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First Published: September 24: 2015
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To The Nine Worlds















Imagine in Beijing the cup is filled with the night crafted water in
Which tea-leaves blended itself a liquorice of splendour as the sun
As dawn shone in the east with her rose-red-fingers as Homer saw
As silence a magnificence of magnetic whirls and twirls all a-flutter

Imagine that all the blood thus rushes and runs not knowing why or
Where yet they rush and run calling out notes that no one can hear
Like the way the sun lights make the molecules and atoms inside a
Suddenly bloomed Hibiscus where your eyes are fixed in only joys

And imagine that tea cup imagine that dawn imagine that hibiscus
In your eyes and one outside that makes biochemistry's lab in quiet
Imagine that a-flutter magnetic magnificence imagine your soul as if

Outside she is as the skies as the air as the spheres spires and squares
As the breeze flows over your hair where the sun plays Ithacan-Isfahan
And you raise your hand picking the cup and you utter: Magnificent

Page Created: June 10: 2016
The Elsewhere Rose


Life’s not a hollow text of a shallow tale in which you find
Characters live ee die strutting fretting jumping stumping
Showing their puddle-versed lives dusting into dot-storms
Knew they not ever that they were just puddle-stuck specks

With tiny water in non-existent depth where reflected tiny
Wee a sky rejecting which even the dragonflies go to seek
Wider lakes but there they are busy in their dot-dust-deeps
Where neither depth nor height ever comes calling rise rise

Yet if you imagine this and call all your here and now to fill
Your earth ee gather the rest in the bounds of elsewhere-all
See how infinite-ocean of elsewhere-all gathers around you

To raise you to bloom as its dot-infinity-home at the heart of
Elsewhere-all you the Elsewhere Rose for the entire universe
Calls you to bloom ee be the Elsewhere Rose Elsewhere Rose

Munayem Mayenin: December 09: 2016: ‽: 101216

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