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First Published: September 24: 2015


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The Body of Works That Bring Into Existence the Philosophy and Vision of Humanics

Munayem Mayenin's Published Works

I Question Therefore I Learn


















Reading: The Doors, Windows, Ventilations, Roads, Streets, Avenues, Highways, Alleyways, Paths and Passages,  Roots, Branches, Earths, Waters and Skies Through Which Human Soul Travels to Eternally Keep on Learning and Growing to Become and Remain Humanity Naturale

The Humanion Team
The Humanion

The Humanion UK Online Daily: National International Universal News Learning and Society Newspaper

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The Humanion Team


The positions that have no names next to them are yet to be filled. Thus, interested are invited to apply. To apply, send in an email to The Editor saying a little about yourself and the position you would like to apply. Once received The Editor will ask you to send in a short piece of writing of 500-word on any subject that we cover and send in your CV, please, do not send CV first; you will be asked to send it later.

What We are Looking for

That you speak, read, write, think, work and create in English to the highest possible academic level and grade of competence. We are NOT LOOKING FOR CYNICS as persons. Neither youth nor being 'old:er' is a disadvantage. If you are thought to be a possible editor The Editor will need to be able to speak with you, if not in real life, then on the phone. Having spoken,  it is not a job interview, The Editor would let you know whether you would be appointed. However, it is ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT THAT YOU HAVE SPENT SOME TIME READING THE WEBSITE to gather what kind of things we are publishing and whether these are  the kind of things and thinking you are deeply interested about. Most importantly, if you are not a Reader, chances are The Humanion is not the platform for you. If appointed, you should have some time for The Humanion in which you would look after your editorial department, write about issues and, generally, lend a hand to The Editor as part of The Team. And be connected with the whole Team as you would be if you were working at a publication's real office. As part of the Team you are in The Fellowship of The Humanion. We are all fellow travellers bound on the road of seeking light. Look forward to hear from you. The Humanion is The Canterbury Tales' Pilgrimage  except we are headed towards 'The Elysium'. Those who live in London, it is our dream that one day we would meet up every now and than and speak in a London Circle in our Elleesium, See, the spelling is different-once someone pointed out, thinking it was miss-spelt and, anyone of our Team from abroad visiting us may join us as and when. In the meanwhile, please, spread the word.

The Structure of The Humanion as a Publication

The Board of Editors

Comprising of Nine Members from The Team including The Editor, Executive Editor, Chief Deputy Editor and  six other members from The Team. The Board elects a Chair to head The  Board for two years after which a new Chair will take the position. The Editor and Executive Editor do not become the Chair of the Board, however. The Board members other than the first three vacate their individual seat after serving the Board for three years at which their vacant places will be filled from The Team.

The Editor-In-Chief

Munayem Mayenin

Contact: editor at thehumanion dot com

Chief Deputy Editor

Dr J Everet Green

email: JEveretGreen at thehumanion dot com

Arts Editor

Kerry Schleifer

email: KerrySchleifer at thehumanion dot com

Communications Director

Claudette Douglas

ClaudetteDouglas at reginehumanicsfoundation dot com        ClaudetteDouglas at thehumanion dot com


  Assistant Editor

Dilu Naser

Community Poetry Lead  of the London Poetry Festival

DiluNaser at thehumanion dot com

Deputy Editor: Three Posts

Editorial Assistant Editor

This post would require someone to offer all possible support throughout the website and all the texts and all others matters including communicating with other editors and help with emails etc.

Assistant Editor: Three Posts

Web-Editor: one post

Departmental Editors

There are other areas, which might be added as we progress. Do get in touch and get involved. 

The Humanion Online Daily Universana from the United Kingdom for the World

01. United Kingdom

02. England

03. Scotland

04. Wales

05. Northern Ireland

06. The Elleesium  Everything London

07. The World

08. Philosophy

09. The Earth

10. Geo-Politics

11. Political Economics

12. Political Philosophy

13. Africa

14. Asia

15. Australasia

16. North America

17. South America

18. Europe

19. Medicine

20. The Arctic

21. The Antarctic

22. Homelessness

23. Charities

24. Hearteogenics: Relating to Future of Medicine, Cosmological Medicine

25. Neurology

26. Genetics

27. Biochemistry

28. Molecular Biology

29. End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign

30. The Universe

31. Microbial World

32. Research

33. Jurisprudence

34. Law

35. Human Rights

36. Fundamental Freedoms

37. Animalium

38. Matter World

39. Astronomy

40. Biomedicojurisprudence

41. The Humanion

42. The Humanion Profile

45. Poetry

46. Poetrimore

47. Humanics

48. Literature

49. World Literature

50. Psychology

51. Art

52. Radio Astronomy

53. Photography

54. Music

55. Books

56. Publishing

57. Cosmography: Geography of the Universe

58. The Earth

59. Cosmology

60. Astrophysics

61. The Moon

62. The Lake Eden Eye

63. The Innerluminous Galaxillation

64. The Sunnara

65. Southern Hemisphere

66. Western Hemisphere

67. Eastern Hemisphere

68. Northern Hemisphere

69. Society

70. Geology

71. The Milky Way

72. Seismology

73. Sociology

74. Nature and Solitude

75. Marine World

76. Ecology

77. Global Warming

78. Culture

79. Oneness

80. Nations

81. Diversity

82. Scriptures

83. The Traveller

84. Mathematics

85. Cosmovicology: Clean Space, Safe Space, Ecological Well Being of Space Exploration

86. London Poetry Festival

87. Palaeontology

88. Archaeology

89. Anthropology

90. History

91. Civilisations

92. Languages

93. Theosophy

94. World Poetry

95. World Epics

96. Natural Sciences

97. Life Sciences

98. Astronomical Sciences

99. The Idearian Echoing Eternities

100. Life Elle for Life Living Health Well Being and Homeostasis

101: Universana

102: The Pen

103: Poetre

104: The Sanctum Mayakardium: Cardiology


Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once








Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis





The Humanion

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