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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Letter to The Reader

Letter to The Reader Arkive Year Alpha and Year Beta

The Humanion Exists to Gather These Spread-About Photonic Fireflies Together and Bring Them About Connected in One Ecology of Humanity So That They Become a New Sun of Hope Made of Pure Light: Say: I Am. Say: We Are: Say We Are: One




|| August 07: 2018 || ά. Dear Reader, hope this reaches and finds you well. There, when we write, as always, appears to exist two parallel realities: a puddle-world-reality, that the world’s powerfuls have created and jumped onto it and closed themselves off to the other world, the real world and in that real world the utter, sheer and complete desperation of struggling and suffering humanity with all the evils, cruelties and brutalities of the current horrendous human condition go on, in addition to the added urgent and immediate dangers brought about by climate change and global warming so that the world is literally choking and burning away: America is burning away, Europe is burning away, Africa and Asia and many other parts of the world are burning away and in that humans are paying the price. But where it is not burning, it has been flooding and running havoc and many parts of the Caribbean has been forgotten by the world, already, that had been utterly and comprehensively destroyed by the last bout of tornadoes and hurricanes. These people are left to their devices. News media has hardly any interest, that could last that long.

In this context, add to the forgotten wars and slaughters: you can not say how often anyone is referring to Syria anymore. It simply does not exist anymore in the world media. Yemen: where is it and what about it! This is the reality you would encounter. Yet, this Yemen and the people or the nation of this Yemen, that is its future, the younger generation has been systematically, methodically and with ever-going determined manner being wiped out and whatever happens in the short run, it has almost been achieved. And, yet, the world goes on: Saudi Arabia kept the war going and the world, including, the United Kingdom keep on selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and the world keeps quiet and soon, you, shall see they are waking up and say, never again as they did after Rwanda happened and millions of human beings got ‘terminated’ in the space of a couple or so weeks before the very sleeping-awake wrold! The world woke up and said: never again! It is good at saying never again like the people in the dehumanisation conveyer belt go: we understand and we are sorry but we can not do anything: you have to pay. The people, the humanity must pay while these powerful people keep muddying and dusting about their puddle-world and keep busy creating pseudo-emergencies and issues and dictating a pseudo-agenda for the media to get sucked into and they fill their pages and presentations with these supposedly urgent and immediate matters!

While these are not the only wars and desperations: the Rohingyas are still stuck in Baangladesh and there are hundreds of other paces on earth where war, famine, drought and desertification continue and wars, pandemic and the flowing desperate humanity or what the world calls the economic migrants are running from ‘hell’ from broken down to destruction’ of places and the world want to deal with them by treating them as rats and rodents and ‘send them back’. They want to, at the same time, shut themselves into safety by closing their borders and building walls and with created and brewed hatred and phobias. No one in the world has the imagination to see that until and unless these broken down places have been rebuilt and people are given jobs for food to build must-have infrastructures and support to re-develop, recreate and support building these states, governments and related systems, these people will keep on running away for they are hungry and tired and sick of seeing their life and loved ones ‘paying the price’ of this wasted existence. Where is anyone, that has this imagination to worry about these? But they are, these powerfuls, happy in their puddle-world and they think these will make them safe and great and whatever.

But in this desperate world there are still great things happening parallel to this puddle-world reality and in the real world: take Ethiopia, for example. Despite the history and all, that goes with the history, the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia has ushered in a most positive development in the African continent, which have two beneficiaries: Ethiopia and Eritrea and their two nations. And the world should take note of this wonderful new direction of this part of the world. Despite all the shortfall in what happened in Zimbabwe, it still is and must be seen as a ‘positive’ development, that the army did not take power, that somehow, though terribly badly done, some form and manner of ‘democracy’ offered the people to change their government without ‘too much’ bloodshed and ‘too much’ violence. We hope that both sides in this nation work together to rebuild this ‘poor and fragile’ place, to rebuild this nation. We are not jumping for joy but we still would like to see the positive.

In Pakistan, what happened required a lot of lives and bloodshed but, even, after all that, the people have been able to change their government through ‘democratic’ means and that the army did not just get back and take the country with their gun. A country, such as Pakistan is, it has hardly had a continuous democratic governments, changed through this way. Most of its existence it has been devastated by the army and its generals. In this, this is a welcome development. Let this government run its course and let the people elect this one or change it through the same democratic means and in a few governments, in a couple decades there’s a history of twenty years of democratically and continually changing government and the development of this democratic culture would ensure the army got the message that it is time for them to accept that in a democratic country and society their role is defined by their constitution, which is to support the nation and run themselves under and by the rule of law and not get involved in becoming ‘the master’.

These are positive developments in the world and there are many others. These things must be registered and welcome and supported so that it sends a message to the world that those seeking to go backward and ruin and devastate countries through their guns and violence are not going to be accepted.

On these parallel realities we write to you and you read and here we end with a little note that, being a regular reader of The Humanion and other publications of all sorts, you would have noticed the ‘thinness’ of coverage during August. This is simply because this is ‘the holiday season’ in which almost all the professions’ major part of the work force take their annual leave so that everything slows down to the bare minimum and which means that happenings of all kinds and events and proceedings, news, research and all the rest become almost ‘scarce’.

This is why you would realise the ‘thinness’ of the Coverage during August, which will end with the end of the month and from the first week of September people will begin to come back to their old jobs and pick up and everything will soon catch up. This note should reassure you that The Humanion is here and will continue to be here and follow the holiday seasonal ‘thinness’ as best as we could. We are not going to fill the space with anything and everything for the sake of it.

And in the meanwhile, remember the V PRAT Philosophy Conference in New York is coming up in end of October and the VII London Poetry Festival is coming up on October 14-17 and at the last week of September The Humanion shall begin and anew year: the fourth year, the Year Delta. Regine Humanics Foundation will continue calling everyone to rise and look away from this puddle-world and beyond its imposed ‘directorial and manipulative’ pseudo issues and agendas and see and never forget to keep on the view of the real world, the real humanity and the real desperate human condition and stick to the real, desperate and urgent issues of the world and of the humanity, that we are and say: I am: Say: We are: one. Read: The light: ask not where for the photon, a single one, is a tiny little thing: look at this photon: almost an invisible firefly in the dark; but you can not pretend it is not there in the dark because you can not but see the firefly in the dark. And it is not alone, this firefly, but there are many, there are millions and hundreds of millions of them all across humanity on this earth. The Humanion exists to gather these spread-about photonic fireflies together and bring them about connected in one ecology of humanity so that they become a new sun of hope made of pure light: Say: I am. Say: We are: Say we are: One. :::ω.

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Dear Reader: The Update

|| June 22: 2018 || ά. Dear Reader, this letter, to explain the sudden disappearance of both the websites of The Humanion and Regine Humanics Foundation, now that they both have reappeared, which started on June 19 and lasted until midday of June 22. However, there had been problems with both the websites randomly appearing and disappearing and emails doing the same for about two weeks prior to this point. All this had been caused by our move to a new hosting company, where we moved from our former host. Roughly, about two weeks, had been wasted in this desperate state until, finally, we had realised, accepted and decided that we had gone to an agency not for us and sought to find a new one, that would be, which we did on Thursday, June 21.

However, the only time, before this, we could offer some explanation, when only Regine Humanics Foundation website was being partially visible, with only texts being displayed, was on Wednesday, June 20. That was when a short notice was posted on the Foundation website while The Humanion website was fully down. All was done by the new host on that one day and everything was sorted out and both websites reappeared in a few hours, by about midday today, Friday! We had an agony-filled, most desperate and all-shattering two-weeks and twenty-four-seven existence seeking to bring all that to an end; but none of that could do anything to change the situation!

However, what we take from this experience is the re-enforcement of our deep faith in humanity and Humanics and re-emphasising re-experiencing of what degree and depth dehumanisation has taken root in this ‘invisible world’, where humanity simply does not exist. No one is treated with humanity but as a ticket and with and by a ‘faceless’ contempt. But that two weeks have been a desperate waste and, then, only, one and half day and all that has been done! Personally speaking, these last two weeks have been the most tough, most challenging and most soul-devastating experience, that needed to be matched with that same level, depth and degree of resolution, determination, focus and steel. And those, who supported us and kept being there, have been there and supported and sustained us and we are here.

The Humanion is here and The Foundation is here and things are where they ought to be. Without naming any name we express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our new hosting company and everyone, who works there, particularly, those, who supported us last couple of days. Here is The Humanion. Here is Regine Humanics Foundation. Thank you everyone. Dear Reader, take it as this: that the Voyager has left the earth and gone out of the Earth’s ‘power’ but when coming back, ‘the re-entry’ is the most difficult part when nothing works and no one knows for a brief space of time as to where things and the humans are, who are seeking the re-entry and soon, some agony-filled seconds and minutes later, their little ‘vessel’ appears floating somewhere on the body of waters. Not much has been publicly written about this experience of the crew members of so many missions but it can not but be a terrifying and agony-filled disorientation, desperate helplessness and sheer demonstration of our utter, complete and absolute inability to have any power or control over anything at all. The only conviction and only faith, that we can have as an ABSOLUTE here is this: that everything follows universal laws and so that we should succeed in gaining the re-entry, which we do!

But we are back here and you are here and we are writing to you, Dear Reader. It is time to get back to work. Please, allow us this weekend to just ‘recover’ and The Humanion will publish full coverage from Monday’s edition, for sure. And, here we invite you and everyone else to support us as and how you can. Choice is important. Unless we choose by default we choose inaction and do nothing, which does something to strengthen the other side. An injustice accepted and tolerated enhances and emboldens the path to reach faster towards further injustices. Choice is not a luxury of the human existence and condition but an absolute, fundamental and existential must.  

When Kafkaesque things happen and we see and hear it and decide to not see it and ignore it, not only does this help the Kafkaesque go on but, also, it increases its prowess and it reaches and circles more and soon the entire state, government, country and social, political, economical and cultural spheres get under its ‘ruthless clasp’. Choice is necessary. You choose what to support, nurture and help build and develop and it develops. And, as the apple tree, this new development grows and blooms and its offerings, then, enhance and enrich life with its existence and being. The Humanion and Regine Humanics Foundation invite your support and your choice.

In the meanwhile, we thank everyone, who have written and who have been sending materials, news and other materials, most of which we have received but most of which are now beyond use for the topicality of the materials. Please, keep sending materials and news and events and festivals and anything to do with community and human interactions. The Humanion has been here and we are here to stay long way into the future: for this Nile of the vision of Humanics shall keep on going, following the flowing Nile of this Humanity, an infinity unfolding itself. The Humanion requires your support, The Foundation requires your support. Do all you can to support The Humanion and the works of The Foundation. Thank you for being here and, this, has ensured that The Humanion is heading towards beginning its fourth year in September.

And, what is this: a letter: what is a letter: a text: what is a text: a test: what is a test: test cricket or an exam or the Test River. But the text is here: in this letter: dream and have faith in that dream so that it is a vision and see it and hold it and place it in the future all around the present and soon it will flow down and become the present. The Humanion did not exist once; now it does. It is now the text. Regine Humanics Foundation did not exist once; now it does. It is now a Test River, a text of the river of the flowing life and humanity. It is a letter, a text: what is it: dream and forget not the spectrum of the light and, thus, the spectrum of colours and the spectrum of humanity: our oneness and our diversity, in and by which, we are one. Dear Reader, this is not a dream: it is a vision, a Humanicsovicsopia: this is Humanics.

Now, go about reading the text, structure and construct the dream and constitute the vision: of Humanics, the infinity of humanity, that is unfolding itself. For The Humanion and Regine Humanics Foundation are striving to create a true and open University of Life and Existence for Eternally learning humanity, for humanity, for communities, for individuals and groups and families and all this we seek to do is in reality, in the real and in the real society: this humanity, that is an infinity unfolding itself. Must we keep on learning: learn the grammar of light: stand and you, may not see, the light has written a poem on your eyes or written a text on your neck or forehead or hands or on the wall or on the fern or moss surfaces.

Stand, take in and connect. Thirst for opening and taking all in. Life is….a magic. Believe and it is: speak: Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I Human? Why should we not rejoice and celebrate and take forward this awe: this us, the billions of instances of our astonishing spectrum of uniqueness, spread across the Mother Earth, perpetually lit and sung by a lonely little Moon in the shining bound and bond of the Solarian King, the Sun in the peninsula of The Milky Way in the Innerluminous Galaxillation, a nano-corner of our Vast Universana. Joy: here: read, Dear Reader. :::ω.

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