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Humanity Can Only Change the World Once It Is Able to Construct a Vision, Blending Together Its Dreams, Aspirations, Faiths, Convictions, Resolutions and Determinations in the Infinite Goodness of Humanity Being an Infinity Unfolding Itself on This Universe, Into This Vision, That Brings Into Existence This Parallel and Palpably Tangible Reality, That Outshines the Reality Itself and It Than Puts Infinite Faith in That Vision and Then It Enters That Vision-Reality, in Which It Builds Its Home and Existence and Only That Humanity Can Let the World Get Inspired By That Elaboration, Exposition and Example of Its Very Faith, Very Humanity and Very Existence of Infinite Faith and Infinite Work in Infinite Learning, Development and Progression: Only This Way Humanity Can Change the World: Humanity Does Not Have to Succumb to Eternal Suffering of Infinite Poverty When It Has Infinite Riches to Recreate a New World and a New Human Condition, That Is Infinitely Better Than the Current Killing-Mechanism Capitalism: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd: For A Better Human Condition For All Humanity Across Mother Earth

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VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15
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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Home is not where the heart is
Nor is it where things are kept 
A home is what skins the soul
Without it a human is non-person
Incomplete suffers slowly dying

END Homelessness

Finland’s New Government Presented: For an Inclusive and Competent Finland: A Socially Economically and Ecologically Sustainable Society Where Education Is the High-Optimal Home of Each and Every Single Citizen of the Country Leading the World League Table

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Capitalism has brought us to the ruins and devastations through its infinite greed and mindless and infinite consumptions, that have brought the entire web and ecology of life, including, the human existence on earth, to face definitive extinction. We are living on borrowed time, that we do not have. Global warming, climate change, poisonous environment, toxic air, polluted soil, water and eco-systems, devastated marine ecology and life, the desperate nano, micro and other plastics pollutions, have started getting into all spheres of life, including, now entering and impacting on biochemical, cardiological, biological, molecular, genomic and neurological levels; the latest research has shown its chilling impacts, including, that air pollution is causing the dismantling of human intelligence. It is time the world, the world business, trade and commerce organisations wake up. For the time for the humankind is running out unless and until we wake up and act to redirect our course and style of existence and seek and achieve to exist on natural, rational, moral, green and sustainable ways and manners. Advertise in The Humanion for the World and World Humanity are reading The Humanion because you are reading The Humanion and You Want to Reach This World and This World Humanity.


|| Monday: June 03: 2019 || ά. Following many weeks of government-forming negotiations, since, the General Elections in Finland, that took place mid-april, negotiating parties agreed and presented a new Government for Finland today. According to the founding agreement of the new Government, which is being led by Prime Minister Mr Antti Rinne, the Leader of the Social Democratic Party, Finland is directed towards an ambitious, bold and visionary course, that aspires to include vocabulary, such as, socially, economically, ecologically sustainable society, where it acknowledges, accepts and chooses education to be at the highest part of the political agenda and programme of actions.

There is nothing socially, economically and ecologically sustainable for any society, that does not see this that the quality of its entire nationhood is a direct result, product, output and harvest of its investment in its education and life-long learning: only educated, knowledgeable, insightful, skilled and competent people of a nation can and do have the ‘resources’ to, not only work, create, develop and run such a society but, also, ensure that such society is not ‘wasted away’ by mis-direction, that savages the very society by disempowering and disenfranchising the very populace, that constitute such nation.

This new Government is a coalition between the Social Democratic Party, leading partner, the Centre Party, the Greens, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party. The new government will include 19 ministers: seven from the Social Democratic Party, five from the Centre Party, three from the Greens, two each from the Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party. Mr Antti Rinne takes over from the Government of the outgoing Prime Minister Mr Juha Sipilä. The founding document of this Government says, ‘’Climate change, globalisation, urbanisation, the ageing of the population and technological development, may be, transforming Finland and the world faster than ever before. This transformation offers great opportunities for the development of our country but, it, also, creates insecurity and concerns about what lies ahead. To face this transformation, we need policy measures, that offer people a sense of security and hope for a better future.’’

The document offers the aim of the first Government of the new decade is to seek work to build a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland by 2030. The Nordic welfare state and its key pillars, income security, well-functioning health and social services and solid education, as well as, high expertise create a robust and just platform for the work on reforms. In the socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland the economy is managed for the people, not the other way round. Sustainable economic growth is built on a high rate of employment and strong public finances.

The Government of Antti Rinne aims to create 60,000 new jobs, which will be achieved by measures, that boost the demand and supply of work. Besides a higher employment rate, sustainable growth, also, builds on more robust work productivity. The new Government rates education and research very highly. Education and culture are an important part of our value system and are considered to be a means of guaranteeing individual freedom.

‘’In the 2020s, wellbeing will continue to draw on knowledge and skills and on work and entrepreneurship. We must bring Finland’s level of education and competence back up to the top of the world league. We aim to boast the best working life in the world; to be a nation with happy and competent professionals, where every person’s knowledge and skills are put to good use.’’ puts the document.

Social responsibility means that we take responsibility for each other and our common future. This means a sense of trust that we will all be looked after when we are no longer able to do so ourselves. It means taking care of the whole of the nation and ensuring that our country develops equitably. Not a single senior citizen should be afraid of getting old; not a single young person should be at risk of exclusion. We will build a Finland that is child-friendly, a country where families and their opportunities to make choices are supported and where parents contribute equally to caring for their children.

The world of the 2020s needs trailblazers. An ecologically sustainable Finland shows the way in mitigating climate change and protecting bio-diversity. The Government is drawing a roadmap for an emissions-free Finland. The Nordic welfare model, combined with responsible and decreasing use of natural resources, is a model, that will guarantee the future competitiveness of our country.

Inquiries: Päivi Anttikoski: Director of Government Communications: Tele: +358 40 536 4821: Päivi Paasikoski: Assistant Head of Communications: Tele: +358 40 547 6279: Government Communications Department.

Caption: Image: Finland Government: Laura Kotila:::ω.
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The Destructions: The Establishment of the Sociology of Squalors Advancing the Sociology of Evil






|| March 07: 2019: Download This Piece in PDF || ά. We find the sociological squalors, created by the mandatory enforcement of  all high-cruelties, poverty, inequality, hunger, malnutrition of many kinds, rough sleeping, homelessness of many kinds, unemployment, unemployability, token mandatory education failing a great number of young people, leaving education without much achievements or skills, becoming unemployable, higher education is made into a debt bondage and, effectively, blocked for people, who can not pay to study further, life-long learning has been relegated to park rangers’ services, this has reduced the highest-most importance of education, given by societies, cultures and peoples so that misogyny, hatred, phobias, prejudice, hatred and discriminations and all other evils have been spreading in all societies and with these go on the suffering of severe and punishing state social security benefits and living in every day expressions of ‘poverty’ in all spheres and domains, devastated by severe, drastic, devastating, continual and ever-deepening cuts in investments and spending in public, civil and communal facilities, provisions and services by capitalism through the eradication of society’s aspiration towards keeping on remaining and keeping on seeking to be more and more civic in nature and replacing this with mandatory imposition, distribution and advancement of a jingoistic political philosophy and political economics, through which to conduct the philosophical, political economical and sociological war against humanity in expanding the scope and reach of dehumanisation of humanity with all the capitalistic apparatus, including, the distorteddia conglomerate, in which all qualities, states, virtues, straits, properties and characteristics, that constitute humanity, as persons, as families, as communities, as organisations and agencies and as society are eradicated and all of which are replaced by their negations, which create the sociology of evil, in which, now, the very person of human mind or the agency of the human mind is eradicated and with it the very human ecology, created by persons, families, communities, organisations and society are eliminated and replaced by a jingoistic jungle, that is fed by the creation, maintenance and advancing of sociological squalor and that festers in an ecology of all negations, that is the exact opposite of what humanity is as humanity naturale, which can only be described as a sociological hell, that we are calling the sociology of evil. The highest most state of most advanced, most sophisticated and most enlightened human condition can be said to be such in which humanity can and does exist as humanity naturale in a civilisation, constructed, organised, run, advanced, nurtured, fostered and maintained as humanical societies, run in humanics, human enterprise and humanicsovics under the rule of law in natural justice. The very opposite and contrary to this state is the establishment through dehumanisation of humanity a jingoistic jungle in sociological squalors, where the exact opposite of humanity naturale has been established in the name of the sociology of evil. In this we, must, bear in mind that, the force, that is fighting to eradicate something is not just seeking to eradicate that something but, at the same time, is seeking to replace that, what it has eradicated with something else, which is, in this case, the exact opposite of what is humanity naturale in a civic society, which is dehumanised humanity, herded into a state of a jingoistic jungle, organised in the sociological squalor under the dictatorship and punishing regime of the sociology of evil. Thereby, where dehumanisation of humanity is achieved, destroying, negating, eradicating and terminating humanity naturale from all things human: the individuals, the persons, the families, the communities and all the human agencies and organisations, that are all-out, combined and unified total expressions of the very humanity. This way following the termination of humanity naturale the jingoistic ecology is created to replace the negated by all the negations of all the virtues, constituting humanity, which is done through the creation, maintenance and advancing of the sociology of squalors, where the sociology of evil now thrives. In such sociology of evil these states of the exact opposite of humanity naturale are common place and the norm and their occurrence, frequency, tendency and states keep on getting to more extreme as time progresses with the progression of the sociology of evil: crimes of all sorts, particularly, vicious and violent forms both in the use of weapons and styles and manners of attacks, suicides and self-harms, mental illnesses, addictions, inciting others to hatred, violence and aggression, violence both in domestic situations and outside, aggressions, violent anger and impatience, hostility, arguments and brawling, intolerance, viciousness, brutality, savagery, opinion fascism, absence of decency and civility, raw, base, crass, vulgar and tasteless expressions in conducts, behaviours, actions and the use of language, unkindness, rudeness, cruelty, attacking, abusing and assaulting at all times whatever can be attacked, abused and assaulted, cynicism, apathy, antipathy, inconsideration, thoughtlessness, selfishness, self-centredness, consumerism, self-serving, self-gratification, voyeurism and unquestioning and general acceptance, establishment, advancement and practise of cynicism, masochism, famino-masochism, chauvinism, consumerism, rouge-ness, racism, supremacy theories, xenophobia, discrimination, hatred, abusiveness, abrasiveness, lack of hope, faithlessness, hatred towards education, hatred towards science and mathematics, opinioneering without base, basis or reason, anti-reason, anti-evidence and subscription and advancing of conspiracy theories, that are baseless and evidenceless, that are  directed against established historic truth, about established science and mathematics, malicious lies, dangerous falsehoods and horrendous mythologies, all of which seek to advance credibility and acceptability by the sheer number of people subscribing, sharing and accessing these sources. In the distorteddia conglomerate these have advanced to a level, degree and depth of being a pandemic and because all people and agencies are using the distorteddia all these are directly imported, used and implemented in real life whereby all the domains and spheres of discussing, debating and advancing the  public discourse have been suffering as a result. It has been increasingly becoming, almost, ‘the killing’ mechanism to debates, discussions and discoursing and in maintaining diversity in discussions and debates and, in this, unprecedented level and degree of abuse, aggression, hostility, threats of violence, even, death threats and the application of the lowest level and form of vulgar, raw, crass and crude rudeness, incivility and indecency, directed against people, involved in public life, particularly, against women and people from all minorities.

Political and Governance

The very organisation, structure, system and basis of governance system or their political philosophy in capitalism does nothing but to act against nature and enforce massive and mandatory dehumanisation with the establishment of the representative democracy. This system directly, fundamentally and absolutely establishes: disenfranchisement, disempowerment, disownment, disjointments and distancing of all human individuals, in which their voices and their choices are lawfully and constitutionally taken away from them so that they can not as themselves, as individual agencies of the human minds, take part, get engaged and run their public affairs management system but they are lawfully and constitutionally forced to give all their powers, all their choices and all their ability to conduct judgements to their elected representatives, who are to exercise their voices, choices  and judgements while the people as individuals or families or communities have now no power to do anything other than, after a specific duration of time, to, simply, go and give their consent, once again, to be kept voiceless, choiceless and judgementless. This massive, all-out and overwhelming disenfranchisement, disempowerment, disjointments and distancing of people have been growing more and more and getting wider and more systematic as representative democracies advance and consolidate. This system takes away the very core of human’s empowerment or, rather, the very foundation of what it means to be a person, to be a human being or to be human because without being able to exercise the power of choice and judgements humans have no other means to seek to try and do, be and remain human. This way, a group of people, individuals are elected by the very people so to, effectively, make and keep the people voiceless and choiceless. This is the profoundest of all dispossessions of humanity, that is enforced to the populace by the representative democracy. Therefore, in representative democracy, the vast majority of the entire humankind is made dispossessed other than those, who have been given the power by the dispossessed to exercise that power on their behalf. This is the political philosophical dispossession, imposed on the vast majority of humanity by the current capitalist system and its system of governance: representative democracy.

These are the political, social, cultural and spiritual dehumanisations. This is why more and more people are becoming apathetic, angry and hostile to the governing classes and political parties and the professional politicians and the ruling elite and this is why there are growing demands that people are consulted by the ruling elites in referenda and plebiscites because people are feeling their absolute and complete disenfranchisement, disempowerment, disjointments and distancing from the running and management of the public affairs management system of their countries. However, looking at examples of such exercises, bringing in the recent UK European Referendum in mind, that would provide a classic example of a massive museum of evidence to suggest that this can not be done: public affairs management system can not be run through referenda or plebiscites. It makes it, almost, impossible to keep the governing apparatus going and engages the entire nation and all its energies in falling into a self-destructive waste of a whirlpool from which no one can seem to find a way out. However, this serves the point to illustrate that people are rising to demand their power, franchise and ownership of their persons, of their voices and choices, of their judgements or, in short, of their humanity back, that the representative democracy takes away from them. This representative democracy is the cause of the most profound dehumanisation, that renders the populace mute, inert, inactive, cut off and out, without any say whatsoever so that regardless of how they vote they do not see anything changing because the elite has subscribed to the representative democracy and the capitalistic apparatus and system so that they keep on keeping the status quo going.  This, goes onto feeding the anger, resentment, hostility, cynicism, apathy, lack of trust and faith, which grow more and more for each election goes to reinforce the existing view, that nothing changes at all. In, effect, nothing changes at all: the system remains representative democracy, the political economics remains capitalistic and the vast world remains owned by the tiny minority of the rich while the entire earth is populated by the vast majority of the dispossessed, the working and non-working poor. 

Take the European Union countries as an example, where there are so much and increasingly growing discontents among the populace against the institution, which, its elite find difficult to understand and which the neo-nazis and neo-fascists and all the crass, base, raw and extreme nationalists are using and abusing through the effective use of the distorteddia conglomerate. This is happening because the entire European Union and all its apparatus and mechanism subscribe to the two dehumanising and disempowering systems: the representative democracy and the capitalistic apparatus to run their political philosophy and political economics and in that they have established a status quo, that will not change and does not change and people, the vast majority of the people, who are low-wage-earning and who are working poor and, added to them, are the entire range of people, who are jobless, elderly, ill and frail and who are disabled, mentally ill and the young or those, who can be said to be vulnerable in society, are given a live-in-life-sentence of misery, hardship, agony and suffering, every day, every night, every week, every month and every year. This state of suffering goes on eternally in the European Union for flowing millions of people always suffering this live-in-life-sentences, yet, the European Union and all its ruling elite keep on portraying that they have established a ‘heaven on earth’ in the European Union’. Added to all these millions and millions of people, individuals, families suffering, many communities dotted around the landscapes of European cities, towns and villages, have been left abandoned and, in these communities, suffering goes on from generation to generation and nothing changes for the better but get worse on a continuum going downhill all the time. Further, since, the financial crash the European Union has imposed mercilessly, fiercely, ruthlessly and violently: austerity on entire nations, particularly, against the majority of the poor peoples, nations, that fell victim to the crash more prominently, such as, Greece, Italy and Spain and others but this same brutal austerity has been imposed on all European Union countries as well but against the vast majority of their working poor and the most vulnerable as mentioned but they have been given harsher, harder, stronger and longer live-in-life-sentence and the European Union supervises with absolute precision, power and certainty that these majorities in all EU nations, who are low-wage-earning, who are working poor and all the most vulnerable of all European societies, keep on serving these sentences without being able to do anything about this horrendous state of suffering. This is why the neo-nazis and neo-fascists and the extreme nationalist forces have been able to use and abuse these very suffering peoples to turn them against the European Union. Furthermore, the collapse of the socialist experimentation and the capitalist propaganda to use this as a coup against and succeeding in destroying socialist economics and its world movement and all the socialist, communist and worker parties or the so-called left and progressive parties and forces suddenly found that they were fast becoming out of fashion and a lot of their support bases began to respond to the new nihilist kind of popular politics, that has nothing to offer for they subscribe to all the horrors of the capitalistic system and, were they to have any power, they will establish the most hellish kind of capitalism and, discard, even, the representative democracy and import and impose hellish and monstrous dictatorships across the world, which is what they like. Therefore, this European Union has established these sociological squalors, in which it abandoned the poor and the working poor, the low-wage-earning working people and the people on benefits and pensions and included in these groups are the children and the young and it has enforced this live-in-life-sentence of continual suffering, hardship and misery for these vast multitude of humanity and in these there are created, sustained and advanced sociological squalors because these states, governments and the entire European Union mechanism and apparatus cut drastically spending and investments so that in these communities things have been falling apart. There were riots in the UK once in the recent times, as well as, in France and many other places unrests and upheavals are taking place in many a country, centred around whatever issue people could find usable: in France people are gathered around the Yellow Vests, in the UK people got around voting for leaving the European Union. People are desperate and they have no power to change this status quo of neither Europe’s nor their own countries’, that have accepted capitalism and dehumanisation of humanity and the representative democracy while this body, this European Union is capable of creating, maintaining and sustaining this status quo with absolute determination, precision, control and certainty. Nothing can change nor nothing has the power to change this deathly status quo in the European Union, the people, have the least of powers for the representative democracy has taken their voice, choice and power in the first place. All the factory workers across Europe, all the workers at all the cafés in Europe, all the cleaning staff, logistics staff, all the auxiliary and ancillary staff, all the workers, that run and keep the entire road and highway networks working, the entire sewage and underground networks, much of the workforces, engaged in many vital industries, at national education and national health services, to name a few, across Europe and a great deal of all government workers, governments of all layers, across Europe are paid horrendously low wages and salaries and they have no power to do anything about this state of a live-in-life-sentence of ever-going suffering, hardship and agony, in which they are always, in an endless and ever-going struggle to maintain their horrendous life condition keep on going, the same way and the say direction, every day, every week and every month and every year, year after year while this never gets better and always gets worse. No one will  or can change it because the European Union and all its states and governments subscribe in maintaining as the death-knell of certainty: the status quo, that can not be sustained but it is being sustained by the sheer power of its ‘mechanism’ and apparatus and the pulling together of enormous financial and human resources at its disposal and the absolute disenfranchisement, disempowerment, disjointments and distancing of people from their power, from their voice, from their choice and from their very humanity go on. This is how desperate things are across Europe and it is far, far worse in all other places, where there are worse systems of governance in place, instead of, even, representative democracies, in the world and, yet, nothing changes nor will anything ever change because Europe is organised in all these states and governments, that themselves are run the same way: they all subscribe to the old books of rusted and ruined capitalism and the parallel to challenge capitalism, socialist or communistic aspirations and efforts of the world have given way into a terrible lack of alternative and creating a sense of now-what-kind-of despairs and hopelessness, that can not do otherwise. Because there is no alternative to the current status quo. People are being strangled by these monstrosities and there is no way out until and unless the world and world humanity look out, look in and look about and accept that this capitalist apparatus is nothing but a killing mechanism and it keeps on advancing dehumanisation, it keeps on making societies jingoistic and keeps on distributing, advancing and enforcing all high-cruelties, that it can not but create and maintain: poverty, inequality, hunger, malnutrition and acute and severe malnutrition, rough sleeping, homelessness, unemployment, unemployability, lack of education, blocking of higher educational pathways, strangulations imposed and enforced by the severe, harsh and ever-continual cuts, getting larger and larger with time in investments, services, provisions and facilities so that  everywhere poverty is being displayed and marked in the lack of all these civic, communal and public services, amenities and facilities whereby these are creating sociological squalors, in which dehumanisation of humanity is getting complete and human ecologies are being replaced by the sociology of evil and, the entire world bodies and agencies and the humanity of the world are entangled and lorded over and are directed, dictated, manipulated and herded by the distorteddia conglomerate as they steal and rob value, worth and wealth out of the economic and financial mother system so that it will keep on coming back to a point after a tolerable space of time, where everything will crash and the vast majority of the working people, the working poor and all other poor will be sentenced to keep on paying and serving harsher live-in-life-sentences for longer for these robberies, that they had nothing to do with. Then, the states and governments will use quantitative easing and print money and give the robbers another chance to steal and rob these again to their hearts content while the working and the poor humanity shall be made to keep on paying and serving their harsher, harder and longer live-in-life-sentences and this will keep on going till nothing can be made to go on any longer and everything will collapse into a massive nightmare and darkness, in which the height of the sociology of evil shall crush any flicker of humanity, that still echoed through the world and world humanity.

These realities are causing a set of syndromes for human individuals, for families, for communities, for agencies and organisations: individuals are falling into disrepair through individual psychosis, families are falling into familial dysfunctionality, communities are falling into becoming dis-communities or rather, being strangled by the lack of humanity and human ecology, created by human engagement, interactions and working together, organisations and agencies of all kinds, including, the states and governments and all others, are falling into conducts and behaviours, that lack the abilities, skills and human resources to act, run and conduct themselves with rational, logical and common sense an approach and, thus, fallen short in standard of acting, conducts and behaviours as the individuals, families and communities have done: one thing they have all in common: they have all been responding to dehumanisation by falling away from the state they used be in and losing their ‘self’ and their criterion because now they are all working in a jingoistic jungle, in sociological squalors, where the sociology of evil keeps on getting stronger and stronger and where humanity faces the reality, that it is fast becoming the exact opposite of what it used to be as humanity naturale as the sociological squalors keep on delivering the strengthened sociology of evil. All these are enhanced, emboldened and amplified by the arrival and utilisation of the distorteddia conglomerate in concert with all the apparatus of the capitalist system. In this each person looks at their powerlessness and realises that in this overwhelming state of negations life has become a miserable experience, that it can not ever, even, experience as real because everything it used to have to do this: to exist as human individual agency of the human mind has been devastated so that all it can do now is to exist in illusions with fake, false or pseudo memories, being a home for individual psychosis, that home is being eternally devastated by a society, that has suffered social psychosis and in these states sociology of evil in the sociological squalors keeps on advancing dehumanisation of humanity while the profiteers and the distorteddia conglomerate keep on harvesting profits and keep on increasing their profits with time..  

The Fundamental Disconnection Through Mandatory Homelessness

In the entire capitalist world and system the only humans, that have, what we would call, absolute home, meaning that they have it in such a way that no one can force them out of these homes ever. In this they own their homes outright and that they are capable of keeping them as such without ever becoming ‘unable’ to keep them exactly like that. This means that only they have ‘forever’ homes. And these are the people, who are members of the tiny little club of the rich in each people, in each country, in each nation. The rest of these nations are the vast majority of people, who are not rich and who do not have any such ‘forever’ homes. They are, effectively, homeless. Apart from the tiny per centage of the tiny rich club, the rest of humanity is homeless. Now, the majority of any nation falls into this homeless category, which can be divided into some sub-group.

A: The Mortgaged

This group members buy their homes with mortgages in which the banks, that loaned them the mortgage own their homes and, as, if, where and when they fail to keep on paying the mortgages banks can and will drive them out of these properties and recoup their money. For this group of people, they will have borrowed, almost, too much for their abilities, which means that having to pay a large mortgage they are left with very little to ‘live and exist’ as human beings. A vast majority of people, can be deemed as ‘enslaved’ for their mortgages into a horrendous life of suffering in many types of poverty. In this, many millions of these people, will be unable to pay for the repair and maintenance works of their home because these are very expensive, which they do not have the money to pay for so that not only they suffer poverty but, also, live in homes, that, go bad to worse and become, in the long run, inhabitable for humans. This group would form the largest group of people and households in this category in any given country. Because of these needs, they suffer and keep on suffering poverty and live a horrible life and this eats away at them, tear away at them all their life. Where they have paid some parts of the mortgage and their desperation grows they would be forced to borrow more against that equity and use that to pay for desperately needed repair work etc so that they fall further behind with their mortgage in the sense that, as, if, they had not been paying the mortgage on the house for the last ten years simply because they have re-mortgaged that house against the last ten years of mortgage payments. However, these groups, still do not have these homes as ‘permanent’ because many things could go wrong and they will come to lose their homes. Whatever, their state is in this situation of supposedly owning their home, this is the fact that they have no connection, ownership to their nation’s total wealth or assets. They are homeless like all others, that we are going to look at one by one. But this illusion of owning one’s own home enslaves them into an existence in terrible and continual poverty, that they keep on suffering behind the façade of their homes, that hide, for many, inhabitable spaces for human habitation, that, often, they are unable to fix.

B: The Renters

This is the Renting Group. This is the largest group in any nation, who rent their homes simply because they do not earn enough to be able to draw large enough a mortgage to be able to buy a home. These people live a life of the ultimate misery for, often, they find, they are treated as criminals because they are poor and are daring to rent a place. Further, because of being low-income households, always being in various forms of poverty, always struggling to pay their bills on time, they suffer the ‘imposed fiscal dictate’ of the capitalist system, that collects their financial histories and issues an assessment of their financial ‘worth’ or standing in the name of credit reference, this cripples their ability to either get any credit or, even, to rent a place to live because their prospective landlords credit check them on top of seeking references, the renters are to pay all these charges, as well as, demanding a large amount of money as deposits and rent in advance. In this, it is harder in most cases to rent a place than to buy one! However, often, they rent places, that are not in a good state so that, even, though, paying rent, they are living in horrible accommodations and, yet, they are moving from one place to another because their landlords keep on chasing them out because they want to increase rent or they do not want anyone staying in their properties for too long. In this, this vast number of people of any nation, are the most haunted and most persecuted humanity on earth. They keep on moving from one place to another and in a life time they, may be, forced to move ten, twenty, thirty times or more. Because of this these people find it almost impossible to create, sustain and maintain lasting connections and relationships both with places and people. This causes suffering and damage to their psyche but, at the same time, it damages families in how they relate to each other and how strong their bonds are as families and it impacts on community cohesion because in communities people are coming and going and no one really gets to know anyone so that everyone accepts that they need not bother. This creates persons and families, who are rootless, which impact on the individuals and the families they belong to, both of which, become weaker and they stay rootless and they keep on getting weaker and weaker as individuals and as families and it creates communities, that are sand-grain-collectives, where like sand-grains, people, individuals and families are not related, not connected together with human, social and cultural connections, links and relations to the others in that same community. This means that communities get weaker as time goes and, this weaker communities make society weaker, too. This weakness can be imagined as large lightning strike in the sky: where weak persons or individuals create a weak mark of their presence, that goes to create, make and maintain weak families, that goes to support an ever-weak and ever-weakening community and all these sand-grain persons, in these sand-grain families, create and maintain sand-grain-collectives of hollow, weak and shallow and ever-weakening communities, that neither can create nor sustain strong society at all.

C: The Homeless In Floating

This third group of people are individuals and families but the system, may have, accepted that it had a duty to house them but it does not have any place to place these homeless people, who have no homes and who can not rent from the market so that these authorities will rent temporary bed and breakfast places, where these families and these people and their children and old and disabled and all kinds of vulnerable people are placed on temporary basis. They are, often, kept on being moved from one place to the next. Often, these places are horrible and not suitable for human habitation but these helpless people, families with young children or people with many health conditions or disabilities or mental health issues are kept in such place, in limbo. Their children’ education has no meaning and these people are floating away, wasting away in limbo. These members of homeless humanity are left in a state of being broken as individuals, as families and people. Their humanity and their existence are placed in a vacuum of non-existence, perishing away all the time, suffering away all the time. 

D: The Rough-Sleeping Homeless

The rough sleepers. These are the most desperate of all homeless people in any country. They have no homes and they can not ever buy a home nor can they ever rent a home and the government bodies have taken the view that to these homeless people they owe no duty and they throw them out onto the streets and there they suffer and, often, they suffer from many illnesses and health conditions and many have mental health issues and on the street, being hungry and thirsty and cold they fall ill or their existing illnesses get worse and many die in that horrible state.  

E: The Young Homeless

The young, who live and grow with families have no home as they leave family homes and they can not buy their own homes nor can they rent nor the governments will accept any duty towards them.

F: The Pensioners and Elderly Homeless

Depending on where on earth these people are living, a lot of these people, might, end up homeless and fall to destitution and in advanced economies, were the elderly people to have owned their own homes, which, might, have been sold to pay for their social and personal care so that they become homeless again or, they will keep on losing more and more of their home as they keep on paying for their residential care. 

These are the various types of homeless people capitalism create and maintain so that sociologically, politically, economically looking at this state of homelessness one can not but see that the ‘nation’ or people of a country is, only, hypothetical for these vast majority of the people of a nation have no connection, no ownership or stake to the wealth of that nation and they, therefore, are rendered powerless, disenfranchised, disjointed and disconnected from being part of that nation. This is how capitalism acts against people and against humanity and against human existence; this is how it takes away the very elemental, inalienable and fundamental natural human right for all humans to exist on earth from the vast majority of the people of any given society! This is the true state of affairs, that dictate and devastate people’s very existence and the quality of their life and quality of their existence. This creates and keeps on weakening and breaking all forms and expressions of humanity: the individuals, the families, the communities and the society: all are made to suffer weaknesses and all of them keep on weakening and suffering, that keep on increasing as the build-up of the sociological squalors keep on gathering momentum. This is the foundation of the sociological squalor, on which the political, economical and governance inflicted disempowerment, disenfranchisement, disjointments, disconnections and distancing add their inflictions to humanity so that sociological squalor advances wider and deeper, where the sociology of evil thrives.

The Low-wage and Low-salaried Working People

This is the largest of all working people in the world, who are forced to work in terribly low-paid jobs not because they create low-worth, low-value with their work but capitalism allows the owners to rob the greater parts of their created worth and value so to take more profits into their pockets so that the system pays the vast majority of the work force the lowest possible wage with which they can not exist other than living in continual poverty of many types. The states and governments can require that companies pay workers a living wage, by which they can live and feed themselves and their families so that they do not suffer poverty and hunger and malnutrition but their masters would not want them to do so, so that they keep offering lip service and some countries pass minimum wage laws, which is just a smoke-screen for minimum wage is set in such a figure that it simply is not enough for working people in this wage to sustain themselves without suffering severe poverty and hardship. Some countries, different governments, who tend to seek to advance workers’ rights sought to correct this by introducing minimum income guarantee and, particularly, for families with young children, so that the states pay an added, supplementary working benefits to such working families so that they do not live with their children and young people and other family members in poverty and hardship. But since the financial crash governments in countries where such benefits were introduced began to cut and reverse these changes so that many working families and workers without families began to fall into hardship. However, these benefits were seen as ‘given’ to working people and viewed as such that, it was shown by propaganda that these working people are ‘scrounging’ on these benefits and these should not be given, while the fact is this that the working people should not be given these benefits to begin with and the states and government should require the businesses to pay the workers a living wage so that they did not have to subsidise the workers so to ensure they do not go hungry! But they not only fail to do that but, then, despite with good intentions, other governments went and set out these working benefits, that went to the workers, true, but it went to the workers so that their employers were released from paying them a living wage and these government funds, that came from public taxation, is now, despite going to the workers, is being paid back to the employers to keep as added profits, that otherwise, they would have been required to pay the workers as living wage, which now they did not have to do. In this, these benefits, that are supposedly going to workers are, essentially, government funds going to subsidise the employers to enlarge their profits, which funds the government could use in bettering other public services and the workers did not have to take the ‘point fingering’ that they are ‘scrounging’ on the states but now, even, that, the governments began to cut away severely! However, in many countries in the world there are no fixed minimum wage and in many places workers’ wages and salaries are absolutely horrible. This gets worse for the poorer countries in the world, whereby the richer countries stop producing products and services in their own countries because that cost them far higher and, thus, they get to make smaller profit so that they go to the poorer countries and pay the lowest possible cost to get these products and services being ready for them so that they make bigger profits. But, even, with these minimum wages, the largest number of workers are employed in this group and they are the working poor, they suffer a horrible poverty devastated life and their families, particularly, their young and elderly and disabled suffer the consequences of that brutal barbarity all the time. This is the other front of the sociological squalor and these people are, mostly, homeless in the renting category and they live in horrible accommodations and, thus, in horrible areas, where everything is cut and being cut increasingly deeply and severely so that their neighbourhoods are the poster faces of that sociological squalor. Everything is cut, everything is falling apart, services, amenities and provisions shut, cut and shuttered or shutting away, moving away. Education: cut. Youth services: cut, family and maternity services: cut, community services: cut. Poverty is everywhere and one can not escape it. There are foodbanks growing everywhere, charity shops going everywhere because many people can not buy anything else. This is the front of the severest of sociological squalor and this group of working poor and all other poor and vulnerable people get devastated by this sociological squalor. And, in this, there are cheap shops and outlets selling cheap and unhealthy products and foods and other necessities and people struggle, even, to shop in these outlets. They get all kinds of illnesses, they get all kinds of health issues and they suffer more than the richer areas and, generally, they tend to die years earlier than their rich counter parts. Their children achieve very little educationally and that determines or, rather, marked them for life as to what quality of life awaits for them in the future and for their future generations. On top of all this, there is much crime, there are knife crimes, gun crimes, teenage pregnancies, robberies, burglaries, thefts, gangs and ganglands appear. Drugs and alcohol and their use and abuse and, generally, all the related sociological disorders and conditions creep in and arriving in these sociological squalors no one can deny seeing what one does. And, many of the properties, buildings, houses, shops and places show their state of dilapidation and disrepairs on their faces but their insides are much more horror-stricken than their exterior.

Generally, in such places, education provisions are poorer for the cuts impacts the poorer the most like the way an infection impacts the hardest to the one already weak by other infections so that any cut, applied to the poor, hit the poor the hardest because they were receiving very little to begin with and now getting any per centage less means a harder impact. Educational provisions in such areas suffer from much in the form and manner of between no and hardly any expectation both from the educational establishments themselves and from the very people and whose younger generations they are seeking to cater for. Further, the structures of the households in these areas are impacted by many breakages in social cohesion so that not only there are poverty, inequality and desperate state of disadvantage, isolation and disconnections but, also, there are many single parent families, families with members in prison or members coming out of and going back to prison, families with children with the same mother and from many different fathers and, often, the single mothers are left altogether on their own devices in terms of raising and looking after their children and there is much violence, both domestic violence, as well as, general violence in the area or the locality. There is everything, that is lacking except poverty, except disadvantage, except abandonment and except all’s closing and moving out and away. The cuts in all the public, civic, communal and other services means that the youth receive less and less provisions from which they, might have, received beneficial progression but now they do not get that. Instead, they get into the laps of all the gangs and fall into the command structures of ganglands, drug dealers and all other criminals, seeking to use and abuse youngsters for their own advantage. There is generally a lack of everything and, most vitally, absence of hope and faith and trust and once these are eaten away it is hard to rise beyond the depth of hopelessness and desolation. So, the ecology of humanity gets eaten away by the sociology of squalor where begins to thrive the sociology of evil.

Further, in advanced countries, such as the UK, legal aid has been reduced to non-existence so that these people, while desperately needing this to get fair and just treatment in the various branches of the judiciary, particularly, housing, education, family and criminal laws, they get no assistance so that they are subject to much injustices, a great deal of these are caused by the very many layers of governments, that devastate the lives of most vulnerable people, even, the number of magistrates courts, in England have been reduced to, almost, half. The police services, education services, social services, health and community health services, maternity services, youth services, social care and a great deal more are generally reduced to the hard bone so that the entire communities in such places are in desperately devastating sociological squalors gaping at, eating away and tearing away and apart the raging and suffering humanity in these areas of sociology of evil.

All this makes and takes people towards turning against everything and there appears and, it gets strengthened as time goes, apathy so that no one takes part in any other democratic activities, such as, joining in political, social and cultural activities, taking part in elections or voting and so on. There generally enters a closing up of everything so that what goes on outside this ecology is blocked out by the same close-up curtain and with the same cynicism, dismissing and, often, a damn-caring disrespect and abusive kind of attitude to everything and everyone and that keeps on feeding itself. There it creates its own whirlpool, that keeps on swirling round and round and its wastes and wears itself down and down and down. In this now added the distorteddia conglomerate so that, while everyone gets disconnected from their families, communities and realities, they are connected into the entire distortive and illusory world and like the distorteddia conglomerate, there are the various presence of the criminal world, the gang world, the drug dealers and others and they are using and abusing and recruiting and directing many young people and adults in advancing their own interests and agenda and a lot of crimes are being organised and fed by the usage of the distorteddia and their trapediums. Further, the distorteddia has enabled all the obnoxious, horrible and horrendous forces to find it is open season for them because they now have the entire herded mass in one place from where they are seeking to manipulate, direct, dictate and herd the populace in seeking to advance all the sociological squalors and the sociology of evil. This is how the sociology of squalor keeps on going and supporting the sociology of evil to keep on annihilating the human ecology, what of it is still left. Unless, all progressive forces begin to get a grips to these issues and rise to form newer political forces and movements to lead and begin a fight back against these monstrosities, everything is getting lost and nothing will get better: the dehumanisation will keep on going, building up towards a momentum, capitalism keeps on creating and maintaining inequalities and poverty and keep on distributing all its created high-cruelties and the distorteddia will keep on advancing the sociological squalors and bring in harder the sociology of evil as they increase their profits and the obnoxious, horrendous and reactionary forces will keep on advancing, these forces will do nothing but seek to establish the hardest of capitalism, harshest of dehumanisation, the direst of disempowerment and disenfranchisement, cruellest and most brutal form of dictatorship in which women and minorities of all kinds will be established as ‘lesser and expendable ‘objects’, where human rights, civil rights and civil liberties, even, the representative democracy and the what-ever of the rule of law exists, all will have been thrown into bonfire of the ugliest of all sociological squalors and the most horrendous form of sociology of evil. Time it is the world to wake up. Time it is for the working people to wake up and, in this, the hope exists in the younger generation of humanity, to accept this existential fight and go about organising, uniting and rising against these monstrosities of capitalism and all that it has established to bring the human existence to this existential crisis.:::ω.

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::: The Destructions: The Establishment of the Sociology of Squalors for the Sociology of Evil ::: Copy Rights @ Munayem Mayenin: This piece was first published in The Humanion on March 08: 2019: For more on these issues and about Humanics, please, visit and invite other fellow humanion to do so: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd website:reginehumanicsfoundation.com thehumanion.com: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd is the First Ever Human Enterprise on Earth: Registered in England and Wales as a Not for Profit Social Enterprise: Company No: 11346648

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This Is the Ceaveaalisaatieeon That Capitalism Has Built: That Can Not Even Spell the Word Civilisation: What Kind of a Civilisation Leaves Two-Thirds of the Children of Humanity in a Desperate State of High-Cruelty: The Vicious Cycle of Hunger Malnutrition Severe and Acute Malnutrition No Education No Medication and Suffering Mandated by Extreme Poverty: New ILO:UNICEF Report Portrays the Picture of How High-Cruelty That Devastates the Existence of Six Out of Ten of World’s Children







The Future of Humanity Is Made of Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: That End All the High-Cruelties Capitalism Creates and Distributes

Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment: B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air: C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink: D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need: E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home: F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning: G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care: H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income: I: Absolute Right to a Job: J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income



|| February 06: 2019 || ά. More than six in 10 children globally lack access to social protection, leaving them, particularly, vulnerable to falling into chronic poverty, the UN said on Wednesday, warning that some governments are cutting State cash entitlements, amid continuing economic uncertainty. The Joint Report by the International Labour Organisation:ILO and UN Children’s Fund:UNICEF, shows that, although, a welfare safety net exists for 35 per cent of youngsters overall, that figure drops to 28 per cent in Asia and just 16 per cent in Africa. When Member States ratified the Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030, agreed in 2015 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, they agreed to the global initiative’s high priority, namely, eradicating poverty. Here is the absolute irony: these countries signed this ‘paper tiger’: Sustainable Development Goal 2030: They put all grand declarations in it and they said in grand fanfare that they were to achieve these by 2030’, in 15 years: without, even, showing a ‘penny’ to pay for it as investment. And these governments, then, went home and, without fail, all of them followed the dictates of the world business, bank and financial bodies and agencies or, in other words, the agencies, that were set up to service the rich-club, who followed and copied a dead-and-torn-apart-smudged-out-texts from dead political economics in imposing, sentencing and mandating a miserable, horrendous and catastrophic suffering, year after year, after year, of austerity on the vast majority of their own citizens: Where did these bodies find these texts: that directed, dictated and mandated all these governments to impose austerity doggedly to the vast the majority of their citizens and vulnerable people but they, equally doggedly, kept on servicing the rich all the while?

And in this horror-imposition of austerity the entire world governments, all the worlds, the developed world and the developing and the least developed worlds, were forced by these dead-text-agencies, initiated the longest lasting political economic wars against the vast majority of their citizens, the poor and vulnerable people and along with that they have been wiping out any gain, made towards improving the living conditions of the vulnerable people, such as, children and young people, people with disabilities and so on. Were these governments not part of that grand signing of the 2030 declarations? This high-hypocrisy and utter incongruity in and of this mad world are strangling humanity as they drag us further and further towards the most horrid build-up of capitalism’s wasteland: there, a few hundred should rich own the largest chunk of wealth while dictating that the rest of humanity keep paying for their horrid existence through serving the live-in-life-sentence, that they have imposed on them. And, yet, there are these grand goals and there are the two-thirds of humanity’s children left in the strangle-hold of high-cruelty, poverty and on it dances no education and no health and much more besides so that they have an existence, like this little boy, working in Baghdad. This ‘colonisation’ of the world and world governments by these dead-texts financial bodies ought to be given notice: your days are numbered and they should eb offered advice: it is time for you to go and make your funeral arrangements: dead-texts are dead and will no longer work. You no longer can impose and distribute high-cruelties to the vast chunk of humanity. No more high-cruelty distributions: time it is to begin a-new.         

State benefits from public funds, in the form of cash grants, play a vital role in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and vulnerability. Of 139 countries covered by the Report, on average, they spend 01.1 per cent of their wealth on children up to 14 years old. “There is a huge under-investment gap, that needs to be covered.” said Ms Isabel Ortiz, the Director of the Social Protection Department at ILO. “The numbers worsen by region. In Africa, for instance, children represent 40 per cent of the African population overall but, only, 0.6 per cent is, actually, invested in social protection for children.” According to Report, one in five children globally lives in extreme poverty, defined as less than $01.90 a day and, almost, one in two, lives in moderate poverty, under $03.20 a day.

Children are twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty, the Report continues, with lack of access to education and poor nutrition among the most significant long-term impacts. “While social protection cash transfers are vital for children, they shouldn’t stand alone.” said Mr David Stewart, the Chief of Child Poverty and Social Protection Unit at UNICEF. “They have to be combined with other services, if, a child is living in a household with sufficient resources and, if, they don’t have access to educational health, it doesn’t make a big difference. So, it’s about combining these interventions together.”

In addition to the call for governments to invest in universal health coverage and tackle other issues, including, child labour, the UN Report maintains that such measures are not a privilege of wealthy States. A number of developing countries have achieved or, nearly, achieved, universal social protection, it maintains. These include Argentina, Brazil, Chile and South Africa. In Mongolia, which has, also, achieved universal social protection for children, austerity measures threaten these gains, however.

“Recently, due to fiscal pressures from international financial institutions, they have been advising the Government to target the universal benefit.’’ Ms. Ortiz said. “So, it’s one of these cases where fiscal consolidation or austerity short-term, may be, having long-term impacts on children. So, the UN message is to try to look at the longer-term.”

“Child poverty can be reduced overnight with adequate social protection.” Ms Ortiz said. She further added that that improving the lives of all children was an issue of priorities and political will, even, the poorest countries have fiscal space to extend social protection.

Highlighting China’s success in achieving universal health and pension coverage in just four years, is an example of what can be done. Ms Isabel Ortiz said, ‘’Ultimately, the extension of social protection is always about Government’s will. It is because a Government realises about the important developmental impacts of protecting people, particularly, those, that are vulnerable, across the lifecycle, so, in times of childhood, in old age, in times of maternity, protections are, particularly, needed.”

Caption: A joint ILO-UNICEF Report is urging action to ensure that social protection reaches all children, like six-year-old Mustafa, who works with his father in an industrial area of Baghdad, and protects them from poverty and deprivation: Image: UNICEF:Wathiq Khuzaie:::ω.

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The World Health Organisation Calls for Increased Investment to Reach the Goal for Healthy and Safe Sanitation for All: 829,000 Humans Die Every Year of Diarrhoea: 04.5 Billion Human Beings That’s Half of the Humankind Exist Without Safe Sanitation: If This Is Civilisation Then Humanity in the Caves Were Much Better Off: Or Rise to Challenge and Change This Monstrosity Into a Life and Humanity Sustaining Public Affairs and Economic Management System















|| October 01: 2018 || ά. The world will not reach the goal of universal sanitation coverage, where every person in the world has access to toilets, that safely contain excreta, by 2030 unless countries make comprehensive policy shifts and invest more funds, the World Health Organisation:WHO warned today as it launched the first global guidelines on sanitation and health. By adopting WHO’s new guidelines, countries can significantly reduce the 829,000 annual diarrhoeal deaths due to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene. For every US$01 invested in sanitation, WHO estimates a nearly six-fold return as measured by lower health costs, increased productivity and fewer premature deaths.

And does the world take note as to the grand claim of capitalism that this is the best we can do? £827,000 human being die each year of diarrhoea, which, in today’s medical science advancement is not really a disease, that should kill any human soul! And, yet, it kills, almost, a million human beings? And this rich-dictated world keeps telling us that this is the best we can do? Is this the best we can do, in this monstrosity of capitalism, in which 02.3 billion human beings, lack basic sanitation and the world and all its bodies and all the world governments and all the rich people and those companies, that make a killing each year keep telling the world and whole lot of politicians and political parties, keep telling the world that this is the best we can do! 02:3 billion human beings? How many people is that? How much of humanity is that? This is why we publish The Humanion and this why Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd exists to tell the world that this monstrosity, called, capitalism and the horror of a human condition it has ‘sentenced’ the vast majority of humanity with is unsustainable and it can not and must not be accepted. This must change and there is infinitely a better human condition possible, if, we, reject this claim: this lie that this is the best we can do! In short, this monstrous system is truly a killing machine: do not believe it: add all the humans, that die each year needlessly across the globe and you will find it difficult to sleep for the rest of your life: this is the monstrosity they call civilised and civilisation!

Worldwide, 02.3 billion people lack basic sanitation with, almost, half forced to defecate in the open. They are among the 04.5 billion, who are without access to safely managed sanitation services, in other words, a toilet connected to a sewer or pit or septic tank, that treats human waste. “Without proper access, millions of people the world over are deprived of the dignity, safety and convenience of a decent toilet.” said Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the Deputy Director-General for Programmes, WHO.  “Sanitation is a fundamental foundation of human health and development and underpins the core mission of WHO and ministries of health worldwide.  WHO’s Sanitation and Health Guidelines are essential to securing health and wellbeing for everyone, everywhere.”

WHO developed the new guidelines on sanitation and health because current sanitation programmes are not achieving anticipated health gains and there is a lack of authoritative health-based guidance on sanitation.

“Billions of people live without access to, even, the most basic sanitation services.” said Dr Maria Neira, the Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, WHO. “The transmission of a host of diseases, including, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio, is linked to dirty water and inadequately treated sewage. Poor sanitation is, also, a major factor in transmission of neglected tropical diseases, such as, intestinal worms, schistosomiasis and trachoma, as well as, contributing to malnutrition.”

The new guidelines set out four principal recommendations:

: Sanitation interventions should ensure entire communities have access to toilets, that safely contain excreta.

: The full sanitation system should be undergo local health risk assessments to protect individuals and communities from exposure to excreta, whether this be from unsafe toilets, leaking storage or inadequate treatment.

: Sanitation should be integrated into regular local government-led planning and service provision to avert the higher costs associated with retrofitting sanitation and to ensure sustainability.

: The health sector should invest more and play a co-ordinating role in sanitation planning to protect public health.

Some countries have recently taken significant actions:

: India has elevated the challenge of ending open defecation to the highest level. Under the Prime Minister’s leadership, the Swachh Bharat Mission Clean India Programme is co-ordinating action across many sectors to ensure basic sanitation rapidly reaches and improves the lives of millions.

: Senegal is a leader in Africa that recognises the role of pit latrines and septic tanks in ensuring services for all. The government is providing innovative solutions with the private sector to ensure pits and septic tanks are emptied and contents are treated to ensure affordable services and clean communities.

Implementing the WHO Guidelines on Health and Sanitation will be key to meeting the SDGs. In 90 countries, progress towards basic sanitation is too slow, meaning they will not reach universal coverage by 2030. Sustainable Development Goal Six is to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. WHO, together with UNICEF, monitors progress on the following targets:

06.1: By 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe water for all.

06.2: By 2030, achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation, paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations.

In order to meet these targets, the World Bank estimates investments in infrastructure need to triple to US $114 billion per year, a figure which does not include operating and maintenance costs. And, here, the UK, on its own, declared over £50 billion on renewing is ‘Nuclear Deterrent’ programme! This is almost half of this: now add how many trillions of dollars are ‘wasted and burn into nothingness’ in these programmes by the world’s richest countries and you would know that not only capitalism is a monstrous killing machine but, at the same time, the ugliest of utter irrationality and paranoia! While all these millions of humans are dying away and all these hundreds of trillions of dollars are wasted and being burnt away into nothing by these countries and governments and they do because they can because we accept that. Reject it and no leaders and politicians dare wasting such insane amount of vital resource into these horrible things!

Safe water, sanitation and hygiene are, also, essential to SDG Three ‘Ensuring healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. Under SDG target 03.3, countries are working to end the epidemics of major diseases, including, water-borne diseases. Under SDG 03.9, countries are working to substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination by 2030.  Additionally, safe water, sanitation and hygiene are needed to reduce maternal mortality and to end preventable deaths of new-borns and children as called for in SDG targets 03.1 and 03.2.

But what are all these SDGs unless world states and governments put their money where there mouths are. They are not putting that money there where it is most desperately needed but they have hundreds of trillions for the ‘bogey purpose’: the military, the nuclear and the rest: wars are ways as many others to keep on making money. This monstrosity goes on, this killing machine goes on and this brutal waste and burning of vital financial resources are wasted away every day and every year in this barbarity, called, capitalism. Time to challenge it and seek an infinitely better human affairs and economic management system, that supports, fosters and nurtures humanity across the earth.:::ω.

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The Building-Block Foundational Human Rights: Without Establishing Foundational Human Rights Included in It a Universal Income for All Citizens Capitalism Can Not Go On the Way It Is: European Social Survey Finds Significant Public Support for Universal Basic Income

|| September 14: 2018 || ά. A new European Social Survey report has found significant public support in Europe for the introduction of universal basic income and a European Union-led social benefits scheme. Using European Social Survey data collected in 23 countries during 2016:17, the authors established that people in Europe widely endorse national government responsibility to protect vulnerable people. Whilst people are in favour of welfare support for the elderly, financial support for the unemployed and immigrants is met with more opposition by a considerable share of the population.

Is this ‘considerable opposition’ not related to the consideration that these have to do with ‘personal taxation’ so that the respondents respond from a ‘personal’ view-point. This is time to put forward the entirety of why capitalism has gone on for too long and has ‘created a shark-pool’ of the rich and riches while the vast chunk of societies are left with a horrible desperation and that does not mean just the unemployed and vulnerable people. It has been widely reported in the UK press that working people are queueing at foodbanks simply because in order to pay their rents and bills they have nothing else left to feed themselves. Foundational Human Rights is not ‘social security benefits’ nor are we speaking of ‘universal basic income’: we are speaking about foundational human rights and included in it is Universal Income, not as ‘benefit’ but as a share of the entire national wealth paid to all citizens of a nation.

And this Universal Income is not paid for any taxation or insurance contribution. How can that be done: humanics has answered these questions. It is time to wake up and see what capitalism has done to the desperately ‘sentenced’ people of Greece, the severest of cases while many European Union countries people are still paying for the crash and its aftermath. Capitalism can not be sustained as it is: people can not work and line the foodbank. People can not be part of any nation without a home and with access to education and much more besides. The old books are useless: it is time to create new ideas and bring capitalism to serve the people.

These are the Foundational Human Rights: A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment; B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air;  C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink;  D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need;  E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home;  F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning;  G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care;  H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income; I: Absolute Right to a Job;  J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income. It is time that the world’s minds, who are concerned about the Human Condition look up and out into the world and the devastating human condition capitalism has created, particularly, after the crash and another crash will happen. It is time to challenge the status quo and think what is possible so that life is made better. It is time to challenge this view that in Europe life is all cosy and rosy! It is not: capitalism distributes poverty and inequality and keeps on increasing both so that it can gather vast chunks of the wealth to the tiny minority of the population.

The percentage of respondents, that support the introduction of a universal basic income scheme varies widely, from 33.9%, Norway to 80.4%, Lithuania. Support for a universal basic income is lower in more affluent countries in Northern and Western Europe and higher in the less wealthy welfare states in the East and South. Over 60% of respondents in Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Israel, Slovenia and Portugal support the introduction of a universal basic income.

Lowest levels of support were found in Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The report states: “This pattern suggests that basic income is welcomed as a way to improve social welfare rather than as a replacement for well-performing welfare systems.”

67.1% of those interviewed across Europe support the introduction of a EU-wide social benefit scheme, that would guarantee a minimum standard of living for the poor. But, on average, only three in ten Europeans, 30.5%, believe that more European Union involvement would lead to higher or much higher levels of social protection.

As with the introduction of basic income, support for EU involvement is higher amongst those in Eastern and Southern European countries, where welfare expenditure is relatively low. Over 80% of respondents in Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, Italy and Hungary support the introduction of a EU-wide social benefit scheme.

Only in Austria and The Netherlands was support for a EU-wide social benefit scheme below 50%.

Respondents were asked what should happen to someone’s unemployment benefit, if, they refuse to take a job, that pays less than what they earned previously. Over a quarter of respondents, 26.1%, felt that the full unemployment benefit should continue to be paid; 34.3% wanted to cut a small part of the benefit; 20.6% felt it should be cut in half and 19% felt it should be cut completely.

Support for cutting unemployment benefit in these circumstances is, particularly, high in Italy, Norway, Poland and Slovenia and comparatively low in Lithuania, Israel, Estonia and Russia. Italians are the most likely to want to limit unemployment benefit, if, someone refuses to take a job but think the government should take more financial responsibility for the unemployed.

The Polish do not expect high levels of unemployment benefit from their government and are most likely to support benefit reductions for those, who do not accept a job offer. The opposite is true of Israelis and Lithuanians, who believe the government should offer strong protection to the unemployed and tend to think that those, who turn down new work should not have their benefits cut.

The vast majority of people in Europe are open to allowing immigrants access to social benefits and services but with some conditions. The report’s authors found that fewer than 10% of respondents think that immigrants should never be allowed access to the welfare state, whilst only 09% believe that they should be granted full access to benefits and services immediately upon arrival.

43.1% of respondents think that social rights should be granted to immigrants following residence and payment of taxes for at least a year, with a further 29.1% thinking they should only be granted to citizens. When comparing responses to identical questions asked in Round Four, 2008:09 of the European Social Survey, the authors found no evidence that the refugee crisis led to more opposition to immigrants receiving social benefits:

“In Portugal and Spain, the percentage indicating that newcomers should receive social rights upon arrival has even increased substantially, from 09.6 to 20.3% in Portugal; from 11.7 to 18.9% in Spain.” Eastern Europeans are considerably more reluctant to provide social rights for immigrants despite relatively low immigration rates and lower levels of social security expenditure.

Support for the government to maintain acceptable living standards for the elderly is very high across Europe, especially, in areas where perceived living standards are currently lower. Public support for the government to provide for the elderly is highest in Israel, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia and Spain.

In the Netherlands and Switzerland in particular, support for government responsibility is lower but, may, partl,  be attributed to the perception that the elderly have relatively higher living standards.

The Report: The Past, Present and Future of European Welfare States was authored by: Bart Meuleman, Wim van Oorschot, Sharon Baute, Sam Delespaul, Dimitri Gugushvili, Tijs Laenen and Federica Rossetti: University of Leuven, Belgium and Femke Roosma:Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

The European Social Survey is an academically led biennial cross-national social survey, that was created in 2001. It aims to chart change and stability in the social fabric of Europe. It was awarded European Research Infrastructure Consortium:ERIC status in 2013.

Round Eight of the European Social Survey was fielded in 23 countries during late 2016 and early 2017. The total sample size was 43,507 ranging from 880 respondents in Iceland to 2,852 respondents in Germany.

Read the Report :::ω.

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V PRAT Conference 2018 New York: October 26-27 Calls for Submissions: By September 05


|| August 18: 2018 || ά Mass incarceration in the United States has become a dehumanising force that is de-stroying the very fabric of society. Many young lives have wilted and many more are languishing in the penitentiaries for minor offenses and too often for no offense whatsoever. The racialisation of the criminal injustice system has resulted in the separation and impoverishment of families and the decimation of neighbourhoods.
In many communities one of the greatest barriers to a decent education is the de-praved influence of the prison-industrial complex. For human beings to flourish, it is essential that they receive a “universal” form of education capable of nurturing the emotional, psychological, physical and intellectual growth of the whole person. To bring about a humane society, we need to change the trajectory currently leading to mass incarceration, redirecting it toward universal education and potentially recast-ing the social, political, and economic structures of the country. For such transform-ative education to take hold, we must eliminate pedagogies of oppression and repres-sion and free intellectual inquiry from established forms of monopoly control.
Consequently, at the conference we will seek to move beyond policies to effective practice, by exploring such difficult questions as the following:

:Can universal education unlock an entrenched system of unjust laws?
:Can uni-versal education serve as an essential instrument both in reversing criminalization of the poor and in eradicating the prison-industrial complex?
:Can education be emancipated from cultural imperialism?
:Can effective resistance be mobilised against harmful institutional models, such as zero tolerance policies and high-stakes testing requirements?
:Are we suffering from a poverty of imagination among many educational “reform-ers?”
:Can awareness of available “best practices” encourage more innovative thinking?
:To what extent can socio-economic relationships, political systems and cultural productions be redirected toward empathy, community, cooperation, and human dignity?
:Can we truly succeed in building a just and humane society?

If, you plan to present, please, send a title and a brief abstract to: J. Everet Green at everet at verizon.net by September 05: 2018.

Conference Venues: Friday, October 26, 10:00 am to 18:00: Graduate Centre of the City University of New York. 365 Fifth Avenue.
Saturday, October 27, 10:00 am to 18:00: May Day Space in Brooklyn, 176 Saint Nicholas Avenue::::ω.
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The Non-Americans in America: Six Million is As Large a Number As to Be Equivalent of Many Nations in This World: America Can Not Punish Them with Political Annihilation: This Must Change for the Sake of America Itself




|| August 03: 2018 || ά. The Truth Out has published a new piece of research, written by Ms Kimberly R Kras, who is an Assistant Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, today. This piece, ‘Citizenship Through the Eyes of Those Who Have Lost the Right to Vote’ is a timely and much needed piece of work to put to America and the American people, to bring about a debate for it is about the ‘political annihilation’ of a section of the ‘we the people’ of America, the number of which is unbelievably high: in this piece Ms Kras has put forward a figure, six million Americans can not vote in any American democratic exercise because they have been convicted of a felony.

And this scenario varies from state to state but in many states these people, despite the fact that they have served their time and ‘paid’ for the felony for which they were convicted and, yet, they can not vote. It is, as, if, they had been given two parallel sentences: one with finite end date and the other one ‘in perpetuam’, that it does not get spent! This is astonishing. Ms Kras reported some progressive actions taken by some states to balance this injustice out and corrected the state laws but this is not enough. What kind of a democracy is it where six million people are barred from taking part in exercising their citizenship rights? Further, whatever crime any criminal of whatever sorts commits, they can not and do not and must not lose their citizenships for, if, they were to lose their citizenship by virtue of that loss the ‘state’ loses any ‘right’ to accuse, charge and try them in its ow court of law because the ‘criminal’ is no longer its citizen. The state can only try its own citizens!

Further, citizenship of any state is not a ‘gift’ or ‘privilege’ nor ‘honour’ or ‘accolade’ given to individuals; it is people’s right by ‘defined virtues’ by the ‘book of the law’ or a Constitution of a country in which it is enshrined as a right of citizens and there are defined ways of getting that citizenship, including, often, simply, being born in that country or to parents, who are already citizens of that country. Therefore, because it is a right and as such so long a constitution remains valid, so long this state remains a member of the international body, i.e, the United Nations and all its mechanism, this state, simply, can not withdraw citizenship. It is against international law for a state to ‘revoke’ or take away people’s citizenship. It is not a matter of people’s opinion nor is it a matter of whether a majority wants it or not: there is such a thing as the law and this is the law: a state can not take away citizenships from its own citizens.

Furthermore, the criminals are still citizens and they were charged and tried and punished for their crimes and they are sent to prison and they serve their term. The incarceration, the taking away of one’s liberty and all forms of, other than the very bare physiological level, of life from the criminals is the highest form of ‘punishment’ for their crimes, which they serve. If, this includes, that they can not vote while serving the sentences, the state has some reasons to offer some form of an argument in relation to that but it can not sustain a sentence with reason and rational validity of taking away people’s rights to take part in the democratic process for the rest of their lives!

It is desperately sad and dangerous for a democracy to ignore and not to seek to rectify it, particularly, as Ms Kras’ research points out that the majority of these six million are poor and people of various ethnicities other than white. These two criteria: that they all are poor and that they are coming from all ethnic minorities, might, give us the idea as to how this has gone on for so long! But it can not go on any longer and we urge all progressive forces, voices and agencies to bring this issue to the forefront of the political debates and discourse. We suggest that the leaders in all spheres of societies across America in all its states form some form of a ‘State Law Review Convention’ of some sorts, this is unheard of but possible and all state legislatures work together under this convention mechanism and identify the variations in laws relating this ‘political annihilation’ of six million people’ in all the states and agree a ‘common course of corrective actions’, which, they, then, take to their local chambers and change their laws or send it up with a common resolution by all state legislatures to the Congress to Pass a Common Law, that will be applied to all states.

This can not go on as this: a nation can not defend ‘politically killing off’ six million of its own people from the national life. This is a bankrupt approach and it can not be accepted and acceptable. Democracy, if, it is, at all, about the ‘government of the people, by the people for the people’ then these ‘people’ are and can not but be deemed as humans, to mean that they are not all 100% ‘angels and angelic and all-perfect and all unfailingly uniformed. In this some of these people for vary many reasons, factors and influences will be failed and they themselves, may, fail themselves but for that they will ‘pay’ but that does not mean that that should declare them ‘politically dead’ forever.

This can not be supported or sustained. America must rise to challenge and change this utter and sheer injustice since by its actions of the current law, America has, effectively, declared six million people as, first, not part of ‘we the people’, because they are not, because they can not vote and, second, that they are not human in the sense that they should have been perfect but since they were not they no longer have the means to correct themselves and seek to make amend and rebuilt a new life, even, after they have served their times for what they did! In the first lesson on the American Constitution, this would tell a child that this is against the first sentence of the American Constitution: We the people for, effectively, these six million souls are not part of that ‘we the people’. If, American establishment fails in this it is the American people, who can not and must not fail in rectifying this injustice. We thank The Truth Out and Ms Kras for this work and, along with it, invite every single person reading this, to do all they can to support this brave and committed publication for these are the true champions of the people, who tirelessly bring to the surface, what no one would speak of, yet, these are vitally fundamental issues of society and the humanity, that lives in any society.

The Truth Out: ‘’Truth Out is a 501:c:3 non-profit organisation dedicated to providing independent news and commentary on a daily basis. Truthout works to spark action by revealing systemic injustice and providing a platform for transformative ideas, through in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis. With a powerful, independent voice, we will spur the revolution in consciousness and inspire the direct action that is necessary to save the planet and humanity.’’ :::ω.

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Regine Humanics Foundation Begins Its Journey Today: The Humanion Is Now A Regine Humanics Foundation Publication



|| April 06: 2018 || ά. The Humanion was first published on September 24, 2015 and has been run, since that day, on a complete voluntary basis without any 'formal' or 'constituted' manner or form and, it was run on as a Human Enterprise, which is an idea of Humanics, in which, ownership is replaced by belongingship and, thus, in a Humanical Society, no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for all others as all others create and work for all others, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty, that establish a true civilisation within the Rule of Law. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. Today, we have begun the process of 'constituting' this Human Enterprise, which does not exist in the current system, but the next closest thing to it, that exists in the UK Law is Social Enterprise. Therefore, today, Friday, April 06, 2018, we are beginning Regine Humanics Foundation, that is the 'Agency', that will lead, run, manage and develop everything, that The Humanion has been trying to do.

Regine Humanics Foundation is established by the Thinker, Author, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Editor of The Humanion, Festival Director of London Poetry Festival and a Humanicsxian: hu: maa: neek: tian: One, that believes in, lives and exists by Humanics, Mr Munayem Mayenin, of London, England, United Kingdom. Mr Mayenin says, ''Humanics is a vision; people, may, call it, utopia, we, call it our Humanicsovicsopia; Humanics. Humanics is our philosophy, our faith, our conviction, our resolution, our way of existing, thinking, being and doing: to seek and try to do so in the determination that all we must do and be is to exist to advance the human condition. People, readers and agencies and organisations, from all across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom and Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, from all walks and strata of life, have supported our endeavours, supported The Humanion and The Humanion Team, who volunteered their time to run things, since the beginning of The Humanion and long before that, when other things, that are now part of The Foundation, were developing. Nothing has changed in terms of the nature and value of what we have been seeking to do.''

''But the founding of The Foundation brings it all in a solid foundation so that we can keep on building this 'vision' so that it keeps on going regardless of who come to take the vision-mission of The Foundation forward. The Foundation runs along with time and along with the flowing humanity. This is the dream, this is the vision, this the hope in founding this Foundation. And, in this, we hope and invite all our readers, supporters, well wishers and all agencies and organisations to support our endeavours to build something, a Human Enterprise, which we are in the process of registering as a Social Enterprise, as a Community Interest Company, working for the common good of the one and common humanity. No one makes or takes profit out of The Foundation, which now runs The Humanion and everything else, that is part of it. The Foundation, once registered, will have an Asset Lock, which means that in any event, should The Foundation dissolve itself, all its existing assets shall go to a similar Social Enterprise. Therefore, we invite everyone to support The Foundation, support The Humanion in whatever way they can. And, there are endless number of ways people and organisations can support The Foundation and The Humanion.'' ::: ω.


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To Seek: To Do: To Change: To Make Better: A Courtney Anderson an Assistant Professor of Law: Atlanta Listen When A Voice Calls You Towards the Light of Equity: Where the Major Part of the Whole Bleeds Away There Can Be No Dream But Nightmare: Rise Towards the American Dream Away From the American Nightmare of Rampant Poverty Inequality and Contemptuous Disregard to Human Misery and Suffering Imposed on a Great Majority of People


|| November 25: 2017: Georgia State University News || ά. Assistant Professor Courtney Anderson champions housing issues to break cycle of poverty. Community can be a matter of life and death. South Seattle knows this hard fact. Residents there rise each morning in a grinding urban neighbourhood with high unemployment and substandard housing. Just one mile distant, over a body of water, that, might, as well, be an ocean, lies Mercer Island, one of the 100 wealthiest ZIP codes in the United States. A baby born today on Mercer Island can expect to live 10 years longer than a baby born in South Seattle.

Life expectancy isn’t the only discrepancy between wealthy communities and poor ones. Low-income areas typically see higher rates of crime, disease, mental illness and drug addiction. That’s true in Seattle. It’s true in Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, Miami. It’s true in Atlanta. In South Atlanta, Thomasville Heights Elementary School and its surrounding neighbourhood share a ZIP code with a federal penitentiary. There’s no building boom in this blighted section of one of America’s fastest-growing cities. In fact, substandard housing across the street from 600-student Thomasville Heights is considered the leading cause of a shocking year-over-year turnover rate in classrooms there.

From one year to the next, 40 percent of the students at Thomasville Heights go away. Some families leave the housing complex after complaining of intolerable conditions, structural damage, dilapidation, infestations of snakes, rodents, insects. Others, who can’t find the means to pay rent move on because of eviction notices. What happens to kids in this unstable circumstance? And their community in the long run? Georgia State Law Assistant Professor Courtney Anderson has done her homework. “The concentration of housing for low-income families in impoverished neighbourhoods adversely affects educational attainment.” Ms Anderson said. “Ultimately, this, also, impacts the opportunity for poor children to break the cycle of poverty as adults.”

Substandard housing affects more than grades and graduations. People in shoddy dwellings more often suffer respiratory and cardiovascular troubles from smoke and indoor air pollution. They’re frequently exposed to high and low temperatures. Home injuries occur more often, floors or steps give way, roofs collapse, wiring shorts out. Sanitation problems can spread communicable diseases. More frequent diagnoses of allergies, asthma and mould-borne ailments add to woes.

Unravelling the knotted problems of housing, education and health takes a champion, someone willing to build awareness about problems in communities that often have no voice. Anderson has made it her cause.

Ms Anderson first grasped the link between housing and community health issues, when she served as a clinical fellow at Georgetown University Law Centre in 2012. “We worked very closely with low-income tenant organisations, who were attempting to purchase their buildings.” she said. “The need for health services, education and other social services was always prevalent.” Ms Anderson quickly realised that the needs of these clients stretched far beyond memos on legal letterhead or simple words of legal advice. That revelation shaped her teaching and research.

“We were our clients’ only advocates.” she said. “They told us how hard it was for them to access social services and education because of where they lived. We realised how many ancillary issues stemmed from the disparities in their communities … and we were the only ones, who could help.” Connecting the community dots, Ms Anderson began to actively research housing instability in low-income neighbourhoods.

“I work with sociologists, attorneys, educators and bankers to create a map of neighbourhood stressors near schools with high turnover rates.” she said. “Once we have that, we can better understand how educational attainment is disrupted by evictions, building code violations and mobility.”

Ms Anderson has published several notable papers exploring how events or conditions, that touch any part of housing, education or health in underserved neighbourhoods have a ripple effect in the other areas. Her titles describe the work: 'The Disparate Impact of Shuttered Schools' in the Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law in 2015, 'Affirmative Action for Affordable Housing' in Howard Law Journal in 2016, 'You Cannot Afford to Live Here' in Fordham Urban Law Journal this year.

Perhaps, most importantly, of all, Ms Anderson ventures out from the ivory tower of academia to hit the streets and she rides along with a posse. “Her students are challenged to understand, form an opinion and make an impact to curb health disparities and her work is shedding light on some of the health and housing disparities in Georgia.” said Ms Genevieve Razick. Each year loads her Law and Health Equity class onto a bus and tools them up Peachtree Road and through ritzy Buckhead.

The students admire Buckhead’s fine houses and jewelled lawns and glittering automobiles. Then, in jarring contrast, the student bus veers southward into grindingly poor Atlanta neighbourhoods. The houses there have shuttered windows and trash-strewn lawns and abandoned cars.

“It really opens the students’ eyes to a part of Atlanta they have never seen, despite the fact that it is five minutes away from the law school.” Ms Anderson said. “We go from wealthy neighbourhoods in North Atlanta to abject poverty that is not far from where they live and learn. The purpose is to give our law students context for how segregated cities can be and how 
human-made factors influence and cause this segregation.”

Newly enlightened, Ms Anderson’s students then are urged to bring their budding legal skills to bear in service to the challenged communities they’ve seen. Like many Georgia State Law students, a large number of these future lawyers have Atlanta roots or close community ties. It’s not uncommon for them to suddenly develop a passion for community efforts driven by various non-profits.

“The Atlanta Volunteers Lawyer Foundation, Sister Love and New Georgia Project have been great at identifying and assisting with the variety of issues, that affect low-income populations.” Ms Anderson said. “Our students offer hands-on, real-world help.”

Ms Genevieve Razick took Ms Anderson’s classes in Property Law, Law and Health Equity and Law and Social Welfare. Ms Razick now practices as an associate attorney at Arnall Golden Gregory, where she focuses on regulatory and transactional work for health care clients. “Professor Anderson is truly passionate about bringing topics covered in class to life for her students so they aren’t just reading another chapter in a textbook.” Ms Razick said.

“Her students are challenged to understand, form an opinion and make an impact to curb health disparities and her work is shedding light on some of the health and housing disparities in Georgia.” During her semester in Anderson’s Law and Health Equity class, Ms Razick supported Sister Love Inc, an organisation serving to eradicate the disproportionate impact of HIV and sexual oppression on women in the United States.

“My Georgia State team helped Sister Love conduct legal research on the frameworks surrounding sexual reproductive education in schools in Georgia.” Ms Razick said. “We looked at how access to sexual reproductive education could potentially impact the prevalence of HIV in a community.”

Ms Anderson’s students lend their legal expertise to other allies, too. Some support the work of Neighbourhood Planning Units, citizen advisory councils that research and develop zoning, land use and other planning recommendations designed to address health disparities and inequalities. Their recommendations go directly to Atlanta’s Mayor and City Council.

Other students have pitched in with the Atlanta Youth Count and Needs Assessment, a comprehensive survey of youth homelessness in the city. One of Ms Anderson’s students worked with Westside Atlanta Land Trust. That pairing resulted in a program proposal to train ex-criminal offenders in construction trades, that can help them land jobs renovating blighted homes in a depressed area at Vine City:English Avenue. Breakthrough thinking is badly needed in that area.

Mr Paul Bolster feels that efforts to cut through a Gordian Knot of problems to find solutions in housing, health and education policy depend on leadership, the path-breaking research and advocacy like Ms Anderson’s, but, also, political and legal leadership. “I believe it takes legislative or executive department leadership to give a focus to citizen advocacy.” Mr Bolster said.

“For any public policy change, there needs to be a legislative leader to make decisions and create partnerships, that will lead to legislation. The courts can provide a context for the legislation and often political cover for taking actions that may not be popular or may get lost in the din of public discussion. Leadership can make an issue a priority for research, public debate and ultimately legislative action.”

Mr Bolster does his part. He founded and serves as principle consultant for Support Housing LLC, an organisation assisting communities with plans to end homelessness. He co-develops supportive housing with service providers and organizes advocacy efforts focused on state and local policy issues. He founded the Georgia Supportive Housing Association, where he is its former executive director.

“Her research is important.” he said. “Connecting housing to health and education is critical to public investment in the housing.” Ms Anderson’s leadership in housing and health policy could possibly lead to big changes at Thomasville Heights Elementary School. In the past two years, students in her Property Law classes worked with Purpose Built Schools to explore the underlying causes of churn problems at the educational institution.

Students pulled eviction records and documentation on housing conditions. They cross-referenced demographics to identify and map the issues, that impact Thomasville students’ ability to attend school. Now, late this fall, Purpose Built Schools will hold a meeting to evaluate student recommendations based on that research and, possibly, adopt those ideas in coming years.

Quality housing and reduced student turnover in the neighbourhood that Thomasville Heights’ student body calls home could arrest the cycle of poverty in the area. In other words, two components of a true community, a stable, liveable home and a classroom, where familiar teachers and classmates show up reliably and faithfully, could, potentially, anchor the area and give it a chance at normal development. “Leadership can make an issue a priority for research, public debate and ultimately legislative action.” said Mr Paul Bolster.

A true sense of community remains a dream deferred, Ms Anderson feels, without secure, protective, sheltering places to live, schools to spark ideas and health to support hope. “We are far from the goal.” she said. “But awareness that there are these issues has definitely improved and there has been more of an interdisciplinary approach to addressing them. Housing agencies are now opining on education policies and vice versa.

Improving health equity will come with improving race relations and improvements in economic inequality.” she added. “I think the focus right now still needs to be on awareness and education, with local groups taking the lead on testing possible solutions that can be replicated so that there can be more buy-in when they are proven effective.” 

Image: Carolyn Richardson: Georgia State University

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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|| April 06: 2018 || ά. The Humanion was first published on September 24, 2015 and has been run, since that day, on a complete voluntary basis without any 'formal' or 'constituted' manner or form and, it was run on as a Human Enterprise, which is an idea of Humanics, in which, ownership is replaced by belongingship and, thus, in a Humanical Society, no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for all others as all others create and work for all others, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty, that establish a true civilisation within the Rule of Law. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. Today, we have begun the process of 'constituting' this Human Enterprise, which does not exist in the current system, but the next closest thing to it, that exists in the UK Law is Social Enterprise. Therefore, today, Friday, April 06, 2018, we are beginning Regine Humanics Foundation, that is the 'Agency', that will lead, run, manage and develop everything, that The Humanion has been trying to do.

Regine Humanics Foundation is established by the Thinker, Author, Poet, Novelist, Playwright, Editor of The Humanion, Festival Director of London Poetry Festival and a Humanicsxian: hu: maa: neek: tian: One, that believes in, lives and exists by Humanics, Mr Munayem Mayenin, of London, England, United Kingdom. Mr Mayenin says, ''Humanics is a vision; people, may, call it, utopia, we, call it our Humanicsovicsopia; Humanics. Humanics is our philosophy, our faith, our conviction, our resolution, our way of existing, thinking, being and doing: to seek and try to do so in the determination that all we must do and be is to exist to advance the human condition. People, readers and agencies and organisations, from all across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the whole of the United Kingdom and Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, from all walks and strata of life, have supported our endeavours, supported The Humanion and The Humanion Team, who volunteered their time to run things, since the beginning of The Humanion and long before that, when other things, that are now part of The Foundation, were developing. Nothing has changed in terms of the nature and value of what we have been seeking to do.''

''But the founding of The Foundation brings it all in a solid foundation so that we can keep on building this 'vision' so that it keeps on going regardless of who come to take the vision-mission of The Foundation forward. The Foundation runs along with time and along with the flowing humanity. This is the dream, this is the vision, this the hope in founding this Foundation. And, in this, we hope and invite all our readers, supporters, well wishers and all agencies and organisations to support our endeavours to build something, a Human Enterprise, which we are in the process of registering as a Social Enterprise, as a Community Interest Company, working for the common good of the one and common humanity. No one makes or takes profit out of The Foundation, which now runs The Humanion and everything else, that is part of it. The Foundation, once registered, will have an Asset Lock, which means that in any event, should The Foundation dissolve itself, all its existing assets shall go to a similar Social Enterprise. Therefore, we invite everyone to support The Foundation, support The Humanion in whatever way they can. And, there are endless number of ways people and organisations can support The Foundation and The Humanion.'' ::: ω.

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