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Humanity Can Only Change the World Once It Is Able to Construct a Vision, Blending Together Its Dreams, Aspirations, Faiths, Convictions, Resolutions and Determinations in the Infinite Goodness of Humanity Being an Infinity Unfolding Itself on This Universe, Into This Vision, That Brings Into Existence This Parallel and Palpably Tangible Reality, That Outshines the Reality Itself and It Than Puts Infinite Faith in That Vision and Then It Enters That Vision-Reality, in Which It Builds Its Home and Existence and Only That Humanity Can Let the World Get Inspired By That Elaboration, Exposition and Example of Its Very Faith, Very Humanity and Very Existence of Infinite Faith and Infinite Work in Infinite Learning, Development and Progression: Only This Way Humanity Can Change the World: Humanity Does Not Have to Succumb to Eternal Suffering of Infinite Poverty When It Has Infinite Riches to Recreate a New World and a New Human Condition, That Is Infinitely Better Than the Current Killing-Mechanism Capitalism: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd: For A Better Human Condition For All Humanity Across Mother Earth

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Imagine That All We Humans Do is Part of a Universal 'Genome' of Actions from the Spring of Our Imagination, Imagine That Our Regeneration Initiatives and Actions are Rising from That Genome, Imagine That They Express Our Spiritual Energy, Imagine That That Creates the Ecology, Imagine That This Ecology is Necessary, Imagine That to Create The Cohesion That is Required to Achieve Homeostasis, Unity and Harmony or Equilibrium for Humanity, Both as Individuals and as Communities and Imagine That We Call All This Hope and Now Spell It as GREEN:K Hope. Welcome to The Humanion's New Section GREEN:K Hope: Created: September 03: 2016

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Imagine That All We Humans Do is Part of a Universal 'Genome' of Actions from the Spring of Our Imagination, Imagine That Our Regeneration Initiatives and Actions are Rising from That Genome, Imagine That They Express Our Spiritual Energy, Imagine That That Creates the Ecology, Imagine That This Ecology is Necessary, Imagine That to Create The Cohesion That is Required to Achieve Homeostasis, Unity and Harmony or Equilibrium for Humanity, Both as Individuals and as Communities and Imagine That We Call All This Hope and Now Spell It as GREEN:K Hope. Welcome to The Humanion's New Section GREEN:K Hope: Created: September 03: 2016


GREEN:K Hope Arkive Year Beta

If We Do Not Register the Faces of Our Brothers and Sisters: If We Do Not Have Any Interest in Getting to Know What They Are as Human Souls: If We Deliberately Ignore Them: If We Do Not Meet and Sit and Socialise with Them: If We Do Not Speak and Listen and Argue with Them: If We Do Not Interact and Keep Engaged with Them: If We Do Not Form and Maintain Human Relations with Them: We Shall Forever Condemn Ourselves in Utter and Comprehensive Disconnections That Form the Saddest State of Being Called Loneliness: This Is What We All Have Been Doing Twenty-Four-Seven in Utter Dehumanisation: London Is Lonely: A New Art Exhibition London Is Lonely to Launch as Part of the Great Get Together 2019: June 23 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park



|| Tuesday: June 18: 2019 || ά. And, this is how, despite everyone is ‘trapped’ into a distorteddia world’s pseudo-real distortive illusory space, we are all utterly, absolutely and fundamentally disconnected from everyone else in this reality and, in this, because one does no longer invest all one’s energy, imagination, ingenuity, creativity and efforts in continually seeking to create, maintain and empower one’s own self, one is disconnected from one’s very own self, as well. For the entire world is now full of noises at all time where one can not hear or feel or reach oneself. This way one is disconnected from one’s very own self, their family and all family members, their wider network of families, their friends, their communities and the wider society and one is nowhere to be found. A weakened self, a weakened family and non-existent relations, connections, bonds, a weakened wider familial network, weakened communal connections, bonds, relations means that everyone is getting lonely at all times. Parents are lonely at home and at work so are the children and young people at home and outside for no one is interested in anyone any longer.

It has been dehumanising humanity so that human conducts, behaviours and way of existing have been destroyed. No one speaks any longer; no one wants to converse with anyone any longer. No one looks up and registers the faces of the people out there. Everyone is ‘busy’, being trapped in the trapedium of the distorteddia. Except, that’s where we all have ended up and we seem to like this bondage where our humanity has been shredded to dust. Unless we begin again and re-learn to register our own humanity in others and want to, willingly, appreciate and connect with them, to get to know them and their humanity and in that process let them know of our own humanity and form, nurture and maintain human relations with them, meet and greet them, ask and answer them, converse and share with them in reality and walk and talk with them, listen to them, we are doomed.

Exhibitions and organisational initiatives and this and that can not make us ‘un-lonely’ for no one is going call someone, that they do not know; no one is going to care about anyone, who they do not know and with whom they have no relationship. No one goes up and down the road in any neighbourhood any longer, where they take an active, engaged and caring attitude so that no one notices anything nor does anyone register the people, who form that neighbourhood. Everything and everyone included in this disconnection: this fragmentation. This is the core of our being the shut humanity and cut humanity so that all the pathways, avenues and windows, that used to bring us and provide us the sustenance for our soul are now closed off, disconnected and blocked off. Further, the market and the distorteddia have successfully enforced the view that humans can only have one and no other relationships: that is only physical, raw and sexual!

Except, this is an absolute lie: there are infinite number of relations humans can form among and between them and out of that infinity of different types of human relationships, only one is sexual! We have let go off our infinity of pathways to get connected with our very humanity and we are stuck in this lonely, sad, sad corner where we hold a device or contraption and expect that that would make us un-lonely. How are we going to get any light, if, we shut out all the doors, windows, airways, pathways and ventilations? How on earth can a tree exist in good state of health and well-being, if, all its branches and roots are cut off! This sad state of this overwhelming disconnections is not going to get us un-lonely ever but and this sad state will keep on getting more and more lonely and sadder and sadder with time, as the rate and magnitude of dehumanisation continue and increase. It is time to wake up and seek, with all the might we have and we can muster, to get back home: away from the distorteddia’s bondage and into the reality, connected with our own very self, our very own humanity, our families and their networks, in agencies and organisations, in communities and all-where in reality with and among fellow humanity to do and be human: to connect, to bond, to empathise, to relate, to value, to respect, to regard, to share, to give, to receive, to interact, to form, to maintain, to nurture human relations and all that rehumanises us back into the humanity naturale we are supposed to be.

Initiative like this, New Art Exhibition to Launch as Part of the Great Get Together 2019: June 23 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, east London, between 12:00 and 18:00, which is free for the public to attend, is important to focus minds but nothing would change and things will keep on going downhill unless and until this desperate state of disconnected, disjointed and fragmented state of being is acknowledged and responded to by everyone of us, everywhere and all organisations and agencies and everyone, involved in them, change the the way we live and exist in this trapedium. This does not have to be this way but it is and it goes away, if, we choose to redirect ourselves and begin again and discard the impacts of all this dehumanisation and get on the path of rehumanising ourselves.  

This exhibition is an immersive street art installation to address the stigma of loneliness is to take place on Sunday, June 23, as part of the Great Get Together nationwide campaign, set up by the Jo Cox Foundation. Titled London is Lonely and sponsored by International Quarter London:IQL, the Exhibition is composed of 10 photographs and audio stories of loneliness in London, all of which represent people, who live, work or spend time in the capital. The pop-up event marks the start of a call-out, which aims to collect and produce 90 more stories from the public over the Summer before the Exhibition starts touring in 12 London boroughs this Autumn.

Curated by artists Ms Tessa Blencowe and Ms Irene Palacio, London is Lonely highlights the magnitude of loneliness while demonstrating that this is a shared issue and, therefore, we can all be part of the solutions. The Exhibition invites visitors to think about their role and how we can all help build a more connected world. Headsets with the audio stories looped together will be offered to visitors on their arrival and they will be encouraged to listen to the stories while viewing the portrait photographs but without knowing which story belongs to which subject.

Ms Tessa Blencowe, London is Lonely artist, said, ‘’Loneliness affects us all, regardless of our age, how many friends we have or where we come from. Loneliness is a very human reaction to a very real feeling of disconnect, whether that’s with others, with ourselves or with the world around us. We all feel lonely sometimes; there should be no shame in that.’’

Mr Andrew Tobin, the Project Director of IQL, said, ‘’Loneliness is a feeling, that can affect all of us at some time but, which is becoming a growing issue. At IQL we focus on designing our buildings and the space around them to bring people together, to share experiences and to build strong communities based on meaningful relationships. That is why we are proud to sponsor this important element of the Great Get Together.’’

Mr Adrian Lee, the Development Director at LCR, said, ‘’IQL is fast becoming one of the most exciting cultural destinations in East London, offering truly unique experiences for those, who visit, live and work there. We’re looking forward to welcoming people to Stratford to enjoy an eclectic mix of film, music, sport and food and drink at Summer Screen.’’

London is Lonely is initiated by the Loneliness Lab, an incubator for collective action to design out loneliness from our cities. The Lab was founded by Lendlease and Collectively and has since grown to over 40 organisations and 100 individuals, working together to make our cities less lonely places. The Exhibition, featuring 10 subjects from East London, is sponsored by IQL, a new neighbourhood for London, developed in partnership between Lendlease and LCR and situated at the gateway to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

For more information on London is Lonely, visit londonislonely.com.

About the Great Get Together: The 2019 Great Get Together is the third annual series of events, taking place across the UK to celebrate Jo's values of kindness, compassion and inclusivity. It will take place on what would have been her birthday weekend, June 21-23.

About International Quarter London: International Quarter London is a £02.4 billion joint venture development between Lendlease and LCR. Located at the heart of Europe’s largest urban regeneration in Stratford, the project will deliver four million sq. ft. of Grade ‘A’ office space, new homes and community facilities within a 22 acre site.

About Lendlease: Lendlease is a leading international property and infrastructure group with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

About LCR: LCR is wholly owned by the DfT and specialises in the management, development and disposal of property assets within a railway context and, in particular, property assets associated with major infrastructure projects across England. LCR was responsible for the delivery of the High Speed 1 railway comprising St. Pancras International, Stratford International and Ebbsfleet.:::ω.

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Super Volunteers Are Those That Give So That the Receivers Find Themselves Enriched by the Gifts: Hospital's Super Volunteer Role Improves Mealtimes and Mobility for Older Patients



|| February 12: 2019 || ά. A Super Volunteer role, developed by staff at Southampton’s teaching hospitals, has been recognised nationally for improving mealtime and mobility support for older patients. The role as created in 2017 as part of a national project with Helpforce, an organisation set up to improve and expand volunteering in the NHS and funded, initially, by NHS England. More than 70 volunteers were taken on to help improve nutrition, hydration and movement among older patients across University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust during their admissions.

The Super Volunteers received training from the speech, language and dietetics teams to develop the mealtime helper role, while physiotherapists and other clinicians led on mobility support. As part of the role, volunteers help open packaging and encourage patients to eat and drink, cut up food and ensure the right cutlery is available. They, also, support them to carry out daily exercises or assist with walking around wards.  The Report, released on Monday by Helpforce, shows 96% of patients accepted mealtime assistance over the course of the project.

Helpforce has worked with four other NHS trusts across the country over the past year to introduce a variety of new opportunities for volunteers. According to the Report, patients provided with support ate, on average, 53.3% of their main meals and desserts.

“Being part of this pilot project with Helpforce enabled us to further develop ways of supporting our patients around three key areas: befriending, support at mealtimes and mobility.” said Ms Carrie Smith, the Voluntary Services manager at UHS and an Author of the key learnings Report ‘Developing innovative volunteer services in the NHS’.

“We are extremely proud of the pioneering work around mobility, which was based on research, undertaken in Southampton by Dr Stephen Lim in medicine for older people and progressed by Senior Therapist Ms Hannah Wood.” Ms Wood said, “Throughout the programme, we have supported and engaged with other trusts by sharing our learning and we are now keen to look at further ways to help support and improve our patients’ experiences by involving volunteers to complement other services.”

Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, the Founder and Chair of Helpforce, said, “The positive findings from our work with five trusts demonstrates the real difference, that volunteers can make for patients and staff and we are excited to build on this so that more people can benefit more quickly.”

For more information on volunteering at UHS, visit:::ω.

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