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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Virologist Ms Mari Toppinen: University of Helsinki: Image: Uzi Varon

Once upon a time there was life
How did it live how did it die or
How it grew young or old or how
It fought to live you ask dig out
Out the bones look for the marks

Munayem Mayenin: November 10, 2015

Where Are We: Cheddar Man 10,000 Years Later You are Still Here in Great Britain: We Used to Call Her Dornuuarana: Racism in the UK and in the World Must Be Fought and Defeated by All Humanity With the Righteous Voice of the Cheddar Man Leading the Charge With Science Reason Evidence Human Rationality and Common Sense: There Is No Neutral Ground on Racism



|| Sunday: June 14: 2020: Munayem Mayenin || ά. || We published this piece of research news in The Humanion on February 08: 2018, UCL News. Here we publish it again and invite, anyone, involved with the political fight against racism, fascism, nazism and white supremacy and all other manners and kinds of such obnoxious and poisonous filths and scourges of supremacy of any group over other humans, to republish it, send it forward, invite others to read and take it to every progressive human soul because we truly believe that we can, we should, we ought and we must politically fight this evil of racism or self-loathing, that stands absolutely anathema to what humanity is and, being the exact opposite of what humanity is, racism is nothing but evil and it seeks to destroy humanity as it is: an infinite goodness and righteousness in microcosm and, instead, it seeks to establish a reign of terror, hatred, abuse, torture, violence, deaths and destructions, as well as, supports and conducts prejudice, bias, discrimination, hatred, intimidation, viciousness and hostility towards those it wants to dominate, dictate and subjugate in sociology of squalors.

No human being regardless of their shape or size or colour or faith or not faith or whatever else, of their physiologies, can stay neutral about racism and they must, as all humanity, as one humanity, must fight this evil of racism and defeat it together. Because where racism comes to power, history has shown us in countless instances, it unleashes the hell and the evil, that it is. Hitler is just one example of that evil out of countless other such monstrous racist despots and tyrants, of that hell of racism and white supremacy. Racism and humanity are infinitely opposed to each other. Humanity is infinite goodness and racism is infinite evil. We must rise and fight this evil together, all people of the world, black, white, brown, yellow, red, blue or marine or whatever else, able or disabled, women and men, with all our diversities put together because when we humanity fail to stand up and fight this evil, we let and enable evil flourish and grow stronger and stronger and soon it takes everything over and these forces unleash their horrors and hell of that hatred and violence and deaths and destructions all over humanity and all over the world.

Racism is not a problem, that concerns only the black people or the minorities but it does, it should, it ought and it must concern all of us, all humanity across the earth. Racism is and forever shall be an existential threat to humanity for humanity as humanity naturale is the absolute opposite of what racism is: it is the absolute evil, that wants to eradicate and terminate humanity. Therefore, this is a different kind of May Day, that started in America, this Black Lives Matter movement. If, humanity does not exist as it is and it is made into the exact opposite of what it is, we end up seeing evil rise to the height and begin terminating anything and everything good, all goodness, which is what has been happening in America to black and minority people, where law enforcement bodies literally began to do exactly that: terminating black lives however and whenever and wherever they wanted. And, without being that goodness, righteousness and good-cause and good-nature we become evil itself. Rabindranath Tagore wrote, ‘’May your wrath burn like ferns those, who do wrong and those, who condone it.’’ In other words, when good people, humanity, remain silent while wrongs are done before their eyes they enable and empower the wrongs to, not only keep on going but, also, to keep on getting stronger, more ferocious, more violent, more brutal and more widespread and much more frequent. In this respect, there is no neutral ground on racism. Humanity, being what it is, can not but reject, denounce, stand up against, fight and defeat racism or self-loathing.    

Where Are We: Cheddar Man 10,000 Years Later You are Still Here in Great Britain: We Used to Call Her Dornuuarana


|| February 07: 2018: UCL News|| ά. The face of ‘Cheddar Man’, Britain’s oldest, nearly-complete skeleton at 10,000 years old, is presented for the first time and with unprecedented accuracy by UCL and Natural History Museum researchers. The results indicate that Cheddar Man had blue eyes, dark coloured curly hair and ‘dark to black’ skin pigmentation. Previously, many had assumed that he had reduced skin pigmentation. The discovery suggests that the lighter pigmentation now considered to be a defining feature of northern Europe is a far more recent phenomenon.

The pioneering work was carried out by a team of UCL scientists, Natural History Museum Human Evolution and DNA specialists and the world’s foremost prehistoric model makers, for a new Channel Four documentary, First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man. In one of their most challenging human DNA projects to date, no British individual this old has, ever, had their genome sequenced, the Natural History Museum’s ancient DNA lab’s Professor Ian Barnes and Dr Selina Brace carried out the first-ever full reading of Cheddar Man’s DNA.


Professor Mark Thomas and Dr Yoan Diekmann, from UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment, then analysed Cheddar Man’s DNA sequences to establish aspects of his appearance. “Cheddar Man’s genetic profile places him with several other Mesolithic-era Europeans from Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg, whose DNA has already been analysed.

These ‘Western Hunter-Gatherer’s’ migrated into Europe at the end of the last ice age and the group included Cheddar Man’s ancestors.” explained Professor Thomas. Today, around 10% of indigenous British ancestry can be linked to that population.

Cheddar Man was unearthed in 1903 in Gough’s Cave at Cheddar Gorge, Somerset and has been the topic of constant mystery and intrigue. For over 100 years, scientists have tried to tell his story, posing theories as to what he looked like, where he came from and what he can tell us about our earliest ancestors.

Dornuuarana: O Rain La Rain

























Only now with world-leading research, advanced DNA and facial reconstruction can we see, for the first time, the face of this 10,000 year old man and ask how 300 generations later he relates to us today.

To collect a few milligrams of his bone powder for analysis, scientists in the Natural History Museum’s ancient DNA lab drilled a tiny, 02mm wide hole into the ancient skull. As the DNA was unusually well-preserved, possibly, due to the cool, stable conditions in the limestone cave, the team extracted sufficient genetic information to inform the facial reconstruction, as well as, other genetic characteristics.

Model makers, Adrie and Alfons Kennis, used a hi-tech scanner to render Cheddar Man’s skull in full three-dimensional detail, fleshing it out with facial features based on the results of the scientific research.

Professor Chris Stringer, Research Leader in Human Origins at the Natural History Museum, first excavated at Gough’s Cave 30 years ago, said, “I first studied ‘Cheddar Man’ more than 40 years ago, but could never have believed that we would one day have his whole genome, the oldest British one to date!

To go beyond what the bones tell us and get a scientifically-based picture of what he, actually, looked like is a remarkable and from the results quite surprising achievement!”

First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man will air on Channel Four on Sunday, February 18. ω.

Caption: Cheddar Man's facial reconstruction and Cheddar Man's skull: Image: Channel Four

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion








A Conversation: So It Was History: And No One Can Alter It: But Everyone Can Try to Understand How That History Got Written: Unfortunately That Won’t Help the Dinosaurs: Pity Tell That to the Blinded Leaders of the World That There Won’t Be Any Humanity Left on Earth to Tell the Tale of Humanity If Global Warming and Climate Change Are Left to Lead This Humanity to Extinction



|| Tuesday: January 21: 2020: University of Southampton News || Volcanic activity did not play a direct role in the mass extinction event, that killed the dinosaurs and about 75% of the Earth’s species 66 million years ago, according to a team of. Two planetary-scale disturbances occurred within a million years of one another, leading scientists to question the role each played in driving the mass extinction event.

For this new Study, the researchers searched for evidence of a correlation in timings between volcanic eruptions and the extinction event but, found none. 66 Million years ago, an asteroid collided with the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, leaving a 200km wide crater. Close to this time, 500,000 cubic kilometres of lava flooded across much of India, ending up in the sea and forming the Deccan Traps, one of the largest volcanic features of Earth.

This Study, led by Yale University, analysed marine fossils and climate models to investigate whether the major release of volcanic gasses contributed to the extinction. They found this happened 200,000 years before the asteroid, ruling out volcanic activity as the cause.

Professor Paul Wilson of the University of Southampton led the International Ocean Discovery Programme expedition, which recovered the marine sediments the research is based on. He said, “There’s been a big row about the cause of the mass extinction for decades. The demise of the dinosaurs was the iconic event but, they were large animals and there weren’t really that many of them so it’s tough to use them to figure out the cause.

We studied microscopic marine organisms, called, foraminifera and there are thousands of them in a teaspoon-full of ocean sediment. To get them we drilled into the sea bed in waters nearly five kilometres deep not far from the watery grave of RMS Titanic, off the coast of Newfoundland, using a sort of geology time machine, a drill ship, called, the JOIDES Resolution, run by one the world’s most successful international scientific collaborations, the International Ocean Discovery Programme.”

Co-author of the Report, Professor Paul Bown from UCL, said, ‘’Most scientists acknowledge that the last and best-known, mass extinction event occurred after a large asteroid slammed into Earth 66 million years ago but, some researchers suggested volcanic activity might have played a big role, too and we’ve shown that is not the case.”

By analysing deep sea sediment sections, drilled from the North Atlantic, Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans, the researchers found that volcanic activity in the Late Cretaceous period caused only a gradual global warming of about two degrees but , this had no significant effect on marine ecosystems and cooler conditions had returned prior to the extinction.

“A lot of people have speculated that volcanoes mattered to the event and we’re saying, ‘No, they didn’t.’” said the Study’s Lead Author, Dr Celli Hull from Yale.

“Recent work on the Deccan Traps have, also, pointed to massive eruptions immediately after the mass extinction. These results have puzzled scientists because there is no warming event to match. Our Study suggests that the global carbon cycle was so altered by the extinction event that the ocean was able to absorb much greater amounts of CO2, perhaps hiding the warming effects of volcanism in the aftermath of the event.”

Researchers from UCL, the University of Southampton, University of Edinburgh and the Open University form part of a multinational team of scientists, who drilled and studied a new section in the North Atlantic through the NERC-funded Integrated Ocean Drilling Programme Expedition 342.

The wider team includes researchers from institutions in Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Denmark and the USA.

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Wherefore Art Thou the First Animals: We Are At the First Animals and the Origin of Oceanic Eco-systems: July 12: 2019-February 2020