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I Humanics Spring Festival 2019: April 06 in London

I Regine Humanics Annual Lecture 2019: Whither to Homo Sapiens: Delivered by Dr J Everet Green: April 06 in London

VII London Poetry Festival 2019: St Matthews at Elephant and Castle: Meadow Row: London SE1 6RG: October 14-15

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First Published: September 24: 2015
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VII London Poetry Festival 2019
October 14-15: 19:30-22:00


























The Humanion Free Advertisement Supporting Barnardo's Fostering Campaign
Join Debbie Douglas and Lydia Bright in Supporting Barnardo's Fostering Campaign 2019















We find more children are being taken into care with fewer foster carers to look after them as we launch Barnardo’s 10th Annual Fostering Campaign 2019, which are fronted by The Only Way Is Essex Actor Ms Lydia Bright and Ms Debbie Douglas. The fact is this that the number of children in care in England has risen by 27 per cent in the last 10 years, against which we urgently appeal for more people to consider fostering. In the past decade, Barnardo’s foster carers have looked after thousands of children, giving them the best chance to have a happier and positive future.

However, we are concerned that there are not enough suitable foster families to take care of the increasing numbers of vulnerable children in care. Increasing child poverty, a lack of early intervention and support for families before they reach crisis point and a heightened awareness of abuse and neglect are among the complex reasons more and more children and young people are being taken into care. But figures from Ofsted show that the number of approved carers has dropped by 950 in just one year. If, these trends continue it will become, even, more difficult to find good foster placements for vulnerable children. Join In and Support Our Annual Fostering Campaign 2019.

NICE Recommends New Treatment to Benefit Thousands of Adults with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia





|| January 20: 2019 || ά. Thousands of patients to benefit as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence:NICE recommends Venetoclax with Rituximab for adults with relapsed or refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia:CLL. CLL is the most common form of Leukaemia, with approximately 3,500 new cases diagnosed each year in the UK. It is estimated that 1,000 people will be eligible for Venetoclax in the first year.

Venetoclax, also, known as, Venclyxto and manufactured by AbbVie, will be offered in combination with Rituximab to adults with relapsed or refractory CLL, who have received, at least, one prior therapy. The most common first line treatment for CLL is chemotherapy and there are limited options after relapse. Venetoclax is an oral treatment taken once a day. The dose is gradually increased from 20mg to 400mg in the first five weeks and is given in combination for a maximum of two years. Rituximab is administered after the person has had 400mg of Venetoclax for seven days. 

At the first committee meeting in September 2018, NICE did not recommend these two  drugs due to uncertainties in the evidence. Following further data submissions and clarification from the company, NICE concluded Venetoclax Plus Rituximab in this circumstance is cost-effective.

People will be able to access these two drugs from January 18, just four months after the treatment’s marketing authorisation was granted in October 2018. Since April 2016 new arrangements with the Cancer Drugs Fund mean that NICE can aim to publish final guidance within 90 days of licence.

Mr Meindert Boysen, the Director of NICE’s Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, said, “We are very pleased to announce another treatment option for people with relapsed or refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia will be available on the NHS.

This is exciting and very important to people with relapsed or refractory Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia where there are limited treatment options. I urge companies to seize opportunities for earlier engagement as part of our new appraisal process, so we can support access to these kind of treatments at an even faster rate.”

The list price for a 112-pack of 100mg Venetoclax tablets is £4,789.47, however, the treatment is available to the NHS at a discounted price through a confidential commercial arrangement.:::ω.

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Editorial: The United Kingdom Parliament Has Found Its Will and Asserted It Today: The Three Acts of the Parliament That Can Get the Country Out of the Nightmarish Groundhog Day Since the European Union Referendum: Act One Done Today: Act Two to Be Done Within a Week to Reject the Government’s Current Deal: The Third and Final Act: To Redirect the Government to Go Back to the People



















|| January 08: 2019 || ά. The UK Parliament has, today, for the first time in a very long time, united together against the Government behind a major vote: it has declared its position against a No-Deal exiting of UK from the European Union. The parliamentary vote was not directly related to the exit, as the vote was for an all-party amendment to the Finance Bill but the amendment relates to exiting the European Union financing. However, this stance of the Parliament, against a No-Deal exit, has been taking shape for a long time but, finally, the Parliament has risen united in the majority, that declared this stance today: the United Kingdom can not be let to crash out of the European Union without a deal in place. The Humanion sees this act of Parliament today as the first of three most natural acts of the Parliament, that, for the sake of the national interest, people and the country, the sovereign parliament of the country, ought to take at this dangerously perilous time of increasing but entrenched division across the country, people, politics and all other arenas.

With this first act the Parliament has declared that it would not just sit by and watch the Government drag down the country towards this ruinous path, getting the UK crashing out of the European Union with No-Deal. Respecting the Referendum results with the clear and accepted note to go with it: that almost as many people voted to remain, the Government simply can not drag the country out of the European Union without any deal. The people did not vote for that in the European Union Referendum. Neither the leaving side nor the remain voted to accept and give consent to such dangerous departure without No-Deal. The government does not have that mandate from the people of this country. They voted with a slim majority to leave but not to leave in such a dangerous and ruinous fashion with No-Deal nor did the remain voting part of the country voted with consent given to the government to leave the EU with No-Deal. The Government does not have that mandate and it does not have the mandate to waste public funds in the utter waste of so-called No-Deal preparations! Today the Parliament has come together with a majority around a first consensus and acted in support of that stance: a No-Deal is not going to be watched idly by the House of the Nation. A No-Deal is dead and buried today.:::ω.

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Paddy Ashdown: Served His Country and People to the Very Best of His Abilities at All Times: Like a Giant One That Is One of a Kind



|| December 23: 2018 || ά. Paddy to people, who knew him enough to issue him a nick name or Paddy Ashdown or Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon but none of these says what and who he had been in his giant of a life and existence, which ended yesterday with the last and dignified struggle he had put up against cancer of the bladder and called it a day. In October the country came to hear of this and he is gone few weeks later. Paddy Ashdown was an MP and one among the greatest MPs the House of Commons had ever produced. He was the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, the Leader, who had crafted, constructed and engineered his Party, one, that no one counted for anything to a formidable political force, that no one dared ‘not counting’ any longer. He was the single most and inspirational ‘worker’ of that Party, who could and did inspire a generation of young minds towards liberal values in a society where Conservatism was seen, as, if, it was ‘natural’ politics. His life’s work, resolute, determined and fearless work, commitment and dedication, that built the Liberal Democrats to become this force, this positive force, this formidable force, have no parallel. Paddy Ashdown was one of a kind.

Now, after the more than a decade long-work he had passed the baton to a right and equally talented but younger Leader in the name of late Charles Kennedy, who just took the Party to the height, that no one had imagined anyone could take it. Following his courageous, firm and passionate standing and campaigning against the Iraq war the Liberal Party through the leadership of Kennedy became a truly valid and structured political force, that was poised to contemplate, for the first time, they can, one day, soon, form a government. That was the work of his life, Paddy Ashdown MP’s life’s works on which Charles Kennedy stood with his new army of MPs bursting with faith, energy, belief and unrestfulness. Sad to say that one built it, another grew it much so that another takes it down and tears it apart so that Liberal Democrats are now thrown down to a sad and lonely place. Were they not to lose sight of their vision and remained on the solid, sure and confident grounds of the brightest possible liberal identity, they did not have to go and destroy themselves by joining a bankrupt coalition government with the Conservative Party, they would have been able to go further and beyond what no one could imagine: to be a Party, that could have achieved power, without, even, proportional representation. But that was probably too much of a long wait for many. They could wait no longer. But Paddy Ashdown did not think his job was to waste away in waiting: he stood, he worked, he campaigned and he knew how to reach and inspire the grassroots and he kept at it and truly made liberalism a principled, grounded and righteous place to be: for a liberal society grounded in fairness, open and future-bound in social justice.

Once he had left the leadership position and ceased being an MP he continued working in the country and served many international positions and he was passionate about the work he did in the rebuilding of Bosnia and many other places in the world. Paddy Ashdown was, probably, the last giant of a politician this country has ever produced. He is the best Prime Minister Britain never had. He was principled, vocal and, yet, always, right at the centre of the best argument regardless of what the issue was or the agenda. His articulation ability was second to none. When he spoke regardless of his minority position in parliament or anywhere else and regardless of who the audiences were everyone paid attention.:::ω.

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The NHS Will Fund Spinal Surgery for Babies with Spina Bifida While They Are in the Womb




|| December 23: 2018 || ά. Spinal surgery for Spina Bifida for babies in the womb is among new, innovative treatments, that will be routinely available on the NHS for the first time, NHS England has announced today. The advanced procedure for unborn children with Spina Bifida, whose spine and spinal cord do not develop properly, allows pregnant women to be treated closer to home and their families. The surgery involves repairing the spinal tissue while the baby is still in the womb, which can reduce illnesses, including, bladder, bowel and kidney conditions later in life and improve walking ability.

The life-changing procedure is among several new treatments, that are being made routinely available on the NHS. Others include a new drug, Everolimus, for epileptic seizures, caused by a genetic condition, that causes benign tumours to develop in the body and brain, known as, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. More than 300 people, mostly, children, will benefit from this new treatment, that reduces the number and severity of seizures, allowing children and adults with the condition to live a more normal life.

A new tablet to relax and widen the blood vessels, connected to the heart and lungs to avoid damage and, potentially, heart failure. The treatment is for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a severe disease, causing high blood pressure in the blood vessels, connecting the heart and lungs, that leads to constant breathlessness, blackouts and fatigue.

Professor Stephen Powis, the Medical Director for NHS England, said, “The NHS leads the world on innovation and the long term plan will channel investment into some of the most advanced care and treatments anywhere in the world. NHS England is determined to ensure every penny is wisely spent, maximising the money available for life-saving, life-changing medicines and procedures like these.”

Ms Kate Steele, the Chief Executive of charity SHINE, said, ‘’Although, open pre-natal surgery is not a cure for Spina Bifida and is not suitable for every pregnancy, any medical advances, which will, potentially, improve the health and social outcomes for a baby born with Spina Bifida is very good news and Shine welcomes this progress.

Pre-natal surgery has been practised for several years in other countries but now that the surgery is set to be procured in the UK will mean that far fewer parents to be will have to travel abroad and stay far from home for the surgery. They will be closer to the important family and medical support networks they will need before, during and after surgery.”

Ms Louise Fish, the Chief Executive of The Tuberous Sclerosis Association:TSA, said, “We’re delighted that NHS England has decided to fund this life-changing and potential life-saving treatment from April 2019 onwards. We’ll be working with TSC clinics across England to help them get ready to prescribe this drug to more people, who can benefit from it.” 

Funding for these new treatments will begin in April next year and is the result of NHS England’s latest specialised commissioning prioritisation process, which takes place biannually to decide which new treatments to offer routinely on the NHS.

The latest additions follow the introduction earlier this year of a life extending treatment for liver cancer patients, an additional treatment for pancreatic cancer and a new treatment for a rare genetic condition which leads to severe obesity in children.

All the proposed new treatments were independently assessed for their clinical benefit and cost by the Clinical Priorities Advisory Group:CPAG comprising doctors, health experts and patient representatives.

The second round of investment decisions for 2019:20, which will take place in May, will consider further treatments, that could be introduced by June 2019.:::ω.

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Barnardo’s Invites Everyone to Donate Unsuitable Or Unwanted Christmas Presents to Its Shops to Help the Charity Raise Vital Funds to Support Its Work for Children and Young People



|| December 19: 2018 || ά. If, Santa didn’t quite get it right this year, delivering the wrong size jumper or multiple copies of the same DVD boxset, don’t hoard your unsuitable presents but deliver them to Barnardo’s gift amnesty. Or, in other words, what is meant to be a gift, must, remain so, a gift and, to ensure that they do remain so, you are invited to take the ‘unwanted’ gift to the nearest Barnardo’s shop. This way the agency could raise much needed resource to fund its vital work for children, young people and families in need.

It can be difficult to buy presents for friends and family and there are times, when gifts are wonderful thoughts but just not right. So, with a new survey showing that more than 60 million unwanted presents are given every year, at a cost of £380 million, Barnardo’s is urging people to donate the presents, which aren’t quite their cup of tea. Simply, donate those leather-look leggings or cartoon slippers to the charity’s gift amnesty at your nearest Barnardo’s shop. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that you are helping to support vulnerable children across the UK.

The value of those unsuitable gifts really does add up and could provide vital support for the hundreds of thousands of children Barnardo’s helps every year:

::: An £18 cookbook could pay for three young carers to enjoy an afternoon of respite from their caring duties, giving them the chance to relax and meet other children.

::: That £20 DVD boxset you’ve already got could help to pay for an outreach worker for a vulnerable child.

::: The £50 too-big jumper could help pay for a senior specialist to spend an hour working one-to-one with a child to help them recover from sexual exploitation

::: £180 worth of unsuitable console games could help cover monthly travel card costs for nine children, so they can afford to come to Barnardo’s to see their child sexual exploitation specialist.

::: The £250 television set, that doesn’t fit on your television stand could help buy clothing and baby essentials for a care leaver with a new born baby.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Mr Javed Khan said, “It can be difficult to buy the perfect present for a family member or friend. So, if, you unwrap something, that doesn’t quite fit or just isn’t right for you, do something special and donate the gift to your nearest Barnardo’s shop. This will help raise vital funds so we can continue to support hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable children across the UK.

On behalf of everyone at Barnardo’s, thank you for your support and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

To find your nearest Barnardo’s shop visit.

About Barnardo's: Last year 301,100 children, young people, parents and carers were supported by Barnardo’s through more than 1,000 services across the UK, such as, young carers, care leavers, foster carers and adoptive parents, training and skills or parenting classes. We work to transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and every year we help thousands of families to build a better future. But we can not do it without you.

About Barnardo’s Shops: Barnardo's has more than 710 charity shops across the UK, where you can find all sorts of bargains, donate goods or volunteer. You can, also, shop online. All profits from the sale of goods will help the UK's most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.:::ω. 

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|| April 06: 2018 || ά. The Humanion was first published on September 24, 2015 and has been run, since that day, on a complete voluntary basis without any 'formal' or 'constituted' manner or form and, it was run on as a Human Enterprise, which is an idea of Humanics, in which, ownership is replaced by belongingship and, thus, in a Humanical Society, no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for all others as all others create and work for all others, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty, that establish a true civilisation within the Rule of Law. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. Today, we have begun the process of 'constituting' this Human Enterprise, which does not exist in the current system, but the next closest thing to it, that exists in the UK Law is Social Enterprise. Therefore, today, Friday, April 06, 2018, we are beginning Regine Humanics Foundation, that is the 'Agency', that will lead, run, manage and develop everything, that The Humanion has been trying to do.

Regine Humanics Foundation is established by the Thinker, Author, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Editor of The Humanion, Festival Director of London Poetry Festival and a Humanicsxian: hu: maa: neek: tian: One, that believes in, lives and exists by Humanics, Mr Munayem Mayenin, of London, England, United Kingdom. Mr Mayenin says, ''Humanics is a vision; people, may, call it, utopia, we, call it our Humanicsovicsopia; Humanics. Humanics is our philosophy, our faith, our conviction, our resolution, our way of existing, thinking, being and doing: to seek and try to do so in the determination that all we must do and be is to exist to advance the human condition. People, readers and agencies and organisations, from all across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom and Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, from all walks and strata of life, have supported our endeavours, supported The Humanion and The Humanion Team, who volunteered their time to run things, since the beginning of The Humanion and long before that, when other things, that are now part of The Foundation, were developing. Nothing has changed in terms of the nature and value of what we have been seeking to do.''

''But the founding of The Foundation brings it all in a solid foundation so that we can keep on building this 'vision' so that it keeps on going regardless of who come to take the vision-mission of The Foundation forward. The Foundation runs along with time and along with the flowing humanity. This is the dream, this is the vision, this the hope in founding this Foundation. And, in this, we hope and invite all our readers, supporters, well wishers and all agencies and organisations to support our endeavours to build something, a Human Enterprise, which we are in the process of registering as a Social Enterprise, as a Community Interest Company, working for the common good of the one and common humanity. No one makes or takes profit out of The Foundation, which now runs The Humanion and everything else, that is part of it. The Foundation, once registered, will have an Asset Lock, which means that in any event, should The Foundation dissolve itself, all its existing assets shall go to a similar Social Enterprise. Therefore, we invite everyone to support The Foundation, support The Humanion in whatever way they can. And, there are endless number of ways people and organisations can support The Foundation and The Humanion.'' ::: ω.

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To My England

My England takes off her land embroidered dress
And goes swimming wild in style soft and swift

She touches round all corners in watery craft 
And is all sure and glow a gentle rock that holds

My England is bound in voyage-vision’s terms
Abound she spells the multiple in a single rose

She is a poem written by green moss on white cliffs
Serenaded by creamy summer’s sun or April’s showers

My England weaves magic beyond man’s limitations
Where we find living is as much as letting others live

She is a cuddled up baby in water-mother’s womb
And she speaks to me in moonsphorescent a tongue

My England meets and greets our mother with joy
In her palms she holds an all abound arcadia wrapped

My England takes off her land embroidered dress
And goes swimming wild in style soft and swift

We publish this Poem, Titled, To My England, in honour and tribute to the Memories of Labour MP Jo Cox who had been stabbed and shot dead on June 16, 2016: This poem is from Neverbridge Stone Roses: Munayem Mayenin, London, United Kingdom: ISBN: 978-1-4477-1626-6: First Published: February 2008: Second Edition April 2010: Third Edition: May 2011. We invite all readers of The Humanion from the entire of the British Isles to Read To My United Kingdom, instead of To My England and send all the lights that you are made of towards Jo Cox's two young children and her husband and her entire family and friends. June 17, 2016


Bright Star

Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art-- 
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
And watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like nature's patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth's human shores,
Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors--
No--yet still stedfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow'd upon my fair love's ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever--or else swoon to death.

Bright Star : John Keats







London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine