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||  Year Gamma: London: Tuesday: May 22: 2018 ||

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First Published: September 24: 2015



















































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Dusk: December 11:2017

Photography is when one is 'chosen' by the subject:for one is invariably directed to  it: to look at the joy it holds which needs to be reached; only than it becomes art. 

When does an 'expression' not made or created by a human mind can be treated as a work of art? For, this:Patrol Work on Watery Road Surface : March 2012: The Humanion: Posted on: November 23, 2015, had not been created by any human mind other than patrol leaking from some car onto a watery surface of the pavement from which it spread outward gradually and over time it became this under the very little light that was available. Any such 'expression', as this one, can be treated as art only when a human mind sees it and gets moved by its beauty and, driven by a desire to capture the beauty it elaborates so to share it, she/he takes a mechanical inhibition of it:any mechanical instrument can be used including drawing, painting as when there were no other mechanical devices available.  And this is how photography falls into the category of art. Yet, in order for photography to be art it must always deal with 'beauty':that is neither a matter of consumption nor means of manipulation which is the business of practical:commercial photography: the twin sister of truth. These two are just there: they simply are. We cannot help but be inspired, wounded and astounded by them both for all our human best springs from these two. In Sciences, including Mathematics and Philosophy as Natural Science, we have the 'Architectural' form of 'art ':which is why Medicine calls itself both 'art and sciences': and in all other forms of Art we have the 'Imagimusichoral' form of 'art'. The first's fundamental 'capital' is reason and rationality and the second's imagination and empathy.  Or in other words 'Architectural Arts':with Sciences: are the arts of truth:it still sings beauty: and 'Imagimusichoral Arts':with all other branches of arts: are the arts of beauty:it still sings the truth. With both we are whole and complete as we are complete and whole with a unified sphere formed of our Neurana and Cardiana:The Brain and The Heart. We need both: Architectural Arts to feed our Neurana and Imagimusichoral Arts to feed our Cardiana and only than our mind is fully capable of being, functioning, imagining and creating its highest and best possible form. November 23, 2015.

Light Cardium  P: 200116
Thaw: March 19: 2018
















‽: 200318
 Snow: February 27: 2018
‽: 280218
An Electron Microscopic Image of Wasp's Eye






















The inside image: An image of a wasp's eye scanned with scanning electron microscope: Image: University of Aberdeen: ‽: 190218









Here I Am 2018: Happy New Year