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London: Monday: June 12: 2017

First Published: September 24, 2015





Humanity will continue to live an inferior life than what is possible until the two halves: all individuals in them: that make it are absolutely, fundamentally and jubilantly Equal at Liberty

The Innerluminous Galaxillation

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The Long Walk to Humanics: There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty  that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society.......But in the meanwhile...And thus, The Humanion believes we should seek to ensure that all citizens of a nation have: a: Guaranteed Universal Income; b: A Guaranteed Home; c: A Guaranteed Education Up to College and Guaranteed Subsidised Route to Degree-Level Education; d: A Guaranteed Job; e: Guaranteed Access to Free for All Healthcare at the Point of Need and f: A Guaranteed Universal-Child-Income-Protection Where Every Child is Guaranteed Equal Financial Support from 0-16; g: Guaranteed Social Care and h: Guaranteed Access to Equitable Pension:Provides a living income. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team

The Humanion















































































































































































































































Ecology COP21 Paris 2015 Climate Change Action Now

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World Leaders Must Remember, April 22 IS the Earth Day as They Gather at the Climate Change Agreement Signing Ceremony











Background Image: President Barack Obama with the cleanest-energy, on the Universe, making 'construction', construction for human ingenuity has developed and built it, behind him: Why We Have to Act on Climate Now, White House Image. The Image on the left is of Solar energy panels in Mali. Image:: World Bank:Curt Carnemark

That ambitious goal (100% clean energy by 2050) is for them the metric of success, but they’re watching for something else – this conference can be a renewed level of hope in the UN process and the ability of governments to come together and cooperate. It’s greater than climate. This is about how we solve global problems: Emma Ruby-Sachs (Holding back tears, Ms. Sachs also told the Secretary-General that she is expecting her first child in a couple of months, and she wants the next generation to feel hopeful about their planet.)

Climate Change Action Now

This Page is Created
in Celebration of Human
Rights Day, December 10
and posted on December 11, 2015











The Earth on December 7, 1972 as Seen by the Apollo 17 Crew on Their Way to the Moon: Let us choose to keep this wonder as she ought to be kept: the Mother Earth to all of us, providing sustenance to all her children equally, fairly and naturally ( this part is on us to ensure), today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come to us, to our children, to our grandchildren and the endless line of future humanity. Image NASA

Letter from Will Bates

May 7 to 15, 2016: Calls for Global Gathering: Break Free from Fossil Fuels:
Join a global wave of resistance to keep coal, oil + gas in the ground



The dust is still settling from the dramatic two weeks of UN talks and grassroots mobilisation surrounding Paris. Now we enter the most critical part of the road through Paris – the part where we, the people, step things up another notch and make sure the promises are kept, and strengthened. 

World governments have agreed, in principle, to global action, but without a clear commitment to how and when they will transition off fossil fuels.

The way to make that transition a reality is by organising to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy.

And we have no time to lose. Today, alongside partners in 12 countries, we are announcing a moment of global escalation against the fossil fuel industry from May 7 to 15, 2016.

It's called Break Free from Fossil Fuels, and it will be unlike any project we've ever joined before: not a day of action, not a single march echoed around the globe, but coordinated, major actions of thousands of people taking on iconic fossil fuel projects and companies across the globe.

This is what we mean by ambitious:

The plan is to grow the number of people participating in the movement, and organize actions that do more to disrupt the power of the fossil fuel industry, whether in the halls of power, or on the sites where they dig up carbon.

A major global mobilisation of thousands of people at a dozen or more locations will build on the many battles against oil pipelines, coal terminals, and fracking wells already happening around the world. It will continue the work of the divestment movement in undermining the social license of the fossil fuel industry.

And it will show the fossil fuel industry that this is the end of the road: it will no longer benefit from the consent of the people.

350 is partnering with some of the bravest fossil fuel fighters around the globe for this project: from activists in Nigeria who pioneered the idea of keeping fossil fuels in the ground, to communities defending their homes from coal in the Philippines, to organizers in the olive fields of Turkey opposing enormous coal plants.

We're coming together in May so that people in both Northern and Southern hemispheres can act together, and link arms to show that this is no longer just a fight about our backyards: it is a fight about our collective survival.

Always onwards,

Will Bates

December 16, 2015


Posted: December 17, 2015


Why We Have to Act on Climate Now -- In One Chart


This week's chart of the week shows exactly why world leaders are working to reach a global agreement to act on climate.

World leaders are in Paris this week in hopes of reaching an agreement to tackle the global threat of climate change.

Why now? See for yourself:

Chart of the Week: Carbon Pollution in Our Atmosphere is Higher Than At Any Point in Human History

With few exceptions, glaciers around the world have retreated at unprecedented rates over the last century.

Prolonged drought coupled with water withdrawals have caused a dramatic drop in Lake Powell's water level. These images show the northern part of the lake, which is actually a deep, narrow, meandering reservoir that extends from Arizona upstream into southern Utah. The 1999 image shows water levels near full capacity. By April 2015, the lake had dropped to 42 percent of capacity.

Elephant Butte Reservoir dwindled to its lowest level in 41 years during the summer of 2013, despite monsoon rains in early July. It had been filled nearly to capacity for most of 1985 to 2000; the left-hand image from 1994 shows it about 89 percent full. At right, it has been reduced to about 3 percent. Elephant Butte is fed by the Rio Grande and is New Mexico's largest reservoir. It provides water for about 90,000 acres (364 square kilometers) of farmland and nearly half the population of El Paso, Texas. Spring runoff from mountain snowpack was well below average in spring, 2013, and anemic rains throughout the beginning of the year left 80 percent of New Mexico grappling with either "extreme" or "exceptional" drought, the two most severe categories.

The precipitous rise in carbon pollution is what's driving climate change, leading to rising sea levels, more extreme drought, superstorms, wildfires, and public health problems across the world. No nation is immune to these consequences. Humans caused this rise in pollution and temperature, and it will take all of us to actually do something about it.

"What should give us hope that this is a turning point, that this is the moment we finally determined we would save our planet, is the fact that our nations share a sense of urgency about this challenge and a growing realization that it is within our power to do something about it."
President Obama

Fortunately, global leaders -- both public and private -- are working together to find solutions that will meet the challenge. Under President Obama's leadership, we've increased investments in clean energy. We've multiplied wind power threefold, and solar power by more than thirtyfold. We've put in place the first-ever national standards that will limit the amount of carbon pollution emitted by our power plants. Because of these efforts, we've driven our carbon pollution to its lowest levels in nearly 20 years.

Thanks to this leadership, the world is following suit. More than 180 countries representing nearly 95% of global emissions have announced their own climate targets.

Countries' Climate Targets

President Obama also joined 19 other leaders in announcing Mission Innovation, an initiative to dramatically accelerate public and private global clean energy innovation that will provide affordable clean energy to consumers and create additional commercial opportunities in clean energy. The private sector is joining the effort as well, through the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Spearheaded by Bill Gates, this coalition of over 28 significant private capital investors from 10 countries will invest in innovative clean energy solutions to provide affordable, reliable energy that doesn't produce carbon.

Ultimately, in Paris, what we hope to achieve is a lasting global agreement that:

Reflects ambitious climate targets from all countries;
Puts in place a long-term framework that incentivizes countries to ratchet down their emissions over time in a transparent way with a path toward achieving a low-carbon transformation by the end of the century;
Provides financial and technical support to the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

No agreement can serve as the "silver bullet" to solve climate change. However, this agreement could help ensure that American action is met with global action to reduce the impact of climate change and preserve a planet that is worthy of our children. So check back here to get the latest from Paris, follow @FactsOnClimate on Twitter, and learn what else you can do to help ensure the world joins the U.S. to #ActOnClimate.

Tanya Somanader  joined the White House in July of 2014 and currently serves as the Director of Digital Rapid Response in the Office of Digital Strategy. Before joining the White House, she served as the New Media Director for House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, a digital writer for the Obama for America 2012 campaign, and a reporter/blogger for ThinkProgress. Born and raised in Ohio, she graduated from Brown University in 2007.




Posted: December 11, 2015


COP21: UN Chief Calls on Civil Society to Keep Governments Accountable on Climate Commitments

Members of the International Indian Treaty Council ask for indigenous peoples rights to be respected at the UN climate change conference (COP21). 9 December 2015. Photo Credit: UNFCCC

10 December 2015 – Meeting with civil society groups today at the United Nations climate change conference (COP21), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he counts on grassroots organizations to help keep governments accountable, so they implement what they have committed to in words.

“One of the very valuable lessons that I’ve learned as Secretary-General during the last nine years is that no government, no international organization, can do its work properly without active engagement and support from civil society,” Mr. Ban told members of non-governmental organizations in Paris, alongside Al Gore, the former Vice-President of the United States and Chair of the Climate Reality Project.

On behalf of civil society groups, Mr. Gore thanked the Secretary-General for his tireless leadership to solve the climate crisis: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with you for quite a few years now and not many people know the focus and constant dedication that you have had to this issue,” he said.

The former Vice-President also presented a petition signed by 6.2 million people from around the world, as well as a joint statement on behalf of all civil society groups at COP21. It stated that these millions of individuals are “demanding a strong agreement that will shift the world away from carbon pollution and rapidly towards climate solutions.”

Noting his appreciation for the signatures, the UN chief highlighted that he thinks the world is standing at a very critical moment: “I’m hopeful and I’m reasonably optimistic that we’ll be able to have for the first time in the history of the United Nations a universal and very ambitious climate change agreement which will make our lives healthier and more prosperous.”

Since the beginning of last week, government representative have been negotiating a new agreement with the goal of limiting global temperature rise to less than two degrees Celsius. Yesterday, Laurent Fabius, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of COP21, said the intention is to have an adopted agreement by Friday.

“We would not be where we are today here in Paris, with 196 Parties poised to adopt a global climate change agreement, without the leadership and vision of civil society,” Mr. Ban insisted, adding that after Paris is over, their voices will be needed more than ever.

He also underlined civil society's critical role in driving climate action on the ground: “You have provided examples of new ways of working and innovative new solutions that are creating a greener, more sustainable world. I urge you to continue to demand more from all Governments,” the UN chief stated.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of Avaaz, a global web movement, told Mr. Ban she was at COP21 representing over three million people who are calling for 100 per cent clean energy by 2050.

“That ambitious goal is for them the metric of success, but they’re watching for something else – this conference can be a renewed level of hope in the UN process and the ability of governments to come together and cooperate,” said Emma Ruby- Sachs. “It’s greater than climate. This is about how we solve global problems.”

Holding back tears, Ms. Sachs also told the Secretary-General that she is expecting her first child in a couple of months, and she wants the next generation to feel hopeful about their planet.


Posted: December 11, 2015


COP21 Reading List
's Open Letter Demanding Climate Action Now

On Saturday, the 12th of December, at noon (that is 12-12-12), thousands of people will gather in the streets of Paris carrying red flowers to honour past and future victims of climate change, driven by respect, determination and hope.

This gathering is about respect.

It’s about respecting the laws… of physics. We know that the agreement discussed at Le Bourget comes up way short, putting the world on a path to a three-degree Celsius increase in temperature or more. That’s a grave failure, given the fact that we’re already seeing dangerous consequences of climate change.

It’s about respecting those who have already died from the effects of global warming—from New Orleans a decade ago to Chennai a week ago. The people hurt the most are those who’ve done the least to cause this problem, which makes climate change the ultimate injustice in an unjust world.

It’s about respecting those who will die in the future—we bring flowers to lay at their feet as well, because the inaction of our leaders for the last decades has already doomed so many, in low-lying islands and on high melting glaciers, in pasture land turning to desert and tundra turning to swamp.

It’s about respecting each other as a movement—the leadership that comes from frontline communities and Indigenous Peoples, and the strong commitments we’ve made to each other to stay peaceful, non-violent, and loving.

We know that our leaders have shown little respect—not for the rights of people on a planet torn by inequality and racism, nor for the red lines for a just and livable planet. Lines we should dare not violate. So we will stand with our bodies to draw red lines, committed to protect our common home from burning up.

And we know that the richest, biggest companies on earth have shown no respect at all, not even for basic truth. They have lied about the consequences of climate change, and they continue to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into searching for more carbon. They are outlaws.

We are not. We are just citizens, who want finally for those in power to show respect for the red lines that scientists have drawn, that people have paid for with their lives, and which we will, today and in the years ahead, do our best to make real. We—and our children, and their children—deserve it. And we demand it.


Bill McKibben
Naomi Klein
Vandana Shiva
Lidy Nacpil
Rebecca Solnit
Geneviève Azam
Thomas Coutrot
Tadzio Müller
Txetx Etcheverry
Maxime Combes
Pablo Solon
Patrick Viveret
Nick Dearden
Dominique Plihon
Clayton Thomas-Muller
Tom Goldtooth
Okalik Eegeesiak
Aile Javo
Tom Kucharz
Nnimmo Bassey
Laurent Pinatel
Aurélie Trouvé
Becky Foon
Jesse Paris Smith
Tenzin Choegyal
Patti Smith
Thom Yorke
Peter Coyote
Darren Arenovsky
Ariel Dorfman


Posted: December 11, 2015


The Lake Eden Eye





The Window of the Heavens Always Open and Calling: All We Have to Do Is: To Choose to Be Open, Listen and Respond




Imagine a Rose-Boat

Imagine a rose floating like a tiny little boat on this ocean of infinity
And raise your soul-sail on this wee-little boat and go seeking out
All along feed on nothing but the light that you gather only light
Fear shall never fathom you nor greed can tempt nor illusion divert
For Love you are by name by deeds you are love's working-map


Only in the transparent pool of knowledge, chiselled out by the sharp incision of wisdom, is seen the true face of what truth is: That what  beauty paints, that what music sings, that what love makes into a magic. And it is life: a momentary magnificence, a-bloom like a bubble's miniscule exposition, against the spread of this awe-inspiring composition of the the Universe. Only through the path of seeking, learning, asking and developing, only through the vehicles and vesicles of knowledge, only through listening to the endless springs flowing beneath, outside, around and beyond our reach, of wisdom, we find the infinite ocean of love which is boundless, eternal, and being infinite, it makes us, shapes us and frees us onto the miracle of infinite liberty: without border, limitation or end. There is nothing better, larger or deeper that humanity can ever be than to simply be and do love. The Humanion

















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First Published: September 24: 2015

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