The Road Less Travelled: Humanics Is the Future of Humanity Because With Capitalism As Pseudonomics We Have No Future At All

We can not keep on calling ourselves humanity while the vast majority of that humanity’s existence is nothing but getting perished away in serving a live-in-life-sentence of suffering, agony, hardship and pain regardless of what parts of the world we are doing so. While the entire wealth and assets of peoples are concentrated beneath the feet of few hundred or so billionaires and few thousand or so millionaires of each people while the entire of these peoples, of these humanity are left to create worth and values with their work and labour so that the rich can rob most of them away for their pleasures while they pay poverty-wage to workers and poverty-social-security to the not working where it exists and destitution where it does not and all of the high-cruelties, high-brutalities and high-barbarities to the majority. And the status-quo political elites, regardless of what they are called, whatever country they are in have nothing else to offer to bring an end to these robberies. Instead, they all want to keep the rot keep on going, always benefitting and enriching the rich. It is time that this changes: that working humanity of the world, the dispossessed, the powerless or the have nots of the world begin to challenge the status-quo paralysis and begin a new political movement around the world for an infinitely better human condition and for an infinitely better humanity on earth.

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Jessie May Peters

First Published: September 24: 2015
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An Estimated 06.3 Million Children Under 15 Years of Age Died in 2017 Or One in Every Five Seconds, Mostly, of Preventable Causes: The Vast Majority of These Deaths, 05.4 Million, Occur in the First Five Years of Life, with New-borns Accounting for Around Half of the Deaths: New Mortality Estimates: The UNICEF, the World Health Organisation:WHO, the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank Group: September 18:2018: This IS the Horrendous Human Condition Capitalism in the Era of Globalisation Has Established on Earth: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Exist in Humanics to Challenge This Brutality and to Call for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across Mother Earth: In  Humanics in a Humanical Society It IS Possible: Support The Works of The Foundation and Read, Subscribe, Advertise, Promote and Support The  Humanion
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Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves, Women and Men, with All Individuals in Them, are Absolutely, Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty. Humanity, Therefore, Is Not and Can Not Be Free Until All Humans are Equals for Only by the Yardstick of This Equality Their State of Being Free Can Be Measured. In Other Words, There Can Not Exist Liberty Unless There Exists Equality Between and Among All Humans and This State of Equality Can Not Come to Exist So Long There Remain Two Groups of Humans: The Powerful and The Powerless: Whereby the Former Controls the Later and Creates, Maintains and Carries Forward the Perpetual State of Inequality: Economically, Politically, Judicially, Constitutionally, Socially, Culturally and Spiritually. To Reach the State of Equality and Liberty, the Task Before Humanity is, Therefore, to Change This State by Taking Away Ownership and Money and, with Them, the Power They Generate and Confer, That Lets One Small Group of Humans, The Powerfuls, Subjugating the Vast Multitude of Humans, The Powerless, Under Their Dictatorship. For Only by Taking Away 'the Gun' of the Power of the Powerfuls, Humanity Can Bring About the State of Liberty, as Well as, Equality at Once: Equality and Liberty Can Not and Do Not Exist Separately But Together and Simultaneously. Equality and Liberty Exist as The Promethumean Fire: In Which There is the Light and There is the Heat in One Flame: The Humanion Stands Here on the Path of Humanics: A State of Liberty for All Humanity at Equality. The Promethumean: Where Prometheus is Not Seen as a Man But a Human: In Short, Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion Stand for These and Exist and Work for the Promotion of This Vision of Humanics for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth on the Mother Universana: We Invite You All for Your Support: Join Us in Telling the World and World Humanity That: An Infinitely Better Human Condition for All Humanity Across the Mother Earth IS Possible

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|| Thursday: October 01: 2020 || ά. In the 25 years from 1990 to 2015, annual global carbon emissions grew by 60%, approximately, doubling total global cumulative emissions. This has brought the world perilously close to exceeding 02°C of warming and it is now on the verge of exceeding 01.5°C. This Paper, published by Stockholm Environment Institute:SEI examines the starkly different contributions of different income groups to carbon emissions in this period.

It draws on new data, that provides much improved insight into global and national income inequality, combined with national consumption emissions over this 25-year period, to provide an analysis, relating emissions to income levels for the populations of 117 countries. Future scenarios of carbon inequality are, also, presented, based on different possible trajectories of economic growth and carbon emissions, highlighting the challenge of ensuring a more equitable distribution of the remaining and rapidly diminishing global carbon budget.

|| Thursday: October 01: 2020 || ά. The regions, where the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:EBRD operates, have already seen more job losses and business closures in the first half-year of the corona virus pandemic than in the aftermath of the global financial crash of 2008-09, according to a Study, conducted by EBRD and the Munich-based independent research group, the Ifo Institute. The burden of the 2020 crisis, it adds, is, also, disproportionately borne by those with lower levels of education and income.

The results, based on a survey of almost 40,000 people carried out in August 2020, are published today within the EBRD’s Regional Economic Prospects Report. It compares the effects of the pandemic on eight economies from the EBRD regions: Belarus, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine, with its impact on six advanced European economies, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. The economic effects of the Covid-19 crisis have been significantly more acute in EBRD countries than in advanced economies of Europe, the Study shows.

|| Thursday: September 24: 2020 || ά. The Humanion completes the fifth year and begins its sixth of publication today as world humanity faces 'the fork' in its journey existential: 'the road, less travelled' is directing one way and the other, diametrically opposed to the first, is the road to extinction, enforced and implemented by pseudonomics of capitalism, that will destroy humanity and all the web and ecology of life on earth. The current pandemic onslaught on humanity by COVID-19 has added to this existential imperative further stress and strife, deaths and suffering while the rich under pseudonomics keep on robbing more and more of the values and worth, created by world’s working humanity while they keep on getting poorer and suffer and pay more.

Take a look at the world: while the total death toll from the pandemic, reaching towards one million and world’s countries are at various forms of lockdowns, inflicting untold suffering to the working and non-working poor humanity, this is the raw and brutal fact, vast majority of the countries of the world do not have universal social security,  education, social and social care services, national health service or housing. Among the world media of all forms and types there exists very little in the way of media and news platforms to bring these vital and most urgent issues to light: and the political elites of the world have fallen into a status-quo quagmire and absolute bankruptcy whereby they have nothing to offer to humanity other than maintaining their rotten and rotting status-quo of pseudonomics while all are directed and dragged towards extinction.

And while these countries go through the pandemic and follow lockdowns, ask yourself, how are these vast number of humanity in these countries, who have no social security, no other vital services, including, national health service, are suffering and how are they surviving or are they at all? How are they surviving? How many are dying as consequences to this sudden disappearance of their livelihoods, because of the lockdown? How many are dying of COVID-19 and how many are doing so in various other dangerous illnesses? How many are going hungry and suffering malnutrition and all other illnesses, arising out of that? How many will have died by the time this pandemic comes to an end from hunger, malnutrition and suffering from both treatable and terminal illnesses in addition to this pandemic because they have no social security and no national health service, which does appear remotely anywhere near the horizon, with highest of optimism? While in the richer countries, once again, the poor are paying the price and, while they all are getting poorer, the money is changing place and the rich are getting richer by the minute and they will keep on doing so.

|| Wednesday: September 02: 2020 || ά. Pause. Register that bandwagon of the virtual. And register the fact that virtual is not the reality. We can not eat food virtually nor can we drink water, watching videos of water or watching 360 degree manipulation of technology. We can not breathe in oxygen from the air virtually nor can we heal ourselves virtually from a wound or illness. Yes, machines are used to enable us, support us, expand us, do that but from a-z of a wounded being taken from the accident site to the hospital and all the logistical, technological and specialist services, that are required to do so, to make the wounded well again, can not ever be done virtually.

A virus or bacteria or a culture of pathogens or blood can not be studied virtually. Medicine can not be practised by apps and gadgets and contraptions. We can not create a bridge from scrap virtually. The social services, education services, housing services can not be run virtually for the services are to reach real people and meet their real needs in reality. There are no such things as virtual people or virtual humanity. Emma Woodhouse is either here in reality or not in here. There are no two ways about it: Either Emma Woodhouse is here in this reality or she is not here but in a grave or some other unreal spheres.

The Distorteddia Stand Against The Machine: Stand Against Dehumanisation





































Distorteddia or the Distorteddia Conglomerate is made of all the entities, that call themselves 'social media and this and the other, including, the entire jungle of the so called apps, gadgets, contraptions and platforms. There is something, profoundly dehumanising, deeply contradictory and, fundamentally, anti-nature is happening in society, that has been losing its power to the distorteddia or the entire range of distortive, fragmentary and, often, manipulative 'expressions of realities', that are, simply, seeking to mimic the reality and real society: except, these have neither reality nor society in them, whereby people are, simply, taken on the terms and basis of absolute and must dehumanisation. The market has established its grip so that we are herded to one place and are given 'scripts' by which to 'waste away' by, by, simply, being the 'consumers', buying and consuming, while ensuring that we become and remain nothing but a mob and that we are always at the herding place so that the market and the marketeers have everyone at their disposal, when they advertise their offerings and, along the way, save a great deal of money and make a hell of a killing from it. 

This distorteddia has been let to grow because the entire 'mechanism' from the states and governments to media and publications to universities and businesses and all other from all spheres and all parts of the world, simply, let everything being dragged along and with such a naive, unquestioning, submissive and bedazzled way, that these agencies of the entire world had offered the best and highest most validation, prestige and recommendations, as well as, free advertisements to these distorteddia conglomerate and with it they amassed vast number of human beings just falling into their nets and the more fell the more billions they made and, now, things are becoming insanely obvious as to how desperately dangerous this is getting. It is time to wake up and do something about it. This distorteddia is the most dangerous development in the human progression but this is more dangerous than just physical annihilation of humanity for it is slaughtering the very humanity we are supposed to be and turning us into a mob
















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Poetrimore Shonghomitra Sing Open

Shonghomitra sing the communal ecology of this task
That Bowl where grace must find its way hold and go
Hardest to keep on focusing on the countless stars and
Their galaxy-nets where they are stuck with clusters of

Compositions beyond-reach all dark-magnum star-light
Joy-runs it is the hardest of tasks to keep focus on this
Infinity’s endless runs and stay rooted as if rootless air
Shonghomitra call open all-air all-light all-bond binding

Shonghomitra hear me out and believe it is hard so hard
To breathe this selfial cage these selfevil walls and doors
Ventilations all shut-hard shutter-steeled one can not do

Breathe or see or hear for no air no light no skies calling
All poisons free-style rise dive fly and fall open open all
Love Shonghomitra ee sing open the ecology of this task

















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During the day, we offer delicious light veggie lunches, home-made cakes and flapjacks, with a range of loose-leaf tea, gourmet Fairtrade coffees and artisanal soft drinks. At night, enlivened by our bar, the atmosphere bustles with the poetry readings, book launches, music gigs and other events, which take place nearly every evening. Food is available in the evening, too: show up hungry and we’ll take care of you. The Poetry Society programmes its own events here and we, also, host a glorious range of regular and special events from our partner promoters. Bring your novels, your notebooks and your friends: The Poetry Café is a place to create and connect and we look forward to welcoming you.

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What Is Humanics


Humanics The Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism: The World Is in the Grip of the Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism: Where Both the Elites in Power and the Elites in Opposition Subscribe to the Same Capitalism and All Its Poverty-Paradigm Serving the Rich: That Is Why World’s Working Humanity Needs a New World Political Movement

|| Monday: June 29: 2020: Munayem Mayenin || ά. This pandemic has shown us how absolutely incapable we are as humanity in this world to work together for the common good, well-being and, even, survival of the kind. Because we humanity are not one but many, boxed in hundreds of boxes of geo-politics and in that geo-politics, the world is shattered into blocked-up corners and in each blocked-up corner each geo-political identity of humanity keeps on suffering in isolation while the rest of the world does the same. The same humanity in each boxed-up place suffers without regards to the wider world and humanity whereby ensuring all are suffering and, alone, no one can bring an end to these all engulfing sufferings. Take this virus: were it to be far more deadly than what it is, it would have stood with the mighty powers to bring an end to human existence within months.  The infection of this virus now stands at 10 millions across the world! And, like with this virus, we would have nothing or no one to unite and work together to get the world out of these mortal threats from the virus. Think of global warming and climate change, environmental degradation and pollution and the alarming loss of bio-diversity and the entire capitalism’s consumerism for endless profiteering regardless of consequences have brought us to face extinction and the world still does not have the means to work together and face and overcome these existential challenges.

Consider this: this virus jumped into humans in one little place on this earth: in China. That country, instead of accepting the new reports of this virus emergence, started suppressing that news and went after punishing those, who were raising the alarms and with that response China had lost the vital window of opportunity to ‘isolate and block’ that virus as soon as it emerged so that it did not get to spread across the country and then the earth, silently. While it lost these vital opportunities, the virus went on spreading far and wide while, officially, it had not existed. China had not reported its emergence to the world because it was working full-speed to suppress the news. This way China helped the virus spread within its borders and as the world yet had not known about this virus international travel went on and the virus crossed into the international arena and kept on spreading. China finally woke up to realise the severity of the dangers and began to bring it to an end.
Munayem Mayenin's Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius Has Been Published on April 14