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 First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Humanion Editorials in the Year Alpha September 24: 2015-September 23: 2016


Editorial: United Kingdom: The Six Jeopardy and the Last Hope

|| June 26: 2016 || ά. The Country and the Nation Face Multiple Jeopardy as the Major Political Parties Descend into Self-Advancing, Suicidal and Destructive Infighting: The Last Hope Resides with the Parliament, Only Which Could Lead the Country and Nation Back on the Course Away from These Multiple Jeopardy That Threaten Ruination of What is Great About This Great Country and Nation

The First Jeopardy: The Constitutional

Never in its multiple-century-old continued existence, this 'Great Britain' has, as a country, faced such a tremendous, profound and existential crisis that it now does as it faces all Constitutional challenges that came like London Buses, as described in the phrase about how ''London buses come as a 'train' in which a whole lot them arrive at the same time, when one waited for just one to come for a long time, as and when suddenly they do arrive: the country faces the deepest constitutional crises, followed by the leave win in the referendum that has split the four main entities of the United Kingdom into two opposing halves as well as the people of this country and this does not resolve anything and puts into question the 'political and moral validity of this entire exercise. The phrase, 'the will of the people' can not properly be applied to a circumstance that faces the country today; the country that is evenly spilt into two equal halves both by entities in the Kingdom and by the opposing two camps of people. Yet, these challenges to break away from the European Union on this divided stand and that triggers the very strong likelihood of Scotland advancing its way away from the UK and in the Northern Ireland some people are already calling for a referendum to be united with Ireland. These issues are no longer simply hypothetical. Further to this, of all the UK Nations, Wales is probably the largest beneficiary from the EU and an exit from the EU means it is going to lose billions of pounds which has already called for a re-thinking as to how funds are allocated to Wales from Westminster to cover this gap: where are they going to fill this gap from and if they cannot fill it, what are they going to cut and how will those cuts change the very fabrics of welsh life? This all brings in reality the depth of the constitutional crises that the country and the nation face. And in these constitutional crises everything gets even more complicated as is evident in a piece written by David Lammy MP, published in The Guardian today that this referendum result is only 'advisory and not binding': than what does the Parliament do? And how could the Parliament accept such an almost equally divided state of affairs as 'the will of the people' and when, factoring in the fact that an overwhelming majority of the house expressed their wish to remain? And if they accept it as 'the will of the people' what effectively does it mean? Does it not mean that they are accepting to let the UK break away from the ties with Europe as well as the potential eventual break up of the entire UK? Is this why the Parliament is elected to be the 'holder' of the 'sovereignty' of the people to let the Kingdom fall apart? This is the first jeopardy

The Second Jeopardy: Existential Crisis That the UK Faces

Therefore, it brings us to this existential crisis for the country has never faced such a strong prospect so close to not just possibility but in the very close proximity of certainty. Because the Scottish Government would fail in its duty to protect the Scottish national interest if it does not listen to the 'will of the the Scottish nation' that has spoken overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. And it no longer remains an if but when this Scottish breaking away from UK begins. This would trigger further issues in other parts of the UK and United Kingdom is facing this crisis and its very existence, very sovereignty and its very integrity are in question. Further, added to this is this referendum result that brings two nations of the UK in favour of Remain and two in favour of Leave: Scotland and Northern Ireland on one side and England and Wales on the other side and the leave side has such an insignificant majority that offers no solution and the question, the resentment and apparent anger that do and will continue to generate out of this in these opposing groups: of entities and of the two sides of the people do not and will not help anything. And nothing is helped when the Scottish would say: why is the Scottish voice or the Northern Irish say, the Northern Irish voice be treated any inferior than the English voice and Welsh voice etc and the fact that these voices of the English 'tiny' majority and the Welsh 'tiny' majority should be involuntarily imposed upon the Scottish or the Northern Irish voices when they both in overwhelming majority expressed their will to remain within the EU? Or in the English and Welsh voters of Remain who are almost as large as the Leavers and they ask why would the country impose the other half's will on us against our expressed wish to remain since both sides are almost equal. This does not help anything and contributes to and complicates the existential crisis further and adds wood and fuel to it when the wind is favourable to it as well. The Second jeopardy

The Third Jeopardy: The Political Imperative for a Second Referendum or a General Election Where the Second is Probably the Most Acceptable Option

And here is the third jeopardy: the Conservative Party won the last general election, lead by David Cameron, not on a mandate to take Britain out of the European Union. They were elected on the premise that they would give a referendum and seek to gain reform of the EU and if achieved enough of those reform that they would campaign to remain. David Cameron went to seek and received some reforms for him to chose to campaign for remain and that effectively and in practice divided not only the very Conservative Party into tow opposing halves but also the very Conservative Government so that neither side can claim any validity or mandate for what followed: one side won and one lost. And here David Cameron decided to go, leaving the stage for another Conservative Government to take over and carry out the exit as if nothing had happened. This is astonishing; astounding! The most natural thing, to have been done by him, would have been to call a fresh general election to seek a new mandate, even if he were to leave office before the general election. Now, the Conservative Party is seeking to elect a new leadership who were to form a new government for a purpose to negotiate the exit from the EU for which neither they have the mandate nor the political or moral or any other kind of validity since the referendum was not and cannot be taken as an affirmation of the nation for the Conservative Party to do so nor for any other party for that matter since many parties campaigned for and against the issue at stake at the referendum and among the ones that campaigned to leave were and are opposing parts of the very same Conservative Party? Therefore, the only politically, morally or by any other way of looking at it, acceptable thing would be a general election which cannot but be the ultimate choice that the Parliament can ask for. It is hypothetically possible for the Parliament to simply adopt a declaration: simply stating it wished the Parliament to be dissolved and a fresh general election be called. In this, the referendum result is not in question but the nation can chose a government to whom the people then be able to give their fresh mandate. If the Conservatives leave leadership were to be re-elected in government they would have the absolute validity, mandate and authority of the nation to follow the exit as they see fit. If not, than the other new government whoever it is would follow whatever the other mandate would be. If the Parliament adopts such a declaration, would it have validity? Who is going to act on it? Or If the Government does not act on it? If no one does? The Parliament has it in its power simply to give a time limit, for people who can, to dissolve the Parliament and as and by the end of that time frame, nothing happens the entire Parliament can simply dissolves itself by resigning from the Parliament en mass. Or the Parliament, the both house combining, pass a law dissolving the house by its own will and the Lords Passdx it and sends it directly to the Monarch for Royal Assent and if it does not get the Royal Assent the House still has means to 'give' the royal assent itself and dissolve the Parliament, which is within its 'power, authority and jurisdiction'. It may not have a precedent but the House is not the Judiciary and it, therefore, can create new precedent itself by doing something new that had never been done before. No one can say or nowhere it says that the British House can not create a new precedent! This is not impossible and can be done. Lord Heseltine has asked for the Parliament to seek and begin drawing a new course. And the calls and speculation for a fresh general election are growing and will continue to grow. And here, the MPs and the Lords and Baronesses, because of the profound and depth of the magnitude of the implications of what the country and nation face, must seek to go and act beyond party politics, at a time when, they themselves as the country as a whole, can see how the very political parties have descended into a destructive and damaging exercise for the country and the nation when they needed them to act in the nation's best interest; nation's best interest which seems to have been thrown out of the window.

The Fourth Jeopardy: Financial and Economic Ruination Seen as a Sudden 'Outburst of Madness' on Friday

The country has seen what was to unfold in the markets as sudden glimpses on Friday. It happens to be a 'great relief' that the result was followed by the weekend so that that destruction that started, could not continue but it is almost a certainty that on Monday as the markets open across the globe they are not going to put on their 'rational' caps but carry on following that 'sudden outburst of madness' and the momentum will carry on building. The markets that have already lost £2.1 Trillions! The way the crush happened only a few years ago, it is hard to imagine, why this destructive phase that started already will just stop. It would become almost impossible for the Bank of England and the Government which is now almost non-existent and paralysed to do anything to stop what is happening. If one goes back to the Black Wednesday, the UK, than at the least, could have come out of the ERM after everything had desperately failed, even after raising the interest rates three times in a day to over 15% and the UK left ERM finally. Now the Government has no such option. Even if the UK market is shut down the Government cannot shut down all the markets of the world and it is inconceivable that the markets can be and should be shut down. And if this torrential falling downhill of the pound continues no bank on Earth could stop that fall. For evidence, please, check how many billions of pounds the Bank of England spent in one day in their absolutely desperate efforts to stop the pound falling further that was on a free fall and it sped up since the more it bought the pounds the more it sped the selling of pounds and it went on so that they just simply had to stop and said: Enough of the ERM. Get out! So that was what the UK did. Hence, what has begun, a giant iron sphere has been let go from the top of the Himalaya and it continues to gather momentum as it goes downhill until it reaches the bottom and it is almost impossible to stop this momentum unless Politics, Political Philosophy, Political Economics and Constitutional Politics come to stop this by deciding to transform this iron sphere into a balloon, which can only be done if there is a general election so that there is a genuine prospect of a breathing space and the market calms down for it could see that there now resides the prospects of a possibility of something 'workable', which it will, for evidence for this one only has to look at how the market responded briefly when the news came about the referendum that the remain camp might just win.

The Fifth Jeopardy: Racism and Xenophobia Becoming 'Acceptable' and on the Rise

If people are following the development, particularly, reported by The Guardian today as to what has been happening around the country across which attacks, violence and abuse on 'migrants', 'foreigners', 'immigrants' and all 'others' that are 'different' and hated, have been taking place. The absolutely overwhelming majority of the people of the UK and particularly, those who voted to leave are not and cannot be said to subscribe to the absolutely abhorrent forms of extreme racism and xenophobia and all forms of evils of hatred, bias and prejudice: yet parts of the leave campaign had been taken over by these groups and these groups are taking the referendum result as if they had won the 'political, legal and moral' validity and acceptance to express, exercise and implement that validity by enforcing their darkness on people they hate and do not consider part of this country and people for they were attacking all kinds of people of all groups. This cannot be a state that is either acceptable or healthy for any nation, let alone for the British nation nor for the United Kingdom nor for any other parts of the four entities that make this United Kingdom.

And the Sixth Jeopardy: the Political Parties Setting Out on a Course of Self-Destructive Exercise

This literally would feel like Nero is not here but in his own world, well away from any touch or connection with the reality, while Rome burns down to ashes. What is happening inside the two major political parties and the media outlets seem to be having a field day, reporting these 'insignificant, trifling and destructive personal ruthless-ambition-advancement exercises' as if it is the Gladiatorial Arena and the 'gladiators' are fighting to kill or get killed and that is where and that is what is a 'fun' thing to follow and report about while the entire nation's and the country's very existence and the very real and profound perils they face from many consequences of what happened in the Referendum and what really are happening afterwards, all are forgotten by this very media whose perceived role is supposed to be to do this very thing. The best word to describe this state is: sad. Worst word, well, phrase: no comment.

The Last Hope

The hope, the very last hope, of this astonishing, awe-inspiring and beautiful country, called the United Kingdom, resides with, particularly, now, when two of its major political parties have descended into the chaos and self-destructive exercises of mainly advancing personal ambitions, the Parliament which can follow and chose the wisest possible course, which could and would immediately calm the market and begin a process of 're-directing' the country back to reason, rationality and that's what makes this country Great Britain: this redirection neither overrides the referendum nor ignores it; rather it simply says: elect a fresh government with your mandate as to what you would like the country and nation should do for the referendum cannot and does not make it clear nor can or does give that mandate to the Conservative Party to carry out the Referendum result because the very referendum split both their party and their government and the very leader who had secured the win for that government is no longer going to be part of that party's government. Furthermore, the very honourable members of the House of Commons have not been elected to 'ratify' such a result of such a referendum. They simply can refuse to do anything to implement this referendum result on this simple basis. This is what makes this country great: it is not how or who can make up fairy tales and shout and drown out everything and everyone simply by sheer grandiose claims and opinions that are unsubstantiated, without reason, base or basis or evidence whatsoever. This country is Great Britain because it knows how to follow reason and human rationality and follow the evidence, even if when one does not like it. This is what is great about the British. The officer has made a decision on something and she goes: yet, if you can provide further evidence to ask me to reconsider my decision, I shall. And likewise, if new evidence is placed before her, despite her making a contrary decision already, she will look at the evidence and if it supports a different decision and even if she hates the fact that she was going against her own earlier decision, she shall make that decision! A High or Supreme Court would open a century old case and let the bones of someone who died a century ago, be exhumed, if new evidence is placed before it. And if the Court fails in this or the officer mentioned fails in this than there are means, mechanism and system one could follow to force the court or the officer to reconsider and the court or this officer shall be forced to do so. Let the Parliament show the country and the nation and the world that it is truly 'the Mother of All Parliaments' and it can guide this country and nation back to the path that it has followed for centuries and on which path it kept on building on built road what it had built before and it continued making it better and it forever remains open to the prospect that everything and anything can forever be made better: the thing that is human made. There is nothing else we can say. Let the Parliament rise up to take this historic moment and take its role and make history and save this country and nation form all that jeopardy that face them. For without reason what are we; for without seeking to use this very reason and responding to the call of wisdom what have we learnt in the last two millennia!

The Humanion: June 27, 2016: ω.


‽: 250616



On Exiting the EU: The Country Speaks as Split-Two-Almost-Equal-Halves Facing Opposing Directions

And stand resolute, firm,  absolutely determined and utterly unambiguous and unequivocal in denouncing all forms of xenophobia, masochism, chauvinism, racism, hatred, bigotry, bias, prejudice, anti-semitism, islamophobia and all other forms, shapes and manners of phobias and extremism. It is not acceptable! Period.

|| June 24: 2016 || ά. The Country has spoken, yes: yet, its voice fragmented, its regions disconnected and the nation divided in two almost equal halves facing opposing directions while the very integrity of the country is in double-jeopardy: one sure in exiting the EU and the other in the prospect of Scotland's departure from the UK. The only hope resides in the following: in the fact that the 'democratic mandate' has barely gone passed first past the post: this 'democratic mandate', however, is resounding and visibly  clear that has come out of Gibraltar, Scotland and of London.

As the Conservatives continue the way they were going in the way they were running their destructive demolition on the very fabrics of this country, increasing inequalities to almost polar ends, extending desperate and abject poverty, taking vital life-support from families, people with disabilities and with vary many mental illnesses and low income working families,  and feeding the rich so that people's sense of 'disconnect', disenfranchisement and non-ownership to the country and its wealth will feed their already growing anger and discontent, which will be further fuelled by the growing and visible impacts of the years of cuts begin to show in even more widely and in all areas of life where they had cut ruthlessly and as the negotiation with the EU progresses, the 'scenarios' that were rejected out of hand will begin to materialise and vindicate the remain camp's argument and the 'mythical-fairly-tale-bubble-reality' of the leavers' version of the UK and of life will fail to materialise, the nation would begin to edge back towards unity and here is where hope is, in two places:

In the  fact that almost as many people, as near as the majority that voted to leave, voted to remain and a great number of them are young people, which was mostly supported by the secular, progressive, social and social democratic and all other such similar forces of British Politics and it is up to these forces that must now seek to build on that and join forces to put up Himalayas against the continued Conservative destructive demolition of the very fabrics of this country and nation; while still seeking a negotiation of 'engagement' with the EU in areas of human rights, social justice, disability, women and minority rights and anti-discrimination, environment, climate change and other international issues such as regulating the international banks and financial bodies and tax avoidance etc are pursued by the Conservatives. In fact, they should call for an all party national Parliamentary Committee, members of which are selected from all Parliaments and Assemblies of all parties of the UK to advise, support and assist the Government's Negotiating Team so that it simply does not become a 'Conservative Negotiation'.

This is the hope and this hope is symobolised by the Scottish overwhelming rejection of the leave argument and the profound rejection of it by the people of Gibraltar and of London, and as near as, if not exactly the same way, from Northern Ireland.

And here, it is now paramount that an All Party Consensus must be sought and achieved as quick and as fast  as to seek to establish a Constitutional Reform Commission to look at and come up with definitive, modern, workable, future-looking, fair, just and equitable reorganisation of the entire governance system, structure and mechanism of the United Kingdom in order to ensure all nations within the UK are happy in these arrangements. Not only that, this would answer and provide accommodation for further devolution of powers to regional and local levels to all regions, particularly, of England. And this Commission must have an 'Absolutely Urgent' time frame so that it reports back in six months instead of two to three years. And once it reports back its recommendations are enacted into law as quickly as possible.

And here, these positive forces must take their politics and political activities not in front of the camera, media and social media and the like but to the real people, to the real communities across the land: out there in the midst of communities where real people live and that's where you go to speak and listen to them. And let young people, let women, people with disabilities, and of diverse background flourish in all the forums, structures and mechanisms within all these forces of politics; those who want to make a difference should seek to do this so that they can overcome this 'disconnect' with the people.

The answer to this result of the referendum is not, cannot be and must not be to jump and join the 'leavers' but stay true to the 'cause' of the people: to become populist is the easiest thing to do; but to serve the people, to be true fighter for the people, staying true and committed to the 'cause' of the people is the hardest of tasks and this is the true service to the people.

That is, to work and seek to enhance and enlarge the reach and scope of equality, ending discrimination of all sorts, advancing rights for people with disabilities, achieving gender equality, seeking to end poverty, increase education budget, infrastructure investment, NHS and training and skill revolution and seek to end stagnations in communities, localities and regions so to create opportunities and support families, communities and empower people through wider educational and skills enriching opportunities so that jobs that are created can benefit them. Work to end homelessness, seek a revolution in building houses through allowing local authorities have access to the market to raise funding to build so that every person of the nation has a home from which no one can ever turn them out onto the street and which eventually they will be able to 'buy' off as and when they are able to and seek the fairest possible distribution of the national wealth so that people do not read when you refer to financial and economic and business and commerce or the city that you are talking about 'them', the fat cats and the rich and that it had nothing to do with them.

And stand resolute, firm,  absolutely determined and utterly unambiguous and unequivocal in denouncing all forms of xenophobia, masochism, chauvinism, racism, hatred, bigotry, bias, prejudice, anti-semitism, islamophobia and all other forms, shapes and manners of phobias and extremism. It is not acceptable! Period.

And the last point: that these forces, the secular, progressive, social and social democratic and all other such similar forces of British Politics, must put up an epic fight to stop this Conservative Government repealing the Human Rights Act and put up Himalayas against further Conservative Austerity and efforts to feed 'the market' and 'starve' the most vulnerable.

It is as plain, or rather: it is as simple as this. ω.


‽: 250616



Junior Doctors' Contract Dispute: Time for the Prime Minister to Take Responsibility and Leadership to End This Damaging Dispute NOW

Image: BMA

April 07, 2016: In its first Editorial, January 13, 2016, on the Junior Doctors' Contract Dispute The Humanion said: May Common Sense Prevail and, Prevail May It Soon: NHS is the Jewel of the nations of The United Kingdom ( which enjoys the works, services, dedications and achievements of some of the most advance-achieving physicians/researchers/professors/minds in the entire world and the young doctors are the future Rosalind Franklins, Alexander Flemings, Laura Bassi, Avicennas and the like) for which the Government should lead with equitable manner and attitude and those in the Government who are leading this negotiation must lead like leaders. Spinning, blaming and seeking to gain political scores are neither helpful nor welcome. In the end, having heard the young doctors on the picket line we gathered  a sense of minds that are honest, decent, hard working ( who are genuinely in love with the work they do and the very NHS they serve) and highly intelligent skilful people who would rather not picket on the street, holding banners and cards.''

We Repeat Our Call with the Chorus of Calls That Ask for Swift, Fair and Equitable Resolution to This Damaging Dispute

Image: BMA

This very Department of Health Equality Analysis on the New Contract for Doctors and Dentists in Training in the NHS  is enough to show that this contract that is to be 'imposed' is none of these things: not swift (for it will drag the dispute on), not fair and nor equitable and all the junior doctors striking keep screaming out: it is not safe. Further, this contract will take back the NHS decades backward in terms of gender equality, in particular; nothing the Government is seeking to achieve by this imposition of contract is worth this much: to compromise gender equality and making women pay for 'being women' and harming disability and family rights. NOTHING is worth THIS much of a PRICE.

We repeat it, here with the call that it is time the Prime Minister take responsibility and leadership, withdraw the 'threat' to impose the contract and get his team back to the negotiating table with the BMA which including all the voices that are concerned about this 'damaging' dispute are calling on him to do.

Here's What People are Urging the Government to Do

Clare Marx: President: The Royal College of Surgeons

Professor Jane Dacre: President:The Royal College of Physicians

April 02, 2016: Miss Clare Marx, President, Royal College of Surgeons and Professor Jane Dacre, President, Royal College of Physicians have issued a joint statement (April 01) in response to the publication of junior doctors' contract and equality analysis. In the statement they said: ''As female Presidents of medical royal colleges we have worked hard to encourage women to enter and remain in the medical profession. We have dedicated our careers to ensuring that medicine is an accessible and sustainable career for all.

Yesterday the junior doctors’ contract and the Government’s equality impact assessment were published. We are very concerned by the language in the Government’s own equality analysis of the contract, which warns that features of the new contract “impact disproportionately on women”.

Recent commitments from Government to support women in business are greatly welcome. We view the wording of the equality analysis as incompatible with this approach. We now look to the Government to reflect on how we can encourage, not discourage, our female workforce to stay in the NHS and continue to deliver high quality care for patients.

Every single medical royal college President has already called for both sides in the dispute to step back from the brink by suspending imposition of the contract and the all-out strike. We reiterate this message today and urge a return to negotiations to find a long term solution that supports the NHS.''

Medical Women's Federation's Response to Equality Impact Assessment

London Junior Doctors Industrial Action 120116

April 02, 2016: MWF are disappointed and dismayed by the Equality Analysis undertaken by the Department of Health on the proposed junior doctor contract, released yesterday. This contract is to be imposed upon doctors in training in England from August 2016.

The analysis acknowledges that changes in the contract will disadvantage women particularly those training part time, carers and lone parents. However it states, "any indirect adverse effect which may occur is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim".

MWF are concerned about suggestions in the analysis that women doctors who are mothers need to seek informal childcare for the increased number of evenings and Saturdays worked. This particularly affects many doctors, predominantly women, without local family and support. Junior doctors are entitled under the Human Rights Act to a family life and under their educational contract to specialty training enabling career progression and adequate preparation for professional examinations.

The spreading of a limited number of junior doctors more thinly across seven days is not going to achieve safer care or improved training of our future specialists. It is more likely to result in women doctors stepping into specialties with less acute commitment, moving out of training or leaving medicine.

The Patients Association

April 07, 2016: In a statement Katherine Murphy, the Chief Executive of the Patients Association expressed her organisation's support for the junior doctors industrial action, saying that ' Junior Doctors are the backbone of the NHS and it is vital that they are able to provide the safe and effective care that the patients need. Such a highly trained and valueable part of the NHS should not be disregarded so lightly.''

Responding to the latest action by junior doctors, Katherine Murphy, Chief Executive of the Patients Association said: “The Patients Association has watched the continuing dispute between the Government and the junior doctors with growing concern. We do not believe that the imposition of a contract will be at all helpful in resolving this ongoing dispute.

“As there appears to be a doubt about the legality of the decision to impose the contract, the Patients Association believes it is in the interests of patients and all concerned to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

“Junior doctors are the backbone of the NHS, and it is vital that they are able to provide the safe and effective care that patients need. Such a highly trained and valuable part of the NHS should not be disregarded so lightly. At a time when financing the NHS is already at breaking point, we should not further risk losing more doctors whose training is funded by the public purse.

“As the voice of patients, our priority lies in protecting patient and public safety, and we know that junior doctors have never taken lightly the decision to strike. Doctors have a very real concern that the imposed terms will stretch the existing resource too thinly and will threaten the quality of patient care.

Staff morale is low throughout the NHS and many doctors are feeling burnt out.

“This ongoing acrimonious dispute risks driving today's doctors away and deterring the next generation from ever joining the profession, and so could lead to greater shortages in the future in an already overstretched service.”


BMA in its Statement (issued today) said: ''Any future action is wholly avoidable, but the government must get back around the negotiating table and end this dispute through talks.”

These are not just the only voices, almost all the organisations, professional and otherwise and people and personalities who are concerned about the NHS including political parties have been calling for this dispute to be brought to an end through negotiations.

Time for the Prime Minister to Take Responsibility and Leadership to End This Damaging Dispute NOW

We repeat it, here with the call that it is time the Prime Minister take responsibility and leadership, withdraw the 'threat' to impose the contract and get his team back to the negotiating table with the BMA which, including the voices of the junior doctors and all the voices that are concerned about this 'damaging' dispute are calling on his government to do. And it is time, he rises up and takes decisive measures to stop this: NOW. It does not suit Britain, it does not suit England to treat the junior doctors this way. It does not serve any purpose whatsoever and most importantly, it does not serve the NHS, therefore, it does not serve the people of this country. Send these young medics back to their work  for which they spent most of their young lives, studying, learning and qualifying to practise medicine: to treat, to heal, to do 'no harm'. They did not do all that to go on the street and strike. Let them go back to their work and practise medicine and heal and do no harm.

Image: BMA

The Humanion

April 07, 2016




BBC Must Remain as the Beautiful Bias-free Conscience of All the Nations of All of the British Isles at All Times

This is going to be the shortest editorial from The Humanion so far. Yet, this must be written for it concerns ( with great alarm) one of the most treasured 'items' of what constitute the best of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and, which is one of the most respected media outlets of the world across the globe) the British Broadcasting Corporation or the BBC.

Those who were watching the reporting at News at Ten on BBC1 of the goings on at, around and after the European Council Summit (Friday night) at which British Prime Minister David Cameron was able to secure a deal, which, in his assessment and judgment, offered him enough of a set of 'reforms' that he had decided to be 'enough' for him to campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union in the forth coming European Referendum, would be shocked to realise that what BBC was doing in the way it was reporting these events could be interpreted to suggest as if the entire length and breadth of the United Kingdom and all peoples of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales had suddenly in an exodus and in all their multitude joined the No Campaign and BBC had become the vehicle to jubilantly celebrate it!

While David Cameron was still speaking and he had a lot of serious and profound matters to present in a 'press-friendly-way' and as quickly as possible and the nations of the UK and all the people needed to hear him out except BBC cut him off and went  to its Political Editor for the last comment, who, instead of just adding the comment took the camera to the No Campaign who were already there, which must have been an event that must have been organised long before the the Summit resolution was agreed and made public to suggest that regardless of what was agreed in the deal they had already gathered there to start their No Campaign and the entire BBC appeared to have been subjected to a sudden 'coup de tat' by the No Campaign! And were they not jubilant! Let them be and let BBC report it but there are other people who are not in the No Camp, people who are in the Yes Camp and there are a great number of people who do not know yet where they stand. Where were they in the BBC reporting? That is the question.

This must not happen to BBC for as our heading to this editorial puts it: BBC must remain as the Beautiful Bias-free Conscience of all the nations of all of the British Isles at all times.

If BBC loses this most absolute, most fundamental and most profound quality and characteristic of its quintessential nature of being a 'public service' it automatically loses the argument for it to receive the compulsory support from the British people (And these British people include the entire ranges of political opinions and beliefs as well as of faiths, cultures, life styles, strata, areas and localities etc, of all of England, of all of Northern Ireland, of all of Scotland and of all of Wales which did not seem like it at the News at Ten on Friday Night).

As we have said, this is short. And here it is: the Referendum date has been set for June 23. The the campaigning has already started by both camps. BBC must not lose its way. It must remain as the Beautiful Bias-free Conscience of all the nations of all of the British Isles at all times.

The Humanion

February 21, 2016




February 1, 2016: The Refugee Crisis is Not a European Problem But a Global One and the World Must Rise and Face the Challenges to Stop It at the Source

On 5 January 2016, Ghinwa, 7, and her brother Alaa, 11, at Al-Khalidia Al-Khamisa informal settlement in Homs, Syria. Photo credit: UNICEF/UN06843/Sanadiki

The Reality 


A young girl stands outside a tent at the Vinojug reception centre for refugees and migrants in Gevgelija, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Photo: UNICEF/Ashley Gilbertson VII


The war in Syria has been dragging on for years and has so far caused most of the country’s population to be displaced internally and spread over the neighbouring countries from where the up-rooted ‘homeless’ people spread all over the world, Europe being at the highest peak of the receiving end. In this process thousands have died along the treacherous sea crossings in addition to the quarter of a million who perished in the brutality of the war; children, pregnant woman, elderly and disabled, most vulnerable of all.  

What became clear is this that the Syrian War and relating conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other places in the middle east and Africa seemed to offer the ‘high hunting season’ for the traffickers and the terrorist groups wanting to make quick money who had taken up the opportunities and desperate people became their pawns. Furthermore, the world seems to have been taken as helpless victim of their ‘absolute determination’ to make as much money as they could out the misery of helpless multitudes of humanity. And it appears that they can; since there appears hardly any effort to stop these criminals.  

Added to this are the migrant flows that are coming off many war-torn, poverty and corruption ridden as well as drought-destroyed African and Asian countries. The places these migrants are seeking out for a life are some of the most poverty stricken on earth and hope there is none; desperation there is in infinite supply: of jobs, of being able to earn a living to feed one’s family. And to get somewhere financially ‘good’ these people, of a different expression of the same desperation, fall victims of the same trafficker-gangs and pay all that they had as the ‘high investment’ and some of them pay with their lives and some, by skilful planning of the traffickers, arrive and mix in the flow of the refugees.  

Two Issues Here: The Refugees

The World Cannot Choose to Let These Children Suffer Any longer: UNICEF Representative in Syria Hanaa Singer (center) speaks with children around a fire near the last checkpoint before Madaya town on 14 January 2016. Photo Credit: UNICEF/UN07487/Omar

They originate from, most generally, from Syria caused by the War in Syria as well as the neighbouring conflict zones. The neighbouring countries, particularly, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan has not ever been offered proper and effective support so that the endless flow of the Refugees could be provided with necessities and they simply became overwhelmed. In this the desperation among the Refugees became even more pronounced and along came the traffickers and they started their high hunting season. And the traffickers had their 'field day' for the fact that Libyan coastline was absolutely 'open for business' because there has hardly been a Libyan Government, let alone a Libyan State.  

The World, the word organisations including the European Union became disarrayed and still is so in responding to the crisis. People had been trying to cross the sea to reach Europe and have been dying on the cruel waters for years. Malta, Italy, Greece were at the high receiving end of it. For years they have been crying out for support from the world, from the EU but nothing came their way. They were left alone to deal with it. The EU simply ‘wanted to send a message’! No message is going to reach people who are fleeing from war, from fear, for shelter, for food and drink and safety.  

Yet, now million plus refugees and migrants are knocking and walking the landscapes of Europe and being treated with what we would like to term as ‘labyrinthesising’ as criminals and being put in a maze so that they go around and around through borders as in a labyrinth that does not lead to a way out. This seems like the EU simply would like to show the refugees and migrants: do not come here. That is well and good but what the EU does not realise is this: desperation does not have any end but an absolute drive to seek to escape out of the burning fire into wherever it is not burning. A trapped person in a high rise building on fire, does not think of the fact that they would jump to almost certain a death, he/she would jump and most probably would die. It does not matter where one is escaping to so long one can get out of the house that is on fire and the fire, the heat, the toxic fumes, dust and debris are unbearable. So, desperate people would take desperate measures regardless of the EU’s ‘soft-but-firm-cruelty-exercise- message’ for what else does it appear as the way thousands and thousands of refugees, families with young babies and children, elderly people, people with disabilities without food, drink, proper winter clothing, medicine are let on the muddy fields and being pushed through and round and round they march in hunger and dehydration, for as long as it has been going on? And has it, this ‘sending a message’ worked so far? Has the incessant flow of the refugees stopped? No need to formulate an answer to this. 

The UN has not been effective in responding to the situation, mostly because of the geo-politics of the Syrian situation as to how the world players have established and entrenched themselves in opposing camps making the already worse situation even more so. There are many world players already involved: America, Russia, France, United Kingdom, to name but a few; except broadly looking at it they are in two groups: one opposing Assad and one, namely Russia, supporting Assad.  

On the ground who knows how many groups there are and what they are fighting for. Terrorists groups supporting the so called ISIL are many as well as groups broadly forming the Syrian Liberation Army. In this group there are many groups with different priorities, agendas and loyalties. 

a: groups that oppose Assad forthright and oppose ISIL and groups supporting it;

b: groups that oppose Assad but does not want to bother ISIL;

c: groups that oppose Assad but actively seeks to leave ISIL with its territories;

d: groups that are not as violent and extremist yet they do not subscribe to the moderate view of the future of Syria as a democratic secular country; rather they would like to see some kind of ‘milder’ version of ‘Islamic Law’ setting.

e: And there are others as well

Assad being the leader from the Alawites has the backing of the ‘clan’ and these ‘clan-community’ do not see Syria in other terms but as an Alawite-country. So that Assad has his support base and the entire government apparatus and the Army are mostly Alawites. Here is what is keeping Assad in his power-base. The Alawites are in the mind-frame of ‘Till death us do part’ with their support to the Assad family.  

And Assad enjoys the support of many backers including Russia who came up and out into the scene and joined forces with the Assad regime. Therefore, things are pretty muddled up, complex and volatile. Add to that the tensions between the general Shiite and Sunni middle eastern mind-set that recently developed into a storm between Iran and Saudi Arabia (the later has started a war of its own where it has been showing almost contempt to International Law).  

And the war drags on and along came the sudden rise (which appeared sudden to the outside world but it was not sudden since it was happening on the ground towards a momentum) of ISIL. And the refugees spread out and people inside the country became internally displaced and have now become trapped and dying of hunger ( Madaya being at the deepest end of this harsh human tragedy) because of the lack of access for humanitarian aid until very recently limited access was achieved. Yet the precarious and desperate suffering and starvation continues of millions of people inside Syria. So the flow of refugees continues because the origin of it is the war that show no signs of slowing down or ending any soon; so long the war goes on the refugees will continue to flow outward. 

Yet, this Refugee crisis is not a European problem nor can Europe resolve it alone. This is a global problem and it requires a global solution. It is not a humanitarian problem despite creating humanitarian dimension and urgency; it is a political problem where the country in question fell into civil war that involves, as already elaborated, so many multi-faced, opposing groups and the government itself that is out of tune with its own people, except its own core ‘till-death-die-hard support’.    

Unless there is a political solution this flow of refugees would not stop and they would, despite wishes and hopes, barriers, degradation, maltreatment, and petty-minded-expressions (shown by some politicians of European countries) they would continue to risk their lives to reach Europe for this is the closest place on earth they hope they could find sanctuary and there are the traffickers to ‘help’ them.  

The Middle Eastern politics has always been volatile, heated, complex and difficulty ridden.  But no problem is insolvable. The UN Intra-Syrian Talks are a good beginning, even though it had a slow start but the UN must put much more and invest all it has got in fast-pacing these talks so that a mechanism is established to bring peace, to begin some form a cease fire, lifting up of seize and opening up access to humanitarian and medical aid. This won’t come quick and would take long and hard grafting of negotiations despite our desperate wish for it to be quick. There are other interim things that must be considered parallel to the talks to deal with the ongoing crisis and suffering of millions.  

The Migrants

Refugees are one thing and the migrants are another; yet they both relate to the same human condition; to seek betterment from where one faces life’s desperation with no hope. They are still humans and they must be treated as such until the world finds a resolution to their plight they must not be made into a ‘bunch’ of anything. They are humans and they must not be treated with indignity and contempt. The World must seek to do something at the source of the problem that has been causing people to leave their family, friends, society and country.  

The Response

The response to this crisis must have a two-tiered pathway

A Syrian boy in the small cafe run by the petrol station where Greek police are forcing buses carrying refugees and migrants to stop for days at a time before proceeding to the Macedonian border. Many wait so long there that they are forced to buy food. Free food along with clothes and medical assistance is available at a transit camp just 20 kilometers away. Image: Dimitris Tosidis: IRIN News

What is to be done with the refugees that are already in the neighbouring countries?

What is to be done with the refugees that are in Europe?

What is to be done with the traffickers? (forming a European Coast Guard is a futile idea for the people still can reach Europe and the Coast Guards can pick them up?)

What is to be done to support the countries that have the largest number of refugees, i.e Turkey?

And how these deadly sea-crossing to be stopped?

How the World/the UN in particular offer support to the EU and EU countries that are at the high end of the refugee reception i.e Greece, Italy and so on

                                                                                                                           1.A UN Protectorate Must Be Established in Syria

A UN Protectorate Must Be Established in Syria where all those fleeing the conflict still inside Syria can reach for safety. The USA and its Allies, Russia, France and United Kingdom are already there in action. It won’t be difficult to establish.

2. A UN/EU/Arab League/African Union Protectorate Coastal Zone Must Be Established

A UN/EU/Arab League/African Union Protectorate Costal Zone Be Established along the sea shores being used by the traffickers to ensure they are not able to use the sea to send thousands to their deaths and make millions out of it ( involving Turkey, Libya etc). This zone would be supported by all the UN Members, particularly, the EU, The Arab League, the African Union should contribute not just financially but logistically)

3. Libya Must Be Supported to Rebuild Its ‘State and Governance Structures

Libya must be supported ( the basis of it exists as they seek to establish a national accord government) with a UN Peacekeeping mission so to support the new National Accord Government to ensure that the ‘state’, the government and all the agencies it requires are set up and they run affectively 

4. Regional Countries with Large Number of Refugees are Offered Effective Support

That the neighbouring countries are offered effective financial as well as logistical support to provide for the existing refugees and in this fund the EU must offer substantial contributions. 

5. Iraq Given More Support in Its Fight Against Terrorism and in Its Effort to Consolidate the Governance

That Iraq is given more support to enhance its power and fight against the terrorist groups 

6. The Afghan Government Given More Support

The Afghan Government is given more support to ensure they succeed in keeping on a democratic path 

7. A UN Refugee Enclave in Europe Must Be Established to Protect the Refugees in Europe Who are Not Accepted by Any European Country 

The UN must not leave all the helpless, maltreated refugees across Europe to the mercy of elements. Thousands and thousands of children are now floating in the mud and muddy places in Europe who are unaccompanied minors and lot of humanitarian organisations are saying that a ‘black market’ has opened up in which a lot of these children are disappearing and will do so more unless urgent actions are taken now. In this: the UN must establish a UN Refugee Enclave in a country of the EU ( that the EU offers it) where all the refugees who are now floating around, going round and round will be taken and provided for by the UN (to which the EU must pay a good deal of contribution). These people would live under the UN protection with a view to resettle in their home country once the war is over. They are, therefore, not waiting to be given political asylum by any European country. The Refugees that have been taken in by the EU countries already should be provided by the countries themselves where the EU must work as a supporting framework and to these countries the UN must offer guidance, support and advice. And anyone crossing the sea to reach Europe after the setting up of the UN Refugee Enclave should be sent there directly without any assessment, delay or ‘labyrinthesising’. This way, the traffickers would simply vanish because no one would risk their lives crossing the treacherous sea to come to a UN Refugee camp in Europe if they can reach such a camp in Turkey or Jordan.  

8. All the Wars Happening in Africa and the Parts of the Americas Must Be Brought to End

There are so many wars and conflicts going on in many parts of Africa, North and South America that it is difficult for people to really remember all of them and what the parties and opposing forces involved in them and the issues that drive them; however, what is impossible to ignore is the plight of the millions who are victims of those violent conflicts and wars and the wars raged against peoples by terrorist groups, particularly, in Africa. All that are adding more to the flow of people fleeing war and conflict zones and seeking sanctuary elsewhere. There is no other alternative to ending wars and achieving peace but to continue to invest in the efforts to seek peace through bringing parties to the table. The UN must invest all its has into this process and the world must support the UN. The European Union was meant to end war in Europe. It is time war is brought to an end in Africa and Americas and other places, too.

9. That Common Human Decency, Dignity, Decorum and Compassion Guide Us Toward Those Who are Faced with the Most Unfortunate of Circumstances

And the European Union and all its member countries, all other countries where the refugees are struggling to cope should behave with human decency, dignity, decorum and compassion in dealing with the multitude of desperate humanity on their shores. Some European countries behaved and acted in such a way as to make their own people ashamed of their own country. Courage and leadership are needed from leaders: some people may not like Angela Merkel’s courage and leadership but she has shown it. And history will judge her well for when all faltered to show courage, worse still, let the challenges brought the worst out of them, Angela Merkel did not falter. And it should be applauded. But she must now be supported by the UN and the EU for it is a gigantic task to accommodate, support and bring back to life all the sheer number of people Germany has taken in. It is not just a matter of throwing money into it. The most severely impacted economy of the Eurozone is Greece that finds herself at the ‘blazing’ end of the fire of this crisis and who has been left almost entirely up to her own devices. This must come to an end. The countries at the receiving end of this, Greece, Italy and so on must be offered support from the UN and the European Union.  

The Migrant Crisis

The European politics makes migrant almost like a ‘dirty’ word. Yet the UN must deal with the migrant crisis at its source. The Sustainable Development Goals would mean nothing unless it is able to bring resources to support the origin of the desperation and develop frameworks in those countries from where the migrants are flowing out, i.e: food for work through infra-structure building projects etc. This is the only way the migrants could be stopped to flow out and seek to reach richer countries of the World, Europe being closer to them is the fast target.  

Further, the modern world and world economy simply won’t work unless there are migrant workers; one only needs to look at the world and look at all the building construction projects, research and education and the profession and practice of medicine and the national health services across the globe. The UN and all its relevant agencies must work to better facilitate ‘proper’ and legitimate movement of migrant workers so that this ‘illegal’ flow that is dangerous and counter-productive, can be stopped.  

The UN may not be the best of organisations with all its weaknesses and problems, lack of power and resources but that is the best the world and humanity have got. Anyone could make a mess and leave it but the mess does not stop messing up things and that mess can only be rescued by this UN. For if there is no UN who or what else have the world and humanity have got left to think about the world problems that threaten the entire humanity? National governments are run in a culture of ‘bubble-sphere’ in which they lock themselves in so that the outer world does not exist in their conscious doings. If one needs to see this point blazingly clear: just recall what is happening in American politics now. It all shows, says and illustrates: to these people involved in this American politics and electioneering: the world really does not exist for them.  

The global powers must wake up and support the UN. The EU must support the UN and all governments of the worlds, Russia, America, China, Brazil, India, Australia, and others, all bodies and organisations must support and demand that the UN be supported for without the UN no one else (as organisations or bodies) has the spread, reach, depth, capabilities organisation, administration and legitimacy to deal with the world. The World must work as one and act as one and act fast. For without it these sufferings of millions of people and the issues and difficulties they raise have the potential to bring down the entire world and its structures, let alone the European Union (which is receiving and dealing with the highest magnitude of this threat) for desperation brings the worst out of humanity. Not only that, the longer it goes on, it appears, the quicker it brings about,  the worst out of those who are not suffering but responding out of fear, out of ‘generated phobia and hatred’ and out of simple, indifference. Most importantly, the longer this goes on the easier it becomes to set in stronger a prospect for public oblivion to set in which is the most deadly thing that could threaten us: public oblivion to set in so that everyone gets used to it all because of the public oblivion that has set in in a supreme state.

We must choose to stay at the best that we could become.

A disabled refugee, bundled up against the cold, outside one of the tents MSF has been allowed to erect outside the petrol station that has become a holding area for refugees and migrants trying to reach the border. Image: Dimitris Tosidis: IRIN News

The Humanion hopes, wishes and urges, Parliaments, Councils, Institutions, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Speakers, MPs, Lords and Ladies, Senators and Leaders of Parties and Groups to think really long and hard before they say anything about anything. Opinions that are baseless, misinformed, misguided, ignorant and unhelpful are better left unuttered. For anything and anyone can cause a furore but what we need is the best of humanity to deal with the most dreadfully, most horrible and most heart-wrenching tragedies caused to millions of humans by the worst of humanity. It is time to bring out the best of humanity in us so to raise ourselves to help the fallen to rise again (for they fell at the depth of desperate miseries because of the actions of the worst of humanity).

This is not a difficult choice: Angela Markel has made it; let the world follow.

The Humanion

P: 010216




Poets' Letter Magazine Archives Poetry Pearl : Katherine Michaud


On Junior Doctors' Strike: May Common Sense Prevail and, May It Prevail Soon


Even if all other issues were taken out of the contract negotiation and only safety issue remain outstanding we would still be out here on strike; because it is about safety, both of patients and of doctors. Dr Ganan Sritharan , Geriatrics Doctor at St Mary's Hospital, at the Picket Line yesterday.

The Junior Doctors (which is quite a misleading term, since these are qualified doctors, they may be young, who have done their post qualification training and worked quite many years in the profession) Contract Dispute has been going on for quite a long period which should not have been going on! The term dispute suggests there is a need to to negotiate as parties disagree.


Remembering John Nash and paraphrasing him in this manner that unless the negotiating parties begin with the mindset to seek and achieve the common best interest of  for all in order to achiever their self-best-interest they fail to achieve either. If they, instead start from the other end all end up having not achieved their own self-best interest; in effect harming themselves in the process. Here the parties are both part of the 'public service' which in principle should mean the left arm is dealing with the right arm. Therefore, there cannot be two differing, opposing principle difference between the parties for they both are part of the 'public service'. If that's where the parties started things would be different. But the Government went the wrong way round without acknowledging this principle. National Health Service is one of the highest most precious things in the United Kingdom and no one can doubt that both party in this dispute must and do accept this. Yet the adversarial attitude of the Government (using 'childish language' to express that threat, i.e the threat to impose the contract unilaterally) which only generated an adversarial response that did not help anyone. Instead, it made things difficult, to put it mildly. At this juncture, where the industrial actions have begun and the junior doctors are on the street the Government must take responsibility and own to this principle position: the junior doctors are not adversaries to the Government but a significant and indispensible part of a paramount public service (so is the Government itself) and put all its energy into a positive urgency to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


A contract of employment cannot be unilaterally varied by one party alone but must be negotiated and accepted by the party that has to accept that variation. Even the Government must (even when it has the power to impose such variation) therefore, seek to negotiate with a fair play basis and deal with the other party (here the Junior Doctors' Representative BMA) fairly and equitably. To threaten a party one is negotiating with is not an 'equitable' way to deal with one's negotiating partner nor is it cultural good manners. And such a threat, if carried out, might as well end up creating thousands of claims of 'constructive dismissal' (whatever the individual merits of each claim may be). To put simply these are not wise, serious and prudent expressions of leading minds. The  Government here is the 'powerful' party and they ought to take the role of leadership and not become involved in petty 'blaming game'.

Human Rights

The Junior Doctors we have spoken to in the course of yesterday at the picket line overwhelmingly expressed one unified point and position in one voice which finds the best expression in the words of Dr Ganan Sritharan, a Geriatrics Doctor at St Mary's Hospital, with whom we spoke at the Picket Line: ''Even if all other issues were taken out of the contract negotiation and only safety issue remain outstanding we would still be out here on strike; because it is about safety, both of patients and of doctors.''

Dr Sritharan and others we spoke to reiterated the same thing that this industrial action is not simply about money. It is about safety of doctors and patients for over worked doctors are not going to be safe for patients. All of them expressed their concerns about the current disputed contract that they believe is taking away the safeguards to stop junior doctors working unsafe hours ( which has been in practice for many years  ad which imposed a duty on the NHS employers to ensure that doctors are not working unsafe hours) so that both the doctors and patients are facing the risk. It is, in their opinion, about safety not just for doctors but for patients, too.

And these doctors are already working long hours. This would have implications to their human rights since these doctors have families, a lot them would have young children. If they are forced to work too long hours ( and unsafe) that would put detrimental pressures on their work-life balance and severely restrict and impinge on their ability to lead and live a normal family life which would constitute a breach of their human right ( and the human rights of their family members).


We live in a money based system. We even have to pay a salary to the priests/imams/rabbis. The Health Secretary himself, the Prime Minister gets paid a salary. So would we have to pay for their work, the junior doctors. If the contract has financial implications for the junior doctors they have every right to seek to redress it. There is nothing wrong with this. Further to this point, to become qualified as a doctor one follows a very long, arduous and financially challenging course. One parent once expressed a sense of astonishment that their child seems to have been studying Medicine for eternity. Having done all that if a doctor has still to worry about managing an honourable life than how do we expect to encourage youngsters to join the profession of Medicine. Even the Hippocratic Oath provides that for the Doctors:

''If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.''

And on the outset, it has been reported, the Government and BMA agree that this new contract is 'cost neutral'. And yet this dispute drags on.


Politics is adversarial but negotiation cannot be adversarial; it must be humanical. Both parties, the Government and BMA must seek to  look and see the common interest of the NHS for the United Kingdom Government cannot be a body that wants to harm the NHS and the doctors (young or consultants) the very fabric and foundation of that NHS cannot be treated, seen or presented as some force hostile and seeking to harm the NHS.

May Common Sense Prevail and, Prevail May It Soon

NHS is the Jewel of the nations of The United Kingdom ( which enjoys the works, services, dedications and achievements of some of the most advance-achieving physicians/researchers/professors/minds in the entire world and the young doctors are the future Rosalind Franklyns, Alexander Flemings, Laura Bassis, Avicennas and the like) for which the Government should lead with equitable manner and attitude and those in the Government who are leading this negotiation must lead like leaders. Spinning, blaming and seeking to gain political scores are neither helpful nor welcome. In the end, having heard the young doctors on the picket line we gathered  a sense of minds that are honest, decent, hard working ( who are genuinely in love with the work they do and the very NHS they serve) and highly intelligent skilful people who would rather not picket on the street, holding banners and cards.

Let these wonderful NHS wonder-workers go back to their hospital- miracle-places. May common sense prevail and, may it prevail soon.

The Humanion

P: 130116




America: Do Not Let the Light Die Out

This is About Time The Republican Party Stands up and Be Counted if America is What She Tells the World She is

Hillary Clinton Statement on Passage of Every Student Succeeds Act

“Today we saw what is possible in America when Congress puts its partisan interests aside and works towards making high-quality education a priority for every child. The Every Student Succeeds Act is not perfect, but it puts us on a path to provide states and teachers flexibility to serve the needs of their students while also ensuring schools are held accountable to raise achievement for all students—particularly for low-income students, students of color, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities. The bill retains a commitment to high academic standards, enables communities to strike a better balance on testing, requires districts and states to take action to turn around struggling schools, and allows states to take a holistic approach when measuring school success.

“The legislation also authorizes critical resources to support teacher development, increase access to early childhood education, and expand high-quality public charter schools. While today represents important bipartisan progress, we must be mindful of the work that lies ahead. Effectively implementing this law will take commitment and cooperation—by our parents, teachers, schools and states. It will also require that the federal government continue to play a critical role in working towards an America where a world-class education is available to every child. That includes overseeing the design and implementation of effective state accountability systems. It also requires that funding be provided for the promises laid out in this legislation, and that we work together to increase our investment in universal preschool and other early learning initiatives, so that every child can start school ready to build on the strong start they gained before Kindergarten. Only then, will the Every Student Succeeds Act live up to the vital promise that its title bears.”

We put this here, to make a point, ( Hillary Clinton Issued this statement yesterday). A non American (even an American) reading this would think, this is the kind of language a presidential candidate should use, these are the kinds of issues, matters, concerns they must articulate for these are the things in which a nation's true interests lie in. Compare this as to the language and the profanity and lunacy going on around in the political spheres of America today and one would feel bewildered.

Quoting from what President Barack Obama said to the American people in his Address to the nation on Sunday, December 6,  2015: ''My fellow Americans, I am confident we will succeed in this mission because we are on the right side of history. We were founded upon a belief in human dignity — that no matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or what religion you practise, you are equal in the eyes of God and equal in the eyes of the law.''

If America is not aspiring to be a place, a land, a country and a nation that strives and stretches to its utmost limits to reach a state where 'human dignity-that no matter who you are, or where you come from or what you look like, or what religion you practise, you are equal in the eyes of God and equal in the eyes of the law'' is true ( people who do not have faith would have no problem taking the part: equal in the eyes of the law) than what is it seeking to be? What kind of a place is it going to be if it begins to tolerate and breed the poisonous socio-political atmosphere to breed  racism, fascism, discrimination and hatred.

America became America proper not just simply fighting for and winning her liberation but by joining and fighting fascism and nazism in the second world war along with like-minded other nations. For in that fight she lost too much, she gave too much and, she has earned, learned and shone too much: that sacrifice, that fight, that stance, that earning, that knowledge and that light is of the light of human dignity, of human decency, of the sanctity of life, of fundamental freedoms, civil liberties and human rights, of democracy and of that eternal desire to make a stance against evil, make a choice to make a stand against the absolute, worst and repugnant depravity, cruelty, brutality, ferocious, barbaric dare of evil against the sanctity of life that fascism/Nazism posed against humanity. This very fascism is raising its ugly heads in very many guises. The Republicans ought to make a stand. The Americans ought to make a stand. America ought to make a stand.

But why is all this for if America is now faced with the prospect of letting herself be ridiculed by prospective presidential candidates of a supposedly democratic, secular party who can easily be the founding elements of bringing fascism to mainstream politics in America ( it is not that there were no such people in America; there were as there are in all countries and nations in the world who dream and work to bring about fascism to life; they may have different names but they are there all over the world and everywhere it is the forces of democracy, civil liberties and human rights that are fighting against them and, they must continue to do so).

There are all sorts of negative and outright racist, macho-chauvinistic, and fascist views being expressed in so called inner party campaign theatre of poisonous adversarial politics in all sorts of despicable manners, methods, styles and mannerisms in which the leader may be one person but it seems they come in a swarm.

Our view is of humanical nature so that we do not take the view of getting into personal attacks and bring ourselves down to the level where human dignity, decency and tools of reason are lost ( and if that happens where is the point of saying or doing anything for we have already lost even before setting out.)

So we are not going to join in personal attacks and belittling and getting involved into a negative nasty sideshow. This is a profound and serious matter where neither simple emotiveness nor cheap sarcasm is useful; nor should it be used for fascism, just even the mention of it should bring a chill down the spines of all Americans for the world has not forgotten what an absolute evil it is and what evil it can bring about. And we have enough fascists in the world in vary many names who are challenging the very fabrics  of humanity and the sanctity of life around the globe.

America has lot more and much more bigger problems than just dealing with the threat of terrorism or terrorist attacks.

What are these bigger problems:

1. The problem of the Constitution itself in relation to gun and gun ownership (among other issues) for the guns have made America a place where human lives have no values: whether they are yellow, blue, grey or turquoise lives it does not matter. Lives have no value: money has. Those who have money can and do dictate. Every year, almost every day, someone or other taking the guns (and the law) in their hands and going on killing rampage. Are these not lives that are being slaughtered? It does not matter who are killing but they are killing, with easily available guns, innocent people. And the gun owners seem to have found their battle ally in the constitution and the American so called political elite are scared to death of the so called gun lobby, again, primarily, because they they need their support for the election funds.

2. The death penalty: America cannot live and call itself a democratic country where rule of law, human rights and civil liberties are alive if it continues to kill people by the law. Death penalty is jurisprudentially insupportable, philosophically unacceptable, morally incomprehensible, ethically infinitely heavy to bear by a single conscience, politically unworkable and, most fundamentally, it is absolutely beyond any sense or reason whatsoever. Just because a misguided and politically motivated majority wants security the state cannot use that majority support as justification to 'lawfully' kill people. As no person or group of persons has any right to kill nor does any organisation or state have a right to kill. And America must choose and uphold this principle. It is not a matter of majority support or of political foot-balling.

3. The Criminal liability of a minor: this is absolutely beyond words: in this day in age this cannot be happening in America where a child is being held criminally liable. This should make America wake up in horror. The fact that it is still possible in America is beyond belief!

4. The fallen apart law enforcement system where it appears again lives have no value and no one seems to bother about what havoc and tragedies this has been causing America. It is not reported so widely so that the world knows about it; but it is happening in all across American villages, towns and cities in America where lives are being lost because of that break down of law enforcement. Again, if American mainstream politics is now getting mired in 'racist and fascist' attitudes and practices, is it a wonder that the law enforcement is contaminated by these attitudes. America must sort out her law enforcement: if lives have no value (regardless of what kind of lives these are) why laws are enforced? For what purpose are the laws if lives have no value and they can be cut short because of 'faulty and broken' law enforcement?

5. The Lost of the Land of the free: the millions that are living in absolute abject poverty, children, elderly and frail, people with disabilities. This is happening in all America; in cities and towns. Let us not pretend that in America people are all billionaires: in America people are queuing at food banks and are unable to feed their children. And despite of this problem getting worse American politics is getting busy about masochism, racism, fascism and attacks are launched 'legitimately' against  all sorts of minorities or 'blocks' of people as if America has not got problem to sort out. 

6. The lost of the Financial Crash: the communities, cities and towns that have simply become 'graveyards' where lives have simply been written off. What about seeking to resurrect these lives, these communities, cities and towns.

7. The Gangs and Drugs

8. Crimes too high, too much and too wide

9. Murders of all kinds and manners: too many people are dying as a result of too much crimes

10. Political parties and elites have become absolutely separated from the people

11. Pollution, carbon emission, use of 'dirty' fuel and most worryingly, there are people in America who find it acceptable to debate and dispute science and mathematics. America has a serious problem of culture: a culture of accepting the truth, a culture of science and mathematics. Political acceptability or majority has nothing to do with science or mathematics.

13. The endless flow and absolute suffering of the unemployed and unemployable

14. The lost America: the homeless

15. The forgotten America: the 'illegal immigrants' who are 'outside' everything and in a life of misery.

16. Fragmented nature of America ( in the manner in which its centres being fragmented and spread about in states that are are disjointed and that have no proper way of connecting and interacting to be truly in tune)

17. Equally fragmented education system

18. Bi-partisan political culture that has been taken over by money where people have hardly any say: people who are supposed to be members of these two parties.

19. The lone tendency of isolationism as if America is alone in the world.

This list could go on. So America does not have just one tiny little problem but many a one about which political parties and their debates should concentrate. Instead what the world sees is astonishingly self-defeating that a democratic party, albeit, conservative, the Republican Party, is letting itself become the platform of bringing racism/fascism in America.

In this what has been happening in this sphere of politics has been shocking to the world and it appears that the world is beyond shock for anything and everything appears possible and there does not appear to be any lower limits of the gutter.

And here we face a dangerous situation in the world of so many a problem including the fascism by many terrorist groups in many parts of the world along with thousands of other problems and issues that the world and humanity are facing. But in America it appears that along with these negativity, depravity and nauseating debacles something else has been brought about: isolationism. America is not an island; she is part of the world and part of the whole of humanity and she must not only remain so but remain so with her heart body and soul.

But leaving all that separate: this is not just about America for America is too big a unit of the world that would be brought to too little and to too insignificance if she falls victims of racism and fascism. And here comes the part the Republican Party must play now.

The world knew that the Republicans are conservatives where there are many groups housed and they are called by many a name; but the world did not know that it is a party that harbours prospective racists and fascists in its rank and file.

There rang out voices of disbelief, disgusts, horror condemnation as to what not just one candidate has been saying and making it clear that fascism is where all these evil grew. Most importantly, it has brougt about the frightening prospect that masochism, maso-chauvinism, racism, fascism is acceptable. People in America and all over the world are appalled by what is happening in America and it is time this Republican Party stands up, takes responsibility and be counted.

For it must stand up and say: yes we are going to be a racist party, a fascist party, a masochistic party, Chauvinistic party or we are not going to tolerate any of it; in the later case, it then ought to deal with the so called candidates who harbour, promote and campaign on racism and fascism in their minds, actions and propaganda.

It is time for action: the world would like to see the Republican Party define itself here and make history by uprooting the weed that is grown and tearing the fabrics of America. The question is: are the Republicans going to take up this challenge and stand up to it and put a stop to this nausea, this madness that has the potential to destroy America for the world cannot see anything resembling America if it tolerates and accepts and lets itself to be led by the likes of which are now raging from the platform of the Republican Party. It is time: it is time: it is time before it is too late.

And the American public, the media and the other candidates all must take their responsibility seriously and make it count for otherwise America will sleep walk into fascism and it would be too late to do anything.

Do not let the light die out America.

The Humanion

December 10, 2015




Syria Requires the Hardest of Work and This Government Initiative Seeking to Expand British Bombing in Syria is Offering a Futile Gesture to It

We begin by quoting from The Summary of The 2nd Report of The Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiries : The Extension of Offensive British Military Operation to Syria : ''In the face of a humanitarian and security catastrophe, there is a powerful sense that something must be done in Syria. We agree that it is a key British national interest to defeat ISIL and we consider this to be a necessary goal for the UK. However, we believe that there should be no extension of British military action into Syria unless there is a coherent international strategy that has a realistic chance of defeating ISIL and of ending the civil war in Syria. We consider that the focus on the extension of airstrikes against ISIL in Syria is a distraction from the much bigger and more important task of finding a resolution to the conflict in Syria and thereby removing one of the main facilitators of ISIL’s rise. We were not persuaded by the Government’s attempts to treat ISIL in Syria and the broader Syrian civil war as separate issues, and note that our witnesses called for a more joined-up strategy to tackle closely interlinked crises.''

This summarises in the best possible precision and clarity that despite the general consensus that have gathered momentum (since the terrorist atrocities in Paris as well as in other places, committed by ISIL ) of dealing with ISIL to degrade and destroy it, the reality on the ground of Syria from and around which ISIL operates and runs its atrocities is mind bogglingly complex that unless the entire world comes together and works within international law and the auspices of the United Nations so that there is a committed, continuous and viable political mechanism in place with a clearly set out agenda, plan and vision of what and how things would progress once military campaign is over, in parallel with the likely military campaign, the United Kingdom cannot be taken into extending the bombing campaign in Syria against ISIL.

As the Summary makes it clear this initiative has no merits in terms of  set out clear and achievable objectives: none whatsoever.

The vital questions that must be asked and answered are:

Why is this bombing to take place? To destroy ISIL? The bombing has been going on by others including America and France for a long time? Has it succeeded? No. Bombing alone cannot ever succeed in destroying a doggedly fanatic army that occupies a vast area of a difficult terrain and a place whose political volatile, fluid and deadly dynamics made the reality million times more complex because of the multi-layered and multi-faceted civil war that has been going on for years and which is helping and strengthening this very force. And on top of that it is being helped because of the disunity and antagonism among the geo-political parties that are already involved in this volatiles mix.

If the bombing that has so far been undertaken has not succeeded in destroying ISIL what would some other UK bombs would add to this evidence that bombing so far has failed? Nothing.

Moreover, not only all the bombings so far have failed to destroy ISIL, it is increasingly being clear that this strategy is showing evidence of becoming useless unless it is supported by ground force so that the bombings have an end so support: not just to bomb ISIL but where it is hurt territories are taken from it (where some form of civil structure would begin to develop and people will begin to return there which will begin the process of rebuilding and create opportunities for civil leadership and administration to arise).

And suppose that the bombing succeeds 'locally' and as the Foreign Affairs Committee Report suggests and an area is 'vacated' who is going to take that area over and run it so that ISIL does not come back to it? The answer is no one knows for there are so many groups and parties in their that no one has a real understanding of their composition, ideology or priorities or allegiances? So that that 'vacated' place might be filled with other ISIL like off-spring groups.

The question at this moment is not about whether it would be legal to go to war against ISIL because all that ISIL has done against a whole host of nations that it would hypothetically be acceptable to assume that it would be legal under the international law of self defence; however, the recent Security Council Resolution, adopted last week, is strong enough to make it legal. In either case, it is not the question whether it is legal but whether it is pragmatic because being legal alone, does not offer it any guarantee of success but being pragmatic with it offers not a guarantee but almost the strongest possible conviction of success. Situations like this there can never be a guarantee.

The reality is so complex on the ground that even if it is legal and every country of world wants to go to war against ISIL the difficulties still remain because not only of the vary many hundreds, possibly thousands of different groups fighting (often who knows who they are fighting against, for or with): the difficulty of getting Syria out of that deadly civil (and the geo-proxy war) so that the death, destruction, suffering and the flow of millions of refugees stop. So that there arises a new state with a viable government that works and builds the nation in a democratic and secular society.

Therefore, to make it about this persona or that, about this party leader's presentation or that party leader's stance and make it sound a matter of as trivial a thing as punch and judy is not helpful. In fact, it is sad and disappointing to see happen.

A country must not go to war on emotive basis or on the basis that its Prime Minister says that he has checked his conscience; it must go to war as an absolute necessity that cannot be avoided. Because the very fulfilment of that very absolute necessity, (in WW2 the absolute necessity was to stand against Hitler and stop his advance, degrade, destroy and defeat him) is measured by the achievements of the objectives: to stand against Hitler, stop his advance, degrade, destroy and defeat him which could not have been achieved otherwise than by the act of war. In other words: if there are no clearly set out objectives that are realistic, clear and measurably achievable a country must not go to war. In the current case under review there is no such thing present not because the necessity is not there but because the enormity of the complexity of reality is such that the necessity cannot be responded to so easily just by waging a war but by following the hardest of ways than war. The war is not the hardest of thing: peace is.

It is a matter of absolute gravity and the British Government must not (should take heed as to what happened in the very near past) seek to try and force the country into a pointless exercise.

What is required has a definite military element to it that must come as a one world/United Nations mandate and within the auspices of the UN but the purpose of the military element is to establish the political so that war is ended and peace arises with a viable government and in the process ISIL is destroyed.

This is the hardest possible work and all the countries in the world , the United Kingdom should lead in this initiative, should seek a solution of this deadly problem at the United Nations. Diplomatic and political process must bring together a viable force on the ground so that a military campaign has forces on the ground who are Syrian and fighting to re-establish Syria and peace on a democratic and secular course.

This is wrong for the Current Government to bring this to the House and forcing a vote. There is no case that can be made for futile intervention unless this intervention produces results.

We repeat from The Foreign Affairs Committee Report : ''there should be no extension of British military action into Syria unless there is a coherent international strategy that has a realistic chance of defeating ISIL and of ending the civil war in Syria.''

Instead, what the British Government should do is to work with France ( that has been seeking to broaden and bring closer the major forces and doing it admirably for it is France that has achieved the Security Council Resolution), America, Russia and China and all other EU countries, too, and work as a bridging force and bring together the Security Council Members and work towards bringing all the forces involved in bombing in Syria under one joint command structure so that the mechanism of military campaign is there to bring out the best possible outcome of the campaign. And work and bring together the countries of the Arab world. And at the same time, work tirelessly at the UN and with the UN and seek to nurture, develop and enhance the political process so that all the moderate forces in Syria are brought together and encouraged and supported to work together so that both elements of the strategy to end the war and bring peace ( military campaign and political process on the ground and these automatically destroy ISIL in the process) are present so that not only the objectives become just possible but achievable. Now, all this sounds rather complex, hard and tiresome work: who said peace is easy? And work of achieving is short?

It is neither a time for rhetoric nor of symbolic gestures: where the hardest of work is required we ought not fail to take up the challenge and go and seek to build that hardest of path so that hardest of tasks can be accomplished to achieve the highest of rewards: ending the war in Syria (in the process destroying ISIL and its allies) and bring peace with a viable government, ready, committed, willing and determined to rebuild the country and nation in a secular democratic path so that this endless death and destruction and, suffering of millions of people come to end, so that millions of refugees spread around the world can go back home and so that the world could speak of ISIL in the past tense, so that people watching a concert in Paris or watching a football game in a national stadium or sleeping in their beds at a hotel in Mali or in Lebanon or on a Plane going home over Sinai (the Russian Plane) or going to work in the morning on the tube (7/7) in London or in Madrid or in Manhattan (11/9)are not slaughtered by these terrorists (whatever they call themselves).

The Humanion

Posted on : November 27, 2015




Editorial Appeal: Support The Guardian and Observer Charity Appeal 2015 for Refugees

Katharine Viner


Editor in Chief  Photo: The Guardian

In launching the Appeal The Guardian/Observer Editor in Chief Katharine Viner writes: ''This year’s Guardian and Observer charity appeal is for refugees. The unprecedented flight of men, women and children from the war in Syria has captured the world’s attention, while around the globe there are 20 million people seeking sanctuary from war and oppression, in search of a life worth living.
Most have fled to countries which are themselves poor and unstable. More than one million of the most vulnerable urgently need resettling. This is the crisis of our times, and how we respond to it is a test of our values, our spirit, our ingenuity, our generosity.''

And apart from hunger, tiredness, lack of sleep (sleep deprivation is one of the worst possible torture for a human being), exhaustion and fatigue, the winter is coming and cold is probably worse than anything that has been mentioned so far in the sentence for it would kill fast ( and initiate a whole list of diseases breaking out) the most vulnerable; the children, the ill and the elderly and people with disabilities as well as those with mental illnesses, those suffering the trauma of their current reality ( in the cold, in the mud, faced with hostile reception, lack of food and drink and urgent medication), as well as those who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and other serious mental conditions that are by products of escaping terror, violence and destruction (for these people have not just left their homes; their homes were destroyed with most of their possessions both physical and metaphorical and family and relations with them). We agree with Katharine Viner: ''This is the crisis of our times, and how we respond to it is a test of our values, our spirit, our ingenuity, our generosity.''

And our humanity. We have used only two photos here. Look at the real faces of this Crisis: the babies, the young children and look where they are: on muddy fields! And there are hundreds of thousands of them, over a million of them: suffering in absolutely inhumane conditions. Whatever we may call a rose, paraphrasing William Shakespeare, Jerusalem or English Rose, it is still a Rose: in harsh, hostile, hard, lack and low weather it suffers, withers and dies away. Whatever might be the boxes and jackets or name tags of identities that are applied to these people they are still as much humanity as we are. And like the Rose, like us: faced with the harsh, hostile, lack and low of human 'weather' they are suffering, withering away. This cannot we accept. This must not we accept. This must not define our humanity.

The Humanion Invites All Visitors and Readers to Try and Do Something for The Guardian and Observer Charity Appeal 2015 for Refugees ( Launched today). Thank you.

The Guardian and Observer Charity Appeal 2015 for Refugees

The Humanion

Posted on: November 26, 2015



The World is in Crisis: Humanity Must Act, Europe Must Stand up With Courage

No crisis just happens and appears instantaneously but each of them builds up towards a magnitude impossible over a period of time and then breaks out and begins to be treated as a crisis. When the world hears of a crisis this is when it has become impossible and started to impact on the rest of the world. The current crises that are now threatening the stability and peace of the world, particularly, European Union, has been in the making for years and years in which the world and humanity failed miserably to come together and do something to avoid these crises becoming so. The major governments of the so called powerful countries tried their hardest to bypass and weaken the United Nations (in this regards, United States and United Kingdom would be liable to take major part in responsibilities) the body which was supposed to be working for world peace and for the entire human race. The Afghanistan Invasion, Iraq Invasion and then the involvement in Libya all of which were done not by the United Nations but by individual countries coming in alliance. These should have been done, if they were deemed to be necessary, by and through the United Nations. However, the current world crises have two elements to it: the migrant crisis and the refugee crisis. For both these problems the only body capable of doing something effectively is and must be the United Nations. Let us look at these two crises.

The primary and most immediate is the humanitarian refugee crisis that has developed primarily because of the civil war in Syria and the dark rise of the violent group in Syria that claims to have established a 'caliphate' (in that the forces opposed to Assad regime but not extremist in political nature became side lined and lost the momentum, making Assad regime relatively better positioned)

Yet, great number of the Syrian population has been displaced and became refugees in neighbouring countries who did not receive much support from the world communities and the United Nations did not offer effective support to them in time.  

Even now this UN support is not strong enough or good enough. What did not help is the fall, destruction and disappearance of the state, nation and government of Libya so that the land fell victim of lawlessness and rule of thugs, guns and criminals. Now, because Turkey has such a large shore line that is impossible for the government on its own to patrol and stop desperate people jumping onto boats that are not safe or suitable for the journeys they were undertaking people were needlessly dying. But that became a route out towards Europe of these desperate people who went to the human traffickers who took this opportunity to make money. The same happened around the coast of Libya and there is no one to stop this happening for there is no government nor law enforcing agencies there to even put up any barriers.  

In fact, the criminal gangs started using this as a new found opportunity to make lot of money to buy weapons to establish their reign so that these flows of desperate people began in earnest that continued for some time which continue still. With this flow of refugees from Syria added the human traffickers of the world the other groups from desperately poor parts of the world where there was no opportunity for people to ever get jobs to be able to support their family. They pay the traffickers who then take them towards these destinations from where they merge them with the flowing refuges who then turn up in Europe.  

Europe is facing these flows of thousands and thousands of these people who are desperate and suffering and seeking sanctuary and it seems that Europe still could not work out a system of working together as one. The way these crises, primarily starting with the migrants arriving through the Mediterranean onto the shores of countries like Italy, Malta and France and these initial arrival of the migrants and all those who drowned along the passage and got lost no one in the world in term of governments and the United Nations did much. The EU still is adversarial and thinking in national caps and miserably failed to take this problem seriously and then the flow of the refugees increased because the situation began to be more desperate in the places where they were staying in other countries. Now these people are flowing in and there is chaos in the bordering EU countries in which Hungary stands alone in the harsh and questionable way they treated these desperate people.  

It is not helpful nor acceptable the language the Hungarian Prime Minister used in relation to the refugees. This day in age such language is not acceptable and the EU does not, should not, ought not, must not stand for this sort of nazi-like views which most Hungarian ( we hope) would find difficult to stomach. However, other countries, particularly, Germany and Austria have shown the world that they have not forgotten the second world war and they have not forgotten how to be human and stand up to accept their moral duty as human beings to offer sanctuary to those seeking a sanctuary out of desperation. And here smaller and relatively poorer countries like Serbia, Croatia and the others did their best in this situation in which they found themselves at the pathway.

However, the UK and the wonderful nations of the British Isles, the English, Scots, Wales and the Irish ( northern) has been made ashamed by the way the British Government behaved and still does towards this absolute humanitarian crises unfolding before our very eyes. British people are ashamed of this and they have set out their non-governmental way of doing anything and everything to be of any help to these refugees. The world has not seen such exodus of humanity since the second world war. It is not acceptable to reason and to the name of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is simply not acceptable. Britain is a country in the world and she has taken a serious and most involved attitudes in the world in her history and this isolationism, taken by the current government is not at all helping Britain it terms of her standing in the world. Isolationism is self defeating and Britain must not take that path.

We are a country that is part of the nations of the European Union and we must take part in all its aspirations as well as its difficulties. It is not acceptable that British government looks away telling the world the British people are mean and non-caring to the suffering of fellow human beings and that we do not have a valid, genuine and urgent concern to ensure that the world is being run under the rule of law and that international laws are enforced.  If this were to be the way than what kind of country Britain is heading to become in the World?

The EU must bring its acts together and all the EU countries should do their fair share of the burdens that the EU faces now as a matter of absolute urgency. It must not be left to Germany or one or two other countries. It would be a shame if this situation is let to go on like this. The EU must come together and unite to seek to try and achieve one purpose: to deal with this emergency in the immediate term. 

However, that does not still solve the problems of the flowing exodus of suffering humanity. Russia’s sudden and unilateral involvement in Syria did not at all help the situation; rather it is going to complicate matters further and common sense dictates that more people are going to be forced to leave Syria and further stretch the already stretched support structures of the neighbouring countries, such as Turkey, Jordan etc. Europe must seek to use the United Nations route and channel effective support (not just throwing money) to the governments of these countries burdened by the millions of refugees so that they are able to provide, support and shelter the refugees properly. Further, international mechanism need to to be set through United Nations along with the governments concerned so that an international force under the leadership of those countries are set in place to ‘police and guard’ the shorelines of those countries from where the traffickers are setting the desperately people to the sea.

Further to this the United Nations must be strengthened so that it could bring about some form of consensus among the security council permanent members to seek a political resolution to the Syrian crises.  In this the United Nations itself should take some initiative attempting to bring the big guns of the security council together. Russia is isolated for many reasons but the truth is it simply won't accept force or won't be told. Other powers must seek to see that Russia needs to be treated as part of the global system of power. This does not mean what Russia is doing is right but it means that pragmatism must always give way and must always find a way if we were to seek peace for President Putin knows his people ( despite how he is disliked outside his country) and their nostalgia of the former 'glory' days of the Soviet Union ( in which they were counted as a 'world power') and he is absolutely in tune with it and knows how to use this to his advantage. This is the same attitude of the people of America that is rising in strength: they are singing 'Make America Great Again'. We are not getting into that; suffice to say, Russia must be brought into effective fold of the Security Council so that the Council can work and achieve things. Otherwise, instead of solving them the United Nations would create more problems for itself and in the process the world would go to ruin as we can see happening. This is not to suggest what Russia has been doing over the recent past can be over looked or must be overlooked but diplomacy musst find a way to succeed for otherwise we end up with guns and wars which we have already too many and too much.

However, even before that is attempted, Libya must be brought under the auspices of the United Nations for the sole purpose of helping to set up a transitional government of some sort so that there is some mechanism working to develop this lawless land back into a state, government and one day it might bring about a nation again. All countries and, particularly, the European Union must seek to achieve this in order to really deal with the current migrant and refugee crisis in the long run.

Looking inward microscopically is not a rational answer; not for Europe nor for any of its members nor is it a way for any big or small country of the world. People who speak of building walls have forgotten the fate of the Berlin Wall. Walls have never worked and they shall never do. Europe stands for liberty and it must never seek to imprison its own people by walls. 

It requires courage and vision to look at the whole world and see that it is like a human body. If there is an injury and it is left untreated it is going to get infected and then this infection would spread to the neighbouring places! Eventually, if remained untreated, death would ensue followed by lingering agony and suffering. People who speak as if countries of this world are isolated island are living in a world where neither ration nor pity could reach them.

And here we register the fact that the rest of the world, the Americas, Australasia, China, India and other countries, particularly, middle eastern countries seem to take  a view as if this is not their problem, at best and, at worst, let the others deal with it. What are they doing towards this global crisis? Why aren't they lining up at the United Nations screaming for a resolution? Why is it that the humanitarian crisis faced by millions who became an impossible burden on countries who cannot support them on their own and the United Nations lack resources?  Why the world's countries are not standing up to their mark? Is it not about time that we all do stand up and do something, anything, to claim our heritage of humanity, at the least and stand beside those who are in desperate need of humanity for a homeless people is like a homeless human being: they are no longer 'full human beings'. They have lost all and are now in a foreign land under the sky in the grasp of the elements, unable to, even maintain their bare and basic humanity.

Europe is the ultimate light that came out of the horror of the second world war and she must not lose way into the quagmire of petty thinking and silly scaremongering of fear and phobia. Europe must guard her light by standing up to face the problems head on and without compromising her values that, in short are values, of rule of law, democracy, liberty and faith in peace and harmony.

Munayem Mayenin

Posted: October 7, 2015




Fires are Raging Beyond Reach Beyond Care?

''A great tract of Earth is on fire. It looks as you might imagine hell to be. The air has turned ochre: visibility in some cities has been reduced to 30 metres. Children are being prepared for evacuation in warships; already some have choked to death. Species are going up in smoke at an untold rate. It is almost certainly the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st century – so far'', writes George Mobiot in his piece, Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away? in The Guardian

And fire is devouring large chunks of the Amazon as we write and it appears there is nothing to be done about any of it. As if no one has to care and think about the consequences of such things as fire burning our ecology. A fire does not just burn a forest; it kills every living creature (including humans if they are there) living in the visible and invisible ecology of that area that forms part of the eco-grid in which we are essentially a part of and tied to and whatever happens to this 'eco-grid' directly and fundamentally affects us and the earth on which we live.

We pretend how mighty and powerful we have become, we the humans, that is, yet facing the colossal might of nature and the enormity of the spread of the earth with her waters, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and the underground networks of tunnels, caves, lands and skies we find ourselves like leaves of a maple on its branches and twigs being torn apart in a mighty storm. Remember the Tsunami, remember how the sea claimed the Nuclear Reactor and lives in Japan; think of the hurricanes like Katrina, tornadoes, volcanoes, avalanches, floods, landslides, mudslides, storms and you come to realise how insignificant and how impossibly helpless we are before this colossal mighty force of nature.

Add to this, all the fires that happen every year in the Americas and Australasia and Asia and other places which brings us back to our arrogance. Does our arrogance have any rational base to stand on? None whatsoever. We pretend to know all and have all the answers. We pretend that we are at the pinnacle of human heights while the fact is this that humanity is just a crawling baby trying to learn how to crawl. If we compare ourselves of today with the 'cave' people we might appear to ourselves to be quite 'smart', true, but we must compare ourselves, at the same time, with our future version of say, a millennia in the future and, only than today's 'us' would appear a great deal lesser than even the 'cave' people. This should put our arrogance to perspective.

Add to this the sad and tragic stories of the two recent plane crushes: one that went down over the French Alps and the one that disappeared and got scattered over thousands of miles of the ocean. The second being the most significant. You hear it happened and see how helplessly all the nations around that stretch of the waters went struggling to find out where the debris of that plane were scattered. But the waters seemed to be the mightiest of things for where are you going to look? How are you going to look? It seems as if some one was trying to find a grain of sand in the enormous vast darkness of the Universe!

This brings us back to our arrogance and we must ask: this arrogance of ours; how do we deal with it?

We pretend we know all about the earth. This is one of the largest of our falsehoods that we subscribe to? We know almost nothing about the great vast entities we call oceans as to what they foster and support beneath their impenetrable depths. We do not even have the means (technology) to advance studies of this field. How much do we really know about the depth of all the deserts that span thousands of miles on the spread of the earth? We know hardly anything about the 'underground'  life and what life forms live there in the depth of the earth. And our market is not interested in that. Our money is not interested in that.

Yet, we must kick ourselves to wake ourselves up from the 'deadly sleep' and get ourselves released from the deadly arrogance that strangles us. We need to invest ourselves more into learning about the areas and fields of life on earth that so far we have failed to do in order for us to become more able to see and find ourselves in this eco-grid and know what we must do to ensure this beautiful eco-grid remains as beautiful as it has always been.

There must be international systems and mechanism to come to force when a giant fire breaks out or a giant natural disaster begins to unfold so that the local national government is not left alone to fend for itself. For what happens in Indonesia or in the Amazon or in the Australian outback or anywhere else on this earth it impacts and affects the entire eco-grid of the earth and we cannot simply chose to ignore all this and say: well, life goes on.

But it won't go on if we keep letting the eco-grid being torn away gradually and keep this covered in the dark shawl of non-care and don't care.

We might pretend but the problems won't remain 'local' because they essentially always do and will spread. When you move some variables' positions on a grid and you essentially change the entire positionings of all the variables on that grid and the consequences of that must you always remember; when you do something or do not do something.

And often, when we are speaking of a large grid (as in the scale of the earth) it is vital for us to remember that both what we do and what we do not do is equally vital and essential. For if we do things that harms the eco-grid is as bad as when we decide to ignore, not care and block all out as in the case of these fires going on and the local governments are left to deal with it on their own.

We need desperately to wake up and realise that we are one and the same despite being spread about on the earth on the same grid of life; it is beside the point what we call ourselves Germans or Indians or Americans, Australians, Jamaicans, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Russians etc. We must see that we cannot go on the way we are for consuming has an end. When one starts to eat an apple one is soon to finish eating it. That would be the end of the apple.

We cannot sustain ourselves on this path of consuming politics, consuming economics, consuming culture, consuming social and communal practices. We must come to realise quickly and urgently that we must always think of conserving and fostering, nurturing and promoting the very grid of life that supports us for we are destroying it and we do not seem to give a dust about it. We should. We ought. We must. We can only if we choose.

Munayem Mayenin


Posted on : October 31, 2015



Editorial: Rage, rage against the dying of the light: The Conservatives are the 'builders' indeed, of destruction, of demolition and of de-fabrication of the very fabrics of what United Kingdom is about


Rage Rise Against the Slaughter of Wonders

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light',
Of reason of sense of British fair play
Of age old human dream of equality
Of what's British value for life's core

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light'
Rage and rise to bring this lunacy bare
Say it clear say it loud like thunder does
This is enough enough it is enough now

Rage roar rise against the junglification
Of our land where liberty sings humanity
British hands always do open care's map

Rage rise against the slaughter of wonders
Wonders of our isles always housing light
Rage rage rise against 'the dying of the light'

We must borrow from Dylan Thomas for what is happening in the UK is not really bearable to see: the country and the nations within these British isles and the people and communities living in them are deliberately, meticulously, with absolute determination, precision and dogged dogmatism are torn down to pieces bit by bit by this Conservative Government. But the Conservatives propaganda may have won them the election yet they do not seem to be slowing down much with their continuous media orchestration to their 'already established narrative'  and they are adding new things to it that they want to set out as established 'truth'.

As they continue on this path, ruinous and destructive to the very fabrics of society, community, family and social lives the Labour Party seems to be getting into a state of bickering since it appears a lot of Labour MPs think that they are sure that they ought to copy and follow the dangerous path of the Conservatives that they cannot even accept their own party mandate to their new leader and they gladly take every opportunity they find to mouth off their new Leader (without thinking how absolutely disheartening and off putting this is for the people who want them to unite and begin the work of standing strong against the dogmatism that the Conservatives have so far inflicted upon the Country and the working populace) as if they could just wipe history off; what kind of MPs are these Labour MPs? Who are their electorate? Are there not thousands and thousands of working families in their constituencies who have been suffering the devastation caused by the Conservatives? Are these people not going to suffer even more when they are going to receive the severest cuts to their child and tax credits? Are these communities not suffering because of the decay and destructions inflicted upon by the Conservative cuts to services to the young people, to the communities of many disadvantages, disabilities, illnesses? Who are these Labour MPs representing? Their own party members elected this Leader against whom they have continued their bickering from the very start and, it appears that they simply won't accept their own Party's overwhelming mandate for this leader? In fact, they do not even seem to reflect the mandate of their own constituents. Why should they not accept the very mandate of their very own party members? Is this because they do not even accept the mandate of their own constituents who voted for them to stand up and fight for the rights of the working people and, because of this, they find it unacceptable to accept the verdict of the vast majority of the Labour Party when they voted to elect their new leader? These MPs should consult, seriously, their conscience and determine their political prerogative in this representative democracy where, at least, in principle, they are obliged to represent the views of their constituents. We do not think the single mothers, the working parents, the elderly and frail people, people with disabilities  and mental illnesses and communities suffering from the devastating impacts of cuts on vital benefits and services, the young people against whom the Conservatives have declared a war including the students are going agree with these Labour MPs (whom they have elected to represent them) who would not stand up and unite to put a really strong fight for the working people of these wonderful isles?

However, we are here speaking of the Conservatives. Finally, the Conservatives' 'charm-drive' of 'bombarding' people with absolute literary, shall we say, well,, we shall have to make up a new expression, cuckoo-spring-tale-telling which have recently started to be marketed by the Conservative Propaganda Machine:

That the Conservatives are the 'Builders'!

They have cut to the bones to all house building, of social housing and investment in these areas. Indeed, they are the builders! One must need builders to destroy buildings and other constructions such as the people who went and demolish the old blocks of gigantic eye sores of Glasgow recently. The people who demolish and destroy are builders, too. In this sense, the Conservatives are the 'builders' of destruction, demolition and de-fabrication of the very fabrics of what United Kingdom is about. Unlike the Conservatives, the builders and workers who demolished the infamous Glasgow blocks, are the backbone of society: the workers who want to build but their Government wants them to look and admire the skies and not build because they want to destroy but not the rich but the working and low income and poor and middle class families. So here are the 'builders' of the Conservatives.

There cannot be found a single economist who would disagree with this statement ( they may not like it ideologically) that it was a most serious and fundamental achievement of the last Labour Government in the history of the United Kingdom that it had introduced working and child tax credits because of the fact that since the introduction of the universal state benefits it was the most profound effort by a government to make a dent in the redistribution of wealth and, most importantly, it brought millions of people ( families, children, particularly) out of poverty for the first time. People who were forced to work for scandalous wages were given the right to receive a portion of the nation's wealth and live not in poverty even though they were working. Now, why do the Conservatives want to go backward? Because they are one nation? Because they are compassionate? Because they are fiscally responsible? Not for any of these because they are none of these things; no, they want to change it for their dogma. They do not want equality. No, they want their rich happy in their 'free market' ( because the rich of the market pay them enough money to run a propaganda machine in the largest of scale possible to buy with money so to get them elected). 

They are demolishing the entire fabrics of the country and the worst part is that the poor, the low paid, families with young children, the most vulnerable people with vary many types of disabilities, mental illnesses and so on, even the middle income families are paying the 'punitive' price for the 'crime' that they had nothing to do with. The financial sector, the banks and their conglomerates, the hedge funds, the investment portfolios and the rest were let loose by all the governments (nationally and internationally) of major economies including the UK so that they brought down the entire financial system to its knees. And what have the Conservatives done to change that? Nothing really that would bring a dent in the long term. It is not something a national government can deal with effectively alone on its own. In order to establish a real regulatory mechanism to bring all the world banking, investment and financial sectors under real scrutiny and regulatory management to ensure that they operate within the law and to ensure that no criminality including 'criminal' greed makes mockery out of the stability, health and prudence of the system for it is about people and people's lives. Yet, we are nowhere near that state internationally and no one is taking it seriously enough to do something about it, to try. Well, the Conservatives did not have to speak about that at all now since they have 'allocated' the responsibility to the 'Labour Government' that spent too much! ( And Labour appeared in such a muddle that they seemed to almost have accepted this 'allocated' blames and, they lost the election miserably for many reasons, one of which must be this that they were apologising for that 'mistake'! of the Labour Party Government and they wasted all their resources trying hard and failing miserably to appear like the Conservatives! People thought that if they were to have the Conservatives why should they go for the 'pseudo conservatives' in the form of the Labour Party?)

Now, why on earth banks collapse and disappear because the government spent 'too much'? That, the Conservative would not even hear of (because they have already 'allocated' the blame to the Labour Government). Why would people run on the bank if a government spent too much? Why did people run on the bank? Was it not that those banks got themselves sunk in the gutter of greed and recklessness and took the very people down with them whose money they were betting away, gambling? The Conservatives won't have that. And, no one would tell them, if the Labour Government spent too much so that it had run out of money, how come it was the Labour Government that bailed out all the major British Banks and, which stopped the run on the banks and stabilised the Market!

No one was telling them this nor is anyone doing it now so that the Conservatives want to balance the book and would bring gimmicks about fiscal responsibilities. When a Government has 500 million pounds to spend in submarine building but it must cut child and working tax credits, cut local authorities homelessness budgets and other vital services like the fire service, the ambulance service, the police to name but a few, what does it say about that government's 'fiscal responsibilities'? What kind of responsible government would let its fundamental, vital and absolutely necessary heavy and manufacturing industry get destroyed and decayed because of the cuts in services and areas of economic activities that support and sustain this industry? In another ten years' time the United Kingdom looks very much set to become a graveyard of heavy industry? What kind of a responsible government chose that as its priority? To take the country to the grave yard of the heavy industry that makes it great in the first place; what kind of responsible government is it?

There are other serious indications of this in the economy, particularly, the inflation, low productivity. Bank of England could do very little ( say, to help increase the productivity) unless the Government changes its dogmatic path. If the number of people buying and selling have less money to spend then the market would begin to shrink and that will have a ripple effects in all the businesses and their business transactions. Eventually, businesses would shrink and soon begin to get shut out all of which would effect the people working in the market who would begin to lose their jobs that would bring in many folds of people in the receiving end of that down turn of that market. You cut and carry on cutting what are you doing exactly? Taking money out of circulation: money that would go to buy materials to be used in building, recruiting people to deliver services and so on so that people will have jobs so that they have money so that they can buy or rent a home to live and spend in other things that the companies need to sell so that businesses have orders to supply and the suppliers would require trucks and vans and lorries, public transport systems, railways etc and workers to supply these supplies for which roads have to be maintained, bridges have to be maintained and new roads may need to be built in which new investment will need to be made which would generate further growth in relevant sectors. In short, one effects the other that forms a chain that carries on supporting growth and all grows. But you keep cutting and expect the economy to grow. This Conservative pseudo logic comes from books that no one has written but is made up by pure and simple dogmatism alone. And the Conservatives have taken the view that it does not matter what they are doing or going to do so long as they use the propaganda tools well , because they have the money, and make themselves sound 'something' that people might like but which they know they are not and, no one needs to look anywhere else for what they are but look at what they did in the past and what they are doing now.

It is simple: a man beats up a blind man on the street: anyone  would call him a brute.

If a chap goes and robs a mentally ill person or elderly, frail person everyone would accept that that chap is a low life.

If any one goes and steals a child's lunch anyone would call that person a horrible person.

If one goes and burns a house of a family they would be called criminal. 

But the Conservative Party has been and are doing similar things to people but they are spending millions in their propaganda so that they are asserting that they are not what they really are!

The Conservative 'builders' so far have 'built' or destroyed, demolished and 'de-fabricated' ( all the destruction may not appear as yet together but will continue to do so as time progresses) the following and are determined to continue doing it:

The housing, building and construction sectors
The Youth and Connexions Services
The Social Services
The Police
The Roads and Highways
The Environmental Services
Library Services
Maternity and Sure-Start Services (Outreach)
Education Services
The Scandalous University Tuition Fees
The Services for the mentally ill, severely disabled people, home care and so on and so forth

That the Conservatives are Compassionate

The list could go on and on for they have cut ruthlessly, absolutely dogmatically and now they want the country to respond and dance to their cuckoo-spring-tale-telling.

This is not where this ends. The news that have just been spread out about the collapse of the steel industry is just the beginning: how many thousands of people are losing their jobs, how many hundreds of thousands of people in the chain are going to impacted by this and how this will devastate and destroy communities that grew out of and were supported and nurtured by these work places! But, the Government cannot be blamed. Blame the Chinese competition.

If a country does not build anything, houses, schools, hospitals, facilities for people who need them desperately (youth centres, pensioners centre, nurseries, hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, railways, sure start and family centres and so on and so forth) and instead they keep shutting hospitals and other public facilities then what kind of heavy and manufacturing industry is going to be able to survive in that country? A company, no matter how big it is, cannot simply  rely on export alone.

Who is using steel and iron and related products in the UK for the UK under the Conservatives do not want to build and have not been building but cutting and bringing all the 'building' to a stop? What is happening to all these industries behind the viewscape and headlines? This will continue to make headlines as more and more of this sector begin to suffer the consequences. This is the most severe of all costs that are forced upon the future of this country: that in order to build the UK would become an importer of all the things necessary to build again: steel, iron and so on and so forth. What kind of a UK that would make this great country? What kind of a responsible government take the country and make a skeleton out of it! This is the Conservative fiscal responsibility!

There is no report about this but it is common sense to think about the following:

The cuts that must have fallen in these areas will impact severely in the long term:

Environment and flood defences gone out of the window so that God knows how many of our rivers are in desperate need of help, dredging, maintenance, cleaning the water (in cases they are filled with toxicity that marine lives cannot live there), and the safeguarding and keeping all our shores clean and healthy for both humans and animals etc.

Bridges, we have thousands and thousands of them. How many of those bridges are going to become victims of this absolutely 'careless and dangerous cuts?

Public walks, paths, river paths and park lands and so on and so forth.

Roads and Highways and all other roads that are not getting much money in order for them to be worked on so to maintain them properly?

The infrastructure does not mean much to the Conservatives for they are the 'builders' of destructions so that they are destroying all.

Now, let us take a look at the cuckoo-spring-tale-telling of the Conservatives that they are the 'Compassionate Conservatives'. Now, let us look at our very old fashioned Collins Dictionary and see how it defines compassion:

" a feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it.!

And what did the Conservatives think when they decided to cut child tax credits and working tax credits, reduce or stop other benefits to absolutely vulnerable people for whom the NHS doctors issued 'sick notes' yet they were forced to be 'assessed' by people who are not doctors or qualified professionals to do such 'assessments'? So that a lot of people whose benefits stopped 'died'. Is this fact that they 'died' not enough to assert that fact that compassion does not exist in Conservative dictionary? When they cut Education budget who does it hurt? When they cut house building who does it hurt? Who become homeless  and live, stay, suffer and die on the street as homeless? When families are uprooted from their communities, family and friends and sent to live in temporary accommodation miles and miles away and their children have no schools to go to, often in different cities where is the Conservative compassion than? When they forced an entire generation of young people to 'mortgage' their future lives in order to get educated did they think of compassion? These young graduates, what kind of life they would end up having other than a life of absolute servitude and poverty? When do the Conservatives think these young graduates would earn enough to be a able to rent/buy a place to start a family? Where was there compassion when they set about 'bedroom tax'; the very name makes people think 'ugliness', 'nastiness', 'meanness'! Where was their compassion? Where was their compassion when they cut local authority funding so that they cut funding to their local organisations that provide desperately needed services that no one else provides for particularly isolated, vulnerable, ill and elderly people and young people?

Where is compassion in that Party that went to attack and are attacking every families with children; they have attacked young people (against whom the Conservatives effectively declared war), they have attacked the students, they have attacked the mentally ill, they have attacked the people with disabilities, they have attacked the single mothers and they have attacked the people who are 'dying' at 'homes'? They are now trying to attack the junior doctors of the NHS (who are the backbone of the NHS for it is they who are at the sharp end at all times of delivering the NHS). Where is that compassion in the Conservatives Party? Just because they wear 'well-advised' blue suits and appear 'cuddly' does not make them compassionate. Compassion is not just a word; it is a deed, a state of one's soul. Compassion is a choice that one has  made in which one would exercise one's humanity. In the Conservative Party they cannot choose compassion for they have always chosen the Market which they think is a 'divine' entity that must be kept 'Free' and they believe it is their 'providential duty' to support, nurture and protect the interests of that market's 'shareholders': the rich for the rich are kind to them because their contributions to their election and party funds allow them to win elections.

Compassion, if the Conservatives want to see, they should read the letters the 84 Bishops had sent to their leader who did nothing to it. Compassion, if the Conservatives want to learn it they should look here:

A Greek family ( the whole of Greece has been suffering the worst since the crush/crunch in the European Union) found this tiny child's dead body on their shore. What did they do? There was nothing that they could do to bring that child back to life! They were shattered in their souls because they had compassion in their souls: they took the baby's dead body as the most sacred thing on earth  because they decided to 'adopt' that child, to humanise him. They adopted 'the child' so that he would have a family who would remember him as their own. They took the 'child', not the dead body of the child and, took 'him' with them so that they could organise a funeral and give him a proper, dignified, humane burial and this way the child lives in their family, with their family lives and become part of their 'humanity'. Compassion, always will find ways to do something when it empathises, feels that distress and pity and acquires a vital force in the determination of doing something, to alleviate that 'distress' to fellow humanity. 

How have the compassionate Conservatives behaved with the problems of the current crisis of humanitarian exodus of refugees? Compassionately! Well, we need to write to the Dictionary Publishers to rewrite the definition of compassion!

And, we have shown, in our recent piece, as to how the Conservatives pay their dividends to the rich: they stopped social housing forcing people to rent from private landlords ( who are rich and supporters of the Conservative Party) who are making a killing off the Government's housing benefit expenditure. ( A Humanical Look at the United Kingdom 'Narrative' of the Conservatives)

And then the next cuckoo-spring-tale-telling is that they are a 'one nation' party? Who is that one nation? Is it not built with only the tiniest numbrs of the richest of the society? Are not the Conservatives about helping the rich for they have not introduced a single penny worth of 'tax' or 'cut' for the rich. Are the rich effected by any of the Cuts that the Conservatives have so far done? Did the Rich ever get housing benefits? Did they get working tax credits? Did they get child tax credits? Did the rich get disability benefits? Did the rich receive income support?

No, the Conservatives have found their compassion and exercised it over the lives of children in massive number of families who were living in desperate poverty who the child and working tax credits for the first time in history got out of poverty. Now they are cutting, it is now being reported, about £3,000 per family? What are these family going to do but suffer and see their children live in poverty, suffer malnutrition and then do badly in education and so on? This is Conservative compassion! This is Conservative one nation.

And if it is: is it not the ugliest thing one can think of? Is it not the nastiest things one can do? Is it not a shame, is it not a scandal, is it not absolutely, utterly and categorically an unacceptable thing that these day in age a country like the United Kingdom has a government that says: it is okay to get children and families in their massive number live in poverty, suffer from malnutrition, ill health as a result of it and consequently do badly in education, consequence of which would be to do badly in later life so that the vicious cycle goes on?

Conservatives' Advice to Child and Tax Credit Recipients to Work Harder and Improve Their Self Esteem

Then came other advice from the very same Conservative cuckoo-spring-tale-telling in which they advised the people who receive the working and child tax credits that they lacked self esteem and that should work harder! These Conservatives do have compassion! What are these people doing, these very people who work in low wages, full time or substantial hours? What do they do? They work, they shift boxes, they carry cartons and bottles and sacks and fill in the empty spaces at supermarkets, they clean the road, they serve at post office counters, GP Surgeries, they take the garbage, they clean and maintain the swage system,  they drive the lorries and vans and it goes on? They are the nursery workers, crèche workers, youth workers, mentors, classroom assistants, secretaries, admin workers, health workers, care workers, pharmacy assistants, dinner ladies, kitchen porters, cooks, waiters and waitresses, baristas, care assistants, cleaners, porters, reception workers, a host of professions engaged in delivering multi-layered NHS Services are such workers in receipt of these benefits and, the list could go on. Are these people not the very structure on which society stands on? How else the Conservatives want these people to work harder? They are working all the hours they could but they are getting low pay. Why don't the Conservatives go and say: okay, let us get this scandalous wage sorted? Why don't they initiate a living wage (without gimmick and tokenism) and then get the businesses to pay the living wage so that these people could live on their income alone and the Government does no longer have to subsidise the businesses making profits yet paying their workers scandalous wages? But, no, they won't do that because they are 'one nation': no, the Market is the 'god' (not God) for them. They do not want to temper with the market  nor are they going to hamper the business of the rich.

That the Conservatives are the Workers' Party

And the other Conservative cuckoo-spring-tale-telling is that they are workers' party! Just with what so far has been elaborated, this would make people laugh. But they are marketing it: that the Conservatives are the workers' party! This would put any propagandist to shame!

These are the very few groups of the working people who are most likely to receive working and child tax credits; there are probably hundreds of other groups of workers who would receive these two benefits:

Nursery workers, Crèche workers, Youth workers, Mentors, Classroom assistants, Secretaries, Admin workers, Health workers, Care workers, Pharmacy assistants, Sales assistants, Dinner ladies, Kitchen porters, Chefs (not the famous and on the television ones!), Cooks, Waiters, Waitresses, Baristas, Care assistants, Cleaners, Porters, Reception workers

You cut their life-line, you take the bread and butter out of the mouths of their children and throw them to poverty and you stand here and declare that the Conservatives are the workers' party? Go and tell these people that you are their party! And let us see whether you can establish this made up fact that

the Sun around which the Earth orbits is just a Conservative fabrication; it does not really exist?

If the Conservatives could establish this fabrication, that the Sun (the Star of our Solar System) around which the Earth orbits is just a Conservative fabrication and that it does not actually exist, than they can establish themselves as the Party of the Workers!

Now, this is enough. These cuts are destroying families, bringing enormously large chunk of the child-population back to poverty. And these acts of what the Conservatives have done so far, and worse still, what they are going to do in the very near future is testament to establish the following:

That the Conservatives are not and cannot be the so called One Nation ( but  they are for the Market and its 'shareholders' the rich)

That the Conservatives are not the 'builders'  and cannot be the builders but the destroyer, demolisher and defabricationer of the very fabrics of the United Kingdom

 That the Conservatives are not Compassionate and cannot be so

That the Conservatives are not the workers' party and they can never be so

That their deeds and words are an absolute oxymoron in the history of politics since the Greek City state!

This is not acceptable. This is dangerously playing with the present and future of individuals, families, country and nation, society and communities of the United Kingdom. This is irrational. This is absolute dogmatism which is dangerous and it must stop.

People, all organisations working in vary many communities who are suffering from the consequences of these monstrous cuts and impositions of the Conservative cruelty, (and, incidentally, their attacks on children, families and family life, on vulnerable and ill people, on people with disabilities could very well make a serious and challenging case to answer that these government actions and cuts may be unlawful because these all breach and infringe peoples' human rights according to the Humans Rights Act) all must take to the street. For the political parties including the Labour  ( which seems unable to do anything effective for it is getting good with infighting and kicking and biting each other: it is time that they learn fast to grow up and take their responsibility to establish themselves as effective opposition seriously; because until they are able to do that they are letting down the entire country), the Libdems, the Scottish parties,  the Wales and Northern Ireland's national parties  who oppose these cuts must unite in a 'broad coalition against these cuts' and come together in the street with the people. They must not let the Conservatives destroy what is 'great' about this United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for another five years. They must come out in support of the bleeding populace of the working, low and middle income families and for saving vital services and provisions.

The state the United Kingdom is brought by the Conservatives is not acceptable. The country, its people, families, communities cannot take another five more years of this mad, lunatic cuts that have gone long enough. It must not be allowed to happen. It is time people organise themselves and take to the street to make their democratic right to declare their disapproval of something lawfully: all the trade unions, all the organisations, community groups, charities and political parties (if they have the courage to stand with the people) from across the length and breadth of United Kingdom and say: ENOUGH!

Yes, the Parliament is elected, we cannot change that until next election (and even than if we are lucky to have a party ready to stand for the people) but we can scream, we can rage and we can demonstrate.

These politicians are scared of ONE thing and ONE thing alone: their MPs are scared to death of losing their seats and faced by such a prospect they wake up  and tell their leader to change course or else!

And in this all parties of all parts of the United Kingdom, those who opposed the Conservative Party's so called austerity must come together not just in the Parliament but outside and stand with the people to say: just because we are in the Parliament does not mean we cannot oppose the very fundamentally flawed and irrational dogmatism of the Conservatives that is destroying people's lives, destroying our economy in the long run, destroying the very structures and systems of all our infrastructures and literally tearing families and communities apart.

This conservative dogmatism must end. There must be a coalition of organisations, people and parties to put a stop to this absolutely irrational, unnecessary, dogmatic and unacceptable state of affairs. No political party can carry on doing something if people stand together out onto the street in one voice. It is the people that makes a country and if that country's future is at the 'stake' in the form and name of children and young people thrown back into a life of poverty, if people with disabilities and mental illness are to pay for their disability and mental illness by this Conservative Government policies, if low paid workers, and families with children and single mothers and young people at colleges, university and in NEET ( not in education employment or training)  and all the working people of this country are to be punished by this Conservative government because they are absolutely committed to their dogmatism than it is the moral duty of everyone who believes this must stop to stand up and raise their voice in unison.

It is time to

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light',
Of reason of sense of British fair play
Of age old human dream of equality
Of what's British value for life's core

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light'
Rage and rise to bring this lunacy bare
Say it clear say it loud like thunder does
This is enough enough it is enough now

Rage roar rise against the junglification
Of our land where liberty sings humanity
British hands always do open care's map

Rage rise against the slaughter of wonders
Wonders of our isles always housing light
Rage rage rise against 'the dying of the light'

Munayem Mayenin : October 19, 2015:  Dylan Thomas: Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Munayem Mayenin: Editor: Posted on: October 19, 2015




Rage, rage against the dying of the light


The Conservatives are the 'builders' indeed, of destruction, of demolition and of de-fabrication of the very fabrics of what United Kingdom is about.

Rage Rise Against the Slaughter of Wonders

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light',
Of reason of sense of British fair play
Of age old human dream of equality
Of what's British value for life's core

'Rage, rage against the dying of the light'
Rage and rise to bring this lunacy bare
Say it clear say it loud like thunder does
This is enough enough it is enough now

Rage roar rise against the junglification
Of our land where liberty sings humanity
British hands always do open care's map

Rage rise against the slaughter of wonders
Wonders of our isles always housing light
Rage rage rise against 'the dying of the light'

We must borrow from Dylan Thomas for what is happening in the UK is not really bearable to see: the country and the nations within these British isles and the people and communities living in them are deliberately, meticulously, with absolute determination, precision and dogged dogmatism are torn down to pieces bit by bit by this Conservative Government. But the Conservatives propaganda may have won them the election yet they do not seem to be slowing down much with their continuous media orchestration to their 'already established narrative'  and they are adding new things to it that they want to set out as established 'truth'.  Read on


Get Involved with The Humanion

Everyone who would like to get involved with The Humanion is welcome to join in: to become involved so write about issues that we are interested to be discussed and explored which are not explored in the wider media but these very issues the humanion faces in the immediate, short, medium and longer terms. One can write and publish one's own blog these days; why should one then get involved in The Humanion? This is because The Humanion would like to bring like minded people into a global community so to form a voice that cares and speaks for the Humanion with one voice.

We need editors for as many areas of life as you can think of; please, get in touch.

The only thing we expect is that we know who you are. That you introduce yourself, by name, your real name ( even if you use a different online identity), what you do, where you live and what your areas of expertise and, most importantly, what your areas of interests are. We must have your contact details. It is not a job but rather a fellowship of fellow travellers whereby you are introducing yourself to those fellow travellers.

As an editor of an area of interest, you shall write about issues that fall in that area and deal with authors who write about things in your area of interest. You would have access to the account to post your writing (once you have consulted the Editor).

This is a community of readers, thinkers and authors. We do not believe in browsing. The Humanion is to be read, wondered about, thought about, contemplated and fostered. We do not believe in instant opinioneering! We do not want social media. We want serious issues explored seriously for people who think and, most importantly, people who do not just express opinion raw, rather they express their thoughts that they have had and that they have had it refined, modified, sharpened and shaped as if chiselled out with the knife of reason and that is put together like an architect so that once expressed not only it is a piece of writing but actually it becomes a 'thing of beauty'. This is what we would like to see happening.

If you are interested in Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Economics, Political Science, Law, Law and Order, Arts, Culture, Literature, Poetry, Fiction, Social Sciences, Humanities, branches of all Science, Mathematics, Jurisprudence, Geology, Bio-diversity, Nature and natural phenomena, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Human Rights, Women's Rights and so on we would like you to join us. There is hardly anything that you can name in which we are not interested.

If you would like to join in, please, send us a communication and we shall get back to you as soon as we could. It does not matter where you live, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Wales or Ireland or Germany, France, Spain, Iceland, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Malaysia, The Philippines, China, Hong Kong, or the Americas or any other place on earth so long you use English as your expressive tongue join us.

Ideally, you should have a few hours a week to spend in reading through what is already in The Humanion and write a piece at least a couple of times a month.

Thank you
Munayem Mayenin
The Humanion







The Lake Eden Eye





The Window of the Heavens Always Open and Calling: All We Have to Do Is: To Choose to Be Open, Listen and Respond




Imagine a Rose-Boat

Imagine a rose floating like a tiny little boat on this ocean of infinity
And raise your soul-sail on this wee-little boat and go seeking out
All along feed on nothing but the light that you gather only light
Fear shall never fathom you nor greed can tempt nor illusion divert
For Love you are by name by deeds you are love's working-map



Only in the transparent pool of knowledge, chiselled out by the sharp incision of wisdom, is seen the true face of what truth is: That what  beauty paints, that what music sings, that what love makes into a magic. And it is life: a momentary magnificence, a-bloom like a bubble's miniscule exposition, against the spread of this awe-inspiring composition of the the Universe. Only through the path of seeking, learning, asking and developing, only through the vehicles and vesicles of knowledge, only through listening to the endless springs flowing beneath, outside, around and beyond our reach, of wisdom, we find the infinite ocean of love which is boundless, eternal, and being infinite, it makes us, shapes us and frees us onto the miracle of infinite liberty: without border, limitation or end. There is nothing better, larger or deeper that humanity can ever be than to simply be and do love. The Humanion


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First Published: September 24: 2015