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Let New Ideas Challenge and Overcome the Old and Outdated Ones So That Progress Can Be Made: On Its 60th Anniversary Pöyry Invites World Business Leaders to Its Carbon Clash: The Future Is Made Today: It Can Not But Be Sustainable



|| November 15: 2018 || ά. Pöyry hosted a 'Carbon Clash' event in the Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, in celebration of its 60th anniversary. Attended by over 250 industry leaders and experts from around the world, the Carbon Clash is set to ignite opinion and spark ideas for tackling climate change. The theme of the conference was 'low carbon solutions'. The big focus areas dinclued the decarbonisation of energy and the substitution of single-use plastics with bio-based products.

Mr Henrik Ehrnrooth, the Chairman of Pöyry PLC, says, ‘’Today's Carbon Clash is about connecting up the best brains to rigorously debate the solutions needed to urgently solve this generational challenge. Every person in the room yearns for a cleaner society for their children and grandchildren to thrive in. By working together, we will forge new concepts, that bring about impactful change and create a lasting legacy that we can all be proud of.

I am delighted that so many long-standing clients of Pöyry are able to make it, as well as, globally respected climate change gurus, such as, Louis Blumberg, Climate Policy Consultant, San Francisco, California.’’

‘’California is implementing strategies confronting several of the same issues under discussion in the EU, including, transportation, agriculture and forestry.  By sharing information and experience, we can improve our planning and address the key challenge of our generation, global climate change.’’ says Mr Louis Blumberg.

Ms Irene Mia, Global Editorial Director of Thought Leadership at The Economist Group moderated the Carbon Clash. She says, ‘’Given the urgency of the challenge, if, we want to build a sustainable future, new and innovative solutions are needed, together with a joint stakeholder approach. I'm looking forward to seeing the insight and creative ideas, that the Pöyry Carbon Clash event will, hopefully, generate.’’

Ms Suivi Haimi, the CEO and Co-founder of Sulapac says, ‘’We should make it way easier for consumers to understand what is a truly sustainable choice. I believe that materials should be divided into microplastic-free and microplastic releasing so that everybody would understand which can be digested by naturally occurring micro-organisms and which will last hundreds of years in nature. With new material innovations and improved recycling systems we still can save the world from plastic waste!’’ 

Mr Tuomas Mustonen, the Founder and Managing Director of Paptic says, ‘’The generations before us filled the air with carbon dioxide, our generation should not be remembered as the one, who filled the oceans with plastics!"

Clash Moderator, Ms Saara Soderberg, the Head of Pöyry Management Consulting, Industry, says, ‘’I am inspired by the solutions, that Sulapac and Paptic are presenting in today's Carbon Clash. The single largest end use for plastics is polyethylene used in packaging, with around 42 Mt used every year. If, this could be substituted for paper and bio-based products, it would avoid approximately 250 Mt of CO2e every year, which would, in turn, reduce total global emissions, which currently stand at 51Gt CO2e.

In July, Pöyry launched its pioneering Global Plastics Substitution Consultancy. I am immensely excited by how much interest we are receiving from companies around the world, including, several Fortune 500 multi-nationals. Our experts are creating concrete roadmaps for plastics substitution and contributing to long term sustainability.’’

Mr Martin à Porta, the President and CEO of Pöyry PLC, says, ‘’A market shift is happening towards a New Economy based on C02. By putting a price on C02 you create a mechanism for driving change. Electric Vehicles:EVs are just one market where that battle against C02 emissions has fueled innovation, but there are many other examples too, such as the development of ground-source heat pumps.

The Carbon Clash is a celebration of Pöyry's 60th anniversary, together with clients, alumni, partners and many of its talented intrapreneurs. In paying tribute to Dr Jaakko Pöyry, the Founder of the company, Mr Henrik Ehrnrooth says, 'I can not think of a more fitting way to mark Pöyry's 60th birthday than the Carbon Clash. If, Jaakko could have been here today, then, I know, he would have personally enjoyed it and would have certainly had something inspiring to contribute.'

About Pöyry: Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company.  We serve clients across power generation, transmission and distribution, forest industry, biorefining and chemicals, mining and metals, infrastructure and water and environment. Together, we deliver smart solutions and work with the latest digital innovations. Pöyry's net sales in 2017 were EUR 522 million. The company's shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki. Pöyry is made of, approximately, 5,500 experts in 40 countries at 115 offices..:::ω.

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The Political Economics of Food and Nutrition: Annul Food Loss Or Waste Is Estimated to Be Around $01 Trillion While So Many Humans Are Going Hungry and Suffering Malnutrition: Poor Diets Threaten Health More Than Malaria Tuberculosis Or Measles: New UN Report



|| November 07: 2018 || ά. With one in five deaths associated with poor-quality diets, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation:FAO issued a Report on Wednesday, urging policymakers to reduce food loss and waste to improve access to nutritious and healthy food. The Report, ‘Preventing nutrient loss and waste across the food system: Policy actions for high-quality diets’ concludes that regularly eating poor-quality food has become a greater public health threat than malaria, tuberculosis or measles.

Meanwhile, approximately one-third of food produced for human consumption never reaches the consumer's plate or bowl. Nutrient-rich foods, such as, fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats are highly perishable, rendering them susceptible to losses throughout increasingly complex food production systems. According the Report, each year more than half of all globally-produced fruits and vegetables are lost or wasted. Moreover, around 25 per cent of all meat produced, equivalent to 75 million cows, goes uneaten. And, this is the absolute failure of the existing system: how much efforts, human resources, energy and investment had gone into producing this 25% of meat products only for all that to go to waste while human beings are paying the price through hunger and malnutrition!

"To tackle all forms of malnutrition and promote healthy diets, we need to put in place food systems, that increase the availability, affordability and consumption of fresh, nutrient-rich food for everyone.” said Mr José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General.

Reducing food loss and waste, particularly, high-nutrient foods, not only has nutritional benefits but, also, contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals:SDGs and should be a new priority for improving nutrition.

“Taking specific actions to reduce the losses and waste of fresh and nutritious food is a fundamental part of this effort." said Mr Da Silva, who is, also, a member of the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition, joint Report Author.

To remedy this the report proposes a series of policy actions across the entire food system, including, educating all concerned; focusing on perishable foods; improving public and private infrastructure and closing data gaps on food losses and waste.

FAO data indicates that in low-income countries, food is mostly lost during harvesting, storage, processing and transportation; while in high-income nations the problem lies in retail and consumer level waste. Together, they directly impact the number of calories and nutrients actually available for consumption.

Given the direct impact on wellbeing, learning capacity and productivity, the loss and waste of micronutrients is of particular concern. Globally, agriculture produces 22 per cent more vitamin A than we require. However, after loss and waste, the amount available for human consumption is 11 per cent less than required. Reducing the loss and waste of nutritious foods could, therefore, yield substantial health benefits.

With the value of global food lost or wasted annually, estimated to be around $01 trillion, cutting down on waste would, also, yield major economic benefits. Additionally, FAO puts forward, eating more of the food already produced, would avoid wasting the water, land and energy, that went into its production.:::ω.

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Electriq-Global Launches Water-Based Fuel to Power Electric Vehicles: The World’s Leaders in Mobility and Transport Must Cease This Opportunity to Catapult Electrification of All Transport Systems to a Revolution: Were Electriq Global to Be Able to Deliver This It Could Be the Green Transport and Mobility Revolution the World Has Been Waiting For



|| October 29: 2018 || ά. On October 29-30 at Eco-Motion 2018 Smart Mobility Summit, taking place in Tel-Aviv, Electriq-Global will present its highly efficient, safe, clean, recyclable fuel to power electric vehicles. Electriq-Global claims that this fuel offers twice the range, at half the price with zero emission compared to existing fuels. Electriq~Global is an Australian-Israeli start-up, formerly known as Terragenic, has developed this fuel, that is safe, cheap and clean.

Comprised of 60% water, Electriq's revolutionary technology extracts hydrogen from the water-based fuel, which is, then, harnessed to create electricity to power the vehicle. The Electriq~Global system contains three key elements: the liquid fuel, Electriq-Fuel, which reacts with a catalyst, Electriq~Switch, to release hydrogen on demand, then, the spent fuel is captured and taken back to a plant, where it is replenished with hydrogen and water for re-use, Electriq-Recycling. This entire process is claimed to be inherently safe and enables zero emissions vehicles.

The water-based liquid fuel is safe and stable at ambient temperatures and pressures. When compared to green energy competitors like lithium-ion batteries or compressed Hydrogen technologies, Electriq~Global claims that its fuel achieves twice the range at half the cost. The energy density is up to 15 times that of electric batteries currently in use in vehicles like those of Tesla. 

A comparison of electric buses showed the buses powered by batteries provided a range of 250km and required up to 300 minutes to recharge, whereas buses to be powered  by Electriq-Fuel will provide  a range of 1,000km and could be re-fuelled in five minutes.

Electriq-Global CEO Mr Guy N Michrowski says, "Our technology brings dramatic news of improvement in driving range, re-fuelling time and cost of fuel and changes the rules of the game in many fields, including, transportation and energy storage.”

Caption: Mr Guy N Michrowski: CEO: Electriq-Global: Image: Osnat Krasnansky:::ω.

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How Do You Run a Sustainable and Green Business: Nelson Hotels Is Trying to Show by Action: Every Business Must Do Everything to Be Sustainable and Stop Harming the Environment the Earth and Life



|| October 28: 2018 || ά. Nelson Hotels, which owns and operates four of Cheshire’s hotels, including, The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and The Fishpool Inn, ix taking a range of measures to make their hotels more environmentally friendly. The Group is voluntarily reducing single-use plastics and is continually looking for new ways to reduce usage, with the goal of eventually cutting out all single-use plastics across the Group.

If, your agency is trying and doing the same The Humanion would like to tell the world about it. So, tell your people to work as the people working for Nelson Hotels and Kelloggs’ and others have done. They have learnt that The Humanion is here and is telling this story of redirecting humanity towards a sustainable, responsible and green way of existing on this earth. Tell the world that without changing the way we do business and trying our utmost to be sustainable and green this most dangerous and irresponsible way of existence is going to choke everything off!

The drive to eliminate single-use plastics has been well publicised, with the UK government having successfully implemented a five pence carrier bag charge in retail outlets and proposing a plastic bottle deposit scheme in March 2018.

According to a House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee report from 2017, of the 13 billion plastic bottles sold in the UK each year, only, 07.5 billion are recycled. It is estimated that there are over 150 million tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans and every year, one million birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die from eating and becoming tangled in plastic waste. Mr Gove said, “Our precious oceans and the wildlife within need urgent protection from the devastation throw-away plastic items can cause.”

The Government schemes will only go so far in the country’s efforts to reduce the harm caused by disposable plastics, which is why many businesses are stepping up to play their part and every business, every agency as every person must do the same.

At The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, plastic straws have, already, been replaced by paper straws, coat hangers are changing from plastic to wood and metal and tooth mugs are no longer wrapped in plastic. Ms Geraldine Cox, the Housekeeping Manager for Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa said, ‘’After watching the David Attenborough documentary highlighting the damage to the sea with plastics and in advance of Michael Gove’s announcement today, we were inspired to take action.

There are so many ways to make a difference and, even, the small things matter. For example, we have banned the future purchase of plastic bags, used for lost property.  We have, also, contacted our supplier of cotton buds and asked them to come up with an alternative to the plastic stick.”

Nelson Hotels’ most recent property, The Fishpool Inn, has an environmentally-friendly kitchen with an energy-efficient, all-electric, Eco-chef cooking range. This is specifically designed to substantially reduce energy consumption, when creating the hotel’s range of modern British and European dishes, made using the finest locally-sourced ingredients.

The hotel and inn specialist has, also, gone for festive sustainability, giving diners a double dose of Christmas cheer this December by offering altruistic Christmas crackers.

The crackers, which will be available at The Fishpool Inn, The Pheasant Inn, The Bear’s Paw and Nelson’s Bar, are supplied by Duni. The Spirit of Christmas crackers have been sustainably designed, are made from FSC-certified, recyclable paper and do not contain a plastic toy. As well as, helping the planet, the purchase of crackers from Duni includes a 07% donation to the charity Shelter, which works to help the homeless and people with housing issues.”

Other measures being taken to ensure sustainability by Nelson Hotels, which, also, operate The Pheasant Inn and The Bear’s Paw, include using local companies for everything from food and drink to builders, using energy-efficient light bulbs, segregating waste for recycling; removing cooking oil to be used for bio-fuel, using bio-degradable bags for food waste, installing auto sensors in toilets to improve water efficiency and moving customer feedback forms online to reduce paper usage.

Nelson Hotels: Nelson Hotels owns and operates four of Cheshire’s award-winning venues, including, The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa, The Fishpool Inn, The Pheasant Inn and The Bear’s Paw. Nelson Hotels has been named in London Stock Exchange’s list of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The family-owned group is being celebrated as one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small to medium sized businesses in the UK. :::ω.

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Bittium and Cerenion are Exhibiting Their Intensive Care and Cardiology Products at the 31 Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Lives 2018 in Paris: October 21-24



|| October 11: 2018 || ά. Bittium together with Cerenion is to exhibit their products and solutions for intensive care and neurology at the 31st Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine:ESICM Lives 2018 on October 21-24 in Paris, France. The annual congress holds a premier spot as the meeting place for medical professionals and industry in the field of intensive care medicine. The Congress, consisting of a strong scientific programme, a well-attended industry exhibition and a range of training sessions is expected to attract an audience of over 6,000 physicians, anaesthetists, trainees and nursing and allied health professionals from around 100 countries all across the world. 

At the event Bittium and Cerenion will present a comprehensive solution being developed in collaboration for monitoring the electrical activity of the brain:EEG of intensive care patients. This is done by combining Bittium Brain Status, a wireless EEG-monitoring device, designed for monitoring real-time electrical brain activity, with Cerenion’s innovative C-Trend analysis, that helps to interpret the brain function of intensive care patients, using one simple C-Trend Index, which is easy to follow. The purpose of the solution is to ease and speed up the work of the nursing staff at the intensive care unit.

Products and solutions exhibited at the event are: Bittium Brain Status is a wireless compact EEG amplifier, which is used together with a disposable easy and quick to wear Bittium Brain Status electrode headband, for example, to diagnose epileptic seizures and brain stroke. Bittium Brain Status enables quick measurement in field conditions, as well as, in hospitals, thus, making the treatment process of the patient faster. Bittium Brain Status can be used for wireless real-time remote EEG monitoring or data can be recorded to the device memory.

Bittium Brain Status with Cerenion C-Trend is the world’s first practical method for measuring the brain function of intensive care patients. C-Trend technology aims to show the status of the brain as one simple and easy to interpret score. Bittium Brain Status measures and monitors the brains EEG signal and C-Trend interprets the signal to a simple score by using advanced programming.

Bittium’s products and solutions are exhibited at stand 3.27

Further information: Arto Pietilä: Senior Vice President, Medical Technologies: Tele: +358 40 344 3507

About Bittium: Bittium specialises in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 30 year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies. Bittium provides innovative products and services, customised solutions based on its product platforms and RD services. Bittium, also, offers healthcare technology products and services for the measurement of and monitoring of bio-signals in the areas of cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Net sales in 2017 were EUR 51.6 million. Bittium is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.:::ω.

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Envision Virgin Racing Team: Let the New Team Identity Be Race for Green and Sustainability



|| October 10: 2018 || ά. Global digital energy company Envision Group, creator of the breakthrough Internet of Things:IoT platform EnOS, joined together with founding Formula E Team Virgin Racing to become Envision Virgin Racing from the upcoming fifth season of the all-electric race series. Preparing for the season ahead, the team unveiled a fresh identity, alongside its all-new Formula E car and a strong driver line-up of Mr Sam Bird and Mr Robin Frijns during a launch event on October 05.

Choosing Energy Efficiency Day as a symbolic date for the Team’s launch, the Founder and CEO of Envision Group Mr Lei Zhang made the announcement at the Team’s advanced and sustainability-friendly headquarters at Silverstone Park, in front of specially invited guests, partners and media. The news, also, marks the next chapter in the Team’s long-term collaboration with Envision Group following the announcement earlier this year that it had become the majority owner.  

Envision Group is committed to the supply of clean, secure and affordable energy through its smart energy products and services and EnOS operating system, the world's largest IoT platform. Connected to more than 100GW of energy terminals and 50 million devices worldwide, EnOS is at the centre of Envision Group’s aim to build an energy eco-system.

Addressing the large gathering of media and guests at the event, Mr Lei Zhang said, “We are incredibly excited to witness the Envision Virgin Racing team enter into the fifth season of Formula E. By taking part in this rapidly expanding racing series, we are provided with a format that allows us to share our enthusiasm for innovative technology, elegant design, smart mobility and high speed while showcasing the pure power of clean energy.

Virgin Racing’s on and off track achievements in this championship so far have been extraordinary and we hope that the new Envision Virgin Racing Team, united by a shared passion for sustainability and motorsport, can continue building this team’s impressive legacy.  

The Team will be guided by Mr Franz Jung, the Vice President of Envision Smart Mobility and the Chairman of the Board of Envision Virgin Racing. With his rich experience in automotive industry as a former senior executive of German premium brands, I’m confident in the team for the coming season.”

Hosted by TV personality Mr Vernon Kay, the live event, also, saw the race Team’s Managing Director Mr Sylvain Filippi take to the stage to discuss its new direction and ambitions for the season ahead, together with a Q and A with Mr Dieter Gass, the Head of Audi Motorsport.

The Team’s fresh livery was revealed by Mr Lei Zhang and Drivers Mr Sam Bird and Mr Robin Frijns. Mr Sam Bird, 31, remains part of the Team for a fifth consecutive season, having competed in all 45 Formula E races to date. He is one of only two drivers to have won in every season of Formula E, notching up an impressive seven wins and 15 podiums, completing his best season so far with third place overall earlier this year. 

Meanwhile, Mr Frijns, 27, raced in seasons two and three of the all-electric championship, securing a podium in his second ever race. Like Mr Bird, the Dutchman brings with him a long and successful motorsport pedigree, including, winning the Formula Renault 02.0 and 03.5 titles in his debut season, as well as, racing in DTM with Audi Sport, winning in GP2 and testing for both the Sauber and Caterham F1 teams. For this season, Mr Bird will continue to race under his usual number 02 banner, with Mr Frijns opting for number 04.

Mr Sylvain Filippi, Envision Virgin Racing’s Managing Director, said, “We’re delighted to be collaborating with such an innovative, like-minded and sustainability-focused company like Envision Group. For us, Formula E has always been more than just a racing championship, it’s a chance to be truly innovative and help accelerate change towards a better future.

As such, we’ve always been passionate about addressing the wider environmental issues and the reasoning behind our Race Against Climate Change programme. Now with Envision Group onboard, we feel we can strengthen this message even further. As well as, Envision Group, I’d like to personally welcome Robin to the team, as well as, thank Alex Lynn for all his hard work behind the wheel last season.”

Mr Sam Bird said, “It’s great to be remaining with the team for a fifth season. The relationship we have developed over the last 45 races has been incredible and I’m excited to see it continue to strengthen. Season five is a new era for every team with the introduction of the Gen2 car but, particularly, for us, as we are now joined by Envision Group. The Team has worked tirelessly over the summer and are ready to return to the track for pre-season testing.”

Mr Robin Frijns said, “I’m very excited to be returning to Formula E with Envision Virgin Racing. It’s great to be joining such a strong team and with the work we’ve already completed, it’s clear we have a very good package. The live event at Silverstone has showcased all that the team can do and it’s great to be a part of that. We now look ahead to pre-season testing, where we’ll be able to better gauge our on-track performance.”  

The 2018:2019 FIA Formula E Championship begins in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, on December 15, with pre-season testing beginning on October 16 in Valencia. The new season, also, marks a new era for Formula E with the Gen 02 cars now boasting almost double the energy storage allowing them to complete the entire race distance, bringing an end to the previous car changes. The power output has also been increased by 50kW, equivalent to 67hp, highlighting the advances in technology in just four seasons.:::ω.

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World Investment Forum 2018 in Geneva: October 22-26: There Is No Development Without Investment



|| October 09: 2018 || ά. More than 5,000 participants from 160 countries will meet in Geneva to thrash out major new investment for-development initiatives at UNCTAD’s World Investment Forum 2018 in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland from October 22-26. The high-level Conference comes amid mounting disquiet about declining investment flows and their impact on efforts to meet the ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the international community three years ago. “Global flows of foreign direct investment fell by 23% in 2017.” United Nations Secretary-General Mr Antonio Guterres said.

“Cross-border investment in developed and transition economies dropped sharply, while growth was near zero in developing economies. With only a very modest recovery predicted for 2018, this negative trend is a long-term concern for policymakers worldwide, especially, for developing countries.” Private sector investment in developing countries totalling $03.9 trillion a year is needed to generate economic activity to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, the core of the 2030 Agenda, according to UNCTAD research. Current levels leave an investment gap of some $02.5 trillion.

Marking its 10th anniversary, the biennial World Investment Forum remains the premier venue to forge partnerships among investment and development stakeholders to close this gap. A unique gathering of high-level players from the global investment-development community, the forum provides an opportunity to hold an open dialogue, brainstorm solution-oriented initiatives and foster global alliances to advance prosperity for all. This year’s event comprises some 60 events, including, three summits, five ministerial round tables, private-sector led sessions and several awards ceremonies.

Besides giving participants a chance to spotlight priorities for attracting and channelling investment, that will drive sustainable development, the forum sessions will, also, focus on transformative actions and innovative financing modes. Speakers from business and special guests include more than 30 leading executives of multinationals, among them Aviva, De Beers, Coca Cola, Contour Global, Jumia, Lavazza, PwC, Siemens Financial Services, UBS and the heads of stock exchanges including, those in Bombay, Johannesburg, Luxembourg, Nasdaq Nordic, SIX and Shenzen, as well as, the leaders of sovereign wealth and pension funds.   

Fourteen heads of states and governments have confirmed that they will attend, including, those from Armenia, Baangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, Kenya, Lesotho, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malawi, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, Sierra Leone and Switzerland. 

They will be joined by more than fifty ministers from developed and developing countries and 21 heads of international organisations. The topicality of the forum for the international investment and development communities is reflected in the number and diversity of organisations, that have partnered with UNCTAD for the event. 

As well as United Nations entities, 50 other organisations will be at the event, including, the Commonwealth, the International Labour Organisation, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the International Olympic Committee, the International Organisation of Securities Commissions, the International Telecommunication Union, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Economic Forum, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank Group. 

These partnerships have generated exciting new content for this year’s participants, including an in-depth look at the relationship between sport and development, co-hosted with the International Olympic Committee and, on the annual United Nations Day, October 24, a session on the role of investment in peace and security.  

Five independent tracks will run in parallel with the main forum, with a special programme for parliamentarians, a multidisciplinary academic conference, an investment village, the 35th anniversary session of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting:ISAR and the 2018 UNCTAD Youth Forum, taking youth entrepreneurship as its theme.:::ω.

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Valio Presents Its Dairy Food Innovations and Ingredient Solutions at SIAL Paris: October 21-25












|| October 09: 2018 || ά. A Finnish dairy company, Valio, is to unveil a raft of pnew products and food solutions, including, Valio Mifu, a new, milk-based alternative to meat, at SIAL Paris during October 21-25 in hall 7F at stand 040. Throughout the show Valio chefs will be on the stand to demonstrate how its products and ingredients can be used to create healthy and delicious food.

Valio is aspires to lead in identifying upcoming food trends and creates solutions, that manufacturers globally can adapt to local market needs. Valio’s innovative products and food ingredients satisfy demand for high quality, high protein, lactose free dairy. Mr Timo Pajari, SVP, Food Solution Sales at Valio Oy, said, “With consumer demand for natural products, that promote health and wellness, Valio responds with innovations made of pure Finnish, high-quality milk.

Valio is a team of passionate food experts, who constantly strive to push forward and create the most pioneering dairy products and solutions, that help people eat better and, in turn, feel better. Valio products address the latest health trends based on our in-depth market analysis and consumer insights. We, also, set high standards for our corporate social responsibility requirements and are proud to have been voted the most sustainable company in Finland five years in a row.”

At SIAL, Valio’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to share consumer insights, that explain how buyers can capitalise on the food trends, that are reshaping the food business. Valio’s new dairy innovation, Valio Mifu, is set to create curiosity among show-goers as a new, natural, healthy alternative to meat, that is made of nutritious milk protein, which satisfies a distinct gap in the market.

Valio Mifu is made of the rich, high quality protein naturally occurring in milk, the highest nutritional quality of all natural protein sources, with calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc. Mr Timo Pajari said, “We identified a gap in the market for real food products, that vegetarians and flexitarians could enjoy as alternatives to meat. We are proud to have pioneered Valio Mifu, a wholesome product, that is rich in protein and supports people aiming to reduce their meat intake.”

Three Valio products have been hand-picked by the SIAL Jury for the SIAL Innovation Selection: Valio Mifu meat-free milk protein strips, free from lactose, Valio Eila lactose free unsalted butter 25 kg for the food ingredients industry and Valio Oddlygood oat-based yogurt alternatives.

Valio will, also, exhibit its food ingredients solutions, which supply some of the world’s biggest producers in 50 markets, including, baby food, bakery, confectionary, special nutrition and dairy.

Valio provides expert tailor-made solutions to clients based on their needs, advised by an in-depth understanding of consumer insights and knowledge on the latest food trends, to provide most advanced products on the market. Valio wants people to eat better and feel their best. The company invented lactose free dairy over 20 years ago to offer great tasting, pure dairy to those with trouble digesting milk products.

Valio now offers world-class dairy to fulfil market demand for other health requirements, including, free from high protein and low sugar and salt. Responding to the food industry’s increasing demand for personalisation, Valio manufactures milk powders, demineralised whey powders and many advanced blends, where customers can specify their requirements and opt to add ingredients. Its RD team is constantly providing innovative food solutions for customers and strives to create the most nutritional dairy in the world. 

Valio experts will be on the stand throughout SIAL to give insight into how Valio food ingredients can elevate food manufacturers’ businesses. Activity on the stand will include live demonstrations from Valio chefs, who will utilise fresh Finnish ingredients to serve a menu of delicious Nordic food for attendees to taste. Attendees are encouraged to experience Valio Mifu strips in Finnish style with root vegetables, as well as, pancakes, pastries, smoothies and chocolate, made with ingredients, such as, lactose free Valio Eila milk powder and butter and a selection of cheeses.

About Valio: Valio, offering the taste of Nordic nature since 1905, is a brand leader and the biggest dairy business in Finland and a major player in the international dairy ingredients market. The company is owned by dairy cooperatives comprising some 5,500 dairy farmers. Wellbeing is at the heart of Valio’s world leading technology innovations, expertise and products that are made from clean Finnish milk and other ingredients.

Our product development follows in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner A. I. Virtanen, and the company holds 350 patents in 50 countries. Our efforts to improve animal welfare are resolute, and we know that only healthy cows can produce premium milk products. Valio’s milk ranks among the cleanest in the world, and we have zero tolerance for antibiotic residue in milk.

Valio has net sales of EUR 01.7 billion and is Finland’s biggest food exporter. Valio products are found in some 60 countries and account for 25% of Finland’s total food exports. Valio seeks strong growth in international markets and has subsidiaries in Russia, Sweden, the Baltics, USA and China. :::ω.

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The State of the UK Housing Market: Nominal Price Growth But Transactions Continue to Slide



|| September 24: 2018: Naomi Heaton Writing || ά. Prices in Prime Central London:PCL in August now stand at £1,781,090, representing annual growth of 01.5%. Over the last four years, they have increased by just 0.2%. Transactions continue to remain stubbornly depressed at 3,771, a record low. It is the first time that annual transactions have remained below 4,000 for five consecutive months since records were first published. This continued slide is putting further pressure on sellers, estate agents and home builders alike. It is, also, likely to reduce tax revenues for the Treasury.

There has been no action or initiative from the Government, that gives any indication that this trend will change. The housing market appears to be the least of the Government’s worries with a potential ‘No Deal’ Brexit on the horizon. Whilst uncertainty continues, it is bound to stifle homeowner and investor interest. However, a significant buying opportunity exists before positive sentiment returns and the market rallies.

Average prices in Greater London, excluding, PCL, have hit a high this month at £594,123. This is a monthly rise of 02.4%. Nevertheless, prices have only seen an increase of 02.6% over the year. Transactions have continued to slide since the introduction of Additional Rate Stamp Duty in April 2016, falling 06.0% year on year to 84,883, the lowest level since 2011. However, a significant increase in quarterly sales of 14.7%, suggests that this tax, may, finally, be getting accepted by buyers.

The performance of the London property market remains disappointing. This can be attributed to weak investor sentiment and a lack of affordable properties in the capital. Many house owners are, also, reluctant to move, if, they have seen the value of their property decline.

However, we are now seeing more experienced investors returning. Contra-cyclical dollar-denominated investors are able to acquire assets at unusually large discounts. With a view to holding them for the medium to long-term, they are no longer waiting to call the bottom of the market.

Prices in England and Wales, excluding, Greater London, now stand at £262,910, a monthly increase of 02.9%. However, on an annual basis there has been minimal growth of 02.1%. This low level of growth has been a running theme throughout all sectors reported. 

There has been a quarterly increase in transactions of 15.2%, however, annual transactions continue to fall by 01.3%. They now stand at 792,845, almost, 30% down on pre-Global Financial Crisis levels.

The wider market in England and Wales is currently proving to be more robust than that of Greater London and PCL, with transactions falling but not at the same rate. London has, without doubt, been more impacted by the introduction of successive residential taxes and levels of affordability.

However, a slowing or possible fall of house price growth in England and Wales outside London, coupled with rising interest rates and general economic uncertainty, may, see transactions fall further and price growth stagnate.

Naomi Heaton is the Chief Executive Officer of LCP:::ω.

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Randgold-Barrick Merger: It Raises Two Immediate Questions



|| September 24: 2018: Charles Gibson Writing || ά. Given that Randgold Resources was once described as, ‘Mark Bristow running around West Africa with a cheque book’, the announcement of today’s nil premium merger between Randgold and Barrick to form the world’s largest gold miner in a little over twenty years from the former’s inception is a significant personal triumph for Randgold’s CEO and will leave a lot of other gold mining companies pondering ‘what if’.

Of course, the merger had been heavily rumoured months ago, but so much time had elapsed since Bristow’s publicly avowed aim of concluding a ‘transformative deal’ that many observers were beginning to think that it might never happen. Arguably, it is, also, a, rare, triumph for the methodical approach of science and geology over the values of Goldman Sachs-style corporate capitalism. Given that Randgold trades on higher ratings on almost all measures, that matter and the fact that Mr Bristow will become CEO of the enlarged group demonstrates, which company holds the ascendancy in this relationship; plus, the fact that it is Barrick, that will pay Randgold a ‘break fee’, if, things go awry.

Despite its earlier rise to greatness, Barrick’s shares are approximately where Randgold’s were ten years ago, whereas Randgold’s are where Barrick’s were ten years ago. Moreover, it is easy to see why, with Barrick shareholders in line to receive eight cents of dividends for the period June-December 2018, while Randgold’s stand to receive two dollars’ worth. When he complained that the reason that a deal had not hitherto been done was mostly because of ‘ego’, we now have a fairly good idea of whose ego it was.

The merger raises two immediate questions. Firstly, a number of investors inferred that Mr Bristow always meant such a ‘transformative deal’ to mark the apotheosis of his career. Mr Bristow is personally credited with creating the environment and philosophy that underpinned much of Randgold’s success and forward thinking investors were already beginning to ask questions about the succession at Randgold.

They will certainly want comfort now that he will stay for long enough to apply the same approach to Barrick’s assets before hanging up his spurs. The other concerns the fate of Acacia Mining in London. Formerly African Barrick Gold, Acacia represents Barrick’s African assets that were spun off in 2010 at the princely sum of 575p per share to London investors, and in which Barrick still retains a majority 64% interest. Back when he first mooted a ‘transformative deal’, many bankers thought that Acacia would make a perfect fit with Randgold Resources.  

However, Acacia has since fallen on hard times and Mr Bristow wasted little diplomacy in signalling his distaste for the idea, as well, as we see now, as having bigger fish to fry. To be fair, Mr Bristow has always described tax as the dues a company has to pay in order to operate within a particular country and, inasmuch as Randgold has been a diligent taxpayer in the countries, in which it operates, he, might, find himself on common ground with the Tanzania government.

With Acacia thus far effectively cut out of the talks with the government about its future, however, the gulf between what the Tanzanian government want and what New Barrick might be prepared to offer seems almost impossibly wide and it, may, tax even Mr Bristow’s legendary deal-making abilities to bring such a fraught dispute to a happy resolution. With his African experience and heritage, however, he, might, just be the man for the job.

: Charles Gibson is an Analyst at Edison Investment Research: :::ω.

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Year Delta Arkive 2018-19

Year Gamma Arkive 2017-18

Year Beta Arkive 2016-17

Year Alpha Arkive 2015-16

The Long Walk to Ithaca

Until Humanity has achieved the conditions to fully discard capitalism and put it in the archives of history of human development and begin to craft humanics, it must be brought under, run and managed by the rule of law and the absolute yardstick of that law must be that it must always serve the entire people of a country:nation. Capitalism cannot, as it stands, nor can it be modified to do so, so long it remains a system of money to make profits, deliver 100% employment. Never can it deliver this. Thus, societies cannot 'punish' the poor and jobless people, who fill this 'basket' perpetually, for its failures and injustices that it causes. And thus, it is High Time the Progressive Parties and Forces Across Europe and the World Must Commit to a Guaranteed Universal Income, a Guaranteed Home, a Guaranteed Education Up to College, a Guaranteed Job and Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need for All Citizens: The Humanion

No company will ever let you make this, the image above, while they pay you to work for them. Only you can do it, if you work for 'yourself'. This is the deficit of our existing Political Economics because it wants to give people 'jackets' to wear, ignoring the fact, whether these jackets fit people or strangle them, and most fundamentally, ignoring the fact that people themselves have their own jackets and they look the most at home wearing their own jackets. The Political Economics that is built on letting people create, make and shape their own 'creation', wearing their own jackets for the benefits of others so that they know that they are able to be the best of what they are capable of and bring the best out of themselves. And only than, the 'creation' belongs to the worker, not to consume for one cannot and does not consume one's own creation, but to give for giving is the highest of what humanity is and can ever be and one cannot give something that one is not, that one has not created, for nothing else belongs to a creator but that what she:he creates, that what one has become. Because the 'creation' now belongs to the worker, she:he can now truly offers that as her:his contributions to the wider and greater society for its benefit; society, in turn, offers its gracefulness, thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude by respecting that contributions and offering her:him in return, the dignity, safety, security, peace and means, mechanics, measures and culture to live in natural justice. We are nowhere near there yet. But 'I have a dream.......... as Martin Luther King Junior once said or that it is a Long Walk to Freedom as Nelson Mandela wrote... it is indeed a long walk to liberty, equality, purpose, meaning and natural justice. But we are bound to Ithaca and the walk, no matter how long, how arduous, how difficulty-strewn, how hostile and tiring, we shall continue to carry on walking towards Ithaca....

End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign






The Humanion Political Economics

Please, send in news, views, reviews, analysis, forecasts, trends, initiatives, funds and investments news that are promoting Green Investment and Sustainable Economics. Economics that does not function and run on the soul basis of generating and managing human resources and wealth in a green and sustainable manner and path is a poisonous economics that supports the suicidal path both for the human kind and the earth; as well as harms all other life forms, environment and ecology. The purpose of economics is not to count and manage 'money' but nurture, foster, develop and enrich the 'resources', which include human, financial, natural, biological, scientific, artistic, cultural, material and cosmological resources, for the soul purpose of supporting, enabling and fostering life and living on earth, in the Solar System in the Universe. However, please, note, if your company has a website, that does not clearly say who run the company, where it operates from, what kind of company it is, who are in its leadership and the other groups, anyone, who has set up a website, where they use all sorts of evasive expressions, phrases and clichés, that one can find in thousand other websites but there are no details of the humanity behind the entity,  The Humanion won't use materials from any such organisations. The Humanion does not dehumanise itself nor would it accept others dehumanising themselves, thus, dehumanising us. And from those companies or websites, where people are simply Jack or Mack or Pike without even a full human name: No, Thank you. Please, send materials, all stories must come with texts, images and any other items directly sent as attachments. No weblink  or forwarding address. Unless sent this way, The Humanion won't be able to cover your story. Please, send materials to editor at thehumanion dot com

Please, Note: The Humanion Does Not Give Investment Advice

The Humanion does not offer investment advice. Investment of any kind has risks as the value of investment may go up as well as down and, most importantly, past performance of a particular 'fund':any 'fund' is not a guarantee of similar future performance but a guide only. It is, therefore, paramount to seek to make investment decisions, having acquired enough facts:knowledge about the entity being considered for investment from well established and legitimate sources including relevant professional:financial bodies and government departments:agencies, and having consulted professional investment advice from bona fide, qualified financial advisers. Only than, one is likely to be able to make an informed choice and decision about an investment. The Humanion

Valo Therapeutics: Bringing Vision Into Science and Medicine

|| February 04: 2017 || ά. Valo Therapeutics or Valo Tx, for short, is a spin-out company from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Valo Tx has assembled a uniquely talented team of oncolytic virus experts, who together with the founding scientist have the necessary expertise to take this patented technology through clinical development and make it available to patients. The management team has a proven track record of developing successful companies from a laboratory idea to a full stock exchange listing.

The Business Concept: Valo Tx is positioned to transform the field of immunotherapy for a wide range of cancer types. Valo Tx's technology uniquely combines the best qualities of two distinct clinically proven cancer immunotherapy concepts - peptide vaccination and oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy. Building on an existing and recently FDA-approved approach for use of oncolytic viruses, Valo Tx has developed a proprietary, genetically modified adenovirus that will form the basis of its therapeutic approach.

Equality and Liberty are two states that define, determine, and shape what humanity is, can be;
what it aspires to be and what it can seek to create and achieve in order to craft a meaning
of its existence. Without these two, Humanity will continue to live an inferior life than what
is possible until the two halves: all individuals in them: that makes it, are all absolutely, 
fundamentally and jubilantly Equal and all are at Liberty. Here, is Laura Boldrini:
President of the Chamber of Deputies: Italy. Towards Gender Equality we march:
Image: Laura Boldrini's Website: The Humanion









Carolyn Fairbairn: CBI Director General

Dupsy Abiola, Founder of Intern Avenue

Aowen Jin: An Artist at Work










They Go Up and Down: Prices of Currencies, Assets, Capitals and Investments and the Machines, Devices and Technology Get Worn Out, Softwares Become Obsolete: But the Only Capital That Never Loses Its Value But Actually Increases It is the Human Capital











This young surgeon is the 'miracle' of this human wealth for she is going to get better and better and better at what she does. The older she gets, practising and learning, the higher most value she is, to her place of work and for her nation, for her people and for humanity.

The Trap or Bondage of Choice

End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign

|| January 26: 2017 || ά. The Grapes of Wrath: John Steinbeck: People go hungry and die in their millions, children suffer from malnutrition and its devastating consequences and die in their millions, people suffer in hunger, cold and desperation, living on the street in their millions, millions have no job, millions have no home, millions live in perpetual destitution, hundreds of millions live and die without ever having been to a school, millions die of preventable diseases: all this happens because we, the humanity, do not choose as Ma wants us to do and we ask the wrong question, 'Can we?' instead of 'Will we?' Or rather, we do not choose what is good for all of us but simply what is good for ourselves alone. 

And this is what, The Humanion calls the 'Trap' or 'Bondage' of Choice that we, the 'normals' make. We want to keep our jobs, our homes, our cars, our holidays, our life-styles and our security and we do all to ensure this happens for us and we simply choose to reside in this 'trap', in this 'bondage' so that we, with willful choice, decide to continue to ignore, to look away, to not see and to not think and to not do anything to ensure everyone is having the same 'good' that we have access to. And what is worse, we simply, stay in that bondage because it offers us the comfort zone. We live and enjoy life while we make ourselves think and believe that it is not our duty to think, to ask, to seek to change, to make better.

And nothing is good if it is not good for all. Natural air is good for all and it is therefore, good for A, B and C but polluted air is not good for anyone neither for all nor for A, B and C. But we, being A, B and C, choose to build our 'mini-green-houses' where we seek to get fresh air to breathe while every one else, who cannot do so live and die breathing polluted air and we see nothing wrong in this. And here is the point: who is to make us wake up and see selfishness is the true enemy that continuously keeps on eroding our very humanity, this selfishness by which we choose to live by.

This human being, in the image above, must be the child of a set of parents, she must be a daughter, a grand daughter, an aunt, a sister, a cousin, a colleague, a friend, a fellow of other humans who are us, this We. But we find it acceptable that she is living on the street because we first dehumanise ourselves so to be able to dehumanise the rest of humanity so that we can look at her and see her not as one of us, as one of our flesh and blood, as one of our kith and keen. Why and how do we find this acceptable? But because we do find it acceptable and we choose to continue to accept it, she and many, many others like her, live, suffer and die on the street in the most horrible state of suffering that we normals have hardly any understanding or comprehension about?

For how could one who has not suffered hunger, who has not known the bitter cold, who has not been shattered by the sheer cold and terrible force of the cold wind that gets worse because of hunger, who has not got wet by rain and heated by too much sun, who has not been thirsty, who has not been abused, shown absolute contempt and disregard and been spat at, kicked about and physically assaulted by other humans, understand such an agonising existence, such a desperate and such a devastating state of suffering? And yet, we accept this as the human condition but conditions, human or otherwise, do not and cannot set themselves up; it is us that set or create the conditions. Through our choice we decide, shape and create whatever conditions we want to see arising out of our being human to create the ecology that supports, nurtures, fosters, protects, enhances and empowers humanity. But instead, we choose to do it only for ourselves.

But what we normals do not understand is this that this infinite suffering creates infinite amount  of what John Steinbeck called, The Grapes of Wrath and that is going to rise and tear down the world of the normals, that will bring down the entire thing, unless the normals wake up and realise the choice that needs to be made, must be made. And this choice is simply this that we ought to choose what is good for all and not for just us, the normals. The signs of the Grapes of Wrath are allwhere to be seen in the world; except the evil and nasty forces are seeking to manipulate, use and get these grapes of wrath to support their nasty agenda that will bring infinite suffering to all and yet, these evil forces shall not be able to nor are they capable of nor do they want to bring about 'good' that is good for all. And one looks in Europe and one sees that this is happening all over Europe. One looks out and finds America and it is happening there, too. One looks out and surveys the entire world and it is happening all over the world.

Parallel to this infinity of human misery, agony and suffering is this new reality of 'protectionism' whereby we normals are seeking to support efforts towards the rise of isolationism, putting up borders and closing all that can be closed to ensure and let the extreme nationalism bulldoze all that it thinks must be destroyed and in this  'we the normals' see ourselves as protected and our 'prosperity' and life-styles guarded. But capitalism cannot grow prosperity without selling its goods, products and services so it must go out into the world to sell so to make profit. Putting up borders, walls and the stranglehold of protectionism and isolationism is not going to serve capitalism and us, the normals in the long run for this mythical prosperity shall crumble if capitalism cannot do business, sell and make profit from the world that we support to be closed off from our shores. In the long run it is not going to help anything.

Further to this point, we support efforts to make this isolation and protectionism to close the world out but we want the money, the profit must continue to come in to support our life-styles, safety and security while we want simply to leave the rest of the world with the 'mercy of the elements' because it does not concern us. And this, too, is not going to support our interest in the long run and just remember what is going on the world, in the middle east, in asia, in africa, in latin america and all other places of the world: the wars, the conflicts, the violence, the economic desperations, poverty, hunger, malnutrition and the ravages of all the diseases and the refugees and the migrants and what the responses to their plights from this normals' world. One cannot live in a closed off house where all the roads, streets and alleyways are closed off, where all the doors, windows, ventilations and all other openings are closed off. If, metaphorically speaking, a human soul closes itself in such a house, in such a locked down situation, in such isolation, it means only one thing, that this soul is severely ill and has chosen to wait for death; except this death will be most agonisingly slow and most terribly painful and most desperately lonely and sad. 

And yet, the suffering multitude continues to suffer but they will not simply be washed away, they simply cannot be ignored and put under a 'mythical carpet.' And yet, let's go back to the Trap or Bondage of Choice: we, the normals vote for a Party that does nothing to change or make better these conditions but they get our support because we think and believe this Party is going to ensure our 'mini-green-houses' are safe and intact. And we decide, choose and convince ourselves to ignore this fact that they are going cut away the very support to the poorest, the most vulnerable and the most helpless of society. We simply do not even think about that because we do not want to 'risk it'. So we vote for this Party. Worse still, we vote for parties that are, the ultimate social evil, because we believe that this will make our 'normal world' safer and protected, even if it means most of the people of humanity will suffer these nasty forces wracking havoc of assaults on and against them. But we vote for these parties and they are using all means possible to use the down-trodden's Grapes of Wrath to advance their own nasty agenda that simply is anathema to what humanity and human existence are about. ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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All That You Need for Medicine: A Medical Heat Sensor Supporting This Device

Image: Ovenind

Photo-Speak: Learning and
Innovation Show Us That
There is Always a Better Way 
of Being, of Becoming and of
Imagining and of Creating

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Haaga-Helia Finland

Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis


























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