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First Published: September 24: 2015

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The Mother Earth

The Moon











Global Warming and Climate Change

This Is the Only Mother We Have on This Entire Universana: Save Mother Earth








The Earth Arkive


Dear Γαῖα,

In days 365.256 you have travelled many a mile if I write you
A letter you won’t be able to read for you do only live in my
Imagination yet I write you a letter to say that that’s just a year
In human terms and you’ve clocked silentine 584 million miles

With a speed of 29.78 km:s or 18.50 m:s or 107,200 km:h or
66,600 mph in short that’s a year gone and you begin again
The Sun stays far away at 92.957 million miles as you would
Go following laws unfailing turning and twirling a butterfly

In the magnum darkness a butterfly of light blue and white
I call you Dhoritthree Γαῖα Terra but you remain silent as
People speak in so many a tongue marking up countries

And nations so many jackets they find but I found you as
Mine yet you do not speak nor do many speak your tongue
Of silence in which you are my poetry-iris playing my soul

The Poet

January 01:2016: Munayem Mayenin

|| The Ozone Hole Goes Large Again ||



|| Thursday: October 05: 2023 || ά. Measurements, from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, show that this year’s ozone hole over Antarctica is one of the biggest on record. The hole, which is what scientists call an ‘ozone depleting area,’ reached a size of 26 million square kilometre on September 16, 2023. This is roughly three times the size of Brazil. The size of the ozone hole fluctuates on a regular basis. From August to October, the ozone hole increases in size, reaching a maximum between middle of September and middle of October.

When temperatures high up in the stratosphere start to rise in the southern hemisphere, the ozone depletion slows, the polar vortex weakens and finally breaks down and by the end of December ozone levels return to normal. Launched in October 2017, Copernicus Sentinel-5P, short for Sentinel-5 Precursor, is the first Copernicus satellite dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere. It is part of the fleet of Copernicus Sentinel missions, that ESA develops for the European Union’s environmental monitoring programme.:::ω:::  

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|| Full Moon Rises on Earth Over An Active Caldera in Hawaii ||



|| Saturday: September 02: 2023 || ά.


|| Saturday: September 02: 2023 || ά. A full moon rises over an active caldera in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Image: National Park Service:Janice Wei :::ω:::  

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There Is Just One Planet in the Solar System: You Destroy It At Your Own Perils

|| Monday: January 11: 2021 || ά. The process of recovery from the coronavirus pandemic offers the chance to change course and put humanity on a path on which it is not in conflict with nature, the United Nations Secretary-General Mr António Guterres said on Monday, urging greater efforts by everyone to protect bio-diversity and step up climate action. Addressing world leaders at the One Planet Summit, Mr Guterres outlined the consequences of abusing Earth and its resources.

“We have been poisoning air, land and water and filling oceans with plastics. Now, nature is striking back: temperatures are reaching record highs, bio-diversity is collapsing, deserts are spreading and fires, floods and hurricanes are more frequent and extreme.” he said. ‘’We are extremely fragile.’’ Combined with the devastating effects of COVID-19 and its socio-economic fallout, he reminded everyone that ‘as we rebuild, we can not revert to the old normal’. “Pandemic recovery is our chance to change course. With smart policies and the right investments, we can chart a path, that brings health to all, revives economies and builds resilience and rescues bio-diversity. Everyone must do much more.’’

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The Safe Climate Declaration From the National Climate Emergency Summit 2020: Influential Global Leaders Including Political Corporate Media and Financial Leaders Have Deliberately Refused to Accept the Overwhelming Scientific Consensus on Climate Change and Its Risks Using Predatory Delay to Prolong an Unsustainable Economic System: Driven by Perverse Short-Term Incentives and Lacking the Imagination to Understand the Implications They Have Placed Humanity in Extreme Jeopardy

This Is the Only Mother We Have on This Entire Universana: Save Mother Earth



|| Tuesday: February 18: 2020 || ά. A Safe Climate Declaration has been initiated at the National Climate Emergency Summit 2020, that took place on February 14-15. This Declaration calls for a new approach to climate action in Australia, a response to match the scale of the threat as climate-warming impacts escalate across Australia and around the world.

Climate Impact: Australia’s 2019-20 megafires are a harbinger of life and death on a hotter Earth. The climate is already dangerous, in Australia and the Antarctic, in Asia and the Pacific, right around the world. The Earth is unacceptably too hot now. The impacts of climate disruption are more severe than previously projected. At 01.5°C warming relative to pre-industrial levels, now likely only a decade away, the Great Barrier Reef will be lost, sea levels will be heading for a rise of many metres and tipping points will be at hand for Greenland and for the Amazon and other carbon stores.

The current Paris Agreement emission reduction commitments, if, implemented, are a path to 03.5°C warming by 2100, possibly earlier. This could increase to 04-05°C when long-term climate-system feedbacks are considered.  National security analysts warn that 03°C may result in ‘outright social chaos’ and 04°C is considered incompatible with the maintenance of human civilisation.

Leading scientists warn of a ‘Hot House Earth’ scenario, a planetary threshold, that, may, exist at a temperature rise as low as 02°C, in which further warming becomes self-sustaining. The challenge now is to return to a safe climate by cooling the Earth whilst avoiding tipping points, which, may, initiate further warming. This requires an emergency response, where climate is a primary concern of leadership at all levels.

Failure of Leadership: Influential global leaders, including, political, corporate, media and financial leaders have deliberately refused to accept the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change and its risks, using predatory delay to prolong an unsustainable economic system. Driven by perverse short-term incentives and lacking the imagination to understand the implications, they have placed humanity in extreme jeopardy.

Many of Australia’s leaders are, particularly, culpable, having done everything possible over the last three decades to prevent the development of serious climate change policy, internationally and domestically and to protect the fossil fuel industry. Notwithstanding the fact that Australia is the world’s fourth largest carbon polluter, exports included and one of the countries most exposed to climate change.

The first duty of a government is to protect the people, their well-being and livelihoods. Instead, Australian governments have left the community largely unprepared for the disasters now unfolding and for the extensive changes, required to maintain a cohesive society as climate change impacts escalate.

Strengthening Democracy: In framing solutions to the climate emergency, a stronger democracy is needed, not weaker. The rights of citizens need to be protected to ensure that people are treated with respect and treated fairly.

Climate change and its solutions will have profound implications for Australia, its peoples and its lands and waters. It is, therefore, critical to achieve and secure truly meaningful processes, that empower indigenous voices, leadership and knowledge.

Addressing the Climate Threat: Australians collectively have a duty of care to protect people, nature and civilisation, both locally and globally. Calls to contribute to solutions to the climate threat need to be fair, taking account of people’s capacity.

Climate change is a global problem, requiring unprecedented levels of global co-operation. It, obviously, can not be solved by Australian acting alone but, Australia must be fully committed to such co-operation.

Priorities for Action Include:

::: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions rapidly to zero. All fossil fuel expansion to be stopped immediately; policies, which encourage fossil fuel use, halted and subsidies removed; and the existing industry wound down rapidly with adjustment programmes for frontline communities. Strategies to minimise methane emissions need to be implemented urgently.

::: Drawing down atmospheric carbon concentrations to a safe level from the current 413 ppm level through actions, that include redesigning agricultural and forestry practices and implementing extensive soil, estuarine and ocean carbon sequestration.

::: Working to prevent tipping points and damage while the zero emission and drawdown goals are being achieved.

::: Integrating adaptation and resilience measures into the economic restructuring needed to restore a safe climate and repair ecosystems.

::: Early action is essential. The prevalent idea of a gradual transition to net zero emissions by 2050 is not tenable. A far faster transition is required, using measures appropriate to an existential threat.

::: Climate change must be accepted as an overriding threat to national and human security, with the response being the highest priority at national and global levels.

Call to Action For Australia: It is in Australia’s self-interest to demand far greater global action on climate change and to lead by acting itself. It makes no sense to build our economy on fossil fuel resources, practices and technologies, which are unsustainable, particularly, when Australia has some of the best clean energy resources and opportunities in the world.

This requires leadership, which understands the challenge and the opportunities and is totally committed to accelerating the emergency transition to a safe climate economy. This will not happen with leaders, who do not, even, accept climate change as a priority.

The signatories to this Declaration call on all Australians to join with them in building leadership, that embraces the need for such emergency action.

In particular, we will:

::: Emphasise the importance of a non-partisan approach, that embraces people of all political parties and sectors of society, who are committed to science-based policies, that make climate a first priority of government and of the community;

::: Emphasise the value of a non-partisan government of national unity on climate;

::: Hold current political leaders to account, if, they fail to protect the Australian people;

::: Take action to empower Indigenous voices and leadership;

 :::Take action to strengthen democracy and citizen rights;

::: Give priority to engaging with the business community to build understanding of the real nature of the risks and the pace of change required;

::: Work to mobilise and connect all sectors of civil society to make a powerful contribution;

::: Work to reinvigorate public administration and governance skilled and willing to drive the political and economic transition;

::: Advocate tirelessly in public to build understanding and community capacity to drive change;

::: Support the formation of a specialist taskforce to set out a road map for Australia’s emergency transition to restore a safe climate.

Some of the initiating signatories of this Declaration are Dr Kerryn Phelps, Dr John Hewson, Mr Peter Garrett, Dr Carmen Lawrence, Mr Ian Dunlop and Reverend Tim Costello.

The signatories invite everyone to support this Declaration by singing on this link: 

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Climate Change and Global Warming: The European Parliament Declares Climate and Environmental Emergency: Having Done That the Parliament Has Effectively Called on the World to Take the Imperative Side on the Question of Continued Existence of the Web and Ecology of Life and Humanity on Earth: Emergency Does Not Quite Grasp the Seriousness of What Humanity Faces: We Are Facing and Headed Towards Extinction




|| Thursday: November 28: 2019|| ά. The European Parliament has declared Climate Emergency today. The Parliament says that the European Union should commit to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the UN Conference. Ahead of the UN COP25 Climate Change Conference in Madrid December 02-13 the Parliament on Thursday approved a resolution declaring a climate and environmental emergency in Europe and globally.

The Parliament, also, want the European Commission to ensure that all relevant legislative and budgetary proposals are fully aligned with the objective of limiting global warming to under 01.5 °C. In a separate resolution, Parliament urges the European Union to submit its strategy to reach climate neutrality as soon as possible and by 2050 at the latest, to the UN Convention on Climate Change.

The MEPs, also, call on the new European Commission President Ms Ursula von der Leyen to include a 55% reduction target of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in the European Green Deal.

MEPs say that current aviation and shipping ambitions fall short of the necessary emissions reductions. All countries should include emissions from international shipping and aviation in their national contributions plans:NDCs, they say and urge the Commission to propose that the maritime sector be included in the EU’s Emissions Trading System:ETS.

The European Union countries should, at least, double their contributions to the international Green Climate Fund. The EU member states are the largest providers of public climate finance and the EU’s budget should fully comply with its international commitments.

The Parliament, also, notes that pledges by developed countries do not meet the collective goal of 100 billion USD per year as of 2020. Finally, the MEPs urgently call on all EU countries to phase out all direct and indirect fossil fuel subsidies by 2020.

“The European Parliament has just adopted an ambitious position in view of the upcoming COP 25 in Madrid. Given the climate and environmental emergency, it is essential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 55% in 2030. It also sends a clear and timely message to the Commission a few weeks before the publication of the Communication on the Green Deal.’’ said Pascal Canfin, the Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, during the debate on Monday.

Background: The resolution on declaring a climate and environmental emergency was adopted with 429 votes for, 225 votes against and 19 abstentions. The European Parliament adopted the resolution on COP25 with 430 votes for, 190 votes against and 34 abstentions.

A number of countries, local administrations and scientists have declared that our planet is facing a climate emergency. The European Commission has already proposed the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 but, the European Council has still not endorsed it as Poland, Hungary and Czechia are opposed.

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Mother Earth Rise: Posted: December 19: 2015 NASA:Goddard:Arizona State University Image





























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