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The Humanicsxian: November 09: Issue 06
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First Published: September 24: 2015

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Alphansum Isz: Therefore I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius

Imagine: Take the Entire Universe Off Existence: You Can Imagine This But There Must Still Exist This I and This You to Imagine the Universe Away Into Non-Existence. And, This I, This You, Can Not Imagine the Universe Off Existence Without Being in Existence: The Question is What Kind of Existence is That Then, When the Universe is Imagined Away Into Non-Existence: The Physical and Temporal Part of This I and This You Can Not Exist, If, the Universe and Her Temporal Framework Do Not Exist: Or, Rather, Unless We Imagine Our Temporality Into Non-Existence We Can Not Imagine the Universe Into Non-Existence. So, How Do This I and This You Exist in That 'State', Where Nothing Temporal Exists: These Two Entities, Therefore, Can Only Do So in the Non-Temporal State. And What is This Non-Temporal State: Alphansum is The Non-Temporal: The Eternal and The Infinite: Therefore, Imagination is the Only Thing, That Takes Humanity to the State to Reach, Empathise and Understand the 'State of Alphansum' and, There, This I and This You, Find, See and Empathise the Existence of Alphansum and, Thereby, Their Own Existence Outside Temporality: That 'Existence' of Alphansum is Described as Isz: That What Always Isz: Not Being or Existing But, Simply, Just, Isz and Isz Outside Temporality. This is Not 'Existing' in the Temporal But Isz in Infiniternity with No Beginning Middle or End for, Only, Time and Space or the Temporal, Have a Beginning, Middle and End. Therefore, Alphansum Isz: Therefore, I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal and, Thus, This I and This You, are and Can Not But Be an Infinity Unfolding Itself Through Imagination Following the Nine-Step-Realm-Path: If, Alphansum is the Truth the Entire Creation and the Universe are  That  Truth's Beauty's Eden Garden Expressed in the Infinity of Its Expositions, Magnificence, Brilliance, Artistry, Sciences, Mathematics and Creativity, All of Which Unfold by the Laws of The Mechanoprincipium, So That the Entire Universe and Creation are the True Nursery of Liberty and Equality in Natural Justice Existing and Unfolding in the Rule of Law and, in This Scheme of Things, Humanity is The Custodian of The Eternal Learning of The Mechanoprincipium and with the Enlightenment Gained From It to Seek and Try to Become and Unfold That Infinity, Called, Humanity with the Full Utilisation of Imagination, Ingenuity and Creativity: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius

The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto


Monumental Foundational and Seismic Change Does Not Ever Happen on Its Own: It Has to Be Chosen and Worked for Tirelessly With a Philosophy With a Political Philosophy With a Political Economics Offering a Vision of That Change


|| Wednesday: June 03: 2020: Munayem Mayenin || ά. Most of Humanity did not, even, know that humanity was getting ready to go to the Moon, most of humanity did not, even, know who Karl Marx was, let alone the fact that, being persecuted out of his motherland Germany, he had written and published his Das Kapital in German, that will take a long while to get translated into the world languages, most did not, even, hear of Mao, let alone his Long March or the fact that the Bolsheviks were about to bring about the October Revolution in Russia nor did many know anything about the French Revolution when it happened: not many knew much about America, let alone the fact that it was fighting its War of Independence.

Not many knew that human genome had been discovered. Even, today, not many would, actually, know who Gregory Mendel was or what he did.  Nor many knew that there was such a thing as computer, that had come about. It took a lone King to begin his epic work to try and seek to rectify the evils of human self-loathing or racism in America and not many in the world knew or heard of him when he was doing that vital work nor did the world get to know much about the early days when a young lawyer, named, Nelson Mandela, set out on the path of burying the self-loathing racist evils of apartheid in South Africa.

Not many of the humanity heard or, even now, know about a Katherine Johnson, who had worked out the entire mathematics of the whole trajectory of the Apollo Mission by her simple and only natural instrument, her own head. Not many heard the name, let alone, read her work, Hannah Arendt. The point is simply this: the vast majority of humanity do not begin a revolution but a tiny, tiny part of it begins that longest, hardest, most arduous, most difficult and most challenging of tasks and their courageous, visionary and revolutionary commitment, dedication, resolve and determination take the message out and onward to the wider humanity and, gradually, day by day, drop by drop, brick by brick, plank by plank, stride by stride, the course of a revolution take shape and more and more human souls join that walk and this is how human progress has always been attempted and achieved.

And, in this, never, ever, has there been a case where the established voices, platforms, agencies and organisations of many kinds either initiated or supported such progressive revolutionary endeavours. No. Not a single one of them. Not once. Yes, Regine Group of Publications are not part of any large conglomerate body nor is it owned by anyone and, we do not, surely, have much but we have taken that long path to humanics and we shall keep on going and calling on all humanity to take up the philosophy, vision, imagination and hope of humanics to see all humanity reach liberty and equality and live as all-for-one and one-for-all. Join us.

A whole range of the status-quo of all things in the manner and form of agencies and organisations with large money of this world are deeply drowned in the pigsty of capitalism, trying to profiteer and rob more and more money from the working-humanity-created worth and values to 'consume and enjoy' as much as possible of the mud of 'money's powers and prowess' while ensuring the vast majority of humanity suffer the resultant of capitalism's poverty-paradigm and all its poverty-wage, poverty-benefit, lack of any social security and all its high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-brutalities. They are not going to lift a finger to change anything.

In fact, we can be infinitely certain that they all, as always, forever, stand against and united in opposing such revolutionary endeavours and, unite in 'investing' their wealth in seeking to stop any such revolutionary efforts or initiatives. It is up to each one of us to make a choice and go and work for such change, that we have chosen. Support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, a not for profit social enterprise, no one makes or takes profit out of it, not because it is fashionable and cool today but it is the future of this suffering humanity should we choose to believe that humanity is an infinity unfolding itself and we can, we should, we ought, we must change this rotten state of a hellish human condition of ever-going suffering, agony, pain and hardship  for the vast majority of humanity across the earth and create an infinitely better human condition for all humanity.

Yes, they had killed Che Guevara alright when he was a revolutionary; now, they make money selling t-shirts with his image printed on them and, rucksacks, too! That is the irony of capitalism. Support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd because humanics is the home of our future humanity as one-for-all and all-for-one. Humanics was not born yesterday or today. It was born the day the Thinker, who would spend his entire existence learning and developing it, was born, in the sixties. Humanics was developed in its entire basis, form, architecture and foundation fully in the decade of the eighties.

Humanics is not born today. But all these years, these decades it has not gone away but kept on growing and it shall keep on going and growing. Why would it? Because in capitalism humanity says, ''I can not breathe'', a dying, violated and extra-judicially killed, black young man's last word, that is now echoing ang raging through America, where in among those protests, one puts it so beautifully in a placard: ''Capitalism = Looting.’’

That looting is the robbery of the worth and values of the working humanity, which is what creates, distributes and enforces poverty of all kinds in all spheres of existence in capitalism. This is why humanics is not going to do away: capitalism shall have to be discarded for the future of this dysfunctional world and the future of this suffering humanity are in humanics freeing the entire humankind into liberty and equality under the rule of law in natural justice in a humanical way of existence because in capitalism: We can not breathe. And, when we can not breathe, ought we, must we, rise to fight to live and exist as free and as equals because only there, being at liberty and in equality, can we humanity breathe, live, exist and do as humanity naturale. We can only invite for your support. Support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd.

Have You Heard About The Humanical Building-Block Foundational Human Rights

Once Brought Into Existence These Humanical Rights Will End All of Capitalism's High-Cruelties High-Brutalities and High-Barbarities to an End Overnight

A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment
B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air
C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink
D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need
E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home
F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning
G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care
H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income
I: Absolute Right to a Job
J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income

Humanics: The Philosophy and Vision of Humanics Are Built Through the Following Body of Work

Humanics Because Capitalism Is A Dying World View and A Rotten and Rotting Killing Mechanism That Can Not Be Sustained

The Body of Works of Humanics Arises Out of the Philosophical Works of Munayem Mayenin: Humanics Does Not Believe in Ownership Nor Does It Believe in Money: Regine Humanics  Foundation Ltd, Is, in Humanical Terms, a Human Enterprise, Registered as a Not For Profit Social Enterprise and It Exists to Take Forward the Philosophy and Vision of Humanics

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As of Yet Unpublished Works: || Psychology of Zoohuman || Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius || Humanical Jurisprudence || Sociology of Evil || Economics of Squalors: The High-Cruelties High-Brutalities and High-Barbarities of Capitalism || Humanical Moral Science || Social Morality Or Good State || Humanical Civilisation: A Universal Grid of Humanical Societies || Colossus Complexus: Eternally Learning Humanity ||

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The Sixth Annual Conference Philosophy and Religion in Africana Traditions 2019: Economic Justice in an Age of Abundance and Scarcity in New York: October 25-26: Call for Papers: Deadline August 20


|| Wednesday: July 04: 2019 || ά. The Sixth Annual Conference Philosophy and Religion in Africana Traditions 2019 is taking place in New York on Friday-Saturday, October 25-26 with theme of ‘Economic Justice in an Age of Abundance and Scarcity’. The two-day Conference is free and open to the public and everyone is invited and welcome to join in the event. The Conference states: There is no other time in the modern history when such a tiny minority controls such vast amount of wealth whether cash or kind. The well to do, the very rich, the super-rich, the ultra-rich and even the poor engage in conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption has spread to almost every corner of the earth. In most cities of the industrial world and in large and small towns of most countries, vendors dot the landscape peddling useless ‘trinkets and beads’ from countries, such as, China, Baangladesh and Indonesia.

Meanwhile many among the super-rich engage in the most ostentatious life styles not only in terms of palaces and yachts but in soliciting firms to conjure up unwholesome pleasures to mitigate their boredom. We are now witnessing the commodification of all values. The age of abundance is here and it is not only among the super-rich. The availability of goods and services for many ordinary citizens in many developed countries have superseded any period in human history. Yet among the citizenry in these same countries and regions there is lack of access and lack of means to acquire the basics for sustenance which lead sometimes to starvation and death. The radical disparity in education, health, housing and basic amenities among peoples within nations is the fundamental scandal on modern life.

Abundance everywhere and scarcity all around and within us to the extent that the human person and society collectively seem to be afflicted with the poverty of the spirit, that is, the ability to cultivate interpersonal relations and maintain a sense of co-operation. This Conference will seek to address the stupendous economic disparity that exists in the U.S.A and in other countries, large and small and how socio-economic conditions lead to breakdown in social relations and how sometimes economic improvement does not necessarily result in better social relationships. Consideration will be given as to how excessive wealth disorder and income inequality subvert the political process and adversely affect human relations. We will emphasise the link between climate justice and human flourishing.

Ultimately our task is not only to fight for a living wage but also restore dignity in work and foster solidarity among peoples.

Friday: October 25: 10:00-18:30
The Graduate Centre
The City University of New York
Rooms 9204
365 Fifth Avenue, b:n 34th and 35th streets
New York, New York 10016

Saturday: October 26
Mayday Community Space
176 St Nicholas Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
info at
L Train to DeKalb Ave.

The Conference is sponsored by The Centre for Place, Culture and Politics of the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York and HUMANITAS: The Africana Ethical and Cultural Society.

If, you are interested in being a presenter or commentator send a brief abstract and biographical information by August 20, 2019 to:
J. Everet Green at: everet at
Brittany O’Neal: brittany.oneal at

For further information contact J, Everet Green at: everet at

Download the Conference Calls for Presenters and Commentators:::ω.

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The Long Walk to Humanics: Time to Envision the Vision of Humanity as Humanity Naturale: Capitalism and Nature Are Two Incongruent Things That Can Not Exist Together: The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019: The Humanicsxian Manifesto




|| Friday: April 26: 2019 || ά. We are back, seeking to begin again, after the sudden pause, caused by sudden illness. The Greens, having arrived here and spending a little time, have returned home. We have begun a conversation; small but hopeful for the way forward: to keep on going with our little minority voice, that invites the world and world humanity towards a better human condition from this nightmare, imposed on the world by and through capitalism. The Existence Rebellion began here and all around the world but, despite the protesters focusing on climate change and global warming and the world’s failure in responding to the existential challenges, that bring forth, the fact remains that this state of the world, the state of the earth and the state of humanity on earth have been created by ruthless, dogged and ever-increasing consumption and consumerism, conducted by and through capitalism regardless of the costs and consequences in the pursuit of ever-increasing greed for profiteering and robbing off that profit.

Climate change, global warming, destructions and devastations, caused in all expressions of the environment and their causative resultant devastations these have inflicted on the entire ecology of life on land, on fresh waterways and marine eco-systems, the horrendous environment in cities and towns, that are going beyond the limit of human habitation because of the pollution, the air pollution and all the plastics pollution, i.e, plastic, micro and nano and the ever-going assault of the air quality through continual usage of fossil-fuel-burning means of transport are all inter-connected to the same cause: capitalism’s yardstick is making profit and keeping on the path of making it bigger and larger with time. It has no other yardstick. In order to do this, it has brought us down to this whereby the entire life’s ecology is being devastated.

Added to that the entire range of socio-political, economical, governantial and jurisprudential disempowerments and disenfranchisements means that inequality has been growing, education is going backward, human rights are becoming more and more thinly-wrapped glorified declarations while poverty, hunger, mal, severe and acute malnutrition and death by endless preventable causes from illnesses to road accidents, from breathing in toxic air or living in dangerously unhealthy environment. Added to this unemployment, unemployability, lack of education and educational rights, lack of life-long learning, low wages, homelessness and general cut-backs and withdrawal of investments in all statutory, civic and communal services means that there is advancing the sociology of evil in sociological squalors across the earth: from the least developed to the most advanced.

All this must be seen as connected and originating from the same ‘causing apparatus’, which is capitalism and nothing can be resolved until we see the way forward is not to carry on with this. Nothing will change capitalism and the way it operates. Humanity must rise towards a post-capitalist, post-marxist world vision from where humanity begins again: To seek to live and exist as part of nature without seeking to dominate and devastate and destroy it in the process but to do so as the custodian of nature and keep on seeking towards that path:

To seek and achieve liberty for all humans, who are at liberty because they all are now equal to each other, at all times, under the law, who live by the rule of law in natural justice, where a purpose and a meaning of existence is achieved for and by every human soul, where humanity has ‘no gun’ holding it to ransom. That gun is the power of ownership. Taking that ownership and money out of the equation, eradicating it fully so that no one and nothing can own and everything belongs to all and everyone under the law, equally at all times. The public affairs management system is run through a direct form of democracy, humanicsovics, where each and every human soul is her:his own High Representative.

This is the vision of humanics of a humanical society. Capitalism and nature are two absolutely incongruent things: they can not exist together. We, therefore, must look hard and seek for evidence in the museum of history to find endless plethora of evidence as to how capitalism and nature can not exist together. Nature says: I created this human and it must exist. Capitalism sentences that human to live on the street, die of hunger, cold and heat or rain or its mother must die as she gives birth to a child, that will perish soon. Nature and capitalism can not exist together. Humanity must seek to get on the path to move this obstacle, this barrier, this challenge to natural human existence and life and the entire web of the ecology of life on earth, this capitalism, out of the way so to create humanical societies on earth.

Humanics invites everyone to keep on questioning this imposed ‘strait jacket’ of capitalism on earth, on humanity so that it has been devastating the earth as it dismantles, disfigures and devastates the very humanity we are. It is time the world and world humanity challenge the status quo and challenge and move away this capitalism’s barriers on the path of humanity naturale to exist as natural humanity in and as part of mother nature and exist in natural justice, in the rule of law and keep on walking on the path of eternal learning and continual development and progression. This is a long walk, the route is difficult and challenge-strewn but must we keep on seeking to get on this long walk and keep on walking: for capitalism has brought us to the shores of all round deaths, destructions, devastations, suffering, agony and misery for the vast chunk of humanity across mother earth and it can not be let to keep on going, doing the same. We invite you all to widen the view and as you do so we urge you to nano-adjust that view so that the entire range of expressions of realities are understood in their proper sense. Taughtologies will not lead us to discovering anything seismic and regurgitating these taughtologies will not lead us to anything fundamentally different. It is time for us to rise to seek and craft that vision of humanity as humanity naturale.

Along these lines, The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019: The Humanicsxian Manifesto, by Munayem Mayenin, has been published on April 06: 2019, with the core vision of humanics for the world humanity to peruse and raise wider, vital and paramount questions about the human condition. The world has been brought to a state of ‘stuck’: where nothing happens other than things keep on getting worse and more devastated but everything on the same token stay the same. Time, may, go and new US presidential elections come or elections at other places do and players are up and running the same old-scripted show and people are asked to vote for A, that is like the B party, the difference between them is: A is run by the likes of that, who run B. Nothing will change until the challenging questions, meet deafening silence for capitalism has no answer nor can Marxism provide the solutions: for one can not get to the right answers, if, one is asking the wrong question. It does not matter who owns so long ownership remains inequality shall remain existing because there are ‘owners and there are not owners or there are powerfuls and there are powerless. Not only in this people are not equal but, also, they are not at liberty for those, holding the gun of power over the vast multitude determine the state and quality of existence for them. Without taking that gun away liberty can not be brought to existence and unless liberty comes to exist equality can not exist.

The Declaration, in its The Humanicsxian Compact, calls for the ‘One World’s One Working Humanity Unite Organise And Rise As One’: ‘’Karl Marx was the first philosopher to teach us some fundamentals: a: that it is Philosophy, that we need and, that, it, Philosophy, needs not only to seek to try and explain the world but change it, b: that the world is ONE with all her problems and prospects, c: that this world, therefore, must UNITE to secure change, d: that change happens by the 'powerfuls' for their own vested interests and benefits, while subjugating most others, ensuring a life of absolute, rotten and cruel indignity, hardship and suffering for them and their future generations, unless REVOLUTIONARIES UNITE and INITIATE a change, that is beneficial to all, e: that there is no other way of achieving 'positive' change but that we seek and strive as determinedly, as resolutely, as absolutely, as possible to achieve it. And from here we, must, take our first step and go forward: that history is not a living organism and it is neither a product of hatred nor of class struggle; rather, it is that, what we seek to make it; if, we do not take part in the making of it, it is going to serve only those, who want to dominate the majority. If, we do not have any power, as we don't, for most people are absolutely powerless against the system's almost-infinite' prowess, than the history shall continue to be made by people like Bonaparte, like Hitler, by despots and dictators and by those, who pretend and spend millions to make people believe that they are 'people's champions. If, on the other hand, we take the view, that it is us, the humanion, as the metaphorical physiology of the entire humanity, where each individual human being is and behaves and acts like a cell does in a body: always, working together with other cells, not working against each other, in unison to achieve continuous homeostasis, harmony, sustenance and progression of life and the human condition, who make history, than, we, must, take charge of making history, than, we, must, but this we start with an I, stand up to the mark and go about making and shaping that history.’’

In its opening, The Declaration says: ‘’Humanity will continue to live an inferior life than what is possible until the two halves, women and men, with all individuals in them, are absolutely, fundamentally and jubilantly equal at liberty. Humanity, therefore, is not and can not be free until all humans are equals for only by the yardstick of this equality their state of being free can be measured. In other words, there can not exist liberty unless there exists equality between and among all humans and this state of equality can not come to exist so long there remain two groups of humans: the powerful and the powerless: whereby the former controls the later and creates, maintains and carries forward the perpetual state of inequality: economically, politically, judicially, constitutionally, socially, culturally and spiritually. To reach the state of equality and liberty, the task before humanity is, therefore, to change this state by taking away ownership and money and, with them, the power they generate and confer, that lets one small group of humans, the powerfuls, subjugating the vast multitude of humans, the powerless, under their dictatorship. For only by taking away 'the gun' of the power of the powerfuls, humanity can bring about the state of liberty, as well as, equality at once: equality and liberty can not and do not exist separately but together and simultaneously. Equality and liberty exist as the Promethumean fire: in which there is the light and there is the heat in one flame: the humanion stands here on the path of humanics: a state of liberty for all humanity at equality. The Promethumean: where Prometheus is not seen as a man but a human. In such a humanical society all humans are, for the first time, in human history of progression, set free at liberty and at equality for there remain no powerfuls, who derive their power from ownership and from their possession of money and wealth and, thus, there remain no powerless for no one has any power to dominate others under their prowess.’’:::ω.

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The Distorteddia: The Fall Off The Criterion: The Final Frontier of Dehumanisation of Humanity and Its Consequences














|| February 14: 2019: Download This Piece in PDF || ά. We have set out, in our earlier piece, how the Distorteddia have gone about taking on the agency of the human mind and how they have sought to eradicate it and, with it, they have taken The Criterion down, which can, only, be used by an agency of the human mind, since, the agency is taken off, The Criterion has no use at all. Without The agency and The Criterion, humanity, that existed as prospect of an infinity unfolding itself in these states, on which the entire spectrum of all virtues, that comprised humanity reside and arise out of: these states are i: imagination, ii: creativity, iii: ingenuity, iv: learning, v: empathy, vi: sympathy, vii: bond, viii: love and ix: sense of oneness. These are the nine-realms of humanity, spread in prospects for humanity to seek to unfold: an infinity unfolding itself. Therefore, when the agency of the human mind is gone and, with it, The Criterion, there is neither the ‘home’ nor the home-keeper left to mind the house or lead it towards becoming a home, the house falls to disrepair. It falls apart. This falling apart is happening to us under the current distorteddia’s ferocious and all-engulfing war against humanity. This is the ultimate state of dehumanisation. What are the consequences of the falling off The Criterion? The Criterion was the good; it has been taken off and replaced by the other end of the good: the sociology of evil, that eats away into transforming the social ecology from a civic one into a jingoistic one. Without the Criterion the human physiologies have no sense of good in anything or anyone. The absence of The Criterion means that the person, who has lost the personhood or the agency of the human mind, now, dehumanises herself:himself: there, thus, comes into effect a destruction, elimination and eradication of what goes in the psyche with the application of The Criterion: the lost person’s absence or the physiology now finds no value in itself. There goes the sense of self-worth, there goes the sense of being an entity of and for good, there goes the sense of self-esteem, there goes the sense of seeking to be and do good and with them, there goes the self-confidence and, thus, this, personless person or, the void, has now fully lost all connections to humanity. This physiology is now no good and good for nothing else other than being consumers and being commodities themselves, being bought and sold and being used to buy and sell and in this, these entities are seeking to ‘gain’ advantages in terms of how much and how far they can consume by ‘selling’ themselves in vary many newly invented manner and form of ‘selling’ and it has now no self-worth, no self-esteem, no self-confidence and no aim, no objective. Once, someone has reached this state, their dehumanisation of themselves have been complete. Now, that they place no value or no worth in themselves nor do they place any obligation, responsibility and duty on them of being and doing good, they can now go about dehumanising the rest of humanity. One, that has no respect for one’s own very self, that one, does not know and can not know how to show respect to anything or anyone for that matter. This process of dehumanisation now is transposed onto the rest of humanity and the void of self or our physiologies go about responding to, the only thing we now know, consuming. Keep on consuming.

This is why the entire distorteddia is filled with all these negativities and the entire of their illusory domain is poisonous for everyone is doing and behaving the same dehumanised way: same in the sense that these are all actions of the same void of person, of humanity and captured and directed by the same dehumanisation.

And the distorteddia conglomerate have given out a script and all are following it every second of every minute and every day and every night. The distorteddia say that you share contents: what are contents: texts, images, cartoons and videos and mix and match and games etc. Why should anyone, who is not a person or, rather, a void of a person, have anything to share? This person, were she:he a person, would have a life, an existence, in which they would have had the chance to exist as a human being and be and do things to express that humanity and, only, then, they will have something to share with others? They have been made to cease to do that. Further, why does a person share anything with people, who are nothing to them, who not only do not know them but, also, are, almost, guaranteed to remain unknown to them nor would the person ever get to, even, meet any of them in reality? Why would this category ever want to read their texts, look at their images and watch their videos? What is the point of it? In other words, when a human being is an agency of the human mind of humanity she:he does and become that humanity in their life and, therefore, they have a wealth of ‘gifts’ or ‘offerings’ to the rest of humanity, which they can, do and should share for they have endless ‘riches’ to give, which they have made by their existence, being and doing. Humanity has this infinity of riches to give out, to share with the fellow humanion. Because we have been robbed off that pathway to create that riches to give out we have nothing to share with anyone other than the lack or poverty, created by the absence of that human imagination, creativity and ingenuity etc and the distorteddia conglomerate and all their inventions are the means, by which, we share these ‘poverties’ with those, who are as poor as we, each one of us, are.

The Consequences of The Fall Off The Criterion

Neglecting All That One Ought to Do In Order to Conduct One’s Self and Keep That Self in Good State of Being and Doing: this resulted in this person, finding it impossible to find enough time and space to do ‘nothing’ in the Distorteddia pseudo-real, in which, one wastes one’s entire times, spaces, scopes, opportunities, resources and energies into doing and being nothing other than, looking at all, that are offered for ‘consumption’: visiting pages of the groups and channels one is subscribed to in many a system and mechanism, about any of which, one has no power to know enough to see who are running a so-called ‘platform’, why are they running it and what are they seeking to do and, most importantly, who finance them and why. And, apparently, everything is offered ‘free’ for apparent consumption; except, nothing is free: someone is paying for it, someone is making money of it and others are advancing their agendas through it and others are using this to advertise and sell and promote their products and services and, thus, make bucket-loads of money and, we, the physiologies, think, these all are free. In reality, all these free stuffs are costing us our existence while everyone else of the distorteddia is making a killing on our expense: this expense is our human existence and our very self and our very agency of the human mind. Yet, this person is subscribed to hundreds of such groups and channels and outlets and platforms, through them, one is in receipt of so much conflicting, unverifiable, unreliable, questionable, malicious and gossipy materials, among which, feature fabrications, falsehoods, lies, mythologies and concoctions of all kinds, including, absolutely horrendous and ever-going and ever-increasing flood of conspiracy theories, that promote  extreme racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, chauvinistic, supremacist and horrendous filths, all of which, attack science, mathematics, evidence and common sense and provide opinion fascism as means to validate all, that are being presented as truth, that, soon, by the sheer number of clicks, become ‘the high-truth’, that are nothing but utter fabrications at best and, at worst, absolute and dangerous lies. Further, all these, are used to attack and continuously seek to try to destroy historic truth and continue to build-up a parallel conspiratorial version of a dangerous, deadly and toxic narrative. All these are advancing and fuelling a horrendously ugly, violently extreme and crass and vulgar form of nationalism of many a kind, that are racist and xenophobic in nature and character. Further, all these, make a valid course of political action, determined to keep the vigour, against the established professional, bona fide, verifiable and authentic journalism, news, media and press agencies and outlets, as well as, attacking all things, values and ideals, that sustain democracy, human rights, civil liberties, equality and anti-discriminatory approaches, democratic practices and culture, rule of law and the proper functioning of the judiciary and all other related ideals and take on and seek to destroy the facts and evidence by sheer ‘concoctions’ and opinion fascism. Yet, the person, who is subscribed to these groups and outlets in the Distorteddia does not and can not have the power, time and space and ability to ascertain any of it. But they are in subscription so that they spend a great deal of their time visiting these pages and channels, reading texts, that are generated by other users of that platform, watching videos and other types of audio-visual types of presentations. Then, one has many ‘people’ following one so that one must read, see and watch anything, that is sent to their phone. In all likelihood it is impossible for someone to be able to find the physical time to do a quarter of this because there are not enough hours in a day.

In this, therefore, they are unable to give proper attention and consideration to what one has ‘read’, ‘seen’ and ‘watched’ or ‘browsed’. In seeking to do all this, this person, must, ‘steal’ time from some place and, in this, they go about, first, stealing the time they must have to ‘look after themselves’. They wilfully neglect their personal life, personal health and hygiene. They stop cleaning and washing and looking after their home, they neglect cooking and eating and drinking and, more and more, they try to ‘swallow’ food and drink and, often, these are after thoughts and are consumed on the go, on the bus, on the tube or train and, the items are, often, ordered take-aways, fast and unhealthy foods and drinks. None of which serves one with nutritional diets. They sleep less and, whatever amount of sleep they have is the lowest and poorest quality of sleep and they spend less time in the pursuits, that people, individuals, families and communities used to do. That does not give them enough of the ‘stolen’ times they need to gather so that they go about stealing times from when they are walking, waiting at public transport, buses and tubes and trains and from all these spaces they steal more time because they are just passing through, they are not there, they are utterly and completely off their reality and they pass through without looking, without seeing, without hearing, without touching, without smelling and reaching or receiving or registering and responding to the reality. They do not have any sense of the places and spaces they have been ‘going through’. In this, they lost any touch and connection to reality and with it the humanity, that is there in these realities; they do not register people, even, those, who are serving them, they do not speak, they do not have a conversation. Because they are always ‘browsing’ the texts, the images and watching videos while on the bus, on the train, walking or any other place, particularly, when at home so that they, might, as well, be not there. This cuts them off the reality, almost, entirely. This, further takes them away from their reality so that they are strangers where they live: they do not know the area, the locality and where things are nor do they get to know any real people and all this leaves them alone, cut out and lonely and disconnected and disjointed and, therefore, they lack confidence in or sense of ownership of wherever they are supposed to live. They do not  know where the Shakespeare Street is from the St Katherine Avenue, both of which, may, meet at a junction, where there is a community centre, from where their supposed home is few hundred metres away. No one knows and, thus, no one can have confidence or sense of ownership to where one lives. Not only this, when people do not know people it is very likely that they have no relation of any kind with these people so that it is easier to be impersonal and indifferent about all these people and, this, in turn, makes it easier to treat them ‘underhandedly’ or in a dehumanised ways and manners whereas it is, generally, very likely that one would and does find it difficult to be, say, rude to someone, they know. Now, we all are and can be rude with anyone. In fact, our selected ‘auto-mode’ is at being hostile, angry, abusive, aggressive and violently rude to everyone and anyone. That’s the mode of going about in this state of physiologies.

This, still, does not give them enough ‘stolen’ times they, must, have so that they now go and ‘steal’ more time from their work, wherever they are working, they do the same. They neglect their work and ‘steal’ work time and spend it in pursuing their ‘connected disconnections’. This ruins the quality of their works, which makes them unhappy, even, more. And, this effects their productivity and combined together, this all goes and degrades the total productivity of the national economy.

They, still, do not have enough ‘stolen’ time, that they, must, have so that they find other ways to ‘steal’ time: they look and begin neglecting all their duties, that means spending less times in discharging their responsibilities, obligations and duties and they keep on neglecting these more and more so that whoever is or are at the receiving end of these neglects suffer the consequences. They cut themselves off from family members, friends and all other human connections. They stopped socialising with them, spending time with them, going out together or spending time with them in other social and cultural opportunities. They stop going out as much as possible and in doing all this, they are, always, alone and lonely and disconnected and they, tend to like it more so that the tendency is to remain and stay alone and lonely and at the receiving end of the endless flowing sociological ‘disjunctures’, being thrown onto their ‘glass’ of life and its water keeps getting muddy and messy and blackened-up as the day goes, which is getting toxic by every hours of all the pseudo but toxic incomings: the texts, the images, the cartoons, the illusory other concoctions and endless videos and so on and all this makes the person, void of any contributions from living and being a person, being in private with their own self, from being with the family and all the networks of families, being with friends and forming, nurturing and maintaining social, cultural and other types of relationships etc, real memories of thinking, of analysing, of learning, of developing, of emotions, of feelings, of smells, of touch, of hearing and of remembering and many other things, that arise out of one’s real existence in reality among and with real humanity and, instead of all these, the pseudo-memories are created and deposited in this glass, which are all unreal and illusory and negative so that this person ends up being ‘the dustbin’ to keep on gathering pseudo-memories, that are unable to support a person and that are corrosive, toxic and poisonous and all this keeps on tearing this person’s being and existence away and apart. Further, since, this person has, effectively, ceased to be a person, they are becoming more and more pseudo as the more they keep on going the less connections they seem to form, keep or grow or maintain so that they have more pseudo in them than real. All this is infinitely punctuated and amplified by the fact that this person ceases to exist as a person and, therefore, this person has no record of being and doing that existence. This, therefore, is the tragedy that this person has exchanged their being and doing a human existence with an illusory distorted unreality or pseudo-real, in and by which, this void of person keeps erasing the very tiny part of them, that is still real and keeps filling that erased out reality with that pseudo-real, corrosive, toxic pseudo-real ‘disjunctures’. They do not have anything real to remember: they remember a video they watched of someone doing something or rather not doing anything, which someone is not known to them and they have no way of knowing this person in reality. They remember that instead of remembering a real person, a friend in reality. They do not remember anything real because they have had no time to gather these real memories so that they do not, even, have any feeling of feeling any real emotion.

The route of living and existence with a human existence as individual in families and with and among friends and colleagues and all other acquaintances in real life and in real communities and in real society would have given this person all that, which this person has lost and, instead of this, the greatest and saddest of all, this person now fills oneself with all these pseudo-real distorteddia ‘disjunctures’, that are corrosive, toxic and negative, with which, one finds that one is infinitely placed in the domain of gathering all features, characteristics, traits, qualities, that constitute the sociology of evil: all the negativity at the worse end: All this burns away, scalds away, tears away, cuts away, beats away, drags away, culls away, eats away, breaks away and destroys away this human person twenfty-four-seven, who has been losing in the pseudo real of the distorteddia the very humanity, with which, they could have become and existed as an infinity unfolding itself.

These devastations done to them by the distorteddia have created a monstrous domain in these pseudo-real spheres, where we find the entire spectrum of all the negativities, that arise out of dehumanisation of humanity and, there people are behaving and conducting themselves whatever way they want for there is no Criterion any longer, that, always, relates to a person, an individual, a human agency of the human mind. But the worse is not just there, now, there has been added the mechanisms in these distorteddia so that a great deal of these so-called ‘accounts’ are created and run by ‘bots’ or ‘machines and no one in the distorteddia can know what is done by humans and what is by these machines. Added to this, all the obnoxious and terrible forces of all kinds have got in there and using the distorteddia tools to advance their horrendous concoctions and all these have been devastating and strangling the legitimate, valid, bona fide, professional, verifiable and authentic news, press and media outlets in all forms and mediums: print, online, radio and television in all their expressions: international, national, supra-national, regional, provincial and local outlets and a great many of them have, already, been lost and a great many are struggling to survive. This has created a void, in which the distorteddia have been ‘fishing in muddy water’ and making trillions of dollars, that they have force-direct away from these bona fide press, media and news outlets and they have been pocketing these trillions while the all the obnoxious, horrendous and terrible dark forces have been using this opportunity to advance their dark agenda, that wants to establish, what is, essentially, the sociology of evil.

This is not all: the entire democratic architecture is being threatened by all this. Everywhere the obnoxious and horrible forces are advancing and taking over the mainstream of politics and societies. The established democratic values, culture and systems are being threatened as these forces try to use the distorteddia to advance their agenda and, if, these continue, the entire world and world humanity face the final tragedy of ‘losing’ their Criterion: that representative form of democracy is an ideal, that there is available, that best serves, regardless of its limitations, the rule of law, the proper and transparent governance etc so that there are elections held but no one knows which forces are manipulating, directing and herding the public for whatever hidden agenda they want to impose. That darkness is not unreal and the prospect of this dangers is ever-increasing its might.

Further to this: although, all these negativities and horrendous expressive resultants of the loss of the human agency of the human mind, the loss of the Criterion or due to the dehumanisation of humanity, in which this dehumanised, horrible, hostile, horrid and vile a pseudo realm has been created by the distorteddia in their illusory realms, they did not and do not remain there. They are brought over and onto reality: changing the entire human conducts, behaviours and way of engagements, manner of interactions and culture of discourse and all these are imported onto reality so that all agencies, regardless of who or what they are and all humanity, in them, are finding the real life’s reality and the entire ecology have been transformed by all these horrendous, horrid and vile negativities, which are the architecture of the sociology of evils. These horrors are unfolding everywhere and all-where across the earth and these will continue unless and until we wake up and realise what have been happening and how far and how deep these all have gone and how that shattered the very foundation, architecture and orientation of humanity, human conduct, human behaviour or, rather, how the very humanity or the very quality, very essence, the very feature, the very architecture of our very humanity is threatened with such vile force, such ferocity, such mandatory a manner, that has been unprecedented in the entire history and development of humanity.

This can, can, only, be seen as the revival of the old feudal lordship culture where all people are ‘owned’ by the feudal lord or all people are the feudal lord’s subjects, who subject all of them to her:his whims. The entire world and all its bodies and agencies, states, governments, legislatures, international bodies, agencies and organisations, banks, financial and trade bodies, universities, learning and research agencies and all other form and manner of organisations from a Kebab shop to an Institute of Moral Philosophy all have fallen in line in accepting this revived Feudal Lordship of the Distorteddia and all of them, must, now, get their ‘blessings’ and pay them their ‘mandatory tax’ and promote them by unquestioning support, promotion, advertising, legitimising, validating and advancing the interests at all times. This way the Distorteddia have gone into and found acceptance and made themselves ‘fashionable’, by which, they ‘recruited’ all the users of the distorteddia and we all: both all organisations of all types and kinds and all people as individuals have fallen under and accepted the mandatory imposition of the revived Feudal Lordship of the distorteddia conglomerate and let them destroy and devastate and dehumanise us so that they can keep on making money and taking that money off the people, off the system and pocketing them and in the process sucking the life-blood out of all economies, killing the most necessary free and independent press, media and news outlets and devastating democracies and impacting and challenging the proper functioning of the rule of law in the due process and the list of their harms is, almost, going to be an infinite one. Therefore, humanity, wake up before it is too late, which, now, stands as, almost, too late. Wake up and dismantle these distorteddia to reclaim our humanity and our human existence and all, which we ought to value to the highest.:::ω.

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The Distorteddia: The Fall: Off The Criterion



























|| February 08: 2019: Download This Piece in PDF || ά. An agency of the human mind is comprised of its unity of the whole, meaning, it is indivisible and, at all times, one and the same unity, which unity arises out of the architecture of rationality, that constructs it and that equips it with the systems, mechanisms, protocols and learning tools to seek to learn to gather knowledge, from which it is to achieve a state of wisdom, through which, it should conduct its business of being, doing, initiating, creating and maintaining its existence as a human-mind:soul:will:brain, at all times, seeking to develop itself, which it can not do unless it guides itself on the path of judging, comparing, assessing, analysing, evaluating, questioning, contemplating, thinking, seeking to understand in order to derive, as best as possible, wisdom, based on which, it, then, goes onto making a final judgement and makes a choice, which, then, the human mind goes to execute. In this: the entire human agency is dependent on this Criterion: that it remains at liberty at all times while maintaining a state of equality among and between all its peers or fellow humanity none of which can happen unless the agency of the mind makes it its high-most-treasure of its existence that it, always, remains in the light of continual learning so that it creates continual development and progression of its self, of its agency, only by which, it can guarantee that it stays at liberty and at equality at all times. The existence of these two elements of the Criterion, liberty and equality and their pre-requisite form of eternal learning, offers the human agency the ability to do and be the existence of what it defines as its humanity. In other words: this is its ability to judge and choose with particular aims and objectives none of which it can do unless it has The Criterion. These aims and objectives, inspiring the choices, are not decided by the person on a personal beneficial level or state but judged against the same The Criterion: translating the two elements of the Criterion: the existence of liberty and equality, that offers the human agency the ability to choose and being able to do so offers it the pathways to be and do its humanity or exist as humanity naturale. Therefore, this Criterion is the ultimate ‘good’ arising out of the ultimate aim to become and exist as humanity naturale. Unless the human mind has this Criterion to judge its existence against, with and by the agency of the human mind does not and can not sustain itself as humanity naturale.

Now, throughout the development of humanity across the historic time frame . since the dawn of the species, humanity’s tendency was to learn and understand itself and as its efforts continued advancing learning and understanding itself advanced it learnt more and more and developed the human agency likewise. But so far this agency has always been an agency, it has sought to keep, maintain, nurture, protect and advance this agency. And, so far as its being an agency was concerned, it took the view that continued existence as humanity meant, effectively, to maintain existence as this human agency. Therefore, existence came to mean the existence of the human agency and this existence is rendered impossible unless this takes place in the form of this human agency. Water does not have an agency: the entity water is in the water drop and it is in the lakes and rivers and seas and oceans and in the air, in clouds and in the weather system and all otherwhere, including, all the living things but humanity is not like that: humanity is always, in and exists as, a unit in that human agency and all the agencies do so likewise; while all agencies of the human mind are connected and interlinked they do not become as all waters become: the ocean. Each individual human agency remains so, even, when they join together, say, in a public space, at a cultural gathering, for instance, where it closes its agency inwards so that it has created a domain, naming it, private while it opens itself, a selective parts of it, to the public, towards the fellow humanity in a common and public domain and in that public space, in that public domain all individual human agencies join and create a soul-commune without losing their self or the agency of the human mind. Humanity is 100% in existence in this human agency as in all others but humanity does not and can not exist as body of ocean of humanity as water can or does, where all human agencies are diluted into being one self-void non-entity. Because in this dilution, were this to happen, all humanity is lost. The living physiologies of all humans are there as a crowd, which, might be, ‘programmed’ to become a ‘mob’ to seek and achieve a particular, destructive act as happens in an ‘animal gathering’, that, through utter freezing by paranoia of getting killed or, rather, the fear of losing their lives, becomes a ‘stampede’. A crowd is disjointed diluted bunch of humanity, a physiological gathering and meshed up entity, void of self and void of the agencies of the human minds and a mob is a manipulated, directed, herded and programmed crowd for a particular aim and purpose: but none of which is good. For good only arises from and relates to The Criterion. The opposite of good or evil has no Criterion but only that, what is the negation of The Criterion or what is good. Good exists and keeps on existing and fighting this negation whereby there is the choice: that choice is endowed with every single human agency through which it seeks to follow and exist by The Criterion.

Therefore, humanity and human existence are only capable of existence and can only be capable of existence in this individual self, this individual human agency of the human mind. Without the existence of this agency of the human mind humanity does not and can not exist as humanity naturale. This means that it ought to exist by that Criterion, by that what we termed as good, against, by and with which it ought to judge and choose the course of its existence and do and be that humanity naturale. This is how humanity aspired to live so far and it became universally accepted as foundational philosophic, moral, legal, jurisprudential, political, spiritual, cultural and artistic Principia Naturale: that humanity is this individual person, being an inviolable and inalienable and indivisible agency of the human mind, which is ‘sacred’ and, which, must, at all times, be given the high most protection of the law. But the invention of capitalism and, even, the development of socialist and communistic societies follow the same route so that these began to attack and destroy this agency of human mind and make them become a crowd, that can be programmed and manipulated to a directed way of ‘being in non-being’, existing in non-existence for neither the crowd nor the mob is or can be humanity as it is, humanity naturale, because this humanity naturale exists only as individual self, as the agency of the human mind. Capitalism has sought to convert humanity into a thing, called, consumers: they consume and enable it to make profit: so far this aim goes humanity has no other use or value to it other than being physiological entities, that have the ‘money’ to buy and consume its offerings. Further to this is this point, because capitalism has made everything into a ‘commodity’, it treats all humanity as ‘commodities’ and, thus, humanity is a commodity. It makes money ‘selling’ humanity or using them in selling their products. This is the other front of dehumanisation. A Footballer is a human being, a man or a woman. But she:he is a ‘commodity’ and the markets sells and buys him:her and in this it makes money. This is the rawest possible example of how capitalism has converted humanity into commodities.  

However, the final stage of development of this capitalism has been reached across the globe so that the entire human affairs management systems: governance, political economical, political philosophcal, jurisprudential, legislative and socio-political, are run under capitalism, even, so-called, socialist countries are running this same capitalism. In this process there got developed the distorteddia and capitalism has found its most effective weapons to complete its high-desired goal of destroying, dismantling, devastating and, finally, eliminating or terminating this human agency of the human mind. This whole process of annihilating this human agency or the agency of the human mind, is therefore, the purpose and goal and determination of capitalism and it seeks to achieve it through dehumanisation of humanity. This is the only way, dehumanising humanity, humanity can be terminated: terminate the self, terminate the individual agency of the human mind and there remains nothing but the physiologies of what used to be humans and humanity and these physiologies become nothing but a crowd, that is ready and prone to be capable of being directed, herded, manipulated and programmed to any end: capitalism’s end, the distorteddia’s end is to get them into a mob of being nothing but consumers, who are void of self and void of agency and, thus, void of humanity. Because they have been dehumanised and they have no self or agency of the human mind they have fallen off The Criterion. They now have no other way of being and doing other than: being part of a directed, manipulated, herded and programmed mob: a mob of consumers: who would exist not but keep on consuming so long they can till they come to consume themselves. Dehumanisation disempowers humanity because the very natural power, that resides in and arises from the very franchise of that humanity, the very person, the very agency of the human mind, is destroyed. Therefore, the disempowered, disenfranchised human beings are converted into this consumers, who have no power and they seem to just use consuming to find some illusion of power in that consuming.

Further to this dehumanisation, this process of eliminating the human self or the agen