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The Political Philosophy, That Says That the Most Vital Part of the Public Affairs Management System, the System of Economics, That Shapes the Market and Directs the Course of Existence of the Entire Range of Business, Trade, Commerce and Financial Endeavours of a Nation and Ultimately Shapes the Human Condition of a Nation Should Not Be in the Ownership of the Entire Nation and Its People as Their State and Government Belong to Them and the Political Economics, That Says That the Survival of the Fittest or Richest Is the Ultimate Aim of Society, in Which the Vast Majority of the Population Must Exist and Perish Away in Serving a Live-in-Life Sentence of Suffering, Agony and Hardship and Must Accept All the High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Tortures, That Capitalism Creates, Distributes and Enforces are Nothing But a Brutal, Cruel, Ruthless and Inhuman Dictate of a Monstrous Social Jingoistic Jungle, Where Neither Civic Nor Community Can Exist Nor Can There Humanity Exist as Humanity Naturale as Individuals, as Families, as Communities, as Agencies and Organisations and as a Civic Society: And When Such a Monstrous Social Jingoistic Jungle is Established in a Country It Becomes Worse Than a Jungle and It Becomes Every Citizen's Civic and Moral Duty and an Existential Necessity of Humanity to Do All in Their Democratic Power to Eliminate Such Jingoistic Jungle and Replace It with a Civic Society Where Community, People, Families, Individuals and All Humanity are as Real, as Connected and as Active, as Engaged and as Creative as the Human Physiology Is in All Humans of a Given Society: Sunday: July 28: 2019

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The Ethics of Storytelling: Professor Hanna Meretoja

Munayem Mayenin’s Second Volume of Humanics: Humanics: The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness Is Released Today: June 12



|| Wednesday: June 12: 2019 || ά. Dear Reader, here we are on June 12. Humanics: The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness, the second volume of the three volume of works of humanics, has just been released. Let capitalism be in no doubt, humanics is not here to be brushed aside: humanics is not here to get the absolute dust of ‘desperate and methodical’ ‘keep on looking away’ by those, who hold various powers so that they will not mention humanics, though you would see and hear the entire world is now using dehumanisation of humanity and dehumanising etc, as, if, they had invented these ideas and concepts; no, they did not invent them. This author’s entire life, in which all the hardest of payments and hardest of prices had been exacted from him because of this work, his faith in this work and the way he existed in life because of this work, went onto living and developing the work of Dehumanisation of Humanity, which was done during the eighties, the work was written by the mid nighties and published later. And, when the work of Dehumanisation of Humanity is spoken of it, must be, remembered that that work includes the very foundational works of this author on technological dehumanisation, the distorteddia, Sociology of Evil, Sociology of Squalor and Psychology of Zoohuman and many other works. 

For, unlike the days of Marxism, today humanity has the internet and the online window, despite all its negativity, to present ideas and visions to shift the public discourse in the public domain and, like all ages, remember the fact that they accused and killed Socrates with the accusation that his ideas were ‘corrupting’ the youth!, to the world and, again, to the youth of all humanity. It is, simply, because the old generations are done and dusted, bent and ‘bondaged’ by old ideas and they are unable to unlearn and undo as to the damages, they have caused on themselves to suffer so that they are as good as done and finished.

They are terribly unlikely, other than some, those, who refuse to get old and remain ever-an-eternal-human-child in their minds, to see anything good in humanics and they will keep on asking the rest of humanity to keep on regurgitating and accepting the taughtologies, that they have swallowed about capitalism, without questions but questions are to be and must be asked. This volume of humanics has raised these vital questions and went about seeking to answer these questions and what is presented in it is now out there in the public domain from today.

The volume is dedicated to The Future Humanity, that is today’s youth for only they hold the future of humanity, if, this humanity has any future at all for the old of us, all old generations have failed miserably in ensuring our human race does and will have a future and, if, capitalism continues as it is, it has an infinite range of mighty arsenal at its prowess and disposal to bring the entire human race to extinction by itself alone not to a distant but quite-real-and-quite-near-future.  

Contents of the Volume 

|| 01 || Pre-Word: Humanity Is: Create and Pave: Intelligence and Learning || 09-12 ||
|| 02 || Post-Word: Humanics IS || 13-15 ||
|| 03 || Introduction to Humanicsonomics || 17-25 ||
|| 04 || Humanicsonomics: The Way to Transform Capitalism Into Kapitalawnomics: A System of Economics That Exists and Is Run for the People of the People by the People Under the Rule of Law to Develop the World Towards Humanics || 27-34 ||
|| 05 || Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness || 36-67 ||
|| 06 || The Eternal Human Utilities || 69-84 ||
|| 07 || The Celebrated Enslavement: The Gladiatorial Pseudonomics in Three Arenas || 86-98 ||
|| 08 || Media-Market Pseudonomics || 100-107 ||
|| 09 || The Armed Forces Pseudonomics || 109-117 ||
|| 10 || The Values and the System of Values || 119-136 ||
|| 11 || The Case for Freeing the State and Government From the Powers of the Market Its Credit Ratings and Stop Them Borrowing From It All Together || 138-149 ||
|| 12 || The Share Market Jungle and the Company Pseudonomics || 151-158 ||
|| 13 || The Terrible Harms Done by the Absence of an International Currency || 160-175 ||
|| 14 || The Price: The People: The Real Robbed Off Ones || 177-185 ||
|| 15 || The Agenda of Misdirecting of Pseudonomics for Profiteering || 187-197 ||
|| 16 || Ownership Social and Enterprise Social || 199-209 ||
|| 17 || The Created Eternal Value and Legacy Value and Pseudonomics || 211-218 ||
|| 18 || The Raw-Eggonomics of the Conservative Pseudonomics || 220-227 ||
|| 19 || Universal Income || 229-241 ||
|| 20 || Housing: The Foundational Human Right: A Home for Every Citizen for Life || 243-250 ||
|| 21 || The Humanical Building-Block Foundational Human Rights || 252-258 |
|| 22 || Economics as Mechanism of the Rule of Law || 260-270 ||
|| 23 || The Social Housing Mythology: Through a Small Window || 272-276 ||
|| 24 || Human Enterprise in Prospects || 278-284 ||
|| 25 || A Humanical Society in Human Enterprise or Humanicsonomics || 286-289 ||
|| 26 || Humanicsovics or Humanicsocracy || 291-303 ||
|| 27 || The Tools of Pseudonomics to Dictate Dominate Direct and Herd People || 305-321||
|| 28 || The Distorteddia || 323-325 ||
|| 29 || The Distorteddia’s Implantation of Mass Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy to Devastate Dismantle Disable Dissect Fragment Disconnect Disempower Disenfranchise Destroy Terminate and Absolutely Eradicate Humanity As It Ought to Exist As: The Sacred Sanctum of the Inviolable State of Being a Human Person and a Human Agency of the Human Mind || 327-344 ||
|| 30 || The Distorteddia: The Fall: Off The Criterion || 346-352 ||
|| 31 || The Fall to Submission of the Entire World and World Humanity to the Distorteddia: As Organisations and As Single Unities of Humanity: The Contrapedium of the Distorteddia || 354-365 ||
|| 32 || The Distorteddia: The Fall Off The Criterion: The Final Frontier of Dehumanisation of Humanity and Its Consequences || 367-368 ||
|| 33 || The Consequences of The Fall Off The Criterion || 370-376 ||
|| 34 || The Destruction of the Self: The Fragmentation || 378-386 ||
|| 35 || The Destructions: The Establishment of the Sociology of Squalors Advancing the Sociology of Evil || 388-404 ||
|| 36 || The Massacre of Human Intelligence and the Implantation of Machine Processed Programming and Programmed Algorithmic Machination and the Advancing of Masochism, Famino-masochism and Misogyny || 406-409 ||
|| Appendix || On the V PRAT Conference 2018: From Mass Incarceration to Universal Education: Unlocking the System: October 26-27 || 411-421 ||

Dear Reader, we do not expect much support from any existing outlets or places or spaces because this is the way it goes. This support, we hope and expect, to arise and keep on build on from the youth of all humanity. However, we keep at our task: to bring about humanics so that every day new elements are added to the architecture of it so that it begins to appear more tangible, more visible, more vigorous and vital and more substantial and more monumental so that it simply can not be placed under the carpet any longer. Days ahead in the future, wherever the youth of humanity exists and roams, they will be the ambassadors of humanics and they will be taking over the task. Humanics will keep on going and we shall keep on adding to it, so that we shall, now that the second volume is out, get down to the third volume of the work for were humanity to be an infinity unfolding itself, humanics is a true infinite mirror reflecting that infinity being unfolded.

Therefore, to the future: towards that infinity unfolding itself: join us on The Long Walk to Humanics: we have much time for we have hardly begun. With all that what we are: and, all we are is: We are Humanicsxians.:::ω.

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The Book Trust Invites All UK Children to Join in Its Pyajarama Fundraising Campaign: June 07 Is the Day to Go All-Pyjama for the Love of Books: Because Books Create What We Become As Human-Minds



|| February 06: 2019 || ά. The Book Trust, children’s reading charity, today announces the launch of its new nationwide mass participation fundraising campaign, Pyjamarama. The campaign aims to get children across the country in their pyjamas to raise funds for the reading charity. The Book Trust invites children across the nation to ditch their normal clothes and make a display of themselves in their pyjamas for the day to show their trust and faith in the charity’s works in promoting and supporting reading.

The Charity has enlisted the help of some of the nation’s best loved book characters, because they are the best supporters, since, they, only, can come to life, with children’s imagination, first and, then, second, by their faith that they did imagine them into real life and, finally, to believe in their being real, including, Matilda, Horrid Henry, Tracy Beaker and Ben and Holly. On Friday, June 07, everyone is encouraged to put on their pyjamas and donate £01 to the Book Trust so that no child misses out on the magic of the bedtime story. To sign up for the free Pyjamarama fundraising pack visit booktrust.org.uk/Pyjamarama.

All funds raised will go towards funding the Book Trust’s work in supporting more families. For just £25, the Book Trust could provide 15 pre-school children living in women’s refuge centres with their own book pack. Children, who don’t have access to books and stories in the early years start school a year behind their peers, a gap, that widens as they get older.

Ms Diana Gerald, the Chief Executive Officer of the Book Trust, said, “We want to make sure that no child misses out on the life changing benefits of a bedtime story. We hope that children across the country will join their favourite characters in wearing pyjamas for the day and bring in £01 so that we can reach families, who so desperately need our support. Wearing pyjamas all day is a wonderful way to show support for reading and, importantly, it’s incredibly easy for school, nurseries, children and busy parents!”

Schools, nurseries and individuals can sign up for fundraising packs by visiting booktrust.org.uk/pyjamarama 

About the Book Trust: The Book Trust is dedicated to getting children reading because we know that children, who read are happier, healthier, more empathetic and more creative. Their early language development is supported and they, also, do better at school. We are the UK’s largest children’s reading charity; each year, we reach 03.4 million children across the UK with books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading, because we know that reading can transform lives. We work with a variety of partners to get children excited about books, rhymes and stories, because, if, reading is fun, children will want to do it. Our books are delivered via health settings, libraries, schools and early years practitioners and are supported with guidance, advice and resources to encourage the reading habit.:::ω.

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Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis


























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