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The Pen

Think of the International Space Station: ISS: How Did the Human Mind Bring That Giant of a Plan onto Paper: The Pen. Eiffel Tower: The Pen. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Pen. War and Peace: The Pen. Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica: The Pen. William Shakespeare: The Pen. Daz Kapital: The Pen. We the People: The Pen. Magna Carta: The Pen. Pablo Neruda. The Pen. Solar Sail: The Pen.












May 08:2018

The Pen: The Most Beautiful of All Human Creations: And this, Section, The Pen, we dedicate to the Memory, Name and Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who had achieved the highest of human accolade in using his Pen and making words magic in whose One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Treaty of Nirlandia was signed by the Colonel, not with a gun but with a Pen: The Pen. The Humanion with The Pen on May 03: 2016










The English PEN Invites Everyone to Gather Round the PEN Ackerley Prize 2018 in London: July 10



|| July 04: 2018 || ά. The English PEN has announced that all three authors shortlisted for the PEN Ackerley Prize 2018 are to be joining together for a special prize-giving event, taking place on Tuesday, July 10 at 19:00-20:15. The three authors contending for the Prize are Mr Richard Beard, Ms Maggie O’Farrell and Ms Victoria Whitworth.

The PEN Ackerley Prize is awarded annually to a literary autobiography of excellence and is the only UK prize solely dedicated to memoir. Mr Richard Beard for The Day That Went Missing: Harvill Secker, Ms Maggie O’Farrell for I Am, I Am, I Am: Tinder Press and Ms Victoria Whitworth for Swimming with Seals: Head of Zeus. The Prize-giving event is taking place at the Free Word Centre in London. The Centre is based at 60 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3GA.

They are expected to discuss their memoirs with the Chair of the Judges of the Prize Mr Peter Parker, before the winner of the 2018 prize is announced.

The gathering will be able to join the event for this celebratory event to hear more about the work of these three great writers. Copies of the shortlisted books will be available to purchase on the night.

Tickets to the PEN Ackerley Prize 2018 are £08.00 and include a free glass of wine. Members of English PEN, may, attend for the discounted price of £05.00 by using the discount code PENMEMBER at the Free Word online box office.

Joe Randolph Ackerley, 1896-1967, was an Author and long-time Literary Editor of The Listener Magazine. The J. R. Ackerley Prize was endowed by his sister Nancy in his memory.

Mr Peter Parker is the Author of Housman Country, The Last Veteran, The Old Lie: The Great War and the Public-School Ethos and biographies of J. R. Ackerley and Christopher Isherwood. He is an Advisory Editor of The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and has written about books, painting, architecture and gardening for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines.

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It Is Always In The Light Of The Pen Where Resides Humanity's Future: For Woman: For Man


|| March 08: 2018: The Humanion Pen || ά. It is always the light: against the dark: It is an ever-growing vine of light against the trellis of the darkness: And this beautiful light and this awe-inspiring darkness are the magnificent duality of this Universe in which all beauty and all truth are sung and our origin, our practice, being and doing and becoming, our learning and creating and giving and forwarding and our destination is and can not but be this light: And with this light we fight the monstrosities of the evils, that always threaten the very existence of humanity and these evils are rising and sharpening their claws and millions and millions of people, human beings across the earth are falling willingly into their laps. But the world and the world humanity can not but rise to face these challenges for, if, we, fail, Hitlers and Mussolinis and countless others like them are going to run and devastate, all we have: the very core of all human values and all diversity of humanity are the most targeted of things by these dark forces. But it is always the light, with which must we rise to make a stand and fight.

And it is always the Pen: It is always the light of the thought: It is always the architecture of reason by and with which these thoughts are constructed. It is always the Nile of creation: flowing in the ink of light: light equates to enlightenment, only which can lift us out of fear, paranoia and absolute phobia, prejudice, hatred, xenophobia and all other related hatred, misogyny and masochism: only enlightenment can make us see and become free of these and reach a state of liberty: It is the Pen: It is always the Pen: On March 08: 2018, as we celebrate The Woman: let us remind the world, that is 'hell-bent' on going backward and all parts of the world are now turned around and they all are being 'misled' towards this backwardness: that it is the light we should be headed and not the darkness but these so called leaders and their parties and groups and all the rest are making people believe humanity should head to the darkness! All, that we have achieved, are now facing 'termination' and the whole humanity is facing a desperately lawless present and future.

Here is The Humanity At The Humanion: Presented with the Gifts of Kerry Fleur Schleifer

And, these are real: it is happening everywhere in Europe, in the Americas, in Asia and in Africa and Australasia and everywhere it is, as, if, humanity has reached a state of 'absolute carnage', of 'absolute slaughter': all, that has been achieved, particularly, over the last few centuries and enhanced and codified and enshrined into laws, practices and cultures, now face 'utter and absolute' destruction'. Law, international law, rule of law, rights, human rights, woman's rights, child's rights and so on and so forth, all are now being thrown into the bonfire of ignorance. Look at China turning back: look at Russia: it has not only turned back but, also, now is living in the past and feeding monstrosities in blood and carnage: in America the people have been cut out of the American constitution: In Africa, the same line of destructive divisions, warmongering, hatred and conflicts: In Asia hatred has been rising and rising: Japan has turned backward speaking jingoism: Australasia has not been much better and they have turned backward, as well: In South America they have turned backward: In Europe fascism and nazism are back with a vengeance and, what is chilling is this that it has ceased to shock people. Fascism, nazism, racism has become 'normal'. All this put together and, still we see the world has amassed the largest possible funds to support and maintain hundreds of millions of people-worth of armies across the earth and across nations and under whom an unfathomable and absolutely obscene amount of money is being wasted while the entire world, most of all, the so called advanced world are becoming 'glorified squalors', where poverty is literally 'dissecting', the greater part of any population and these desperation are tearing hundreds of millions of human lives across the earth. 

Why should all this be part of the Celebration of The Woman: Well, what are the women in Yemen are doing? What are the Rohingya Women doing? What are the women in Syria doing? What are the women in pccupied territories of Palestine doing? What are the women of America doing, where a great majority of women are accepted as second class citizens? What are the women in Ireland doing, where they are still treated as 'state owned objects' so that they must act, as, if, their bodies are owned by the state: if, they fail, they should be punished: What are the women in Russian rural societies doing, where they have laws allowing their husbands to 'chastise' their wives? What are the women doing being trafficked as commodities? What are the women doing being abused and bought and sold in refugee camps in Libya and other places? What are the women doing being enslaved in very many modern slavery, including, hundreds of millions across the world, who are married to 'a life time of enforced matrimonial economic slavery'? What are the African young women doing, who have neither education nor any prospects of ever getting into employment and they are being 'passed around in the abuse-route' so that they can have 'material existence'? What are the women doing, who are under paid? What are the women doing, where their employers think they have a right to ask the women whether they were or planning to be pregnant? What are countless number of women around the world doing, who are being violated, abused, beaten and many pay with their lives? This can go on for a few years, if, we keep at it! Therefore, women's rights and celebrating women is not a task, that we can take as, if, we are having a portion of fish and chips: This is a political fight: This is a political philosophical fight: This is a political economical fight: This is a sociological fight: This is a cultural fight: And, no, it can not be done by wearing t-shirts and expressing opinions in the distorteddia arena!

This task is not just for women: This task in not just for men: it is a task for both men and women: Because they both are humans and together form humanity and they must work together and fight together to achieve liberty for all so that everyone is equal. And in this fight education and learning is the way to go: Those, who think just expressing opinions and using clichés and taughtologies they can bring about any social change, are utterly mistaken. Education is the light with which to acquire the power to change lives: One's life and others' lives. Women's lives and men's lives: boys' lives and girls' lives. Education is the only way one can seek to change the culture in Russian rural areas so that people did not accept the treatment of women by beating them up! And, this is not just happening in Russia but in many many parts of the world, even, in the advanced economies. Only education can make human souls rise above the low state of existence, that is such that makes people fall victims of all sorts of horrors and sociological evils. This is a political and philosophical and economical and sociological and cultural fight. Let us commit to this fight and look at the serious, vital and fundamental issues at stake. Yes, it is a dangerous world but in this dangerous world we have achieved much and must we keep going, keeping focus and not get distracted and hijacked by pseudo-social-crocodiling', where everyone is making money by 'selling' women's rights and this and the other. We need more women like Dr Angela Merkels: We need more MPs and Congress Women and Female Senators, more in leadership positions but for this, again, education is a must: For becoming a Congress Woman or an MP or a Leader of political movement, one can not but do the hardest of task: not just education will do: Farther and more determined and more sustained and more committed and continual work are a must and, an absolute commitment to serve the public good: Expressing hollow opinions and feeding hatred and hostility are not things, that advance women's empowerment. More women in all fields of politics, economics, sociology, law and judiciary and areas of policy-leading, as well as, advancing women's education, particularly, higher and further education: in all fields of sciences and mathematics and engineering and all other discipline of studies.

And, the final point, is this: those, who seem to suddenly promote a view, as, if, women's rights and empowerment are women's things and that women have men as enemies are utterly wrong and dangerously misguided. Let us make this point: we can not have a sphere without two halves. And one would say, well, there are two halves in it so what: But looking at these two halves one can not but see that, despite, being and appearing and doing the same task: Filling the half of a sphere, these two halves are not the same: for the Southern Hemisphere faces the Northern Hemisphere or Eastern faces Western: So that they can not be said to be the same: We have to reverse the Southern Hemisphere so that it becomes Northern Hemisphere to face the Southern side. This is how woman and man are making humanity: Imagine, a woman and a man, facing each other and you can see that these are two, apparently, same thing, except some specific physiological differences, are not the the same? Well, here is the paradox: they are same but they are not the same at the same time: for what is the difference between a right hand and a left: They are the same and they are not the same at the same time: the woman is made by reversing the man or the man is made by reversing a woman: So that it is, as, if, humanity has been given this astonishing double-power so that an Emma stands facing south and a John stands facing north and this way, together, they can see the opposite sides and opposite perspectives, that neither Emma nor John can do alone. But this gives them both the power to unite the 390 degree view into a one view, that they both can now generate. In terms of this similarities between man and woman: if, we, imagine, any other people looking at Emma and John standing from far they would conclude that they were looking at two human beings: while, if, we, imagine other animals looking at this couple, they would describe them as 'humans' and, then, may, add that they are of two sorts. These are not things, issues, ideas and concepts, that can be 'catch phrased' into 'news items': These require study, thinking, contemplating, learning and developing oneselves: Here, again, we come back to the light: To the Pen: It is always the Pen: It is always the light: Let there be light today on all women and girls in England, in Wales, in Northern Ireland and in Scotland and in the whole of the United Kingdom and across Europe and across the world. The views expressed in this piece can be called Humanical views, which are part of humanics. Let there be light. ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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The Pen: The Most Beautiful of Human Creations

Here, Professor Volker Liebig, Director of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA, and Mrs. Roxana Radvan, Deputy of the General Director, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, INOE, Romania, signed the Romanian MULTIPLY airborne contract, on October 14, 2014, at ESA Headquarters in Paris. The Pen: Signature of the Romanian MULTIPLY airborne contract: Released 14:10:2014 5:33 pm: Image: ESA–N. Imbert-Vier, 2014

|| May 03: 2016 || ά. This is our newest section, The Pen, which we think, is the Most Beautiful of All Human Creations. Here, we would publish photographs and other pieces, of humanity using that pen to show how beautiful it looks: a human holding a pen to put a signature to a piece of paper, to begin writing the assignment, or inking out that poem that is still inside the head or to draw a butterfly or a formula or a diagram of something that did not yet exist or drawing out a trajectory or draft diagram of a building or a sketch: simply, a mind that is poised to write and the body holds the pen and the human mind is lost in the thought of how to begin: contrasting that with the sheer ugliness of the guns and violence that we have in the world because part of us simply forgot and keep forgetting to look and see the magnificence of the pen.

Prof. Volker Liebig, Director of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA, and Mrs. Roxana Radvan, Deputy of the General Director, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, INOE, Romania, signed the Romanian MULTIPLY airborne contract, on 14 October 2014, at ESA Headquarters in Paris. Signature of the Romanian MULTIPLY airborne contract: Released 14/10/2014 5:33 pm: Copyright ESA–N. Imbert-Vier, 2014

And, yet, those who worship guns cannot find a SINGLE instance in Human History where guns had achieved peace but all the fighting and wars always  ended with a Pen putting the signature on a peace treaty. And this, Section, The Pen, we dedicate to the Memory, Name and Works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez who had achieved the highest of human accolade in using his Pen and making words magic in whose One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Treaty of Nirlandia was signed by the Colonel, not with a gun but with a Pen: The Pen. ω.

 Signature of Romanian MULTIPLY airborne contract: The contract to develop a novel airborne multiwavelength high spectral resolution lidar was signed by Roxana Radvan, the Deputy General-Director of Romania’s National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics. The ceremony took place at ESA headquarters in Paris on 14 October 2014. Released 14/10/2014 5:33 pm: Copyright ESA–N. Imbert-Vier, 2014


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The Pen














Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



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