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First Published: September 24: 2015


















































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Ashleigh Sumner

Young Woman Engineer of the Year Finalist

Emma Goulding

Mary George Prize

Orla Murphy

Young Woman Engineer of the Year

Rossella Nicolin

Young Woman Engineer of the Year Finalist

Helen Cavill

Women’s Engineering Society:WES Award

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October-December 2016: The Humanion Arkive Q-Delta 2016

VI London Poetry Festival 2017: October 14-17

Let there be surging seas of weaving coral lights
Let there be flights of light-lifting choral songs
And sun-sure-rise of larks of sublime joys to seize
Let us meet and greet sit and read as all hearts
Blend in and mend on and mind our dreams

VI London Poetry Festival 2017

Homecoming : Claire Askew

We came in the cold afternoon, having driven
miles; late - the fire lit for us since lunchtime -
and lost beneath the shuddering tent of sky.
We are strangers in the land that birthed us,
long ago; though our speech coats quickly
with the curve of its tongue, its Nordic towns
familiar - Broxa. Hackness. Helmsley. Thirsk

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Ashleigh Sumner

Young Woman Engineer of 2015 Finalist

Dr Beth Healey

Physician/Antarctic Researcher



Isabelle Boulay


Tatiana Eva-Marie


At Innovation Summit

In Helsinki

Sense TouchBase South East Centre

Orla Murphy

Young Woman Engineer

Katherine Johnson


Florian Fuchs

Student Space Science

Annie Caraccio

 NASA Research Engineer in Deep-Space Exploration

Natalia Carbajosa


At the Innovation Summit

In Helsinki

UNICEF Youth Climate Advocates

At COP21

Noa Eshet

Space Educationist

Claire Askew


Aowen Jin


Rossella Nicolin

Young Woman Engineer of 2015 Finalist

15 Year Old Mohammad

Azraq Refugee Camp Jordan

Sharon Harriott


Vaishali Shah


Aiko Harman


Laura Stub

Student Space Sciences

Adrien Chevalier


Samantha Cristoforetti

Following the Stars Been and Back from ISS

Jonathan Kollmer

Student Space Science

Elyse Aichatou Yahaya Danzara


Emma Goulding

Mary George Prize Winner

Aung San Suu Kyi

Nobel Peace Prize 1991

Adam Michaels

Space Educationist

Nicola Benedetti


Marilyn Horne


Isobel Dixon

Poet/Literary Agent

Juli Jena


Bryan Oliver


Gracia Iglesias


Rebecca Atherton


Tomas Sanchez Santiago


Shola Aleje

Cultural Worker

Christian Ward


Joumana Haddad


Kerry-Fleur Schleifer