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First Published: September 24: 2015


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Shonghomitra Sing Open

Shonghomitra sing the communal ecology of this task
That Bowl where grace must find its way hold and go
Hardest to keep on focusing on the countless stars and
Their galaxy-nets where they are stuck with clusters of

Compositions beyond-reach all dark-magnum star-light
Joy-runs it is the hardest of tasks to keep focus on this
Infinity’s endless runs and stay rooted as if rootless air
Shonghomitra call open all-air all-light all-bond binding

Shonghomitra hear me out and believe it is hard so hard
To breathe this selfial cage these selfevil walls and doors
Ventilations all shut-hard shutter-steeled one can not do

Breathe or see or hear for no air no light no skies calling
All poisons free-style rise dive fly and fall open open all
Love Shonghomitra ee sing open the ecology of this task

::: Munayem Mayenin: Tuesday: June 23: 2020 :::


And You Found the Centre Back to Yourself

Suppose the soul that you are the being that you are is this
A window open towards an all-open-window in silence you
Look out flowing onwards and as you do you meet a counter
Flow of the silent window that flows against you like a breeze

It is as if you were an invisible breeze blowing weaving out
Fabrics of your essence and you rise and fall on the other
Flowing breeze that flows against your-direction and you
Hear the music of stars and galaxies and all that they hold

Having travelled as far as a hypothetical infinity you find
That what you travelled towards has travelled to you that
Where you headed you found the centre back to yourself

And now fold all that infinities all that music that are placed
Inside the layers on layers of folded-waves like invisible rose
Petals play them now hear and cry out in infinite wonder

Munayem Mayenin: September 29:2016






This Photonarine Pilgrimage

A dot adding to itself one to another one two three advances a line
It cannot but go seeking to reach back to itself yet spherically being
The march of a dot and thus this photon is anti of what it seeks to
Illumine this Duantum Darkness it seems to go seeking end's scope

Never stopping like the line it will reach back to itself completing its
Light-sol-sojourn of the Duantum Darkness hypothetically a photon
Is all it takes to illumine the entire Universe except you need all times
For a photon to complete its photonarine run to come back to itself 

Yet this photon-sojourn is the pilgrimage of the light in this holy-field
Of this Universe where there is no temple but laws where one begins
And ends both being the same: the determination to go on being light

Being light is life's pilgrimage in this Universe this photonarine run
In ink-dark our photons are true and in tune with the Duantum and
We write our pilgrimage on white paper still seeking being the light

: Munayem Mayenin: April 16: 2017 :


O Reader Tell the World

Tell the world O Reader that this Child is any Child
That this Child is every Child that this Child is All-Child
That this Child is my Child your Child our Child and yes
This Child is our today tomorrow ee all-flowing-always

Of this world of this entire kind of the multitude of us
People this Earth in gifts of oxygen-water we live ee die
This Child you and I he and she they and all carry same
Genome's print where the neuro-cardian orchestra plays on

The same symphony called life in neuro-cardio-correlations
Tell the world O Reader that we are the same genome-book
Where same biochemistry writes our same songs of seasons
Of matters and energies mixing and minding still a rhythm

That varies very little to be apart and all hearts beat the same
Tell the World O Reader to See to See to See to Rise to Rise
Tell the world O Reader Not to Fail This All-Precious-Child

Munayem Mayenin: April 12: 2017


To Make a Lamp

A poem of silence where a prayer book is kept inside
Which silence is held between pages as flower petals
Are kept dried and thin as if to see how non material
Matters get so to hear the thinness of becoming and

To feel by the touch crafted out of the eye only and it
Still seems brittle yet smooth and as if it is a waterfall
Dried out yet making its flowing runs and the sounds
It sounds like pains whirling in joys far away like wind

Blowing through the emptiness of a steppe where the air
Finds nothing to hold and flows through the space-trellis
And sings the weaving connections of spaces and places

So this poem is of silence where all this whirls and twirls
In which nothingness shines pines sings in blues in lilac
And my humanity still gathers lights to make a lamp

Munayem Mayenin: August 10:2016


















The Truth is But a Living Sacred Song





To the Earth the Universe opens the joyous outpouring of lights as
It opens a window of lights closing the out-verse opening the Earth
So that we find our bearing and location and decipher our reaches
Of wonders and gather that what feed our innermin garden of truth

And when this window remains open-lit the Universe is close to us
As the other window that closes the Earth and opens the Universe
Remains open on the other side for there are always two windows
One open inwards one outwards and the earth rotates as the places

Of windows shift and balance and the progress on the grid is had
And at this point at many a place there are oceans bearing highs
Of tides while others draw back the clothing of lows of tides as a

Set advances on yet draws back at the same time as the other set
Draws back as it advances as well in this duality of opposing flows
The open and the close the truth is but a living sacred song of joys

Munayem Mayenin


P: 290716



From Desde Una Estrella Enana

Natalia Carbajosa

Como hogueras en la noche
una por segundo
la última en ejecutar su danza de combustión en la galaxia
provocó el éxtasis de Johannes Kepler
por siempre ya geómetra de lo místico
una explosión más próxima habría sido el fin
del viejo planeta

sin embargo
este particular canto
de ondas de sonido y rayos gamma
este cegador y apabullante modo de morir
(denso cisne de carbono, sílice y oxígeno)
legó al principio de los tiempos
un rastro nutricio.

Hoy proclaman los científicos
con alborozo de antiguos poetas
en los días del tótem y la esfera:
somos hijos
de una estrella.

Natalia Carbajosa

Posted: December 6, 2015


Open the Door

You can open the door that does not exist that no one sees
All you have to do is to construct it using things that do not
Exist either but live in your mind in your imagination and
You imagine the door first so it comes to life so that it exists

You can now open that door that's no longer non-existent
It now is a functioning door that would let you venture out
Or step inside to see what is out there or what lives inside
You can open worlds non-existent when you call for them

So I give you the door that did not exist I give you its proof
That now I can open this door between worlds that I create
For there is light outside for there is music inside open it go

Open the door to run in the light open the door to come in
Flowing into the music that rises and falls like tides of joys
Open the door that exists because you do because I do go

Munayem Mayenin


P: 200216






The Party at the Senator’s House
: Of an Imaginary Senator of an Imaginary Country:

It is the party at the Senator’s House that everyone
Is talking about in town out of town and down as
Well as up town mid and low and high town all is
Allwhere busy talking about the Party at his house

The Senator to declare whether he would stand up
To be counted first among his nation and everyone
Busy in formalities drinks in hands being served
By foreign porters waiters and waitresses politely

Their names are Nadias and Evas and Imochikas
Their names are Sanchezes Santiagos Ahmeds etc
Their names are Ileushkas Biankaskayas Ijihikos
They serve politely staying well away off waiting

The Senator does not remember much of what he
Read at the University when he mustered honed
His political prowess a fiery speaker and orator
He did not remember Herodotus that he was no

No longer alive nor those whose histories he wrote
About exist anymore and their civilisations nothing
Exists any more that’s been the case for a long long
Time but the Senator does not remember that at all

So that he does not remember that the Phoenicians
Ceased to exist many millennia ago that the empires
Of the Byzantines of the Muslims of the Romans and
The Symbians and the Egyptians the ancient Greeks

Of the Ancient Indians and the Mesopotamians and
The Mayans and the Ethiopians and the Moors and
The Machupichuan the Mongolians and the mighty
Pharaohs no longer exist he would not remember

Any of it nor would he be busy trying to think that
Like our DNA a tiny tiny portion of the Universe
Has come out of the womb of the future that lies
Behind the past in such an anomaly that we find it

Confusing to think how could the future come off
The past but it does gradually as human genome
Would should the Senator think about that he would
Remember to be humble and acknowledge that we

Are merely scraping the surface of this infinity of a
Question to which we find morsels and grains and
Silicons of decimal answer-parts as we edge along
The multidimensional highway of time and space

Should he remember and think about this he would
Think hard and fast not to keep on wearing the shoes
That he is wearing of arrogance that we have hit it
The pinnacle of the summit for we are merely babies

This humanity seeking to learn to crawl seeking to
Learn to find our hold on the fragile and fraught
Fabrics of our understanding so that he’d know
That we must not pretend we are at the pinnacle

For he would than know that probably in another
Few thousand and few hundred thousand and
Another few million and few hundred million
Years ahead in the future humans would should

Be here and comparing to their skills knowledge
And abilities we who pretend to be at the pinnacle
Of the Summit would be less smart than the cave
Dwellers but it is not in the Senator’s mind he is

Busy today hosting his party for his party seeks
His declaration for his country needs him for it is
Screaming to be made great again which he would
Soon set out to do by assuming the leadership and

Along the way issuing passports and markings maps
With boundaries and frontiers and putting up walls
And high wires barbed wires and nationality and all
The rest as if he could stop his heart supplying blood

To parts of the body because they are different countries
As if his temperature must not be regulated in the body
Because other parts are different countries and he would
Set out each cell of us to act on its own seeking to act anti

All in the process he would lead us to add our names to
That list of peoples who did not make it so to continue for
They became as blind as us so that they kept at working
Fighting against each other so that they could be great by

Ensuring the others are kept at bay for the bay or the sea
Or the earth or the skies or the heavens or the light or that
What is the richest of all the darkness the energy the matter
None has borders none has frontiers and all invariably do

Follow elemental laws but we must not follow laws and
Go and work or seek to work to make to shape to build to
Create for all of us no the Senator has no time for that he is
To declare his intention to respond to the calls to make his

Country great again so he hosts his party and makes do
And the borders are there and the passports are there and
The immigrants are there and the migrants are there and
Refugees there and the poor and the have nots all there

But it is his job to be to make his country great again and
Some alien coming from Mars or Andromeda would think
All these humans are strange animals for they seem to thrive
On making misery out of their fellows and they call it great

They live in misery servitude and all is great how strange
But the Senator’s House Party goes on where he hosts his
Guests invited so that once he declared his decision they
Are there ready to put their hands in their pockets issuing

The money to his campaign so that he could begin to do his
Duty to make his country great again by walls and borders
By closing all the doors and windows and ventilations and
The marks and holds and holes and wholes and the rivers

And gulfs and bays and oceans and lands and skies and
The list is long but the Senator doesn’t remember nor does
He think or wonder that those who walk closed eyed and
Closed brain have always invariably followed the path that

Ended in their extinction none survived for none sough to
Live on the path that was required of them the path of
That what nature calls natural justice for they sought
To dominate to destroy to consume but all they did

Was succeeding in consuming their future into oblivion
So let us wish the Senator well let us hope and pray that
He goes forward and furthers his country’s greatness by
Ensuring that the country is on the rock beneath which

Lives volcano that is readying to rise and take on those
Who abandon reason for the Atlantis is no more for
The Romans are no more nor the Egyptians for reason
Does not have might other than nature in its core and

We have always sought to destroy both so to make
Do with blood make do with hatred irrationalities
Make do with hunger dominance where humans
Live without humanity as we celebrate our success

For look most humans live beyond humanity and we
Declare our civilisation doing well our country doing
Well and of course our country is great now because
We can dominate and declare wars and kill people

Collateral or otherwise you chose the terms for we do
Essentially kill them and so we seek to dominate and
And we do dominate select to elect to self-destruct for
This is the way we have walked and vanished for this

Was the way for this is the way and this is to be the way
The way and the Senator is at his party and he says: I
Hereby rise to raise you to the skies for our country
Must be made great and our nation be that in its own

Country and roaring claps of approval thundered and
The porters waiters and waitresses go on collecting
Empty bottles broken glasses because the guests did
Not know that consuming is a self-destruction-mode

To consume is to begin a process of self-annihilation
You carry on chipping away on the Amazon Forest
It does not increase in size it goes smaller till one day
It will disappear so the Senator is up and high ready

He however does not remember that Herodotus no
Longer exists that the peoples whose histories he once
Wrote about have no traces left of them on earth other
Than the scream of silence of their extinction deafening

But the Senators do not remember this nor do we this
So called people we do not remember this so we like
To consume and would have Senators who would do
Our bidding choice is not a bag of potatoes or parts

Act against nature and reason is what consuming is
Once started it goes on till the entity being consumed
Is done being consumed and then there is left the void
The void of that what got itself extinct and that is us

But neither the Senator nor his guests neither pundits
Nor the electors that’s us none of us care or bother at
All that the earth is shaking while humanity quakes in
Pains and sufferings as we carry on partying on this

Lunatic elected blindness here and there they ignite
Flames of nationalism that what cannot even stand
Even if you place red carpet under its feet for what
Is this nationalism and patriotism and vandalising

The weak by creating an elixir of emotive statemented
Truth to gather and shepherd people into a herd for
Neither in being a herd nor being a mob would suffice
Humanity must be singular in truth so that it sings in

Multiplex of pluralities in unison a tune out of choice
Out of reason out of a choice to love and abandon that
What is ugly and decaying but the Senator is ready to
Go to begin his campaign having his last champagne

And we wrap up with Homer that he could only ask
The Muse to tell him what those brave men did who
Faced their choice and chose to self-destruct robbing
And killing their way into the graveyard of deafening

Silence yet here we live on earth bounteous and her
Surrounding serenity in ever expanding lights and
Darkness seasons of colours and waves and photons
And fireworks of the Universe we still are dreamers

For we need to choose to dream of dreams and not
Construct nightmares for ourselves that we need to
Choose to elect to stay at liberty by choosing to stay
At learning’s lamp always so that no Senator or Sage

Can tell us what to seek and what not to that no one
Can bulldoze us into hysteria because we are at liberty
At learning’s lamp that would guide us to choose that
What is good for us all for there is death in consuming

For that singularity of humanity in the person that must
Be his or her High Representative and it is he or she that
Must always choose whose duty it is to ensure to remain
Always at liberty that’s framed by reason lit by wisdom

Munayem Mayenin

Posted on: November 14, 2015


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The Candle Won't Blow Out Celebration of William Shakespeare 2016

There is no better way to celebrate William Shakespeare than reading his life's works




What a piece of work
is a ''man''! How noble in reason! how infinite in
faculties! in form and moving, how express and
admirable! in action, how like an angel! in
apprehension, how like a god! the beauty of the
world! The paragon of animals!


Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments; love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O, no, it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error, and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

400 years since the passing of William Shakespeare this year, yet he seems as young by as many years...................




























The Candle Won't Blow Out Celebration of William Shakespeare 2016




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