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Humanity is found in individuals, families, networks of families, communities, agencies and organisations, created by, with and run by and for humanity all of whom and all of which can not but exist in time and space or in reality, that is found and seen in the individual, social, cultural, familial, communal, artistic, economic, political, jurisprudential, academic, sociological, newsmedia expressions or social discourse and spiritual spheres, that exist in that reality of a civic society. This humanity can not exist outside or without that time-space reality. The entire range of machinations, mechanisations, manipulations, directions, dictations, herding of this humanity, advancing dehumanisation of humanity by the entire range of distorteddia conglomerate are threatening this very humanity because their all-out assault is directed against this reality, this real existence of all forms, manners and expressions of humanity so that reality has been falling apart: despite that fact that people are 'hooked' onto 'the net' they are most disconnected from each other and all others and, thus, more and more from that very reality, from that time and space and, thereby, all forms and expressions of humanity are fast becoming most powerless, most helpless, most isolated, most disempowered, most disconnected, most disjointed, most disenfranchised because they are no longer as strongly connected to that reality with the life-enabling, life-sustaining and life-nourishing strength of the human connectedness, human relations, human bonds and human kinship so that we are fast becoming sand-grain-collectives formed of weakest of individuals, in families and in communities and individuals are becoming weaker every day as families get to become the same, which threaten the strengths of the family networks, which severely malnourishes the sense and life of communities and that, ultimately, eats and erases away the social cohesion and civic society begins to choke away, choking our entire human existence. No one seems to be bothered about this and there are people, who have the audacity to say things like, 'the future is here and you better get used to it' kind of gutter-rubbish. If, we cease to exist as humanity, because we have been utterly, comprehensively and irreversibly dehumanised, than, what do we become and what do we exist as and for? What good is it, this non-human existence? A novelist, writing in Baangla language, Sharat Chandra Chatterjee, can be seen as the Charles Dickens of Baangla Literature, expressed it all those years ago beautifully and, we paraphrase him here, in which he raised the question of existence: the giant dinosaurs had got extinct but the cockroaches have survived: the question is this: is survival the ultimate yardstick to measure existence? What is surviving and what does it exist as in this survival? Dehumanisation transforms humanity into the exact opposite of what it is in which, instead of seeking to exist as humanity naturale and striving forever towards civic societies under the rule of law dehumanised humanity becomes the vehicle, system and apparatus of establishing the sociology of evil in jingoistic jungles where monstrosities become the norm. Humanics challenges these dehumanisations and Humanics Spring Festival is our efforts to try and bring humanity together in reality in real space-time to come together, sit together, interact and connect and converse to relate, to bond, to form and create human relations so that we all learn from each other about our very humanity. It is new and it invites your involvement and participation and it needs visionary people and organisations to rise up and come forward with support. Join Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and let us begin our fight back against dehumanisations, machinations and manipulations. Humanity must rise to fight off these monstrosities of dehumanisation and celebrate our humanity and strengthen it: strengthen it, this humanity as individuals, as families, as network of families, as communities, as agencies and organisations and as society. Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd

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Humanics Spring Festival 2020: April 06
The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
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The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
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The Finnish Church in London: 33 Albion Street: London SE16 7HZ
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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Humanity Will Continue to Live an Inferior Life Than What is Possible Until the Two Halves, Women and Men, with All Individuals in Them, are Absolutely, Fundamentally and Jubilantly Equal at Liberty. Humanity, Therefore, Is Not and Can Not Be Free Until All Humans are Equals for Only by the Yardstick of This Equality Their State of Being Free Can Be Measured. In Other Words, There Can Not Exist Liberty Unless There Exists Equality Between and Among All Humans and This State of Equality Can Not Come to Exist So Long There Remain Two Groups of Humans: The Powerful and The Powerless: Whereby the Former Controls the Later and Creates, Maintains and Carries Forward the Perpetual State of Inequality: Economically, Politically, Judicially, Constitutionally, Socially, Culturally and Spiritually. To Reach the State of Equality and Liberty, the Task Before Humanity is, Therefore, to Change This State by Taking Away Ownership and Money and, with Them, the Power They Generate and Confer, That Lets One Small Group of Humans, The Powerfuls, Subjugating the Vast Multitude of Humans, The Powerless, Under Their Dictatorship. For Only by Taking Away 'the Gun' of the Power of the Powerfuls, Humanity Can Bring About the State of Liberty, as Well as, Equality at Once: Equality and Liberty Can Not and Do Not Exist Separately But Together and Simultaneously. Equality and Liberty Exist as The Promethumean Fire: In Which There is the Light and There is the Heat in One Flame: The Humanion Stands Here on the Path of Humanics: A State of Liberty for All Humanity at Equality. The Promethumean: Where Prometheus is Not Seen as a Man But a Human


The Humanion, in the old fashioned way, would be a publication, like The Guardian, The New York Times, The Far Eastern Economic Review or Le Monde, The Financial Times, The Helsingin Sanomat, The Washington Post, El Pais; except here it is online: simply The Humanion. The Humanion is an Online Daily from the United Kingdom for the World, for the entire humanion. 

The Humanion is here to be the voice of the Humanion, what we call the entire human race living on this earth. The Humanion views the entire Universe as the home of the entire Humanion. 

We face enormous multitude of problems that require our attention in the geo-political and economical spheres; yet the largest class of problems is large and so much ignored that, though our home is the Universe and we as its custodians are responsible for it, we do not seem to have even the sense of that oneness that we ought to have. We are rather still living in the ‘village-country’ political philosophy that simply tells us to burry our heads in the sand. In here, it appears, the world has got it into its heart what Lenin once asked of his comrades: one step forward two steps backward! We seem to advance a little and then immediately begin going backward. Look, how many years ago was it that the world thought it had defeated Hitler and his nauseating thoughts and actions? And yet we now have neo-nazis raising their heads all over Europe and beyond again and the tendency that is becoming fashionable now to go against European Union has been flirting with these thoughts, too! 

No publication in this world is worried about the future of humankind for the future is not a science fiction story anymore but a science-fiction reality. Are we ready for this? Do we have the philosophical base and framework to be able to go forward? 



People all over the world are forced to go backward: nationalism and so called patriotism are raising their ugly heads everywhere? Look at today's Russia or China. Fanaticism, brutality, sheer callousness and barbarity have become a dominant force in the world,  one only needs to remember as to what is happening in the middle east and parts of Africa and other places. And though there is no contrary evidence to be used the world has become the highest and lowest arena of consumerism yet the use of religion in one’s madness and barbarity has increased! What an irony! Hardly anyone believes in God but God’s religions are being used to advance self-interest and self-madness. There cannot be any God should that God wants to be apply ‘force’ for application of force is contrary to what God is revealed to be in all scriptures that have been set out in the history of the Humanion. Yet we have seen that is precisely what is happening: violence, force, brutality, barbarity and ferocious callousness are applied against the helpless people!

Change: Either Happens or Is Made: When It is Not Made It Happens Regardless in Which We Become Mere Logs and Get Washed Away in and by Utterly Mechanical Forces of Dehumanisation: When Made Change is Created by Our Conscious Choices, Efforts, Initiatives and Works: In the Former We Let Go Off Our Humanity So That Dehumanisation Determines and Dictates the Existence of Our Sheer Physiologies: But in the Later We Claim, Mark and Create Our Humanity as to the Change We Choose to Make and Create It Onto Reality: To Nurture, Foster, Support, Sustain, Maintain, Enhance, Expand, Empower and Enrich the Very Humanity That We Are:  As Individuals, As Families, As Communities and As Societies All of Which Now Exist in the Fabrics of Time-Space of What is Called Civic Society: One That Exists by Natural Justice and Functions by the Rule of Law: Ensuring Liberty and Equality, Along with Purpose and Meaning of Existence, Exist in Each and Every Soul Equally at All Times: The Humanion


But wars, famines, hunger, trafficking of both children and women and, now are added the desperate vulnerable people of the world who are from places desperately ravaged by wars, famines and poverty, loss of lives and suffering are only a few of the current threats face humanity. United Nations has become a muted, mauled and, because George Bush’s threat materialised, made ‘irrelevant’ an organisation while the world is ravaged by lunatic wars and desperate sufferings of humanity. One cannot straight away answer this question as to how many wars are going on in this world today. One will have to stop and think, remember and count and then begin naming the places where wars are going on and the list does not seem to end!

People are floating in the sea, appearing at the doorsteps of Europe and the European institutions and their leaders are willing and praying that these problems would disappear. On top of these, children are suffering, women’s rights have lost its way for women have literally been transformed into nothing but commodities. Child mortality, women’s mortality, unemployment, lack of education, lack of medication causing lives to be lost as if lives are the worst possible thing to have. Ebola comes and kills thousands! Many other preventable diseases kill across the globe in thousands and thousands! No one cares for there is no body to speak for any of these groups! Migrant has become a word that is made almost to sound like ‘plague’. Yet across the globe millions of migrant workers are being used and abused and no one is to do anything about improving their conditions! One has to look at the little theatre of the middle east and see the migrant workers’ lot!

However, these problems are not going to disappear. Where is the organisation for the Humanion? Who is to legislate over the safe and peaceful exploration of space? China is setting about establishing a lunar station on the moon, India is there, too, in addition to the big players America and Russia to which lately joined forces the private businesses like The Virgin Galactic opening the path of space tourism.

Who is to legislate over the issues that would arise from all this and the impact these would have in our lives and existence? Who is to take lead and speak with unequivocal voice about the safety and wellbeing of the earth when it faces desperate a fate in the calamities of global warming?

Furthermore, who is to benefit from the science of all that experience and who and how is it to be ensured that bigger powers are not going to exert their new found position and power and hold humanity under their thumb? 

Along with it the questions of this earth remain: are we to continue to remain mute to the absolute desperation of humanity, held hostage by lawlessness and human suffering to continue to go on when the Earth with the existing knowledge and technology can produce enough to feed all the human race?

Are we going to to continue to accept the states across the world to control and dominate people under them? Are we going to continue to be helpless on-lookers while states kill people in the name of the law? Are we going to keep mute and accept that guns are acceptable things and anyone can have them and then go on rampaging, slaughtering thousands of people? Are we going to accept the people smugglers taking vulnerable people hostage and bringing the world into a helpless bystander? Are we going to accept the lawlessness in the international affairs that now we face where there does not appear to be any sense of law or international legality of life and living? Are we going to accept as mute the states replacing despots? Are we going to be taken hostage by money in politics where the party having the largest pockets of money to spend in advertising and media campaign can manipulate people and simply shepherd them into voting for them! And this way they ensure the ‘rule’ of those who simply are the worst possible group to rule for they rule against the majority of the people and their interest!

How are we to fit in with this new identity of the humanion being the vanguards of the space while we struggle to fit in our vary many pseudo nationalistic, regional and other identities that are nothing but self-indulgent and manipulation-brewed shapes that do not fit us nor do we fit them. But we are trying hard to fit into them but that is not possible for a triangle cannot be fitted into a sphere or vice versa; and because of that we are breaking, hurting and bleeding and our silence is a poisonous scream that takes our peace away so that we lose self-respect and self-dignity. And as soon as that happens we respect nothing. 

The Humanion intends to create this platform to explore these issues. We invite all the thinking people of this earth to join forces and work for building this voice. There is no organisation, nobody, no body, no fraternity nor are there any big or small or tiny brother behind this. It is being presented and edited by Munayem Mayenin who simply has taken the initiative and who issued the calls for the Humanion to take up Humanics and go forward preparing the human race for our home The Cosmosian Universe in which we are one. We all are one and we one are all: united in the diversity of humanity; diverse in the multitudinous immensity of our oneness.

To this call responded fellow minds who are part of The Humanion Team: As Chief Deputy Editor Dr J Everet Green and as Art Editor Kerry Schleifer. But there are a lot of others whose names are not on the team but are very much part of The Humanion. And the invite is open to all thinking minds who believe in The Humanion's mission to join us and get on board.

No one buys anything here nor any sells anything here. There is no money nor is there any profit or loss. It is a concern of philosophy: to raise questions, to wonder to seek wisdom to enlighten and to illumine: ourselves.

The Humanion is a philosophical daily newspaper, except it is not printed on papers, but it is not a publication of philosophy ( as an academic discipline) which means it is open to and published for all thinking human minds.

The Humanion, and I,  Munayem Mayenin, as its Editor and The Humanion Team, we all invite you to join in and become part of it around the globe. This is no social media; there is no likes or dislikes. This requires reading, this requires thinking and this does definitely, positively and absolutely require reflection, contemplation and thoughts.

Opinions are worthless unless they are products of thoughts and contemplations and that are then presented in the truest form of ration, based and supported by the bricks, mortars and cement of what rationality can offer. There is no other more enlightened way than reason and there is no better a land than the rule of law that runs in the due process of law. The Humanion calls us to that path, invites us to that land so that we become its light always a-seeking light, abiding in and arising towards the light. 

Therefore, in the Section, titled, The Rule of Law, The Due Process of Law, The Humanion has put out some rules which we aim and promise to follow and practise as we invite everyone else to follow. 

So, here we are: one in all and all in one for The Humanion is one at home in the Cosmosian Universe. Come and join us wherever you are. This is the newest publication for the Humanion without a huge office or conglomerate supporting it. It is a human family dedicated to make a platform for the whole earth, for the whole globe, for the whole humanity that has to learn to live in the country of this Universe.

We invite you all to join in and write for The Humanion. Write to us for publication. No one gets paid here! For here there is no money but humanity. 

Here we are: The Humanion: the Philosophic way forward towards the future where we can shape it as we shape ourselves in the luminous light of reason and in the expressive jubilant beauty of humanity.

Thank you

Munayem Mayenin
The Editor
The Humanion
United Kingdom 
European Union
The Earth
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Innerluminous Galaxillation
The Cosmosian Universe



The Rule of Law The Due Process of Law


The Humanion shall follow these rules and expects and invites all who are reading The Humanion that it has to offer/present before your perusal should do the same:

That we promote reason
That we speak with reason
That we identify ourselves 
That we treat ourselves as humans
That we treat others as humans
That we adhere to this principle of this that I do not cease to be a human wherever I am and thus am always bound to my humanity and should always behave and act likewise
That we show respect
That we return respect
That we are tolerant 
That we are rational
That we do not abuse
That we do not belittle
That we do not show contempt
That we offer criticism without being hostile or abusive
That we agree to disagree
That we must at all times write as if this is the black board of eternity from where what we write is judged and with it we, too, are judged. There are three judges of us: first,  ourselves; second, humanity eternal; and, third, if you believe in God, God. We must act, behave, conduct ourselves, interact with each other and among ourselves being aware at all times of these three judges, the most primary, immediate and vital, is ourselves at our highest best of rationality
That here, we treat everyone as person and not x, y, z or 76, 2000, or cdjx.
That we believe in democracy, human, and women's rights and equality
That we believe in the principle that all human lives are of the same worth and value regardless of where they are from or what language they speak or what colour they wear or what religion they follow or whether they follow any.
That violence and humanity are two opposing things
That abusing others is no way of empowerment
That to ensure humanity is in us we ought always to treat ourselves as such so that we do the same to others so to treat others with humanity. 
That we stand against all forms, shapes, sizes and colours and artefacts of dehumanisation
That we are here as if this is the Hospital we work, as if this is the school, college, university we teach or attend, as if it is the family home where we live so that we do not treat others as if they are not human.
That we respect, value, regard and esteem ourselves as the essence of what constitutes humanity and because of this fact we treat others the very same way. 
That if anyone feels enraged one should take oneself off from here and remain silent until anger has subsided.
That we remember and ensure that never we forget that nothing that is not thought out well is worth anything.
That anyone can abuse but not many could argue like Socrates.
That anyone can try and kill a Socrates but no one in the history of humanity has been successful in doing that nor there can ever be such successful one against such future thinkers as Socrates was
That ‘’There is no other more enlightened way than reason and there is no better a land than the rule of law that runs in the due process of law. The Humanion calls us to that path, invites us to that land so that we become its light; always a-seeking light, abiding in and arising towards the light.”
‘’That The Humanion is the Philosophic way forward towards the future where we can shape it as we shape ourselves in the luminous light of reason and in the expressive jubilant beauty of humanity.

The Humanion
September 24, 2015

Get Involved

Everyone who would like to get involved with The Humanion is welcome to join in: to become involved so to be able to write about issues that we are interested and would like to be discussed and explored which are not explored in the wider media but these very issues the humanion faces in the immediate, short, medium and longer terms. One can write and publish one's own blog these days; why should one then get involved in The Humanion? This is because The Humanion would like to bring like minded people into a global community so to form a voice that cares and speaks for the Humanion with one voice. To support the effort to build a true human family that believes in the oneness of humanity and the borderless nature of both humanity and the Universe so that we might spread hope and light to the wider spectrum of life and living.

We need editors for as many areas of life as you can think of; please, get in touch.

The only thing we expect is that we know who you are. That you introduce yourself, by name, your real name ( even if you use a different online identity), what you do, where you live and what your areas of expertise and, most importantly, what your areas of interests are. We must have your contact details. It is not a job but rather a fellowship of fellow travellers whereby you are introducing yourself to those fellow travellers.

As an editor of an area of interest, you shall write about issues that fall in that area and deal with authors who write about things in your area of interest and work through the press releases and materials that are sent to you. 

This is a community of readers, thinkers, creative minds and authors. We do not believe in browsing. The Humanion is to be read, wondered about, thought about, contemplated and fostered. We do not believe in instant opinioneering! We do not want social media. We want serious issues explored seriously for people who think and, most importantly, people who do not just express opinion raw, rather they express their thoughts in a way that suggests that they have had them refined, modified, sharpened and shaped as if chiseled out with the knife of reason and that is put together like an architect so that once expressed not only it is a piece of writing but actually it becomes a 'thing of beauty'. This is what we would like to see happening. If one finds this difficult to see: please, read, Arthur Schopenhauer's works, Emmanuel Kant's Works, Leo Tolstoy's Works, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Works, William Shakespeare's Works,  John Steinbeck's Works and you would agree what beauty can be produced by human creative minds. 

If you are interested in Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Political Economics, Political Science, News about the World and all the continents and all the geo-physical parts of the earth, Law, Law and Order, Arts, Culture, Literature, Poetry, Fiction, Social Sciences, Humanities, branches of all Science, Mathematics, Jurisprudence, Medicine, Genetics, Neurology, Bio-chemistry, Geology, Bio-diversity, Nature and natural phenomena, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Human Rights, Women's Rights and so on we would like you to join us. There is hardly anything that you can name in which we are not interested. 

If you would like to join in, please, send us a communication and we shall get back to you as soon as we could. It does not matter where you live, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or Wales or Ireland or Germany, France, Spain, Iceland, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Malaysia, South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, The Philippines, China, Hong Kong, or the Americas or any other place on earth so long you use English as your expressive tongue, join us.

Ideally, you should have a few hours a week to spend in reading through what is already in The Humanion and write a piece at least a couple of times a month.

Thank you
Munayem Mayenin
The Humanion

How to Get Involved with The Humanion


The positions that have no names next to them are yet to be filled. Thus, interested are invited to apply. To apply, send in an email to The Editor saying a little about yourself and the position you would like to apply. Once received The Editor will ask you to send in a short piece of writing of 500-word on any subject that we cover and send in your CV: please, do not send CV first; you will be asked to send it later.

What we are looking for

That you speak, read, write, think, work and create in English to the highest possible academic level and grade of competence. We are NOT LOOKING FOR CYNICS as persons. Neither youth nor being 'old:er' is a disadvantage. If you are thought to be a possible editor The Editor will need to be able to speak with you, if not in real life, then on the phone. Having spoken, it is not a job interview. The Editor would let you know whether you would be appointed. However, it is ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT THAT YOU HAVE SPENT SOME TIME READING THE WEBSITE to gather what kind of things we are publishing and whether these are  the kind of things and thinking you are deeply interested about. Most importantly, if you are not a Reader, chances are The Humanion is not the platform for you. If appointed, you should have some time for The Humanion in which you would look after your editorial department, write about issues and, generally, lend a hand to The Editor as part of The Team. And be connected with the whole Team as you would be if you were working at a publication's real office. As part of the Team you are in The Fellowship of The Humanion. We are all fellow travellers bound on the road of seeking light. Look forward to hear from you. The Humanion is The Canterbury Tales' Pilgrimage  except we are headed towards 'The Elysium'. Those who live in London, it is our dream that one day we would meet up every now and than and speak in a London Circle in our Elleesium: See, the spelling is different-once someone pointed out, thinking it was misspelt: and, anyone of our Team from abroad visiting us, may join us as and when. In the meanwhile, please, spread the word.Read on The Humanion Team

|| At Home in the Universe || The Humanion || One Without Frontier ||

There can never be an app that will replace a surgeon doing the surgery nor there can ever be a bridge built, symphony composed, epic written, painting painted by a machine. Reading is such a vital thing in pursuit of knowledge for without reading knowledge is rudimentary. The Humanion is for Readers to Read. The Humanion is not for anything else but for Readers to read so to be encouraged to think and ponder about things. The Humanion is a Human Enterprise which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty  that establish a true civilisation. And in one word, this system of human affairs management is called, Humanics and a society that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. So, join us: Join The Humanion Team


Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



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