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The Humanicsxian: November 09: Issue 06
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First Published: September 24: 2015

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|| Professor Naomi Hamburg Awarded $03.7 Million to Study How Endothelial Cell Health Impacts Disease ||


|| Sunday: October 08: 2023 || ά. Professor Naomi Hamburg, MD, the Joseph A Vita Professor of Medicine at Boston University Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine, has been awarded $03.7 million grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute for her research study, ‘Endothelial Cell Health Across the Spectrum of Cardiometabolic Disease’. Cardiometabolic diseases are a group of common but, often, preventable conditions, including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  

The escalating prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors, including obesity and type two diabetes mellitus:T2DM, presents a critical cardiovascular challenge. Individuals with cardiometabolic disease harbour greater risk of cardiovascular disease:CVD, including accelerated vascular aging and premature blood vessel blockages. Importantly, changes in the endothelial cells, that line blood vessels predate the development of clinical CVD. Endothelial cell health is a window into early heart disease risk. Getting a glimpse into endothelial cells from people has potential to help create new treatments to protect blood vessel health. “Experimental studies and our prior work link altered metabolism to organelle, sub-cellular structure, that has one or more specific jobs to perform in the cell stress, including mitochondrial dysfunction and stress. ::::ω::::

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|| New Research Presents the Most Important Early Stage of Embryonic Development ||


|| Friday: September 29: 2023 || ά. A new discovery by researchers challenges our current understanding of gastrulation, the most important stage of early embryonic development. When the zygote or the fertilised egg, starts to develop, soon forming inner cell mass, a cluster of cells, that will, eventually, develop into the individual, retains its pluripotent stem cell potential for the first few weeks. In other words, every cell in this cluster has the ability to form an entire new individual and all of the hundreds of different cell types, that the human body needs.

The potential of stem cell therapies is based on this pluripotency of early embryonic stem cells. Gastrulation is a crucial stage in embryonic development where this pluripotency is lost when the germ layers of the embryo as ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, and the three body axes of the developing body, anterior and posterior, dorsal and ventral, left and right, are formed. In fact, gastrulation is, often, referred to as the most important stage of life, with a large share of early miscarriages, resulting from unsuccessful gastrulation. ::::ω::::

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|| New Research Discovers the Mechanisms by Which X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disease Work: A Disease That Occur Mostly to Boys ||


|| Sunday: September 10: 2023 || ά. A research team, led by the University of Ottawa, has published new research, that advances the understanding of a puzzling, heart-breaking a very rare disease, that, almost, exclusively occur in boys. XLP-2 is a genetic X-linked lymphoproliferative disease, which was first described in 2006. It has severe complications among patients, who become infected with the Epstein-Barr virus, an exceedingly common virus, that infects most people without problems in their teenage years or young adulthood.

But when the few individuals with XLP-2 encounter the Epstein-Barr virus the experience is, often, fatal because it results in immunodeficiency, in which a derailing of the immune system takes place. The research team aimed to examine how the inactivation of a protein-coding gene, called, XIAP, triggers this immunodeficiency, according to the Senior Author of the Paper, Dr Subash Sad, who studies the mechanisms, that maintain a healthy immune system and prevent the development of inflammatory diseases.

“How inactivation of XIAP results in immunodeficiency was not clear.  It was speculated that an inactivation of XIAP impacts T-cells directly. However, our work demonstrates that this is not entirely true. We showed inactivation of XIAP impacts the survival of T-cells through direct and indirect effects, which comprehensively result in a state of immunodeficiency.” Says Dr Sad, a Cellular Immunologist and Professor at the Faculty’s Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa.

The First Author Parva Thakkar and the other researchers used recombinant bacteria and T-cell transgenic cells to monitor the impact of XIAP on the differentiation and memory development of T-cells following infection. Most of the experiments were done in vivo with a mouse model. Other mechanistic experiments were done in various cells of the immune system.

The researchers discovered two underlying mechanisms: first, the inactivation of XIAP results in poor expression of Interleukin-6:IL-6, which compromises the proliferation of activated T-cells, and, second, the inactivation of XIAP compromises the ability of activated T-cells to survive long-term.

‘’The consequence of this phenomenon is that memory T-cells, which patrol the body and are induced during prior infections or vaccinations, survive poorly, if, there is an inactivating mutation in XIAP. This explains the reasons behind immunodeficiency in XLP-2 patients.’ Dr Sad says.

As the research team explores questions suggested by this Study, they are interested in examining downstream mechanisms and pathways, that can be targeted for therapy. They are interested in working with patient samples. Dr Sad encourages families with such mutations to get in contact with the research team. :::ω:::

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