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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Stand Here
And Say: Hello Universana






Universana The Home-Country of the Humanion

Imagine the Country in which the Humanion lives in is situated on the Universe, which is what it is called by Sciences. For everyday use, for the purpose of humanising, personifying and making it home, we call her Universana. And, therefore, this page is the current affairs page of Universana.

Universana Page Created: April 29, 2016

Universana Arkive Year Beta



Universana The Home-Country of the Humanion

This Photonarine Pilgrimage

A dot adding to itself one to another one two three advances a line
It cannot but go seeking to reach back to itself yet spherically being
The march of a dot and thus this photon is anti of what it seeks to
Illumine this Duantum Darkness it seems to go seeking end's scope

Never stopping like the line it will reach back to itself completing its
Light-sol-sojourn of the Duantum Darkness hypothetically a photon
Is all it takes to illumine the entire Universe except you need all times
For a photon to complete its photonarine run to come back to itself 

Yet this photon-sojourn is the pilgrimage of the light in this holy-field
Of this Universe where there is no temple but laws where one begins
And ends both being the same: the determination to go on being light

Being light is life's pilgrimage in this Universe this photonarine run
In ink-dark our photons are true and in tune with the Duantum and
We write our pilgrimage on white paper still seeking being the light

: Munayem Mayenin: April 16: 2017 :



Humanics Because Humanity Is an Infinity Unfolding Itself


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Regine Humanics Foundation Begins Its Journey Today: The Humanion Is Now A Regine Humanics Foundation Publication

|| April 06: 2018 || ά. The Humanion was first published on September 24, 2015 and has been run, since that day, on a complete voluntary basis without any 'formal' or 'constituted' manner or form and, it was run on as a Human Enterprise, which is an idea of Humanics, in which, ownership is replaced by belongingship and, thus, in a Humanical Society, no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for all others as all others create and work for all others, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty, that establish a true civilisation within the Rule of Law. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. Today, we have begun the process of 'constituting' this Human Enterprise, which does not exist in the current system, but the next closest thing to it, that exists in the UK Law is Social Enterprise. Therefore, today, Friday, April 06, 2018, we are beginning Regine Humanics Foundation, that is the 'Agency', that will lead, run, manage and develop everything, that The Humanion has been trying to do.

Regine Humanics Foundation is established by the Thinker, Author, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Editor of The Humanion, Festival Director of London Poetry Festival and a Humanicsxian: hu: maa: neek: tian: One, that believes in, lives and exists by Humanics, Mr Munayem Mayenin, of London, England, United Kingdom. Mr Mayenin says, ''Humanics is a vision; people, may, call it, utopia, we, call it our Humanicsovicsopia; Humanics. Humanics is our philosophy, our faith, our conviction, our resolution, our way of existing, thinking, being and doing: to seek and try to do so in the determination that all we must do and be is to exist to advance the human condition. People, readers and agencies and organisations, from all across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom and Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, from all walks and strata of life, have supported our endeavours, supported The Humanion and The Humanion Team, who volunteered their time to run things, since the beginning of The Humanion and long before that, when other things, that are now part of The Foundation, were developing. Nothing has changed in terms of the nature and value of what we have been seeking to do.''

''But the founding of The Foundation brings it all in a solid foundation so that we can keep on building this 'vision' so that it keeps on going regardless of who come to take the vision-mission of The Foundation forward. The Foundation runs along with time and along with the flowing humanity. This is the dream, this is the vision, this the hope in founding this Foundation. And, in this, we hope and invite all our readers, supporters, well wishers and all agencies and organisations to support our endeavours to build something, a Human Enterprise, which we are in the process of registering as a Social Enterprise, as a Community Interest Company, working for the common good of the one and common humanity. No one makes or takes profit out of The Foundation, which now runs The Humanion and everything else, that is part of it. The Foundation, once registered, will have an Asset Lock, which means that in any event, should The Foundation dissolve itself, all its existing assets shall go to a similar Social Enterprise. Therefore, we invite everyone to support The Foundation, support The Humanion in whatever way they can. And, there are endless number of ways people and organisations can support The Foundation and The Humanion.'' ::: ω.

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I  Roam 5,000 Light Years' Away: Stretch to Reach Me So That I May Join Your Universana

|| December 11: 2017 || ά. And here is the Crescent Nebula, a young massive star, that began life around 25 times more massive than our own Sun is shedding shells of material and fast winds to create this dynamic scene captured by ESA’s XMM-Newton. The image shows the detailed structure of the Nebula, that shed a shell of material as it expanded into a red giant some 200,000 years ago. Fast winds emitted more recently have now collided with that material, causing the gasses in the bubble to heat up and emit X-rays, seen as blue in the image. And this space, where this spectacle is, in our country, on this Universana. Here, not out there somewhere but 'here' where we are: on this Universe, on this Universana.

Now that you have seen it, close your eyes. Now look. Can you find it? Where is it now? Where is it now? Now look and can you see it? Where is it now? Now it is both out there and in here, inside your soul. This is how the more we learn about the Universe the more of it becomes part of us and more of us become part of it and then we edge closer to be part of each other more and more and that is why must we keep on learning and seeking and finding and crafting and being and becoming. The Crescent Nebula sits in the constellation of Cygnus about 5,000 light-years away, exactly at a location in the sky, that has not been accessible to XMM-Newton until recently.

Although, it has been well studied by other X-ray telescopes, astronomers working on XMM-Newton, which was launched on December 10, 1999, had to wait patiently until the orbit of the satellite was such that this patch of sky moved into its field of view in April 2014. Other features can, also, be seen, such as the green hue, generated by oxygen atoms, where the star’s wind is interacting with the surrounding interstellar medium.

Density differences in the surrounding material, may, give rise to the different structures, such as, the extended bubble segment to the top right. The star will likely end its life in a violent supernova explosion. 

Image: ESA:XMM-Newton:J. Toalá:D. Goldman

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Event Horizon: What is That Fiery Explosion in the Distant Galaxy

|| November 14: 2017: Queen's University Belfast News || ά. Minds, spread across different places of earth, make up this international team of researches, based at research institutes from Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Chile and the US.  And they, like learner-worker-bees, work together in Astronomy, pulling resources together and seek out answers arising in the vast darkness of the heavens to the questions they are able to gather together. And these astronomers, part of the research team, based at Queen’s University Belfast, have suddenly discovered a new type of fiery explosion in a distant galaxy.

The explosion, called, PS1-10adi, seems to prefer active galaxies, that house supermassive black holes consuming the gas and material around them. Leading this international team of researchers, Dr Erkki Kankare, from the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s, is the Lead Author of the study, which has just been published in Nature Astronomy. Dr Rubina Kotak, Professor Stephen Smartt and Dr Ken Smith from Queen’s are co-authors of the study, which is advancing knowledge in this area on a global scale. Using telescopes on La Palma and Hawaii, Dr Kankare detected an explosion, that was so energetic, it must have originated from one of two sources.

It can either be an extremely massive star, up to several hundred times more massive than our Sun, exploding as a supernova or from a lower mass star, that has been shredded by the ultra-strong gravitational forces close to the supermassive black hole. The explosion was discovered 2010, but due to its slow evolution, it could be monitored for several years.

Explaining the findings, Dr Kankare said, “If these explosions are tidal disruption events, where a star gets sufficiently close to a supermassive black hole's event horizon and is shredded by the strong gravitational forces, then its properties are such that it would be a brand new type of tidal disruption event.

If they are supernova explosions then their properties are more extreme than we have ever observed before and are likely connected to the central environments of the host galaxies.

The supernova group at Queen’s University Belfast has long-standing expertise in supernova science and were immediately able to recognise PS1-10adi as an unusual transient. The team has, also, discovered, at least, five more candidates worthy of further study.

Dr Rubina Kotak, Co-author of the study, said, ''Now that we know what we are looking for, we are, particularly, excited that we will find more transients, such as PS1-10adi, in larger datasets from upcoming facilities. This means that we are in a fantastic position to pin down their origin and this will help to piece together more clues of how these events come about.” 

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Other Spellings of Universana: Universaana, Universanaa, Universaanaa, Youniversana, Youniversaana, Youniversanaa, Youniversaanaa

















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