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Elsinki Arkive Year Alpha

To The Nine Worlds














Image: Aalto University


The Suomivala The Kalevala


















FinnSight Forum to Discuss Ideas for Input to the Government’s Report on the Future: September 13

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Finland's Minister of Education and Culture: Image: Finland Government

|| September 09: 2016 || ά. In Helsinki on Tuesday, September 13  the FinnSight Forum will examine the success factors involved in foresight studies and related know-how and education in Finland. The aim of the event is to generate innovative ideas about the reconfiguration of work and the success factors of knowledge and know-how. FinnSight contributes to the Finnish Government's preparations for its next report on the future.

Held in the Wanha Satama venue downtown Helsinki, the FinnSight forum is co-organised by the Academy of Finland, the Finnish National Board of Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and the Prime Minister's Office. The opening speakers include former President of Finland, Tarja Halonen; the Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen; State Secretary to the Prime Minister, Paula Lehtomäki; and President of the Academy of Finland, Heikki Mannila.

The international key speakers are Justin Cook, Rhode Island School of Design and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, a leading expert in sustainable development; Professor Barbara Schneider, Michigan State University and Charles Fadel, an expert and researcher, Centre for Curriculum Redesign.

Participants in the panel discussion will include class teacher Maarit Korhonen from Turku; Research Fellow Mona Mannevuo from the University of Turku; former Chancellor and Rector of the University of Helsinki, Ilkka Niiniluoto; and State Secretary Olli-Pekka Heinonen. The seminar will be moderated by Pekka Mattila, Professor at Aalto University.

In preparation for the first part of the Government Report on the Future, FinnSight will attempt a shared understanding and a comprehensive situational picture of work-related changes and the global transformation of employment. The situational picture is being prepared in a project called “Dialogue, work, and the future”. In that process, over 50 studies and reports on work-related changes and the future, published over the past years, have been analysed. The first results will be available soon.

The event can be followed online.

Further information: Pentti Pulkkinen, Director of Unit, Academy of Finland, tel. 029 533 5093, pentti.pulkkinen at and Kaisa Oksanen, Senior Specialist, Prime Minister’s Office, tel. 0295 160430, kaisa.oksanen at ω.  

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Reforming the Regional and Local Governments, Health and Social Services and Financing of Public Services : Finland is Changing Itself Profoundly: Have Your Say Till November 09

Leading the Reforms Among Other Departments is Anu Vehviläinen: the Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms

|| September 09: 2016 || ά. Back in late June the Finland Government published a whole host of draft bills on reforming health and social services and on establishing counties. The main legislative acts governing the reforms are the Counties Act, the Act on Organising Health and Social Services, the Implementation Act and the Act on the Financing of the Counties. All the reforms encompassing many layers of governance impacting, shaping and delivering many types of services to localities and communities it is essentials that people do take part in this and have their say so to influence the reform they way they would like them to be.

Now, the Government and all the departments involved in this drive of reforming governance are seeking public input on the draft proposal on the health, social services and regional government reform. The key laws contained in the draft proposal are the Counties Act, the Act on Organising Health and Social Services, the Implementation Act, the Act on Financing the Counties and the Act on Central Government Transfers to Local Government for Basic Public Services. The commenting period is ten weeks and will run until November 09.

The laws were published as drafts on June 29 . In addition, some of the impact assessments were published on 30 June. No significant changes have been made to the laws during the summer. An impact assessment, bringing together the assessments made, has been added to the Government’s draft proposal. It also contains an assessment from the perspective of the Constitution.

The purpose of the Government’s proposal is to establish the new counties from January 01, 2017 and to set out provisions on their governance and finances. An additional purpose is to transfer responsibility for organising health and social services from the municipalities to the counties on January 01, 2019 as well as to set out provisions on the financing of the counties, tax criteria for collecting financing, the new system of central government transfers to local government for basic public services, the implementation of the reform, the status of employees, and property arrangements. The draft proposal also contains calculations of the effects of the reforms on municipal finances broken down by municipality.

A request for comment has been sent to municipalities, joint municipal authorities and to other key actors. Comments on the draft proposal should be submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health no later than 9 November 2016. Comments will be collected using an electronic questionnaire form, which also has sufficient space for free-form commenting. The comments submitted will be public.

How preparations will advance

Following the consultation round, the ministry will publish a summary of the comments received in November-December, after which the Government will decide on a final proposal and submit it to Parliament.

A draft proposal on the customer’s freedom of choice and multisource financing will be prepared and circulated for comment in late 2016 and submitted to Parliament in spring 2017, enabling it to be considered in parallel with the Government’s proposal on the health, social services and regional government reform.

Coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, the ministries will prepare a proposal on the duties other than health and social services duties to be transferred to the counties. The Government’s draft proposal on the transfer of duties will be circulated for comment in spring 2017.

Reform will safeguard services

The purpose of the health, social services and regional government reform is to modernise services and improve the sustainability of public finances. The reform will create conditions for the future model of Finland’s health and social services. All public health and social services will be brought together under single strong leadership, namely the county’s. The new counties will introduce the most efficient and most effective operating methods to ensure that services are provided effectively and cost-efficiently. Services will be integrated in a customer-oriented way in accordance with people’s needs. The objective is to reduce disparities in people’s wellbeing and to curb growth in costs.

The regional government reform will clarify governance and improve cost-efficiency

In the regional government reform, the duties of approximately 400 local and central government authorities will be brought together under 18 autonomous counties, which will have a county council directly elected by residents. The purpose of the reform is to streamline public administration services and strengthen democracy. A further objective is to change operating practices to provide more effective services from the customer’s perspective as well as better cost-efficiency. In addition, better conditions for economic growth and new kinds of services will be created.

The Government’s draft proposal has been published on the website. English summary of Government's draft proposal were published on September 02.

Request for comment, Government's draft proposal and other material in Finnish

Inquiries: Tuomas Pöysti, Permanent State Under-Secretary, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 2951 63012
Päivi Laajala, Director General, Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 2955 30026
Hanna-Maija Kause, Special Adviser to Juha Rehula, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, tel. +358 2951 63109
Sami Miettinen, Special Adviser to Anu Vehviläinen, Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms, tel. +358 2955 30057

Details on the Draft Bills

The health, social services and regional government reform serves to modernise services and to improve the sustainability of general government finances. The reform creates the conditions for a future model for health and social services in Finland. The new counties will adopt the most efficient and effective practices, so that services can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively. The aim is to narrow down the differences in people's wellbeing and to curb growing costs. The services will be integrated in a customer-centred way based on people’s needs. The scope of integration of services in the reform is very ambitious by international standards.

The draft bills are not yet complete. The draft Government proposal will be finalized during the summer. Because the matter is of major significance to society and of interest to the general public, it was decided that they would be brought into public debate already at this stage. They will be compiled into a Government proposal and circulated for consultation in August.

The Acts will pave the way for a reform where 18 autonomous counties will be established in Finland. As of 1 January 2019, the counties will be responsible for all public health and social services, rescue services, environmental healthcare, the duties of the regional councils and selected other municipal and regional state administrative duties. In May, the Ministry of Finance started preparing county duties other than health and social services under the heading of the regional government reform. The draft bills related to this reform are not included in the material being published now.

All public health and social services will be brought under a single umbrella management, i.e. into the counties. The counties are in charge of integrating the services so that they form customer-friendly and well-functioning service and care chains. This applies to public health and social services both at the basic and specialised level. All financing will also be channelled via the counties to the service providers. The counties are responsible for making sure that public, private and third sector services within the scope of the customer’s freedom of choice work seamlessly together, that information flows smoothly and that the services meet quality criteria.
Counties Act to enable county autonomy

The Counties Act enables counties to be autonomous and allows county residents and service users to participate and exert influence. The Counties Act consists of provisions on the administration and financial arrangements of the counties and on the management of operations.

The Act on Organising Health and Social Services comprises provisions on how the counties should organise their health and social services for their residents. The Implementation Act comprises provisions on staff and asset transfers to the counties, for instance, and on transitional government, responsible for preparations for the commencement of operation at the start of 2019.

The legislative package also includes legislative proposals on financing, taxation, central government transfers to local government for basic public services, the status and collective agreements of public servants, elections and the provision of health and social services. In the same context, the Ministry of the Interior will publish a draft bill for organising rescue services. Legislative proposals governing the freedom of choice of customers and the simplification of the multisource financing system will be completed as planned at the end of the year. These will be go on a consultation round at the same time as the Government proposal for reforming health and social services is submitted to Parliament.

Transferring public health and social services and their financial resources to counties at the beginning of 2019 will have a major impact on local government finances. Computation principles and preliminary calculations broken down into individual municipalities by the Ministry of Finance are being published along with the draft bill. Financial resources for the counties will be collected from citizens in connection with central government income taxation. To avoid higher taxation, local government tax rates and central government transfers will correspondingly be lowered. The parameters of taxation in the final preparations will be drawn up in such a way that taxation will not increase at all.

There are large differences in health and social services expenses between municipalities. The transfer of financial resources to central government will result in major changes in different municipalities, and they will be equalised by revamping the system of central government transfers to local government for basic public services. The impact on municipalities of the entry into effect of the reform will be mitigated by equalising the changes in central government transfers. This will ensure that imputed financial resources in the municipalities are equivalent to the level prior to the reform.

The transfer of expenses and revenue under the new financial model and the related equalisation elements will be determined definitively from 2020 onwards. The computations will be made at the level of 2018 on the basis of average expense outcome data for 2017 and 2018. The calculations in the draft Government bills are based on estimates for 2016. To ensure fair treatment of municipalities, they will be adjusted retrospectively based on the actual outcomes.

An assessment on the social impact and other effects of the legislation has also been completed. An assessment from the constitutional point of view will also be completed in the course of the summer. The assessments will be incorporated in the Government proposal that will be circulated for consultation in the autumn.
A formal consultation round will be organised in August

The drafting of the draft bills will continue over the summer. The draft Government proposal will be completed and circulated for consultation in August. The duration of the consultation period is ten weeks. After that the Government will make a final decision for a proposal and will submit it to Parliament.

The draft bills have been published on the webpages. Should the webpages work slowly as a result of a peak in the number of users, the material is also available here. ω.  

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Public Hearings on the Fennovoima’s Nuclear Spent Fuel Disposal: Have Your Say on September 21: Eurojoki and September 22: Pyhäjoki



|| September 01: 2016 || ά. Finland Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will hold public hearings in Eurajoki and Pyhäjoki concerning the environmental impact assessment programme for the final disposal of Fennovoima's spent nuclear fuel.  The project is concerned with the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel produced in the use of Fennovoima Hanhikivi 01 nuclear power plant. Fennovoima has proposed Eurajoki and Pyhäjoki as the alternative locations for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

In order for the project on the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel to be implemented, a Government decision-in-principle on the matter, a construction licence and an operating licence are required. In the current plans the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel is envisaged to start at the earliest in the 2090s. The public hearing at the Eurajoki Municipal Hall will take place on Wednesday, September 21 at 18.00 and at the Pyhäjoki Community Centre on Thursday,  September 22 at 18.00. Invitations to these events will be published from 12 September 12, onwards in the main newspapers in the area, on municipal notice boards, and on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment website

Fennovoima submitted the EIA programme concerning the final disposal of Fennovoima's own spent nuclear fuel to the co-ordinating authority, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, on June 22, 2016. This launched the procedure specified in the Act on the Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure. The assessment procedure includes hearings on the assessment programme, during which the ministry requests statements and provides opportunities for opinions to be expressed. Public hearings are one way to collect such opinions.

After the hearings concerning the EIA programme, September 12 - November 09, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment as the co-ordinating authority gives its own statement, which closes this phase of the EIA programme. As estimated by the ministry, this statement should come out towards the end of 2016. The project is also subject to the transboundary environmental impact assessment specified in the Espoo Convention. The organisation of the international hearings is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment.

Further information

Inquiries: Herkko Plit, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 50 462 0788
Linda Kumpula, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 50 412 4425: ω.  

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For the 100 Years of Liberty: The Elsinki Challenge: Are Your Ready: Deadline for Registration: October 31

Kuva: University of Helsinki

|| August 30: 2016: University of Helsinki: Tiina Palomäki Writing || ά. The science-based idea competition Helsinki Challenge will be held again, in co-operation with Finnish universities. The winner will be announced in conjunction with the centennial of Finland's independence. The Helsinki Challenge competition, that culminated last autumn in the victory of the NEMO team which is researching ways to convey emotion on the Internet, garnered a great deal of interest both in Finland and internationally.

Based on these positive experiences, the decision was made to continue the Helsinki Challenge, this time in co-operation with nine other Finnish universities. Another new partner is the Helsinki EU Office, which will help organise an event in Brussels focusing on research funding and EU decision-making. Solutions to global problems will again be sought by multidisciplinary teams, all vying for the €375,000 prize. The Helsinki Challenge is part of Finland's centennial celebrations.

“The winner will be revealed when Finland celebrates its 100th year of independence in December 2017,” explains Ira Leväaho, project manager for the competition.

Building on Sustainable Development Goals

The themes in the new Helsinki Challenge are linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The intention is to create solutions for future wellbeing through co-operation with a range of different institutions. “The competition enhances the interaction between the academic community and other societal institutions while providing participants with the skills they need to build partnerships, acquire research funding and promote research,” Leväaho explains.

Multidisciplinary teams consisting of experts from the academic and artistic communities, the business world, the public and third sectors, media as well as politics are welcome to take part in the competition. Each team must have members from both the University of Helsinki or another Helsinki Challenge partner university and other organisations.

Jump in!

Now is the time to put your team together, since registration for the competition closes on October 31. The final competition proposal must be submitted by November 15. “During September and October, we will be hosting Challenge clinics where we will provide further information about the competition as well as help the teams define their challenge and build their networks. In addition to Helsinki, we will organise clinics in Turku, Vaasa and Jyväskylä,” Leväaho says.

The jury for the qualifying round will select 20 or more teams for the idea accelerator programme, which will develop and refine the teams’ entries through a variety of tools as well as with the help of Finnish and international mentors during 2017. The finals jury will first select the finalists from among the semifinalists and then the winner or winners, who will be announced in December 2017.

Register for the competition through the Helsinki Challenge website, which features all additional information on the competition.

Nine Helsinki Challenge Partner-Universities

Aalto University
Hanken School of Economics
University of Eastern Finland
University of Jyväskylä
University of Oulu
University of the Arts Helsinki
University of Turku
University of Vaasa
Åbo Akademi University: ω.  

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As Finland Prepares to Celebrate 100 Years of Liberty in 2017 The Humanion Launches The Suomivala Challenge 

Image: Finland 100 Dish: Finland Government

The Suomivala The Kalevala

And here is the Opening Lines of The Suomivala

In light's infinity nine worlds of my Soumainen Soul window out and sing Marjatta Metaphors
Marjatta Metaphors sing and window out my Soumainen Soul of nine worlds in light's infinity

:Suomainen:Not Suomalainen: Marjatta> maar:yaath:tha

As Finland Prepares to Celebrate 100 Years of Liberty in 2017 The Humanion Launches The Suomivala Challenge

Image: Suomi Sata:Finland 100

|| June 03: 2016 || ά. As Finland prepares to celebrate 100 Years of Liberty The Humanion Launches this Epic Challenge, The Suomivala Challenge. What is The Suomivala Challenge? A good question.

The Suomivala: The Kalevala

Now, go and write your lines of The Suomivala. Please, go to the bottom of the page to find our how to join this writing venture.


Finland's Door in The Elleesium

|| August 23: 2016 || ά. This is not just any door; this is the door of Finland in London. And those of you Suomalainen visiting the UK, particularly, coming to London or England, should know this door and make sure you go through the door and say hello to the wonderful Finn-Brits minding Finland there all year round, year after year.

This is the office door of the Finn-Guild that is based in North West of London, a place, called Mornington in Camden, from where it tirelessly works to bring and bridge people together. And countries and peoples, too. That would be Finland and Britain and the Finnish and British people, particularly, the second generation.

Therefore, whenever you are here, go and say hello and see what they are doing and what you could do to help and support their work. Particularly, people in all forms of Finnish governments and government agencies and organisaitons should work with organisatons such as Finn-Guild that are perfectly placed and equipped to promote Finland, Finnish language, culture, music, art and literature.

And at the heart of it should be an absolutely determined drive to get all the major Finnish Literary works translated in English and then promote the works. Without its literature translated, a nation is seeking to promote itself, like a person who is seeking to promote their products at a market, except they have lost their voice.

So, this is for the Finland Government and government agencies, as Finland prepares to celebrate the centenary of independence next year, The Humanion invites you to take this project forward. Get a serious project of translating all major Finnish works into English. And this translation must, must, must be done as world class translation. This means it cannot and must not be done cheap. It must come from a collaboration between Universities, the best of Finland and the United Kingdom and other English speaking countries, arts and cultural institutions and national publishers. A recent example of such a translation is, the publication of, in translation, Unknown Soldier by Penguin.

You do not need say a word but take someone to a Sibelian Concert and they would know what Finland is. Likewise, give people the Suomen Kieli in their own tongue and they would hear Suomi speech. They would hear and respond to the beautiful suomen kieli. ω.  

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Hanna Mäntylä is Leaving Her Job as Minister for Social Affairs and Health for Pirkko Mattila to Take Over Next Week

Image: Finland Government

|| August 17: 2016 || ά. Hanna Mäntylä, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, is leaving her duties for personal reasons. Pirkko Mattila has been appointed as the new Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

Mattila is a second-term Member of Parliament representing the Finns Party. She holds a Master of Arts degree and is also a trained anaesthetic nurse and teacher. She has served as an MP since 2011.

Image: Kierikkikeskus

Mattila will assume her ministerial duties next week. Previously, she has worked as a nurse and, from 2007 to her election to Parliament, as a trainer at Oulu Adult Education Centre. Mattila has chaired the Administration Committee of Parliament since June 2012.

Pirkko Mattila is a member of the municipal council in Muhos. She has served as the vice-chair of the council and as a member in the municipal technical committee. Mattila was born in Yli-Ii , close to Oulu. ω.  

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And How Would You Flow: As a Vine Does Always Growing Towards the Light: Flow Festival 2016 Opens at Suvilahti: August 12-14

|| August 11: 2016 || ά. Flow Festival takes over Helsinki this weekend A three day celebration of music, food and art fills the historic industrial complex of Suvilahti on August 12–14. Tickets are selling at a record-breaking pace, and some of the ticket types are fully booked. 1-day tickets and 2-day tickets for Friday and Sunday are still available. The number of international guests is expected to be bigger than ever.

Located in Helsinki’s Suvilahti, Flow Festival presents yet again a wide array of music from old school legends to intriguing newcomers. This year’s line-up includes e.g. Sia, New Order, Massive Attack & Young Fathers, Iggy Pop, Anohni, The Last Shadow Puppets, Jamie xx, M83, Chvrches, Anderson . Paak & The Free Nationals, Stormzy, Descendents, Four Tet, Hercules & Love Affair and over a hundred other acts.

In addition to the big stages, gigs are also held at small, atmospheric venues. The Bright Balloon 360° stage, itself a trademark to the festival, will host e.g. Yemenite and Ghanaian music and top-notch jazz. The popular stage seats twice as many people this year. The Resident Advisor Backyard will in turn present from the electronic music scene and the Voimala-building situated in an old sheet metal hall is dedicated to techno. The experimental program of The Other Sound is even more extensive than before with contemporary classical music and also for the first time performing arts.

Renewed Festival Area

This year Flow has a total of 11 venues for over 100 performing artists or groups. Gigs will be seen on big stages as well as in smaller, atmospheric venues. The Zalando Factory is introduced for the first time in the old factory hall, and serves up shows mainly by up and
coming acts. The hall also houses an indoor bazaar for eight food vendors and a bar. At the same time the Black Tent yard expands, making it easier to move about. There will be a record number of food vendors at the festival including a new area focusing on vegan food in the middle of Suvilahti. For friends of quality films and refreshing drinks, there is the new, stylish Riviera Cinema Bar.

The Lapin Kulta Red Arena premieres in place of the Blue Tent with the new venue’s size equivalent to the Main Stage. The tent is bigger than ever seen in Finland, and the new venue doubles the capacity of the previous one. The Main St age has also grown and is more spectacular than ever in 2016.

The more intimate stages also have their shares of improvements. The Champagne Bar & Lounge’s hot parties move from the walkway to a tent, where people get to dance in more freedom than before.

The more than 1,000 square metres of the Voimala space has the honour of being Flow Festival’s official arena for electronic music in an
atmosphere created with a dark decor and bright lasers. The Bright Balloon 360° stage rises its capacity to over 1,000 people.

And all the energy used in Flow Festival flows carbon neutrally. ω.  

Images: Flow Festival

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A Whole Lot of New Deans for Whole Lot of New Faculties at Tampere

|| July 03: 2016 || ά.  Rakasta Tampere, The Humanion does not have a section for you, as yet, so, you will have to be happy, being on Elsinki! And now, here's the deal with Tampere University of Technology. The University Board has appointed five new Deans for Five New Faculties to be effective from January 01, 2017. And this is why you find the headline!

The deans of the new faculties, which will be established as of January 01, 2017, have been appointed. In its meeting today, the Board of the University appointed five deans for the fixed-term of four years.

Faculty of Communication Sciences

D.Phil. Päivi Pahta, professor: English philology: dean of the School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies at the University of Tampere. She has previously worked as a fixed-term research professor and professor of English at the University of Jyväskylä.

Faculty of Education

D.Phil. Education Risto Honkonen, dean of the School of Education at the University of Tampere. Honkonen has previously worked as an expert in an EU Commission-funded higher education development project in Kosovo and as research director at the Police University College.

Faculty of Management

D.Sc. Technology Antti Lönnqvist, dean of the School of Management at the University of Tampere. Lönnqvist has previously worked as professor of information and knowledge management at Tampere University of Technology where he directed the degree programme in business and technology management.

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

D.Med. Tapio Visakorpi, professor, medical technology and biotechnology, specialist in cancer genetics, and director of the Prostate Cancer Research Center at the University of Tampere. He has previously worked as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow and a visiting researcher at the National Human Genome Research Institute in the United States.

Faculty of Social Sciences

D.Med. Juha Teperi, dean of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Tampere. Teperi has worked as a leading expert at the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Previously, he directed various research and development units in the health and welfare sector, for example at the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) and at the Finnish-Japanese innovation unit in Sendai.

Rector Liisa Laakso says that the newly appointed deans have a strong track-record of successful leadership and the qualities required in the development of the faculties.

“Continuity and professional leadership skills especially in human resource management are important as the University and its operations environment are rapidly changing,” Rector Laakso says.

In total, 31 people applied for the posts of deans at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, and Faculty of Social Sciences. The vacancies were announced at the same time as similar posts at Tampere University of Technology. ω.


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Dr Virpi Lummaa of University of Sheffield Honoured

Image: ZSL


|| June 28: 2016 || ά.  Dr Virpi Lummaa, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield has been awarded the  ''Britain’s Zoological Oscars'' at a ceremony held last week at the Zoological Society London. She was among many other eminent scientists who have been honoured for their pioneering works in the field.

Here's some STEM-women to learn about

Dr Virpi Lummaa, speaks of her work: My name is Virpi Lummaa, and this is me introducing my son to one of my Burmese study elephants. I am a biologist from the University of Sheffield, and my research focuses on understanding the similarities and differences in how we human women and elephant grandmothers grow old.

I work with family genealogies of women from my home country Finland as well as century-long records of elephants working in the timber industry in Myanmar. I cannot imagine anything more fascinating than spending my days (and nights!) investigating how and why we grow old, why we as one of the only species have mid-life menopause, and why some individuals age faster than others. Or perhaps I can: trying to explain all that to my two little sons , the best questions always come from people under 10 years old!

As a single mum, my kids travel with me even to study elephant poop in Myanmar and what is best, they think that kind of job is a perfectly normal thing to do. Not surprisingly then, my role model and childhood hero is Jane Goodall. ω.


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LIBER 2016 in Helsinki: European Libraries Unite for Open Science: June 29-July 01

Image: LIBER Helsinki

|| June 28: 2016 || ά.  The LIBER Conference for European research libraries will be held in Helsinki between June 29 and July 01, 2016. The theme of the conference, Libraries Opening Paths to Knowledge, is highly topical, as it focuses on the role of libraries as promoters of open science.

The goal of the conference is to highlight the work that European research libraries do to promote science and to generate new knowledge in academic communities.

The significance of libraries in the promotion of open science is recognised to an extraordinary degree in Europe and in the European Commission. The number of participants in the Helsinki conference is higher than ever, which reflects the great interest in the topic, says the National Library of Finland’s Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, current president of the LIBER network.

Image: University of Helsinki

For example, libraries are currently actively involved in the reform of copyright legislation to unlock the opportunities afforded by open science.

The conference will welcome more than 500 participants from different parts of the world. Finnish representatives include the Academy of Finland as well as dozens of institutions of higher education and research organisations.

Libraries and research funders can significantly impact the ways open science will be integrated into everyday research work in research organisations. Succeeding in this requires an open dialogue between both national and international networks, says Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research at the Academy of Finland. Maijala is one of the keynote speakers of the conference.

The 45th LIBER: Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche: Association of European Research Libraries: conference is organised in Finland by the National Library of Finland, the Helsinki University Library and the Finnish Research Library Association.

President of LIBER
Director Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, National Library of Finland Library Network Services: kristiina.hormia at ω.


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Elsinki is for Beautiful Helsinki

This is an Elleesian Mushroom, Grown in Nature for you all: Could any kind Elsinkiläinen send us a similar mushroom grown in Elsinki? June 25: 2016: Please, do not try to smell it for this does not have any fragrance whatsoever but the beauty that can only be sung.





Change in the Air Exhibition at Luomus: November 21


|| June 18: 2016: Luomus: Finnish Museum of Natural History || ά. The wind blows on the plains. Two male woolly mammoths go head to head while a female and a calf look on. An agile wolverine has smelled the frozen carcass of a European reindeer close by. Ten thousand years ago in Siberia, the time of the mammoths was coming to a close.

Laura Hiisivuori saw this Beetle and thought:
I must take a photo of you and she did:
Now, The Humanion gratefully places it here.

In addition to the changing seasons, a process is ongoing that is invisible to the human eye: the ever-changing climate affects plants and animals. The Change in the Air exhibition presents the research on climate change conducted at the University of Helsinki, showcases the effects of climate change on our northern environment and suggests how we can adjust to the changes.

Embark on a journey that will take you from the earliest history of the Earth through past changes and towards the future! Welcome!

Further information: Communications Officer Laura Hiisivuori: Tel. + 358 50 576 ω.


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Millennium-award Winning Biochemical Engineer Frances Arnold Gives Public Lecture at University of Oulu Today: June 15: At Oulu at 14:00-15:00

Professor Frances Arnold

|| June 14: 2016: Oulun Yliopisto: University of Oulu News: Finland || ά. Professor Frances Arnold, who received Finland's most important science prize, the Millennium Technology Prize in May 2016, visits Oulu on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. She will hold an open public lecture in the Saalastinsali hall of the University of Oulu at 14:00-15:00.

Receiving the Prize from Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland

In her lecture Professor Arnold will speak about her pioneering innovation, the so-called 'directed evolution', which mimics natural selection in a laboratory. With directed evolution, enzymes can be created with useful properties that would not develop without human intervention.

With directed evolution it is possible to create new and better proteins for using, for example, in producing renewable energy. The technology can be used to produce enzymes which convert plant cellulose into biofuels and chemicals.

With Professor Arnold's innovation it will also be possible to engineer enzymes to manufacture medicine more efficiently. Several medicines have been produced with the method, such as a new kind of drug for type 2 diabetes.

Now, those of you, who can attend, please, don't miss it! ω.

Images: The Technology Academy Finland


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And How Would a Pair of Greek Eyes See the University of Turku

|| June 13: 2016: Turun yliopisto: Suomi: University of Turku News: Finland || ά. Here, we present in Elsinki, Turun yliopisto: The University of Turku. Take a look in Medicine: New Treatments Harnessing the Immune System Can Target Previously Incurable Diseases and in Animalium: Elephant Calves More Likely to Survive in the Care of Their Grandmothers. This is  to show to all other Suomalainen who are not Elsinkiläinen that The Humanion is not going to discriminate against you in favour of the people of Elsinki! And that The Humanion's Eyes cover the entire of the land of Suomi. Just because we cannot report on all things Suomi does not mean we are not seeing and learning about them. Keep sending your news. And here, we leave you, with the news of Christina Athanasopoulou at Turun yliopisto. Christina Athanasopoulou from the beautiful country of Elladha loves Finland and Turku so much that she has started a New Broadcast seeking to inspire people.

Nähdään pian! ω.


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At the Aalto Festival

During the festival’s first week, Spring Steam 2016 gathered an audience interested in visual design to Kellohalli at Teurastamo. In this four-day event, the audience had an opportunity to participate in graphic design workshops, visit a spring sales, and see an exhibition put together by students of Visual Communication Design. The sunny weather attracted hundreds of daily visitors to Kellohalli at Teurastamo. Kuva: Aalto University:Ari Toivonen

|| June 09: 2016 || ά. The Aalto Festival  in a rainbow arrangement of events have been able to gather thousands of participants again this year. The festival kicked off in a happy atmosphere at Kiasma on May 17 and the last events were organised this week as May was drawing to an end. And there is always June to follow.

Over the two weeks, works by talents from Aalto University were showcased in over 60 events in different parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area. This spring the programme of Aalto Festival, organised for the second time, included an amazing selection of exhibitions, seminars and lectures in different fields, fashion shows, film screenings, and many other events.

Aalto Global Impact had many events during the festival. On the first day of the festival public gathered to listen students' experiences, learning outcomes and project results to Kamppi, Laituri. Students travelled to Mexico, Lesvos and Uganda to solve challenging issues like water and sanitation related issues, refugee crisis and local economic development. Kuva: Aalto University:Taina Värri

The Designing Cellulose for the Future II exhibition, put together by two Aalto University schools and many collaboration partners, was opened on the first day of the festival. The seminar days gathered an audience interested in design and materials research to Media Centre Lume in Arabia. Diverse cellulose materials, new applications in the field of textiles, building and 3D printing as well as business ideas in the circular economy were among the many topics explored in the lectures. ω.


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Minister Anne Berner to the EU Transport Council Meeting in Luxembourg Today

Image: Government of Finland

|| June 06: 2016 || ά. The European Union Transport Ministers will meet in Luxembourg on June 07. In the Transport Council meeting, Finland will be represented by Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The Council is to adopt a general approach on a directive proposal concerning professional qualifications in inland navigation. It has been Finland's aim to remain outside the scope of the Directive, since the proposal is based on the busy river traffic in Central Europe. It appears that the aim has been achieved and Finland can accept the chair's proposal as the general approach.

The Council is expected to adopt mandates that will allow the Commission to launch negotiations on comprehensive air transport agreements with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey. Finland is in favour of issuing the mandates to the Commission. Finland considers it important that the negotiations will commence with countries that are genuinely interested in entering into an agreement with the EU. Finland has also been in favour of limiting the duration of the mandate, since, because of the ongoing EU-level negotiations, Member States do not have the right to bilateral negotiations on extending the air transport rights.

The ministers will also discuss the preparation of a global market-based measure to address international aviation CO2 emissions underway in the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO. In Finland's view it is very important that the ICAO Assembly will reach agreement on the matter in autumn 2016.

The Transport Council will also take note of a progress report on a regulation proposal on common safety rules for civil aviation. From Finland's perspective one of the key issues in the proposal are the rules on drones. Finland considers it important that the requirements will not be too restrictive as the sector is only just developing.

The ministers will hold a policy debate on the control of nitrogen oxide:NOx emissions from diesel cars. The debate follows up on revelations of 2015 regarding defeat devices used in emission tests of passenger cars. A work programme of the incoming presidency, Slovakia, will also be introduced in the meeting. ω.

Inquiries: Ms Laura Eiro, Director of the Markets Unit, tel. +358 295 34 2668

Ms Veera Kojo, Senior Officer for Legal Affairs, tel. +358 295 34 2382


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Elsinki is for Beautiful Helsinki
  Elsinki is for Beautiful Helsinki

As Part of The Humanion's Nine Worlds Theme we are going to create nine pages for nine world cities that we love and because we love them we will call them the names by which we love them. So our first was The Elleesium, the Beautiful London. And here we present Helsinki except to us she is Elsinki.

Therefore, our invite goes out to all the 'elsinkiläinen' wherever they live in the beautiful Helsinki, whether in Viiki or Eteläranta or Arabianranta or Kalle or Sibelius Katu or Market Square or in the south, north, east or west of the city of sea, lights, seagulls and blues, please, send in all that you would like to share with the world.

Same invite goes to all the businesses, organisations of all kinds to join and let the world know the wonderful and astonishing things you all are creating. We are not interested in 'technology' that has nothing to offer humanity but opportunity to waste all that is human. We are not interested in businesses opening casinos and shopping malls and things like that. We are interested in businesses that have values and visions to do business in green ways and developing a sustainable economics. And we are determined in our commitment, interest and support for anything and everything that enhances humanity, that does green and sustainable economics and business and development. Anything that involves communities, groups, organisations in real life. Anything and everything to do with learning, with the environment, with problems of traffic and congestions, with social problems of housing, of poverty, of isolation, of homelessness and so on.

Please, think of the Kristina Wheeler's song, Rainy Helsinki in which she sings about a homeless man in a rainy Helsinki and your soul breaks out with her. So long there is a homeless on the street anywhere in the world The Humanion will not cease to campaign to end it and we hope you all will do anything and everything in our power to end homelessness in Elsinki. So send in news of things that you are involved in that makes a difference. No, we are not interested about who made up an app for hap or sap. No, we want to hear of projects being run to go and visit the elderly in their homes and where people are spending time with them, reading to them, taking them for walks. We want to hear you visit a friend whom you have not seen or heard from. Visit that friend and knock on her:his door to see how she:he is. We want you to remain open and on the look out to see which passenger needs a helping hand, which mother waits for someone to come and offer a hand with her pushchair at the bottom of the escalator. This life is an endless opportunity continuously being offered to us to chose to be and do and create good. Let us hear of you doing all that.

Tell us stories that are extra ordinary where ordinary people are doing extra ordinary things.

We will tell you of one: find out who Dr Victoria Webster is and get astounded by how she fought the entire Helsinki and the Finnish 'normals' and the Swedish ones and the English and British and the rest of us 'normals' who thought she was 'just a spastic' girl:woman who could never become a doctor and she refused to accept the normals' 'degrading' treatment and assessment what, who she was and what she was capable of doing and becoming. She resolutely, with greatest of determination, highest of resilience and utmost fortitude refused to accept it and went on and on fighting and working her hardest learning and one day she qualified to be a doctor who specialises in emergency medicine. Reading her story in the book that she wrote with her mother who is another Kalevalan Mother, an astounding steel for her daughter, broke my soul and I felt like going and finding them both and just holding their hands to say: Absolutely beautiful, astounding!

Tell us stories of such epic struggle and defiance of humanity and of such epic achievement. And tell us stories of great ideas, great projects, great creations, great research, great learning and of great initiatives that are creating rejuvenated communities. Tell us and get the Finns that know English enough and the Finns are one of best European nations in terms of their English to translate great Finnish Literature into English. A recent translation of Vaino Linna's Unknown Soldier has been published recently by Penguin here. Tell, ask, demand that the Government spend some money in this project and translate great Finnish poetry and particularly fiction. If the moon rises and it is covered in the blanket of darkness what good is it? Take the cover off the Finnish Moon and let the world read Finnish works. Translate. 

Tell us about Jenni Vartiainen and how she sings her soul out. Tell us about Erin Anttila and how she sings about why and how heaven knows no frontier. Tell us about Johanna Kurkela and how she sings as if she is the notes of her soul as beautiful and as fragile. Let us know of how Laura Narhi and Anna Puustajarvi or Kiira Korpi or Laura Lepisto are doing. Don't think just because we are in London we do know know how you are and where you are. Tell us about authors, poets, thinkers and whoever whose thinking is worth looking into.

Tell us about Lilli Paasikivi, tell us about composer like Kaija Saariaho and how they are creating music anew. Tell us about how Indica is doing? How Nighwish are doing? How Blackroses are doing? And Varina? Suvi Terasniska? Nightwish? Tell us, even of Anki who sung for thousands summers and left the world. You want more names? In short, tell all that are out of this world.

Tell us stories about people like Anne Maddji Heatta who practises as a doctor and still finds time and energy to sing songs that make magic. Tell us about what theatres are playing and what new voices and plays are coming up. Tell us about festivals, not commercial ones that want to make a killing and nothing else, but the ones that are small and that are organised for bringing communities and people together and are not 'machine-like'. Tell us green, tell us sustainable, tell us equality, tell us liberty, tell us all that frees us from bias and bigotry, ignorance and terrible phobias and hatred. Tell us learning, tell us education, tell us enlightenment. Tell us why and how you are The Athens of the North. Well, to be precise, tell the world! Send out Martti Ahtisaris to the troubled world to seek peace with the precise mind of the most cool mind achieved through true enlightenment.

This invite goes to all the Finnish authors, poets, artists, playwrights, musicians, singers, song writers, composers, conductors, students, professors, researchers, philosophers, sociologists, cardiologists, neurologists, teachers, social workers, any and all are invited to join in.

Become the Elsinki Editor

And, anyone, from Beautiful Elsinki, whose command in English is as good as Aleksis Kiivi's command in Finnish and who is interested and willing to get involved with The Humanion by joining our Team and take up the Editorial duties of Elsinki is welcome. Yet, the one we would like to have taking this Elsinki Editor post would be versatile and universal in outlook and in her:his view the Universe and on which the Earth and on which the Humanion must feature as clearly as joy, beauty and peace feature in Sibelian Symphonies. Interested? Get in touch: editor at thehumanion dot com and tell everyone about Elsinki and The Humanion for this is not a business but a human enterprise. The Humanion neither buys nor sells; simply, it is a beyond money venture similar to that what is mad: love.

And About Telling People

And when you tell people, tell them when you meet them, see them, shake their hands, listen to them and speak to them, when you can see them smile, when you can hear their laughter as you make a joke, when you can see how they look at something and when they can hear you at work, at family meals, at cafes, at university campuses, at community gatherings and fetes, at festivals and real life situations.

Make a habit of forgetting that you have devices with you and look, hear, touch, stop and wonder, smell and seek, ask, listen, reach, form, maintain, foster: Humanity.

Imagine this and you would see why it is getting almost to be a dangerous thing for humanity and humans

Imaging, someone spending 10 hours a day on their phones, gadgets, other devices, apps and so called social media outlets and ask them what did you do in that 10 hours? Some one who spend ten hours making a sculpture or writing a chapter of a novel or planting in the garden, writing a piece of music or learning to play the 5th Symphony or writing a book review or prepared for an exam for a final or finalised their thesis for a Phd in Quantum Physics can show what they have become in that 10 hours but the other person has nothing. The simply have wasted that 10 hours in a daze of wastefulness.

Now add the lost hours up and that's 70 hours a week wasted; making it 2, 100 hours a month. In a year this person will have lost 3,650 hours a year, 152.083 days a year which equates to 5 months in 12 of any given year. If this person lives 80 years he:she will waste away 400 months which equates to 33.33 years of their life.

If one uses these 33 years one could achieve 8.25 Honours Degree in 8 different subjects. Flood comes and it is necessary for it brings water and life giving silts but it brings a whole lot of terrible, dangerous and deadly things with it. And here is the choice. One must chose how to use their 'tiny' little life on this earth. If one wastes 33.33 years of their 80 years of life who are they going to blame for it that that many years they wasted so much that there was not single trace of their 'existing', 'being' or 'creating' which effectively means they had not been 'human' in that wasted 33.33 years since unless one is existing, being and creating one cannot claim to be and remain human!

And here is the low down of so called madness of social media! There is a character in one of Rabindranath Tagore's short stories, you might think of ravintola, if you are Finn, called Mad Meher Ali who, at the end of the story, kept shouting out: sob jhoot hay: tofaath jaaow, tofaath jaow! It's all lies:illusions: get away, get away! This is what everyone who still has some sense must shout from all the rooftops of the world: get away, get away and claim back the earth, water and skies of humanity.

The Suomivala The Kalevala

And here is the Opening Lines of The Suomivala

In light's infinity nine worlds of my Soumainen Soul window out and sing Marjatta Metaphors
Marjatta Metaphors sing and window out my Soumainen Soul of nine worlds in light's infinity

:Suomainen:Not Suomalainen: Marjatta> maar:yaath:tha

As Finland Prepares to Celebrate 100 Years of Liberty in 2017 The Humanion Launches The Suomivala Challenge

Image: Suomi Sata:Finland 100

|| June 03: 2016 || ά. As Finland prepares to celebrate 100 Years of Liberty The Humanion Launches this Epic Challenge, The Suomivala Challenge. What is The Suomivala Challenge? A good question.

The Suomivala: The Kalevala

Now, go and write your lines of The Suomivala

What is the Suomivala? You might wonder; and wondering is good for your soul! The Kalevala is the Finnish Epic. The Humanion invites everyone, and you do not necessarily have to be a Finn to take part, so long you either have read or know enough about The Kalevala and, if not, you have the interest to learn more about the epic or better still read it, to join in and write a modern version of The Kalevala using nothing but 100 Lines. That would be a Nano-Epic in 100 lines: which would double up as the lines are written forward and backward. Each line will celebrate a year of Finland being an independent country. And here is the first one in two or two in one line of The Suomivala.

Because each line doubles up so that effectively one is two or two as one, The Suomivala would be known by two titles: The Suomivala and The Imousvala

The Purpose

To Celebrate The Kalevala and Take the Epic to a Wider Readership as well as joining Finland in her 100 Years of Liberty celebration next year.


February 28, 2017: That's The Kalevala Day.

A Celebration of Dr Elias Lönnrot

And The Suomivala is a celebration, too, of Dr Elias Lönnrot who had left medicine and followed the call of The Kalevala and gathered her pieces together from across Finland and Karelia and presented it to the Finnish people who, with the help and creations of great minds like Sibelius, Järnfelt, Runeberg, Eino Leino, Aleksis Kiivi, Gallen-Kallela, Larin Paraske, Madetoja, Minna Canth, Sillaanppää and many many others in so many fields of life, using the Kalevalan cement, bricks and mortars, sand and dust and earth, water and air like the the epic impossible Mother in The Kalevala who raised her dead son back to life by searching, seeking, finding, gathering and piecing together all the pieces and all the 'dust' of him, have been able not only to gather a Finland to rise up and fight the Winter War and come through the eternal WINTER onto a united identity as a people in the oneness of a nation in a land of the North. It was almost a Finnish Renaissance and it must continue for Finlandia is the music of The Sampo of The Kalevala. It is the story of iron, both solid and liquid, and of fire and of creation and magic: of life, of living and of music.

How are the Lines Formed

You are at liberty, Vapaus, to form the line however way you like. The only 'structural' constraint is that the line must make sense whether it is read from left to right or right to left. This is simply the 'thread' that connects The Suomivala to The Kalevala because the Kalevalan wise and ancient Hero Väinamoinen is a magician, a poet and singer and he can sing the story forward and backwards. And Thus he has the 'power' to make magic.


Here is the direct example. Suomi is for Finland and for the Finnish language. Now, arrange the word backward and you get Imous. Väinamoinen would make magic by saying Suomi into Imous or Minä rakastan sinua as Sinua rakastan minä! Some examples are given below for you to have a look. You are, however, welcome to 'tinker' with the re-arrangement of the line when forming it backward so that you may change a  word's position to help you make sense. However, if your original line is well thought out and comes as the most natural expression it should not be difficult to retain the same meaning backwards. Another point, the line backward may not follow 100% grammatical formation but will still convey meaning to the same affect as the original line.

The Beginning Line of The Suomivala

Yes, someone must begin it and here is the FIRST Line of The Suomivala. However, if you think about it, the 100 lines automatically double up and become 200 lines when you write them as:

In light's infinity nine worlds of my Soumainen Soul window out and sing Marjatta Metaphors

Marjatta Metaphors sing and window out my Soumainen Soul of nine worlds in light's infinity

:Suomainen:Not Suomalainen: Marjatta> maar:yaath:tha

In What Languages The Suomivala is to Be Written

Those who are native Suomalainen and those who know Suomi enough to be able to create in the language can and should write their original line in Suomi and then get it translated into English and both version would be used together.

Those who are not 'Suomalainen' and do not fall in the first category are to use English for their lines.

But the line must make 'enough' of a sense backward as well as forward.

What Would The Humanion Do with The Suomivala

Well, The Humanion would publish it in a Special Presentation on May 12, 2017. The Humanion would endeavour to publish it as a Book and seek to find a Finnish Source/Publisher/Body to publish it as a Book. So, you carry on writing your lines and The Humanion shall carry on locating that 'Source' so to publish The Suomivala in 2017.

Human souls cannot and do not live on rice and bread: it lives as and by beauty, by joy, by art, by humanity and by the the music it all makes: even when a human soul eats and drinks it is not the body that makes the judgement as to whether the food and drinks are beautiful, delicious and wonderful and it is not the body that 'enjoys' the food and drink. Because if it is the body that does this 'judging' and 'enjoying' than humans should not make any fuss whatever about food and drink and get 'tablets' as food and 'nutritional liquid-mixture' as drink and swallow it since that should satisfy all physiological need for nutrition. Give someone all the nutritional food and drink in the world, perfectly balanced but it looks awful, it smells disgusting and it tastes absolutely revolting and you would find the human would chose to go hungry!

How to Submit

Please, send your lines following these rules

Contact Details:
1. The original line
2. The line backward
3. If written in Finish the original two lines and the translation in English so that there should be four lines if in Finnish.
4. Write one line about who you are: either in English or Finnish.
5. Send to editor at thehumanion dot com
6. Subject Line: The Suomivala
7. You will be acknowledged for submissions
8. The poets whose lines are chosen to go in The Suomivala will be notified.
9. By submitting you give the Copyright to The Humanion. It means that The Humanion will be able to publish the materials and get them published as a book. If The book is published and it generates any funds the Publisher whoever it might:The Humanion does not deal with money: be will donate the Money to:

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Médecins Sans Frontières:MSF is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of neutrality and impartiality. MSF

This is the part by which we celebrate Dr Elias Lönnrot

Finnish Partners Sought

The Humanion invites all Finnish media, arts, culture, poetry, literature, history and any other type of organisations who are interested in this project to join us and become Partners in the Project so that everyone in Finland and Finnish Diaspora hears about the Project. But this invite is open to every one both persons and organisations anywhere in the world who are interested in World Poetry and here, Finland, Finnish people and the Finnish language and culture.

Now Ger Submitting. Nähdään pian!

The Humanion

From the Land of The Suomivala: ω.


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An Engineering Student at Aalto University

Image: Aalto University

Here Some Expressions of How to Sing Forward and Backward

Here are Some Emmatries

And Here we publish from Munayem Mayenin's Poetry Collection, Seagull Liberty's Poetwrheath: ISBN: 978-1-291-13793-4: First Published: October 25, 2012: Copyrights @ Munayem Mayenin, London, UK 1990-2012

What are Emmatries: Emmatries:emma-trees: poetry that seeks the truth and sings the beauty regardless of which way it seeks it or approaches it or sings it. From the beginning or from the end, it still sings the magic and its magnificence of life and this astounding Universe where this spectacle of life unfolds unfolding us with her. Emmatries are poetry of a new world, a new language, a new magnetism of life and its expressive exuberance. Emmatries invites the readers to abandon the known world and venture bravely into a new world that already exists in the mind, soul and body of the reader in terms of his/her dream and the way they enrich him/her life. Emmatries crafts with the diamond cuts into life and tries to sculpt out emmaphires; at least, that's what it tries. Emmatries are the business of making life sing emmaphires that this market not only does not know but also cannot ever sell.

New Phoenix Gold

Let’s break the earth to golden dust
And add the cement of water in it
And dough we make of new gold

Of new gold make we dough and
In it of the cement water add and
To golden dust the earth let’s break

And let’s clay out new phoenix-gold
And blow in life that you and I hold
And they rise-fly like motion-waves

Like motion-waves rise-fly they and
Hold I and you that in life blow and
Phoenix-gold new clay out let’s and

There they fly in new flights and sing
They do new Sibelius in anew notes
And scales and scores and anew new

New anew and scores and scales and
In notes anew Sibelius new do they
Sing and in new flights fly they there

This Magic I Give You: You Give I This Magic

Tell the tree to rise downward
The roots must seek to grow
Must they hold the whole earth

Earth the whole hold must they
To grow must seek: the roots
Downward to rise the tree: tell

Tell the tree to rise upward
The branches must seek to grow
Must they hold the Universe

The Universe hold they must
To grow seek must the branches
Upward to rise the tree: tell

So that it is not in a pot down
Or up and it goes all clasping in
Tell the tree it must be a spring

A spring be must it the tree:tell
Clasping in all goes it and up or
Down in a pot or not it is that so

Emmatries are Emmaphires from a language that does not exist in dictionaries nor the concepts, ideas, states and ideaphores they bring exist in the norm-taught cultures or spheres. You want to create: go and create; do not imitate or get dictated to do so. To create is to bring something forth that does not exist so that by becoming existent it takes us forward to a point where we are 'enriched' for it because now we know how we were without it. These come from a universe where idearian symphonies are played out onto the spread of the ocean of the echoing eternities where one is simply a drop of water merged onto the body of the ocean that one simply has ceased as an 'ego' and become one with the whole. This place, neither the market nor its market-god' knows anything of or about. This is the place where poets must find a home from where 'to sing the truth' as Rilke says. ω.

Readmore on Suomi:Finland

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Clean Vallisaari, Finland Innovation Competition 2016













End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign

Home is not where the heart is
Nor is it where things are kept
A home is what skins the soul
Without it a human is non-person
Incomplete suffers slowly dying
END Homelessness





The Earth and the Moon









‽: 090516      Image: NASA