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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Do Not Play With What You Do Not Understand Child: Nuffield Council Statement on Reports of Gene-Edited Babies Born in China



|| December 06: 2018 || ά. Last week it was reported in the media: gene-edited babies were born, for the first time in China, which could not but be a dangerous precedent and it must not be let to become one. On this profound issue, that has so many layers, level and magnitude of issues involved, which concern the entire humankind and not just people in China. The Chinese Government made much noise denouncing it but it is not enough for China to just do so. It is time China takes this issue and bring it to an end. Research is no whim and whatever research discipline researchers are working on they do not, can not and must not work, as, if, they are in blocked out space-chamber; they are absolutely not but part of the world research community and their doings impact on the very human condition about which no one has the right to unilaterally go and do things like this. Humans are no laboratory animals and no-one ought to have the right to bring forth human children with techniques and technologies, that have not gone beyond ‘amoeba’ stage!

At best, such efforts can be dangerous criminal negligence to bring forth human children into existence while no-one knows what kind of life and life-condition, quality of existence and life expectancy and what health and other conditions, they, might, come to suffer or not and who takes responsibility for whatever comes of these children! At worst, it is a dangerous game, played by so-called driven and daring but blindly self-promoting and thrill-seeking people using research to advance their personal status and reputation without limit to what it, might, cost. This can not be let to go on. We have too much narcissism in the world already; science does not need narcissistic people ruining the filed of research for their own advantage and thrill-seeking. The world must rise to this challenge and bring an end to this dangerous and irresponsible way of treating human lives and humanity in general.  

On this issue, Nuffield Bio-Ethics Council has issued a statement, which says: Today, the media has reported that gene-edited babies have been born in China. If, these reports are true, this is deeply concerning. The possibilities raised by heritable genome editing could have significant implications for individuals and for all of society. We do not know enough about the safety of these procedures or welfare implications. It’s crucial that action is taken now to support research on safety, facilitate public debate, and put in place appropriate governance.

In July, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics published a report on the ethical and social issues raised by heritable genome editing interventions. We concluded that their use could be morally permissible in some circumstances. These circumstances do not, however, exist at present, anywhere. In our report we have discussed what these circumstances might be, but it is now for the wider society to agree them, and to define what governance measures should apply.

We recommended that any use of genome editing interventions should be guided by two overarching principles: they must be intended to secure and be consistent with, the welfare of the future person and they should not increase disadvantage, discrimination or division in society. More work needs to be done to establish whether these principles can be met.

Mr Pete Mills, Assistant Director of the Council said, “Coming on the eve of the second international summit on genome editing, this announcement looks like a cynical attempt to seize headlines. If, the claims are true, it is a premature, inexplicable and possibly reckless intervention that may threaten the responsible development of future applications of genome editing.”

Read the Nuffield Council on Bioethics Report on Gene-Editing.:::ω. 

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