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Finland: Is It Elsinki Time: Have Your Say Now For If You Do Not You Can Not Complain Later



|| September 26: 2018 || ά. A Survey on ending the seasonal time changes is being made available on site from today, September 26 and it will be open till October 12. The Survey will provide an opportunity for the public to express their views on what should be Finland's permanent standard time in future: summer-time, winter-time or some other time zone. Were the Finland Government to ask The Humanion for our opinion we would be more than glad to offer it: We are all for Elsinki Time, which should forever remain close to Sibelian Symphonies: Eternally new and eternally unchanged and unchangeable.

Now that we have opened up the Survey with our Elsinki Time, we invite everyone to take part in this so that everyone has their say, when one is asked to do so. The results of the Survey will be used in preparing Finland's position on the Directive proposal regarding summer-time arrangements. The aim of the survey is to examine views and opinions on whether Finland should adopt winter-time or summer-time on a permanent basis. Information on the opinions and wishes of Finns on the matter will, also, be collected in a poll, that will be carried out by TNS Kantar Oy.

The Survey results will represent the opinions of Finns according to regions, age groups and socio-economic background. During the preparations, impact assessment in other areas will, also, be carried out and experts will be consulted.

Finland has continuously observed summer-time since 1981. According to the current provisions, summer-time begins on the last Sunday of March at 03:00, when the clocks are turned forward one hour. Summer-time ends on the last Sunday of October at 04:00, when the clocks are turned back one hour. So, summer-time is in place for seven months and winter-time for five months of the year.

If, the seasonal time changes end, the choice of the permanent standard time will affect the number of daylight hours in the evening and morning. If, summer-time were to be adopted as the permanent standard time, evenings would, on average, be somewhat lighter and mornings darker. If, the choice for the permanent standard time would be winter-time, mornings would, on average, be somewhat lighter and evenings darker.

In practice, the time zones of other countries will, also, have impacts on businesses, for instance. The ending of the time switch is expected to have positive effects on health.

The discussion to be opened at the site has attracted a lot of interest and the number of respondents is expected to be exceptionally high. Measures have been taken to prepare for a peak in the number of service users. However, slowness or short breaks in the service are possible.

A decision will be made at the EU level on ending the summer-time arrangements. After that each Member State can decide which time zone it will adopt. In Finland, Parliament has taken the view that the abandonment of time changes should be taken forward within the EU.  No decisions have been made as to which time zone Finland should adopt.

If, a decision is reached to end the practice of daylight saving time, the permanent standard time in Finland will be decided by Parliament.  A broad-based consultation will be arranged in Finland on the matter. The results will be used in further preparations of the matter.  The Directive proposal will be discussed in Government and Parliament. Finland's official position on the proposal will be formed in the discussions. In the EU, the Directive will be prepared further in the Council and the European Parliament.

The possible adoption of the Directive is a joint decision of the EU Council and Parliament. Only after that it will be nationally implemented in each Member State. In order to ensure a seamless transfer to the new arrangement, the Commission proposes that each Member State inform by no later than April 2019 whether it wishes to adopt summer-time or winter-time on a permanent basis.

According to the proposal, the l