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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Humanics The Sociology of Evil: The Architectonics of Rationality and the Self Or the Agency of the Human Mind and Its Autonomy As An Agency: Munayem Mayenin

This is the largest and the fourth volume of Humanics, by Munayem Mayenin, Not Yet Published: Humanics The Foundation: Volume One: Humanics The Humanicsonomics: The Laws and Lawlessness of Pseudonomics: Volume Two: Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume Three: Not Yet Published. The other vital pieces of works of this Author includes, Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume One: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Maya The Mechanoprincipium  and The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto

Here is published one chapter from Humanics The Sociology of Evil: The Architectonics of Rationality and the Self Or the Agency of the Human Mind and Its Autonomy As An Agency: February 19: 2022

Humanics The Sociology of Evil: The Architectonics of Rationality and the Self Or the Agency of the Human Mind and Its Autonomy As An Agency: Munayem Mayenin



|| Saturday: February 19: 2022: Munayem Mayenin || ά. The Architectonics of Rationality is the nanocromised Construction-Spread in which has been nanocromised the ‘essence’ of the entire Temporal Creation, that exists and perishes by the Universal Laws, as per The Mechanoprincipium, as part of the Grid of Creation and as part of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and within this Architectonics is structured the architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes of how this rationality must work, function and elaborate the light of reason or wisdom: the vision, the design-template, the science, the mathematics and the ingenious, the choice, the good and the evil, the purpose, the meaning, the right and the wrong, the correct and the incorrect, the truth and the falsehood, the erring and the intentional denial of the truth, the harmony or equilibrium, the disharmony or egocentricity, the health and nature, the broken health and anti-nature, the enlightenment, the superstition, the morality, the personal morality, the social morality, the spirituality, the love of learning and the loathing of learning or love of the darkness of evil etc, whereby the ecology of rationality or the luminosity of rationality is ‘reason’ and in this Architectonics are grounded The Minimechanoprincipium, The Minigrid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and The Minigrid of Creation, the Duality Construct of Humanity, the Scale of Justice, the Construct of Evil and Choice, which is what makes humanity a nanocromised infinity of a spiritual expression of that Infiniternal God, Who created it and, which is what makes humanity a nanocromised infinity of goodness unfolding itself. Therefore, without understanding absolutely clearly, fully and unambiguously, the Architectonics of Rationality, humanity will waste itself in the darkness all its existence and will not get any wiser as to what it is and what it is not or why it is and why it is not. This is what has been happening to humanity because no one has so far, since the beginning of humanity, has sought to try and understand this Architectonics of Rationality. What did not help matter at all was this: from the inception, science had to fight its way against blind faith, brute force and ferocity of ignorance and arrogance, particularly, coming from various faith communities, who were seeking to ‘enforce’ faith by sheer brute and violent force because humanity had not yet begun, even, to suspect that there existed a Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that would direct it towards finding out about the Universal Laws at work across the Creation and it will direct it to begin to see that the whole Temporal Creation existed on a Grid of Creation and that will take it to ‘the luminous gate of The Mechanoprincipium’ where humanity shall see God as the origin, home and source-spring of the whole creation, faith, hope, science, mathematics, ingenious and goodness combined. The faiths did not understand faith itself: faith is the opening ground of existence of the Delta of the Universes, where is sown the seed of eternal hope, out of which germinates the tree of eternal optimism of eternal goodness and from it arises the state of good faith and good state in all humanity: faith is rooted in this objective fact that there exists hope, which is ‘’The seed, sign and science of progress.’’: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin: and which is this that the mind-bewildering array and cascadia of entities and variables, that appear in and as temporal reality before humanity, can be understood because there appear laws at works, ways of working and functioning for things and, if, studied and learnt from these, humanity shall find these laws, learn about these laws, and through that, they will be able to gain the light to see in the darkness and become different than the animal being held by a lion. If, there does not exist this faith, there can not and does not exist any science because in this case, there exists no hope that would encourage anyone to search, seek and try to find out and learn whether there are laws at work across, what is nature. But because there is this faith, there is hope, and because of it, with her infinite imagination, creativity and ingenuity Maria Sklodowska-Currie goes about searching, seeking and trying and she ends up discovering whole universes of laws, that are part of the body of the Universal Laws. 

And, this humanity will become different as soon as it acquires a little light in the darkness and with it, it can begin to see. Faith> Hope> Rationality> Reason> Mathematics> Science> Nature> Goodness because Universal Laws govern everything> Eternal Optimism> Eternal Learning> Eternal Good State. This relates to humanity as humanity naturale while blind faith and cynicism, pessimism and anarchism, anti-rationality and ani-reason, anti-science, anti-mathematics, anti-nature and anti-goodness relate to zoohumanity as being a jumbled-together egos, herded into a mob of physiologies where there is the darkness of the egos or a mob: the burning and ever-deepening darkness of having lost the criterion and falling onto being egos, which is of ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, hatred, loathing, opinion fascism, violence, anarchism, delusion, fear, phobia, paranoia, hysteria, consumerism, immorality, personal psychosis and social psychosis in the sociology of evil. The Criterion is grounded, architectured and designed in The Architectonics of Rationality. Without it, humanity does fall into a sickness of the absence of the Criterion and because of it, instead of following and existing by rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature, it suffers, breaks and bleeds in agony of becoming a combustible, toxic and destructive brute and blind force, that does so in this sickness of the absence of the Criterion: and it becomes the anti of all these: rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature  and these are replaced by: irrationality, opinion fascism, conspiracy theories, falsehoods, fabrications, conjectures and mythologies, created, concocted and jumbled together by absolute ignorance, a deluge of superstitions, immorality, anti-science, anti-mathematics, anti-logic, anti-ingeniousness, anti-evidence, anti-common sense, anti-culture and anti-nature and, because of this sickness, instead of existing and living in and with the Architectonics of Rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature, it now suffers, breaks and bleeds by conducting a war against all these with this ‘sickness statement’, that says and seeks to establish that all these, the Architectonics of Rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature, are nothing but an elaborate conspiracy  and today’s world and the human condition are elaborating the resultant chaos of this war going on across the spectrum of reality and the distorteddia manipulated spheres of distortive, fragmentary, manipulative and herding and directing expositions of the zoohumanity.    

That is why science began its existence as a vehicle to deny faith, deny the existence of God or a Creator and, thereby, it came to claim, being scientific or rational, means one must always remember to stay quiet about that word, God or the other phrase, The Creator or, rather, just say, being scientific and rational, means one must deny God or the Creator. Except, no one stopped to ask the question: that all these branches of science and mathematics, medicine and engineering etc got discovered by humanity and developed and utilised to advance the human condition but how were they discovered? Or rather, why were they discovered? Why did not humanity just create Physics or Calculus or Physiology? Why did they have to discover these? Where were they hiding that humanity had to discover them from their hiding places? Were they really hiding and who found them there hidden? Most importantly, how did they get hidden there? Who hid them there? And, if, they were hidden there or remained there unbeknown to humanity, how did they get there? Who created them and left them there? And, as discovered branches of science and mathematics showed that humanity was not just discovering a branch of science or mathematics but they were discovering endless flow of laws by which, it appeared, the whole nature was working and functioning? Who wrote these laws? Why did ‘they’ write these laws and who enforce these laws across nature? Or, how do they enforce these laws across the Temporal Creation because the case is this that the entire Grid of Creation and all the variables set across it, eternally exist and perish by these laws, without ever failing to do so? Thereby, the observer comes to see that there exists the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom but, most importantly, none of these can arise onto human understanding, let alone, exist and enable humanity to discover the Universal Laws, that constitute nature and by which the entire nature works and functions, unless there exists inside humanity this Architectonics of Rationality, the ‘tools’ from where reason is to arise and become ground where is grounded this Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom. If, this was not inside humanity, humanity would simply be another species of animals as only physiologies. Taking this away from humanity, it will have left nothing else to distinguish itself from the rest of the animal kingdom. The Architectonics of Rationality can be visualised as an invisible, nanocromised infiniternal ‘circuit’ of rationality, through which, when all are connected by its laws, run the ‘electricity’ or luminosity of reason, which is what is wisdom: the luminosity of wisdom. And, here is the other way to look at The Architectonics of Rationality: if, it were not constructed in humanity singularity as its foundational make up, there can not exist any branch of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, because in such a case, humanity will have no way of understanding, perceiving, comprehending any of these learning, knowledge and wisdom whatsoever; no mathematics, no geometry, no trigonometry, no calculus, no permutation, no logarithm, no dynamics, no engineering, no medicine, no physics, no chemistry, no logic, can come into existence because humanity has no means, no resources, no tools to understand any of it. Were such a situation to arise, where there is no Architectonics of Rationality in humanity and these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom were appearing and there appeared some species with the Architectonics of Rationality and their members were seeking to ‘train’ humanity in these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, it would be like seeking to ‘train’ a cat or dog or tiger Quantum Physics or Calculus or Electrical Engineering. These poor members of this new intelligent species, trying to ‘train’ humanity without the Architectonics of Rationality, will soon abandon the project and fly far away from the earth so to avoid having to work with these rationality-less humanity. Humanity, therefore, can understand, perceive and comprehend these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom because they are constructed in, with, by and within rationality and reason, which this humanity has inherently built in its foundational core construction as The Architectonics of Rationality. Without any academic learning, tuition and education all human beings can and do learn their own mother tongue and any other languages, that they find being used in their local communities. How do they learn these languages, that are constructed by rationality and reason and that construction was done by all humanity ‘randomly’ working out their communication means together without any organisational structure or coaching because these languages are governed by laws, that no academic, no grammarian, had written? Nor there was ever a ‘conference’ of all the singularities of humanity in a locality getting together to write and 'agree' such laws, such regulations, such grammar and grammatical rules, such linguistics, such phonology, such phonetics, such semantics, such morphology, such phrases and idioms. How did these languages get constructed, that were done so by absolute rationality and reason and by laws unless there existed in humanity The Architectonics of Rationality? 

Further to this point, languages are the means of many a thing; however, they are primarily a means of communication. Yet, it is universally seen that humanity is capable of communicating with other humanity and, even, with other members of hemmanity or the animal kingdom without language? How can they do so, even, if, the communication is rudimentary unless they have The Architectonics of Rationality inherently built inside them? Because, even, in this non-verbal communication, there exist the mechanism of rationality and reason by which humanity communicate without language?

Therefore, there can not be any physics or biochemistry or mathematics or other branches of science in this world, discovered and practised by humanity, unless there is The Architectonics of Rationality inherently constructed in the foundational core of humanity. Many thinkers used ‘reason’ and ‘faculty of reason’ but it is wrong to use these expressions; because reason is the light, that comes off the Architectonics of Rationality and this light of reason only arises because the ‘circuits’ of The Architectonics of Rationality have everything connected by Universal Laws so that there appears the light of reason, the light of learning, knowledge and wisdom and there appears science, mathematics and engineering etc. Without rationality and reason being their enabling structure, science, mathematics or engineering can not exist at all.  01:    02: Three angles of a triangle always make 180 03: e= 04: Water gets frozen at 0 05: That water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen

These are some expressions of the truth: 01: Algebraic, 02: Geometric, 03: Quantum Physics, 04: Physics and 05: Chemistry. These are truths or are parts of the Universal Laws but humanity will have no understanding of any of it unless and until it recognises that it has inside it The Architectonics of Rationality, and because of that, it can see these things and can ‘read’ them and ‘decipher’ what the readings say and, then, come to understand them and can conduct an analysis or experiment to ascertain whether these are the truth or not. Therefore, the observer can see that these show how inside that Architectonics of Rationality, the whole structure of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom is structured, and through this, how reason becomes the ecology of the rationality and opens up the awe-inspiring Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that opens up the compendium of the megammothseismic body of the Universal Laws and soon there begins to appear the Grid of Creation and that now brings in quite close in human vision the existence of The Mechanoprincipium. Because when the expression, ‘Universal Laws’ is used, it does not ring very real to people but, if, the observer seeks to look at this way into the expression, it will become very clear as to what these Universal Laws are. Each branch of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, say, Geometry, is nothing but a compendium of, whatever much advance this branch has made in studying, observing and leaning about the Delta of the Universes, geometric laws, that are followed by all variables and entities in the Temporal Creation. That’s a massive compendium of geometric laws. Likewise, there are a massive compendia of laws, discovered and learnt by physics, by chemistry, by organic chemistry, by inorganic chemistry, by medicine, by genetics, by cardiology, by biochemistry, by molecular biology, by geology, by seismology, by astronomy, by astrophysics, by calculus, by cosmology, by hydrology, by engineering, by zoology, by botany and so on and these massive compendia of these laws form a tiny nano-dot of what humanity has learnt about so far of that megamammoth body of the Universal Laws, that govern the working and functioning of the entire Delta of the Universes and that forms what is nature and this nature is a nursery of seeing how these Universal Laws are at work at all times, never failing to work. Instead of looking at each branch of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom discovered and developed so far, if, humanity begins a new Book of Universal Laws discovered so far, by all these branches of wisdom and begin adding all laws in this book, copying all the laws, each branch has discovered and learnt about, this Book will become a megamammoth Book of Universal Laws, which still is a nano-dot of the megamammosesimic body of the indefinitum range and magnitude of the Universal Laws, the vast magnitude of it is and forever remains and forever going to remain beyond human discovery, even, if, humanity exists trillions of billions of millions of light years or luznim. Therefore, there is no question and there can not be any question whether these Universal Laws are there because they area there and they are forever observed and adhered to by every and all variables across the Delta of the Universes, which forever exists and perishes by these Universal Laws without fail. 

And, if, the observer looks at a human physiology and how it is constructed and by how many branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom have gone into the making, creating, constructing this physiology, it will bring humanity into a state of infinite bewilderment, awe and silence: in this physiology has gone in geometry, mathematics, trigonometry, logic, engineering of many a kind: biochemical, biological, biophysical, biophysioloical, biomechanical, electrical, magnetical, electromagnetical: design, organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, biology, cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, epigenomics, neurology, cardiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, histology, microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mechanics, surgery, immunology, medicine, epidemiology, mineralogy, nutrition science and this list goes on and on and there exists in this list thousands of other branches of medicine science, that humanity has not yet gone into discovering yet, that it will keep on discovering with time. All these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, by which this human physiology is constructed and by which it must and does function, are nothing but the massive and megalithic body of laws, that are part of the Universal Laws. Unless there exists the Architectonics of Rationality, this engineering marvel of the human physiology can not be constructed because of it has been constructed in, with and by rationality and reason.    

No human being, that has The Architectonics of Rationality in her, that gives her the tools, the resources, the powers or the architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes to reach reason and exercise it, would deny these expressions of truth in these examples just mentioned, unless she is suffering from insanity or some manner or form of mental, psychological or neurological illness or suffering from delusion because these are not only truths but, these are such truths, that can be demonstrated by the application of reason, mathematics and science. But, there is another scenario, by which, she can deny these expressions of truth, that she is making a mistake or she is erring. That is quite ‘rational’ and reasonable for a human being to do because this erring is part of the mechanism of learning. That is quite reasonable and natural for a human being to do. There is, however, another way, she can deny these truths, that is nothing like the previous ways of denying but, ‘intentional’ denying, deliberately denying reason or the truth. This is not mistaking or erring but a trespass or transgression to reason and, thus, to the truth. This shows it clearly, that this is wrong and this act of deliberately denying reason or the truth is an immoral act. This clearly shows that not only there in The Architectonics of Rationality, are grounded reason, mathematics and science and all the branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom but, at the same time, there is grounded the moral science. Every possible reality and choice have been covered by that Architectonics of Rationality. That is why it is vital that Humanical Sociology learner or the observer begins there: because with that understanding, it would be possible to begin to attempt to understand the human psychology, the human person, the human self or the Agency of the Human Mind, and with that learning, it would be possible to see all other entities, that this Agency of the Human Mind gets to be the founding member of and that includes, at the largest magnitude, the whole society. In this process Humanical Social Science would have paved the way for Humanical Psychology and Humanical Social Psychology and Humanical Moral Science and with all these new tools there would appear much light, focussed on this society, that is as large and as complex as the Delta of the Universes and this human soul as the Agency of the Human Mind itself is as complex as the Delta of the Universes and humanity has not paid the attention it ought to have done in seeking to understand this nanocromised infinite complexity, called, the person of humanity or the self or the Agency of the Self of the Human Mind. This is where Humanical Social Science or Humanical Sociology, takes its first step and opens The Architectonics of Rationality, that makes humanity what it is and that shows what it is capable of being, doing and becoming and with this, this humanity can see how terribly, tragically and monstrously it has been short-changed by the entire system of enslavement and how all of these have transformed it from humanity naturale into zoohumanity.       

As a human soul begins to understand The Architectonics of Rationality, it realises that it is dealing with a nanocromised infinity, that it can not do well unless and until it constitutes itself, exactly like the very ‘architectonics’ it is dealing with, as an absolutely solidified, concrete and resolute structure of a Self, as, if, it is forming itself as an institution as opposed to its physiology so that it is now not just a Self but a Person of that Self so that it will become known as The Agency of the Human Mind, Will, Soul or Psyche. This is, particularly, so because this Agency of the Human Mind is now intent on existing in, with and by the Architectonics of Rationality or by rationality and reason, thus, by Laws or by a Codex of principia, formed of the essence of these Laws, arising out of this mind’s studying the Architectonics of Rationality and, with this, this Agency of the Human Mind has already made a foundational choice: to protect itself from The Fall because unless it constitutes itself as a Self, as an Agency of the Human Mind, it falls away from its humanity naturale state and onto just a mere and sheer physiology, that is a state of being nothing but an ego, which has no connection to The Architectonics of Rationality and, thus, it becomes nothing but a vehicle of the sociology of evil, that shall transform it into dehumanised zoohumanity.

For humanity to constitute itself as a Self, as a Person of that Self, as an Agency of the Human Mind, is, therefore, an absolute moral imperative not just because of the threats and dangers of the prospect of the Fall to ego and towards evil, but, also, for this foundational reason: that unless it does so, it can not become an autonomous mind or an autonomous will, which it becomes as soon as it constitutes itself as that Agency of the Human Mind. Because without that autonomy there does not and can not exist any humanity because without it, humanity is just mere and sheer ego, a physiology only and, thus, it can not and does not get to be autonomous nor can it exercise choices or judgements at all. This is because it has nothing to conduct that autonomy with or by nor does it have the tools to understand, let alone, practice it. The moral imperative in constituting the human being into a self or agency is grounded here: by becoming a Self and Agency, humanity chooses to become righteous, just and good because it eliminates selfishness forever because unless it does so it falls into becoming an ego, which begins at the shallow end of selfishness and ends at the hell-end of that same selfishness, which is a concentrated darkness of ignorance. Because this Human Self or Human Agency of the Human Mind, exists by Laws of The Architectonics of Rationality while the ego becomes mere and sheer physiology and has nothing of The Architectonics of Rationality in it. It is a paradox that a human being becomes selfless, altruistic and all-for-one and one-for-all only by constituting itself as a Self of that humanity, as an individual person or Agency of the Human Mind and it does so by choosing to live, exist and perish by the Laws, the Universal Laws, that it begins its eternal journey to learn about at The Architectonics of Rationality, of which shall it find, arising the entire Grid of Creation, the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and through them, the whole body of ever-unfolding Universal Laws and off all these, the human Agency now begins to empathise and elvision the existence of The Mechanoprincipium.  

This constituting itself as an Agency of the Human Mind gives this human Agency autonomy, that it should, ought and must seek to get because this autonomy relates it to the infiniternal goodness attributes of its Creator God, Who isz an Infiniternal Will as a Self and Who isz Infiniternal Absolute Sovereignty because this Creator isz by Laws of, in short, infiniternal righteousness, justice and jurisprudence and the proof and evidence of this can be found in the fact that there exists the body of the Universal Laws and how these Laws are followed and observed by the whole nature and that this whole nature, spread across the whole Delta of the Universes, is good, is in peace, in harmony, in equilibrium and in homeostasis and everything is running as an expression of being, existing and perishing as ‘just’. And because of this, humanity gets its relative sovereignty, which it can not and does not get to have or claim unless it becomes a Will as a Self and constitutes itself as an Agency of the Human Mind. This is fundamental for a humanical sociologist to understand. Without humanity constituting itself as a Will, as a Self and as an Agency of the Human Mind, there does not and can not exist humanity as it has been created as: humanity naturale. And, goodness, whatever kind of goodness, has no other source, spring or origin in this Temporal Creation other than the following: that the Temporal Creation or Nature exists and perishes by Universal Laws, that the whole Grid of Creation, the whole Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, the whole Codex of the Universal Laws, The Mechanoprincipium and the entire expressive magnitude of the phenomenal creations and existences on this Delta of the Universes show that this whole exposition is expressing the Absolute Truth of a Creator, Who has created the whole Creation on Righteousness, Justice and Jurisprudence and that isz the origin, source and spring of all goodness, arising out of the Infinite, Eternal and Infiniternal Goodness of that Creator. There is no other source of this goodness. Humanity is a nanocromised infinity of goodness, the virtues, attributes and properties, that constitute humanity, have no physical expressions but are all abstract qualities, that do not exist in physical or temporal forms or expressions. By becoming and constituting itself as a Self, as an Agency of the Human Mind, humanity, chooses to exist in that spread of nanocromised goodness, because it has chosen to exist by the Universal Laws or, in short, by rationality and reason and the learning, knowledge and wisdom, that renders it, should it follow the eternal path of an eternal learner and keep on learning, keep on developing and keep on progressing. 

Autonomy gives the human Agency the impetus to conduct itself by the Laws or the Codex of Principia, that it has developed through learning and studying The Architectonics of Rationality in which is constructed Choice and Evil and the Duality of Humanity and at the core of that impetus is grounded the self-respect, self-regard, self-worth, self-value, self-dignity, self-assurance, self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-progression, self-development, self-enfranchisement, self-integrity or self-identity but none of these has anything to do with selfishness, which this Agency has given itself as its moral priorities or imperatives because it has come to see, accept and celebrate the fact that there are others like her and all of those others have the same things in them and they all, including, each individual human Agency of the Human Mind, should, ought and must have the same, that enables each and every one of them to exist as humanity naturale in honour, in dignity and with respect. Therefore, this Agency arrives at these: the self-respect, self-regard, self-worth, self-value, self-dignity, self-assurance, self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-progression, self-development, self-enfranchisement, self-integrity or self-identity, not through selfishness but selflessness because it has seen the same ‘self’, replicated, who have the same ‘natures’, ‘qualities’, ‘properties’, ‘attributes’ and ‘states’ and who arise from the same origin, spring and source, with the same resources given to all, and who are, who should, who ought and who must be equal and at liberty at all times within the rule of law and in natural justice because without the rule of law in natural justice no human can get to equality and liberty. This Agency soon realises that equality does not come to exist unless there comes in existence liberty and these two exist together and simultaneously and without these two, humanity has no way to exist as it is, as humanity naturale, because without being at liberty, which it can not do, unless all humanity are equal, it can not exercise choices at all. 

This realisation only comes to the Agency of the Human Mind but does not and can not come to the ego. Because the ego has nothing in it by which this realisation can arise there, which is the case because it became ego by virtue of it having fallen off and out of The Architectonics of Rationality. God created the entire Temporal Creation and in it this humanity, so that it can become that institution of the self and forms itself as an Agency of the Human mind, that becomes capable of using The Architectonics of rationality and with this it will have gained enough learning, knowledge and wisdom and venture out onto that Temporal Creation, and having done so, it will have brought the phenomenal reality of that Creation onto its being so that its inner being has not only gone outside but with this it has brought the outside into its being, inside and, hence, it now has housed the entire Temporal Creation, that is, almost, unreal or non-existent to it because of the tiny, antian reality of the individual human being and this Agency of the Human Mind now is spread not just inside its physiology but across the Temporal Creation, which now not only exists outside it but, also, inside it and through this process, this Agency has become part of the whole Temporal Creation and makes the whole of the Temporal Creation part of its very own self, own being, own inner and areal reality, that exists by the Universal Laws and that has achieved homeostasis in that Creation.

The human soul is a construction of a nine-worlds, nine-realms, made of imaginium, sereneum, rationium, sophium, cardium, perceptium, sensaarium, visionium and imserenesophium or, in other words, it is a construction of an infiniternal goodness nanocromised in finiteness in, with, by and within The Architectonics of Rationality, where is grounded this human soul, mind, will or psyche. If, the observer looks at the most foundational attributes of this humanity naturale soul, she will list the following: 01: imagination, 02: ingenuity, 03: creativity, 04: empathy, 05: sympathy, 06: compassion, 07: love, 08: kindness,  09: grace, 10: mercy, 11: patience, 14: steadfastness, 14: integrity, 15: selflessness, 16: faith, 17: hope, 18: rationality, 19: reason, 21: Knowledge; 22: wisdom, 23: vision, 24: fairness or righteousness, 25: liberty and equality and 26: equity or justice, 27: serenity, 28: joy and 29: Spirituality. There are many other attributes the observer would like to add but she stops here. And now she compares the nine-realms of that human soul and she can see that some of these attributes are directly present in that nine-realms of the human soul: imaginium, sereneum, rationium, sophium, visionium and imserenesophium and the remaining others,  cardium, perceptium, sensaarium, are not directly present in these attributes but, they can be related to many of these attributes, particularly, how rationality and reason to work for these three realms of the human mind, stands directly at the interface between the human soul and the wider-out reality of the Temporal Creation in which this soul is to exist in and they are rooted directly onto the physiology and are connected to conducting all the organs and mechanisms of perceptions and perceiving and feelings and ‘making sense’ of what is perceived or what is felt etc and they are the sense-organs and through these the learning, the knowledge and the wisdom gathered can be perfected, purified and made into workable bodies of reference materials and through them reaching that principia, that the soul seeks to combine and compile and create together by which it ought to exist by. The soul begins at the imaginium, that shoots at the cardium and from there it finds the serene sphere of the heart where rushes and runs the ever-going motional rivers of blood in the darkness, the pulse, the beat, the rhythm and the music of that heart and from there it rises towards the rationium and sophium, in the physiology of the brain. It ought to be seen as a tree shooting out onto the cardium, through the heart and rising onto the leaves of the neurology but they are one: the neurology is spread out across the physiology through its intricate and complex networks of the nervous system as the cardium is spread out ever more widely than the neurology because the blood circulation system covers every cell of the physiology and, thereby, it could be seen as the heart as the shoot, root spreading all across the physiology, feeding all segments, sections and spheres of it and bringing the same goodness to the leaves of the neurology but they are one and the same tree. Together the cardiology and neurology provide the human soul its connection to the physiology: but one rises upwards and all-wards through to sereneum, rationium, sophium, reaching visionium and onto imserenesophium at the outermost and highest and farthest-most spread while at the originating part of the soul remains at imaginium, where it is forever connected to imagination, ingenuity and creativity and through it, it is forever connected to its Creator’s infinite, eternal and infiniternal imagination, ingenuity and creativity at the core and at the outset while, when and where it reaches the imserenesophium, it reaches the same imagination, ingenuity and creativity, having reached visionium and, thus, imserenesophium, where it now sees that the origin and destination is the same infinite, eternal and infiniternal Creator. It is, as, if, the human soul is a tree, which is drawn like water marks, that is like the reflection of a tree in a lake and, thereby, that tree appears facing away from the ground while its roots are facing the earth while, off the earth, the shoot rises and the tree now stands on the ground, rising towards the heavens. Now, if, the observer takes a look at the whole image of that reflected image of the tree in the lake where it hung away from the earth and at the beginning of the earth the shoot rises upwards towards the heavens and now the whole image shows that both facing the same origin from two different directions and between these two stands that imagination-gate of existence. Because like its Creator this soul has neither dimensions nor extensions nor magnitudes nor physicality, which means they both are non-temporal and non-physical. Because of this fact that the soul has no dimensions nor extensions nor magnitudes nor physicality, this soul finds it impossibly difficult to understand this perplexing paradox that an infinity, eternity and infiniternity, having none of these dimensions nor extensions nor magnitudes nor physicality, created and sustained the Temporal Creation as having dimensions, extensions, magnitudes and physicality? This paradox is answered by the construction of this human soul, that has been rooted inside the physiology and within it have been constructed The Architectonics of Rationality because the human soul can see that it does exist and how it does exist but it can not explain it: the only explanation is this that the Temporal Creation has many paradoxes but all that have been brought under the Rule of Law of the Universal Laws within Rationality and Reason so that all works but paradoxes still do remain because the only way all paradoxes, contradictions, incongruities, irrationalities and absurdities can be eliminated is when rationality and reason reach High Reason of The Creator, Who isz infinite, eternal and infiniternal, where end all paradoxes, contradictions, incongruities, irrationalities and absurdities because all is now under the High Reason of the Infinite, Eternal and Infiniternal Creator, Who isz peace, equilibrium, harmony and holy.

The observer thinks of that image once more: the lake water for the purposes of creating that image of the tree as its reflection, is like a mirror and, therefore, it has no dimensions nor extensions nor magnitudes nor physicality so far as the reflected image is concerned, while the surface of the lake, as the mirror, has  extensions and dimensions, at least, two. While the tree on the earth stands in real multidimensional space and in reality, as part of the wider Temporal Creation. That reflected image, therefore, is not real but what is called unreal; however, the word ‘unreal’ is not a right expression because that image is created by the laws of geometry, mathematics, physics and optics and much else besides, and it can be validated, can be repeated again and again and again and, therefore, to call it unreal is not a satisfactory expression. Instead, if, it is called imaginactive, as, if, it is a work of a special kind of imaginaction or like a dream while one is awake or day dreaming or what can be called metaphorical dreams. In other words, it can be visualised as an expression of imagination where there can exist anything and everything without dimensions, extensions or magnitudes or physicality because it is taking place inside the mind of whoever is doing the imagination. And now, imagining this lake surface as a piece of paper where is hidden this reflected image as imagination and off that page begins the nine-step-realm path of being and becoming real and become part of the Temporal Reality and, off this blank page of imagination is rising this human soul-tree onto the reality of the physiology, that is part of what is real and what is Temporal Reality and it rises all the way, as it does and it completes its being and becoming a soul-tree but its roots are rooted in the invisible depth of imagination and its height reaches the same blankness of the white paper of imagination because that engulfs it from all direction it reaches or seeks to reach. Because this is the Law of Temporality: Because it has dimensions, extensions and magnitudes it arises out of non-existence, that has none of the dimensions, extensions and magnitudes or physicality but that can and does hold all-possibles of whatever, that can be or can not be. Unless there exist infinite, eternal and infiniternal there can not exist anything in the forms, in the ways, in the manners, in the natures as they are found to do in the Temporal Creation, in temporality, being in time and space and in motion, appearing and disappearing, which is because these becoming are only becoming real in only some ways off the all-possibles, that are only and can only be possible because infinite, eternal and infiniternal hold that all-possibles, which enable some-possibles to become temporal possibles, turning onto temporal reality. 

Therefore, at the origin point stands this Agency of the Human Mind, as an autonomous self, so that to understand it humanity needs the science of humanical psychology and from there arises all the ever-widening constructs this Agency of the Human Mind undertakes to do: at the very widest and largest of all the constructs stands society, for which humanity needs the science of humanical sociology and in between these two branches of science stands the humanical social psychology and humanical moral science. The Agency of Human Mind’s existence is the guarantee that there shall appear civic and humanical society within the rule of law and in natural justice because all Agencies of the Human Mind are constructed within the Architectonics of Rationality and they shall work and exist to create that civic and humanical society within the rule of law and in natural justice. If, this Agency of the Human Mind does not exist or has fallen off the Architectonics of Rationality and became ego, there shall not come to exist civic and humanical society but instead, there shall appear jingoistic jungle where humanity naturale shall become zoohumanity in utter dehumanisation, in the sociology of squalors and in the sociology of evil.

Therefore, in terms of existential, moral and spiritual necessities of that human soul, that Agency of the human mind, it can see that what it should, ought and must seek are: Liberty, Equality, Meaning and Purpose, to none of it, it can get to unless it becomes an eternal learner, through pursuing education to the highest degree possible and follow eternally the course of life-long learning so that it has acquired, so that it can acquire, the highest possible degree of learning, knowledge and wisdom and the insight, the expertise, the skills, the aptitudes, the competencies, illumination, enlightenment, empowerment, enfranchisement and confidence they all generate and with it all this human Agency can then go about seeking to create civic and humanical society in the rule of law and in natural justice and take itself to liberty, equality, meaning and purpose in this human existence.

However, like everything else in the contemporary world, which has been the case all along the developmental stages of humanity, education is blocked and gated away from the vast majority of humanity so that this large section of humanity is sentenced to live and perish away in the darkness, that is the resultant outcome of no-education. And, additionally, the education, that is on offer had been used as not what it should have been but as a tool for indoctrination, which used to be run by two classes of entities: the states running formal education as indoctrination and the societies running informal education as indoctrination at large, both of which are set at the opposite states of what they should have been doing, whereby the states wanted to use indoctrination to make and keep humanity disempowered and disenfranchised and, thus, being scared and afraid all the time, and because societies, where the majority of humanity was forced to live and exist in the darkness of no-education, instead of learning, education and enlightenment, that would create a good culture of rationality, reason, good faith and good state and practice, following and learning about the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, were dark places where, instead of culture there exists the reign of superstition, which strangulates the humanity in it and that superstition creates societies as spheres of ignorance, that are brewed, bred and fed through the ecologies of these societies, that are run by the exact opposite of   rationality, reason, good faith and good state and practice, following and learning about the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and they, in turn, become festered by all the sociology of evils: societies become jingoistic jungles as they are breeding grounds of ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, irrationality, immorality, opinion fascism, anti-science, anti-nature, anti-education and learning, hatred, anger, aggression, viciousness, violence, cruelty, brutality, barbarity, consumerism, self-hatred, self-harming, self-loathing or racism, fascism, nazism, extreme, base, crass, raw and ragged nationalism, self-consumption or self-consuming or social phagocytosis, fear, phobia, paranoia, hysteria, delusion, personal psychosis, social psychosis, cynicism, scornfulness, contempt, apathy, antipathy, anarchism, dereliction of responsibilities, duties and obligations, misogyny, masochism, femino-mascochism and all other forms of superstitions, including, a state of absolute darkness where humanity is brought down to believing in, subscribing to and seeking to live by: lies, falsehood, fabrications, mythologies, concoctions, tales and fables, against rationality and reason, against science, against evidence, against nature, opinion fascism and conspiracy theories, that are nothing but lies blended into a brewed hydrogen sulphide equivalent in sociological terms. And in such a state all the forces of the sociology of evil are gathering together, that are seeking to get themselves established as legitimate political forces of the worst kind, that are fascist and nazi, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and masochistic and famino-masochistic, Chauvinistic, anti-minority, anti-women, anti-nature, anti-disable people, anti-elderly, infirm and mentally ill people, anti-immigration, anti-migration, anti-science, anti-mathematics and anti-learning and education and many other obnoxious kind of groups with specific hatred and loathing towards other groups of humanity. This is what is unfolding across the world, particularly, in advanced economies but, not exclusively because in other countries they are active too and these forces have begun to organise themselves under vary many ‘ad hoc’ issues and, often, ‘jacking’ other causes and using them and taking them over. This way many representative democracies have been transformed into majoritarian mob dictatorships.        

When a people, a nation of humanity has sought to provide itself, to all its citizens, the highest possible degree of learning, education and life-long learning that people create a culture of love for learning, education, knowledge, wisdom, rationality, reason and love of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and the illumination, enlightenment, empowerment, enfranchisement and connectivity these all give every human soul of that people and that would and that does create a good culture of rationality, reason, good faith and good state and practice, following and learning about the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom. Such people, such nation, such humanity creates a culture of luminosity of rationality, reason, learning, education, knowledge and wisdom and such a society is an explosion of this culture where wherever one goes one shall find that there are positive, optimistic and engaging activities, initiatives, organisations, events, festivals, exhibitions, seminars, symposia, debates, lectures, community gatherings, musical performances, poetry performances, classical musical concerts, community sports of all kinds, young people’s events and engaging expositions, new openings, new things and entities are coming into being and everywhere life and living humanity are thriving the entire spectra of social, cultural and communal ecologies. Culture shows humanity is existing and celebrating that human existence.

Whereas when the opposite takes place that culture does not appear because culture is the luminous bursts of all-positive human existence and living and, instead, there fester and brew the decay of the sociology of squalors, that farms the sociology of evil and there all perish away in a state of overwhelmingly toxic and corrosive state of superstition. These ecologies of such a decaying place of that jingoistic jungle all places are dark places where, instead of culture there exists the reign of superstition, which strangulates the humanity in it and that superstition creates societies as burning and toxic spheres of the darkness of ignorance. That is what is brewing across the earth. Because education has long ceased to be an empowering, enfranchising, enlightening and connecting illumination-force for all humanity and, instead, it has been converted into indoctrination tools and now that tools have been taken on from the states, which are now at the lowest end of the holding the powers of that tools, by the market forces, the distorteddia conglomerate and the whole host of pseudonomical brands and platforms, which are directing, dictating and herding all humanity into a herding pan, where humanity is herded onto and kept 24:07 and at all times: where they can be indoctrinated to become and forever remain as nothing but consumers, self-consumers or followers of social phagocytosis and in that internet-brewed spheres of the sociology of evil there came into being the normal web and there’s the dark web and there are much dark and dangerous forces, that all are running indoctrination campaigns and societies themselves are now taken over and are directed and dragged onto that distortive distorteddia sphere and dark web and they are directing the societies to keep on indoctrinating humanity into the sociology of evil.

Humanics The Sociology of Evil: The Architectonics of Rationality and the Self Or the Agency of the Human Mind and Its Autonomy As An Agency: Munayem Mayenin: Part of Humanics The Sociology of Evil: Munayem Mayenin: Copyrights @ Munayem Mayenin: February 19: 2022


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