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Livavility’s Meet the Makers Welcomes The Princess Royal to Have an Audience With the Creative Works of the Artists Who the Society Calls Disabled: If We Are Humans We Are Eternally Capable of Creating So That There Is No Human Being in the Entire Human Race Who Is Disabled: Let the World Learn to Accept and Celebrate This



|| Wednesday: May 15: 2019 || ά. A Beatles inspired jigsaw dress, fiery dragon, metal work sculpture and bumble bee mosaic, all got royal attention this week, at an event celebrating the art and creativity of disabled people. ‘Meet the Makers’ was an inspiring event hosted by Livability in the presence of Livability’s Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, to showcase art, crafts, metal works, textiles and painting from disabled people across the Livability community.

Walking through the gallery, Her Royal Highness viewed art, that had been contributed by disabled people from a range of Livability’s services across the UK. She, also, met personally with a number of the artists, to find out more about what inspired their work and creative projects. Her Royal Highness complemented the makers on their creativity and thanked staff at Livability services, who promote art in their settings.

‘’I would like to thank and congratulate the staff across Livability, who have responded to the emphasis on using art in helping individuals reflect their own interests. I’ve always been struck by the very individual approach, that is the strongest point of Livability, because no two individuals are the same.’’

Some of the metal works on display in the gallery had been made by repurposing horse shoes, which, obviously, piqued the Princess’ equestrian interests. She said, ‘’Now we all know what to do with old horseshoes; you’ll be inundated with them!’’ HRH made reference to The Arts Council and their recognition of ‘the power of art to unlock people’s abilities and interests’. She, also, encouraged everyone in the room to think about embracing the role of art in their own lives, saying, ‘’It’s never too late.’’

She thanked everyone at Livavility for setting the best possible example for how to support individuals to be individuals and respond to their own creativity.

Ms Corin Pilling, the Assistant Director for Community Engagement of the Organisation, hosted the evening and interviewed Mr Mikey Abercrombie, one of the people, who had shared their metal works for the event.

Livability CEO Ms Helen England, gave a speech commenting on the value of art and creativity in Livability’s work. She thanked the contributors for sharing their creativity and commended Livability’s services, that do so much to advance creativity in their settings.

The Chair of Trustees, Ms Sally Chivers made closing remarks and prayers. Ms Patricia Mann, who had, also, displayed her jigsaw dress on the evening, presented a posy to HRH The Princess Royal. The event was held in North Greenwich and was attended by special guests and supporters to the charity.

Meet the Makers: Art contributors are: Art profiled at Meet the Makers event and Livability’s online gallery, has been shared by disabled people at Livability services across the UK. It includes textile designs come from Ms Pat and a local dress shop. Ms Pat lives at Livability York House, a care home in Wakefield.

Metal works design from Mr Mikey, who takes part in Maesbury Metals, Shrewsbury.

Art and ceramics from people at Livability Mr Holton Lee, a well-being discovery centre in Poole, Dorset.

Painting from Art By The Sea, a community art group, that meets at the care home, Livability Ashley Place, in Bognor Regis.

Crafts and needlework from The Corner Patch, a shop and day service in Oswestry, Shrewsbury.

Art and creativity from children and students at Livability’s Victoria Education Centre in Poole, Dorset.

Meet the Makers: Mikey’s Story: Livability Maesbury Metals: Mr Mikey is one of the participants at Livability Maesbury Metals. For Meet the Makers, he has submitted a boot scraper, that he has hand crafted in the metal works.

About his participation at Maesbury Metals, Mr Mikey says, “I have epilepsy… I couldn’t get a job for quite a while. My fits are a problem. I found it very stressful and I felt rejected. When I came to Maesbury, I did my work assessment for welding. I enjoy it. I started making metal house numbers out of horseshoes. They sell them in the shop. I can use the forge and get to try new things. I’ve made a shepherd’s crook. My confidence has grown. I want to say thanks to them for teaching me to weld. I’m happier at Maesbury. Here is my community.”

Livability Maesbury Metals is a social enterprise, that supports people to create and sell bespoke products to the local community in Oswestry. The Maesbury Metals team design and produce metal planters, ornamental garden furniture and other bespoke decorative items.

They, also, produce a variety of wooden items, including, storage solutions, made from recycled pallets. Attendees gain skills in metalwork and woodwork from experienced support staff. The focus is to support people to learn new skills, make connections and grow well-being. The service has a particular understanding of disability and mental health.

Meet the Makers: Pat’s Story: The dress with a jigsaw twist: Ms Pat helped to create a showstopper of a dress in a charity shop window, decorated from jigsaws. The shop manager wanted to create an eye-catching window display. Ms Pat lives at Livability York House, a home for 20 disabled adults. She has a strong artistic vocation. She loves to draw, is talented at copying artworks and loves doing jigsaws! The care team supported her to get involved with the dress project.

A few weeks later, Ms Pat visited the shop to see the finished product and was staggered. ‘’I’ve never known anyone to make a jigsaw dress!’’ she said. ‘’It’s really satisfying to help.’’

The initiative has been a vital part in Ms Pat’s journey towards independence, supported by Livability’s care team, who has, also, enabled Ms Pat to increase her mobility and get more connected with her community.

Creativity and self-expression are such important parts of a flourishing life. Across the Livability community, a number of its services work hard to support people at its services express their creativity and pursue their creative interests. This isn’t a fluffy notion or ‘nice’ idea. Art makes a vital difference to personal well-being and health.

A 2017 report from the All Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Well-being shows that the arts have great potential to contribute to integrated, person-centred, health and social care. Music, dance, visual arts and writing are used to support health and well-being in a wide variety of settings. Arts is used for prevention, to support independent living and to meet the physical, mental and social needs of increasing numbers of people requiring long-term care.

“Across the Livability community, a number of our services work hard to support disabled people express their creativity and pursue their creative interests. It’s an excellent way to grow well-being and foster community connections, that help people thrive. We are delighted to have seen these wonderful exhibits on display this evening and celebrate the work of some talented people.” says Ms Elizabeth Stevenson, Philanthropy Manager, Fundraising.

The Charity is seeking to find donors and supporters, that can get behind advancing the vital impact, that art makes to the well-being of disabled people. From buying art materials, investing in assistive technology or supporting enterprise initiatives, there is so much, that supporters can do to make a difference.

For more information about ‘Meet The Makers’ visit the online art gallery

About Livability: Livability is the disability charity, that exists to support disabled people to live a life, that adds up for them. Working together and with the people we support, we tackle barriers, that impact disabled people, to enable better well-being and participation for all. Delivering a wide range of care, education, vocation and rehabilitation services, we strive to grow community connections, that help people thrive.

Livability is a proven and trusted provider of disability care and community projects throughout the UK. Our 2000-strong, enabling team of staff and volunteers across the UK deliver:

Care homes and residential support centres.
A school and a further education college for disabled students.
A wellbeing discovery centre set in 200 acres of natural landscape.
Independent and supported living programmes for disabled people.
Care and support for disabled people.
Rehabilitation centres for brain and spinal injury.
Church training in community engagement and disability awareness.
Spinal injury rehabilitation expertise in developing countries.
‘Dementia Inclusive Church’ resourcing and coaching.
Well-being and happiness coaching through the Livability Happiness Course.
Social inclusion work through churches and community projects.

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The Social Gradient of Health: Because Everything Caused to Human Health Generates a Resultant Outcome: Make a Human Suffer Malnutrition It Suffers Its Consequences: Make People Subject to Abject Poverty and It Devastates Their Life and Health: The Humanion



|| Thursday: April 25: 2019 || ά. The increase of socio-economic differences, may, provoke biological changes, that, in turn, translate into health inequalities. A recent Study, published on Aging by a group of scientists of the Lifepath Project showed that low education, might, have an impact on health at older age comparable to that of well-known risk factors, such as, obesity and alcohol abuse. According to the researchers, this effect is mediated by epigenetics modifications, associated to biological aging.

Poorer people are more likely to experience worse health throughout the course of their life, especially, in older age. The risk of poor health is associated with a step by step decrease in socio-economic position, creating what has come to be known as a social gradient in health. Lifepath is a European project, that studied the biological processes, underlying this association, in order to understand how socio-economic conditions can ‘get under the skin’, as Mr Paolo Vineis, Imperial College, London, put forward during the final meeting of the project he co-ordinates, held in Geneva on March 26-27 this year.

“The most disrupting result of the project is that socio-economic position is an independent risk factor for premature mortality and physical functioning, of nearly the same extent as life style risk factors, such as, smoking, high alcohol use, poor diet and physical inactivity. If, smoking is responsible for 04.8 of years of life lost and hypertension of 01.6 years, the disadvantaged position in society takes out 02.1 years.” says Ms Silvia Stringhini, University of Geneva, the main author of one key study.

“Our epidemiological and biological data show that socio-economic disadvantage, expressed by income, education, housing or job position, accumulates from the very beginning of life due to several different kinds of exposures and circumstances, including, psychosocial stress.” says Ms Michelle Kelly-Irving, Inserm, Toulouse.

“The evidence from our project shows that this chronic stress, may, induce systemic inflammation in our bodies, that leads to biological age acceleration, premature diseases and mortality in the most disadvantaged.”

Early age is a veritable game changer and it is crucial to intervene to support poorer families and children to make them more resilient to adverse circumstances during life and to ensure a healthy ageing.

“Studies from Lifepath show that children and adolescents from low socio-economic backgrounds were more likely to be overweight, having a higher Body Mass Index from as young as the age of three, then affecting health in adulthood. Biological markers in children, such as, epigenetic age acceleration, were affected by the social position of the family as well, while living in disadvantaged neighbourhood negatively impacts on several cardiometabolic risk factors.” Says Mr Vineis.

Figure 3 - Risk factors of cardiometabolic health by age and cumulative neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage.

One of Lifepath’s goals was to assess the impact of the 2008 recession in Europe. Lifepath researchers completed a study of health inequalities in 27 European countries, that included the period of the 2008 banking crisis.

“Most European countries have experienced many decades of mortality decline and the evidence suggests this was not derailed by the recession.’’ says Mr Johan Mackenbach, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam. “This study likely reflects a level of resilience in most European countries built up through the provision of financially accessible health care and social support systems.

However, mortality from smoking-related causes increased for younger, less educated women and mortality from alcohol-related causes went up among less educated men and women.’’

“Studies from Lifepath can be very useful to understand the real causes and biological mechanisms of growing health inequalities, affecting our societies but can, also, give useful suggestions to policy makers about timing of interventions in order to break the intergenerational transmission of health injustice.” says Mr Michael Marmot, UCL, London.

“Undoubtedly, the effects of education and social support in early life is as crucial as interventions on life style factors and on social conditions in adulthood.”

About Lifepath: Lifepath is a research consortium, funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, aimed to understand the impacts of socio-economic differences on healthy ageing with a life-course approach, that considers the relative importance of lifetime effects by comparing studies on childhood and adult risks. Lifepath researchers have integrated Europe-wide data from different cohorts on socio-economic position, environmental exposures and behavioural risk factors with health and other biological measurements. They investigated the biological imprints left in our bodies by exposure to socio-economic factors, such as, education, occupational title or income. Chronic psychosocial stress was also considered as it, may, exert long-term effects through inflammatory responses, reduced immune function and biological age acceleration. The evidence from Lifepath can help to steer policies to reduce health, showing that healthy ageing is an achievable goal for society.:::ω.

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The Destruction of the Self: The Fragmentation



|| March 05: 2019: Download This Piece in PDF || ά. The Self of the Agency of the Human Mind has been destroyed through, first, disconnecting a person from their realities:  space realities, time realities, family realities, realities of friends, colleagues and acquaintances, communal realities, inner realities and spiritual realities, comprised of one’s own personal and private memories, identity, aspirations and values and ideals, that one uses to form and structure one’s own identity of the Self. As we have demonstrated, already, because of the fall off the Criterion, the self fell apart, which caused a total destruction of the self, through these disconnections and the person now became an ‘illusion’ because they now do not have a self nor do they have what is private for there is no self. There can not be a Self, unless it has privacy of its own world, which gives it the choice as to whether and how much of that private Self is made public, in which, this Self uses a layered approach, depending on its liking and inclination and on its necessities so that some parts of that private world is made ‘public; to some people while not to others and so on while there are selective parts of that private world, made fully public, which includes necessary and compact information about one’s basic identity, which increases depending on how engaged and active that person is in life and in what and how many spheres and fields of life one is active and engaged. In this a national political figure will have a great deal about them public, yet, they have a completely different private and personal life, that are not public, whereas someone, who does not get involved in many activities other than their work will have very little in the public domain while their private life still is rich and private. This is where fragmentation comes in. This person has no private Self and because with that lack of the private Self, it has lost all the things, that are kept in that private self.

Now, this person, A, in order to not assign a gender to this person and to avoid using she:he all the time, we are going to use ‘It’ as applicable to a Self of a human existence. This A is connected in the distorteddia. It uses many a platform in that illusory world. Say, it has accounts in x, y, z, t, q, g, h. These are pseudo-places, where A spends all Its times and energies: in reading and writing texts, watching endless flows of videos, playing games and whatever else was on offer and commenting and visiting pages of all the so-called friends and browsing whatever on offer in these pages and with this It joins many groups and with  these It, knowingly and, in most cases, unknowingly, downloads various so-called apps to which It gives permission without reading the terms of that permission so that It has no idea as to what these apps are, who created them, who run them, who own them and what information and data about Its online activities they are collecting and, most importantly, why are they collecting them and what will they do with all these information? Who is making money with these apps and who else are using these apps and for what purposes? It does not know any of this nor does It have any idea as to what benefits a particular platform gets by installing and allowing such apps to be incorporated in their platform?

Along with these, It goes about joining groups and pages and other platforms and contraptions and make these pseudo-friends with people, It does not know nor can It be sure who they are. A can not ever be sure whether these people are really called by names they are claiming to. It can not have any idea whether any of these pseudo- friends are ‘machines’, simply, being used by obnoxious agencies and people to create falsehoods, spread lies and invent news and direct and herd users towards further such horrendous resources. But It has no idea about these nor can It ever be able to find out about these issues. Further, A watches and reads all these materials and with these It watches and reads much advertisements but It won’t know, in many cases, who are advertising and who are paying for the advertising and who are making money by how much. In this process It has amassed a great deal of materials of texts, audios, videos and games and images of Its own Self and of others and all of these are saved in these platforms and, often, in this cloud or that cloud or there-where and the-otherwhere. Along this route It publishes many images of itself, videos of itself and all these materials are kept saved in these platforms, often, not within it but some other places, where others are maintaining them and they are making money in the process and It has no knowledge of any of this nor does It have any power over how these materials are being used and what mechanism there is to stop these materials being abused.

Now, this A has many an account in these various distorteddia platforms and in each there is a set of ‘histories’, created with each having a set of a trail as to what pages and websites and weblinks It has visited, what apps it used and what advertisements It watched and what groups and pages It has subscribed to, what videos It watched and forwarded to people, what videos It uploaded and who watched them, what images It uploaded and when and who watched them etc and great deal more but about all of which A has very little knowledge or awareness or power to do anything about. But each set of these accounts in various outlets It has generated a great deal of materials, texts, images, videos and games and much more. All of which are kept outside, away from Its ownership or power. In fact, the ‘copyrights of these so-called contents are claimed by the distorteddia outlets. In these various and endless fragments all the ‘histories’ of A are placed, put away and are being used and manipulated by the distorteddia.

In this the mobile phone has been ‘hacked’ by the distorteddia so that the mobile companies simply make the phones, that they can not and do not run and in them they put the entire mechanism of the distorteddia and their infinite range of app-jungle and the mobile makers get money for doing that and A has no power to do anything about this arrangement between the distorteddia and the mobile phone makers. This practice has now gone into the laptop variations of the personal computer. With this phone and the laptop variation device, A uses endless number of apps and contraptions about which A neither has any power nor say nor, often, any idea or knowledge of who own these apps and who are making money and how are they using the trails of all Its histories. All these things, these app-junks A is using are recording Its entire ‘footprints’, about which It has no idea or knowledge nor It has any say or power to do anything. And, these app-junks are getting paid by the distorteddia and they are making money by ‘enabling’ the distorteddia to ‘advertise’ in geo-location and in that they make money and the app-junks get a share of that. Further, they ‘harvest’ these information and histories of the users and, keep them away from the users and, use and abuse them to their advantage. In this, A is fragmented in so many countless places that It has no idea and no information and in Its reality A has a blank or blur about where things are for they are not in Its home, in the house or in the garden. They are not in the living room nor are they in a bank nor are they in the memory, inside the mind. In these fragmentations spread away and kept away, outside, out of reach and out of touch and out of Its control A only has ‘access’ to them so long It signs on. If, It leaves and, even, if, It deletes these contents from a platform, they still remain in all the places they were put and kept. A has no idea of where and how many places they are kept or how these are used and abused. A is powerless to do anything about it.

Further, let us demonstrate what this does to a person or a Self: if, A does not have these distorteddia accounts and all the fragmentations, that come with them, A will have to live in real life, in reality, most of which will create ‘many things, but in short, memories, of things, of places, of times, of environment, of people, of faces and friendships and relationships, discussions, conversations, talks, sights, smells, looks, sounds, learning, questioning, thinking and much more. All these will have been saved in A’s memories inside A’s head and mind, which the mind and head will have to work hard to keep and maintain and made available to be used by A, whenever, A wanted or needed to use any of them. This meant that that was A’s mind. Without A being aware of it Its mind and head must work twenty-four-seven in order to keep everything ‘live and functioning’, which would ensure that A’s brain and mind are working at full speed and being a living thing and with it A keeps on being developed as a mind.

Now, let us demonstrate a mechanism, that happens in our brain when we experience something in reality: that our mind, must, perceive and observe everything, that is observable in order to create a true likeness of the experience so that all these can be imprinted in the brain so to create the perception, so to coalesce the information and develop understanding, knowledge and wisdom so to perfect the memory, to be stored and kept in good order for recollection  for many reasons, including, future learning and comparative learning. All this means that we, must, observer and notice and gather the atmosphere, sound, silence, the surrounding, light, dark, ambience, smell, distances, near and far, objects, their standing, there distances, their size, shape, colours, their quantities, their qualities, their positioning and relations to each other and distance between them and any other information relating to them, time, place, people, their number, individuals, their general appearance, what they were engaged at and what they were wearing generally and the entire spectrum of variables, that are involved in each reality. We, may, sit at a café and drink a coffee but our mind is doing all this and all these information are getting into the brain and in order to create the ‘framework’ to keep all these information, observations, notes and notices, feelings and emotions and the entirety of these understanding, knowledge and wisdom, there are billions of different physiological, neurological, biological and biochemical processes are taking place, without us being aware of them and, having had this experience, the entire of it is now ‘ingrained’ in our brain’s newly created particular framework for this one experience. This would not exist in our brain, if, we had not had this experience. This would not exist in our mind, if, we had not had this experience. This means that this one experience enabled our brain to do this work, requiring all these physiological, neurological, biological and biochemical processes to take place to support it and through these works, out brain now is more because it had had to do enormous amount of work to create this extra framework, to deposit and keep it in good order and because of all this our brain would be more, would be bigger and better and more efficient following this work so will our mind be: more and better and bigger and wiser, bigger in the sense of being able to be and do more, far more efficiently and with far more ease. Every day of our active, engaged, interactive rand creative living and existence in reality, in real life, with family, friends and community makes our brain and mind more capable. In other words, one of such real-life experience offers our brain and mind the opportunity to learn and develop, which is what is called development and progression. The more we use these experiences the more we develop our brain and mind or the other way to say this is to say that the more we live and experience life the more we learn and the better we become both in existing and in creating and doing things. Or, with our experiences in reality we expand, we grow and with all these we keep on making ourselves better. But A does not do any of this: this means Its brain and mind are given ‘holiday’ to do nothing but just waste away so that day after day, week after week, month after month, It keeps on going round and round, doing nothing and Its brain and mind fall to disrepairs and that is literally crippling Its brain and mind.

Further, as supporting the mind and brain, A would have created a personal library of memory-objects and items, which A would have kept in Its house, home. They would be personal and private and are open only to A and Its immediate family and close friends and access to them by others would have been as A thought fit. This personal library of memory objects and items would include maps, diagrams, notes, diaries, journals, records, cards, leaflets, diaries, magazines, newspaper cuttings, shopping list, tickets, receipts, found items, gifts and collections of many materials,  one’s list of names and addresses and telephone numbers of one’s family, relations, friends and colleagues and so on. A will have a library of books and cassettes and audio and videos, albums of images, collection of videos of one’s family and friends on many family, social and cultural events, collection of films, collection of music cds and vinyls and so on . Each item in that library of memory-objects and items will have a personal connection to A whereby It will be able to remember, where It had bought a CD from, what kind of place it was, who It was with or who bought it and sent it to It from some other place. In this, in A’s reality, A will have to be very active and engaged, as Its mind and brain are inside with this personal library of memory-objects and items in order so that they do not just rust away into oblivion. This means that both A’s mind and brain are working at full speed and in Its outside reality A is busy to keep everything in order and A’s work would be to keep everything in order and Its  mind would have known the order and arrangement of all these items, where and how they are kept . In this process A would have had active and working knowledge, skills, expertise and understanding of many things, such as, knowing the area, remembering the locations and designs of places and how to get there, where to go for certain things and so on and with this A would know hundreds of addresses, names of friends and their telephone numbers, house numbers, road names, routes and the more A exists in reality the more A will get to know that reality so that A knows it so well that A can walk and go somewhere closed eyed.

Now, A has none of that: neither inside nor outside It: Its mind and brain have nothing to do and they get to fall to disrepair and become like the abandoned houses and buildings, getting dilapidated as everything falls apart to dust and debris and outside A has nothing to maintain and look after in support of the memories and in relevance and resonance to the existence A has been living in reality. In this A loses gradually all Its power for A’s mind and brain have nothing to do, A has nothing to value and treasure and keep them well in order. Instead, A has all these fragmentations, that are made invisible and kept away from It and It has no connection nor power to find out. And, even, if, A does find out about these, they are not anything relating to A’s person. These are incidences of other people, most of whom are strangers, some of whom are, probably, not, even, persons but ‘machines’ and so on. Therefore, A not only has lost all these, the gaps and holes left in their stead, are gaping and with them gone A’s person, A’s Criterion, A’s self-confidence, A’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem for A knows nothing now for A uses the distorteddia to go to a place, that A does not know how to get to for A does not know this route nor does A have to remember the route. A lives in some place but does not know it and all that lack of knowledge, insights and expertise makes It less and less able, less and less confident and soon A relies on all the contrapediums to help It do this or that. If, A goes for a walk for ten minutes It uses some device to tell It which way to go so that It does not, even, register the way and, thus, It does not get to know and remember the names of the roads or how they looked. This is how this fragmentation has been crippling A and A’s person and life and existence. This is what we called in our earlier piece the mass implantation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, implanted by the distorteddia conglomerate so that people are using all these contrapediums and not their natural ‘self’ and are fast losing all their natural skills, abilities and potentials to seek, acquire, retain, develop and use knowledge, insight, expertise and skills and, being able to do so, to seek, acquire, retain, develop and use knowledge, skills, expertise and skills human agency of the mind keeps on developing itself. Now, it has no development, no progression.

But, let us demonstrate, the other end of not living and existing in reality and using all the contrapediums of the distorteddia: A now does not want to know nor does A want to know and keep that knowledge inside the brain and mind so that the brain does not have to work to create the framework to keep that knowledge and learning inside and keep them in good order, so that the mind has nothing to recall for there is nothing saved inside the brain. This leaves the entire of A’s brain ‘empty’ and A’s entire mind is empty, too. Because the mind and brain have no work, they did not get to create what they must create in order to remain human; in this they, must be, able to use: all our human imagination, creativity and ingenuity and these can only be followed were A lets Its brain and mind keep working, learning and developing so that they keep at functioning state. And, this is why the more our brain and mind keep at working and functioning at all times the better they get at doing things and we get better as persons, as human beings and so on. This is the mechanism of human progress and pathway to human development. But A has abandoned this pathway because It has now been ordained to serve the distorteddia Lordship and It uses all their contrapediums simply because the distorteddia have implanted in A’s head the Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy so that A’s abilities, skills, expertise, knowledge and learning potentials have been discarded and destroyed and all these are replaced by the contrapediums with which A seeks to not exist and not live a human existence in reality, in and with real humanity but wastes all Its energies in that pseudo-real illusory world.

A has no real friends, a does not know many people in reality and A has been losing all the relevant and necessary human skills and qualities of relating to people, speaking to people, interacting with people, forming, maintaining, nurturing and maintaining human relations with other humans. Therefore, A finds that this state of affairs is nothing but a state of ‘disorder’, that creates a set of disorders, one is a sociological disorder or a ‘social psychosis’, where the sociology of evil breaks away all human virtues and replaces them with all their negations so that society and social, political and cultural spheres and domains become ‘sick’ by these negations: hostility aggression, intolerance, ignorance, incivility, indecency, inhumanity, shouting and swearing, being abusive, opinion fascism, being disrespectful, anger, vileness, crassness and baseness, cruelty, indifference, hatred, phobia, prejudice, xenophobia, racism and all kinds and manners of discriminations, masochism, chauvinism, famino-masochism: the exact parallel of masochism, that the distorteddia and the market profiteers concocted and brewed and they seek to implant it for female followers as the very way they use masochism for making money and profit, in buying and selling and with all these there appears to be an on-going war of manipulation, herding and directing of people through vile conspiracy theories, malicious lies, dangerous falsehoods, concocted and brewed mythologies, particularly, directed against bona fide news, press and media organisations, against the democratic governance system, democratic culture, system and mechanism, against the running and functioning of the due process of law or the judiciary, against science and mathematics, against established historic truth and in these the vile, horrendous and toxic use of crass, base, raw and vulgar nationalism, white supremacy and religion. This social psychosis occurs as a direct consequence of the destruction of the civic nature of society so that, in its stead, are created the sociological squalors, where the sociology of evil shows of its prowess in the horrible expositions of the dehumanisation of humanity, that have been inflicted on humanity and all these have been advanced by the capitalistic system and its newest ally the distorteddia conglomerate. And, the second front of appearance of the parallel version of this social psychosis, that happens in society, happens to A, too, for the direct loss of Its self or the loss of the agency of the human mind. It can be called individual psychosis, that is as an overwhelming destruction, distortion, fragmentation, dis-jointment, disconnection, dislocation, derailment and disarray of the human self or the agency of the human mind, that, literally, fill the void of the human mind or self or agency with a new and whole spectrum of psychological and mental illnesses all rolled in one. Yet, like the social psychosis, that can not be treated with any medication or therapy other than by making the society going back to be a civic society once more, this individual psychosis, the parallel condition, applicable to humans, of social psychosis, can not be treated with any medication or therapy other than seeking to re-establish the agency or the self of the human mind, where it used to reside in the human being. These are two most cruel, most dangerous and most horrendous harms, that the distorteddia conglomerate have devastated all humanity and human societies with and by of today and these are ravaging and savaging humanity through the distorteddia conglomerate in concert with capitalism, enforcing all its high-cruelties, inequalities, poverty and hunger and, generally, withdrawing and cutting severely of investment and spending in civic, social and communal services, particularly, education and life-long learning, provisions and amenities, creating sociological squalors, where dehumanisation of humanity is reaching the height and the sociology of evil is ravaging and savaging human ecologies in communities.

In this A has become a real physiology without any mind and brain being active and, the vacant emptiness in them is filled with these pseudo-realities and illusions and fragmentations and fake or pseudo-memories, most of which are corrosive, toxic, damaging and destructive simply because for the lack of the mind being there, applying a Criterion to choose what ‘experience’ to have and what not to have meant that all were gathered without any choice or filtering so that whatever were placed onto all outlets and platforms A subscribed to the distorteddia got into A’s ‘glass’ and A has no memories of Its own, that are personal and private and that are created by A living and existing as a real person, in community and society in reality, other than what can be called fake or false or pseudo-memories: of videos A watched of people, A do not know, texts A read of people, who not only A does not know but will never know and all the times A lost in doing these created nothing, that A would have created were A to live and exist in reality with her mind and brain working all the times, in reality, as a person, as an individual self, in families and with friends and colleagues and fellow members of society, in community and in these process bring about all humanity, that resided in A as prospect: infinite creativity, infinite ingenuity and infinite imagination. A now has nothing but this nothingness, voiding A’s entire existence. In the end, we can conclude by saying, the loss of the self and the Criterion, caused A to have reached this state and stage of being a void, housing a new and whole spectrum of psychological and mental illnesses while the entire society has lost its ‘self’ and its ‘Criterion’: its ‘self’ was its combined ecology of humanity, that it has lost through dehumanisation of humanity and having fallen into the sociological squalors where the sociology of evil uprooted its Criterion: of continually seeking to be and remain a civic society:::ω.

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The Fall to Submission of the Entire World and World Humanity to the Distorteddia: As Organisations and As Single Unities of Humanity: The Contrapedium of the Distorteddia



|| February 24: 2019: Download This Piece in PDF || ά. This is the grandest of all falls: the entire world had fallen to absolute, unquestioning and complete submission to the Distorteddia as these outlets first began to pop out. The distorteddia re-worked and imposed its very own Feudal Lordship, under whose will, the entire world had submitted itself absolutely and involuntarily in the sense of being forced into it by mass coercion: the human world: as agencies of organisations of all kinds and types and the agencies of humanity or the human minds, both entities, singly and plurally, had fallen to submission. How did it happen: it happened, almost, as, if, a deluge came while no one was aware of how or what kind or whether it was a deluge and it did come and it dragged all the world with it however way and whichever way it wanted to drag everything and everyone and, now, it has grasped and strangled everything and everyone in its mighty net and made everything into its clogs and the world keeps on being dragged on and about, manipulated, directed and herded and with all these ‘contraptions and traps’ or ‘contrapedium’, a kind of mighty distorteddia maze, from which, no one can escape, the distorteddia Feudal Lordship has been dismantling humanity and the very human condition is threatened with the prowess these distortive and disfiguring entities have now created in all spheres and all domains of societies where humanity should exist and in this people or agencies can only claim their identities by showing off and carrying with the badge of the fall with the marks of x and y and z and xpex or ztex. As readers would appreciate in this piece of work, that is one of the four volumes of our work, ‘Dehumanisation of Humanity: The Technological Dehumanisation: The Distorteddia’ we are not going to advertise and glorify these distorteddia outlets by naming their names.

They have established their Feudal Lordship over the world and over all humanity and now they are spending enormous amount of money to connect the world! Bring everyone, who is still outside in their net. People are being born and are perishing away in a state of a dreadful and punishing live-in-life-sentence of agony, suffering and hardship, a great chunk of humanity, across the globe, in their hundreds of millions, who would not set foot at a school, who would not know how to write their names, who would not know which district their villages were part of or who run their country and in that state they are subjected to hunger and malnutrition and severe and acute malnutrition and all other high cruelties, that capitalism imposes on these hundreds of millions of humanity and, yet, these distorteddia conglomerate want to connect them! Connect them to what? Connect them to building-block foundational human rights so that they have a guaranteed right to a home, to a degree level education, to universal income, right to a job, right to medical and social care, right to breathe clean, fresh and natural air and right to live in human-habitable clean and safe environment and with all these destroy poverty and put it in the dustbin and make unhealthy and horrendous human misery and degradation in shanty towns and life without safety and hygiene materials, right to clean and establish the right to safe drinking water. Then, come and speak about connecting them to the distorteddia! People needs education, people need nutritional food and drinks, people need state architectures and functioning governments and agencies and public and civic services and with all that you eradicate the old and backdated way of getting into fights and conflicts and wars and this and that and the other. Change the world: educate humanity and let them show the world what light can and does do! No: the distorteddia conglomerate and the entire capitalism’s apparatus keep telling us that the world and this desperate humanity need the distorteddia! They make education a debt bondage in the advanced economies and, though, theoretically, all higher education institutions are open to all but, for all practical purposes, they are shut to those, who can not pay or will not get inspired to borrow staggering sums of money to ‘mortgage’ their entire future into paying off that ‘debt bondage’ and added to that life long learning has no meaning so that people are left to just get on. Get on they are doing: in India they are being ravaged by horrendous state of poverty and the utter and bewildering misogyny and all other sociological evils due to the absolute lack of education for the vast mass of the populace. In Africa and Asia, North and South  America, Europe, Australasia, well, all over the world societies  are being maintained where all forms of prejudice, hatred, xenophobia, misogyny, chauvinism, intolerance and violent extremities, all of which are fed by massive lack of education, half education and massive token education and in that darkness the forces of all sociological evils are hunting and gathering their strength and, one by one, countries are falling into their hands, which they can only do best in these situations. But, the distorteddia conglomerate would not want the world and world humanity getting worried about these: no, they want to connect everyone into their net so that they make more money faster and better.

Humanity, without education and continual and life-long learning, is like a human being with their eyes shut and they are seeking to find their way in the dark. For imagine a graduate, without ever learning anything else, since, they had left the university, thirty, forty, fifty years ago, what would become of them! What would really become of them? They will be thrown back to the cave age in relation to where and how far the learning disciplines had advanced in that time! But higher education is blocked off, continual and life-long learning are all lip-service phrases. In this culture of advancing a war against education and universal education is the root cause of the distorteddia taking such a great hold in societies and in this the ‘educated classes’ have fallen into it simply because they are seeking to make the most of it for their own advantage for a start and, secondly, they can not do otherwise because everyone else is in the distorteddia. One can not read but one has many distorteddia accounts: well, one is watching and that’s not bad: so long people are watching the distorteddia are making a killing by showing advertisings from advertisers, who have left their brains in wherever it would be convenient so that they do not think the consequences of not advertising in all the bona fide press, news and media outlets. They do not think what harms this brings about? Where does it take democracy and democratic governance and democratic culture where there is no bona fide, reliable, trust worthy, verifiable and respected and respectable, free and independent news, media and press? Where the world and all societies are left with nothing but the propaganda, lies, falsehoods and fabrications, conspiracy theories and mythologies and all the rest. But this is how and where the world is being dragged towards.

The distorteddia crept up and people started joining without really realising or questioning what it was, that they were joining to or they were beginning to use for these distorteddia conglomerate created many types of outlets, with very many names and among them the countless ones, that people are using without really knowing that they are doing so and in that these out of sight ‘entrapments’ are fishing for money and recording everything people are doing and, then, making money by selling off people’s data and online histories etc. One joins and invites one’s family, friends and colleagues and acquaintances to join in and they join and they invite more and they join. It’s the grandest pyramid scheme ever came into existence. Yes, the pyramid schemes had, generally, been associated with making quick money, essentially, defrauding the participants and it is done in quickest possible span of time because the scam would not be able to run on without being found out for longer period of time. These distorteddia conglomerate have been doing the same: they are using this pyramid scheme and making obscene amount of money every day, that they have been pulling away from valid, lawful and bona fide entities as agencies, such as, the news, media and press agencies and others such vital bodies, as well as, from people, too. They have, effectively, been strangling and killing off, gradually, the absolute, vital and fundamental organ of democracy and democratic society, the free and independent press, news and media organisations because the distorteddia had re-directed the ‘heart’s’ mechanism so that the blood, the money now began to go, not to where it should but, instead, into their nets and pockets. And, now, the amount of money in question is beyond precedent. This began with the younger generation and the more they joined the more they made it acceptable for their peers to join and that rush continued on and all that began appearing in other spheres and there all other agencies did not know how to respond so that they began to join in and the joining frenzy went on and on.

All the international bodies and agencies fell into submission. This include all the international, multi-lateral, bi-lateral and joint international organisations of all kinds including, banks, financial institutions, trade and commerce bodies, military, security, legal and all other types of agencies so that all of them now display their ‘subjectship’ of the distorteddia lord in all their promotional materials, including, their websites and marketing and promotional materials, stationeries etc, meaning, they all opened up a presence in the distorteddia as well while in all their ‘realities’ offered the distorteddia a free and most valuable advertisement at all times. In this the Kebab shop is no longer happy selling kebabs, they want their customers to follow them in the distorteddia. The Central Line in the London tube network now no longer is happy for ferrying their passengers safely between places, it now wants its passengers to follow it in x and y and z and t and y distorteddia outlets. An NHS Trust no longer is happy providing vital care and services to its patients, it now shows its ‘subjectship; to the distorteddia and invites its patients to follow it there for what purpose only they can tell. Just imagine, how many NHS hundreds of thousands of ‘agencies’ there are in just the United Kingdom and how many millions of distorteddia accounts these bodies have amassed and how much time, how much money and how much human resources are used and abused and wasted in these matters for a doctor’s time, a consultant’s times, a nurse’s time and any other health professional’s times are expensive and these are being wasted in these distorteddia conglomerate accounts! And they, like all others, offer their all ‘realities’ to become free and most valuable advertising billboards for the distorteddia.

That fall continued and recruited were the entire world’s states and governments, as well as, all international bodies and agencies, that these states and governments have created and belong to had fallen with them, including, the executives and all executive bodies and agencies, legislatures, judiciaries, law enforcements and all other governmental and state agencies, that can be thought of. All now have fallen to serve the Feudal Lordship of the distorteddia so that their promotional materials, their publications, their letterheads, their stationaries and their offices and websites show that ‘badge of the fall’ to the distorteddia and they all now carry that badge. This means that, even, the British Monarchy has many distorteddia accounts, the British Government and all its departments have the same. The British Parliament, with its both houses, has its own set of many distorteddia outlet accounts. And they all, at all times, twenty-four-seven, offer free and most valuable advertisements to all these distorteddia outlets, in which, all their realities, which are ‘public’ in nature, are now being used to promote, support, advance, legitimise, validate and recommend the distorteddia! This is not just a British Government thing. The entire world’s states and governments have fallen into this same rule and command of the distorteddia lord. What this translates to is this: that all the politicians, regardless of what party or union they belong to have joined in these distorteddia outlets and so have all other layers and strata of political people and organisations and all are using these distorteddia and, by way of their following the ‘subjectship’ of the distorteddia Lord everyone is legitimising and validating and supporting for free all these distorteddia conglomerate, that have been harming the human condition and all humanity in the most unprecedent way.

Universities, colleges, schools, higher education bodies and all other research and learning agencies, institutes and foundations and, the list goes on, joined in the fall and all began to show that ‘badge of the fall’. All their realities, their offices and campuses, residence halls, their stationaries, their promotional materials, their websites and any other expression of their identities are promoting, validating, supporting and offering prestige for free to all these distorteddia outlets twenty-four-seven. Further, many such agencies have been falling further down and now, effectively, begging and taking money from many of these distorteddia conglomerate in the name of research and this way they are abusing so-called research to, simply, offer validation, prestige and reference materials for the use of distorteddia conglomerate. Further, many of these, supposedly, learning and questioning institutions have begun to accept money from these distorteddia conglomerate and began opening institutes and places to ‘conduct’ ‘research about the very impositions and directives the distorteddia are seeking to advance to make profiteering easier and quicker. These learning bodies have, even, begun to offer ‘distorteddia dictated subjects for teaching without stopping to think and ask what really they are seeking to do! But this is how things are heading and these bodies are simply clapping the directed and herded claps of the those, who have already fallen to submission to the distorteddia Lordship. There are not many such learning agencies left, who would disassociate themselves with such willingness to this horrendous harm, called, the distorteddia.

Then, came all other businesses, from the Kebab shop to the rosemary dairy farm, from innovation corporation to thinknothingbutcallyourselfthinkandtank, all were now in the distorteddia. All were now displaying their badges of the fall to submission to the distorteddia. The bodies and agencies fell so did all the humans, who are part of these bodies and agencies. Now, everything is in that mighty net of the distorteddia, where they are supposed to be connected; except, no one is connected because reality has been ‘robbed off’ its validity and vitality and now everything is seeking to live with not real food, not real drink, not real medicine, not real nutrition, not real of anything because they have the distorteddia where there are texts, there are audios and videos of everything, that was recorded and broadcast. The entire humanity is dying away because we are no longer living and existing in reality and in and among real humanity from where we are supposed to derive and create the sustenance of our existence. People no longer converse, people no longer speak with people,  people no longer call and speak to people on the phone, companies are stopping, even, to put their telephone numbers for customers to call. Mobile networks are now not promoting ‘talk time’ but they are now selling and promoting their data services. People do not write to people any longer; neither letters nor, even, emails. They, simply, express whatever they have to say about whoever or whatever in the distorteddia. This has done something astonishing: x says this and y says something on what x says and, suddenly, the entire distorteddia and in the band wagon, even, the press, new and media outlets joined in, as, if, dragged into it helplessly, is taken up in a storm about some x saying something and y commenting on it. And, the world forgets that there are hunger going on, there are famines going on, there are devastations of wars and conflicts going on and there are hundreds of millions of people are rushing and running for safety across the world, leaving their own war-torn countries, there are typhoons and hurricanes going on and tsunamis are happening. Nothing else exists any longer but this storm about x saying something. And, this storm, creates the perfect ‘fishing open season’ for the distorteddia to make unimaginable amount of money for this ‘whatever-form-of-what-x-says’ is now viewed or watched by hundreds of millions and in that the distorteddia makes its killing!

And, here, all of these agencies and organisations, the highest ones are the states and governments, all joining the distorteddia, offered these outlets of the conglomerate the ultimate, the most desirable but impossible to buy in with money and advertising, prestige, validation, authentication and certification and honour, which opened up the floodgates for them to open everywhere and draw in millions and millions more people into their net so that no one could think that they could stay out of it. These all went onto converting these distorteddia conglomerate into ‘hollow giants’, that have no worth, that do not produce any commodity or product but are deemed worth trillions of dollars and they make a killing every day. Soon, they began to float and their money-making became the death-knell to the economic systems for they are sucking the life-blood out of the economies. This way they keep on going and as they make more money as more people join in their share prices bring in the shark and whale catches for them. No one stops to think where are all these monies coming from and where they are going? No one stops to think, if, all that money is coming off the system and being pocketed by the owners and shareholders of the conglomerate what is going to happen to the ‘mother system’, that are the national and international economies! No, everyone is in the band wagon of the distorteddia! Furthermore, the very people, the consumers are thinking all these advertising costs, that are now being paid to the distorteddia conglomerate, are being paid by the advertisers, technically, true: but these monies being spent in these advertising are going to be ‘taken out of the people, the consumers at the end. Therefore, nothing is free to the people, though distorteddia have made the entire online a ‘free’ zone. Nothing has any worth and no one needs to pay for things any longer: except, the distorteddia are making money and the very people, at the end, stand to pay for it. The advertisers make the payment to the distorteddia, which, they, then shall get back from the very people, the users, the consumers.

But let us take a look into this a little deeper. Say, a legislature of a country has fallen into submission to these distorteddia lordship’s prowess and this legislature has opened up many accounts on many outlets of the distorteddia and in these accounts, supposedly, this legislature is ‘broadcasting’ opinions and so on. But who are the people, who run these accounts? They are not members of parliament and the members of parliament do not have a mechanism, in which the members of that parliament could take part so that ‘the Parliament’ can express an ‘opinion’ about anything in the distorteddia. The Parliament’s true opinions are expressed while the MPs debate and discuss a law and speak and go through the motion of passing a law and, in the ultimate sense, the finalised, codified statues are the true voice and opinion of the Parliament. There is no other way a Parliament can express an opinion. But this Parliament is expression such opinions in the name of the Parliament in these distorteddia outlets. This gives a sense that the Parliament is expressing an opinion while it is surely not. Parliament as a body can not ever express an opinion in a distorteddia account. These are useless and, to be honest, ‘unauthorised’ ‘doings’ of people, who have not been given this job by the people of that country to do what they are doing in the name of that legislature. This is simply because were the entire membership of MPs, comprising this house, get involved and agree on a motion and pass it, as an opinion and, that, then, gets reported in these distorteddia outlets, then, that, can be accepted as the opinion of the Parliament. But it does not and can not happen for MPs have much more important things they must do.

But this is not where it ends: all the members of that legislature have their own personal accounts in many an outlet in the distorteddia and they are using them and, mostly, they are expressing opinions or promoting themselves by way of commenting on others or promoting others or videoing themselves and so on. These are, mostly, of cosmetic nature and, at best, opinioneering and have nothing to do with the serious business of politics and doing the job as members of Parliament. Further, often, these accounts of members of Parliament of the one we are using as an example, these members are, keen to show themselves in the light of how they would appear good. It is used to self-promote and nothing else. For example, H is a councillor of a Parish Council of some place. He:she has no business commenting on what is happening in American politics. His:her concern should be to concentrate on the business of her:his constituents’ welfare in that Parish council. There are people, whose business it is to study, observe, learn and find out so that they can be vigilant about the world affairs and they are the ones, who should comment about that. This does not mean that the Parish Councillor is any less in importance. She:he has a vital task and, if, she:he concentrates and spends that vital times in jobs, that do not belong to her:him, then, she:he fails in her very own task: advancing and ensuring the well-being of her:his own constituents. But everyone is doing it and no one is stopping to see what these are doing to society and how these impacts on humanity

Further, because these people are spending so much of their times in ‘managing and maintaining their distorteddia accounts and, they have many accounts in many platforms, they have very little time to do much else. This means that now it is, almost, established that a citizen is very likely not to be able to speak with their representative, whoever they are because they will receive texts or emails, sent by workers in their offices and no one ever gets to meet or speak or see anyone or interact with anyone. This way these public representatives are cutting themselves off from the very people, that elected them. They do not meet anyone and they do not speak to anyone and they do not see anyone. This way an MP only goes and sees people when election time comes. They are supposed to see people at their surgeries but these practices are dying out in reality. This has taken down the entire human contact and human relationship and their development, maintenance and sustenance. This has damaged the political and cultural atmosphere and eroded that personal connection, personal touch, the human relations between politicians and the people they are supposed to represent and work for and this is why a great deal of anger, fury and hostility appearing in all these spheres against politicians, simply, because people have no relationship with these politicians, they do not know them so that it does not matter what they are saying to them. We shall look into this as a case study to understand all the damages, inflicted on the democratic functioning of representative democracy later on. In this we shall look into a County Council, that is the broadest local authority body, under which, there are some district councils and:or borough councils and, then, there are small units of what are called Parish Councils and in all these layers of bodies politicians are elected as councillors and all have their roles and functions. Further, in this County Council, since, it is a large chunk of a geographical area, it, often, will house a few parliamentary constituencies in the UK so that we shall look into all the politicians and professional politicians, including, all the political parties and their functioning mechanism and, only, then, we should be able to see how the distorteddia have been devastating the very nature and functioning of the very democracy, democratic governance and democratic culture. It is frightening to contemplate as to where it all is dragging us towards!

Touching back to this grandest of all falls: the very entities, the most vital, the most elemental and most fundamental agencies to democracy, democratic governance, democratic functioning, democratic accountability, transparency and validity, the independent, free and fair press, news and media outlets, that are legitimate, that are bona fide, that are professional, that are respected and respectable because they follow a code of conduct, they follow professional ethical standards, they follow an established tradition, custom and precedent and an established way of conducting themselves and they have developed their systems, mechanisms and resources to be able to deliver a reliable, factual, evidence-based, verifiable and authentic news, views, opinions and investigations of serious and fundamental matters so to inform the public and the public debate and discourse, have begun to fall to submission to the distorteddia lordship’s prowess despite the fact that nothing has harmed these bodies more than the distorteddia in the entire human history. Not, even, the most repressive regimes could harm these vital bodies as much as these distorteddia conglomerate have been doing.  The entire world’s press, media and news outlets are account holders of all these distorteddia outlets and they are offering them the same validation, same authentication, same prestige and recommendation and free and vital advertisements for the distorteddia. Further to this, a great many of them, in order to ‘collect’ pennies, began using the very distorteddia mechanisms and let themselves being ‘fooled’ by pennies while the distorteddia take the millions, most of it, have been redirected away from these very press, news and media agencies. Additional to that, the journalistic standard has suffered as many of these outlets began to use ‘feeds’ from these distorteddia outlets as, if, these are real news. Some senator makes a hollow and silly opinion somewhere and it is now ‘reprinted’ everywhere and this way these press, news and media outlets offered these pseudo-news-source the highest validity. There used to be a time, for example, when news agencies held the highest esteem because of their trust worthiness, on whom the press and media relied heavily. Now, these bodies are reporting materials, that have no value whatsoever as news because these are neither news nor newsworthy materials. It does not matter what the American President says as an opinion in some distorteddia outlets; the serious journalism must report the reality and how and why things are as they are or they are not. All these things put together the entire world’s press, news and media outlets have failed themselves miserably and a great many of them have already paid the price and disappeared and a great many are struggling to survive and many are falling away every day. Times it is the press, news and media outlets stand back to their own feet and claim their valid ground-fundamental for the cause-fundamental for there is no democracy, there can not be any democracy without free and independent press, news and media organisations in the world.

Let us demonstrate the vital importance and role the press, news and media agencies play and that no one else can do and in this these bodies must be reliable, trust worthy and beyond suspicion so that whatever they print can be taken as facts. There are, about, thirty three London Boroughs in Greater London. Above them all, there is the strategic body, the London Assembly. These boroughs are large bodies and they have a great deal of public money to be spent and managed. They deliver vital, fundamental and absolutely essential statutory services, such as, housing, education, social services, social care, planning, primary care and much, much more. This means that there are literally hundreds of departments, sections and sub-sections in each single boroughs and all of them are spending money and that all needs to be required to be accounted for. There are thirty three sets of these complexities in London and on top of that the London Assembly is, almost, a giant of a local government body, which could dwarf any small country. Now, the people, the individuals of London are the least capable of dealing with any of these massive abundances of information and realities to keep them abreast as to the ‘gist of the matter’, that everything is running as they should and that nothing untoward is going on. No single person can do so because London is not only the entity they should care about and, then, you open up the central governments and other regional and provincial governments and the police and the legislature, the NHS, the fire services and the Monarchy and many other layers of government bodies and services and, then, there are national governments, there are European governments and the European Union and the European Commission and the European Parliament and the list goes to include the entire world. It is impossible for a single human being to look at the infinite range of materials, documents, papers, reports, audits and so on in relation to all these bodies. It is absolutely and utterly impossible for any person alone. It is, equally, impossible for any professional person, any agency and any community of people to ‘police’ this endless layers and strata of public bodies, that influence their life and living and they must keep abreast of the ‘gist of the matter’: that everything is in order, that everything is running as they should and that there is nothing untoward going on. This can not be done by single individuals, single agencies or by any community of people without these most vital, most fundamental and most inalienable bodies to democracy, democratic governance and democratic culture, transparency and accountability: these free, fair and independent press, news and media agencies. This is why the distorteddia’s disfiguration of these vital agencies can be equated to a ‘nuclear knife’ being struck at the very heart of what democracy is. These are the most serious and most severe harms, that have all the powers to destroy the entire democratic governance structure and mechanism altogether.

However, suffice to say, that the distorteddia have been disfiguring the entire human condition in such a manner that we are getting to a point, where, soon, there will be a time when we shall realise that we have reached the point of no return. We are not there yet but we are, surely, heading there: time to wake up and acknowledge the devastations caused and why must we, why ought we to put up a fight for we are not speaking of a dystopian novel: we are speaking of the very human condition, where humanity does not exist so that it simply becomes meaningless to say human condition. We are heading this way and, if, the distorteddia keep on going the way they are that is how we are going to end up: end of humanity. For what humanity is left in us, when, these agencies, directed by the distorteddia say: offer the elderly, the frail and the disabled and the ill people, ‘robots’ to care for them because this way it would cost the least and these people will have ‘company’, ‘friends’ and they will not be lonely and they should all jump up and down for their ‘improvements’! Why not: now, they have ‘friends’ in the robots and they, can, effectively, forget being humans and ever seeing humans! And, what kind of humans are the rest of us, who have given robots to the most vulnerable of our flesh and blood to ‘company and befriend’ them while we go and waste ourselves in the distorteddia’s jingoistic consumerist jungle! This is the horrendous directive pathway these distorteddia are advancing by strangling and suffocating our humanity. Each person of us, each individual of us, each human being of us will have to wake up and confront ourselves and make a choice to care about our own humanity and connect with real human beings, form, sustain, maintain and foster human relationships, talk to people, form relationships and bonds with all human beings, with whom we live and work and socialise and we must be interested about people, seeing and registering people, meeting and talking to people, seeing and hearing and listening to people and spending times with people, family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and all others, with whom we come in touch. Shake people’s hands, hear them, speak to them, connect with them, form and maintain human relations with them and exist with and among people in reality.  And in this the reality is where we must head back and register the reality, know the reality, walk in that reality, getting to know and see and feel that reality. Where things are and where people are and who they are and why they are. Unless we connect, bond, share and form relationships with other humans we kill off not only our own humanity but, also, we do the same for others for they can not connect with us because we have shut ourselves to all others. This is a horrendous state of a human condition where there is neither human nor any kind of condition of humanity in any definition of humanity other than simple physiologies.:::ω.

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::: The Fall to Submission of the Entire World and World Humanity to the Distorteddia: As Organisations and As Single Unities of Humanity: The Contrapedium of the Distorteddia ::: Copy Rights @ Munayem Mayenin: This piece was first published in The Humanion on February 25: 2019: For more on these issues and about Humanics, please, visit and invite other fellow humanion to do so: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd is the First Ever Human Enterprise on Earth: Registered in England and Wales as a Not for Profit Social Enterprise: Company No: 11346648

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How Socio-economic Position in Life Can Shape Health Through Inflammation



|| February 17: 2019 || ά. People, living in more disadvantaged social and economic conditions, especially, in young adulthood, are more likely to experience higher levels of inflammation, which, in turn, can lead to serious health issues like Atherosclerosis or Coronary Heart Disease. This connection between social and health inequalities has been shown by a Study, published on Nature Communications, by researchers of the Lifepath Project, an EU-funded consortium, that investigates the biological pathways, underlying social differences in healthy ageing.

Inequalities in socio-economic position:SEP lead to inequalities in health. In order to tackle such a problem, one key step is to unravel how social and economic factors become biologically embodied. Inflammation is a set of responses, that, may be, caused by a number of processes, such as, the presence of an infection or tumour cell development but, also, occur as a consequence of the chronic solicitation of the stress response system. A higher level of basal inflammation has consequences for overall health and has been linked to mortality across various causes.

Socio-economic conditions, may be, a powerful trigger for chronic inflammation, since, socially disadvantaged populations are disproportionately exposed to environments, that can be characterised as pro-inflammatory, such as, exposure to infections due to overcrowded conditions, poor housing quality or insufficient access to sanitation.

Moreover, disadvantaged socio-economic groups are more likely to display adverse health behaviours, that, may, expose them to factors like tobacco smoking, as well as, nutritional behaviours, leading towards obesity, which, in turn, can trigger inflammation processes. Finally, cumulative social disadvantage, may, also, push individuals towards experiencing adversities or exacerbate such situations, thus, resulting in psychosocial stress and, as a consequence, heightened basal inflammation. 

Lifepath researchers analysed data from six big studies, conducted between 1958 and 2013 in Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom, to investigate several important aspects of the social-to-biological transition. They focused on the chronology of exposures to disadvantaged socio-economic conditions over the life course, in order to understand how they are associated with inflammation.

The participants’ socio-economic position:SEP was evaluated based on three parameters: father’s occupation, educational attainment and participant’s last occupation. As a marker of overall inflammatory response, the researchers measured the concentration of C-reactive protein:CRP, a protein synthesised by the liver in response to systemic effects of inflammation. They, also, investigated the potential impact of behavioural factors and body mass index:BMI on the relationship between CRP and SEP, in order to elucidate their possible role as intermediate factors.

What they found is that disadvantaged socio-economic position at each life stage was associated with increased inflammation, assessed using CRP and that behavioural factors like alcohol consumption, smoking status and a sedentary life style can explain part but not all of the observed SEP differences in inflammation.

One of the most consistent and important upstream risk factors for elevated inflammation was shown to be educational attainment. ‘’One of the likely mechanisms, involved here is the stress response system, where higher educational attainment, may, act as a physiological stress-regulating buffer.’’ said Dr Raphaële Castagné, Research Fellow at the Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier of Toulouse. He is one of the leading authors of the Study. ‘’A higher educational attainment, may, provide increased sense of control, which is a suggested pathway linking education to health.’’

Lifepath researchers, also, found that body-mass index:BMI seemed to be the most relevant intermediate factor between SEP and inflammation, which means that the accumulation of body fat among more socially disadvantaged populations could be a mechanism, leading to higher levels inflammation. The researchers observed some differences between men and women, which, may, come down to differences in immunological and inflammatory response, influenced by both sex and gender.

Another critical element is the time of exposure to disadvantaged social and economic conditions: in fact, chronic inflammation is the result of a prolonged wear and tear effect on physiological systems and the earlier this is triggered, the bigger its consequences might be.

‘’Taken together, our findings highlight the important role, that social factors play in health beyond behaviours and lifestyle factors.’’ Said Ms Michelle Kelly-Irving, Researcher in life course Epidemiology at the Inserm and Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier of Toulouse and Co-ordinator of the Study. ‘’By documenting how social disadvantages exert their influence on our biology through inflammation, we highlight the need to intervene from early life to reduce the embodiment of social disparities in health.’’

Further work, integrating social to biological perspectives will be needed to better understand the mechanisms, through which, the social environment shapes physiological processes, that are important for complex health outcomes.

However, this Study further confirms that the conditions, in which, we live and grow, can play a relevant role in how our wellbeing is shaped, since, they influence our chances of having a longer and healthier life. Investigating the social to biological transition is, thus, a key step towards developing health policies, capable of tackling in a precise way, the roots of socio-economic-based health inequalities.

About Lifepath: Lifepath is an EU-funded project, aimed to provide updated, relevant and innovative evidence for the relationship between social disparities and healthy ageing to lay ground for the development of future health policies and strategies. Lifepath experts develop an original study design, that integrates social science approaches with biology and big data analysis, using existing population cohorts and omics measurements.

The Paper: Multi-cohort study identifies social determinants of systemic inflammation over the life course: Eloïse Berger, Raphaële Castagné, Marc Chadeau-Hyam, Murielle Bochud, Angelo d’Errico, Martina Gandini, Maryam Karimi, Mika Kivimäki, Vittorio Krogh, Michael Marmot, Salvatore Panico, Martin Preisig, Fulvio Ricceri, Carlotta Sacerdote, Andrew Steptoe, Silvia Stringhini, Rosario Tumino, Paolo Vineis, Cyrille Delpierre and Michelle Kelly-Irving: Published in Nature Communications: February 15: 2019:::ω.

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Households Below a Minimum Income Standard: 2008:09-2016:17: 19 Million People Including Nearly Three in Four Children in Lone-Parent Households Are Living Below the Minimum Income Standard



|| February 11: 2019 || ά. Households Below a Minimum Income Standard: 2008:09-2016:17, a Joseph Rowntree Foundation Research and the Centre for Research and Social Policy at the Loughborough University, carried out by Ms Juliet Stone, Mr Matt Padley, Mr Donald Hirsch and Ms Ilona Haslewood, has been published. The Minimum Income Standard:MIS is a benchmark of income adequacy based on what the public think people need for a minimum acceptable living standard in the UK. This analysis monitors changes in the number of people in households with incomes below this MIS level. The Key message and recommendations of this Report are: i: It’s not right that many low-income households are shut out of an acceptable standard of living.

ii: Although, the proportion of the UK population, living in households with inadequate income has gone down recently, the proportion is still higher than in 2008:09. Living standards are not improving for some types of household, especially, groups, who, already, have the highest rates of low income; iii: JRF recommends that the Government should lift the freeze on working-age tax credits and Universal Credit a year early, so that support keeps up with the rising cost of living. The Report shows that, nearly, 19 million people are living below MIS, up from 16.5 million in 2008:09. Nearly, three in four children in lone-parent households are below the Minimum Income Standard, slightly, above the number in 2008:09. While pensioners remain less likely than working-age adults and children to have low income, the number of single pensioners below MIS has risen from one in six to one in four since 2008:09.

The Minimum Income Standard:MIS is based on research, in which, members of the public consider what people need to have a minimum socially acceptable standard of living. It establishes a threshold, below which households struggle to make ends meet. Identifying trends in the number of individuals in households below this standard helps to show how low-income households fare over time.

Key Points: The proportion of individuals below MIS fell gradually between 2013:14 and 2016:17 but at 29.0%, remains higher than in 2008:09, 27.2%. The proportion of the population with incomes, at least, 25% below the MIS level has fallen to the same level as in 2008:09. Improvements are not universal. In particular, the likelihood of having an inadequate income has continued to increase among lone-parent households, the group, most likely, to be below MIS and among single pensioners, most particularly, women in their early 60s. A growing proportion of households below MIS are those where there is full employment. Of all working-age households below MIS in 2016:17, more than one in eight, around 470,000 households, were households where all adults are in work full-time.

This year’s Report covers the period from 2008:09 to 2016:17, using the latest available household income data. It is set in the context of gradual improvement in real-terms earnings and average income, after an earlier period, in which, these fell or stagnated. This has resulted in an overall reduction in the number of people in low-income households but the number below MIS remains higher than in 2008:09. Many of those, who have moved above MIS still remain vulnerable because their incomes are close to that line. The trends shown by relative poverty indicators do not mirror this overall reduction, because median income has risen at a faster rate than the income needed to reach MIS, in most household categories. Gains have not been evenly spread across groups. Some have seen no fall in the likelihood of having incomes below MIS, reflecting two underlying influences:

01: While earnings have risen, income from benefits and tax credits has fallen in real terms, so groups, that depend more on the latter, especially, lone parents, are, particularly, vulnerable.

02: Some groups have seen minimum costs rise more than others, causing more to fall behind, especially, single pensioners and lone parents. Children remain the most likely of the three broad demographic groups explored in this Report, also, including, working-age adults and pensioners, to be living in a household with an income below what they need for a minimum socially acceptable standard of living. The Report, also, identifies the growing inadequacy of incomes for many working people: half of all working-age couple parents with a single breadwinner do not have the income they need for a minimum socially acceptable standard of living in 2016: 17; around 40% of lone parents, working full-time, have an income below MIS.

What kind of households have incomes below MIS: Children living with a lone parent were more than twice as likely to be in a household below MIS as those living in couple-parent families in 2016:17, although, because there are more couple-parent families overall, they account for a greater number of children below MIS, 03.6 million, than lone-parent families, 02.2 million.

Single pensioners, 26.6%, were far more likely to be below MIS than pensioners with partners, 09.9%. The likelihood of single pensioners being below this level has increased by more than 70% between 2008:09 and 2016:17, while for pensioners with partners it has remained stable.

Those aged 16-34 were the most likely age group to have an income below MIS, with 30.7% below this level in 2016:17. Almost, two-thirds of individuals, living in social housing, 64.2% and approaching half of those in private rented accommodation, 45.4%, were living in a household with an income below MIS.

A growing proportion of households below MIS are those where there is full employment. Of all working-age households below MIS in 2016:17, more than one in eight, 11.6%, were households where all adults were in full-time work. This compares to around one in ten, 09.7%, in 2008:09. Single women aged 60-64 have become much more likely to have low incomes.

The raising of women’s pension age, a process, that began in 2010, has contributed to a substantial increase in the proportion of women in this group being below MIS, doubling from 19% to 39% between 2008:09 and 2016:17. This change is, partly, because fewer benefit from pensions and more rely on out-of-work benefits and, partly, because those, who continue working at this age are more likely to end up with a low income, despite working, than they were a decade ago.

Conclusion: Modest reductions since 2013:14 in the proportion of the population living below MIS mask substantial differences in what has been happening for different groups. The introduction of the National Living Wage has helped lower the proportion of single working-age adults with incomes below MIS. On the other hand, there is an increasing proportion of people in households where there is some work but, where not all of this is full-time, below MIS. These results reflect more general evidence that real increases in earnings have not been translated into a general improvement in living standards for the worst-off sections of the population.

Lone-parent households remain, especially, vulnerable, while single pensioners have become more likely to be living with an inadequate income. Working households have, also, become less able to earn enough to reach the Minimum Income Standard, even, if, in full-time employment. This is partly because most households on lower incomes rely on combining earnings, if, any, with benefits and tax credits to make ends meet and cuts in the latter are not fully offset by any increase in earnings.

Implications for policy include a need for sustained public support for those with a low income from work, to complement policies aimed at enabling people to work. In addition, to make sure people’s income goes up as prices go up, benefits for those in and out of work should be uprated, at least, in line with inflation. Policies to help families should prioritise improving help for lone parents, recognising that they need additional help on top of earnings.

This would start to reduce the very high proportion of lone-parent households, that remain below the Minimum Income Standard.

About the Project: The team at the Centre for Research and Social Policy at Loughborough University, who compile the MIS for the UK, examined data from the Family Resources Survey and compared actual household incomes with the MIS benchmarks for each household type.

Read the Report .:::ω.

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