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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Pöyry PLC Awarded Lender’s Engineering Services Assignment for Zhangiz Solar PV Project in Kazakhstan Funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development



|| Wednesday: May 15: 2019 || ά. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:EBRD has awarded Pöyry PLC with the Lender’s Engineering services assignment for a complete technical due diligence, follow up of construction and monitoring operational activities on the 30MWp Zhangiz Solar PV Plant, which will be located in the East Kazakhstan region.

The Government of Kazakhstan is, increasingly, encouraging the development of renewable power sources in order to diversify the country’s energy resources and lower carbon emissions. To support Kazakhstan’s path towards a more sustainable energy mix, the EBRD is financing the Zhangiz Solar LLP for the development, construction and operation of the 30MWp PV Plant. Zhangiz Solar is fully owned by Mistral PTE, which is part of the Chinese company, Universal Energy Co Ltd.

Pöyry acts as Lender's Technical Advisor for the EBRD to provide Technical Due Diligence, including, the technical analysis of the environment and infrastructure of the PV plant site, risk assessment, review of pre-existing documents and advice during the negotiation of financing documents and for the period leading up to the signature of the loan agreements and the financial close.

In addition, Pöyry will follow up the construction activities through specific site visits and the performance of the plant during the operation for the following two years after the Commercial Operation Date.

Pöyry has been selected due to the strong competence of its solar team and solid track record in this sector for more than 10 years, delivering more than 250 projects worldwide. Poyry’s global office network ensured close co-operation with all involved stakeholders due to the connected efforts of Pöyry experts in various offices in Europe, Kazakhstan and China.

“We are proud to be the EBRD's selected advisors in this Solar PV project. By executing this project using our combined international resources, we're able to provide the EBRD with the best engineering solutions and technological knowledge." says Mr Alessio Giuffra, the Managing Director of Pöyry, Italy, Energy Business Group.

"We look forward to continuing our important role in sustaining the EBRD investment plan and in general the world transition to renewable energy.”

About Pöyry: The Company has performed as Technical Advisor in more than 1,900 MW of Solar PV plants globally. Pöyry has delivered more than 140 Technical Due Diligence in Solar PV Technology and it has 1,100 engineers specialised in Renewable projects. Pöyry is an international leader within engineering, design and advisory services. We create solutions to support our customers worldwide to act on sustainability, as well as, the global trends of urbanisation and digitalisation. We are more than 16,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for the next generation.:::ω.

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Munayem Mayenin’s Second Volume of Humanics: Humanics: The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness to Be Released on June 12



|| Sunday: May 05: 2019 || ά. Dear Reader, just a short update for you on Humanics: since, the publication of the first volume of Humanics, Humanics The Foundation, in 2017, the work went on to complete the second volume, the title of which stands as Humanics: The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness. We are engaged, as of this moment, in the absolute final touching on the absolute final editing of the manuscript and, over this coming month, a substantial amount of time, will have to spent in this. However, the volume is as ready as it can get, to be published. We hope and aim to publish this volume, on June 12.

Let capitalism be in no doubt, humanics is not here to be brushed aside: humanics is not here to get the absolute dust of ‘desperate and methodical’ ‘keep on looking away’ by those, who hold various powers so that they will not mention humanics, though you would see and hear the entire world is now using dehumanisation of humanity and dehumanising etc, as, if, they had invented these ideas and concepts; no, they did not invent them. This author’s entire life, in which all the hardest of payments and hardest of prices had been exacted from him because of this work, his faith in this work and the way he existed in life because of this work, went onto living and developing the work of Dehumanisation of Humanity, which was done during the eighties, the work was written by the mid nighties and published later. And, when the work of Dehumanisation of Humanity is spoken of it, must be, remembered that that work includes the very foundational works of this author on technological dehumanisation, the distorteddia, Sociology of Evil, Sociology of Squalor and Psychology of Zoohuman and many other works.  

For, unlike the days of Marxism, today humanity has the internet and the online window, despite all its negativity, to present ideas and visions to shift the public discourse in the public domain and, like all ages, remember the fact that they accused and killed Socrates with the accusation that his ideas were ‘corrupting’ the youth!, to the world and, again, to the youth of all humanity. It is, simply, because the old generations are done and dusted, bent and ‘bondaged’ by old ideas and they are unable to unlearn and undo as to the damages, they have caused on themselves to suffer so that they are as good as done and finished.

They are terribly unlikely, other than some, those, who refuse to get old and remain ever-an-eternal-human-child in their minds, to see anything good in humanics and they will keep on asking the rest of humanity to keep on regurgitating and accepting the taughtologies, that they have swallowed about capitalism, without questions but questions are to be and must be asked. This volume of humanics has raised these vital questions and went about seeking to answer these questions and what is presented in it is now to be out there in the public domain on June 12.

The volume is dedicated to The Future Humanity, that is today’s youth for only they hold the future of humanity, if, this humanity has any future at all for the old of us, all old generations have failed miserably in ensuring our human race does and will have a future and, if, capitalism continues as it is, it has an infinite range of mighty arsenal at its prowess and disposal to bring the entire human race to extinction by itself alone not to a distant but quite-real-and-quite-near-future.

‘’Dedication: To the Future Humanity: One Day, May You Come to Exist Exactly as I Have Elvisioned You Being, Dreamt of You Being, Believed You are Capable of Being and Becoming and the Way I Sought to Create My Existence in Simply Becoming This Dream, This Vision, They Will All Tell You, This Utopia, That I Call My Humanicsovicsopia: That You are at the Absolute Optimal High Best of What You are and What You are Capable of Being, Doing, Creating and Becoming: You are an Infinity Unfolding Itself. I Existed to Give You This Mirror Image of Yourself So That You Can See the Glances, Traces, Flashes, Flickers, Fragments and Slivers of That Infinity of Yourself: Choose to Rise to Reach for and Become It: And Build the First Ever True Civilisation in Humanics in Human Enterprise with Equality and Liberty, About Meaning and Purpose and by the Rule of Law, in Civic Societies at Home in Natural Justice: In Short: The State of Humanity Literally Being, Creating, Doing, Loving and Giving as an Infinity Unfolding Itself. For Than Here is a Sonnet for You to Read: Love for We are Only Once in and as This Human Existence: Just Once: Make It Count.

Imsi Imparnium
This Imsi Imparnium is my Home being a poet I make with words
From the flowing eternity's depths where all’s at home in flow-go
Take I none from no one's wealth nor places nor spaces or palaces
Neither prowess nor frames of fames do I seek nor ever safety or its
Nets feature nor threat works nor any reward nor award is sought
But on this shore I do make my Word-Mahal a temple all in these
Emmaphires of the Liberties of the Words for the Eternity-Seagull
To find a home in the spread of all eternal skies where only Maya
Does hold the rising symphonies of my dreamt-of-humanity's face
And if you sit here and reach you shall find infinities swirling in
Your soul eternities framing your sounds and views and that light
That you are when you love and that magic that you show in your
Eyes when you are nothing but love and say than nothing but be
In my Imsi Impanium and say Maya I am Maya I do in Imparnium’’

Contents of the Volume
|| 01 || Pre-Word: Humanity Is: Create and Pave: Intelligence and Learning || 09-12 ||

|| 02 || Post-Word: Humanics IS || 13-15 ||

|| 03 || Introduction to Humanicsonomics || 17-25 ||

|| 04 || Humanicsonomics: The Way to Transform Capitalism Into Kapitalawnomics: A System of Economics That Exists and Is Run for the People of the People by the People Under the Rule of Law to Develop the World Towards Humanics || 27-34 ||

|| 05 || Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness || 36-67 ||

|| 06 || The Eternal Human Utilities || 69-84 ||

|| 07 || The Celebrated Enslavement: The Gladiatorial Pseudonomics in Three Arenas || 86-98 ||

|| 08 || Media-Market Pseudonomics || 100-107 ||

|| 09 || The Armed Forces Pseudonomics || 109-117 ||

|| 10 || The Values and the System of Values || 119-136 ||

|| 11 || The Case for Freeing the State and Government From the Powers of the Market Its Credit Ratings and Stop Them Borrowing From It All Together || 138-149 ||

|| 12 || The Share Market Jungle and the Company Pseudonomics || 151-158 ||

|| 13 || The Terrible Harms Done by the Absence of an International Currency || 160-175 ||

|| 14 || The Price: The People: The Real Robbed Off Ones || 177-185 ||

|| 15 || The Agenda of Misdirecting of Pseudonomics for Profiteering || 187-197 ||

|| 16 || Ownership Social and Enterprise Social || 199-209 ||

|| 17 || The Created Eternal Value and Legacy Value and Pseudonomics || 211-218 ||

|| 18 || The Raw-Eggonomics of the Conservative Pseudonomics || 220-227 ||

|| 19 || Universal Income || 229-241 ||

|| 20 || Housing: The Foundational Human Right: A Home for Every Citizen for Life || 243-250 ||

|| 21 || The Humanical Building-Block Foundational Human Rights || 252-258 ||

|| 22 || Economics as Mechanism of the Rule of Law || 260-270 ||

|| 23 || The Social Housing Mythology: Through a Small Window || 272-276 ||

|| 24 || Human Enterprise in Prospects || 278-284 ||

|| 25 || A Humanical Society in Human Enterprise or Humanicsonomics || 286-289 ||

|| 26 || Humanicsovics or Humanicsocracy || 291-303 ||

|| 27 || The Tools of Pseudonomics to Dictate Dominate Direct and Herd People || 305-321||

|| 28 || The Distorteddia || 323-325 ||

|| 29 || The Distorteddia’s Implantation of Mass Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy to Devastate Dismantle Disable Dissect Fragment Disconnect Disempower Disenfranchise Destroy Terminate and Absolutely Eradicate Humanity As It Ought to Exist As: The Sacred Sanctum of the Inviolable State of Being a Human Person and a Human Agency of the Human Mind || 327-344 ||

|| 30 || The Distorteddia: The Fall: Off The Criterion || 346-352 ||

|| 31 || The Fall to Submission of the Entire World and World Humanity to the Distorteddia: As Organisations and As Single Unities of Humanity: The Contrapedium of the Distorteddia || 354-365 ||

|| 32 || The Distorteddia: The Fall Off The Criterion: The Final Frontier of Dehumanisation of Humanity and Its Consequences || 367-368 ||

|| 33 || The Consequences of The Fall Off The Criterion || 370-376 ||

|| 34 || The Destruction of the Self: The Fragmentation || 378-386 ||

|| 35 || The Destructions: The Establishment of the Sociology of Squalors Advancing the Sociology of Evil || 388-404 ||

|| 36 || The Massacre of Human Intelligence and the Implantation of Machine Processed Programming and Programmed Algorithmic Machination and the Advancing of Masochism, Famino-masochism and Misogyny || 406-409 ||

|| Appendix || On the V PRAT Conference 2018: From Mass Incarceration to Universal Education: Unlocking the System: October 26-27 || 411-421 ||

Dear Reader, bear with us, until June 12, for us to bring this volume out. We do not expect much support from any existing outlets or places or spaces because this is the way it goes. This support, we hope and expect, to arise and keep on build on from the youth of all humanity. However, we keep at our task: to bring about humanics so that every day new elements are added to the architecture of it so that it begins to appear more tangible, more visible, more vigorous and vital and more substantial and more monumental so that it simply can not be placed under the carpet any longer. Days ahead in the future, wherever the youth of humanity exists and roams, they will be the ambassadors of humanics and they will be taking over the task. Humanics will keep on going and we shall keep on adding to it, so that we shall, as soon as the second volume is out, get down to the third volume of the work for were humanity to be an infinity unfolding itself, humanics is a true infinite mirror reflecting that infinity being unfolded.

Therefore, to the future: towards that infinity unfolding itself: join us on The Long Walk to Humanics: we have much time for we have hardly begun. With all that we are: and all we are is: We are Humanicsxians.:::ω.

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Valio to Take Part at Vitafoods Europe: Focussing on Healthy Aging Product Market: May 07-09



|| Tuesday: April 30: 2019 || ά. Valio is taking part at this year’s at Vitafoods Europe, May 07-09. They can be found at the Stand F 190. The Company is responding to active older adults, who are serious about their foods, in which it sees an enormous business potential. The Business believes that healthy ageing is a clear objective for these seniors and their families but the needs and motives guiding their food choices and preferences are diverse. Responding to this growing trend and demand for health and wellness, Valio is exhibiting its Valio Eila NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder for ageing nutrition this year.

Valio takes note that the world is ageing. However, the business world suddenly seems to wake up that people age: people aged, since, the dawn of humanity. It is not a new thing. People age and it is natural part of the life-cycle. What businesses needs to do is to support the needs of this group of people, by providing them with products, that are healthy and offer a nutritional combination, that they need rather than what is made fashionable. Food is not fashion whether it is baby food or food for these older generation. However, Valio sees business opportunities in this percentage of people over 60 is increasing on every continent. While this is a global challenge on society, the Company believes, it presents a major opportunity for innovation.

As good nutrition has a scientifically proven link to healthy ageing, the expanding elderly population and their wellbeing provides great potential for the food industry, which is what Valio is focused at utilising. Consumers view health and wellness as a holistic, proactive and ongoing pursuit. They are willing to prepare for a longer, healthier lifespan.

This consumer segment wants to invest in healthy ageing. With the right innovations, supporting healthy ageing with nutrition, the food industry can make their products desirable for ageing adults, just as the beauty and personal care industry has done.

Valio, will showcase the latest developments in its tailormade food ingredient solutions at Vitafoods Europe, where the food industry strives for optimal health through science and innovation.

“In our solutions the bone, digestion and muscle well-being are combined in unique way enabling our customers to develop the most wanted products. At Vitafoods Europe, our innovative offering of value-added powders will be on show to demonstrate how Valio responds to the growing demand for ageing people.

This market segment is seen globally as one of the growth areas and we are here responding to the needs of our customers. With Nobel prize winning innovation culture, we help customers meet the market demand of healthy and tasty food, as well as, the business objectives of the modern food industry.” says Mr Timo Pajari, SVP, Food Solutions Sales at Valio.

As a leading Finnish food company offering pure natural dairy ingredients for the food and nutrition industry, Valio serves customers globally with solutions to all age groups from babies to elderly people. Valio solutions, expertise and ingredients can be used in various applications.

“Valio Eila NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder fulfils the key needs of older adults. In addition to containing essential nutrients, it, also, gives a full taste and texture, helping Valio’s customers to formulate their products. It works in several applications, like milk powders, special nutrition drinks, dairy drinks, nutritious food and dietary products.” says Ms Minja Miettinen, Senior Research Manager, PhD, Research and Innovations at Valio.

“Currently, more than 100 Valio scientists and experts are working on milk as raw material, as a source of premium ingredients. Our R and D together with our nutrition expertise can help customers to come up with innovative solutions.”

About Valio: Valio, offering the taste of Nordic nature since 1905, is a brand leader and the biggest dairy business in Finland and a major player in the international dairy ingredients market. The company is owned by dairy co-operatives, comprising some 5,100 dairy farmers. Well-being is at the heart of Valio’s world leading technology innovations, expertise and products, that are made from clean Finnish milk and other ingredients. Our product development follows in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner A. I Virtanen and the company holds 350 patents in 50 countries. Our efforts to improve animal well-being are resolute and we know that only healthy cows can produce premium milk products. Valio’s milk ranks among the cleanest in the world and we have zero tolerance for antibiotic residue in milk.

Valio has net sales of EUR 01.7 billion and is Finland’s biggest food exporter. Valio products are found in some 60 countries and account for 30% of Finland’s total food exports. Valio seeks strong growth in international markets and has subsidiaries in Russia, Sweden, the Baltics, USA and China.:::ω. 

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Pöyry Contributes Its Expertise in Building Thailand’s Hanuman Wind Farm: One of the Biggest Wind Farm Projects in South East Asia: Hanuman Enters Commercial Operation


|| Tuesday: April 30: 2019 || ά. The 260 MW Hanuman Wind Farm Project, owned by the Energy Absolute Public Company Limited:EA, the largest renewable energy company in the SET, has recently entered commercial operation. Composed of five sub-projects located in Chaiyaphum Province, the project is set to be one of the biggest of its kind in Thailand.

International engineering consultancy company Pöyry provided owner's engineering services for the WTG erection and commissioning of the wind farms. This included reviewing and inspecting the WTG supplier's site management plans, progress reports and commissioning and testing reports, monitoring the actual progress of erection and commissioning works and regular reporting to owner, attending system walk downs to identify punch list items, as well as, re-inspections after remedial actions by WTG supplier.

Pöyry was selected to handle the project's OE services because of the company's extensive experience in wind farm projects and expertise in the renewable energy business.

The electricity output from this project will be sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand:EGAT, per Thailand's power purchase agreement.

"As one of the biggest wind power projects in Southeast Asia, the Hanuman project sets an example to South East Asian nations on how to substantially increase the domestic renewable energy production in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions, to diversify national energy production portfolio and to reduce long term operating cost of the power system." said Ma Esa Holttinen, Pöyry's Business Director, Wind Power.

About Pöyry: Pöyry is an international leader within engineering, design and advisory services. We create solutions to support our customers worldwide to act on sustainability, as well as, the global trends of urbanisation and digitalisation. We are more than 16,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for the next generation.:::ω. 

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Innovative Seaweed Farm to Produce Seaweed Food Commercially



|| Tuesday: April 30: 2019: University of Exeter News || ά. An innovative seaweed farm is set to spring up this summer in Cornwall, due to a new collaboration between Cornish Seaweed Company, Westcountry Mussels, researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Seaweed is a healthy, sustainable source of carbon-negative food with a large global market.

This year the Cornish Seaweed Company became the first in the UK to successfully cultivate seaweed commercially at sea, at their seaweed farm on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. This project will investigate methods of growing sugar kelp at large scale and measure the benefits to the environment that seaweed farms could provide. By integrating with existing shellfish aquaculture, the project will support the region’s producers in leading the way to provide food, that is healthy, tasty and good for the environment.

The algae cultivation industry is set for expansion in the UK, as the health and nutritional benefits of seaweed consumption become clear. Providing a sustainable source of protein, omega-three, iron, a range of vitamins and minerals and other key nutrients, seaweed is expected to play an important role in new diets, including, the increased prominence of plant-based diets in reaction to new data on food-related carbon emissions.

Mr Tim van Berkel, the Managing Director of the Cornish Seaweed Company, said, “Our success is a huge step towards creating a truly sustainable food and resource economy and we are proud to be on the forefront of this important development.

Five years ago hardly anyone had thought of seaweed as a commercial product. Now we are realising the enormous potential it has. From food and livestock feed to biofuels, bio-plastics, pharmaceuticals, medicines and, even, clothing, there is hardly anything, that seaweed can not be used for.”

Seaweed cultivation is purported to have a wide array of environmental benefits, including, mitigating harmful algal blooms and providing habitats for marine species, as well as, combating climate change.

In addition, seaweeds do not need fresh water, pesticides, fertiliser or land to grow on and they have very fast growth rates, making them sustainability champions.  Scientists at the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory will be assessing these benefits, to gain an understanding of how new seaweed aquaculture developments would interact with their environment.

Dr Ian Ashton of the Centre for Offshore Technology in Cornwall said, “It is great to work with an up and coming local business, helping overcome the challenges to develop a product, that is both commercially and environmentally sustainable.” 

The project, funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, will lay the foundation for inter-disciplinary research projects in the Southwest in the future, as well as, accelerating the growth of the seaweed cultivation industry in the region.

The research project is set to start in summer 2019 in Porthallow, Cornwall and will run for 18 months.:::ω. 

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Outotec Has Been Awarded a EUR 140 Million Gold Processing Plant Order by Saudi Arabian Mining Company Ma'aden



|| Tuesday: April 30: 2019 || ά. In a major international competitive bidding process, the Saudi Arabian Mining Company Ma'aden has awarded the consortium of Outotec and Larsen and Toubro with an engineering, procurement and construction contract to build a greenfield mineral concentrator and gold processing plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Outotec's share of the project is over EUR 140 million. The order is almost evenly shared between the reporting segments and will be booked into Outotec's second quarter 2019 order intake. The total value of the project is approximately EUR 540 million. Outotec's delivery includes basic and detail engineering, procurement and delivery of process equipment, commissioning, start-up assistance and training services. The new gold processing plant is due to be completed in 2022.

Ma'aden is said to be a champion of the Saudi Arabian mining industry and now internationally recognised mining company with global presence. The Mansourah and Massarah mines and processing plant will be built in the Central Arabian gold region.

The processing plant will be capable of processing up to four million tonnes of ore per annum. The concentrator and the gold processing plant is designed to produce an average of 250,000 ounces of gold per year over the life of the mine.

"We are extremely pleased with this significant order and continued co-operation with Ma'aden, that is growing to be a global mining company. Our previous deliveries have included grinding, flotation and filtering technologies, as well as, alumina calcination technology and three sulfuric acid plants.

Our proven technologies and services enable them to get the best value from their resources and build sustainable operations." Says Mr Markku Teräsvasara, the CEO of Outotec.:::ω. 

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Urgent Action Needed to Better Manage Electric and Electronic E-waste: ILO



|| Monday: April 29: 2019: ILO News || ά. Representatives of governments, workers’ and employers’ organisations agree more must be done and urgently, to manage the millions of tonnes of e-waste produced each year. The ILO has called for urgent action to better manage the toxic flood of electric and electronic waste or e-waste, produced around the world, so it can be turned into a valuable source of decent work.

At a meeting at the ILO in Geneva, the participating stakeholders agree that governments should ‘increase and promote investments in waste management infrastructure and systems at all levels, as appropriate, to manage the rapidly growing flows of e-waste in ways, that advance decent work’. They, also, agreed on the urgency of protecting people working with e-waste, which is toxic and hazardous and negatively affects workers and the environment.

“Workers, handling e-waste, have no voice, no bargaining power and they are breaking hazardous materials by their hands.” said Worker Vice-chairperson, Mr James Towers. “Moreover, these workers are unaware of the many risks associated with handling e-waste.’’. Only 20 per cent of e-waste is formally recycled, even, though, it is valued at €55 billion.

E-waste is becoming an increasingly important resource for informal workers along the e-waste value chain, who recover, repair, refurbish, re-use, repurpose and recycle electrical and electronic equipment, bring innovative services and products to the market and facilitate a transition to the circular economy.

“There is great business opportunity in the e-waste sector.’’ said Employer Vice-chairperson, Mr Patrick Van den Bossche, “We need to step up our efforts in creating decent and sustainable jobs, fostering an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises, offering new products and new services, and adding value through enhancing the circular economy.”

The world produces as much as 50 million tonnes of e-waste a year. “In my own country, Nigeria and in several other African countries, e-waste is littering our landscape.” said Government Vice-chairperson, Mr Aniefiok Etim Essah. “Our youth possesses the creativity and potential for learning skills to manage e-waste, giving us the opportunity to increase youth employment.”

The ILO is a member of the UN E-Waste Coalition, formed to increase collaboration, build partnerships and more efficiently provide support to help states address the e-waste challenge.:::ω.

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Envision Virgin Racing Holds Paris Innovation Summit 2019: Businesses Must Work Together to Tackle Climate Change



|| Sunday: April 28: 2019 || ά. The leading industry figures from across the globe have used Envision Virgin Racing’s Innovation Summit in Paris to issue a rallying cry as to how technology, innovation, co-operation and foresight from the business sector can help tackle climate change. Held at Châteauform, just a stone’s throw from the all-electric Formula E race in Paris, the participants of the event, from a wide range of prominent business leaders and sustainability experts from Envision Virgin Racing’s network to discuss why urgent and unprecedented changes are needed to restrict global warming to a maximum of 01.5°C.

Citing a recent report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which states the world has just 12 years left to act, the event’s key panellists highlighted the pressing need for organisations across every sector to take it upon themselves to safeguard a sustainable future. Amongst the speakers, calling for such action were Vice President of Smart Mobility for Envision Group Mr Franz Jung, the CEO of the Virgin Group Mr Josh Bayliss, the Founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab Mr Eugene Kaspersky, the Founding Partner of Global Optimism and Former Executive Secretary for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Ms Christiana Figueres and Mr ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, President and the CEO of the digital transformation firm Genpact.

Hosted by broadcast journalist Mr Andrew Wilson, the Innovation Summit is one of a series, held by Envision Virgin Racing in conjunction with its Race Against Climate Change initiative, a programme, launched by the team in 2017, which aims to accelerate the energy transition and help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Accord. Indeed, the team, together with its partners, has earned a reputation as the leading Formula E team for sustainability, using its independent status to address the wider energy transition topic beyond just the e-mobility element.

The Managing Director for the team Mr Sylvain Filippi, who gave the opening address at the event, said, “Without doubt, it has never been more pressing for business leaders to examine the role they play in building a sustainable future for all. I believe, the time to act is now. The latest technologies available to us from wind turbines to electric cars, will, if, adopted on mass, accelerate our progress towards our goal of a net zero-emission world.

Our panellists today have shown that it is businesses and, their development of new technologies in particular, which can help find a pragmatic solution to the threat we face. There has never been a greater requirement for organisations to transform the way they operate and to inspire others across all business sectors.” 

As well as, being a sustainability leader, Envision Virgin Racing is one of the founding and most successful teams in Formula E and currently lies in second place in the championship standings heading into today’s Paris E-Prix. Meanwhile, the team’s next Innovation Summit takes place at Brooklyn’s New Lab Facility, ahead of the New York City E-Prix on Friday, July 12, 2019.

Mr Franz Jung, Vice President of Smart Mobility at Envision Group and the Chairman of the Board of Envision Virgin Racing, said, “Envision as the leading renewable technology company, recently entered the EV battery sector with Envision AESC’s the Gen5-811 battery. It is not just a cutting-edge battery but, one that will be integrated into the Envision EnOSTM system, to empower the battery with AIoT and V2X abilities. At Envision Virgin Racing we always push the system to the limit. We utilise Formula E to demonstrate Envision’s technology to better support the team. In return, we will apply the knowledge gathered from Formula E to optimise Envision’s new products.”

Mr Josh Bayliss, Virgin Group CEO, said, “Across the Virgin Group, we’re identifying ways to tackle climate change and reduce our footprint. I believe there is huge potential for low-carbon transformation in every sector which Virgin operates in, whether it’s renewable jet fuels at Virgin Atlantic, providing mass transit solutions through Virgin Trains or looking to the future with Virgin Hyperloop. The Envision Virgin Racing team along with the rest of Formula E play a key role in driving low-carbon mobility through ground-breaking innovation.”

Mr Eugene Kaspersky, the Founder and the CEO Kaspersky Lab, said, “We are living in fast-changing, innovative times; an interconnected world with ‘smart’ everything, factories, cars, homes, and the ever-present IoT gadgets. This is already the new normal, the new reality. While enjoying the benefits and convenience of this new infrastructure, we have to remember how vulnerable this new digitalised world is and make it our mission and responsibility to look out for its safety and security. I call for a responsible digital-wellbeing approach on all levels: from ordinary users and small businesses to large corporations and governments.”

Ms Christiana Figueres, the eFounding Partner, Global Optimism and Former Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, said, “The Envision Virgin Racing team and the broader Formula E race show that the future is not in the future, it is in the present. We have already developed electric mobility technologies, that we would only have dreamed of a few years ago. These can now be applied appropriately to other areas of transport. It is time to thank the internal combustion engine and put it in the museum.” 

Mr ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, President and CEO, Genpact, said, “In this era of unprecedented technological change, innovation has the power to connect industries, communities, and society as a whole. It is imperative that business leaders consider not only their companies’ growth, but also their greater purpose and impact on the world. Technology creates new opportunities to make sustainability a central part of any organization’s strategy. Genpact’s work with Envision Virgin Racing underscores the crucial role that AI and analytics play to drive innovation for the future of sustainable electric cars with Formula E, and more broadly for the future of mobility. These lessons can help other industries as they use technology to address their own sustainability concerns and build stronger connections between their organizations and communities.”

Ms Sandra Roling, the Head of EV100, The Climate Group, said, “Accelerating the shift to clean transport is a new hallmark of ambitious business leadership, as well as, tackling climate change it helps to reduce the major public health challenge of air pollution in cities. With two out of three new cars in Europe sold to the corporate sector, businesses have an unparalleled opportunity to grow demand for electric vehicles and hasten their roll out at scale. Through our global EV100 initiative, influential companies are leading the charge by electrifying their fleets by 2030, major businesses everywhere should join them.”:::ω.

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Fastned Has Been Given the Contract to Build and Operate Five Additional Fast Charging Station in the North East of England




|| March 18: 2019 || ά. Fastned, a charging company, which is building a European network of fast charging stations, won a second tender in the UK, led by the North East Joined Transport Committee. Fastned will build and operate five fast charging stations or hubs for electric vehicles across the region. Each station will, initially, house two 50 kW fast chargers, known as, rapid chargers in the UK, that will deliver 100% renewable electricity.

Fastned intends to build and operate these five fast charging stations in Gateshead, Blyth, Whitley Bay, Washington and Kingston Park. These stations will enable fully electric cars to fast charge their batteries and will be added to Fastned’s European network. This network currently consists of 88 stations in the Netherlands and Germany and is expanding rapidly. Two other Fastned stations are currently under development in Newcastle and Sunderland as part of the Go Ultra Low NE programme.

Mr Michiel Langezaal, the CEO of Fastned, said, “Fastned was founded to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, so, we are pleased, we can start offering fast charging infrastructure in the North East of England. Reliable fast charging infrastructure will make fully electric vehicles just as practical as cars with internal combustion engines. Fastned has the ambition to build a European network of 1,000 fast charging stations and aims to build more fast charging stations in the UK.’’

Councillor Mr Martin Gannon, the Chair of the North East Joint Transport Committee and the Leader of Gateshead Council, said, “The five rapid charging hubs will help further establish the North East of England as a leader in electric mobility and are very good news for electric drivers in our region. The hubs can provide electric freedom and ease of travelling for local commuters, commercial fleets and travellers passing through the region.”

The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund:ERDF and the UK Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles:OLEV. The stations will be owned by the North East Joined Transport Committee. Fastned will manage the stations’ design and construction and operate and maintain them as part of its growing network.

About Fastned: Fastned is a charging company, that is building a European network of fast charging stations, where all electric cars can charge as fast as possible. The stations are located at high traffic locations along the highways and in cities, where electric cars charge in an average of about 20 minutes. This will give electric cars the freedom to drive across Europe. As of today, Fastned has 88 stations operational in the Netherlands and Germany and is working on expanding its fast charging network to the rest of Europe. Fastned is simultaneously building fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom and is preparing for expansion in Belgium and Switzerland.

About the North East Joint Transport Committee: The North East Joint Transport Committee leads the strategic plan for transport in North East England, on behalf of the region’s two combined authorities, covering a population of 02.3 million people in Northumberland, Durham and Tyne and Wear.

European Regional Development Fund: The project has received £01.5million of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.  The UK Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Greater London Authority is the Managing Authority for European Regional Development Fund. Established by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support innovation, businesses, create jobs and local community regenerations. 

Go Ultra Low North East: Go Ultra Low NE is a Government campaign, led by North East Joint Transport Committee and funded by the European Regional Development Fund:ERDF and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles:OLEV. The Go Ultra Low NE programme comprises of both capital infrastructure investment and revenue related research and engagement activities to increase the levels of Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles:ULEVs. It is designed to raise awareness of electric vehicles by helping fleets and motorists across the region understand the benefits, cost savings and capabilities of the wide range of electric vehicles on the market.:::ω.

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Finland: Investment Aid of Euro 40 Million Available for New Energy Technology Demonstration Projects: Applications Open Till May 31



|| February 19: 2019 || ά. The Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has opened a round of applications for investment aid for large-scale new energy technology demonstration projects for 2019. This year, Euro 40 million of the energy aid authorisation has been allocated for this venture. The application round, which is open until the end of May, is intended for projects with investment costs of more than Euro 05 million.

The objective of the investment aid is to help achieve the national and EU-level targets set for future energy solutions by 2030. Project categories eligible for aid are: i: biorefinery projects; ii: replacement of coal and other fossil energy sources in urban areas and iii: other large-scale new energy technology demonstration projects. The objective of the aid programme is to promote solutions, based on new energy technology, that are replicable nationally and internationally.

Decision to grant aid is based on overall consideration and a comparison of the different projects. Special emphasis is placed on the novelty value of the technology included in the project. Other criteria include project feasibility, the amount of energy produced, cost-effectiveness and other impacts.

Aid, may be, granted to companies and other entities, such as, municipalities and only to projects or parts of projects, that would not be launched without the energy aid. A decision regarding the aid, must be, issued before project launch. Aid will not be granted to housing companies, residential properties or farms or any project, related to these.

Applications for aid are to be submitted through Business Finland’s electronic system but they will be processed in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The schedule, in which, aid decisions are issued depends on the number of applications and the need for processing. According to a preliminary schedule, decisions will be made in autumn 2019.

Applications should be submitted by May 31 through Business Finland’s electronic system. Applicants are requested to attach with their applications a form for large-scale demonstration projects, provided for this purpose. More detailed information about energy aid and links to the application form and the electronic service visit the Business Finland website

Small projects of maximum Euro 05 million are excluded from this application round. However, these renewable energy and energy efficiency projects are, also, eligible for energy aid. For more information visit

Inquiries: Pekka Grönlund: Senior Ministerial Adviser: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Tele: +358 29 506 4815

Annukka Saari: Senior Specialist: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Tele: +358 29 504 7197

Kati Veijonen: Senior Specialist: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Tele: +358 29 506 7170

Markku Mäkelä: Product Manager: Business Finland: Tele: +358 50 339 2516.:::ω.

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Large Scale Carbon Sequestration Field Trials Planned in the UK and USA



|| January 29: 2019: Swansea University News || ά. Swansea University's Energy Safety Research Institute:ESRI presents its plans for testing new technology to capture CO2 in full scale field trials. Swansea University is part of a UK environmental coalition, that is to pursue very large-scale decarbonisation technology field trials, spearheading construction of regional permanent carbon storage facilities in US shale basins.

Recently UK Energy and Clean Growth Minister Ms Claire Perry announced the UK's goal to lead an international challenge to remove carbon from emissions. Consistent with this objective and highlighting the important role of innovation in supporting cost reduction, Very Large Scale Decarbonisation Partners:VLS Decarb, announced its intention to carry out field trials of its profoundly large-scale capable CO2 sequestration system in several UK and EU locations.

Now, VLS Decarb is planning similar field trials in several US shale basins, where, pending results, these trial sites will be further developed into fully functioning carbon dioxide storage facilities, capable of permanently storing a significant percentage of annual U.S. CO2 emissions.  Initially targeted US shale basins include the Marcellus, Haynesville and Eagle Ford.

VLS Decarb is in the process of securing Precedent Agreements for long-term carbon storage contracts from industrial, institutional and governmental clients, seeking to mitigate CO2 emissions, associated with their operations and, in some instances, availing themselves of available US carbon tax credits.

The company's major-market patented and globally patent pending suite of technologies hold the potential to permanently sequester atmospheric CO2 at the levels stipulated by the Paris Climate Change Accord of December 2015. Specifically, it could remove volumes of CO2 sufficient to arrest the progression of climate change and, potentially, reverse harmful effects being experienced from unmitigated CO2 emissions of human origins.

During the past five years, the technology has been advanced by an extensive RD collaboration, involving VLS Decarb's academic and industry partners, the Energy Safety Research Institute:ESRI at Swansea University and an international array of academic and governmental institutions and funding agencies. This research and development partnership, funded by Innovate UK, has led to the development of new  materials, that are key to enabling the Carbon Capture and Storage:CCS concept.

In addition to an industry partnership with Glass Technology Services:GTS, ESRI brings a significant ongoing collaboration with University of Chester and Université Grenoble Alpes. The enabling research for this project has been supported by Innovate UK and both the RICE and FLEXIS projects, which are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund:ERDF through the Welsh Government.

In the field so far, specifically focused and scoped tests have been undertaken, which have demonstrated the viability of various key components of the system. The complete process will be tested in field trials and the results are expected to demonstrate the widespread applicability of the technology and its commercial viability and self-sustaining features, such as, supporting intermittent supplies of electric power generation, wind, wave and sun, while, also, providing the electric power required to drive the sequestration process itself.

The CO2 storage and power generation potentials are: approximately 35 years of global electric power requirements net of the energy consumed in sequestering all global CO2 emissions from all sources during the same time interval is provided by VLS Decarb alone. If, wind, wave and solar, along with similar cohorts of clean, carbon neutral, energy sources could provide 50% of needs during the time we are sequestering, the result would, obviously, be, approximately, 70 years of carbon free electricity worldwide, with zero net CO2 emissions from all sources.

Research data demonstrates that the best use of unconventional, shale reservoirs is to store CO2, the noxious by product of burning natural gas and other fossil fuels. Shale formations, which are ubiquitous in the Earth's crust, can, potentially, be harnessed to, permanently, store injected CO2 for time intervals, measured in geologic terms, literally, hundreds of millions of years.

Stages One, Two and Three: Temporarily accessing planetary shale source rocks with a completely non-toxic production system and removing the natural gas methane within them.

Stages Four and Five: Massive surplus electric power production, net of the carbon capture and sequestration operations, while, simultaneously, achieving an extraordinary negative carbon footprint and the production of large volumes of fresh water.

Stages Six, Seven and Eight: Refilling the emptied reservoir spaces with many times more volumes of atmospheric carbon dioxide than generated from the extracted methane and, then, terminating the access pathways from these containers via natural bio-degradable means, resulting in permanent large-scale CO2 sequestration throughout geologic time, which is not dependent upon vertical well bore durability.

ESRI Founder and Director Professor Andrew R Barron said, “Traditional carbon sequestration is fraught with issues, in particular, the economic incentive for industry to decarbonise itself. Our approach offers a significant opportunity for Industry and Governments to ensure a low carbon future while sustaining employment and the economy.”

VLS Decarb Founder Mr John Francis Thrash MD said, "Carbon sequestration in source rock deposits is a universally available solution for permanently removing carbon from the environment, that has been sitting plainly before our eyes and, yet, un-noticed until now. Ironically, the methane extraction allows for disposal of the necessary volume of CO2 required to reverse climate change. All of this is accomplished in one sustainable, commercially viable operation."

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Year Delta Arkive 2018-19

Year Gamma Arkive 2017-18

Year Beta Arkive 2016-17

Year Alpha Arkive 2015-16

The Long Walk to Ithaca

Until Humanity has achieved the conditions to fully discard capitalism and put it in the archives of history of human development and begin to craft humanics, it must be brought under, run and managed by the rule of law and the absolute yardstick of that law must be that it must always serve the entire people of a country:nation. Capitalism cannot, as it stands, nor can it be modified to do so, so long it remains a system of money to make profits, deliver 100% employment. Never can it deliver this. Thus, societies cannot 'punish' the poor and jobless people, who fill this 'basket' perpetually, for its failures and injustices that it causes. And thus, it is High Time the Progressive Parties and Forces Across Europe and the World Must Commit to a Guaranteed Universal Income, a Guaranteed Home, a Guaranteed Education Up to College, a Guaranteed Job and Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need for All Citizens: The Humanion

No company will ever let you make this, the image above, while they pay you to work for them. Only you can do it, if you work for 'yourself'. This is the deficit of our existing Political Economics because it wants to give people 'jackets' to wear, ignoring the fact, whether these jackets fit people or strangle them, and most fundamentally, ignoring the fact that people themselves have their own jackets and they look the most at home wearing their own jackets. The Political Economics that is built on letting people create, make and shape their own 'creation', wearing their own jackets for the benefits of others so that they know that they are able to be the best of what they are capable of and bring the best out of themselves. And only than, the 'creation' belongs to the worker, not to consume for one cannot and does not consume one's own creation, but to give for giving is the highest of what humanity is and can ever be and one cannot give something that one is not, that one has not created, for nothing else belongs to a creator but that what she:he creates, that what one has become. Because the 'creation' now belongs to the worker, she:he can now truly offers that as her:his contributions to the wider and greater society for its benefit; society, in turn, offers its gracefulness, thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude by respecting that contributions and offering her:him in return, the dignity, safety, security, peace and means, mechanics, measures and culture to live in natural justice. We are nowhere near there yet. But 'I have a dream.......... as Martin Luther King Junior once said or that it is a Long Walk to Freedom as Nelson Mandela wrote... it is indeed a long walk to liberty, equality, purpose, meaning and natural justice. But we are bound to Ithaca and the walk, no matter how long, how arduous, how difficulty-strewn, how hostile and tiring, we shall continue to carry on walking towards Ithaca....

End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign






The Humanion Political Economics

Please, send in news, views, reviews, analysis, forecasts, trends, initiatives, funds and investments news that are promoting Green Investment and Sustainable Economics. Economics that does not function and run on the soul basis of generating and managing human resources and wealth in a green and sustainable manner and path is a poisonous economics that supports the suicidal path both for the human kind and the earth; as well as harms all other life forms, environment and ecology. The purpose of economics is not to count and manage 'money' but nurture, foster, develop and enrich the 'resources', which include human, financial, natural, biological, scientific, artistic, cultural, material and cosmological resources, for the soul purpose of supporting, enabling and fostering life and living on earth, in the Solar System in the Universe. However, please, note, if your company has a website, that does not clearly say who run the company, where it operates from, what kind of company it is, who are in its leadership and the other groups, anyone, who has set up a website, where they use all sorts of evasive expressions, phrases and clichés, that one can find in thousand other websites but there are no details of the humanity behind the entity,  The Humanion won't use materials from any such organisations. The Humanion does not dehumanise itself nor would it accept others dehumanising themselves, thus, dehumanising us. And from those companies or websites, where people are simply Jack or Mack or Pike without even a full human name: No, Thank you. Please, send materials, all stories must come with texts, images and any other items directly sent as attachments. No weblink  or forwarding address. Unless sent this way, The Humanion won't be able to cover your story. Please, send materials to editor at thehumanion dot com

Please, Note: The Humanion Does Not Give Investment Advice

The Humanion does not offer investment advice. Investment of any kind has risks as the value of investment may go up as well as down and, most importantly, past performance of a particular 'fund':any 'fund' is not a guarantee of similar future performance but a guide only. It is, therefore, paramount to seek to make investment decisions, having acquired enough facts:knowledge about the entity being considered for investment from well established and legitimate sources including relevant professional:financial bodies and government departments:agencies, and having consulted professional investment advice from bona fide, qualified financial advisers. Only than, one is likely to be able to make an informed choice and decision about an investment. The Humanion

Valo Therapeutics: Bringing Vision Into Science and Medicine

|| February 04: 2017 || ά. Valo Therapeutics or Valo Tx, for short, is a spin-out company from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Valo Tx has assembled a uniquely talented team of oncolytic virus experts, who together with the founding scientist have the necessary expertise to take this patented technology through clinical development and make it available to patients. The management team has a proven track record of developing successful companies from a laboratory idea to a full stock exchange listing.

The Business Concept: Valo Tx is positioned to transform the field of immunotherapy for a wide range of cancer types. Valo Tx's technology uniquely combines the best qualities of two distinct clinically proven cancer immunotherapy concepts - peptide vaccination and oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy. Building on an existing and recently FDA-approved approach for use of oncolytic viruses, Valo Tx has developed a proprietary, genetically modified adenovirus that will form the basis of its therapeutic approach.

Equality and Liberty are two states that define, determine, and shape what humanity is, can be;
what it aspires to be and what it can seek to create and achieve in order to craft a meaning
of its existence. Without these two, Humanity will continue to live an inferior life than what
is possible until the two halves: all individuals in them: that makes it, are all absolutely, 
fundamentally and jubilantly Equal and all are at Liberty. Here, is Laura Boldrini:
President of the Chamber of Deputies: Italy. Towards Gender Equality we march:
Image: Laura Boldrini's Website: The Humanion









Carolyn Fairbairn: CBI Director General

Dupsy Abiola, Founder of Intern Avenue

Aowen Jin: An Artist at Work










They Go Up and Down: Prices of Currencies, Assets, Capitals and Investments and the Machines, Devices and Technology Get Worn Out, Softwares Become Obsolete: But the Only Capital That Never Loses Its Value But Actually Increases It is the Human Capital











This young surgeon is the 'miracle' of this human wealth for she is going to get better and better and better at what she does. The older she gets, practising and learning, the higher most value she is, to her place of work and for her nation, for her people and for humanity.

The Trap or Bondage of Choice

End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign

|| January 26: 2017 || ά. The Grapes of Wrath: John Steinbeck: People go hungry and die in their millions, children suffer from malnutrition and its devastating consequences and die in their millions, people suffer in hunger, cold and desperation, living on the street in their millions, millions have no job, millions have no home, millions live in perpetual destitution, hundreds of millions live and die without ever having been to a school, millions die of preventable diseases: all this happens because we, the humanity, do not choose as Ma wants us to do and we ask the wrong question, 'Can we?' instead of 'Will we?' Or rather, we do not choose what is good for all of us but simply what is good for ourselves alone. 

And this is what, The Humanion calls the 'Trap' or 'Bondage' of Choice that we, the 'normals' make. We want to keep our jobs, our homes, our cars, our holidays, our life-styles and our security and we do all to ensure this happens for us and we simply choose to reside in this 'trap', in this 'bondage' so that we, with willful choice, decide to continue to ignore, to look away, to not see and to not think and to not do anything to ensure everyone is having the same 'good' that we have access to. And what is worse, we simply, stay in that bondage because it offers us the comfort zone. We live and enjoy life while we make ourselves think and believe that it is not our duty to think, to ask, to seek to change, to make better.

And nothing is good if it is not good for all. Natural air is good for all and it is therefore, good for A, B and C but polluted air is not good for anyone neither for all nor for A, B and C. But we, being A, B and C, choose to build our 'mini-green-houses' where we seek to get fresh air to breathe while every one else, who cannot do so live and die breathing polluted air and we see nothing wrong in this. And here is the point: who is to make us wake up and see selfishness is the true enemy that continuously keeps on eroding our very humanity, this selfishness by which we choose to live by.

This human being, in the image above, must be the child of a set of parents, she must be a daughter, a grand daughter, an aunt, a sister, a cousin, a colleague, a friend, a fellow of other humans who are us, this We. But we find it acceptable that she is living on the street because we first dehumanise ourselves so to be able to dehumanise the rest of humanity so that we can look at her and see her not as one of us, as one of our flesh and blood, as one of our kith and keen. Why and how do we find this acceptable? But because we do find it acceptable and we choose to continue to accept it, she and many, many others like her, live, suffer and die on the street in the most horrible state of suffering that we normals have hardly any understanding or comprehension about?

For how could one who has not suffered hunger, who has not known the bitter cold, who has not been shattered by the sheer cold and terrible force of the cold wind that gets worse because of hunger, who has not got wet by rain and heated by too much sun, who has not been thirsty, who has not been abused, shown absolute contempt and disregard and been spat at, kicked about and physically assaulted by other humans, understand such an agonising existence, such a desperate and such a devastating state of suffering? And yet, we accept this as the human condition but conditions, human or otherwise, do not and cannot set themselves up; it is us that set or create the conditions. Through our choice we decide, shape and create whatever conditions we want to see arising out of our being human to create the ecology that supports, nurtures, fosters, protects, enhances and empowers humanity. But instead, we choose to do it only for ourselves.

But what we normals do not understand is this that this infinite suffering creates infinite amount  of what John Steinbeck called, The Grapes of Wrath and that is going to rise and tear down the world of the normals, that will bring down the entire thing, unless the normals wake up and realise the choice that needs to be made, must be made. And this choice is simply this that we ought to choose what is good for all and not for just us, the normals. The signs of the Grapes of Wrath are allwhere to be seen in the world; except the evil and nasty forces are seeking to manipulate, use and get these grapes of wrath to support their nasty agenda that will bring infinite suffering to all and yet, these evil forces shall not be able to nor are they capable of nor do they want to bring about 'good' that is good for all. And one looks in Europe and one sees that this is happening all over Europe. One looks out and finds America and it is happening there, too. One looks out and surveys the entire world and it is happening all over the world.

Parallel to this infinity of human misery, agony and suffering is this new reality of 'protectionism' whereby we normals are seeking to support efforts towards the rise of isolationism, putting up borders and closing all that can be closed to ensure and let the extreme nationalism bulldoze all that it thinks must be destroyed and in this  'we the normals' see ourselves as protected and our 'prosperity' and life-styles guarded. But capitalism cannot grow prosperity without selling its goods, products and services so it must go out into the world to sell so to make profit. Putting up borders, walls and the stranglehold of protectionism and isolationism is not going to serve capitalism and us, the normals in the long run for this mythical prosperity shall crumble if capitalism cannot do business, sell and make profit from the world that we support to be closed off from our shores. In the long run it is not going to help anything.

Further to this point, we support efforts to make this isolation and protectionism to close the world out but we want the money, the profit must continue to come in to support our life-styles, safety and security while we want simply to leave the rest of the world with the 'mercy of the elements' because it does not concern us. And this, too, is not going to support our interest in the long run and just remember what is going on the world, in the middle east, in asia, in africa, in latin america and all other places of the world: the wars, the conflicts, the violence, the economic desperations, poverty, hunger, malnutrition and the ravages of all the diseases and the refugees and the migrants and what the responses to their plights from this normals' world. One cannot live in a closed off house where all the roads, streets and alleyways are closed off, where all the doors, windows, ventilations and all other openings are closed off. If, metaphorically speaking, a human soul closes itself in such a house, in such a locked down situation, in such isolation, it means only one thing, that this soul is severely ill and has chosen to wait for death; except this death will be most agonisingly slow and most terribly painful and most desperately lonely and sad. 

And yet, the suffering multitude continues to suffer but they will not simply be washed away, they simply cannot be ignored and put under a 'mythical carpet.' And yet, let's go back to the Trap or Bondage of Choice: we, the normals vote for a Party that does nothing to change or make better these conditions but they get our support because we think and believe this Party is going to ensure our 'mini-green-houses' are safe and intact. And we decide, choose and convince ourselves to ignore this fact that they are going cut away the very support to the poorest, the most vulnerable and the most helpless of society. We simply do not even think about that because we do not want to 'risk it'. So we vote for this Party. Worse still, we vote for parties that are, the ultimate social evil, because we believe that this will make our 'normal world' safer and protected, even if it means most of the people of humanity will suffer these nasty forces wracking havoc of assaults on and against them. But we vote for these parties and they are using all means possible to use the down-trodden's Grapes of Wrath to advance their own nasty agenda that simply is anathema to what humanity and human existence are about. ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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All That You Need for Medicine: A Medical Heat Sensor Supporting This Device

Image: Ovenind

Photo-Speak: Learning and
Innovation Show Us That
There is Always a Better Way 
of Being, of Becoming and of
Imagining and of Creating

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Haaga-Helia Finland

Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis


























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