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VIII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15

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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Elleesium Beautiful London Everything London

VIII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15













The Elleesium Arkive             To The Nine Worlds

Welcome to The Elleesium Circle: An Open Circle Or Sphere Includes the Entire Universe: Be Part of Both: With the Highest of Humanity Constructed in the Architecture of Human Rationality: Unfold the Infinity That We Are: And Let Us Strive to Seek to Try to Do: To Make Better The Human Condition












The Elleesium Song

The heavens are always a-light in the dark and dark is always lit with lights
Call on the dark call on the lights and light up the heavens with your dreams
For the dreams are that what shapes the steel that makes your architectonics
That what makes us human are the songs that arise out of our dreams as gulls
Free the seas free the skies free the seagulls in your soul and sing all a-light
: Munayem Mayenin: January 29:  2016:

  The Elleesium Beautiful London Everything London






Culture is not what is 'brewed', 'orchestrated' though many and varied manipulations or made 'fashionable' by propaganda; rather, it is an expression and celebration of the beauty of all that human imagination, creativity, ingenuity and work and, through them, the resultant of all human interactions, have been able to create. Culture is not a museum or an art gallery or a theatre or an opera or ballet house; culture is that, what can not, simply, be put in a cup or plate, that people could be asked to 'drink' or 'eat'. Culture is, simply, a means for humanity to stand before and look at the mirror and 'see' what they have been about and what they have done, been and become.













The Migration Museum London Moves to Its New Home in Lewisham on February 14


|| Monday: February 03: 2020 || ά. The Migration Museum, Britain's first museum, dedicated to exploring how the movement of people to and from the UK across the ages has shaped the country’s modern ‘face’, is moving to its own home at a large new venue in Lewisham Shopping Centre in South East London on February 14.

The Museum’s new home, on the site of a former branch of retailer HandM, is almost, three times the size of its previous venue in Lambeth. The new venue is being based in a busy shopping centre, attracting, almost 15 million visitors a year, will enable it to reach a much larger audience than ever before.

Additionally, as a new, non-traditional Museum, being based in a non-traditional cultural space, such as, a shopping centre, that is accessible to all and can break down the perceived and real barriers to entry to museums and cultural spaces, that some people encounter, feels fitting.

Highlights from our 2020 programme of the Museum include: ::: Room to Breathe, an immersive exhibition, inviting visitors on a journey through a series of rooms, in which hundreds of personal stories from generations of new arrivals to Britain are brought to life in creative and unexpected ways.

::: Humanæ, a participatory project by Artist Ms Angélica Dass, documenting every human skin tone through portrait photographs.

::: Departures, a new exhibition, exploring 400 years of emigration stories from Britain to coincide with the anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower to North America, opening in April 2020.

::: A wide range of events, from stand-up comedy to art workshops, football tournaments and more.

::: Temporary exhibitions, exploring the impact of migration on sport and music.

‘’It's an exciting and extremely timely opportunity for us to reach and engage as wide an audience as possible on migration themes as we leave the EU and with questions about national identity, the kind of nation we want to be and our relationship with the rest of the world at centre stage.’’ said Mr Matthew Plowright, the Head of Communications at the Migration Museum.

‘’And against the backdrop of rising incidences of hate crimes, we believe that we can play a much needed role in increasing understanding of our shared migrant history and heritage and emphasising what we have in common at a time of seeming division and polarisation.

From an arts perspective, having a museum based in a former retail unit in the middle of a busy shopping centre is, also, hopefully, of interest at a time when all cultural institutions are striving to ensure that outputs and collections are relevant and accessible to all.’’

Visitor Information

Address: Migration Museum: Unit 11, Lewisham Shopping Centre: Entrance in Central Square: Molesworth Street: London SE13 7HB

Opening Hours Free Entry

All exhibitions are free entry and will be open Wednesdays-Sundays, 11:00-17:00. No advance booking is required for individual visits. For group visits of 10 or more, contact the Museum in advance by filling out a booking form at

The Migration Museum’s shop, located at the front of its new venue, will be open seven days a week, 11:00-17:00.


Telephone: 020 3488 4508



The Migration Museum in Lewisham Shopping Centre is easily accessible by public transport, bike and car: Train: Lewisham station is a five-minute walk, with frequent Southeastern services to London Bridge, London Charing Cross, London Cannon Street, London Victoria and stations across south-east London and Kent.

DLR: Lewisham DLR station is a four-minute walk, with regular direct services to Bank and easy access to Stratford, Tower Gateway, Beckton and Woolwich Arsenal.

Bus: A large number of buses stop directly outside or near the shopping centre: 21, 47, 54, 75, 122, 136, 178, 180, 181, 185, 199, 208, 225, 261, 273, 284, 321, 380 and 436.

Bike: Free cycle racks are located on Molesworth Street, Rennell Street and Lewisham High Street

Car: Lewisham Shopping Centre has multi-storey car parking facilities with lift and stair access.


The Migration Museum and Lewisham Shopping Centre are fully accessible for wheelchair users.


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Decorating the Spirit: Vision Board and Visualisation Day in Tulse Hill London: December 28


|| Monday: December 16: 2019 || ά. Decorating the Spirit is back at the end of the year, with Visualisation Day, taking place on Saturday, December 28 , 15:00-18:30 at Glows Hotdesk and Maker Space, 1a Greenleaf Close, The Portacabin, Tulse Hill Estate, London SW2 2HB. What is a Vision Board: well, a vison board story is the efforts by one, to seek and try to ‘sell’ one’s very own ideas to one’s very on self. In other words, so that one sees them as real, as visible, as prospect prints, as possible, as feasible, as doable: or, rather, that they contain everything, that one can find in something, that is real. That it is capable of being translated into reality so that one believes in that and accepts and tries to bring that into reality.

In humanics we say, future is nothing but what we have inside us, that we bring ourselves to see first with the mind’s eye and, once, we have done, we can bring that sight, that vision and the ideas, that form that vision into the outside so that the world can see them, as well as, one, who has brought them into reality. This way, the vision board offers people the way to bring what is inside them outside so that they can see their inner world outside and begin to believe in that world and this belief is the beginning of all realities in this universe. So, back to the vision board: A working Vision Board is a visual tool, that can help you define, understand and focus on significant life goals. One person’s vision board might be very different from another’s. The only thing, that all vision board examples have in common is that all boards displaying pictures, that represent the desired future. 

So, if, you’re looking for love, then, it, might be, covered in images of relationships from happy movies, along with quotes, that encapsulate what you want from a partner. Meanwhile, if, you are working towards financial abundance, then, you, might, choose to depict what you want to buy and, also, display images, that, generally, represent wealth.

When thinking about vision board ideas, it’s important to think in broad terms. Yes, you can, certainly, use images cut from magazines but, you can, also, use photographs you take, write affirmations and, even, include your own art. Whether you want to look at it from a spiritual or scientific aspect, this world is a huge vision board and our imagination has manifested everything we see around us. There are no strict rules about exactly how you have to make a vision board. The point is to create something, that keeps you focused on where you want to be and you can choose any form or design that resonates with you.

Ideally, you’ll find some quiet time all to yourself when you can calm your thoughts and let your mind be open to unlimited possibilities as you create your vision board

Everything, that you want to see in your world can manifest and it begins with an image in your own mind. Want to call it a blueprint or a business plan? Fine. But first, they had to think about it and draft it. So, a vision board? It’s like selling our own ideas to ourselves. Vision board success stories show that it definitely can. Dream boarding is a powerful mental exercise, that works for a range of reasons.

Coach Ms Carla Campbell is taking part in the event. She says, ‘’Decorating the Spirit is a holistic process of wellness, which combines writing a daily gratitude journal with self-reflection, personal tasks and monthly gatherings . These creative encounters and challenges will help you identify your spiritual purpose and align you with your divine destiny whilst moving you towards accomplishing some of your most cherished desires and most sacred aspirations.

Decorating the Spirit methodology helps you put your spiritual wellbeing and welfare at the centre of your life. Life is not about how much you give or how much you do but who you choose to become. 

Put aside an afternoon to focus on your future your purpose and your own inner spiritual fulfilment. Create a new vison for your year and a new pathway for the rest of your life.’’

By the end of this empowering event you will have created A victorious vision board for your year ahead a valuable communication:marketing tool with your elevator pitch, a versatile relative log with your wheel of life template and a valid theme for your year ahead.

The Organiser of the Event, Ms Claudette Athea Douglas AKA Reverend Dread invites you all to another Decorating the Spirit event. ‘’Come prepared to challenge your previous limited thinking. Come with an open mind and be prepared to change your behaviour in order and create the life you want to live.’’ Ms Douglas says.

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Decorating the Sprit: Writing Workshop Launching in Brixton: November 17



|| Thursday: October 31: 2019 || ά. This new writing workshop, ‘Decorating Spirit’, is taking place on Sunday, November 17 at House of Higge, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton, London SW2 5TN at 14:00-18:00. The Event is free to attend. The Event Organiser Ms Claudette Douglas invites interested people to join the Event for seeking to ‘unleash your journal writing and allow your inner thoughts, mindfulness and creative energy to flow’.

‘Decorating the Spirit’ combines journal writing with self-reflection, sharing creative encounters and challenges, that move one towards accomplishing some of one’s deepest cherished desires and most sacred aspirations. ‘’How do you want the world to be different because you have lived in it? How do you want to be different because you have lived in the world? You are unique and there is no one else exactly like you on this entire planet. Your DNA, mind, thoughts past experiences insights, perspectives emotions and feelings belong only to you.’’ says Ms Douglas.

‘’Your destiny is yours alone to fulfil. You came into this world for a reason. Every one of us are spiritual beings, experiencing this physical existence, called, life, therefore, we all possess innate spiritual gifts, potential and power.

Your main role is to put aside dedicated time to identify your purpose and pursue it by giving yourself the devotion, compassion, commitment, energy, creativity and support yourself to know your dreams, goals, hopes and aspirations deserve.’’ Ms Douglas says.

The Event will explore questions, such as, ‘’If, you were willing to identity and pursue the things, that resonate with your inner fulfilment how would this affect the way you experience your life every day? If, you had the faith to tap into your spiritual resources and potential what would you want to contribute to humanity?’’

‘’If, your answers indicate that you desire more motivation, spiritual growth self-reliance and self-discovery, experienced through an energised gratitude driven life, then, ‘Decorating the Spirit’ provides the method and encounters, that can help you change the mundane into the truly miraculous.’’

Through combining daily journal writing and reflection with inspirational monthly events, that will include practical seminars on prayer and meditation, Garden Parties, Repositioning your future Vision Day, Self-publishing, releasing your entrepreneurship, My London: fun days out, confidence and public speaking through theatre skills, creativity boot camps, that unchain your inner wonder all designed to empower you to tap into spirit and ignite your own fires, share the journey with others whilst enjoying our monthly gatherings.

This 12-stage process will uplift, inspire and enable you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your spirit, the tools to unlock your inner spiritual genie, the opportunity to make new friendships, have new experiences, gain and give encouragement as you pay attention to and enrich your spiritual core. Each month you will be affirmed and supported to press forward to live the more fulfilled life that you were born to use to serve your truest and highest calling. 

To book places visit:::ω.

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The VII London Poetry Festival 2019 Concludes the Celebrations of Poetry

Download the Festival Report



|| Wednesday: October 16: 2019 || ά. The VII London Poetry Festival 2019 opened on Monday, October 14 and concluded on Tuesday, October 15, celebrating the word where poets and musicians took part in reading and recitals of poetry and music at St John’s Waterloo, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY. On the second and final evening readings went on bringing the Festival to the end for this year.

The first evening began with Mr Munayem Mayenin, welcoming everyone at the proceedings of the evening. Ms Tricia Peak began the readings with her eloquent renderings on the current existential issues, that concern the human condition while humanity faces the real danger of extinction. She was followed by Mr Robert Zachary from the United States, who read some powerful poems, Free Tibet was, probably, the highlight of his presentation.

Followed by the combined presentation of art, poetry and music by the Festival’s Artist in Residence Dr Ramya Mohan, who mesmerised the audience with her rich work of creativity. Mr Richard Deakin and Ms Claudette Douglas kept the audience involved with issues of what poetry and poets are concerned about: the need to rise to challenge, which found expressions in Mr Deakin’s poetry and to present both the negations and the affirmation of hope and optimism, which found their voice in Ms Douglas and Mr Zachary.

Mr Mayenin read a couple of poems to bring the evening to an end. The Festival continues tonight in its final evening.

Ms Sophea Payne, the Festival Co-ordinator co-ordinated the evening with the team, of Ms Ferdousi Lipi Hussain, Ms Claudette Douglas and Mr Zainal Abedin Choudhury. Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd thanks everyone for their support, assistance, involvement and participation in the Festival and invites everyone to come along to the final evening.

‘’Poetry remains, as it always has been, a direct form of expressing existence and what that existence seeks to reach towards, to strive for and to curve out as the measure, as the treasure of that existence: or, rather, to craft the truth where the craft-humanship creates a garden of beauty where both stand in a mirror and reality relationship in which one is found at looking at the other. Look at the rose to see its biochemistry or to biochemistry of the Rose to see the beauty of the rose.’’ says Mr Munayem Mayenin.

The second evening gathered the audience and poets together at the venue and readings enthralled the participants. Mr Richard Deakin, Mr Robert Zachary and Mr Munayem Mayenin read in the concluding evening.

Ms Sophea Payne, the Festival Co-ordinator thanked everyone for their support and participation.

The VII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15 will take place at at the Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ. The First Humanics Spring Festival 2020 will take place at the same venue, on April 06: A day-long Festival celebrating all things humanity.

Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd publishes The Humanion UK Online Daily and The Humanion Portable Daily and organises the London Poetry Festival, the Humanics Spring Festival and Regine Humanics Lecture.:::ω.

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The Inaugural Family History Day at the Migration Museum London: November 02




|| Wednesday: September 18: 2019 || ά. The Migration Museum London is hosting its Inaugural Family History Day on Saturday, November 02. The Day offers an accessible way for visitors to explore their family's story: whether one is new to family history or, one needs some inspiration and guidance in order to explore family history.

Along with the Museum’s event partners the National Trust, the National Archives and London Metropolitan Archives, the Organisation is inviting you the interested to unlock their family history with workshops, expert talks, interactive installations, photograph dating, archival specialists and much more.

The programme of activities taking place includes ‘Photograph Dating’ with the National Trust Photography Curator Ms Catherine Troiano, Ask the Expert’ with Dr Corrinne Fowler of the National Trust's Colonial Countryside project.

Other activities planned are family history workshops with London Metropolitan Archives, an installation illuminating the history of black Britons with the Black Cultural Archives, the opportunity to share family’s migration story with the Migration Museum and stands and stalls from a range of local history, genealogy and family history organisations.

In addition to talks from a range of speakers, including, Professor Turi King, who led the DNA testing of King Richard III in Leicester, Mr Roger Kershaw, Migration Records Specialist at the National Archives and Mr Robert Winder, Author and Journalist.

Tickets cost £05, including, admission to all talks and workshops, as well as, an opportunity to visit Room to Breathe Exhibition at the Museum.


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Fabio Novembre to Deliver the Next Generation Design Lecture at the London Design Festival 2019 in Stratford on September 18




|| Tuesday: September 17: 2019 || ά. International Quarter London:IQL is hosting one of the London Design Festival 2019’s keynote speeches. A leading Italian Architect and Designer, Mr Fabio Novembre, will headline the ‘Next Generation Design’ event, that will be held at Workable in East London on Wednesday, September 18 during 18:30-21:30.

Workable is based at 01 Westfield Avenue, Stratford, London, E20 1HZ. The London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. A major element of the Festival is the Global Design Forum, which is a thought leadership programme, celebrating design and reflecting the most innovative thinking in the world of design today.

Next Generation Design will explore how design practices and brands spot and nurture new talent and how emerging designers can get noticed and stay ahead in the creative industries.

Mr Fabio Novembre, Domus Academy Scientific Director, will begin the event with a keynote speech, that discusses how to get noticed in the creative industries. It will be followed by a panel discussion with industry experts, including, Mr Julian Vogel, CEO Modus BPCM and Ms Linda Roberts, the Director of Business and Innovation, London College of Fashion and Ms Hannah Robinson, the Programme Manager for Architecture Design and Fashion at the British Council.

The Next Generation Design event will be the only element of the Global Design Forum not to be hosted at the VandA. VandA East is due to launch in 2022 in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Based in IQL, Workable offers shared office facilities alongside panoramic views of the city’s skyline.

IQL is a £02.4 billion joint venture development between Lendlease and LCR. With the vision to create London’s new home for progressive businesses, International Quarter London benefits from an abundance of green space and fresh air, access to some of the world’s most forward-thinking cultural institutions, unrivalled transport connectivity and a workplace design that has employee wellbeing at its heart.

Readmore atω.

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Your Stratford Stage Opens the Doors of Cultural Celebrations Bringing Together An Array of Arts Organisations and East London Talents at the International Quarter London: Throughout May: All Events Free




|| Tuesday: May 14: 2019 || ά. Hip-hop storytelling, local dance battles, mindful art workshops and family fun days are just some of the highlights of the Your Stratford Stage event series, hosted by International Quarter London:IQL, the new neighbourhood destination and business district, located next to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Free to attend and running throughout May 2019, the diverse programme of music, theatre and dance performances, spoken word events, arts workshops and family activities celebrate East London’s creativity and multicultural talent.

Your Stratford Stage is the first in a series of events, taking place across IQL in Summer 2019, with Endeavour Square, the gateway to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, transformed into a public stage for Stratford. Hosted by Lendlease and LCR, Your Stratford Stage showcases some of the best local talents from across the worlds of dance, theatre, music, arts and literature. The exciting line-up caters for all ages and abilities and unites well-known organisations from the UK cultural sector with an inspiring mix of independent artists and performers.


Your Stratford Stage launches on May 16 with an open party at Endeavour Square, IQL, 18:00-20:00) with a lead performance from London Afrobeat Collective, among other acts and concludes with two Half Term Family Days on May 28-29.

The British Council is due to move its global headquarters to Stratford in 2020 and has invited award-winning African hip-hop storyteller, Mr Alim Kamara, to perform at the May 16 launch party, as well as, on the May 28 Family Day. The Artist’s love for the performing arts was developed through his formative years by emulating Michael Jackson’s dance moves and playing lead roles in school plays. As part of the British Council showcase, Mr Kamara will be joined by Discover Children’s Story Centre to deliver a storytelling session of Tom Percival’s book Perfectly Normal.