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||  Year Gamma: London: Tuesday: May 22: 2018 ||

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First Published: September 24: 2015


















































United Kingdom

The General Election 2017 June Eight













The General Election 2017 June Eight

The Political Philosophy and Political Economics That Say That the Survival of the Fittest or Richest is the Ultimate Aim of Society is a Brutal, Cruel, Ruthless and Inhuman Dictate of a Monstrous Social Jungle, Where Neither Civic Nor Community Can Exist: And When Such a Monstrous Social Jungle is Established in a Country It Becomes Worse Than a Jungle and It Becomes Every Citizen's Civic and Moral Duty and an Existential Necessity of Humanity to Do All in Their Democratic Power to Eliminate Such Jungle and Replace It with a Civic Society Where Community, People, Families, Individuals and All Humanity are as Real, as Connected and as Active, Engaged and Creative as the Human Physiology is in All Humans of a Given Society

















Image: BMA


The Elleesium: Written in Light That Does Not Ever Bend

This morning finds the Sun-written letter comprised with just one
Single letter with a full stop for London it has written this poem
That says: elle. in lower case written in light in light the Sun has
Written a letter to London that you are written in light the light

Regardless of how hard the dark tries it cannot ever bend the light
The light does not bend does not bend does not bend does not bend
This Letter this London this Elleesium never ever bends doesn't do
Not in the Blitz not after nor before not ever never Elleesium bends

No matter how much it hurts or how hard it gasps for the air it does
Not ever bend for The Elleesium is the home of the Light of the Rose
Of the Globe where voices rise and fall as human-waterfall waterfall

Here London always bridges as Westminster knits words into laws
Wider than the east or the west for written in Light The Elleesium
Houses the Light Light that does not ever bend does not ever bend

: Munayem Mayenin: June 04: 2017:

This Photograph is not planned: this light is the natural sun light and this is how it was on this painting

  Dearest Mancunium I Send You My Godstone: Never Ever Let It Go

Dearest Mancunium imagine this being made of various segments of lights
Gained off the spread of these sun-isles as a poet-soul sought the land-soul
On the way had not yet found a little place in south of England beautifully
Named Godstone he went to you where you grew into his soul like a wound
That a summer breeze in concert with the sun makes over a grassy meadow

Hear beneath bubbling white ee sizzling silver glistens music of soft greens 
You grew in silence-light into this unfathomable Godstone into my soul that
I would find years later broken at a patrol pump unmindful almost faltering
Beautiful young people boys and girls in the evening came to offer their help
Help me choose flowers in pretence for they knew a soul needed much more

Than buying flowers that Godstone-humanity of the children broke my soul
As you did so I have nothing more or nothing less but only this my Godstone
Today as this poor poet soul writes to you Dearest Mancunium what can he
Offer you who are so rich once you touch a soul it remains forever wounded
By your light so I return you the Godstone that you had given me that's now

Even richer for it bears Godstone young humanity's moving touch and thus
I send you this Godstone for you to bear the throbbing the robbing off your
Your young souls and keep hold of it as the soul howls out for all cuts culls 
Dearest Mancunium do keep hold of this Godstone and never ever let it go
For you are more than a place or name you are my Mancunium Godstone

: Munayem Mayenin: May 24: 2017:



To the Door-Knockers Phone-Callers Status-Sharers and Placard-Wavers Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party Say Thank You So Much

Direly Utterly Pillared Conservative End-Phase: The End of the Daleks and the Rise of the Humans: The Future Has Began Yesterday That was Defined by the Vision of What Jeremy Corbyn Has Been Able to Do and Achieve at This General Election and How the Country and the Youth Responded to That: The Future is Happening Here and Now: The Labour Party's Half a Million Plus Members Must Remain on the Ground and Keep on Enlisting New Members for the First Phase of the Revolution Achieved They Must Now Work Towards the Second and Decisive Phase

June 09: 2017

This Page is Now Archived: June 10:2017











Jeremy Corbyn Took His Message of Hope to All Corners of the Country on the Last Day of Campaigning


|| June 07: 2017 || ά. Mr Jeremy Corbyn will speak at six rallies across England, Scotland and Wales on Wednesday, June 07, the final day before polling day. Yesterday Mr Corbyn addressed thousands at six simultaneous events, which were  watched live online by 01.5 million people. On the final day of campaigning, Mr Corbyn will begin the day in Glasgow Central and travel to Weaver Vale, Clwyd West, Watford, Harrow East, until he reaches the final rally in Islington South. He will set out Labour’s plans to transform Britain for the many, not the few, including: No tax rises for 95 percent of people and asking the top five percent and big businesses to pay a bit more to fund our schools, hospitals, social care and invest in our economy

Protecting pensioners incomes with the triple lock and guaranteeing winter fuel payments, Providing an extra £37 billion for the NHS and £08 billion for social care, Raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour, ending the public sector pay cap and bringing in workers’ rights from day one of any job, Scrapping university tuition fees and bringing back education maintenance grants, Cutting class sizes in schools and bringing in free school meals for all primary school children, Building a million new homes, Bringing rail, water, parts of the energy system and post back into public ownership to cut bills and improve in services. ommenting on Labour’s last day of campaigning, Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, said, “I am incredibly proud of Labour’s manifesto to transform Britain for the many not the few. On the last day before people go to the polls, we will be campaigning in towns and cities across England, Scotland and Wales with our message that change can come.

Our campaign has been about the kind of country we want to live in, one in which the wealth creators, that means all of us, share in that wealth and everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Tomorrow, the British people will be able to vote for a government that will put an end to the rigged system that benefits the super-rich. Every vote for Labour will be a vote to put power, wealth and opportunity back in the hands of the many, not the few. Speaking at Glasgow Central, Mr Corbyn will say,  Older people have given us so much but they are being held back by a Conservative government that is refusing to protect their incomes through the pensions triple lock, is taking away the winter fuel allowance from millions of pensioners and demanding people pay for social care with their homes.

Labour will do things differently. We won’t take older people for granted like the Tories, we will treat them with the respect they deserve and have earned. We will guarantee the triple lock, keep the winter fuel allowance and invest in social care to provide security and dignity for the many not the few.”

Speaking at Weaver Vale, he will say, Our NHS is the nation’s pride and joy, and our greatest achievement but it is under threat from underfunding and privatisation after seven years of the Conservatives. We can’t afford another five years of the Tories. The election on Thursday is an opportunity to say enough is enough. We have had enough of our NHS being undermined, we’ve had enough of NHS services being sold off for profit, and we’ve had enough of our brilliant NHS staff being treated with contempt.

Labour will end the Conservatives’ plans for more privatisation, give our NHS the funding it needs and scrap the pay cap and give health workers the pay rise they have needed for years.” Speaking at Clywd West, he will say, “When police officers warned Theresa May as Home Secretary about the damaging effect of cuts, she accused them of ‘scaremongering’ and ‘crying wolf’. What a disgraceful way to treat those brave officers who keep us safe every day. Labour will never take for granted those who keep us safe. We will invest to reverse years of Tory cuts, and employ 10,000 more police officers, 3,000 firefighters, 3,000 prison officers, 1,000 intelligence staff and 500 border guards. We will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe.”

Speaking at Watford, Mr Corbyn is expected to will say, “The Conservatives have held students back for too long, saddling them with massive debts by trebling tuition fees. Labour will lift this cloud of debt, now an average of £45,000  and scrap tuition fees as part of our plan to transform Britain for the many not the few. We believe everyone should have the chance to study, not just those that can afford it, and we will restore the principle that education is free. No one should be put off from getting an education through a lack of money or fear of debt.”

Speaking at Harrow East, he Mr Corbyn will say, “No child should go hungry at school. The Conservatives are ending universal free school meals for five, six and seven-year-olds and giving them a breakfast that costs 06.8p, that’s barely a thimble of cornflakes. By charging VAT on private schools fees, Labour will make sure all primary school children get a healthy meal at school. We will build a society for the many not the few, starting with our children eating a healthy free lunch together.”

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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We Have Just 24 Hours to Change Course and Save Our NHS Schools Social Care and Police Services by Electing a Labour Government That Will Invest to Transform Britain: Jeremy Corbyn

|| June 07: 2017 || ά. With polls opening in 24 hours, Labour is promising to breathe life back into the NHS after years of the Conservatives starving it of funds, running down our health workers and opening the door to full-scale privatisation. Since Theresa May became Prime Minister in 2016, almost two million people have waited longer than four hours in A&E, almost 450,000 have waited longer than four hours on trolleys and nearly 70,000 more people on waiting lists. The Conservatives have no plan to support our NHS, with a manifesto that fails to provide any additional funding for the NHS. If the Conservatives have five more years running our NHS, private provision of healthcare in our NHS will balloon to £18.4 billion by 2021:22.

Labour will restore the NHS to be the envy of the world by: Giving the NHS an extra £37 billion over the course of the next Parliament, including £10 billion of capital funding for NHS buildings and IT systems. Taking one million people off NHS waiting lists by the end of the Parliament, by guaranteeing access to treatment within 18 weeks. Guaranteeing patients can be seen in A and E within four hours. Creating a new £500 million Winter Pressures Fund to help ensure patients never have to experience a winter crisis like the one of recent months. Scrapping the public sector pay cap that has cut nurses’ pay by 14% in real terms since 2010, forcing some to need food banks to get by.

Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, said, “The Conservatives have spent the last seven years running down our NHS, our proudest national institution. Our NHS cannot afford five more years of underfunding, understaffing and privatisation. Labour will give our NHS the resources it needs to deliver the best possible care for patients and end the Conservatives’ attacks on our hardworking health workers, who care for us all. The Conservatives have already cut our NHS, our schools, our police and our social care services and their manifesto is a plan for five more years of cuts to services according to the IFS. We have just 24 hours to change course and save our NHS, schools, social care and police services by electing a Labour government that will invest to transform Britain for the many, not the few.”

The Conservatives have not given the NHS the money it needs

In their 2015 manifesto the Tories said they would give the NHS £08 billion by 2020.
“We will…spend at least an additional £08 billion by 2020 over and above inflation to fund and support the NHS’s own action plan for the next five years.” Conservative Party Manifesto 2015, Page 37. Theresa May initially claimed that the NHS had been given an extra £10 billion, which she said was more than it asked for.

“Simon Stevens was asked to come forward with a five year plan for the NHS. He did that, so that’s been generated by the NHS itself. He said that it needed £8bn extra – the government has not just given him £8bn extra, we’ve given him £10bn extra.” Theresa May, Interview with Manchester Evening News, 17 October 2016,
However, she has been called out by Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, who said it would be “stretching it” to say this.

“I think it would be stretching it to say that the NHS has got more than it has asked for.” Simon Stevens, Public Accounts Committee, Oral evidence: Financial Sustainability of the NHS, 11 January 2017, The House of Commons Health Select Committee has disputed the figures, putting the increase at £04.5 billion.

“If the spending review period is considered, 2015–16 to 2020–21, that increase is £4.5 billion.” House of Commons, Health Select Committee Report, Impact of the Spending Review on health and social care, 19 July 2016

Five more years of privatisation: Around one third of NHS contracts since the 2012 Health and Social Care Act have gone to private sector providers: Source: Iacobucci G 2014. A third of NHS contracts awarded since health act have gone to private sector, BMA investigation shows. BMJ 2014;349:g7606

At current growth rates, private provision of healthcare in NHS England will increase to £18.4bn by the end of 2021:22. Since the last full year of the previous Labour government, private provision of healthcare in NHS England has more than doubled, from £4.1bn in 2009/10 to £08.7bn in 2015:16: Sources: House of Lords Answer to PQ 5389, 11 March 2015; DH Annual Report and Accounts, Table 10, p 40, 21 July 2016

Five More Years of Cuts

The Tories spending plans increase NHS spending by an average of 01.2 per cent per year between 2015:16 and 2022:23, compared with Labour’s spending plans that will increase NHS spending by an average of 02.3 per cent per year.

“The NHS needs an average of 01.2 per cent to just keep pace with age-adjusted population growth, the Tories plans means the NHS will get this, but nothing more.” IFS, General Election 2017: IFS manifesto analysis, 26 May 2017 Under the Tories the UK would face the lowest period of spending increases in NHS history. “A real increase of £08 billion over the next five years would extend what is easily the lowest period of spending increases in NHS history to 12 years” IFS, General Election 2017: IFS manifesto analysis, 26 May 2017. This has resulted in the IFS saying that Conservative plans for the NHS may well be undeliverable.

“Conservative plans for NHS spending look very tight indeed and may well be undeliverable.” Institute for Fiscal Studies, Press Release, 26 May 2017 - While the influential health charity, the King’s Fund says that cuts are having an impact on frontline care.

“The budget for NHS England is projected to rise by more than £8 billion in real terms between 2015/16 and 2020/21, technically meeting the manifesto commitment to fund the implementation of the NHS five year forward view. However, the budget for the Department of Health – the definition used by previous governments to measure health spending, will increase by only £4.6 billion over this period. Cuts in areas of health spending that have not been protected are having an impact on frontline care.” The King’s Fund, 12 May 2017


Funding for Labour’s New Deal for NHS Patients will be met from Income Tax on the top five per cent of earners with additional funding from Corporation Tax, higher rate insurance premium tax on private medical insurance and Labour’s National Transformation Fund of capital expenditure.
The lifting of the public sector pay cap, will be funded from a proportion of our previously announced gradual increases in Corporation Tax.
As part of Labour’s National Transformation Fund, £10 billion across the course of the Parliament will be used for capital investment in the NHS, matching the estimated need identified by NHS Providers.
In total this represents a cash boost of £37 billion for the English NHS across the course of the Parliament.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Clear Choice Voters Have on Thursday: It is Between a Labour Plan for Serious Investment in Our Economy with a Focus on Living Standards and a Jobs-First Plan for Brexit: Or a Tory Plan That Would Hold Our Nation Back with Continued Cuts to Vital Public Services and Chronic Under-Investment: John McDonnell

|| June 07: 2017 || ά. Mr John McDonnell, the Labour Party's Shadow Chancellor, commenting on the OECD’s economic outlook for the UK economy that has revised down future growth, said, “This is a hammer blow for the Tories’ economic credibility. Only Italy is set to be a worse performer than Britain amongst the major economies, and the Tories’ cliff-edge Brexit will trash business investment.

The OECD’s calls for increased investment in our economy is a ringing endorsement of Labour’s economic policy in this election, and shows the clear choice voters have on Thursday. It is between a Labour plan for serious investment in our economy, with a focus on living standards and a jobs-first plan for Brexit; or a Tory plan that would hold our nation back with continued cuts to vital public services and chronic under-investment.”

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Only a Labour Government Will Deliver a Fairer Britain That Works for Everyone: His Voice Echoing Through Six Different Parts of the Landscape of the United Kingdom Declares Jeremy Corbyn

|| June 06: 2017 || ά. The Labour Party took its message to voters from all corners of the country by hosting six simultaneous rallies where Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party Leader was expected to attend one and speak to all. The rallies, which took place in evening in Barry, Wales, Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow, London and Warrington, bringing people together and show there was strong support for an alternative to the seven lost years of Tory rule.

Mr Jeremy Corbyn, attended the Birmingham rally, from where simultaneously appeared via satellite link at the five other events to deliver his message that: Only a Labour Government will deliver a fairer Britain that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.  Those came to lend their support included members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, big name electronic acts Clean Bandit and DJ Floating Points, celebrity supporters Steve Coogan, Ben Elton and Maxine Peake, and chart toppers Wolf Alice and Reverend and the Makers.

Mr Corbyn, “Since the election was called, we have taken Labour's message of hope to towns and cities across the UK. Tonight, we will speak to tens of thousands of people across the country about the clear choice facing the British people during this election.

While the Conservatives promise five more years of a country run for the super-rich and cuts for everyone else, Labour will transform Britain by investing in infrastructure and new industries and rebuilding the NHS and our public services.

Labour will abolish tuition fees to give everyone a chance to fulfil their potential and create a fairer Britain by introducing a £10 an hour minimum wage, banning zero hours contracts, protecting winter fuel payments and safeguarding state pensions through the triple lock. On Thursday, the British people will go to the polls and have the chance to vote for a government that will transform our country for the many, not the few.” ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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British Red Cross UK Solidarity Fund: Please Donate


''Seven people were tragically killed and 48 injured in an attack in central London on Saturday night. We have launched the UK Solidarity Fund to support those injured, bereaved or traumatised by terror attacks anywhere in the UK.

Please, donate today. Your gift will help ease the suffering of victims and their families. During this time of crisis, people have come together to support and help each other across the country. The generosity and kindness shown has been overwhelming.

Please, donate today and show we stand together in support of those affected by these devastating attacks.

With heartfelt thanks: Colin Brown: UK Director of Crisis Response

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The News About the Conservative Strong and Stable Economy: Living Standards Being Squeezed and Working Families Being Hit the Hardest with the Impact Now Reaching the High Street: Growth is Slowing: Retail Sales are Down: Business Investment and Wages are Falling Back: Under the Conservatives the Economy is Neither Strong Nor Stable: John McDonnell


|| June 06: 2017 || ά. Mr John McDonnell, Labour Party’s Shadow Chancellor, commenting on the latest retail figures from the British Retail Consortium showing a slowdown in sales, said, “These figures are deeply worrying and are further proof that seven years of Tory austerity has resulted in abject failure. Wages are still lower than they were in 2010. The Tories have no plan to tackle the fact that prices are rising faster than wages.

This is leading to living standards being squeezed and working families being hit the hardest, with the impact now reaching the high street. Growth is slowing, retail sales are down, business investment and wages are falling back. Under the Conservatives the economy is neither strong nor stable. And a vote for the Tories on Thursday is a vote for more of the same and no solution to the problems their economic policies are clearly creating for our economy and working households.

Only a Labour Government will take the action needed to end the Tories’ economic failure by introducing a Real Living Wage of £10 an hour and by investing in an economy that works for the many, while the Tories are only prepared to protect big business and a wealthy few.”

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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The True Scale of the Secret Tory Plan for Cuts and Closures Across the NHS Has Been Revealed by the Health Service Journal: Jonathan Ashworth


|| June 06: 2017 || ά. Mr Jonathan Ashworth, Labour Party’s Shadow Health Secretary, responding to leaked reports in the Health Service Journal, said, “With 48 hours to go until the General Election the true scale of the secret Tory plan for cuts and closures across the NHS has been revealed by the Health Service Journal.We now know if the Tories are re-elected on Thursday we’ll see hospital wards closed, waiting times growing, treatments rationed and staff cut.

The fact that NHS bosses have described this as the ‘most extreme and difficult NHS finance process they had experienced’ and would 'challenge the value basis of the NHS’ will make chilling reading for patients and their families, who deserve the very best levels of care. Every single day the Tories are in power hospitals are being left to crumble, staff are being let down, waiting lists are growing and patients are being denied the care they need and deserve.

Let’s be clear: these new, secret Tory plans will only be stopped by electing a Labour Government on Thursday. The NHS cannot survive five more years of a Tory government. That is why, Labour will pledge to bring the health service back from the brink with a multi-billion pound rescue package. The British people deserve nothing less.”

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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The Country Has Lost 619,000 in the Manufacturing Sector Since 20106: New GMB Study Finds: And Yet  Annual Input Into the Economy: Manufacturing: £108 Billion Employing 02:6 Million: Financial Sector: £63 Billion Employing One Million: Therefore It Matters Very Much as to How the UK Leaves the EU



|| June 06: 2017 || ά. The UK has haemorrhaged more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs in the past decade, a new study by GMB Union has shown. The figures are being discussed at GMB’s annual Congress in Plymouth today. They show that 619,000 jobs in the sector disappeared from 2006 to 2016, a massive fall of 17%. The lost jobs have meant that £11.3 billion less has been paid in manufacturing wages in real-terms.

In 2006 the UK supported 03.5 million permanent and temporary manufacturing jobs, more than 12% of the all British employment. By 2016, that had slumped to just 02.9 million or 09.3% of the total. Every region in the UK has experienced a decline in manufacturing employment. Two badly affected regions, Scotland and the North East, have lost 22% of manufacturing jobs. The worst affected region, the West Midlands has lost almost 100,000 manufacturing jobs.

GMB demands whoever forms the next Government invests in UK industries and avoid damaging tariffs on British goods to help reverse this dangerous decline. Jude Brimble, GMB National Secretary for Manufacturing, said, “The UK is haemorrhaging manufacturing jobs and that is a massive problem for both our workers and our economy.

We should cherish our manufacturing sector but instead successive governments have driven it into the ground through a lack of investment and tendering processes that hamper our homegrown businesses. Manufacturing wages are 20% higher than the national average and the sector is a keystone of the wider economy. These are jobs worth fighting for.

Whoever wins the next election must develop a procurement strategy supporting UK industry, build strong British supply chains and a balanced energy policy to keep our country’s lights on. If this sad decline is not addressed then post-Brexit Britain and the next generation will surely pay the price.”

GMB is calling for the manufacturing sector to be protected after the UK leaves the EU as new statistics show manufacturing pumps £108 billion a year into the economy. The figures emerge as GMB discussed a workers' Brexit at their 100th Annual Congress in Plymouth today. The data comes from the ONS and shows manufacturing pays almost double the total wages into the economy than the financial sector does, £63 billion.

In 2016 there were 02.6 million UK workers employed in manufacturing, compared to one million in financial services, yet the financial sector is overwhelmingly the focus of Brexit discussion. GMB says manufacturing should be given the same post-Brexit care and attention from the Government as the financial sector appears to have.

Mr Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said, "These figures show how absolutely crucial UK manufacturing is, it's jobs and livelihoods but it's also a real money-spinner for the economy. There's lots of talk about the City of London, well manufacturing contributes twice as much to the economy in wages.

Whoever forms the next Government needs to act straight away not just to protect our 02.6 million manufacturing workers, but to create new skilled jobs in the sector and it's supply chains. That's the sort of Brexit working people need." ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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The Elleesium Canine Unity Party: Vote for Us and We Will Deliver You the Most Friendly Country in the World with Best Friend for Life for the Entire Nation

|| June 06: 2017 || ά. While many in the country, may be, fed up with the prospect of heading to the polls, yet again, there’s one sweet treat in store for the people of London on the polling day. Now a staple part of any UK election, grabbing a snap of cute dogs met outside a polling station has become a perk of casting a ballot. But for this week’s election, there’s a new canine intervention from a dog rescue and rehoming charity, All Dogs Matter. Well, Each, Every Dog Must Matter. For unless and until each one does, 'all' cannot matter at all. Each matters so that all matters. That's the basis, on which, this all new The Elleesium Canine Unity Party is seeking your vote.

Two creatives at London advertising agency Crispin Porter and Bogusky came up with an idea to place cut outs of dogs the charity has available for adoption outside 14 high-traffic polling stations in London this Thursday. Each board carries a few details about the dog in question, and how to get in touch. The campaign features the likes of Tilda, a Labrador puppy, Rupert, the cheeky Staffie and Ned, a German Shepherd cross. And then, they 'elected' Ms Ira Moss, CEO, All Dogs Matter, to speak for them. Ms Moss says, “People love posting pictures of adorable Dogs at Polling Stations but of course, they’re usually someone else’ dog. This election day, you can now find your own canine pal by popping along to your local voting station.”

And so, these canine cut-outs will appear from 10:00 on Thursday, June 07 at the following polling stations. Now, The Humanion invites all the Readers, who come across them to send us the photos.

Raleigh Road
United Church Hall
Raleigh Rd,

Everyday Church
28-30 Queen's Road
SW19 8LR

Immanuel and St Andrews Church Hall
452 Streatham High Road
SW16 3PY

Effra Road Chapel
63 Effra Road

St Pancras Community Centre
Plender Street

James Wolfe Primary School
Royal Hill Campus
The Annex
Royal Hill
SE10 8RZ

St Anne`s Church Hall
Thorburn Square

Fulham Library
598 Fulham Road

St. Paul`s Church Hall
Stoke Newington Road
N16 7UY

St. John the Baptist Church Hall
3 King Edward`s Road
E9 7SF

Finchley Youth Centre
142 High Road
East Finchley
N2 9ED

Hilldrop Community Centre
Hilldrop Community Lane
Hilldrop Road
N7 0JE

Hazel Road Community Centre
26 Hazel Road
NW10 5PP

West Hampstead Branch Library
Dennington Park Road

About All Dogs Matter: A registered charity All Dogs Matter rescues and rehomes dogs in and around London and rehomes dogs all over the country. We use a mixture of foster homes and kennel spaces to house the dogs in our care and we have an office in London.

About CP+B London: CP+B London, part of the global CP+B company and a member of the MDC Partners network, has recently provided creative and strategic support to clients including INFINITI, Turkish Airlines, Argos, Betstars, and Techcrunch ‘best start up of 2015’, letgo. The agency supports companies in uncovering their brand truth and then dramatising that truth through action. From TV, to print, shopper, mobile, activation, design and PR, CP+B London delivers creativity that unlocks intellectual capital for companies and drives outstanding business results. CP+B has been named 'Agency of the Decade' by Advertising Age it is the only agency to have won the Titanium Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival three times. ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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The Choice You Face on 8th June is a Conservative Party Which Has Made Clear It Will Press on with Another Five Years of Austerity and Cuts to Essential Public Services to Pay for Even More Tax Handouts to the Richest and the Big Corporations: The Labour Party Will End Austerity and Lift the Public Sector Pay Cap: Our Nurses Firefighters Police Doctors and Paramedics Deserve a Pay Rise: Jeremy Corbyn


|| June 05: 2017 || ά. In a speech given in Carlisle, Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, said: ''After the horrific events last night in London in which seven people have died and 21 remain in a critical condition, I would like to start by asking everyone to stand with me for a minute’s silence. Tonight we are once again meeting in the aftermath of a terrorist atrocity, and returning to the election campaign in shock and anger at the brutality and horror that was perpetrated on the streets of London last night. Let me start by repeating what I said this morning sentiments I know are shared by all of us across our country. This was an appalling terrorist atrocity committed by those warped by a depraved inhumanity. We have to stand together, united and determined in our communities, as the people of Manchester less than two weeks ago.

We all express our love and solidarity to the families and friends of those who have died, and of those who have been so grievously injured, and though we find it difficult to fully imagine their pain, we feel for them, we are with them, and we grieve for those who have died. We pay tribute to the Ambulance Service and the Fire & Rescue Service, for their bravery and professionalism. And especially to the Police and British Transport Police. They acted quickly and decisively to save lives, their professionalism was again exemplary. And also our magnificent NHS staff, who are still working now to save lives and heal the injured. And let us express our admiration too for those members of the public who put themselves in danger to assist and protect others even to the extent of confronting the murderous attackers.

As in Manchester last month, their actions represent not just the best of Britain they represent normal, decent Britain, the quiet courage and compassion that will always defeat fear and hatred. Those who wish to harm our people divide our communities and attack our democracy will not succeed. Our values of solidarity, humanity and justice will prevail. The violence and brutality of last night’s attack, the targeting of innocent people going about their ordinary business is a depravity familiar from similar attacks in Manchester, across Europe, the Middle East and beyond. That is why we are ready to consider whatever proposals may be brought forward by the police and security services more effectively to deal with the terrorist threat. If Labour is elected I will commission a report from the security services on Friday on the changing nature of the terrorist threat.

Our priority must be public safety and I will take whatever action is necessary and effective to protect the security of our people and our country that includes full authority for the police to use whatever force is necessary to protect and save life as they did last night as they did in Westminster in March. You cannot protect the public on the cheap the police and security services must get the resources they need not 20,000 police cuts. Theresa May was warned by the Police Federation but she accused them of 'crying wolf'. As Labour set out in our manifesto we will recruit another 10,000 new police officers including more armed police who need to be properly rewarded as well as 1,000 more security services staff to support our communities and help keep us safe.

But it is the timing of yesterday’s attack that we must also address today the aim of the terrorists is plainly to derail our democracy and disrupt or even halt this election. The general election is of course about the democratic choice between the Labour and Conservative parties and our very different visions and plans for the future of our country. But it is also now about something even bigger it is about the struggle between terrorism and democracy itself. The mass murderers who brought terror to our streets in London and Manchester want our election to be halted, they want democracy halted. They want their violence to overwhelm our right to vote in a fair and peaceful election and to go about our lives freely.

That is why there can be no doubt that next Thursday’s vote must go ahead. Neither can we suspend our campaigning, so I am glad to be here in Carlisle as scheduled and launching our housing policy with John Healey. Across London today, people have been carrying on upset and appalled but carrying on to act otherwise would be to hand the twisted and depraved strategists of ISIS the political victory they crave. So it is right that we return to the choices the British people face on June 08 in the sure and certain knowledge that we have together, whatever our party views, already made the choice between democracy and terrorism between freedom and fear.

The choice you face on 8th June is a Conservative party which has made clear it will press on with another five years of austerity and cuts to essential public services to pay for even more tax handouts to the richest and the big corporations. Or the Labour Party, which is guaranteeing 95% of taxpayers will pay no extra tax but is asking the best off and the largest companies to pay a bit more to fund our hospitals, police, schools, decent pensions and childcare to invest in good jobs and a growing economy for the many not the few. I don’t hesitate to make the case for more tax from those who can afford it. It is taxation that underpins our peaceful, tolerant and civilised society the police, security services, fire and rescue service, our NHS they have all suffered cuts to pay for tax giveaways for the big corporations and the very richest.

Here in Carlisle you have felt the effects of austerity and that’s why we will increase funding in flood prevention and halt the Sustainability and Transformation Programme that threatens to close hospitals, A and Es and maternity units. We are the fifth richest country in the world, it doesn’t have to be like this. And that is why the Labour Party will end austerity and lift the public sector pay cap our nurses, firefighters, police, doctors and paramedics deserve a pay rise. They cannot just get warm words for their heroism, they deserve our respect every day. If I am elected Prime Minister on June 08 I will be asking the Commissioners of the Met Police and the British Transport Police for the names of those whose bravery should be commended, to acknowledge their heroism and of many others in our emergency services and among the public who intervened

At this time it is more important than ever that we stay united in our communities it is the strength of our communities that gets us through these awful times as London Mayor Sadiq Khan recognised but which the current occupant in the White House has neither the grace nor the sense to grasp. Whether we are Muslim or Christian, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, we are united by our values, by our determination for a better world and that we can build a better society. Our democratic values must be maintained we must resist Islamophobia and division and turnout on June 08 united in our determination to show our democracy is strong, however you vote.

And yes we do need to have some difficult conversations starting with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fuelled extremist ideology. It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist groups. We have to get serious about cutting off the funding to these terror networks, including Isis here and in the Middle East. No government can prevent every attack sometimes the most depraved and determined will get through but the responsibility of government is to do everything we can to minimise the risk. Labour has spent this campaign setting out our detailed plans and costed policies for a fairer and better Britain. On June 08, we have a real chance to invest and to build a country that reflects the best of us that we saw on the streets of London and Manchester, a country that is truly for the many not the few.”

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Labour Party Launches New Deal to Fix the Housing Crisis: Homes for Families Make a Home for the Country Where the Nation Finds Itself at Home with All Its Families at Home in the Unity of the Nation

Image: Healx

|| June 05: 2017 || ά. The Labour Party Leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn and the Shadow Secretary of State for HousingMr  John Healey will today, Monday, June 05 launch ‘Labour’s New Deal on Housing’, the party’s long-term plan to fix the housing crisis. They will promise to give priority to those let down most by failings in the housing market and in Conservative housing policy. Setting out more detail on the Party’s plans to deal with the country’s housing crisis and build at least a million new homes, the published plan will include:

a: A New Deal for first-time buyers on ordinary incomes, including 100,000 new discounted FirstBuy Homes, a two year stamp duty holiday for first-time buyers and an extension and re-focusing of Help to Buy so that it is only for first-time buyers; b: A New Deal for those 01.2 million on council waiting lists with a huge increase in affordable house building to be building 100,000 genuinely affordable homes a year by 2022, including the biggest council housing programme in over 30 years; c: A New Deal for private renters with a consumer rights revolution including three-year tenancies with an inflation cap on rent rises and new minimum property standards.

The Labour Party will, also, criticise Conservative Minsters for 'seven years of failure' on housing and highlight that since 2010 we have seen: House building at the lowest level under any political party in peacetime since the 1920s; The lowest level of new affordable house building in 24 years; Almost 200,000 fewer home-owners, with 900,000 fewer under 45s owning their own home; Rents rising faster than incomes for many; More families forced into temporary accommodation, with 120,000 children spending last Christmas without a home of their own; and Rough sleeping homelessness more than doubled.

Mr Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, said, “A Labour government will start on fixing the housing crisis immediately. High prices, excessive rents and the chronic lack of affordable housing are ruining the lives of young people, families and aspiring homeowners. As part of our massive house building commitment, Labour will ensure 100,000 FirstBuy Homes are available at discounted rates to local first time buyers.

This will transform the housing market and put the needs of younger house buyers and local workers first. Labour will usher in a new era in council house building to build more council homes than at any time for over 30 years so that the broken market is fixed to provide homes for the many, not investment opportunities for a wealthy few.”

Mr John Healey, Labour Party’s Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, said, “After seven years of failure, the Conservatives have no plan to fix the housing crisis and Theresa May only offers more of the same. Labour offers a New Deal on housing between the people of this country and a new government.

It is a bold, long-term plan for housing to help those being let down most by a broken housing market and failing Conservative policy, young first-time buyers, private renters and people needing new social rented homes.

Our first Labour housing priority will be help for young first-time buyers. Under the last Labour government, a million more families became home-owners but now the Tories are failing first-time buyers on middle incomes. Under the Conservatives since 2010 homeownership has fallen by 200,000 with younger families on ordinary incomes the hardest hit.

Labour’s new FirstBuy Homes will give aspiring first-time buyers on ordinary wages, who’ve been failed for the last seven years hope that things can change. After seven years of failure, a Labour government will shift the housing market decisively towards first-time buyers on ordinary incomes.”

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Keeping Workers on Insecure Contracts with Inferior Terms and Conditions Might Make Employers a Few More Quid But It’s Hurting Workers It’s Hurting Their Families It’s Hurting Their Communities and It’s Hurting Our Nation: Tim Roache Tells GMB's 100th Annual Conference in Plymouth

|| June 05: 2017 || ά. GMB Union General Secretary Mr Tim Roache has told the Annual Congress that keeping workers in precarious employment is hurting the nation. Mr Tim Roache called for action to tackle the growth of insecure Britain at the union’s 100th congress today. A new GMB report released today shows up to 10 million UK workers, a third of the workforce, are trapped in insecure employment.

Mr Roache told delegates that an economic model that allowed business to keep workers in insecure positions just to help their bottom line is ‘hurting workers and hurting the nation’. A GMB poll asked 1,000 precarious workers about their finances and priorities and found that 61% had suffered stress or anxiety as a result of their current job, 61% said that they had been to work while unwell for fear of not being paid, losing their job or missing out on future hours, 35% would struggle to cope with an unexpected bill for £500, such as a car needing repairs or washing machine needing to be replaced.

69% say their cost of living is rising faster than their earnings, 78% previously had permanent employment, highlighting the changing nature of the workplace, More than 1,000 GMB delegates have gathered in Plymouth for the union show piece event, which ends tomorrow. Mr Roache said, ''Employers and governments put the flexible labour market on a pedestal but that flexibility is flexibility for employers to exploit, not the flexibility our members need for childcare, to look after elderly relatives or to get a decent work-life balance.

The abuse of agency contracts is rife across Britain. Insecure work has become a business model for many companies. Keeping workers on insecure contracts with inferior terms and conditions might make employers a few more quid, but it’s hurting workers, it’s hurting their families, it’s hurting their communities and it’s hurting our nation.

“Forgive my scepticism when Theresa May says she’s going to roll out the greatest expansion of workers’ rights of any Tory government, it wouldn’t be bloody hard would it? Theresa May, the artful dodger who dodges every key question, if she hasn’t dodged the debate altogether. This from a Prime Minister who wants to nick your house to pay for care costs if you get dementia.” ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Late Jo Cox’s Husband Accepts Posthumous Award at GMB’s 100th Congress in Plymouth Ahead of Great Get Together on June 16-18


|| June 05: 2017 || ά. The husband of murdered MP Jo Cox has today accepted a posthumous award on her behalf at GMB union’s 100th Congress in Plymouth. Jo Cox MP, who was murdered in her constituency of Batley and Spen on June 16, 2016, was an active GMB member. As the anniversary of her death approaches, Brendan Cox is organising the Great Get Together weekend of June 16-18.

The Jo Cox Foundation is organising the biggest neighbourhood celebrations since the Jubilee street parties to mark the anniversary of Jo’s death. They are inviting people to get together with their neighbours to share food and celebrate all that we hold in common with street parties, barbecues, picnics or bake offs. GMB is backing the Great Get Together weekend, with members set to hold events up and down the country.

Speaking at GMB Congress in Plymouth, Mr Brendan Cox said, “As we’ve seen in the last few days, our values are under attack with an intensity that I haven’t experienced in my lifetime. Make no mistake, our country has beaten much bigger threats in the past. But this won’t just happen by itself.

I’m proud to be working with GMB on the Great Get Together on the weekend of June 16-18 marking Jo’s murder by bringing Jo’s murder by bringing communities together.  The idea is simple, to ask communities to come together, share food with your neighbours and celebrate all that we have in common.

In doing so we’ll help drive out the extremists and build support for Jo’s belief that we have more in common than the things that divide us. There could be no better tribute.

Mr Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said. Jo might be gone, but she’s still changing the world. Her message that we have more in common than that which divides us has never been more important, especially in light of the terrible attacks over the last couple of weeks.

Jo stood against hatred. She valued every life. She spent her own life fighting for justice. We will remember that and continue to fight for her, for our families, our communities and for our country, that’s her enduring legacy.” ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Refugee Week 2017 Including the Great Get Together in Celebrations of the Inspirations of Late Jo Cox: June 19-25

|| June 05: 2017 || ά. Refugee Week 2017, June 19-25 is the UK’s largest festival celebrating the contribution of refugees. Hundreds of arts, cultural and educational events will be held nationwide in renowned venues, public squares, libraries, schools and places of worship.  Venues include British Museum, Southbank Centre, British Film Institute, Victoria and Albert Museum, Wales Millennium Centre, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Brighton Dome.

Refugee Week Chair and Refugee Council Chief Executive, Mr Maurice Wren said, “This year, Refugee Week with its theme of ‘our shared future’ provides a timely reminder that we have far more in common with each other than that which divides us. We must never allow the language of demonisation and hate to corrode Britain’s proud tradition of welcoming and protecting refugees. Instead, by making the UK an inclusive place of safety for those fleeing persecution, we must demonstrate that empathy and compassion are hallmarks of a strong society.”

Performances for Refugee Week 2017 include Liverpool-based Iranian rapper Farhood, the launch of the London Syrian Ensemble, ‘voice of the young Somali generation’ Aar Maanta, Borderline satire about Calais, the world premiere of documentary Team Faizy, poet and playwright Inua Ellams, acclaimed author Gulwali Passarlay and world music collective Rafiki Jazz.

Refugee Week is supporting the Great Get Together, a national celebration inspired by Jo Cox, June 16-18. Joint Refugee Week-Great Get Together events include a Syrian Refugee Community Iftar, breaking of the Ramadan daily fast, Hull Gig in the Gardens and Raynes Lark in the Park.

“The cause of refugees was close to Jo’s heart and the fact that we will be marking the first anniversary of her death just as Refugee Week 2017 begins brings added poignancy to events. know what a great job Refugee Week has done over the last two decades in highlighting the contribution of refugees to Britain.” said Mr Brendan Cox.

The Festival events are taking place across the country including London, Hull, Sheffield, Plymouth, Poole and Dorset, Nottingham, Hereford and Brighton, Manchester. For details of events. ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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For the New Government to Resolve This Issue: A Case to Answer: Nationwide Problem with Disabled Children Accessing Their Child Trust Fund

Katherine Miller, Director, Renaissance Legal

|| January 18: 2017 || ά. This was posted on January 19, 2017. Reposted here again to bring this issue to attention for the Readers. A new survey shows 87% of families believe that their disabled child won't be able to access money held within their Child Trust Fund once they reach the age of 18. This means that families with disabled children, who are already dealing with complex and challenging lives, will need to spend their own money to access the fund. Across the UK, parents and carers of disabled children have taken part in a survey regarding Child Trust Funds. The survey was launched by Renaissance Legal, a provider of legal services to families and carers of disabled and vulnerable people, as part of its ChildTrustFundAccess campaign.

The UK Government introduced Child Trust Funds in 2005 with the aim of ensuring that every child has savings at the age of 18. However, there was no consideration made for the needs of disabled and vulnerable people, who may not have the mental capacity to access and manage their funds once they reach 18. For those that do not have the mental capacity to manage their finances, families and carers will need to apply to the Court of Protection to act as the child's deputy. This process can cost in excess of £400, a sum which may exceed the amount held in the Child Trust Fund.

The results of the survey, where the majority of parents were concerned or unclear about their child's ability to access the money, is a clear indication that thousands more disabled children in the UK may be disadvantaged. Additionally, 90% didn't know how to access the money on behalf of their child in the event that they do not have the mental capacity to do so themselves.

One respondent commented, If I had known when she was a baby that my daughter had autism and a severe learning disability, I would never have paid more money into the account. We have a lot of worry and stress to contend with and the possibility of having to apply for court of protection is an added complication. I am angry that we will have to spend a lot of money to ensure that our daughter's money is safe for her.

An online petition has been launched, calling central government to make a change which has gathered more than 370 signatures. Katherine Miller, Director at Renaissance Legal, says, "The results of this survey highlight a serious issue with Child Trust Funds for disabled children. Not only do the vast majority of families believe their disabled child will lack the mental capacity to access their money, but families are also unsure how to go about doing so themselves. As well as the process being grossly unfair for those families, there is a lack of information as to how they can access the money their child is entitled to."

Katherine Miller qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and is a Member of The Law Society Private Client Section and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners:STEP. Katherine is recognised for her pragmatic approach towards helping families of disabled or vulnerable people. She has a meticulous eye for detail and clients appreciate the straight-talking attitude to often sensitive situations. Katherine is responsible for the telephone service provided to Mencap, advising service users on queries regarding Wills and Trusts.

Katherine has recently passed the STEP Advanced Certificate in Advising Vulnerable Clients, launched in 2014 this respected qualification has only been undertaken by a small group of professionals, making Katherine and Philip the first lawyers in the country to hold this certification.

For further information relating to the campaign, contact, childtrustfunds at ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Those Who Wish to Harm Our People Divide Our Communities and Attack Our Democracy Will Not Succeed: We Will Stand Together to Defend Our Common Values of Solidarity Humanity and Justice and Will Not Allow Terrorists to Derail Our Democratic Process: Jeremy Corbyn

|| June 04: 2017 || ά. Mr Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, said, “We are all shocked and horrified by the brutal attacks in London. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have died and the many who have been injured. Today, we will all grieve for their loss. I would like to thank the police and emergency services for their bravery and professionalism in acting to save lives and deal with these appalling acts of terrorism, as well as NHS staff and members of the public who sought to protect others.

“The Labour party will be suspending national campaigning until this evening, after consultations with other parties, as a mark of respect for those who have died and suffered injury. Those who wish to harm our people, divide our communities and attack our democracy will not succeed. We will stand together to defend our common values of solidarity, humanity and justice, and will not allow terrorists to derail our democratic process.” ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Amnesty International Ambassador and Children's Laureate Calls on the Next UK Government to Address Three Inequalities Harming Children

|| June 04: 2017 || ά. In the UK thousands of children can’t claim British citizenship due to extortionate costs, child refugees are denied the right to family reunion and school libraries continue to close. As he steps down as Children’s Laureate, Mr Chris Riddell highlights human rights concerns and calls on next government to address them. Warning comes ahead of new book and theatre collaboration celebrating human rights for children. Mr Chris Riddell, UK Waterstones Children’s Laureate and Amnesty Ambassador, has raised concerns about children’s rights in the UK in a final statement before handing over his laureateship on