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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Regine Group of Publications Summer Holiday Break: July 14- August 31

|| Sunday: July 12: 2020 || ά. Dear Reader, Regine Group of Publications will go on the Summer break from Tuesday, July 14 till Monday, August 31. Therefore, we shall resume publication of all out titles on Tuesday, September 01. This is due to the fact that this is the ‘thin season’ for the news and events in the world as it is the holiday season so that it would be quite opportune for us to take a break. For the record, we have not had a break for, at least, the last fourteen years, particularly, since the foundation of The Humanion because since then it has been twenty-four-seven work.

And, COVID-19 seems to be far more than what it appears to people on the surface and it would be very much helpful to us, too, to take a break. Therefore, we thank all our readers, supporters and well-wishers all over the world for their continued support and faith in us. We very much hope that things will begin to improve in relation to COVID-19 and the VIII London Poetry Festival 2020: October 14-15 will be able to go ahead where we still intend to launch our latest title, The Humanion Larnaarch: The Research Journal.

Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd remains committed to its purpose of existence: advancing humanics, humanicsxian philosophy, humanicsxian political philosophy, humanicsxian political economics, humanicsxian sociology, humanicsxian moral science and humanicsxian jurisprudence. We very much intend to go on walking across London, the entire of this great city, The Elleesium, the whole of London from Chiswick to Newham, from Hammersmith to Camden, from Plumstead to Putney, From Hackney to Morden and all other places. We shall see you all back on Tuesday, September 01. Be and do that what is your very self: humanity naturale: for we are all-for-one and one-for-all. :::ω:::

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The Society of Editors Welcomes the Latest PAMCo Figures Showing More Readers Are Turning to Quality Journalism: Now Is the Time for the Entire News Press and Media Agencies and Outlets to Begin to Raise Awareness As to How All Layers of Governments Political Parties Businesses and All Other Agencies Spend Their Advertising Budgets and How That Devastate the Most Vital Organ of a Democratic Society: The Free News Press and Media


|| Wednesday: March 18: 2020 || ά. The Society of Editors has welcomed the publication of research, that shows that quality UK journalism is being read by more people than ever before. The latest data, released by the Publishers Audience Measurement Company:PAMCo shows that an additional 03.2 million daily readers reading the quality news media compared to a year ago. The Society of Editors’ Executive Director Mr Ian Murray said that that was strong evidence that the public had trust in the mainstream media and, in particular, the print press at both a national and local level. ‘’This trust has never been more important than at this time of crisis and there is evidence that more and more people are turning to established news brands to find out the truth surrounding the current global crisis.”

“When lives are at stake and analysis of news and information is critical, the public are showing that they can not trust the fake news and disinformation, that permeates through social media. For all its detractors, the mainstream media remains the rock bed of trusted communication in this country.” The latest data, released by PAMCo shows that the daily audience number across the press industry, which includes national and numerous regional news brands, now totals 34 million readers, which is growth of 10% year-on-year. National news brands’ combined audience, print and digital, now sit at 46 million people a month and 27 million daily readers.

The Report’s figures, also, show that digital monthly readership has surpassed 40 million across the UK’s national news brands, overtaking Google’s number for first time. Here, The Humanion would like to point out that Google is not a news media organisation. It must not use the misleading ‘title’, such as, Google News. Google or the like companies are neither news agencies nor news or media publications. And the Society of Editors and the entire news, media and press outlets should begin to stop calling ‘social media’, which is not news organisations and these outlets must not be given ‘credit’ by calling them ‘social media’.

They are the distorteddia and they do not have the remit to publish news but their users publish whatever they like and they promote things without the means to verify what they are promoting. The news, press and media agencies, outlets and organisations should stop using the term ‘social media’ altogether and, at the same time, they should stay well clear of ‘reporting’ all the ‘opinions and whatever else are published in a lot of these outlets regardless of however many people are following such opinion. It is time the bona fide news organisations and outlets begin to take their vital role and place in a democratic society.

On a daily basis national online readership now reaches 20 million people, demonstrating growth of nearly three million compared to the previous year. The face of journalism, press and media are changing and online publications have developed and have been gathering strength and will continue to do so as the print media and outlets face tougher conditions because of falling readerships and advertising revenue.

In January the Advertising Association/WARC expenditure report showed that advertising revenue across national news brands rose by 0.4% year-on-year to £234 million, in the third quarter of 2019. Encouragingly, that was the second consecutive quarter of growth for the national news industry. However, that’s a long way off. The journalism, press and media organisations and agencies should begin to lead the campaign of showing the dangers of the whole business world taking all their advertising budgets and giving them to all the distorteddia organisations to rob off while that chokes off the vital news industry. It is time to raise awareness that the business world and the rest of the world, including the governments of all layers and the political parties think of where and how they are using their advertising budgets because all actions do bear consequences.

Ms Tracy De Groose, Executive Chair of Newsworks, said: “Against a backdrop of Brexit, climate change and the current corona virus pandemic, we are living in unprecedented and anxious times and the news industry is playing a vital role in people’s lives by providing information and advice they can rely on. Amid a growing awareness of the pervasiveness of fake news and misinformation the nation’s appetite for trusted news is at an all-time high.” 

The Publishers Audience Measurement Company:PAMCo, is the governing body which oversees audience measurement for the published media industry.

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The Humanion Larnaarch: Regine Group of Publications’ New Title Will Be Launched on October 14: 2020


|| Sunday: March 01: 2020 || ά. The Humanion Larnaarch is the newest addition to Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd's publications. Larnaarch is going to be an 'open' journal for research, learning and innovation, presenting all works, efforts, initiatives, projects and endeavours of human imagination, ingenuity and creativity in all areas of life and learning: Sciences, Mathematics, Economics. Jurisprudence, Sociology, Philosophical and Humanities. From Medicine to Neurology to Geo-sciences, from Engineering to Astrophysics, from Political Economics to Sociology, from Astronomy to Archaeology, from Anthropology to Sociology, from Literature to History: the entire human arena of learning is open to The Humanion Larnaarch. All Areas, Disciplines, Fields, Spheres and Arenas of Learning Will Have Their Own Windows on This Learning Universe of Larnaarch. Larnaarch: Progress is through questioning and learning.

Therefore, as humanics does, Larnaarch, with all her sister publications, stand against capitalism's poverty paradigm, that makes life a punishment and can't do regime, that cripples the human existence and the human condition on this earth. As all Regine Group of Publications arise and stand on the vision, philosophy and earth of humanics, our commitment is to stand firm against and fight all forms, manners and expressions of dehumanisations and machinations and to advance human intelligence, education, enlightenment, empowerment, development and progression. All of which relate to i: the primary form of humanity, the individual human person or the individual human agency of the human mind, without which no forms of humanity can exist; ii: the secondary form of humanity, all the institutions, that all the singularities of humanity together create, run, maintain and develop; and iii: the third form of humanity, the combined spiritual, socio-cultural and socio-humanical ecology, created by all singularities of humanity into a unifying and unified one whole, getting larger in size, scope and influence: families, networks of families, communities, agencies and organisations, communities and, the largest of all, is society.

Therefore, Larnaarch will not be interested in the 'fraudficial intelligence', that the market forces are seeking to promote for profiteering while the very human intelligence is massacred across the earth because education has been denied to a vast multitude of humanity and through the 'starving' state funding of education in, even, the advanced economies of the world, higher education is blocked off from a large portion of the populace and the statutory education's quality suffers so much that, often, a large portion of the young people, attending and leaving it, are failed profoundly by it.

Larnaarch will publish materials as they are ready every day. It is an open subscription only publication whereby the readers will pay a minimal subscription payment daily or weekly or monthly or annually. However, it is open to all the public free of charge. The principle of this is simply this: the way we are not going to take food or drink from supermarkets or any other places without paying for them and eat or drink, as, if, we have no issue with the fact that we have not paid for these things, that have been produced by human work and labour. The Humanion Larnaarch is produced, created and presented through this human work and labour, that cost 'resources' of all kinds, which, in a money-based system of economics, have monetary expressions and the readers, therefore, ought to pay for using it, even, if, it is just there for anyone to read free. Because, unless, readers do that, there shall come a point that publications like this will come to cease and who will suffer the lack of 'lights' in this ever-increasing and ever-widening darkness of the dark powers of large money?

If, we ought to pay for our food and drink, for the houses we live in, the facilities and provisions we use, the educational and other public facilities, the vehicles, the public transport and holidays, then, we ought to pay for the learning resources, that we use to advance our learning and development. If, we pay for the degree course we are studying, if, we pay for the books and learning materials, required for this degree course, if, the lecturers and professors and other academic staff get paid for delivering that course, if, the consultant neurologist gets paid for her:his service and work, if, the fuel is paid for, if, the sandwiches are paid for, hair cuts, shoes and ties and shirts and socks are paid for why should we not pay for the most vital of all investments: to develop ourselves through learning and with that development of all of us individually advances the very society we live in and, thus, contributes towards the advancement of the human condition?

As readers arrive on the website of The Humanion Larnaarch, she:he:they will be invited to the options of payments, from which each will have to choose and make the payment. It is up to the readers to make that payment. However, because it is open The Publication will still be accessible to all readers for free. If, the readers read, use the materials for research and learning without paying they ought to remember that they have made use of these materials, that they did not pay for. In other words, they 'owe' The Publication' for that 'taking advantage of its provisions' without paying for them. It is as simple as that. The readers know whether they have paid or not: there is no other enforcement for we want to keep Larnaarch open to all so that those, who can not contribute can still use the source of learning.

The very research Larnaarch will be publishing has been funded through bodies and agencies and the researchers themselves have been paid for their work, time and research. Why should readers not pay for that provisions of learning, being published in The Humanion Larnaarch or any other outlets?

There is no 'Court' for morality: it is 'enforced' by the human agency of the human mind, that ought to know this: that for anything to keep the human physiology in good state of health and well-being it pays for products, provisions and services so should, so ought it pay for products, services and provisions, that are a pre-requisite to keep its own Agency of the Human Mind in good state of health and well-being because learning is such a thing, that keeps human souls in good nutrition-grounds and developing spheres. This applies so long we are in a money-based system of economics. In humanics it changes into not-paying because there's no money: however, in human enterprise we all work and produce for all from which we all take our share of what we need to fulfil our necessary utilities.

How Much

Daily: 50 Pence

Weekly: £05.00

Monthly: £10.00

Annually: £100.00

Subscribers will be notified of any new posts as they are posted.

Regine Group of Publications, including, Larnaarch, is owned by Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, which is a not for profit, social enterprise, meaning, no one owns it but itself and from The Foundation no one makes or takes away any profit. All incomes The Foundation makes are used and invested in pursuance of the aims and objects of The Foundation.

The Humanion Larnaarch will be launched on Wednesday, October 14 at the 8th London Poetry Festival 2020 with a 'traditional' and physical print-out version'. Welcome to The Humanion Larnaarch: Journal for Imagination Ingenuity and Creativity for Eternal Learners.

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Entries Are Now Open For the Regional Press Awards 2020 For Works Published in 2019


|| This is an imaginary report for an imaginary title, ‘The Ely Chronicle’, by a Fictitious Reporter: Wednesday: February 05: 2020: Eleanor Wheatsheaf Reporting  || ά. Outside the Church a whole lot of lit-green-luminous light-carpet lay flat on all sides other than the space, where the shadow of it measures itself better than Turner himself could ever do while the crickets, every now and then, chirp and jump to break away the silence of the late afternoon in Ely. Quiet as a dictionary, the day moves not.

The wheat fields dazed in the sun, staring at the blank of the hazy sky. This is not much of a report and, you, may, accuse this Reporter of being a bit ‘empty-headed’. But, it was here at this Church, where a few of them were housed and they reached millions of readers every time they got published by ‘mad people’, who had nothing else to do but keep publishing those, what, people, affectionately, called, ‘Little Magazines’; they would be any publications, that people published because others, particularly, large publishers were not interested in publishing them. Some of those, housed in this very Church, became large and went onto becoming powerful, professional publishing outlets.

They were all printed out and wet and soft and wonderfully chemical-smelling with their inherent ‘risk’;  as, if, like being given ‘evidence’ of a kiss, if, you touched them fresh. You get their ‘marks’ on your hands and from there the evidence would spoil your shirt or dress etc. So many newspapers of so many varying types got published and flourished everywhere like this. They formed a living-breathing ecology of a living-breathing public discourse; feeding debates and advancing discourses. Just from this Church many voluntary groups worked and published about eleven different titles, such as, The Left, The Left Right, The Poetic Fish, The Bookeroo, The Social Impetus, The Visionary, The Ecology, The Spirit of the Human Soul, Philosopher’s Walk etc. From Ely there used to be published about 177 titles of many types. All those out of this Church vanished now. Out of the 177, most followed the same vanishing fate; a few still struggle, their futures hang on the ‘wheatsheaf’ of cruel times.

Where is it all heading? What are we faced up with: where does humanity, communities of all kinds and types, get access to that ‘living-breathing ecology of a living-breathing public discourse; feeding debates and advancing discourses’? ‘’The distorteddia have taken things up and over; those, whose job it is to mind only, their money and profit-making and how to pocket the largest parts of it are ‘given’ the title of ‘media’ while they can not, even, spell media. Smaller outlets, provincial, regional, local, specialist and niche, most of them, have, already, been sacrificed. Even, larger national outlets are struggling to survive and in this only the regressive outlets have powerful money behind them while progressives are sent away packing. Where are we heading?’’ asks Mr Jefferson Stone, a local bookseller, who has closed down his bookshop, only, a couple of weeks ago, that his family ran for two centuries. ‘’People read no more. Wondering souls did still come but they were like an extinct species, you know. I had to call it a day!’’ Mr Stone walks off towards the Canal.



|| Wednesday: February 05: 2020 || ά. On Friday, June 05, 2020 the Society of Editors will once again host the Regional Press Awards to celebrate the best of British regional and local newspaper journalism in 2019. Journalists will have until Monday, March 02 to submit their entries.

The Regional Press Awards, organised by the Society of Editors, will, for the first time, acknowledge the shift from sales of newspapers to combined audience figures to recognise excellence in local press during 2019. The awards will continue to regard different categories in the daily, weekly and free weekly sections of the industry but, set the distinguishing levels in line with industry-recognised JICREG figures for ‘total monthly reach’, including, both print and digital audiences.

‘’The industry has moved on and quite correctly recognises the total audience its titles reach with their superb news, sports and features coverage. The Regional Press Awards will now recognise those figures, also, as part of this celebration of the vital role the vibrant regional press plays in the communities the length and breadth of the UK." said Mr Ian Murray, the Executive Director of the Society of Editors.

Consistent with last year’s awards, in some established categories, the award has been split to ensure that journalists working on smaller titles with less resources are recognised without having to compete with larger, better-funded regional daily newsrooms.

The Cathryn Nicoll Interviewer of the Year Award will run for its second consecutive year at this Regional Press Awards. The award was launched last year in memory of Cathryn Nicoll, who held the position of the News Editor at the Croydon Advertiser during her career as a journalist.

 Mr Paul Sinker, News Media Association, said, “During her career, Cathryn Nicoll devoted a significant amount of time to training and mentoring young journalists, who showed promise. The launch of an award in her name at last year’s Regional Press Awards highlighted some brilliant examples of interviewing and feature writing by young journalists and we hope to build on this with even more entries for the 2020 award.”

The award is open to any journalist, working for a weekly or daily local or regional newspaper, published in the UK, who is aged between 18 and 25 and rewards a £500 cash prize to its winner.

The awards will celebrate regional and local journalism in print or as part of a corresponding digital platform and will include the Making a Difference: People’s Choice public vote, organised by the News Media Association for Journalism Matters. 

Early registration and entries are encouraged so that any issues can be attended to in advance of the deadline. The entry price has been kept at the same level as last year. A shortlist will be announced in April 2020. The Awards will culminate with a glittering lunchtime ceremony on Friday, June 05. Proceeds will help fund the Society of Editors campaigning for press freedom.

A full list of categories and entry guidance can be found on the Society website.

For queries, contact ellen.bramley at or office at Or ring the office on 01223 304 080.  

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10 Downing Street’s Orwellian Distortive Manipulation of the Media: The Society of Editors Condemns No 10’s Actions to Bar Journalists From Selective Lobby Briefing: Protesting Against It All Journalists Walked Out