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Humanics Does Not Do Taughtologies: Humanics Has Come to This Earth to End the Monstrosities of Capitalism, Which Is Nothing But an Economics of High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities of Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition: But Do Not Expect These Political Forces, Parties, Their Economists, Theorists and Their Propaganda Machines to Tell You About It Because They All Subscribe to Capitalism and Are Part of the Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism Whereby All Parties Are Committed to Enforce Poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition, Unemployment, Unemployability, Rough-Sleeping, Poverty-Wage, Poverty-Social Security and Destitution Warrant and Lack of Medicare and Social Care, Gating Away of Education, Higher Education and Life-Long Learning and Mass Homelessness of Many Kinds, Including, the So-Called Home-ownership, Which Is Nothing But an Endemic Debt-Bondage, Enforcing A Slow-Poison, Lingering, Life-Long Poverty and All These Create the Sociology of Squalor, That Sustains and Spreads the Sociology of Evil, Where Dehumanisation, Mechanisation, Machination, Manipulation, Herding and Jingoistic Economics of Infinite Greed, Endless and Ever-Going Robbery and Normalised High-Cruelties, High-Barbarities and High-Brutalities Are Enforced and In All These the Distorteddia Conglomerate Devastate and Destroy Reality, Truth, Science and Reason and Conduct an Ever-Going War Against the Human Persons, Families, Communities and Societies, Against All Humanity, Which Have Created a Jingoistic Jungle of Utter, Absolute and Comprehensive Ecology of Hell of Hunger and Poverty, Which Is What the World Has Become Under Pseudonomics: A Robbers' Field, Running An Open Season of Lootings and Grand Thefts, That Have Created a Sociological Hell on Earth for the Vast Majority of Humanity: Tell the World's Disempowered to Begin Work to Bring an End to Capitalism to Get to a Better World for All Humanity Where No One Suffers Poverty, Hunger or Malnutrition: No One Suffers Poverty-Wage, Poverty-Social Security or Destitution Warrant: It Is Time to Declare the End of This Status-Quo Complicity Mechanism of the Olden, Rotten Politics: It is Time to Change the Plate Tectonics of This World and Begin the Architecturing and Construction of a New World for All Humanity At Liberty and Equality

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Jessie May Peters

First Published: September 24: 2015
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  Poets' Letter














Poets' Letter Arkive
Life: Poetry You Are Always Written in the Alphabet of Light on the Dark Papyrus of the Universe
The Renovatio August 23: 2016

VIII London Poetry Festival 2021: October 14-15 The Humanion Poetry Poetre
Featured Poet in Poets' Letter in January 2019: Claudette Athea Douglas
VII London Poetry Festival 2019 at St John’s Waterloo: October 14-15
The Cutty Sark: Ever Eternally in A-Green

Burn may you do me unknowing what indomitable is
Tear may you do me crushed may you see me as you
Forget what eternities layer my invincible nano-spread
Shredded you throw me or spread me on earth as dust

For know you not me as indestructible as photon-call
I am Humanity's photon-steel so that I go so that I sow
Rhythm in my rise beauty in my fall water or fall there
You find me flowing as I fall rising as I glow-go sowing

Eternally raise I mine own self back up in the heavens
For the Old Man and the Sea speaks to the sea all blues
For the young soul seeks the sea flowing the river goes

Not knowing how far goes the root clutching the darks
Infinities fathom this dot where resides this humanity’s
Core name me The Cutty Sark ever eternally in a-green

: Munayem Mayenin: September 26: 2019:



|| Thursday: September 26: 2019 || ά.  Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, The Humanion UK Online Daily and The Humanion Portable Daily invite everyone to join the VII London Poetry Festival 2019, taking place this October, 14-15, Monday and Tuesday evenings at St John's Waterloo, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY. These celebrations of poetry and music will take place between 18:30 and 22:00 in both evenings, when poets, readers, poetry-lovers and musicians will take to the stage to celebrate the word and the worlds of words and everyone is invited and welcome to join in.

The Festival was founded in 2005 and went on for five years. The Festival resumed again in 2017 with the celebrations of the word, poetry and music. The Festival is organised and run by Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd, which is a Not for Profit Social Enterprise, registered in England and Wales and it is promoted and supported by The Humanion: UK Online Daily  and The Humanion Portable Daily.                

The Festival tickets are kept at a minimum, at £05.00 to support The Foundation with the costs. For all the poets, musicians, performers, musical groups and all those, who love poetry, are invited to join us. Poets and musicians, wanting to take part, please, get in touch: editor at or Sophea Payne, the Festival Co-ordinator at SopheaPayne

Young poets, starting out, can take part in the Open Mic slots during the evenings.

Volunteers: The Festival needs volunteers. Join us and let us celebrate the word.

For further on the Festival visit

‘’Poets, readers, musicians, singers, performers and bands are welcome to join in and take part in the celebrations of life and existence, affirming our humanity, calibrated in, by and through words and imagination. In these days of short-circuiting, circumventing and fabricating the truth, reason and rationality for selfish political advancements everything has been left is a muddle where the distorteddia conglomerate are pursuing infinite greed, profiteering and advancing of absolute waste of financial, human and natural resources through sheer and infinite consumerism the only thing, that remains committed and grounded to the truth and to beauty is poetry.’’ says Mr Munayem Mayenin, the Festival Director of London Poetry Festival.

‘’All this mindless consumerism has left the earth and the web and ecology of life, including, the human existence, facing extinction through myriad of catastrophic challenges, that ‘cauldron’ together a messy and dangerous school of threats: global warming, climate change, causing the earth’s climate and weather system to respond with ferocious and violent fury and volatility while humanity is left with polluted and toxic air, polluted and toxic environment, polluted marine and fresh water, plastic pollution in almost every sphere of existence, where we exist in suffering, while poetry remains our best ‘craft’ to express, raise and register our challenge to all this waste: towards ‘Keatsean’ ‘beauty and truth’’. Mr Mayenin says.

‘’We invite everyone, interested in poetry and music to join in and take part in celebrations of poetry and music. There’s much to celebrate of life and human existence, that we fail to do in our everyday life for various pulls, sparks and priorities. Poetry calls us and grounds us towards that liberation. Join us at these celebrations at the heart of London by the river.’’ says Ms Sophea Payne, the Festival Co-ordinator of London Poetry Festival.

This year’s Festival Artist is Dr Ramya Mohan, who will presents her work in many artistic fields, including, poetry and music.

Festival tickets can be booked at The Foundation website and through the Festival Event Brite page

The Festival Team looks forward to welcome everyone at the Waterloo Church. :::ω.

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Featured Poet: Claudette Athea Douglas



|| January 27: 2019 || ά. Claudette Athea Douglas is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Holy Apostles Theatre Ministry, which is an urban mission, that brings the gospels to life by using intervention theatre, innovative interpretations and their reality roleplays ‘I am a believer get me out of here!’ to “take the message of love and redemption out of the confines of religiosity and bring the Spirit of humanity to a whole new audience”. She is an ordained inter-denominational Minister with a strong passion and long history of campaigning for causes of social equality, justice and peace. Claudette works as a College Chaplain, Singer, Poet, Actor, Teacher, Drama in Education Specialist and community cohesion expert throughout the UK.

She is, also, the Manger for Glows in Tulse Hill, which is an affordable work space for creative entrepreneurs in Lambeth, South London. She runs her own social enterprise, called, Spirit First Creatives where she is both a social philanthropist and cultural activist, who is able to combine well-being, creativity, personal empowerment and spirituality to transform hundreds of lives through her regular preaching engagements and her decorating the spirit events, workshops, creativity boot camps and resources.

Claudette’s theatre work began in Jamaica where she migrated to as a teenager. Here she won numerous awards for speech, music and drama at the National Cultural Festival of Arts. She studied performing arts at Dinthhill Technical High, Self Theatre Company and The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission. She stared in Village Rooster for Ed Brims Lewis Production.

When she returned to the UK she trained at Harmony Music and Dramatic Arts London Studios with Eugene Thomson and went on to co-form La Compagnie Collective, where she produced Mixty Motions, Court of Jah and monthly community based showcases at The Dick Sheppard Théâtre in South London. As Artistic Director of Athea Hall Theatre Company she directed and appeared in many successful fringe theatre touring productions, such as, Bups, Hurricane Baby and the Award Winning 1888, which toured Nigeria in 1992.

As a playwright she has written Dear Pastor, Baby Father-where’s daddy, Our beautiful Launderette:Scarman Trust, The Wickedest Slam:Women’s Aide. Her films include Concrete Garden:Alrick Riley, Velma’s Drink up:Adrian Brown and 1888 , winner of Caribbean Critiques Circle Award:Don Buckner.

Claudette has written plays for touring youth theatre productions, including, Bam Bam, Ragggella, Romeo and Juliet in the hood and To lose this world. In 2016:17 she starred as Harriet Tubman in the new production, Voice of Black Folk. She is presently working on her first one woman show and publishing her debut poetry collection ‘Black Blessed and British’ which will be published in Spring 2019.

English Spring

Daisy and buttercup scatter ore the field
in yellow-white confusion
dancing with joy my heart does yield
to English spring colour profusion

Summer spills over irrepressible with splendour
butterflies and lady birds come into their own
drenched in the sunlight I sit and I ponder
and listen to the sound of hoof on stone

Autumns appearance a promenade of contrasts
Bronzed leaves and Conkers drop all around
nature announces her kaleidoscopic broadcast
Rag and bone pony chart offer the sound

Winter sneaks up with her nippy embrace
Salvation Army band play in our cul-de-sac after church
Cowslips, Snowdrops and red berries cover all space
the perfume of the pine wood, heather and birch

Ahh here spring comes again, completely reborn
with the refrain of the dawn chorus new
Fragrance the scent of the newly mowed lawn
Silent the sunshine on morning dew

Daisy and buttercup scatter ore the field
in yellow-white confusion
dancing with joy my heart does yield
to English spring colour profusion


Intercultural intersectionality
Conjures up a new polarity
experienced through the washed up of exodus shores.
Pirate plunderers
Windrush wonderers
Crossing continents
rowing ores.

From the ancient kingdoms of Africa’s womb
I arrive.
Prehistoric traders
uprooted embers
emancipated harvest
all of whom were destined to be free.

From the earliest seekers
we continue
to mould new vessels of ourselves.

Our history hinted
we would be
differently tinted
by thirsty sun and genetic perfection.
This is my situation
not a fragmentation
but a hybrid aggregation
Part of everyone
that was
and is
I come.

middle passage crossing
My past was radicalised.
I was demonised
I come.

Many different views
many different clues
in shades
of skin
chants of creed
cultures collide.
We came by way of faith.

Intercultural intersectionality
proffers a new scrutiny
expressed through the offspring of exodus embarkation
entwined in this nation
a newer generation.
now migrant wonders
shipwrecked ponders
Crossing continents again

Red Dirt

Bitter-sweet Bauxite brimming
over with
enflamed minerals
that spread
bejewelled droplets of
embedded richness
hidden by the
forgotten past.

Golden bronzed pathways
that continue onwards.
Gushing out
mirage like shimmers of rosy dusts
Stretching far into the
Heat soaked horizon.

Pulverized by a thousand
Pilgrims that walked these
Planes when
Cudjoe led the Mormons
and the wealth of the ground was understood in
the reddened tinge of Freedoms yield.

Rio Cobre

Snake river
round Bog-Walk way
you have wrapped
yourself around the
of the central plains.
Old continental
you boast hidden knowledge
many histories.

Dug out boats
invading troops
slaves and buried
treasure trove.
Haunted silhouettes
as the Golden Table
dips and fall back
into the past legends
round the gully bend.
Each corner
rapid waters and
buried Moorish Jars.
Awe inspiring
Your deep calls to the deeper
endless search
we have within.
Mirrored image
of a nation
in the grip
of its own discovery.
Spanish worm
you curl your history and snare
those dat nuh know River Road
and Flat Bridge corner.

When rain come hard
you buss
bank side
and all must
as di
heart at the centre
is flooded.
let us through
when uh ready.
march past
still so much
in awe of you.

Woman Transformer

Woman Transformer
gleaning from the yield
ground breaker
Sewing seed in fields

Woman Transformer
weaving cloth from yarn
bearing fruit
making bread
nation feeder
love generator
moulding clay in palm

Woman Transformer
Communing with her soul
creating nests, collecting bits, makings of a home
Artisans’, travellers, fortune hunters, teacher’s
Merchants, workers, big dream Reacher’s
Building cites from wood and stone

Woman Transformer
Queen of her own domain
For all the wave makers
earth shakers
unconventional originals
breathless risk takers
Freedom makers


Woman Transformer
Warrior and Prophetess
Strategic thinker,
History linker
Shaping destiny
Making history
Female agency expressed

::: Copyrights @ Claudette Athea Douglas:::

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Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis


Year Delta Arkive 2018-19

Year Gamma Arkive 2017-18

Year Beta Arkive 2016-17

Year Alpha Arkive 2015-16

Poetry is the Voice of Me in You and You in Me  

Poetry is the speech that I do not get to make
And the love that I could not yet make with life
In the dreams that will yet have to unfold the secret landscapes yet to be seen
Poetry is more than the life I lived and less than
The life I yet aspire to arise out of what has and has not been
In the names of things poetry is the nameless nouns that yet to make the news
Poetry is beyond the definitions of defined space and time
Germinated seeds of my being unfurling the unfathomable
That I aspire to touch and magic sprinkle the whole spectrum 
Poetry is my love and loss combined without any profits
And where I go and where I be and where not and pine and cry
Poetry chronicles me in you and you in me in dream you may yet to touch
Poetry pronounces what I do not think or may not have thought of yet
I be and not be poetry is before middle and after of my joys sorrows and living
Poetry is my first kiss imagined lived remembered in a rainbow dance and music
Poetry is joy raining with fun yet embedded with corals of cool breeze of sorrows
Here it is where there is yet to come and there it is where here yet to be borne
Poetry is life imagined lived and unlived by life's reality's shell but touched as lived
Poetry is the voice of me in you and you in me where music rests in metaphors
Dreams dreamt in joys and sorrows where agonies' beats-bones wear colours' coat
Poetry tries to sing a dance that stares at fate more or less defy itself in living the life

From Illumine My Ithaca: By Munayem Mayenin, London, United Kingdom: ISBN: 978-1-4477-1776-8: Copyrights @ Munayem Mayenin, London, UK, 2004-11: First Published: February 2008


Tonight, as I drive along a purple lane
under the swallow-tail of the evening,
I will think of you.  I can picture you -
your delicate skirts like the petals of a poppy,
stalk legs, black, with heels clicking -
your quick-step, on cobbles in a lamp-lit square.

In the cavernous chapel of my mind's eye,
I will watch you emerge, moth-like
in soft reams of white - watch as you waltz
between pews, take the arm of a man
I recognise.  I will think of your smile

behind a newspaper counter, the sound of silver
against the rings on your hand - I will think
of your pearls, like a cold, smoothed spine
across your neck, of your thumbs, turned black
with newsprint.  I am reminded

of your best teaset, the tall, slim coffeepot;
the Welsh dresser, full of porcelain horses
and silver spoons.  In my mind I will pass
the lake you loved, glimpse its shimmer between trees,
then speed away.  I will wander through

the rooms of your house, still heavy
with flower-scent and the breath of your cigarette -
finding your knitting and handkerchiefs,
the secret bottle of whisky, your stockings
and letters in the coffin of a drawer.

I will fold you away in crackling tissue,
carefully, with the yellow photographs
of soldiers you knew.  I will fold up your image,
to carry with me - white, brittle and dry,
like a word, a whisper, always on my tongue.

Claire Askew: Poet in Residence at 4th London Poetry Festival 2008























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