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VII London Poetry Festival 2019: October 14-15
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First Published: September 24: 2015
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|| Wednesday: September 11: 2019 || ά. Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd would like to let all the readers of all The Humanion Group of Publications know that, as of today, Wednesday, September 11, the Foundation’s and all its publication-websites are made secure.

This applies to The Humanion UK Online Daily at https://thehumanion.com, The Humanion Portable Daily at https://thehumanionportabledaily.com and The Foundation website, https://reginehumanicsfoundaiton.com. The Foundation would like to express its thankfulness and gratitude to all the readers for their continued support throughout the past and hopes that they will continue to walk with and support its efforts to seek to envision, believe and work for a better world with a better human condition across the mother earth for all humanity.

The Humanion Portable Daily is the latest in this effort and The Foundation invites everyone’s support in building it up. The print media, whatever format they are published, has been facing increasing and existential threats and a great deal of them have, already, disappeared. The latest sad news is that Marie Claire UK is to stop publishing. The print titles, that are being published by rich people and their companies will, eventually, come to an end because the rich and their companies will not countenance not making big profit, let alone, making big losses. Therefore, inevitably, these print publications face real prospect of being shut, gradually as their losses increase with falling sales and falling advertising revenue.

Th future of bona fide, professional, free, fair, transparent and independent journalism faces grave existential threats and, while this is the case, the future is heading towards the online and Portable Format, which The Humanion Portable Daily is following. Were readers and agencies, business, trade and commerce, as well as, all other organisations and agencies are not ready to pay for these publications and support them through advertising etc, the future of democracy, governance structures and the public discourse faces equally a bleak scenario. We invite everyone to support The Foundation to build something, that is for all humanity and not for profiteering for any owner or shareholder.:::ω.
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The Humanion Portable Daily: The Vast Majority of All the Mediums of the News Press and Media Outlets and Agencies of All the Countries of the World Are Owned and Run by the Rich of the World So That They Direct Herd and Dictate the Populace: The Humanion Group of Publications Are Not Owned by the Rich But by a Foundation That Does Not Believe in Ownership: Is It Necessary: Ask the Question to the Dispossessed of the Earth Whose Lives are Ravaged by the Dictates of the Rich




|| Sunday: September 08: 2019 || ά. Editorial: The Humanion Portable Daily || Monday: September 02: 2019 || ά. This is a fact: the print media of all manners and types are fast in the run of disappearing, those, that have not already done so, the radio, the television and now the online plethora of expressions of all these mediums, are mostly owned by the rich. And why would the rich of America speak of the vast multitude of the dispossessed, who make the vast chunk of America or any other place in the world for that matter? Why on earth, while the dispossessed are the vast majority, America has always been ruled by either the Republicans or the Democrats? Who are these parties and whose interests do they exist to support, protect and advance but the rich? But the rich do not constitute the majority, the dispossessed do: so how do we square it up: how come the vast majority of the dispossessed unfailingly keep on electing people and parties, that will harm their interests?

The same applies to the United Kingdom and all other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. The news and media outlets are owned, the vast majority of them, by the rich so that, at election times and any other time for that matter, the media and press sing from the hymn-sheet of their owners and, in this, there are some outlets, that claim to be independent but, they express editorial preference and call for the people to elect a party, that exists to promote the rich and harm the dispossessed! Example, The Guardian, once, supported and called for the people to vote for the Conservative Party and what did that Conservative Party do to the poor and the dispossessed: well, one would need to write an epic of a journalistic report on that for the years, that that Conservative run has done to the fabrics of the United Kingdom. The two bouts of Conservative Governments, once with the Liberal Democrats, who are now pretending that the country has forgotten about that, have established the sociology of squalor where sociology of evil spreads its devastating destructions of what are individual, familial and communal life and spheres.

There are so called independent media, such as, the BBC, the ITV and many such agencies but, they, too, fail terribly and have been doing so over a long time whereby they, too, are subscribed to certain viewpoints and they, too, fall into traps so that their independence gets compromised: example: BBC and ITV had lost a great deal of their credibility and independence during the times of Afghan and Iraq War.

Furthermore, BBC had failed terribly during the European Referendum and many other occasions. This goes to show that, in general, the media and press outlets, that are owned by the rich and, even, those, that are supposedly not owned by the rich, all follow the same pattern: they subscribe to the ‘accepted and established’ ‘school of viewpoint’ whereby anyone challenging their way of viewpoint is ignored and not spoken about or given any mention.

However, the world today is a dangerous one where it does not exist as one and old world and the way to conduct national and international affairs have broken down so that there is anarchy taking over everything so that, instead of advancing serious engagement and profound commitment and resolution, the world seems to have entered a puddle-phase where dysfunctional ways of working, hostile, abusive, abrasive, discourteous, vicious and dangerously aggressive attitude have begun to appear ‘normal’ while the world is falling apart.

Capitalism has established itself over the world, as, if, it has won the third world war because socialism has collapsed and disappeared. However, the world has moved on and came along the financial crash and in the background the distorteddia conglomerate appeared and kept on taking over everything so that capitalism has been transformed into pseudonomics, which can not but bring capitalism to its terminal end. Yet, no press, news and media outlets has much time about bringing these vital issues and fundamental plethora of crises forward. Along with these challenges there are the distorteddia, which have been devastating the very existence of independent, free and bona fide journalism, news, press and media and, these distorteddia conglomerate are running a culture of ‘fake and mythology making warehouses’ and with these they begun to direct, herd and manipulate, even, the running and functioning of the judiciary and democratic processes, such as, the conducting and running of democratic elections.

The world across the earth has been devastated by the rapid and ferocious spread of dehumanisation of humanity, the spread of the sociology of squalor and the sociology of evil and with all this the ever-increasing poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, unemployability, homelessness, rough sleeping, lack of universal education, lack of safe water to drink, lack of sanitation, malnutrition and illnesses and, the list goes on keep on, going while millions of humans are perishing away of many causes, that are easily preventable. Every economy in the world is such that the vast majority of workers are being paid poverty wage and, yet, the system goes on and there are not many media outlets in the world, that are raising these vast and vital issues and they are rather interested about imposing things over the people so that America keeps on being ruled by the rich people’s party so does the rest of the world.

On top of all this the world is a hypothetical thing: it is not one nor does it have a body to look after it and speaks for it where the United Nations has, effectively, been eliminated into the background of being a ‘grand talk shop’. The world’s press, news and media outlets are national and they are engaged in that closed-up sphere where they are filled with things about their own locality and the world does not exist to them or for them. Some outlets offer ‘apologetic’ space to the world, as, if, by some ‘grace’. The Humanion began for the world and world humanity and with it today joins The Humanion Portable Daily, seeking to be the voice of the dispossessed and the voice of the voiceless humanity and the mute mother earth.

The world can not exist the way it is today and humanity will perish and get extinct until and unless we rise to face, accept and respond to the challenges we face and go forward boldly, raising questions and seeking answers. The Humanion family of publications are determined to keep on going, challenging, for ‘For Serious, Committed, Independent and Fearless Journalism: For Vital, Fundamental and Complex Issues.’

We hope the readers will join us and support us keep on raising questions and seeking answers and bringing things, issues and ideas before the public domain, that not many other outlets are doing. Your support for Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and what it is seeking to do is sought, welcome and valued. Change happens all the same: unless we envision and work for such envisioned change, by default change happens without our leave or involvement but that change by default is not change but decay: we need to initiate and bring about change so that we know what is changing and why it must change but, most importantly, what change is taking the place of the old: this change happens because we make it happen and it begins at nanoscale, always, building up, deeper, wider and farther. Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd has begun its existence in the vision of humanics and that is where we are heading. The world must be one and we humanity must be one and must we find a way to exist in harmony, peace and equilibrium or homeostasis, which can not ever come to exist until and unless we reach a state where all humans of this earth are at liberty and at equality in the rule of law in natural justice. So long there is capitalism there shall never come such a state nor can socialism or communism can ever take us there for the later has demonstrated that by its failure. The future of that state of humanity is in our hands, in our faith and in our conviction that we are better than this ruinous human condition, in which capitalism has brought us. Humanics is the future of humanity and the earth: but for this we ought to have faith and belief in our innate infinite goodness for humanity is an infinity unfolding itself: humanics has been walking on this path: humanity is an infinity unfolding itself. Tell capitalism that: you can not keep on slaughtering humanity for this is what you have been doing all along. :::ω.

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Editorial: The Humanion Portable Daily Year 01 Issue 01 Day 01 Monday September 02-2019

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Scotland Yard's Attack on Press Freedom Unacceptable: Society of Editors



|| Saturday: July 13: 2019 || ά. The Society of Editors said today that the warning from Scotland Yard to the media not to publish leaked government documents shows a truly worrying lack of understanding of how a free press works in a liberal democracy. “I can not think of a worse example of a heavy-handed approach by the police to attempt to curtail the role of the media as a defence against the powerful and those in authority.” said the Society’s Executive Director Mr Ian Murray.

His comments were in response to the Metropolitan Police’s Assistant Commissioner Mr Neil Basu’s insistence that publishers and editors hand back any leaked government documents, following the publishing of confidential emails from Sir Kim Darroch, the UK Ambassador to the United States and his subsequent resignation. “The implied threat is that the media would be acting against the law in publishing leaked documents, even, if, they were in the public interest.’’

‘’This is simply not acceptable in a free society and will act as a huge deterrent to whistle-blowers.” Mr Murray went onto saying.

“Frankly, it is the kind of approach we would expect from totalitarian regimes where the media are expected to be little more than a tame-arm of the government. This is not nor should be the case here in the UK.

It is ironic, indeed, that Scotland Yard’s approach comes in the week where the UK has hosted the first Global Conference for Media Freedom. And we should not forget that the UK already languishes at number 33 in the World Index on Press Freedom, created by Reporters Without Borders.

To be a true beacon to the world on press freedom, the media in the UK should not have to face threats from the police in this way.”:::ω.

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Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s Convicted of Journalism Claim Is a Dangerous Distortion of the Truth: Society of Editors



|| Thursday: July 11: 2019 || ά. The Society of Editors has stated that he claim by the former English Defence League Leader Mr Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who uses the pseudonym, Tommy Robinson, that his jailing for contempt of court is an attack on journalism is a ‘dangerous distortion of the truth’. Mr Yaxley-Lennon, was jailed at the Old Bailey for nine months today, July 11, after being found guilty previously of interfering with the trial of a sexual grooming gang at Leeds Crown Court.

Mr Yaxley-Lennon had broadcast footage from outside the court in breach of a court order banning all media coverage until the end of a series of linked trials. At his sentencing Mr Yaxley-Lennon claimed the sentence was an attack on journalism and wore a t-shirt with the words ‘Convicted of Journalism’, that, also, compared the UK to North Korea. Reacting to his claims, the Society of Editors’ Executive Director Mr Ian Murray said that in reality Mr Yaxley-Lennon had broken the law by ignoring the laws of contempt, that any junior reporter working for a reputable news provider would be aware of.

“On the one level, this underscores how it is the mainstream media and others, that devote huge amounts of time and resources to training their journalists, that can be relied upon to provide accurate and balanced reporting of the facts. While anyone can claim to be a journalist in this country and there is no appetite nor should there be for the licensing of journalists in the UK, the mainstream British media adheres to the laws of the land, is correctly regulated and ensures its journalists are highly trained. I am not aware that Robinson has any formal training as a journalist and to claim his trial and sentencing is an attack of journalism itself is a farce.”

But, Mr Murray added that the claims would, no doubt, resonate with his supporters and, also, provide ammunition for those, who wish to harm the UK media. “Sadly, there are people, who wish to see the media in the UK emasculated and, these sorts of claims are so obviously unfounded, they provide ammunition to attack us with.

Against a background where some politicians, who should know better, are constantly attacking the free media, Robinson’s actions and subsequent claims to represent journalism under attack are a dangerous distraction.

There are sufficient real and potential threats to genuine journalism to contend with, such as, the Online Harms White Paper, the Age Appropriate rulings from the Information Commissioner’s Office and the still un-repealed Section 40 clause to the Crime and Courts Act 2013.”:::ω.

Caption: Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Murdered Maltese Journalist

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Courtney Radsch to Deliver Tom Olsen Lecture 2019: Enemies of the People: The Global Assault on Journalists and Press Freedom: July 08 at St Bride Fleet Street



|| Wednesday: June 19: 2019 || ά. Tom Olsen Lecture 2019 is to be delivered by Ms Courtney Radsch, titled, Enemies of the People: The Global Assault on Journalists and Press Freedom, on Monday, July 08 at St Bride’s, Fleet Street at 19:00. Ms Radsch is is the Director of Advocacy at the Committee to Protect Journalists:CJP.

CPJ is the partner of the One Free Press Coalition, which identifies the top ten urgent cases, in collaboration with the International Women's Media Foundation. The Lecture, ‘Enemies of the People: The Global Assault on Journalists and Press Freedom, will focus on the global assault on press freedom, what this means for journalists and how the media organisations and agencies are standing up to protect their own through initiatives like the Coalition.

For further enquires contact claire.seaton at stbrides.com: Tickets: In Advance: £10.00: Students: £05.00: On the Door: £15.00: Students: £10.00.

Doors open at 18:30: guests can join for a drink after the lecture, courtesy of Kaizo, an independent PR and digital agency, that helps business and consumer brands thrive in today's economy.

About the Tom Olsen Lecture: Tom Olsen had a long career in journalism both in London and the provinces. He worked as reporter, leader-writer, editor and author. He had a great love of writing whether under his own name or the nom de plume John Morrell. He loved wine, too and, spent the last fifteen years of his life as the wine correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph.

Tom Olsen was an enthusiast for the Church of St Bride, which during his time shared Fleet Street with the nation's press. When he died in 1987 it was felt that his memory should be perpetuated through a trust, that bears his name. The aim of the Trust is to further the work of St Bride's.:::ω.

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The Society of Editors Warns of Severe Consequences If Plans to Restrict Young People’s Access to News Websites Go Ahead