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||  Year Gamma: London: Tuesday: May 22: 2018 ||

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First Published: September 24: 2015


















































Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations

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Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations












Please, Support Medical Detection Dogs 














Dr Claire Guest: Co-Founder and Chief Executive of MDD

About Medical Detection Dogs: Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease. It is at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and helping people with life-threatening diseases. The charity has two arms, bio detection dogs and medical alert assistance dogs. The bio detection dogs are trained to find the odour of diseases, such as cancer, in samples such as urine, breath and swabs. The technology we are researching has the potential to transform disease detection with the creation of cheap, non-invasive and reliable tests.

The charity is currently running two major trials in co-ordination with NHS trusts, one into the detection of prostate, bladder and kidney cancer using urine samples and the second into breast cancer using breath samples. In training trials, the dogs have achieved 93 per cent reliability, which is higher than many existing cancer tests. The medical alert assistance dogs are trained to detect minute changes in an individual’s personal odour triggered by their disease, such as type one diabetes, and alert them to an impending medical event. Readmore


Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations

If you are part of or work for or promote or know of such an organisation that The Humanion would call a Beacon Organisation, please, let us know. editor at thehumanion dot com














|| September 09: 2017 || ά. Recycling Technologies Ltd was founded in 2011 with the strategic goal of enabling the recycling of residual plastic waste. Recycling Technologies has since then produced one of the most significant developments in the world of plastics recycling by creating a unique chemical process which can help to solve the huge global environmental problem around disposing of plastic waste. Building on research initially from Warwick University the process expanded and enhanced so it could accept and recycle the bulk of municipal and commercial plastic waste streams directly and chemically turn it into a clean monomer feedstock, Plaxx. As Recycling Technologies develops it is looking to work more with the plastics industry to ensure the future for plastics as a very valuable material whilst reducing the use of virgin fossil fuel stocks and preventing the current issues surrounding plastic waste streams. Most importantly, Recycling Technologies not only does work in the UK but also, they are capable to deliver their pioneering services anywhere in the world so that the cities and countries seeking for the most efficient recycling processing have now Recycling Technologies to call in as partner. Readmore

Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisation: Recycling Technologies


Alzheimer's Society Supporting Those Fighting to Hold Onto What is Getting Lost Beyond Recovery

Carey Mulligan: She remembers but those whose desperate cause she is championing cannot but lose the most precious
thing they ever had: their memories

''At Alzheimer's Society, we believe passionately that life doesn't end when dementia begins. We are here for anyone affected by dementia, and we do everything we can to keep people with dementia connected to their lives and the people who matter most.'' Carey Mulligan: an Ambassador and Friend, supporting the great works of Alzheimer's Society. Think of this that, Carey, she remembers but those whose desperate cause she is championing cannot but lose the most precious thing they ever had: their memories. On the other hand: She, the other soul, or he, next to her, suffering from dementia, remembers not much and every day she or he passes she or he remembers less and less until her or his mind becomes like this blank white paper for without memories what is left of the human mind?

For the human mind, when it becomes blank it either can be described as going 'dark' or going white for there is nothing but a void where one is lost for without light one does not see things and without dark one does not see spaces. Mind has its own non-material light, we must assume, by which it 'sees' itself and its memories. And either looking at it as dark there is nothing to be seen for there is no light or, looking at it as white there is nothing to be seen for there is nothing there that can be seen as happens to any of us when too much light floods something and literally eats it all up. And thus, a human soul is lost. It is possible to imagine so to empathise, that it is like a fierce storm or wind raging across the empty or voluminous void-filled darkness where the mind sees nothing for the memories are gone, memories that hold their own kind of non-material lights so that when recalled one can see things the way one had experienced them in reality.

And a human mind, such a capable, creative, imaginative and ingenuous thing, that when it does not have memories of something it makes memories up, imagines and creates memories so that one can remember those imaginary memories as true memories. But one that has lost all, all memories, are lost to oneself and to the world. But this losing does not happen over night but gradually it goes, little by little places and spaces begin to evaporate, leaving dark spots and it gets scarier and scarier. It is probably, the most scary place for a human soul to be and yet so many millions are suffering from this disease and there are not much support for them for many a reason, particularly, vital one, is that people do not understand what dementia is, what it does and how to support and help those who are suffering. This is why, it is so vital, like Carey Mulligan, everyone does all possible to offer any support towards the great work that Alzheimer's Society has been doing. Alzheimer's Society is supporting those fighting to hold onto what is getting lost beyond recovery; but we are not lost and we can see who are lost and what they have lost and been losing away and cannot but go forward and ask: How can I help?

Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisation: Alzheimer's Society: United Against Dementia


Leeds Cancer Centre at the University of Leeds

Leeds is home to the second largest Cancer Centre in the UK, a world-leading partnership in cancer research and treatment between the University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Cancer Research UK.

The Centre provides ground-shifting research and some of the most advanced cancer treatment anywhere in the world. Its work exemplifies the 'bench to bedside' approach which means that many of our researchers are also clinicians working to translate their findings into practical cancer treatments.

The approach also gives our researchers first-hand contact with patients and ensures that treatments are informed by the very latest developments in research.

Professor Susan Short, Clinical Oncology and Neuro-Oncology, University of Leeds

Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations: Leeds Cancer Centre at the University of Leeds




Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations: Rainbow Trust: A National Children's Charity

Heather Wood, Chief Executive, The Rainbow Trust

Family support lies at the heart of all Rainbow Trust does. They care for families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness, providing bespoke emotional and practical support for the whole family, whenever and wherever it is needed. Today they are the only organisation that provides support directly to the whole family, helping them to keep hold of a normal life as much as possible. Rainbow Trust has nine teams of Family Support Workers who are there to help 24 hours a day from diagnosis, through treatment, and for some, through bereavement and beyond. They stay for as long as the family needs them.

Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations: Rainbow Trust National Children's Charity



Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations: Medecins Sans Frontieres: Doctors Without Borders: MSF

Medecins Sans Frontieres:Doctors Without Borders:MSF

MSF is Humanity in Deeds and in Actions; Never Falling Short; Always Going Far, Far, Far Beyond: Please, Support with What You Can to the Defiant, Heroic and Awe-Inspiring Teams of Human Beings Spread Across the Globe: Always There Where Humanity Needs a Helping Hand and That Helping Hand never, ever Falters nor Does It Ever Fail. Courage and Determination with Unending Resolve and Eternal Hope is What MSF is. Readmore



Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations: The Papworth Trust National Charity for People with Disabilities

Paralympic Gold Rower Pam Relph MBE is Supporting Papworth Trust Campaign

|| May 25: 2016 || ά. Pam was selected to represent Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in the mixed coxed four rowing event, where team GB won the gold medal. She was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire:MBE in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to rowing.

Pam, 24, who lives in Aylesbury, has joined other inspirational figures including Professor Stephen Hawking, quadruple amputee and mountaineer Jamie Andrew, and fellow Paralympians Jonnie Peacock and Fran Williamson to support our campaign.

She turned to sport after her career in the Army was brought to a premature end by arthritis which was first diagnosed when she was seven years old. She said: I never really let the arthritis stop me or hold me back from what I wanted to do, I would always just have my own little way of getting around things so nobody really realised that there was anything different.

“When the original plan I had was no longer happening I couldn’t just sit and feel sorry for myself. I decided I had to get up and do something because I was still capable of doing so much. “As soon as I got classified for Paralympic rowing I started training straight away, threw myself into it and it was only 10 months before I won the World Championships.

“I also think you have to make the most of what you’ve got. So that’s what I’m doing and I’m enjoying it every single day.” We're asking the public to see disabled people for what they can do. We support more than 20,000 people, their families and carers every year. Our services have been created with the people we work with, to support them to live their lives to the full. We aim to achieve our vision by inspiring everyone to try to change our world and work together so that we can make a difference. Readmore

We support thousands of people, their families and carers every year, and we work with disabled people to create a world where we can all be seen for what we can do. Papworth Trust is a leading disability charity. Our vision is a world where disabled people are seen for what they can do, and our mission is for disabled people to have equality, choice and independence.

Our work includes providing a range of high quality services for disabled and disadvantaged people and campaigning for changes that disabled people want.
Our values are: We listen to people’s needs and build great services around them; We inspire everyone to try to change our world; We support people to live their lives to the full; We care that every person is seen for what they can do; We work together so that we can make a difference. Readmore


Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations: The Institute of Cancer Research London

Our History: The Institute of Cancer Research, London, has been carrying out world-leading research into the causes of cancer, and how it might be treated or prevented, for more than 100 years. The ICR was founded in 1909 as The Cancer Hospital Research Institute, a small research laboratory within what would become The Royal Marsden in Chelsea. It was officially opened by Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, in 1911 during his visit to award The Royal Marsden its Royal Charter. When the NHS was formed in 1948, the ICR became independent from The Royal Marsden, requiring a legal separation of the two organisations. But the ICR still works in close partnership with the hospital, allowing us to have a unique ‘bench-to-bedside’ approach, and together the two organisations are rated in the top four centres for cancer research and treatment in the world. Readmore

Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations

Heads Together

The charity Heads Together works with a host of other charity-partners to enhance understanding, develop support networks and change attitudes and Culture towards Mental Health and become an inspiring lighthouse for those who are living with Mental Health.  About Heads Together: The Duke of Cambridge: The Duchess of Cambridge: Prince Henry of Wales

Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations

European Network Linking Informatics and Genomics of Helper T-Cells=ENLIGHTTEN

The Humanion has chosen to highlight the work of ENLIGHTTEN as one of Enlighten Universana The Humanion Beacon Organisations for many reasons that you would find out from this page which presents the organisation. The Humanion has no connection to ENLIGHTTEN. The new Marie Curie training network for immunologists called ENLIGHT-TEN:European Network Linking Informatics and Genomics of Helper T-Cells commenced on October 09 with a kickoff meeting of 20 experts from seven European countries.

The aim of the network is to develop an interdisciplinary training for young researchers in T cell immunology and big data analysis. The ENLIGHT-TEN programme is coordinated by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research:HZI in Braunschweig. Readmore