan and Aisha Naim, Sadler’s Wells: Candoco Dance Company, Sound Diplomacy: Denai Moore, Kylypso, Milly Upton and Toya Delazy, Stratford Circus Arts Centre: E15 Jazz Band, NewYVC and The Flying Bazazi Brothers, Studio Wayne McGregor and the University of East London.

Mr Andrew Tobin, the Project Director, IQL, Lendlease Europe, said, ‘’Stratford has a well-established and diverse cultural heritage and Your Stratford Stage is a fitting celebration for the creative talent on our doorstep. At IQL we want to champion local talent from past, present and future generations. Collaborative opportunities between local partners are increasing rapidly as our new community grows and is one of the hallmarks of this innovative and vibrant area.’’

Ms Ivy Nwanze, the Events and Engagement Manager of British Council, said, ‘’Moving our global headquarters to Stratford in 2020 will provide our organisation with the opportunity to create a space, that demonstrates the vital work we do in cultural relations. It will, also, allow us to be locally connected with the communities in Newham and beyond. Therefore, when presented with the chance to support the Your Stratford Stage event series we were keen to get involved.’’

Mr Alistair Spalding, the Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Sadler’s Wells, said, ‘’As we look forward to opening the doors of our new theatre in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2022, I’m delighted to be joining forces with our future neighbours and friends at East London Dance and Studio Wayne McGregor to share inspiring dance with local audiences and communities in Stratford.

Sadler’s Wells’ long-standing relationship with Candoco Dance Company has seen the company regularly perform on our stage for many years and we are excited to now present them as part of Your Stratford Stage in this powerful and tender piece choreographed by Arlene Phillips.’’

Ms Lucy Glover, the Company Producer of Studio Wayne McGregor, said, ‘’We are thrilled that by being part of this launch event at IQL, Company Wayne McGregor has a rare opportunity of performing before local audiences and to further build our connections with our local community in East London.’’

Ms Polly Risbridger, the Director of East London Dance, said, ‘’Programming dance for Your Stratford Stage gives East London Dance a great opportunity to showcase the incredible talent of the locally rooted artists, that we support and communities, that we work with. It allows these performers and artists to reach new audiences and for these audiences to discover the joys of dance through their work and getting involved in the free workshops we are offering. The event, also, allows East London’s established and new cultural neighbours to come together to provide a joint arts and culture programme of events, that is open to all.’’

Ms Sanaz Amidi, the Chief Executive of Rosetta Arts, said, ‘’Taking part in Your Stratford Stage will showcase some of the fantastic local Newham artistic talent working with Rosetta Arts and widen the reach of our acclaimed Mindful Arts programme. Using art and mindfulness, this is an opportunity to reach and engage new and diverse audiences in East London.’’

Mr William Chamberlain, the Founding Director of Creative Wick, said, ‘’IQL's support of the first cohort of the Creative Wick Music Academy has given a tremendous opportunity for a group of ambitious local young people from the communities surrounding the Olympic Park. I have high hopes that the chance to write, produce and perform their own songs will be a springboard to a successful career in the music industry and Creative Wick will do everything possible to help them on their journey.’’

For more information on the full Your Stratford Stage programme and event registration, visit internationalquarter.london/whats-on/events. Your Stratford Stage runs throughout May 2019 and all events are free to attend. All events are taking place at Endeavour Square, International Quarter London, E20 1EJ

About International Quarter London: International Quarter London is a £02.4 billion joint venture development between Lendlease and LCR. Located at the heart of Europe’s largest urban regeneration in Stratford, the project will deliver four million sq. ft. of Grade ‘A’ office space, new homes and community facilities within a 22-acre site.

With the vision to create London’s new home for progressive businesses, International Quarter London benefits from an abundance of green space and fresh air, access to some of the world’s most forward-thinking cultural institutions, unrivalled transport connectivity and a workplace design, that has employee well-being at its heart.

About Lendlease: Lendlease is a leading international property and infrastructure group with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our vision is to create the best places; places, that inspire and enrich the lives of people around the world. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Lendlease has approximately 13,100 employees internationally.

About LCR: LCR is wholly owned by the DfT and specialises in the management, development and disposal of property assets within a railway context and, in particular, property assets associated with major infrastructure projects across England. LCR was responsible for the delivery of the High Speed Onr Railway comprising St. Pancras International, Stratford International and Ebbsfleet.

Caption: Your Stratford Stage Performances: Image: Your Stratford Stage:::ω.

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I Humanics Spring Festival 2019: Join In and Let Us Unfold the Infinity That We Are Together: See You on Saturday: April 06: 2019



|| March 14: 2019 || ά. We have, just about, three weeks to go for I Humanics Spring Festival and I Regine Humanics Lecture 2019. Around central London, at community spaces our promotional materials are now seeking people’s attention and inviting everyone to join us in celebration of humanity, our human connections and bonds throughout the day. The Festival takes place, during the day, Saturday, April 06, 12:30-17:30 and the Lecture is in the evening, 19:30-21:30. Dr J Everet Green, who is to deliver the Lecture, informs us that his tickets are booked and The Greens are preparing to cross the pond to join us. People are booking their tickets.

We invite everyone to join us to begin something new, that will not only bring us together today but, also, keep on going and keep on keeping us together every year, getting stronger in our bonds and connections. Back in time, all those years ago, decades ago, when we were developing the ideas and visions of humanics in building up the narrative of Dehumanisation of Humanity, dehumanisation was not marking, moulding and ravaging humanity as savagely as it is now doing. It can not be over emphasised as to how vital it is for humanity to acknowledge, register how, terribly, existential a threat these monstrosities of dehumanisation of humanity poses to humanity and human existence. There is no other way but to see the philosophical imperative to make a stand and a choice to fight these monstrosities of dehumanisation of humanity.

In a nutshell, the movement of the human condition can be summarised as this: that before us we have an ideal of what we would call, the vision to create civic societies under the rule of law in natural justice and in this vision are incorporated as two sides of a folded piece of paper, in which, this vision is written: equality and liberty. Or, simply, that the human condition strives at every nano-second of existence towards reaching this state of equality and liberty in a civic society. All this can be said as: towards civic societies and away from jingoistic sociology of evil. Dehumanisation of humanity has been taking us towards the jingoistic sociology of evil: the more we get away from our vision and ideal of reaching civic societies the more and closer we get to the jingoistic sociology of evil. These two are the two opposing ends between which lies our choice: unless we choose to strive to achieve civic societies we fail ourselves in reaching the human condition, that will have given us the means to exist as humanity as an infinity unfolding itself and, in this failure we, then, let the jingoistic sociology of evil rise, thrive and get strengthened and strangle, suffocate and savage us into becoming the exact opposite of what humanity is and can be. The current state of the world and the desperate human condition we have going is the evidence museum to support this view about our state of affairs. We invite you all to join us in making a stand against dehumanisation of humanity and for seeking to unite and strengthen our human oneness, diversity, bonds and connections and in seeking to create a soul-commune-ecology of humanity in our realities of our persons, our beings, our families, our communities, our localities and our society in the contemporaneous realities, comprised of time, space and location, with us being rooted in them as a beautiful tree in a beautiful ‘Kew Gardens’. And, we, humanity, as this metaphorical tree, live and exist as mother nature intended us to do, in good health and mind and state of well-being when we create and expand two sets of metaphorical roots: one going in the depth of the earth and one rising towards the infinity of the heavens and with these two sets of roots we bring in the ‘goodness’, that is required to feed, nurture, support, enhance and foster our very humanity.  

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