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Humanity is found in individuals, families, networks of families, communities, agencies and organisations, created by, with and run by and for humanity all of whom and all of which can not but exist in time and space or in reality, that is found and seen in the individual, social, cultural, familial, communal, artistic, economic, political, jurisprudential, academic, sociological, newsmedia expressions or social discourse and spiritual spheres, that exist in that reality of a civic society. This humanity can not exist outside or without that time-space reality. The entire range of machinations, mechanisations, manipulations, directions, dictations, herding of this humanity, advancing dehumanisation of humanity by the entire range of distorteddia conglomerate are threatening this very humanity because their all-out assault is directed against this reality, this real existence of all forms, manners and expressions of humanity so that reality has been falling apart: despite that fact that people are 'hooked' onto 'the net' they are most disconnected from each other and all others and, thus, more and more from that very reality, from that time and space and, thereby, all forms and expressions of humanity are fast becoming most powerless, most helpless, most isolated, most disempowered, most disconnected, most disjointed, most disenfranchised because they are no longer as strongly connected to that reality with the life-enabling, life-sustaining and life-nourishing strength of the human connectedness, human relations, human bonds and human kinship so that we are fast becoming sand-grain-collectives formed of weakest of individuals, in families and in communities and individuals are becoming weaker every day as families get to become the same, which threaten the strengths of the family networks, which severely malnourishes the sense and life of communities and that, ultimately, eats and erases away the social cohesion and civic society begins to choke away, choking our entire human existence. No one seems to be bothered about this and there are people, who have the audacity to say things like, 'the future is here and you better get used to it' kind of gutter-rubbish. If, we cease to exist as humanity, because we have been utterly, comprehensively and irreversibly dehumanised, than, what do we become and what do we exist as and for? What good is it, this non-human existence? A novelist, writing in Baangla language, Sharat Chandra Chatterjee, can be seen as the Charles Dickens of Baangla Literature, expressed it all those years ago beautifully and, we paraphrase him here, in which he raised the question of existence: the giant dinosaurs had got extinct but the cockroaches have survived: the question is this: is survival the ultimate yardstick to measure existence? What is surviving and what does it exist as in this survival? Dehumanisation transforms humanity into the exact opposite of what it is in which, instead of seeking to exist as humanity naturale and striving forever towards civic societies under the rule of law dehumanised humanity becomes the vehicle, system and apparatus of establishing the sociology of evil in jingoistic jungles where monstrosities become the norm. Humanics challenges these dehumanisations and Humanics Spring Festival is our efforts to try and bring humanity together in reality in real space-time to come together, sit together, interact and connect and converse to relate, to bond, to form and create human relations so that we all learn from each other about our very humanity. It is new and it invites your involvement and participation and it needs visionary people and organisations to rise up and come forward with support. Join Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and let us begin our fight back against dehumanisations, machinations and manipulations. Humanity must rise to fight off these monstrosities of dehumanisation and celebrate our humanity and strengthen it: strengthen it, this humanity as individuals, as families, as network of families, as communities, as agencies and organisations and as society. Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd

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Humanics Spring Festival 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
Nature and Solitude VIII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
Regine Humanics Lecture 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Humanion is a Human Enterprise and it runs on voluntary work. It has, absolutely, finite resources and it uses it by stretching it, almost, to the point of infinity! Please, help us do our best by doing your best to help us do what we do. The Humanion is not a business nor is it a large multi-billion-pound private enterprise.

If, you do not send materials following the guidelines here, your materials can not be used. No email would be sent for following up. If, you would like your story to appear in The Humanion you send the materials exactly the way you have been requested to send them. The Editorial Policies, that you need to bear in mind are:

a: The Humanion is for Readers, meaning, it is 100% text-based and image-supported publication. The Humanion is a Quality Daily Newspaper, published online, yes, but it is a daily Newspaper or a daily Newspublication. People are meant to read the materials posted as per their areas of interest.

b: If, an agency, of whatever kind, does not offer the humanity running it on its website, The Humanion will not publish anything from this or about this organisation. Faceless, humanity-less agencies are the vehicles of dehumanisations.

c: The Humanion does not do opinion and specialists commentaries so there is no point seeking to promote 'personalities', particularly, if, they are rich or have worked for or want to speak about their rich clients, for comments etc.

d: The Humanion does not do product or company or personality promotions etc promoting their business or products or personalities seeking to promote the companies or products, that have paid them to do so, etc.

e: The Humanion does not do 'distorteddia': This is what we call the so-called social-media, in which neither society nor media exists but what exists is called 'herding' of humanity by both human and troll-manipulations to make a killing out of making a misery of what used to be called online or internet.

f: The Humanion does not do videos or anything other than what is real: the real society, real community, real lives and living and real human interactions, organisaitons, festivals, events, cultural and artistic goings on in reality, in real life. No other distorteddia is either our aim or our purpose but fighting dehumanisation and advancing humanity in reality and in reality of the real society and community are our aim, objective and purpose.

g: The Humanion does not do 'opinion polls' of any kind and nor does it publish any so-called research done by private companies, where they used so-called online polls and then they have specialists, who have been paid to support their findings and products etc.

h: The Humanion does not publish any so-called research, which are nothing but online polls of some people and, this is, regardless of which agency, organisation or institution has conducted it. Online polls or online research etc: Absolute: no.

i: The Humanion does not publish any research, that claims to have taken a poll or polls, often, online in which they, may, have polled 500 people but their entire 'presentation' then converts the figures so that 50%, which is, 250, now becomes half the population of the UK, while they have only spoken to 500 people.

This has been put out so to make sure that you know whether and how to send materials to The Humanion. This is not to say that we discourage people and agencies to send materials to The Humanion and to make this point: you spend your time preparing and sending these materials and we need to spend our time in them only to come to the point whereby both you and The Humanion have 'wasted' their 'time-resource' in this because the materials can not be used.

And this is how we invite and request you to send the materials.

01: Please, paste the information on the email or attach them as word docs. Please, do not send information about a book or event or research, saying images are available: rather, make the images appear as attachments to ensure your story gets a space.

02: Please, do not send PDFs. Word Doc is what you must send. Please, do not send half information expecting people would write back for it. Send all, that is necessary in the first place.

03. Send images with stories, that must have an image: Dr Vincenct Vinefield has been appointed as the CEO of XYT story has no value without an image of that doctor. A research team has been awarded a prize story has no value without the names and a group image of that team. A research has been mentioned in a release but there is no reference to that research means nothing.

04. Please, do not send 'microscopic' images, that is absolutely ridiculous.

05. Please, do not send infographics.

06. Please, do not send videos.

07. Please, do not send images of texts.

08: Please, do not send weblinks for materials whether texts or images or web addresses for any reports. This means you do not send us press releases posted to some other web page, images posted to some other places or website. Simply put, you send all the necessary materials relevant to the story with and as part of the email as requested.

09: If, there is a link in your email or text, put the link as word: not hyper-linked the website address for we need the address not the hyper-link.

10. Finally, if, you do not send materials, as The Humanion guidelines ask you to do, you are guaranteed that your story will not get covered.

11. Send images and word docs as attachments ONLY. And you do not need to send too many images but just send the relevant one:s.

Thank you very much.

The Humanion


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