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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Maya The Mechanoprincipium: Munayem Mayenin

''God isz the Eternal Constant, Whose Will is Expressed as in, with, by and through The Mechanoprincipium, by The Grid of Creation wherein  are constructed the Architectonics of the whole Creation in which whole of Temporality’s Architectures, Mechanisms, Systems and Processes are constructed within the Framework of The Architectonics of Rationality, The Scale of Justice, The Construct of Evil and Choice, The Conversion Pathways of Equality and Equivalence, The Principia of Equity, Equality, Liberty, Justice, Purpose and Meaning and all of which are set between a nanoseismic and mammbothseismic spread, with magnificent and mighty powers of imagination, ingenuity, creativity, genius, knowledge, wisdom, love, righteousness, justice and jurisprudence, science, mathematics, geometry, design, engineering and vision, all set under the Absolute Command and Direction, That can not be otherwise, to exist and perish by The Universal Laws, arising through The Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and all are appearing as existences as The Temporal or Phenomenal Reality of the Delta of the Universes. And this Creator God or Divinity isz infinite, eternal and infiniternal, which means that God or Divinity does not have a beginning or ending because Godself isz forever; therefore, God, as isz infinite, eternal and infiniternal, needs no cause to come to isz because the Entity, That lacks a beginning and an ending, does not stand in any need to begin or end or to be created nor can it be created by anything because there does not exist any greater power than infinity, eternity and infiniternity, Which Godself isz and isz forever as The Eternal Constant to the entire Temporal Creation, that keeps on appearing and disappearing, changing and altering and offering an endless flowing cascadia of change, to which all, God as The Eternal Constant isz eternally unchangeable, unalterable, indestructible and ever-one: Forever The Absolute Reality: The Absolute Sovereignty: The Absolute Liberty: The Absolute Righteousness, Justice and Jurisprudence: God, Divinity, Alphansum, The Creator: The Eternal Constant'': Maya The Mechanoprincipium: Munayem Mayenin: Published: January 25: 2022: ISBN: 9789403645216

Humanics The Foundation: Volume One: Humanics The Humanicsonomics: The Laws and Lawlessness of Pseudonomics: Volume Two: Humanics The Humanicsovics The Political Philosophy of Humanics: Volume Three: Not Yet Published. The other vital pieces of works of this Author includes, Dehumanisation of Humanity: Volume One: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Maya The Mechanoprincipium  and The Humanics Elleesium Declaration 2019 The Humanicsxian Manifesto



Maya The Mechanoprincipium: Book Zero: Infiniternal Genius: Munayem Mayenin: 01: Neither beginning nor ending but isz: the self-luminous, self-subsisting, infinite, eternal and infiniternal Righteousness, Sacred Solitude, Holy Peace, Serene Joy, Solemn Beauty, Ever-Truth, Absolute Reality, isz Alphansum, Who or What isz beyond time, beyond space, before time, before space: through all, before all, after all and beyond all. The heavens and the earth magnify the mighty glory of their Creator in which shine the splendours, powers, prowess, artistry, sophistry, science-ingenuity, imagination, creativity and infinite genius of the Creator. God’s Will Eternally says: All beings in Our Creation be happy by the Universal Laws We have enshrined for you all to exist by. These laws constitute nature and you strive to exist by that nature and you exist in nature; the perfect goal of existence. Nature is reason in action; ecology is the beauty of reason; humanity ought to be the echoing Truth of the Ever-Living Love of the Divinity, That God isz.  

And all beings are happy in the Temporal Creation so long they abide, exist and perish by those Universal Laws and those unhappy, who do not. A clean, fresh and natural glass of water is beautiful; it is pleasing in its beautiful aesthetic exposition, it is nourishing and life sustaining. It is clean and pure and it can purify in addition to supporting and enabling life. One person spits in that glass and the whole of this beautiful exposition becomes dirty, becomes unclean, becomes impure. Existing in nature should mean existing as this beautiful glass of water: inside the rule of law, in natural justice. Being outside it, outside or anti-nature is the path of destruction, path of ruin, path of evil for all.  

02: Alphansum isz eternally, infinitely and infiniternally. Alphansum never is and never is not but always isz; forever isz That, What isz forever an eternal holy power-name. Alphansum isz not as entities exist in the Delta of the Universes in time and space for Alphansum isz non-existence itself, which is equivalent of existence in time and space but not equal so far existence concerns being in time and space, which are finite, the entire temporal creation is so; infiniternally Alphansum only isz and forever, which is neither time nor space but the equivalence of these entities for unless equivalence exists equal can not come to exist because that, what comes to exist at a point in time and space for a duration of time-space, can not come to existence without arising from ‘some’ isz, That wills its ‘coming’ into existence because, that, what does not exist can not rationally  be deemed to have a pre-existence with a will, that could will itself into being. The cells, the atoms, the photons, the neutrinos, the energy-spread, the dark duantum, the luminizz, the time, the space, the magnum opus of God’s creation, The Mechanoprincipium, signify, magnify and glorify God’s infinity eternally.  

A kilogramme of sand and gold can not be equal but there exists a path of equivalence between them by which a thousand kilogrammes of sand may be equivalent to a kilogramme of gold. A kilogramme of butter is not equal to a kilogramme of pearls but there exists a way of equivalence between them by which a thousand kilogrammes of butter may be equivalent to a kilogramme of pearls. The work and labour of a worker, producing bread, are not equal to the work and labour of a soldier, carrying the wounded from an emergency situation to a hospital, but their work and labour, regardless of the different things they produce, have an equivalence in nature and with that natural justice can be achieved. Natural justice is the observance of the eternal and absolute universal principle of equity and equivalence to reach equality, fairness, justice and jurisprudence and there liberty appears with it because equality comes to exist with it. God and God’s domain are not equal to the Temporal Creation but equivalent to it, which is why God is not but God isz whereby isz signifies the equivalence of existence in time and space but outside and beyond and around it, as non-existence, because without non-existence, existence can not come to be. Without ‘no butter’, butter can not exist. Without zero, no number can function or exist for they all always arise out of and go back to zero. A cow or one million trees were not there before a particular point in time and space and, then, they appear and they shall exist for a duration of time and space and disappear back to zero.    

Equity exists in nature since nature forms an ideal expression of what is just because the Universal Principle of Equality and Equivalence, provides the foundational form of the Universal Laws, that govern the Delta of the Universes.  

Furthermore, unless there exists equity and equivalence in, with and by God, which, in other words, is righteousness, justice and jurisprudence, there can not follow Creation because God isz not and can not be equal to what is created by Godself, in which case, there would be no way for God to be just in judging that Creation because God would come to lack that equivalence without which equity can not be reached so to be just and righteous, in such a case. God isz an infiniternal power, off which come all the powers, forces, energies and matters etc but all these are finite forms, that are parts of the Creation but how much of God’s infinite powers, got transformed into becoming these finite powers, forces, energies and matters? Unless God knows how to, not just equate but equivalence, there is no way God can come to be just so far God’s Creation is concerned. God, therefore, does have that knowledge and wisdom by which God isz forever righteous and, by this, God’s Creation, the whole nature is a just created expression of that Infiniternal Righteousness of God.  

All the variables, that form the Gird of Creation, have their place-span, time-span, space-span, luminizz-span, duantum-span and, while each one of these variables is different and distinct, they are not equal to each other while all having that equivalence so that they come to have an equitable value among all the variables, each having their own ‘importance’, regardless of how large or how small they are. This relationship is applicable to all variables always and across the Creation, which makes this principle, that all is just across the Creation because all of it forms the foundational ground, what is nature in action across the Temporal Creation. If, this is not the case, the whole Creation, may or should contain only one thing, one variable and all other things in the Creation are just replicas of that one thing so that all the replicas are and can be equal among themselves. Therefore, the Universal Application of the Universal Principle of Equity and Equivalence is the path of reaching equality, justice and jurisprudence. This isz why God isz infiniternally righteous.   

If, an Observer is making a survey of this Delta of the Universes from its Centre and takes the whole of it as one unity of Temporal Reality and seeks to ascertain the length of a Day, that spreads over that ‘space-time’ and comes to a figure. Then the observer goes and seeks to find how long a day is over the following: how long a day is within the Duantum Universe, how long a day is over the Matter Universe, how long a day is over the ninth Galaxillation and the observer goes all the way back to the central Galaxillation and from there, the observer seeks to identify the figure for the length of day, across the Homebay or the Milky Way Galaxy, over the Sunnara, over each planet and other bodies within the Sunnara, over the Earth and over the Moon. Now, there is a cascadia of heavenly bodies and systems across the Delta of the Universes where the day can be calculated. All these form a grid of nanoseismic to mammothseismic expressions of a relational and proportional construct so that one could see, at the base point on earth, a day is 24 hours and a year is 365 days but now it can be seen in its proper significance, light and perspective, that, compared to that almost eternal day, spread over the whole of the Delta of the Universes, the earth year, 365 days, should be a fragment of a nano-second. But this can not be done, even, in imagination, unless, there exists that foundational principle of equity and equivalence.        

03: Infiniternal liberty, infiniternal equity and infiniternal equivalence as infiniternal sovereignty constitute the infiniternal holy and righteousness of the state of God, the state of Alphansum. There isz Alphansum and Alphansum’s luminous righteousness, sacred and holy peace and there nothing else was. There are four states: Pre-Temporal, Temporal, Post-Temporal and Past-Temporal whereby God isz before, through and after the Temporal. The Temporal Creation is a Creation-Novel, the Author of which is God and, thus, it must exist by the way that God had created it. The Creation-Novel and all the entities in it must come into being and exist and perish by the laws by which that Novel had been created. Therefore, that Creation-Novel has an accompanying Book, by which it comes to exist, does exist and perish by. That accompanying Book is The Mechanoprincipium. The Temporal Creation is the Novel, that can be seen or experienced but that Book is not visible because it is with God, Who or What Wrote it. The Temporal Creation comes to know and learn about The Mechanoprincipium because of the Grid of Creation and the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that are set across the Delta of the Universes.  

God isz Infiniternal Vision because Godself did create the expositions of the Temporal Creation and could see the vision of all, that were to come to exist, before they were created. That Infiniternal Vision comes from Infiniternal Knowledge and Wisdom. There can not be anything in a novel, about which the Author can claim to be unaware. Therefore, infiniternal vision, knowledge and wisdom and, thereby, the illumination they generate and with these infiniternal ingenuity, creativity, imagination and genius are the forefront goodness-attributes of God, all of which find expression in Divinity as love, compassion, grace, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, sympathy, forbearance, fortitude and these goodness attributes are infinite in numbers. At the central core of God’s righteousness isz ever-living love, that become and find expression so that whatever attribute it is one is looking at, one shall find, God’s ever-living love isz becoming expressed as Loving Grace, Loving Kindness, Loving Mercy, Loving Compassion, Loving Care.       

04: That God isz infiniternal imagination, infiniternal ingenuity, infiniternal creativity, infiniternal wisdom, infiniternal knowledge with infiniternal virtues creating a holy oneness, that isz one and nothing but the one because of God as isz, isz infinitely and eternally, so that Godself lacks any necessity of progression, development, advancement or movement nor does God need anything. Godself isz forever at peace, at holy, at sacred, at righteousness. Solemn and at peace God isz forever, that forever is neither time nor space but their equivalence, that makes it possible for these entities of time and space to come to exist. Therefore, God isz the fountain of infiniternal righteousness, justice and jurisprudence and that are the Laws by which God conducts Godself eternally. Nothing changes in God’s domain for God isz eternal and infinite ever isz righteousness, justice and jurisprudence.  

05: All that infiniternity is expressed by the Will of God, That authored The Mechanoprincipium in which the entire body of the codex of the Universal Laws of the Temporal Creation was codified. These laws are the Universal Laws as sanctified Will of Alphansum. As God does not change nor moves nor shifts nor alters nor progresses nor regresses nor digresses, The Mechanoprincipium does not change either. The Universal Laws do not change or alter or fail to work or being observed. God isz the Will as expressed in The Mechanoprincipium by which the Temporal Creation must come to exist and perish by. Nothing can otherwise be but as sanctified in The Mechanoprincipium. The water will always run downhill, becoming vapours, it will always rise upwards and, gathering together and becoming heavy, that water vapours will fall downhill as rain or hail or snow. A little fire will get dry wood to burn, the fire will always burn and should water or other fire-stopping materials are thrown on it, it will come to a stop. The heat will always melt the ice and, if, cold reaches an ideal state of temperature, it will snow, instead of rain. The air will always, unless other human-induced forces and variables mechanically seek to disturb it, maintain its composition-construction so that all the different gasses, that constitute it, shall always remain the same and keep at the natural proportion, ratio and abundance. Water will always contain hydrogen and oxygen and, when, electrocuted, it will ionise. A human child will always grow in its mother’s womb naturally, so long, the mother keeps providing it a safe and secure sanctuary inside the womb and she is kept at good health and she kept herself provided with the necessary nutrition and sustenance so that the child receives the vital goodness by which to grow and develop in a good and healthy condition. Were the mother to suffer from hunger, malnutrition and ill health, the child will suffer with her and its development will get hampered and the child will suffer illnesses, as well as, other harms and, might, even, come to die as a consequence of it. It can  not be otherwise. A seed, if, kept as a natural seed in good state of being a seed, it shall always germinate once planted in the right conditions into the earth. And once germinated, the shoot will always rise upwards towards the light and its roots will always spread across the darkness of the earth. It can not be otherwise. A dam will always break its barriers were the barriers to be inadequate proportional to the body of waters it is to keep locked in. If, electric connections in a house were not done properly, with the right materials and in the right way, there will be accidents. There is always going to be cause and effect and there is always going to be action and consequence.  

If, a human soul forms itself into being a person of the Agency of the Human Mind, Will, Soul, it will have rooted itself onto the Architectonics of Rationality and Reason, Architectonics of Choice and Evil, the Architectonics of the Duality of Humanity and on the core foundational ground of the Nanomechanoprincipium and the Nanogrid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and with all this, this human soul will have achieved all the means, tools, architectonics, architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes to seek and try to learn eternally and gather learning, knowledge and wisdom and eternally keep on advancing, developing, evolving and progressing and with all this, it will have been able to conduct its existence of a humanity naturale, being at liberty, in equality, with a purpose and a meaning, within the rule of law in natural justice. The human soul isz a nanocromised expression of God’s spiritual Self and, this is why,  it, this human soul, must always be a ‘self’ because God isz a Will, a Self, which isz why Godself’s two foundational attributes isz Absolute Sovereignty and Absolute Liberty, from this, the human soul gets its relative sovereignty and relative liberty; but no sovereignty, no liberty, whether Absolute or Relative, can be exercised unless it is done so by an autonomous Being or a Self. And, in the Delta of the Universes there are two entities, that are capable of doing that: one isz God and the other is that human soul: both being a Will or a Self: God being infiniternal Self, Will whereas the human soul is nanocromised into the finite. 

Or, having failed to do so, this human being falls onto being and becoming an ego of darkness and, thus, lose access to all of these: being an Agency of the Human Mind, Will, Soul, the Architectonics of Rationality and Reason, Architectonics of Choice and Evil, the Architectonics of the Duality of Humanity and the core foundational ground of the Nanomechanoprincipium and the Nanogrid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and with all this, this human soul, that have fallen off onto being and becoming an ego, will have been able to seek and achieve all the means, tools, architectonics, architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes to seek and try to learn eternally and gather learning, knowledge and wisdom and eternally keep on advancing, developing, evolving and progressing and with all this, it will have been able to conduct its existence of a humanity naturale, being at liberty, in equality, with a purpose and a meaning, within the rule of law in natural justice. Now that it has become an ego, it is just a physiology and it no longer does have the pathway to get to seek to be, remain and progress as humanity naturale but suffer in agony of the sociology of evil in being zoohumanity. Cause and effect, action and consequence: that’s the true translation of the whole body of the Universal Laws, that govern this Temporal Creation.  Therefore, the Universal Laws are done, observed and followed by all entities in the Delta of the Universes and it can not be otherwise. One can not cut the roots of a tree and expect the tree not to suffer and die away. One can not starve a pregnant mother, who is placed in the savagery of poverty and all that it entails, and expects that mother not to suffer hunger, malnutrition, ill health and illnesses and, consequently, see her child in her womb, suffer the same fate and get harmed. No one can delay the arrival of the spring nor bring forth the summer earlier or delay it. Nothing can be otherwise but as per the Universal Laws, enshrined, written and sanctified in The Mechanoprincipium as the Will of God.    

06: That Mechanoprincipium has not only got the laws but the Grid of the Creation, which has the entire architectonics of existence, in which the architectures are set in, in which mechanisms are formed, in which systems are constructed, in which are housed processes and the Grid of the Creation has in it the foundational Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom from which would arise the pathways for all the branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, which are the pathways for the Temporal Creation to get to learn, utilise and progress in and through the wider expanse of the laws of The Mechanoprincipium. The existence of all the discovered and developed branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom does show the Temporal Creation some of the Universal Laws, by which the entire creation exists and perishes by. All these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom not only show the Temporal Creation the laws but, at the same time, also, show how they are part of a Grid and how that Grid is part of the Grid of Creation and how all are part of The Mechanoprincipium. As humanity keeps on learning, studying, thinking and contemplating, it begins to see how all the branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom are connected together. Mathematics is connected to Arithmetic, to which is connected Statistics, to which is connected Geometry, to which is connected Trigonometry, to which is connected Algebra, to which is connected Logic, to which is connected Calculus, to which is connected Statics, to which is connected Dynamics, to which is connected Physics, to which is connected Astrophysics, Geophysics, Applied Physics, Mechanics, Quantum Physics, to which are connected Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry, to which are connected Geochemistry, Geo-engineering, Geology, Geodesy, Seismology, Plate Tectonic, Soil Science, Hydrology, Mineralogy and Earth Sciences, to which is connected Biochemistry, to which is connected Pharmacology, to which are connected Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Epigenomics, to which are connected Cardiology and Neurology, Nutrition Science and Haematology and this goes on and on. This way humanity begins to, not only see the existence of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom but, also, begins to identify places, that appear blank between branches of already discovered learning disciplines and there they identify new branches of Leaning, Knowledge and Wisdom and there those branches will begin to appear. Therefore, studying and learning about all the branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, around Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, Neurology and Geometry, a learner would and could come to see that there is a blank, appearing some place, where exists the possibility of a new branch of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that Medicine must seek to develop, that would become known as Geometric Biochemistry, whose purpose and scope would be to study the geometric structures, constructions, functioning and laws of influencing the expressions of ‘life’. This branch of science would enable Medicine to learn the laws, by which, it can find many ways, impossible ways, to enhance, advance and create new medicines and medicinal therapeutics. Or, the learner would come to find, that there exists the possibility of a new branch of science, that would come to be known as, Beauroblubellogenics, whose purpose would be to study, nothing but the impregnable Blood Brain Barrier.  Within a century of this Book being published, there would be a revolutionary upheaval, revival, regeneration, drive, resurgence, rejuvenation and renaissance, not ever seen in the history of humanity before, in this world of humanity, in which a cascadia of new branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom will have been discovered, developed and advanced by humanity, which shall advance the whole human condition by a magnitude of a centurian millennia, one hundred millennia,  within the span of a century, which shall turn this zoohumanity and place it on a course of existence of being and doing humanity naturale from which nothing shall ever be able to turn it back towards this savage existence ever again. When humanity naturale reaches there, let there stand a group of humanity naturale, which exists as an expression of high-wisdom, high-reason, high-love, high-vision, on this earth and let them declare that Century as The Socrates Sophie Scholl Century for both these high-human souls got slaughtered by the forces of evil of the sociology of evil to mark the ending of the savagery, inflicted on humanity and the rise of the humanity naturale, at liberty, in equality, with a meaning and purpose, within the rule of law, in natural justice as eternal learner, that keeps on walking and learning and seeking the eternal light of learning, knowledge and wisdom, keeping at the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and, that keeps on advancing, developing, evolving and progressing forever towards wider light, wider love, wider vision, wider rationality and reason, wider rule of law and wider natural justice, wider righteousness, justice and jurisprudence.        

07: There now isz The Mechanoprincipium in, with and by God. Therefore, Alphansum isz the Will, That isz the same as the laws as the Will of God as written in The Mechanoprincipium. There isz God with The Mechanoprincipium written and there nothing else was but holy peace, holy serenity, holy harmony and holy joy, holy truth, holy reality, holy beauty. The whole oneness of the Absolute Truth of God, whose Absolute Truth and Absolute Beauty, formisz Absolute Reality and that isz infiniternal and all now are authored into The Mechanoprincipium: in short, it isz eternal righteousness, justice and jurisprudence of God. According to The Mechanoprincipium, the equivalence of God’s infinity, eternity and infiniternity would become the Temporal Creation’s Temporal Reality, that is formed off, between a nanoseismic and mammothseismic construct, space-time-duantum-luminizz; within these entities, are constructed in the whole ranges of ‘structures’, i.e, powers, forces, energies, radiations, motions, matters of solids, liquids and gases within the Architectonics, Architectures, Mechanisms, Systems and Processes, placed in the Grid of Creation, within which is constructed the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and all these come to exist, do exist and perish by the Universal Laws, authored in, enshrined and sanctified by God in The Mechanoprincipium, as Godself’s Will to be done all-where, all-time, all-place, all-space across the Temporal Creation. Unless God’s infinity, eternity and infiniternity isz there, their equivalence or their equivalent existences can not come to exist because the question: where did the powers, forces, energies, radiations, motions, matters of solids, liquids and gases, that are constructed within the spread of time-space-duantum-luminizz, come from since they all came into existence following the creation of the Delta of the Universes, that came into being at Creation, must be settled. They all must come from somewhere, from some isz and, they must come through that pathways of equivalence and conversion between non-existence and existence. For these are all created entities: the powers, forces, energies, radiations, motions, matters of solids, liquids and gases, that are constructed within the spread of time-space: why are all these created entities: because they were not there before a particular time and, because of this fact, they shall not be there after another particular time and, therefore, they can not but be created because without this conclusion, these questions can not be answered: Why were not these variables already there? And, why did they appear? Where did they appear from? Why did they appear as and when they did? Why would they or do they disappear? And, how are they appearing and disappearing, i.e, by what laws, by what architectonics, architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes? What are the laws of this appearing and disappearing? 

On the Temporal Creation, were humanity to begin this quest on earth, there are found two kinds of entities: ‘uncreated’ things or things of nature, that no human being did or can create and, the humanity-created things, that it has been able to create by using and utilising the available resources of nature, on which it has applied its work and labour, using these, it applied all its imagination, ingenuity and creativity, as well as, utilise to the fullest extent all its learning, knowledge, wisdom, insight, skills, expertise, competencies and aptitudes, that it has learnt from the already discovered branches of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that gives it access to the laws, designs, diagrams, mathematics, physics, geometry etc to use in developing these created things. Here, these learning, knowledge, wisdom, insight, skills, expertise, competencies and aptitudes, that humanity has learnt and used is almost like an extension of the natural resources, on which humanity has used all these extended natural resources to create and construct these created things out of its imagination, ingenuity and creativity. Without having access to these learning, knowledge, wisdom, insight, skills, expertise, competencies and aptitudes, humanity would not know how to create the things it has been able to do. One can not construct a motor vehicle without learning the vitally necessary, mathematics, science, geometry, physics, chemistry, technology, design and much more besides. However, this is how humanity ought to look at the things it has been able to create or can create.  

Now, looking at the nature or the whole Delta of the Universes and all its constructs and creations, the currently fashionable view is that it all just comes into being just by themselves: which a rational analysis would find unworthy of, even, a response. The whole list of the human-created things and entities, from a pin to a pen, from a car to a voyager to Mars, from a dot-tree to a lock and key, humanity can not find one of such things, that has not been created by someone or something or some agency etc. The only thing, the most megamammoth, a colossus complexus, in the form of almost infinite size, the Delta of the Universes, the whole of the Temporal Creation, with its own Book of Laws, forming the entire body of codex of the Universal Laws, that has not only got all the laws but, also, the equivalence conversion pathways for non-existence to become existences, the entire Grid of Creation, from nanoseismic to mammothseismic, the entire Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, the entire range of a cascadia of archi-templates and all these form the Universal Laws and the entirety of this Delta of the Universes comes to exist, does exist and perish by these laws, is supposed to be uncreated, that it did not need to be created, that no one created it, that they just appeared from nowhere while the Absolute Law of this whole Temporal Creation is this: that everything must follow the double-law template: cause and effect and action and consequence and none of these workings can bypass the Highest of All Universal Laws: powers, forces, energies, matters or whatever is in this Temporal Universes, can just appear or disappear without their following laws of such appearances and disappearances. Therefore, this Delta of the Universes, the Temporal Creation, did not just appear but they were created and brought into being by a Creator. In short, this Temporal Creation is the Creator’s mighty magnificent work sublime and it has its Book of Laws, in the form of The Mechanoprincipium and by which the whole nature comes to exist, does exist and perish by.  

The last frontier of ‘the powers’, that constitute the Delta of the Universes, luminizz, as the most elaborated and most thinned out, on one end and the other end, the Solidaas, the most concentrated, most condensed, form The Tree of Creation, that is arising out of the Creator’s Will, by and with The Mechanoprincipium and rising towards being and becoming through imagination, following a  nine-step-realm path of existence, being and becoming, constructed within the frame of nanoseismic to mammothseismic, and through these, everything is rising through the pre-temporal onto the noumenon realm of the pre-elsensine, from it entering the elsensine and from there going back to post elsensine and, through it, back onto non-existence, non-temporal. The Solidaas Seed becomes that Tree of Creation, that rises, spreads and blooms across the Delta of the Universes and reaches the Absolute Luminous Still Universe, made of luminizz, facing the same origin, from which Solidaas had arisen. 

08: God isz forever by the laws of righteousness, justice and jurisprudence: Alphansum forever isz the same and never isz anyotherway. Thus, Alphansum sets the example of the rule of law by following and observing the laws, that Godself created for conducting Godself. Never this changes; never does this have any variation. God follows and observes Godself’s own laws for Godself so that what is to come into being as the Temporal Creation must follow and observe the laws set out for it. That is the Will of that God. Universal Laws are the Will of God as expressed, written and sanctified by God in The Mechanoprincipium. Nothing can deviate or vary from it: it can not be otherwise. The law to find the area of a circle can not be violated or bypassed. No force or power in this Delta of the Universes can stop the moon orbiting around the earth nor can any force change the shape of a triangle or change any of the laws, that govern all triangles.  

09: God’s infinite imagination, infinite ingenuity, infinite creativity, infinite genius and intelligence, infinite wisdom and all infinite virtues of all Goodness-States isz a whole oneness, integral and indivisible, one and the same at all instance and every instance, as one and nothing but that one Will. All that can be said is this that God’s infinite holy imagination, that isz the ‘ground’, out of which rationality and reason arise and become the abiding home of the Temporal Creation. Therefore, God isz before and beyond rationality and reason because God isz the origin-spring and home of both. Without the torch there is no light. Without God isz the origin, spring and home of rationality and reason there can not be rationality and reason. But rationality and reason apply in the Temporal Creation and the evidence and proof of their being and working are in the existing branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that humanity has discovered and developed so far, that offered it the pathways to learn about the Universal Laws and come to find the existence of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and the Grid of Creation and The Mechanoprincipium and The Architectonics, Architectures, Mechanisms, Systems and Processes by which the whole Temporality comes to exist, does exist and perish by.   But God’s domain is beyond the finite Temporal Creation because of the fact that it is finite, that can not grasp the infinite. God’s all Goodness-Virtues or Attributes are infinite and, thus, they can not be listed other than humanity starting an indefinitum list, that the Temporal Creation keeps on adding new virtues, that it comes to find or discover.  

The architectonics of a sphere always precedes it, because in order for the sphere to come to exist, it must have its architectonics, architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes, predetermined, by which it shall exist and perish by. All that are written in The Mechanoprincipium. Then follows the appearance of that sphere in Temporal Reality or Phenomenal Reality and it is constructed as per The Mechanoprincipium whereby a cascading array of variables form the Grid of Creation, that had their Architectonics, Architectures, Mechanisms, Systems and Processes written in and by that all variables must come to exist and exist and perish by. It can not ever be otherwise. Water is heated up from being very cold; it has no other way to behave but to follow the Universal Laws and heats up and when reaching a foundational point, it must evaporate into the air. It can not be otherwise. The sun can not fail but to move around its orbit in 225 million years. It can not do otherwise. The moon must orbit the earth in a day and it must increase in size in appearance to the earth every day until it reaches the full size and then it must reduce everyday by a fixed proportion. It can not do otherwise. The high tides must come at fixed times and low tides must do the same. The child, conceived in its mother’s womb, must grow by the same Universal Laws. It can not do otherwise. When its term is completed, nothing can keep that child inside the womb. It can not be otherwise. A candle is lit: the wax can not refuse to melt away, giving rise to light. It can not refuse to stop burning to the end so long the fire is burning and when coming to a close there must not remain any more wax to be burnt. It can not be otherwise.  

The most profound of all human understanding of what it is made of, is, probably, the first realisation that it has been constructed in, with and by the architectonics of something, that came to be known as, rationality, out of whose functioning arises the light of reason  and, seeking to understand it, humanity came to realise that this rationality is an absolute follower of laws, that it never, ever fails to follow and that, in this, it resonates, resembles and mirrors the very architectonics of the Delta of Universes and, thus, the Universal Laws, that govern the workings of all things on the Delta of Universes, including, the Matter Universe, at all times without fail. Secondly, from there, humanity has realised that this abiding by the Universal Laws is the Guarantee that the two ‘ideal states’ come to existence so that the ‘ideal humanity’ can exist as humanity naturale: that two ideal states are liberty and equality both of which arise off the ground of the Universal Template of All Universal Laws: equity, equivalence, righteousness, justice and jurisprudence and because they appear and exist together and simultaneously so that their ‘ecology’ spreads the flowing seasons of natural justice, in which humanity finds its home and there it has the garden of meaning and purpose.

And in all this, therefore, humanity finds, what is called ethics, which is the essence of the laws, that govern human rationality, whose purpose is, simply, to ensure humanity exists in, with and by the Universal Laws; except, where-when comes the free will in existence with each human agency, there appears the practical reason, which complicates things for the free will is required to make ‘judgements’ and choices to follow and pursue a course of actions, set against a set out objectives, criteria and aims in relation to one’s meaning and purpose of life in relation to whatever kind of existence one has chosen to become as chosen by an agency of the human mind of humanity. And, thereby, the point arrives of the necessity for humanity to learn the laws of that ethics or morality, the study of which forms the science, Humanical Moral Science or Humanical Ethical Science, which is a new branch of science and use that learning, knowledge and wisdom so to be able to conduct those judgements and choices as best as it could and stay at liberty in equality in the rule of law and within natural justice so that free will and universal will become complementary to each other; so that humanity choses to exist by the Universal Laws as the rest of the whole of the Temporal Creation does. This can, only, happen as and when a human will has reached the best possible knowledge, insight, understanding, illumination and enlightenment about The Mechanoprincipium, the Architectonics of the Grid of Creation, the Universal Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, the Architectonics of the Temporal Duality of Humanity and the Architectonics of Choice and Evil, thus, about the Delta of Universes and the Universal Laws as ‘codified’ in The Mechanoprincipium, as well as, about the human self or psyche or will or mind or soul, its architectonics, architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes and their engineering construction, its functioning and about the Architectonics of the architectures of human rationality and the Humanical Moral Science within the spread of the humanity agency in individual, individuals, families, networks of families, agencies and organisations, communities and society because, only, this enables that human soul to reach that degree, depth, scope, spread, width and magnitude of ‘learning’ to know enough to realise and learn how to design, shape, create, nurture, advance, empower, enhance, enfranchise, maintain and lead the self, the person of the self, the agency of that human Mind, Will, Soul and how, then, it uses all this, in judging and choosing what kind of an existence it would like to become for what purpose and what meaning and then align that individual will to that ‘will’ of the living-breathing Universal Laws so that these, instead of working against each other, complement each other. And only with such a degree, depth, scope, spread, width and magnitude of ‘learning’ this humanity is and can be made capable of, empowered, enfranchised, fearless and liberated to resist, fight and defeat indoctrination, dehumanisation and the sociology of evil.      

However, humanity does not and can not make the Universal Laws nor can it do so the laws of rationality nor can it do so about ethical laws: humanity can study and learn and with that learning gather knowledge and wisdom and seek to try and follow these laws to the best of its abilities. Good is good or in other word, good is absolute, meaning it is good not because humanity says that it is good but it is good because the Universal Laws created it as such, that humanity finds it as such, that is authored in its Architectonics of Rationality: that it is good. Humanity learns it and translates-implements that knowledge and wisdom in making the best possible judgements and best possible choices in conducting its existence so to aspire and strive for a best possible existence both as individuals and as a community and as a soul-commune ecology of all humanity. Humanity must learn the laws of Humanical Moral Science or Ethics and seek to use that knowledge to craft out an existence worthy of being called a human existence: 

And a human existence, that is worthy of being called a human existence, is always such that it applies to every single person and all the persons under the law equally and at all times so that the human condition is conducted and construed in, by and with natural justice where all humans are at equality and at liberty. For, unless, all humans are equal and at liberty, there does not remain the choice, therefore, the scope of following ethics, deciding on moral analyses, contemplations, critiquing, thoughts, actions, conducts, behaviours, interactions, relations and inter-relations, creations, purpose, meaning and discourse and pursuing them into actioning into fruition, does not exist so that choices become imposed, mandatory and arbitrary with a pseudo-character, in which they are no longer choices because humanity lacks the liberty, that comes from the fact that it is at liberty and equality, which give it that ability to choose: a choice is always between good and what is not good or is bad or evil, that, must and can, always, be made being at liberty and being without duress, which arises out of threats, intimidations, applications of force, violence, helplessness, disenfranchisements, disempowerments, punishments, greed, lusts, consumerism, benefits, voguism, bogus rewards and awards, fear and scare, ignorance, blackmailing, emotional and psychological manipulation, directing, herding, mechanising, dehumanisation, enslavements, threats of suffering of poverty, of hardship, of pain, of heartache and of agony, threats to life and limbs, etc. However, for humanity, there still remains this point to ponder that choice can be seen as a whole unity of a hundred whereby when humanity is at complete liberty and equality it can exercise ideal choice while the farthest away it goes from being at liberty and equality the hardest it gets for it to exercise that choice so that the scale goes towards zero the more humanity is taken backward from liberty, equality and choice and there it finds itself facing these pseudo or false choices, that are not choices. In order for choices to be and remain so, they, must, offer humanity the scope, opportunity and system to apply ethics or morality so that it can make moral judgments and choose. 

In seeking to find out the nature of that choice it is necessary to consider existence: existence as being in time and space, can not but arise out of non-existence, a state  in which time and space can not exist because existence, time and space must exist together and the enabling mechanism of matters, being organised in a continuum of nanoseismic to mammothseismic  in a proportionality progressively, as well as, regressively where the nano-miniscule forms of the noumena world expand into the phenomenal world, into the final frontier of matters: time becoming space, space expanded to luminizz, ensures the variables necessary to support, nurture, foster and maintain existence or, rather, the existence of life and human existence. 

This is because nothing exists on the Delta of Universes unless time and space do and, thus, bringing into existence the Delta of Universes and all these, the Delta of Universes, time, space, luminizz and the duantum, in which reside all the variables, constituting the Delta of Universes, did not exist until they 'came into existence' or, rather, 'brought into existence'. Here is the non-existence and here is existence: neither can self-create itself into existence but must be brought into these states by some power, that is and can not but be a 'will' of some kind, with infinite powers, infinite knowledge, infinite genius, infinite wisdom, infinite imagination, infinite ingenuity and infinite creativity, Which or What has the power to do so: non-existence is the opening blank before the artist decides on what to bring into existence so to enable non-existence becoming existence and, determining, what exists in that form of existence and by what laws. For the Delta of the Universes and time and space began at a time and, thus, will come to an end at another time, that are ingrained in their engineering. No cow. Empty field. Zero cow. A cow. Grazes and grows and dies simultaneously and, then, after a space of time, it disappears into the no cow. Or, the life, that is inside a fictional book, exists inside the book, that is surrounded by an island of nothingness. The existence inside that book can be equated to the Delta of Universes and all that exists inside it whereby the universe-book is surrounded by that non-existence from where all were brought out and to where all fall back: there are Universal Laws and the conversion pathways of equivalence for that appearing from non-existence and there are Universal Laws and the conversion pathways of equivalence for that disappearing back onto non-existence. And, that can not be otherwise than the Universal Laws. Existence can be understood because it is phenomenal but humanity can vaguely empathise non-existence because it is outside phenomenality. However, the best way to get to a workable understanding of non-existence would be to look into the state of zero. Between the opposing sides of that state of Zero reside the Temporal Reality and its non-existence counterpart as the antithesis and thesis of the Temporal Creation. All positive states of all numbers and all states exist on the Temporal Side of the Zero State while all the negative states of all numbers and all states exist on the Non-existence Side of that Zero State.    

Anything phenomenal says this: that it was not here before a particular time and it shall not be there after another particular time and that it has an 'appointed' duration of existence. This is the metaphysical law, that temporality or phenomenality guarantees towards looking at an infinite shore, that surrounds the finite island of the Delta of Universes, that is, simply, nothing or non-existence, out of which has been brought into existence this entire Phenomenal Creation. In this Immanuel Kant is right to say that all different types of reasons, humanity possesses, face it towards this 'horizon', that humanity can not quite fathom because it is beyond its means for it is, despite being a will, which is not phenomenal, still a phenomenal creature and it can not go out measuring the hurts, caused to the wings of the butterfly by a violent storm with swords, sieves and shovels. It can not look into and beyond that 'horizon' because it is not phenomenal and, thus, to learn about it, it has no tools left with it, if, it crosses over into non-temporality.  

However, in human understanding of the human psyche, the architectonics of human rationality has something in it, called, imagination, which is what enables and sustains much of reason, particularly, practical and speculative reason, to develop and grow, that takes humanity to the right point and it finds infinite imagination, poised with the greatest of task: to begin the act of  imaginaction. To conduct that imaginaction there must be that eternal and infinite powers, that infinite and eternal will to say: ‘let there be light’ and there was the light so to speak. However, this eternal and infinite power, that infinite and eternal Will isz not nor can be a ‘person’ like a human being. It is not and it can not be so: that is pure logic: one thing can not, at the same time, be infinite, eternal and infiniternal and at the same time be finite and comes with a beginning and end date. Further, nothing in the Delta of Universes can self-create or self-appear; thus, the Delta of Universes and the entire range of variables, that constitute it, can not just self-create and self-appear. But they are here and they exist by infinitely complex and infinitely-delicate, awe-inspiringly intricate vast body of Universal Laws and, thus, to say that they just do so by themselves is utterly illogical, highly unscientific and absolutely irrational, ludicrous and absurd, as well as, immoral. Immoral in this sense, to deny the facts as they appear and present the truth, such as, 8+8=16 or 7x7-49 or the capital city of the United Kingdom is London as of at 08:00 hours, Tuesday, January 25, 2022 or a tringle has three sides and three angles and that the three angles of a triangles always equate to 180 degrees, are not only incorrect and wrong but, at the same time, because of the fact that the truth is denied by denying these facts, it is an immoral act: to, knowingly, deliberately and falsely, deny reason, deny logic, deny the facts, deny the truth. Here humanity can see that, being incorrect, mistaken or erring is one thing, that is not morally wrong but, when that incorrection, mistake, erring is done deliberately to deny the truth, it is not only incorrect, untrue and wrong but, also, immoral and it is the beginning of immorality. Hereby, it can be seen clearly that within the Architectonics of Rationality, there are laws and compacts for both reason and morality, set together and these two sides of rationality and reason, being correct and being moral, can be seen as the Neurology and Cardiology of reaching wisdom for a wise soul can not be, so long it is wise, incorrect deliberately and can not be immoral deliberately because the light of wisdom will show this soul the wrong, which is what is described by humanity as conscience.  

Back to the discourse or, ‘let there be nothing as non-existence’ and, then, ‘let there be existence of all that 'I' will and let 'my' will be forever done’: that 'will', therefore, isz God or Alphansum, Which isz the eternal Universal Laws, that govern the entire Delta of the Universes. That, What is infinite, eternal and infiniternal remains without movement, without development or without alternation or change because it isz infiniternal, which has no logical necessity to change or alter. The infinite, eternal and infiniternal a Will is the Absolute Perfection. All that body of Universal Eternal laws are expressed in The Mechanoprincipium with the architectonics, architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes of all things and the engineering templates, design-templates, mathematical templates, geometric templates, architectonical templates of endless and cascading array of the branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom,  working and functioning  of the Delta of Universes, about which humanity has been learning more and more as it advanced its little learning in all branches of mathematics and the body of all branches of sciences so far have been discovered and developed and the hundreds of thousands of new branches of Mathematics and sciences humanity will have been discovering and developing in the coming centurian millennia, one hundred millennia together and beyond for a working hypothesis can be made that it shall require another four hundred million years for humanity to reach young adulthood by when 100% of the human genome will have expressed itself fully, which has so far expressed less than 02% of it. And the more this little knowledge advances the clearer humanity shall be able to empathise that all these eternal Universal Laws are connecting the entire branches of knowledge, learning, innovation and wisdom to a universal grid and they are enshrined in that book of the eternal Universal Laws, that isz The Mechanoprincipium. 

Therefore, the Humanical Moral Science needs to study the Architectonics, Architectures, Mechanisms, Systems and Processes and engineering or the architectonics of the architecture of human rationality from where the laws, that govern the working and functioning of the whole human will and the Humanical Moral Science or Ethics finds these laws of values and judgments or morality, that humanity does not and can not just ‘write’ or create itself. They are already there: it needs to learn about them, find out what they are and how they work and how it can make the best possible use of them in order to enable it run, manage and conduct best possible judgments, analysis, thinking and questioning so to reach best possible decisions, choices and accordingly conduct the best possible existence by these laws. The other way to say this would be to say: in the very ideal state of existence of the Delta of Universes, where all things follow and abide by the Universal Laws and the very architectonics of the architecture of human rationality does the same thing in its working and functioning, achieve ‘peace’ or ‘harmony’ or ‘equilibrium’ or ‘homeostasis’ in the Delta of Universes, excluding, the human kind on earth. This state of peace, harmony, equilibrium or homeostasis is achieved because all contradictions, irrationalities, all paradoxes, all absurdities and all incongruities are eliminated from the entire ‘grid’ of existence because everything exist by the way the Universal Laws required them to do so. The same can and does happen when humanity keeps on learning about everything and studies the architectonics of the architecture of human rationality and with it studies and learns more about Humanical Moral Science so that it gets better at existence in better ways. Peace is the end of all irrationalities, all contradictions, all paradoxes, all absurdities and all incongruities: the first and foremost medicine for this, humanity has, is the architectonics of human rationality, that exists by the laws, whose essence or spirit or the Aurora Borealis is the subject of study for Humanical Moral Science. 

Morality, in humanical view, has different spheres of actions and influence: it has its primary domain in the individual human will or mind or soul, which is personal morality, that is the Absolute Domain of that Individual Person’s Agency of the Human Mind or Human Soul or Human Will: nothing has any powers whatsoever over that. Even, the Creator God had given it that liberty by giving it choice to choose righteousness, goodness, love, equity, fairness, justice and jurisprudence and the rule of law and natural justice otherwise humanity would not have been given this liberty, this choice and it will have been automation in the Temporal Creation. For God, there is no compulsion, there is no force, there is no coercion, there is no duress to that free human soul or mind or will because, if, there were such things, than, God would not be the eternal fountain of eternal righteousness, judiciousness, goodness, justice and jurisprudence. However, because humanity can not exist just being individuals on its own, it can not but exist and work together with all other human agencies or minds or wills and do so ‘co-operatively’, in concert, in unison with the same common goal of sustaining all existences as best as possible, humanity created structures, all of which arise out of individual humanity or human will or agency of the human mind: the families, the networks of families, communities, agencies and organisations and society and with all this there are many other types of structures, such as, states, governments, faiths and business, trade and commerce etc. 

All these structures denote one thing that the entire humanity of any given society is seeking to exist within a civic or humanical society: there, in this civic society humanity finds that its study of the Humanical Moral Science useful because humanity realises that there can not exist or there is no requirement to create a society unless it is seeking to establish an ‘ideal’, an ideal expression of ‘good state’ or ‘social morality’. In other words, this social morality is what goes to create civic humanical societies. Therefore, unlike personal morality, social morality works differently, its source is rather non-personal but very much person-orientated, humanity-orientated or rather, it concerns solely the ‘welfare’ of all the humans and all life and the web and ecology of all life. Humanical Moral Science, Humanical Sociology, Humanical Psychology, Humanical Social Psychology, Humanical Philosophy, Humanical Political Philosophy, Humanical Political Economics, Humanical Jurisprudence, Humanical Sociology and Humanics reject Rousseau's 'Social Contract' theory; societies, particularly, civic societies, are not products of social contract but because there exists human morality, from which humanity chooses to create a specific kind of morality, that is not personal but social and ecological or socio-spiritio-cultural by nature and that is social morality or the good state and in, with and by which, humanity seeks to create conditions, that are nurturing for its very existence to be and do humanity naturale and such nurturing conditions are called in one word, civic or more precisely, humanical societies, that are humanical societies, that exist in a Universal Grid of a Humanical Civilisation because there can not exist civic societies unless they are humanical in organisations, structures, principles and nature. That is why Humanical Moral Science adds tools, stronger, precise and vital tools, in addition to Sociology, Social Psychology, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Economics, Jurisprudence among other branches of knowledge to humanity to help it create such civic societies, for only such civic structures are and can be capable of supporting, enabling and nurturing humanity and human existence to be and do humanity naturale. And this array of human civic societies, that are humanical societies, that have brought all humanity liberty, equality, meaning and purpose by eradicating ownership, money, the powers, crimes, corruptions, nepotism, consumerism, voguism, greed and the sociology of evil, are moral societies, run by social morality and they will form a grid of a true humanical civilisation on earth on the Universana for the first time, that runs and exists on the rule of law in natural justice. This moral societies are not run by ‘personal’ or religious or puritan or so-called ‘state-imposed’ or ‘party-imposed’ or ‘dictator-imposed’, morality but social morality, which all individual human agencies of the human minds or souls or wills have taken part in developing, nurturing, fostering and advancing and to which all of them can and do subscribe to, not because they are forced to do so but with their absolute free will and free choice. They do so as all humanity does agree to say yes to: 04+04=08, 45-10=35 or Queen Victoria was the Queen of the United Kingdom for a long duration of time, which was why a period of British history is called, the Victorian Era or that Albert Einstein wrote Theory of Relativity. And, all humanity does so not by force but by nature, because humanity’s nature is written into the Architectonics of Rationality by which they ought to exist and live by.    

These moral societies do not get to become civic or humanical should they to become some open and ever-going delinquency, depravation, depravity, monstrosity, brutality and barbarity, despotisms and dictatorships of enforcing ‘morality’ onto the prison camps of all humanity in open prison-societies! Civic and humanical societies are so because there appears no other application or enforcement of any force or power other than the very force of the rule of law, of the force of natural justice and, this is, particularly, so because these societies are not conducted by representatives of states and governments or such bodies but are run, led and conducted by every individual humanity of these societies, working together in concert, working as being their own High Representatives.  

The Delta of Universes is a nursery of all branches of mathematics, science, engineering and all other spheres of learning, innovation, knowledge and wisdom, humanity has discovered and developed a few; in the future centurian millennia this very humanity will have been discovering and developing thousands more new branches of learning. Along this path, here is Humanical Moral Science because humanity is an infinity of goodness unfolding itself and, thus, it has a long, long, long way to go to keep on existence and keep on learning and getting better at it so that it will need all the tools it can develop and create to support its struggle to keep on trying to be and do humanity naturale, that mirrors its Creator God’s infiniternal ever-isz love, righteousness. goodness, justice and jurisprudence and Godself’s all other infiniternal goodness attributes. 

Book Zero: Maya The Mechanoprincipium: Munayem Mayenin: Published January 25: 2022: ISBN: 9789403645216: Copyrights @ Munayem Mayenin: February 19: 2022


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