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The Humanion Submission Guidelines

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The Humanion: We are One Without Frontier

Write for The Humanion


As you can gather by looking at the pages on offer that The Humanion has interest about almost everything to do with life and, therefore, we are highly likely to be interested about what you would like to write about. Ideally, we are looking for works in the areas, that are listed here. However, if, what you are thinking of offering is not listed, please, do not hesitate to write and ask. Please, read the following Submission Guidelines before you send submissions. Sending address is: editor at thehumanion dot com. The Humanion is not a website nor is it a blog but a national and international daily, published online, with an interest and scope covering the entirety of life, living, branches of knowledge and learning and the entire Universe.

01: The Humanion does not pay for any writing, that is published here. No one makes money at The Humanion nor does anyone sell anything. As you can see there are no advertisement on this website. Most importantly, The Humanion does not, even, believe in money; rather, we believe in the most fundamental currency of human interactions, interchanges and exchanges is our original and pure humanity.

02: The Author retains copyrights of their works. However, once published, The Humanion retains the right to continue treating it as published and it would be online as long as The Humanion remains in existence. Once published, authors can not ask a piece to be withdrawn since, if, it was published in printed format it could never be taken 'off print'.

03. Author info

a: Authors can write using whatever name they like to use, real or pen but The Humanion must have their legal:real name, home address, contact details for we treat people, who are writing for us as member of the same fellowship and we need to have this information. If one is wishing to remain anonymous from The Humanion than this is not the publication for them. However, we promise this to everyone, who submits and gets published in The Humanion that their information is never going to be shared or given out to third parties and most importantly, it shall only be kept, other than the name and email address, stored manually using old style note books so that they are not accessible to online users.

b: Those, who write to us and submit should treat The Humanion as if they have met us in real life and come to know who and what we are and likewise they are known. The Humanion is online but it is definitely not SOCIAL MEDIA but a a profound publication and sincerely stands to promote humanity and humanisation of our interactions, interchanges, exchanges and discourses and to fight against dehumanisation. Please, kindly, refer to the section on the website, titled, The Rule of Law, Due Process of Law and The Humanion and The Declaration

c: If you send a piece of writing for publication in The Humanion it must not have been published anywhere, regardless of format or manner, before. Once published on The Humanion it must not be published elsewhere other than in book form published by the Author.

d: There is no deadline as we publish materials as they arrive every day. Authors need not contact us beforehand for submissions.

04: Practicality of sending the submissions: Please, use the following as Subject Line: Submission-Poetry-Author Name. Example: Subject Line: Submission-Medicine-Monica Knightbridge. Please, do not send attachments. Copy the text and paste it onto the body of the email. Your submissions will be acknowledged and you will only be notified if the submission is being published.

05: And remember, once you are published in The Humanion you are known to us and we are to you and it shall remain as such for the future, meaning you are in the Fellowship of The Humanion. In this, you are invited to join The Humanion Team if you would like to get involved.

06. Absolute Guarantee of publication: even, if, you have never published a single line, The Humanion guarantees you publication, if your work is original, authentic and fresh and, commands the highest of quality.

07. Good luck.