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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Body of Works That Bring Into Existence the Philosophy and Vision of Humanics

Munayem Mayenin's Published Works

I Question Therefore I Learn



















Reading: The Doors, Windows, Ventilations, Roads, Streets, Avenues, Highways, Alleyways, Paths and Passages,  Roots, Branches, Earths, Waters and Skies Through Which Human Soul Travels to Eternally Keep on Learning and Growing to Become and Remain Humanity Naturale


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Alphansum Isz: Therefore I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius

Imagine: Take the Entire Universe Off Existence: You Can Imagine This But There Must Still Exist This I and This You to Imagine the Universe Away Into Non-Existence. And, This I, This You, Can Not Imagine the Universe Off Existence Without Being in Existence: The Question is What Kind of Existence is That Then, When the Universe is Imagined Away Into Non-Existence: The Physical and Temporal Part of This I and This You Can Not Exist, If, the Universe and Her Temporal Framework Do Not Exist: Or, Rather, Unless We Imagine Our Temporality Into Non-Existence We Can Not Imagine the Universe Into Non-Existence. So, How Do This I and This You Exist in That 'State', Where Nothing Temporal Exists: These Two Entities, Therefore, Can Only Do So in the Non-Temporal State. And What is This Non-Temporal State: Alphansum is The Non-Temporal: The Eternal and The Infinite: Therefore, Imagination is the Only Thing, That Takes Humanity to the State to Reach, Empathise and Understand the 'State of Alphansum' and, There, This I and This You, Find, See and Empathise the Existence of Alphansum and, Thereby, Their Own Existence Outside Temporality: That 'Existence' of Alphansum is Described as Isz: That What Always Isz: Not Being or Existing But, Simply, Just, Isz and Isz Outside Temporality. This is Not 'Existing' in the Temporal But Isz in Infiniternity with No Beginning Middle or End for, Only, Time and Space or the Temporal, Have a Beginning, Middle and End. Therefore, Alphansum Isz: Therefore, I Isz and Exist in Both Infiniternal and Temporal and, Thus, This I and This You, are and Can Not But Be an Infinity Unfolding Itself Through Imagination Following the Nine-Step-Realm-Path: If, Alphansum is the Truth the Entire Creation and the Universe are  That  Truth's Beauty's Eden Garden Expressed in the Infinity of Its Expositions, Magnificence, Brilliance, Artistry, Sciences, Mathematics and Creativity, All of Which Unfold by the Laws of The Mechanoprincipium, So That the Entire Universe and Creation are the True Nursery of Liberty and Equality in Natural Justice Existing and Unfolding in the Rule of Law and, in This Scheme of Things, Humanity is The Custodian of The Eternal Learning of The Mechanoprincipium and with the Enlightenment Gained From It to Seek and Try to Become and Unfold That Infinity, Called, Humanity with the Full Utilisation of Imagination, Ingenuity and Creativity: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius

The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto

Monumental Foundational and Seismic Change Does Not Ever Happen on Its Own: It Has to Be Chosen and Worked for Tirelessly With a Philosophy With a Political Philosophy With a Political Economics Offering a Vision of That Change


|| Wednesday: June 03: 2020: Munayem Mayenin || ά. Most of Humanity did not, even, know that humanity was getting ready to go to the Moon, most of humanity did not, even, know who Karl Marx was, let alone the fact that, being persecuted out of his motherland Germany, he had written and published his Das Kapital in German, that will take a long while to get translated into the world languages, most did not, even, hear of Mao, let alone his Long March or the fact that the Bolsheviks were about to bring about the October Revolution in Russia nor did many know anything about the French Revolution when it happened: not many knew much about America, let alone the fact that it was fighting its War of Independence.

Not many knew that human genome had been discovered. Even, today, not many would, actually, know who Gregory Mendel was or what he did.  Nor many knew that there was such a thing as computer, that had come about. It took a lone King to begin his epic work to try and seek to rectify the evils of human self-loathing or racism in America and not many in the world knew or heard of him when he was doing that vital work nor did the world get to know much about the early days when a young lawyer, named, Nelson Mandela, set out on the path of burying the self-loathing racist evils of apartheid in South Africa.

Not many of the humanity heard or, even now, know about a Katherine Johnson, who had worked out the entire mathematics of the whole trajectory of the Apollo Mission by her simple and only natural instrument, her own head. Not many heard the name, let alone, read her work, Hannah Arendt. The point is simply this: the vast majority of humanity do not begin a revolution but a tiny, tiny part of it begins that longest, hardest, most arduous, most difficult and most challenging of tasks and their courageous, visionary and revolutionary commitment, dedication, resolve and determination take the message out and onward to the wider humanity and, gradually, day by day, drop by drop, brick by brick, plank by plank, stride by stride, the course of a revolution take shape and more and more human souls join that walk and this is how human progress has always been attempted and achieved.

And, in this, never, ever, has there been a case where the established voices, platforms, agencies and organisations of many kinds either initiated or supported such progressive revolutionary endeavours. No. Not a single one of them. Not once. Yes, Regine Group of Publications are not part of any large conglomerate body nor is it owned by anyone and, we do not, surely, have much but we have taken that long path to humanics and we shall keep on going and calling on all humanity to take up the philosophy, vision, imagination and hope of humanics to see all humanity reach liberty and equality and live as all-for-one and one-for-all. Join us.

A whole range of the status-quo of all things in the manner and form of agencies and organisations with large money of this world are deeply drowned in the pigsty of capitalism, trying to profiteer and rob more and more money from the working-humanity-created worth and values to 'consume and enjoy' as much as possible of the mud of 'money's powers and prowess' while ensuring the vast majority of humanity suffer the resultant of capitalism's poverty-paradigm and all its poverty-wage, poverty-benefit, lack of any social security and all its high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-brutalities. They are not going to lift a finger to change anything.

In fact, we can be infinitely certain that they all, as always, forever, stand against and united in opposing such revolutionary endeavours and, unite in 'investing' their wealth in seeking to stop any such revolutionary efforts or initiatives. It is up to each one of us to make a choice and go and work for such change, that we have chosen. Support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, a not for profit social enterprise, no one makes or takes profit out of it, not because it is fashionable and cool today but it is the future of this suffering humanity should we choose to believe that humanity is an infinity unfolding itself and we can, we should, we ought, we must change this rotten state of a hellish human condition of ever-going suffering, agony, pain and hardship  for the vast majority of humanity across the earth and create an infinitely better human condition for all humanity.

Yes, they had killed Che Guevara alright when he was a revolutionary; now, they make money selling t-shirts with his image printed on them and, rucksacks, too! That is the irony of capitalism. Support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd because humanics is the home of our future humanity as one-for-all and all-for-one. Humanics was not born yesterday or today. It was born the day the Thinker, who would spend his entire existence learning and developing it, was born, in the sixties. Humanics was developed in its entire basis, form, architecture and foundation fully in the decade of the eighties.

Humanics is not born today. But all these years, these decades it has not gone away but kept on growing and it shall keep on going and growing. Why would it? Because in capitalism humanity says, ''I can not breathe'', a dying, violated and extra-judicially killed, black young man's last word, that is now echoing ang raging through America, where in among those protests, one puts it so beautifully in a placard: ''Capitalism = Looting.

That looting is the robbery of the worth and values of the working humanity, which is what creates, distributes and enforces poverty of all kinds in all spheres of existence in capitalism. This is why humanics is not going to do away: capitalism shall have to be discarded for the future of this dysfunctional world and the future of this suffering humanity are in humanics freeing the entire humankind into liberty and equality under the rule of law in natural justice in a humanical way of existence because in capitalism: We can not breathe. And, when we can not breathe, ought we, must we, rise to fight to live and exist as free and as equals because only there, being at liberty and in equality, can we humanity breathe, live, exist and do as humanity naturale. We can only invite for your support. Support Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd.

Have You Heard About The Humanical Building-Block Foundational Human Rights

Once Brought Into Existence These Humanical Rights Will End All of Capitalism's High-Cruelties High-Brutalities and High-Barbarities to an End Overnight

A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment
B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air
C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink
D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need
E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home
F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning
G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care
H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income
I: Absolute Right to a Job
J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income

Humanics: The Philosophy and Vision of Humanics Are Built Through the Following Body of Work

Humanics Because Capitalism Is A Dying World View and A Rotten and Rotting Killing Mechanism That Can Not Be Sustained

The Body of Works of Humanics Arises Out of the Philosophical Works of Munayem Mayenin: Humanics Does Not Believe in Ownership Nor Does It Believe in Money: Regine Humanics  Foundation Ltd, Is, in Humanical Terms, a Human Enterprise, Registered as a Not For Profit Social Enterprise and It Exists to Take Forward the Philosophy and Vision of Humanics

|| The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto || Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume I  || Humanics The Foundation: Volume I || Humanics The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics Its Laws and Lawlessness: Volume II || Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume III ||

As of Yet Unpublished Works: || Psychology of Zoohuman || Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius || Humanical Jurisprudence || Sociology of Evil || Economics of Squalors: The High-Cruelties High-Brutalities and High-Barbarities of Capitalism || Humanical Moral Science || Social Morality Or Good State || Humanical Civilisation: A Universal Grid of Humanical Societies || Colossus Complexus: Eternally Learning Humanity ||

|| Humanics || Humanical Sociology || Humanical Jurisprudence || Humanical Moral Science || Humanical Philosophy || Humanical Political Philosophy: Humanicsovics || Humanical Political Economics: Humanicsonomics || Humanical Psychology || Humanical Society || Humanical Civilisation || Human Enterprise ||

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