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First Published: September 24: 2015

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Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin

















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Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin
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Cause is that duantum magnum magnetism force, that is indefinitum in scope: for human purposes, it is, hypothetically, infinite: forcing the cut out segment of its inner core, which is nothing but invisible fibre-cabling: prospect-lines of the Duantum Universe with indefinitum power, from all directions inwards, bringing it to an invisible dot to become Solidaas and, then, as it is let go off that pressure, suddenly, the effect appears in an explosion of beyond imagination ferocity, speed and force taking place in order to release everything, that got tangled up to be Solidaas and that release is the process where causality appears. The space contains in it everything, including, time, time contains everything, including, energy, energy contains everything, including, radiation, radiation includes everything, including, matter, matter contains various states, including, elaborated energy, energy contains motion, including,  time, motion becomes time, that opens up the final frontier of the Solidaas: space: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin: ISBN: 978-0-244-58241-8: 420 Pages: Price: £29: First Published: Imsonium Books: April 14: 2020


Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume One: Published 2006
The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto
Humanics The Foundation Volume One
Humanics The Humanicsonomics The Laws and Lawlessness of Pseudonomics
Humanics The Humanicsonomics The Political Philosophy of Humanics



Munayem Mayenin's Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius Has Been Published on April 14
Front Cover Painting: Jessie May Peters


|| Thursday: April 16: 2020 || ά. We, very tentatively and with a great deal reserve, begin to come back to reality and start the resumption of regular publication of both The Humanion and The Humanion Portable Daily with this piece. Our regular readers will have become familiar with the title of Munayem Mayenin’s work in philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and social psychology, ‘Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius, which, following its nine-step-realm-path of becoming, has reached reality and, has been published as a book on April 14.

The book has been published by in paperback, Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin: ISBN: 978-0-244-58241-8: 420 Pages: Price: £29: First Published: Imsonium Books: April 14: 2020. The front cover of the book has been done by Ms Jessie May Peters and back cover by Ms Saahia Shoilie Mayenin. ‘’This piece of work has arisen out of a whole life-time of continual seeking answers to, asking and raising questions and continual learning and development.’’ says Mr Munayem Mayenin. ‘’I am thankful that, finally, this large body of works have reached their final form and shape and is now ready to go to the world.’’

‘’Thesis always arises as a necessary response to already existent antithesis; however, a thesis is, always, translated and transformed into reality not as the thesis but what it becomes, a synthesis, because many a mind get involved in its translation, interpretation, transformation and implementation by contributing to it their imagination, ingenuity and creativity, quality of which is, always, determined by the level, degree and magnitude of their learning, education, illumination, enlightenment and wisdom.’’ Munayem Mayenin writes at the opening of the book.

‘’Therefore, Marxism was a thesis of the antithesis of a newly developed capitalism, which, then, got translated, interpreted and transformed into the synthesis by many a mind in the Marxist political agencies, who, then went about implementing it into reality.

Humanics is, therefore, the thesis of the same capitalism, reaching its highest-most developed state by which it has emerged, asserted and established itself as the only system of economics in the world, which it has done by taking humanity to the highest-most dangerous stage, state and magnitude of dehumanisation, by the creation, sustenance and enlargement of the sociology of squalor, with the development and use of the distorteddia and, through these, enforcing all the high-cruelties, high-brutalities and high-barbarities, arising out of its poverty-paradigm, through the establishment and enhancement of the sociology of evil, which is the highest or, rather, lowest end of the fate, that zoohumanity gets to become, which is the exact opposite of what humanity is as humanity naturale and, included in this capitalism is the entire existence of the failed socialistic and communistic experimentations, as well as, the failures of Marxism as critique of this capitalism.’’

‘’Furthermore, humanics, is a thesis against the antithesis of the whole sorry saga of all branches of sciences, learning, knowledge and wisdom, particularly, with regards to the states of human psychology, sociology, social psychology, absence of vital branches of sciences, moral science, philosophy, political philosophy, political economics and  jurisprudence, succumbing to a dead end and the death-strangling of all arise out of the vice-clasp of the Freudian and behaviourist schools of psychology. This is what enables us to a state where we have been made to accept that humanity is what we are now made into: zoohumanity, so that we are not, even, looking at what humanity is as humanity naturale. Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius is the pinnacle of this body of work challenging all these to invite, inspire, equip and empower humanity to rise to see, elvision and encapture the true feature, state, prospect and vision of that humanity as humanity naturale on these Delta of the Universes, whose existence have been brought to light only by Humanical Metaphysics.’’

Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius


 Introduction 15-36

Alpha: Alphansum 38-59

Beta: I The Agency of Humanity 61-89

Gamma: The Human Mind 91-106

Delta: The Sensedian Architecture 108-119

Epsilon: Elsensineity: Pre Elsensine: Elsensine: Post-Elsensine 121-145

Zeta: The Organisation of the Senses 147-161

Eta: The Rise: The Fall: The Flow of Elsensineity 163-172

Theta: The Foreign Entities to the Matter Universe 174-181

Iota: Liberty 183-199

Kappa: Meaning Lies Outside the Necessity 201-211

Lambda: Liberty’s Relation to Equality 213-228

Mu: Humanity Naturale 230-250

Nu: Sigma: Zoohumanity 252-270

Xi: Human’s Duty to Stay at Liberty 272-276

Omicron: Dreams Asleep 278-284

Pi: Imaginactions: The Metaphorical Dreams 286-301

Rho: Liberty’s Duty: Be and Do Love in Which Divinity is an Infinite Symphony 303-308

Sigma: Divinity in Humanity, Hemmanity, Naturium, Rosasensedium, Isabelium and in Mechanoprincipium Expressed and Found in the Delta of the Universes 310-316

Omega: The Delta of the Universes: The Entire Temporality As Existence Against the Form of Non Existence As Imagination 318-323

Appendices 325

One: On Humanical Moral Science 326-334

Two: On Hemmanity 336-338

Three: Universana 340-341

Four: On Humanical Psychology 343-344

Five: Psychology of Zoohuman 346-346

Six: On Humanical Jurisprudence 348-349

Seven: Further On Humanical Moral Science 351-352

Eight: On Humanical Sociology 354-358

Nine: Humanics: This Truth That Humanity and Whatever It Attempts to Do and Be Are Nothing But a Work in Eternal Progress and Thus Humanity Must Keep on Learning Developing and Progressing and Keep on Making Better the Human Condition: Capitalism Has Brought Humanity at This Point: Now Either It Brings Humanity to an End or Humanity Brings It to an End 360-364

Ten: Humanics: Ever-Going Works of Constructing a Post-Capitalist Post-Marxist World 366-367

Eleven: Humanics: The Most Fundamental Question We Must Ask and Demand an Answer to Is: What Kind of A System of Economics Is This Capitalism That Sentences the Vast Majority of Workers and the Non-Working Poor With Poverty-Wage and Poverty-Benefit and States and Governments Are Enforcing That Mandatory Poverty Over Them and Demanding That They Keep Shut Up While They Service the Rich 369-377

Twelve: Because Hope Is the Seed Sign and Science of Progress: Must World Humanity Begin Again Following the Rise Out of These Tragic Times of Corona Virus Devastating the World 379-387

Thirteen: The Geometrical Proof That the Universe Is Finite and That There Is No Such Thing As Straight Or Flat Lines and All Lines Are Tubular and Finite and They Are Parts of Finite Circles or Spheres Within the Duantum Universe and This Is the Case Because of the Existence of Universal Gravitational Force Arising From the Duantum Universe That Is Applied On and Against Every Variable On and In the Matter Universe 389-393

Fourteen: The Painting of the Human Mind Used on the Front Cover: Jessie May Peters 395-395

Fifteen: The Painting of a Soul Departing the Earth Used on the Back Cover: Saahia Shoilie Mayenin 397-397

Sixteen: Letter to The Reader 403-412

Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin: ISBN: 978-0-244-58241-8: 420 Pages: Price: £29: First Published: Imsonium Books: April 14: 2020.

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Letter to The Reader: New Emergency Economics Protocol: Appendices 16: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin

Back Cover Painting: Saahia Shoilie Mayenin


|| Thursday: April 16: 2020 || ά. I write to you, dear reader, as I recover from this dreadful corona viral attack and infection, as I enter the fourth week of the illness, still weak and dazed, that appears ferociously aggressive, with many symptoms, each like an illness on its own, all rolled into one most-dangerous, that attacks the human physiology with an all-out assault with attacking fronts all around so that one is kettled-in from all sides and to that all-engulfing enemy, putting up an effective defence becomes, almost, infinitely challenging, difficult and fraught with failures, mishaps and misfiring, to speak about the unprecedented reality we face today across the mother earth, where humanity is fighting this illness, as much at every health facility as in every home and every households in every land. I write to you with the hope, wish and prayer that you have been safe and in good health and well-being.

Tragedies are mounting and spreading the ecology of sorrows, sufferings and hardships in every neighbourhood and every community across every land and while this very humanity is bringing into existence countless efforts, forms of organisations and initiatives, that did not exist before to help all humanity fight these unprecedented viral attacks on human existence. Despite the hard we face these initiatives along with the courageous and unparallel commitment, dedication, resolution and determination with which the entire ‘medical’ workforce of the national health services around the world, particularly, in the UK, seeking to best serve the suffering humanity to the high-best of their abilities, despite facing the shortfalls of resources and vital items, offers us hope, that is the seed, sign and science of progress, that we are not beaten, that we are going to pull through, that we are not going to be beaten, despite the high costs, high deaths and high sufferings and spread out ecology of deaths, suffering and tragedies, spreading across the spectra of life.

I, personally, thought that I had, already, recovered when I wrote my first piece after two weeks of the infection on April 06, when I felt that I could resume work soon. However, I was wrong; it began to get worse at that point and it keeps on going and is still going. It is hard; the last three weeks have been, at best, can be described as terror and, at worst, dangerous and intolerable but, my being, my will and my physiology kept up the fight and it is, this epic fight to keep on existing, still goes on. In these weeks of facing mortal dangers, I have experienced death, at least, three times, when I came to face death but, somehow, survived it because I woke up from sleep at that very point, which enabled me to survive, when I found myself unable to breathe. But times are of the essence and I, despite still being ill, can not wait but write to bring forth the vital importance of new, unparallel ways of thinking and looking at things. We are facing a reality today, that has no parallel in history as to the economic, social and socio-cultural damages, calamities and destructions, this pandemic has been causing and will have caused, once it has finished its ‘almost-deadly’ destructions and devastations’.

This is going to be seismically different in quality and magnitude, that will be almost-infinitely far more devastating and deadly for the economies and the humanity of the world than the great depression. Just think of how far the world has moved on from the nineteen 30s: the number of the population in each country, number of total businesses and the total combined GDPs of all the nations on earth and comparing these figures with the figures of the depression era we can have a sense of the reach and magnitude of these mega-massive demolitions, devastations and destructions, that will become a reality soon, once the virus comes to an end! It is in every possible sense an absolutely uncharted territory, where we are headed for certainty.

This why I write to you today in this condition because I have spent all my life doing nothing but this: thinking. I am a thinker and all I am trying to do is put up the preparing of ideas to face these uncharted times, that requires the utilisation of our infinite imagination, ingenuity and creativity to find solutions, that a must because without that we face definitive doom. To invite minds of all those concerned, all the leaders of all spheres of life, particularly, those, who are leaders with the keys of the levers of powers and of the institutions, that have the degree of powers and resources and the leaders of all the states and governments of the world.

We now must rise to raise ourselves seismically up and forward onto new paradigm because we have reached the end of the known track. The railway lines and tracks end here; there is nothing ahead to keep on taking the trains forward. It all comes to a crashing end unless we are ready to find new ways to get us equipped to keep on digging and shifting the earth to create new railroads to build new tracks so that we can keep on taking our trains forward. Otherwise, we are going to be taken back, at least, a century, meaning that, as, if, the entire twentieth century and what we have achieved in that century did not happen at all.

In the process we are going see humanity lose its way into a nightmarish existence full of deaths, illnesses, sufferings, massive unemployment, repossessions, rough sleeping and homelessness, closures and loss of vital and necessary bodies, agencies and businesses, communities, services, provisions all of which stand to be lost. Hundreds of millions of people will come to lose their jobs and what devastations, that will bring about onto reality can be felt, even, from here. There would follow mass hunger and mass illnesses and countless millions will pay the price of that nightmarish reality unfolding through deaths by many epidemic and illnesses. This is not a scaremongering but a realistic outlook, based on what has been done to the world economies already and what will keep on getting worse.

This is only and should only be remembered as the crisis NASA faced with the Apollo 13: the crew could not come home and they were to be doomed in space. Done and finished: forever doomed. There was no manual; no book, no charter, no programme, no body, nothing left to find solutions to bring the Apollo 13 back to earth. Nothing could help. We are here; nothing of old can help. Nothing: no old texts, no old theories, no old ways. Nothing is going help us: we must now follow and replicate what NASA did and that, what it did, did manage to get the Apollo 13 back home to earth while not a single member of the crew got hurt! Thankfully, it was that ‘Astronaut’, who wrongly got diagnosed with a ‘viral infection’, which he did not have for which he was left behind; otherwise, he was supposed to be part of the crew of the Apollo 13! However, had he gone with the Crew that Apollo 13 might not have been saved because, mostly, through his work, because he knew that ‘craft’ better than anybody else and because of that intimate and extensive knowledge of the craft, with the entire mission team, they were able to ‘create an almost-ever-going-ever-developing new manual, following which the Crew could and did come back home to earth.

This is where we are. We now must throw out all the old books, theories and texts and begin afresh and look for the ways to find the means, mechanisms and systems to enable us dig and create new rail roads to lay new tracks so that we can run our trains again on course without the destructions, devastations, demolitions and calamities, that shall happen until we succeed in doing exactly that. This is no time for politics or dogma; this is life and death situation and this requires an emergency plan, that we must come up, from our heads and our works, with solutions, that will lead us towards a way forward where we are not going to get destroyed and devastated by the mechanical forces but we shall rise to lead these mechanical forces and determine the outcomes, that will support us getting out of dangers and onto safe harbours: were we to fail, our craft, on this earth, this whole humanity will suffer the way we have never done since the dawn of humanity. It is far too much to just wait, see and let happen. It is far too much and humanity has come this far not to just sit and watch as the annihilation process of uncontrollable mechanical forces come and destroy, devastate and finish all we have worked for, for centuries to build, create and develop! We can not sit and watch our world, our earth and the human existence come to an almost crashing end! Because what is left after this likely mega-massive demolitions are nothing but a skeleton of what humanity once was. We can not sit and watch these nightmares come to be materialised across the earth.

I am a thinker and all I have done with my existence so far on this earth is to think and write what I learnt through that process. I could not wait to write and, may be, I am not fully, yet, able to articulate, how, otherwise, I would have been able to do; but this is an Apollo 13 moment for the world and world humanity. We must begin again: new railroads have to be built and new tracks have to be laid out so that our trains can run on them. We have nothing as tools, that we can find in and from olden books, texts and theories; it is time for new thinking, emergency thinking to stop us getting demolished by the destructions done by this pandemic.

Must we rise to raise ourselves with a quantum shift of paradigm and think anew, afresh and come up with new clay, new wood, new bamboo, new steel, new iron and new fabrics and new bricks and mortars to build again and keep on going. It is time to do Apollo 13: I have started this Apollo 13 work with this piece and the body of work of Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius and all the body of works of humanics; it is time for an economics, a new economics to overcome the demolitions, that the pandemic has caused to save the world and lead world humanity out of this dangerous phase of human existence; it is time for new emergency economics: what is it: absolutely new thinking, that does not exist, that did not exist because our crew of the earth, the Apollo 13 is struck and they are unable to sustain existence unless we succeed. It is time we rise and raise ourselves seismically with a quantum shift of a leap to a new paradigm: that says: we can, we must; so we shall.

And this new emergency economics begins like NASA’s works in saving Apollo 13 Crew and bringing them back to earth successfully. This new economics is the Emergency National State Economics. That each set of state and government declares a state of economic emergency, meaning within that specified period of the economic emergency, say, a couple of years, the entire economy of that country, is going to be run and conducted within the Emergency Economics Protocol.

What is this Emergency Economics Protocol: The Emergency Statute or Law, that brings the Economic Emergency into existence and creates the frameworks of the Emergency Economic Protocol, which takes over the entire economy in the meaning of guiding, leading and enforcing the following and observance of the Protocol. This does not mean that the state and government are taking over the ownership or state ownership. It is nothing of that sort whatsoever.

The Economic Emergency Protocol means that within that Emergency Law, all companies, meaning the entire types of ‘business, trade, commerce and enterprises’ are ‘frozen’ into a ‘status-quo’ as to where they were at the beginning of the Pandemic. All companies, from the smallest to the largest regardless of whatever or whoever owns them, from a small café to the largest corporation, government owned, private, public or any other types of business, regardless of ownerships. All are brought under this Emergency Economics Protocol. They can not within that specified period of the economic emergency, sack or lay off any workers. They must carry on their productions and run their businesses as they were before the pandemic and they must keep on doing so without regards to what the pandemic did or did not do.

This way everything remains open and running and producing and we do not have millions of people suddenly losing their jobs and soon their homes were repossessed and they become both jobless and homeless and the chain reactions begin to devastate and destroy the economics and we get destroyed in the process and that wipes out centuries of hard work to build what and where we have reached. How can the businesses do that? They will have ample supply of fluid cash and funds, offered to them by the national bank with the minimal interest rate, which is literally a symbolic interest rate than a proper interest rate. The companies should have access to as much money they need to pay for their expenses, salaries and other expenses and investments and they  keep on the workforce engaged in productions so that everything is working and there is money in the economy because the workforce has been retained in work and everything in the economy keeps on going.

Further to this, the Emergency Economics Protocol creates new systems and mechanisms by which the entire business rates and other such related taxes are going to be frozen for the duration of the emergency and the rents, particularly, for small and medium-sized businesses should be frozen for the same emergency period. The landlords, can ask for that rent from the government, who, then, after the emergency, begin to regain the rents over few years from the businesses, that should be in good health following the successful coming out of the Emergency Protocol Period.

Furthermore, the Emergency Protocol must freeze all personal taxations other than national insurance contributions and reduce corporation and other company taxes with substantial reduction for this period.

The state and government must increase the social security support for people and poverty-wage must be eliminated and a living wage to replace it.

Further, the Emergency Protocol prohibits, any bonus, dividend and other payments to owners, executives and the shareholders for the duration of the Economic Emergency.

This way the entire economy is saved from collapsing and bringing down everything with it and with it we are taken back centuries and suffer unimaginable destructions.

Where is the money coming from: Quantitative Easing must follow the economy and supply the liquid funds for the duration of this emergency, including, whatever the Government itself needs to borrow. That funds the Central Bank gets back from whoever it is giving that money to as businesses keep on going and doing business and this way within a period of two years the entire economy can begin to get out of the emergency and begin to pay back the money it borrowed to keep on going through the Economic Emergency.

We do not have to let everything go down the train and get destroyed and devastated. It is uncharted waters and uncharted territory. It is time to rise and lead. We humanity are not and can not let ourselves be victims of the violent, cruel and merciless mechanical forces to destroy, devastate and annihilate us. It is time to do exactly what is necessary: to use our infinite imagination, ingenuity and creativity and come out of this dangerous time and phase we face, which we have never done before.

Otherwise, everyone is professing what is going to happen, which has already begun to happen and will keep on happening so that we are going prophesise what demolitions are going to take place and we shall do nothing so that our prophesies will come to pass and will devastate and destroy us and we shall keep on going to just get dragged along. We must rise to challenge, control and direct the forces to act the way we would want them to do: for our human affairs management system and our system of economics are to serve the humanity we are and we, therefore, can not just sit and watch as the very system of public affairs management and the system of economics, trade, business, commerce and enterprise get annihilated and with them the entire lives, livelihoods and the whole society, communities, families, individuals and agencies and organisations are going to be absolutely mauled and demolished by these devastations.

Dear Reader, following the recent experiences, we have spent the time as we recover, prepare this manuscript so that it can be published. We write to you with this Emergency Economics Protocol and send it out to the world with our life’s work, Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius.


As I read about the news of the Prime Minister, thankfully, getting better and leaving the Hospital and the report that he was ‘fortunate’ enough that there stood ‘guard’ on life and death watch, two NHS Nurses for two days and nights over his ICU, over him, where he was fighting for his life and I thought of the countless number of people, who are suffering the illness at home in so-called self-isolation and could not get to the hospital because of the desperate situation of the NHS and a great many of them are doing so on their own at home. There is no one to watch over them. I was one of them; however, three times I came to face death and came back from death, while no one other than this Creator was watching over me. I am here because three times I was woken up from that point when I could not breathe while asleep because my entire mouth and tongue had been ‘frozen’ into infinite cold and infinite hardness while I was under the ferocious and violent attack of this virus and for this infinite mercy I remain kneeled down with thankfulness and gratitude to this infinite and eternal Creator and I present this body of work to you, Dear Reader and to the world humanity.

Munayem Mayenin

Tuesday: April 14: 2020

Letter to The Reader: Appendices: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin: ISBN: 978-0-244-58241-8: 419 Pages: Price: £29: First Published: Imsonium Books: April 14: 2020

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The Progression of the Human Soul: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin
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