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O Children Of Adam And Eve: Stop The Slaughter: You Have The Luminous Gift Of Reason To Achieve Peace

Go Back to the Beginning: Adam and Eve Were Neither Jewish Nor Muslim Nor Christian Nor Anything Else But Humanity: O Children of Adam and Eve in Israel and Palestinian Territories: Rise to Higher Realm of Existence: Hatred Violence Slaughter and Ever-Going War Are Not the Way to Peace: Peace CAN NOT EVER Be Achieved Through Hatred and the Slaughters of Wars: Taking Revenge SHALL NEVER Get Those Dead by Both Parties Back to Life: Turn Away From Slaughter: The Stampede in Which Animals Take Part Always Kills More Animals Than Otherwise Would Be the Case:

Challenge Taughtology of Thinking We Can Either Fight or Take Flight: We Are Not Sheer Animals: We Have Reason: Not Fight: Not Run Away: But With the Luminous Light of Reason We Choose to Create the Righteous Conditions in Which We Would Like to Live: Reason Gives Us Righteousness: Must We Exist by Its Beautiful Light and Luminosity: Here Is the New Psychology: We Call Upon All Israelis and Palestinians to Form Tens of Humanity As The Torah Says: Create Tens and Hundreds and Thousands of Humanity and Elect  Leaders of The Tens, of The Hundreds and of The Thousands and Call a Universal Conference of Peace For All and This Is Done By Ordinary People on Both Sides of the Border: The Israelis and The Palestinians: This Shall Have Nothing to Do With the Leaders Who Have Desperately Fallen Victims of and Are Blinded By Taughtologies: They Are Dragging the Peoples on Both Sides Towards Nothing But Ever-Going Slaughters and Ever-Going Bloodshed Deaths and Destructions: Do It Even If Many Would Call You Traitors! Only the Visionaries Have Eyes to See The Future: Others Are Blind Even to SEE the Darkness of the Present and EVEN the Darker Future Unless the Righteous Rise Up to Challenge the Taughtologies and Present a Vision of Reason and Righteousness.

Hamas Must Release the Innocent Hostages That It Brutally Kidnapped Forthwith Without Any Pre-Conditions WHATSOEVER: Israel Must Stop the War of Vengeance and Revenge Forthwith and Let Humanitarian Aid Flow Into the Gaza Strip and Choose the Path of Peace: All Palestinians Must Choose Peace: And Both Parties Must Construct That Peace Together Through a Committed Continual and Growing Process of Making That Righteous Peace: Israel Can Not Ever Achieve Peace By Continued Occupation and War and Slaughters and Palestinians Can Not Ever Achieve Palestine and Peace With Violence Hatred and Slaughters: Peace Is the Garden of Righteousness: Hatred Violence and Slaughters Is the Graveyard of Unrighteous: The Unrighteous Can Neither Reach Nor Achieve Peace: By Choosing to Abandon Hatred Violence and Slaughters We Begin the Journey on the Path of Reason and Righteousness and That Path SHALL FOREVER Leads to Peace: And the World's Leaders and States and Governments Must Stop Adding Petrol to the Fire of Hatred Violence and Slaughters of War and Must Do Everything in Their Powers to Support Both Parties Reach That Beautiful Beginning of Constructing That Righteous Peace For Both the Israelis and the Palestinians: These Slaughters of Innocent Lives MUST END TODAY: Period: The Humanion and Elleesium Group of Publications


Peres Centre For Peace and Innovation


A Beautiful Neighbourhood of Humanity Side By Side: Israel and Palestine

The World Needs Nelson Mandelas: Martin Luther Kings: Mohanchand Gandhis: Mother Theresas to Break the Silence and Challenge Taughtologies to Shift the Paradigm


Rise to Challenge Taughtologies and Create New Earth of Peace and Harmony For All


Look At the Human Soul: There Is No Room For Hatred Or Violence Or Slaughter In On Or Over Her












Breaking The Silence

Challenge Taughtologies

There Is No Us or Them: We All Are Humanity: Eight Billions of Us Across the Mother Earth: Whether We Are Jewish Or Muslims Or Christians Or Hindus Or Buddhists Or Atheists: We All Began From a Set of Primal Parents at the Dawn of Humanity: We Are One Humanity: Stop Hatred: Stop Violence: Stop Slaughter: Peace Is An Existential Construct That Is Created By Choice and By Committed Ever-Going Work of Reason and Righteousness

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