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First Published: September 24: 2015
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End Homelessness The Humanion Campaign
The Humanicsxian Issue 03 Monday June 06 2022

The Building-Block Foundational Human Rights

A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment
B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air
C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink
D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need
E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home
F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning
G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care
H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income
I: Absolute Right to a Job
J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income

This is part of Munayem Mayenin's Works on Humanics and Humanical Society: Humanics: The Foundation: Published: The Second Volume of This Work, Humanics: The Humanicsonomics: Pseudonomics and Its Laws and Lawlessness, Soon to Be Published: No State, Government, Public Bodies of Any and All Kinds and Types Nor Any Person, Persons or Agency Can Pursue a Course Nor Can They Justify Any of It, That Leaves the Vast Majority of Humanity Suffering and Perishing Away in Miserable Agony of a Live-In-Life-Sentence in This Horrendous State of a Waste of Human Existence Across the Earth Because They Do Not Have These Building-Block Foundational Human Rights, Absence of Which, Literally, Wipes Out and Away All the Existing Human Rights

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|| Saturday: February 19: 2022: Munayem Mayenin || ά. The Architectonics of Rationality is the nanocromised Construction-Spread in which has been nanocromised the ‘essence’ of the entire Temporal Creation, that exists and perishes by the Universal Laws, as per The Mechanoprincipium, as part of the Grid of Creation and as part of the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and within this Architectonics is structured the architectures, mechanisms, systems and processes of how this rationality must work, function and elaborate the light of reason or wisdom: the vision, the design-template, the science, the mathematics and the ingenious, the choice, the good and the evil, the purpose, the meaning, the right and the wrong, the correct and the incorrect, the truth and the falsehood, the erring and the intentional denial of the truth, the harmony or equilibrium, the disharmony or egocentricity, the health and nature, the broken health and anti-nature, the enlightenment, the superstition, the morality, the personal morality, the social morality, the spirituality, the love of learning and the loathing of learning or love of the darkness of evil etc, whereby the ecology of rationality or the luminosity of rationality is ‘reason’ and in this Architectonics are grounded The Minimechanoprincipium, The Minigrid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and The Minigrid of Creation, the Duality Construct of Humanity, the Scale of Justice, the Construct of Evil and Choice, which is what makes humanity a nanocromised infinity of a spiritual expression of that Infiniternal God, Who created it and, which is what makes humanity a nanocromised infinity of goodness unfolding itself. Therefore, without understanding absolutely clearly, fully and unambiguously, the Architectonics of Rationality, humanity will waste itself in the darkness all its existence and will not get any wiser as to what it is and what it is not or why it is and why it is not. This is what has been happening to humanity because no one has so far, since the beginning of humanity, has sought to try and understand this Architectonics of Rationality. What did not help matter at all was this: from the inception, science had to fight its way against blind faith, brute force and ferocity of ignorance and arrogance, particularly, coming from various faith communities, who were seeking to ‘enforce’ faith by sheer brute and violent force because humanity had not yet begun, even, to suspect that there existed a Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, that would direct it towards finding out about the Universal Laws at work across the Creation and it will direct it to begin to see that the whole Temporal Creation existed on a Grid of Creation and that will take it to ‘the luminous gate of The Mechanoprincipium’ where humanity shall see God as the origin, home and source-spring of the whole creation, faith, hope, science, mathematics, ingenious and goodness combined. The faiths did not understand faith itself: faith is the opening ground of existence of the Delta of the Universes, where is sown the seed of eternal hope, out of which germinates the tree of eternal optimism of eternal goodness and from it arises the state of good faith and good state in all humanity: faith is rooted in this objective fact that there exists hope, which is ‘’The seed, sign and science of progress.’’: Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin: and which is this that the mind-bewildering array and cascadia of entities and variables, that appear in and as temporal reality before humanity, can be understood because there appear laws at works, ways of working and functioning for things and, if, studied and learnt from these, humanity shall find these laws, learn about these laws, and through that, they will be able to gain the light to see in the darkness and become different than the animal being held by a lion. If, there does not exist this faith, there can not and does not exist any science because in this case, there exists no hope that would encourage anyone to search, seek and try to find out and learn whether there are laws at work across, what is nature. But because there is this faith, there is hope, and because of it, with her infinite imagination, creativity and ingenuity Maria Sklodowska-Currie goes about searching, seeking and trying and she ends up discovering whole universes of laws, that are part of the body of the Universal Laws. 

And, this humanity will become different as soon as it acquires a little light in the darkness and with it, it can begin to see. Faith> Hope> Rationality> Reason> Mathematics> Science> Nature> Goodness because Universal Laws govern everything> Eternal Optimism> Eternal Learning> Eternal Good State. This relates to humanity as humanity naturale while blind faith and cynicism, pessimism and anarchism, anti-rationality and ani-reason, anti-science, anti-mathematics, anti-nature and anti-goodness relate to zoohumanity as being a jumbled-together egos, herded into a mob of physiologies where there is the darkness of the egos or a mob: the burning and ever-deepening darkness of having lost the criterion and falling onto being egos, which is of ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, hatred, loathing, opinion fascism, violence, anarchism, delusion, fear, phobia, paranoia, hysteria, consumerism, immorality, personal psychosis and social psychosis in the sociology of evil. The Criterion is grounded, architectured and designed in The Architectonics of Rationality. Without it, humanity does fall into a sickness of the absence of the Criterion and because of it, instead of following and existing by rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature, it suffers, breaks and bleeds in agony of becoming a combustible, toxic and destructive brute and blind force, that does so in this sickness of the absence of the Criterion: and it becomes the anti of all these: rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature  and these are replaced by: irrationality, opinion fascism, conspiracy theories, falsehoods, fabrications, conjectures and mythologies, created, concocted and jumbled together by absolute ignorance, a deluge of superstitions, immorality, anti-science, anti-mathematics, anti-logic, anti-ingeniousness, anti-evidence, anti-common sense, anti-culture and anti-nature and, because of this sickness, instead of existing and living in and with the Architectonics of Rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature, it now suffers, breaks and bleeds by conducting a war against all these with this ‘sickness statement’, that says and seeks to establish that all these, the Architectonics of Rationality, reason, science, mathematics, ingeniousness, logic, evidence, common sense, culture, morality and with, in and by nature, are nothing but an elaborate conspiracy  and today’s world and the human condition are elaborating the resultant chaos of this war going on across the spectrum of reality and the distorteddia manipulated spheres of distortive, fragmentary, manipulative and herding and directing expositions of the zoohumanity.    

That is why science began its existence as a vehicle to deny faith, deny the existence of God or a Creator and, thereby, it came to claim, being scientific or rational, means one must always remember to stay quiet about that word, God or the other phrase, The Creator or, rather, just say, being scientific and rational, means one must deny God or the Creator. Except, no one stopped to ask the question: that all these branches of science and mathematics, medicine and engineering etc got discovered by humanity and developed and utilised to advance the human condition but how were they discovered? Or rather, why were they discovered? Why did not humanity just create Physics or Calculus or Physiology? Why did they have to discover these? Where were they hiding that humanity had to discover them from their hiding places? Were they really hiding and who found them there hidden? Most importantly, how did they get hidden there? Who hid them there? And, if, they were hidden there or remained there unbeknown to humanity, how did they get there? Who created them and left them there? And, as discovered branches of science and mathematics showed that humanity was not just discovering a branch of science or mathematics but they were discovering endless flow of laws by which, it appeared, the whole nature was working and functioning? Who wrote these laws? Why did ‘they’ write these laws and who enforce these laws across nature? Or, how do they enforce these laws across the Temporal Creation because the case is this that the entire Grid of Creation and all the variables set across it, eternally exist and perish by these laws, without ever failing to do so? Thereby, the observer comes to see that there exists the Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom but, most importantly, none of these can arise onto human understanding, let alone, exist and enable humanity to discover the Universal Laws, that constitute nature and by which the entire nature works and functions, unless there exists inside humanity this Architectonics of Rationality, the ‘tools’ from where reason is to arise and become ground where is grounded this Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom. If, this was not inside humanity, humanity would simply be another species of animals as only physiologies. Taking this away from humanity, it will have left nothing else to distinguish itself from the rest of the animal kingdom. The Architectonics of Rationality can be visualised as an invisible, nanocromised infiniternal ‘circuit’ of rationality, through which, when all are connected by its laws, run the ‘electricity’ or luminosity of reason, which is what is wisdom: the luminosity of wisdom. And, here is the other way to look at The Architectonics of Rationality: if, it were not constructed in humanity singularity as its foundational make up, there can not exist any branch of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, because in such a case, humanity will have no way of understanding, perceiving, comprehending any of these learning, knowledge and wisdom whatsoever; no mathematics, no geometry, no trigonometry, no calculus, no permutation, no logarithm, no dynamics, no engineering, no medicine, no physics, no chemistry, no logic, can come into existence because humanity has no means, no resources, no tools to understand any of it. Were such a situation to arise, where there is no Architectonics of Rationality in humanity and these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom were appearing and there appeared some species with the Architectonics of Rationality and their members were seeking to ‘train’ humanity in these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom, it would be like seeking to ‘train’ a cat or dog or tiger Quantum Physics or Calculus or Electrical Engineering. These poor members of this new intelligent species, trying to ‘train’ humanity without the Architectonics of Rationality, will soon abandon the project and fly far away from the earth so to avoid having to work with these rationality-less humanity. Humanity, therefore, can understand, perceive and comprehend these branches of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom because they are constructed in, with, by and within rationality and reason, which this humanity has inherently built in its foundational core construction as The Architectonics of Rationality. Without any academic learning, tuition and education all human beings can and do learn their own mother tongue and any other languages, that they find being used in their local communities. How do they learn these languages, that are constructed by rationality and reason and that construction was done by all humanity ‘randomly’ working out their communication means together without any organisational structure or coaching because these languages are governed by laws, that no academic, no grammarian, had written? Nor there was ever a ‘conference’ of all the singularities of humanity in a locality getting together to write and 'agree' such laws, such regulations, such grammar and grammatical rules, such linguistics, such phonology, such phonetics, such semantics, such morphology, such phrases and idioms. How did these languages get constructed, that were done so by absolute rationality and reason and by laws unless there existed in humanity The Architectonics of Rationality

''God isz the Eternal Constant, Whose Will is Expressed as in, with, by and through The Mechanoprincipium, by The Grid of Creation wherein  are constructed the Architectonics of the whole Creation in which whole of Temporality’s Architectures, Mechanisms, Systems and Processes are constructed within the Framework of The Architectonics of Rationality, The Scale of Justice, The Construct of Evil and Choice, The Conversion Pathways of Equality and Equivalence, The Principia of Equity, Equality, Liberty, Justice, Purpose and Meaning and all of which are set between a nanoseismic and mammothseismic spread, with magnificent and mighty powers of imagination, ingenuity, creativity, genius, knowledge, wisdom, love, righteousness, justice and jurisprudence, science, mathematics, geometry, design, engineering and vision, all set under the Absolute Command and Direction, That can not be otherwise, to exist and perish by The Universal Laws, arising through The Grid of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom and all are appearing as existences as The Temporal or Phenomenal Reality of the Delta of the Universes. And this Creator God or Divinity isz infinite, eternal and infiniternal, which means that God or Divinity does not have a beginning or ending because Godself isz forever; therefore, God, as isz infinite, eternal and infiniternal, needs no cause to come to isz because the Entity, That lacks a beginning and an ending, does not stand in any need to begin or end or to be created nor can it be created by anything because there does not exist any greater power than infinity, eternity and infiniternity, Which Godself isz and isz forever as The Eternal Constant to the entire Temporal Creation, that keeps on appearing and disappearing, changing and altering and offering an endless flowing cascadia of change, to which all, God as The Eternal Constant isz eternally unchangeable, unalterable, indestructible and ever-one: Forever The Absolute Reality: The Absolute Sovereignty: The Absolute Liberty: The Absolute Righteousness, Justice and Jurisprudence: God, Divinity, Alphansum, The Creator: The Eternal Constant'': Maya The Mechanoprincipium: Munayem Mayenin: Published: January 25: 2022: ISBN: 9789403645216

|| Friday: September 24: 2021 || ά. The Vision and Philosophy of Humanics has been developed by the life's philosophical works of the Thinker Munayem Mayenin, that have constructed the philosophy, metaphysics, political philosophy, political economics, humanical moral science, humanical jurisprudence, humanical social science and a whole body of new branches of learning, knowledge and wisdom, including, Duantum Physics and Cosmogeogenomodynamics on the high-humanical truth that humanity is an infinity unfolding itself in which humanity naturale is nothing but an eternal learner on the path of continuous learning, progress, advancement and development. Human Enterprise is an essential and elemental component of humanics or its political economics, which is an idea in which no one owns anything but everyone belongs to the whole as the whole belongs to everyone lawfully and equally and, it neither believes in nor makes money but human utilities, needs, aspirations, creativity, imagination and dreams are served without money, where everyone works and creates for others as others create and work for them, thus, bringing in meaning and purpose to life along with it come natural justice, equality and liberty, that establish a true civilisation.

And in one word, this system of human affairs management or political economics is called Humanics and a society, that runs itself in humanics is called a humanical society. Humanics is the philosophy, that sees all humanity with all its oneness of unity and with all its diversity as one-whole-infinity of an ecology of goodness, as humanity naturale, endowed with infinite imagination, ingenuity and creativity, nanocromised in the finiteness of the human physiology and psyche and that are the elemental and inalienable characteristics of humanity, that reside in its core architectonics of human rationality, in whose architecture, mechanism, system and processes, as well as, their functioning and dysfunctioning we find ingrained the laws of not just morality but mathematics, logic, science and imagination , as well as, the sign-posting that tells us that there exist similar but in a far more mammothseismic magnitude Universal Laws by which the entire Delta of the Universe exist and perish by, which show us that being able to exercise the free will or choice is the highest of all its virtues and existential necessities and whereby it comes to find that without this ability to be able to exercise free will and conduct choice it can not remain humanity naturale and in order for it do reach such a state it must, therefore, seek and strive to reach liberty and equality by virtue of which it achieves that state, that enables it to practice free will and choice. Liberty and equality are such states without which humanity can not exist as humanity naturale. Humanics is the philosophy, that brings these into a vision  whereby humanity comes to exist as humanity naturale at liberty and equality under the rule of law and in natural justice. Humanics, therefore, means the philosophy, that inspires humanity to march towards reaching that ideal state of existence where it gets to be at liberty and equality so that it can now exist as moral and ethical being in the exercise of free will or free choice by which it crafts its existence and with it, it seeks to achieve a meaning and purpose of existence.

|| Friday: September 24: 2021: The Humanion: Year Eta The Seventh Year: Munayem Mayenin || ά. The Humanion begins its seventh year of publication today when we find the world in a terrible place where human existence is left outside everything of ‘the system’ while it runs on its own without regards to that very humanity and the human condition, that it sentences to suffer all high-cruelties, high-barbarities and high-brutalities or in one word, savagery. While humanity suffers the ignominy of being poor and left alone to its own devices in every country, which is everyday reality, however, the pandemic made it far more sharp and punctuated, the better of societies vaccinated their people while the poorer ones are left behind.

It is the survival of the richest while societies, such as, the United Kingdom, is enforcing a mere £20-a-week cut on their Universal Credit to the poorest of society, forcing them towards deeper poverty, the rich has a bonanza time. While humanity struggles along, lost, because pseudonomics is running its racket of robberies, that no one mentions, as the theorists, economists and intellectuals of this capitalism, of this pseudonomics are suffering from an intellectual nihilism of absolute bankruptcy while the obnoxiously rich have made their playground in space and obscene amount of money and resources are wasted in space-toilet-jumping flights!

Humanics offers a different vision of humanity beyond the savagery of capitalism as pseudonomics, that shall come to an end for pseudonomics is the last siege of the Greeks, that shall bring an end to it. It can not but come to an end because the process of rotting, when it begins, can not be stopped nor can it be reversed nor can any one stop its momentum. Capitalism shall end because, if, it did not come to an end, humanity and life on earth and on this universe shall have to get extinguished; cyanide kills all. Capitalism is that cyanide and it shall kill it all. Humanics is the path for all humanity towards liberty, equality, purpose and meaning; we are calling everyone to join this long walk. Regardless of who joins or lend a hand we shall keep on walking on this path of humanics for it is the path of humanity and towards humanity becoming humanity naturale once again. The Humanion has kept on going and today we begin its seventh year. We invite everyone to join us and support us. The Distorteddia and the rich and their conglomerates are not the people or bodies who will support humanics. Our support comes from our readerships; here we are in, with and by humanics and we invite your support to lend a hand and join our long walk to humanics.  

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The Distorteddia Stand Against The Machine: Stand Against Dehumanisation





































Distorteddia or the Distorteddia Conglomerate is made of all the entities, that call themselves 'social media and this and the other, including, the entire jungle of the so called apps, gadgets, contraptions and platforms. There is something, profoundly dehumanising, deeply contradictory and, fundamentally, anti-nature is happening in society, that has been losing its power to the distorteddia or the entire range of distortive, fragmentary and, often, manipulative 'expressions of realities', that are, simply, seeking to mimic the reality and real society: except, these have neither reality nor society in them, whereby people are, simply, taken on the terms and basis of absolute and must dehumanisation. The market has established its grip so that we are herded to one place and are given 'scripts' by which to 'waste away' by, by, simply, being the 'consumers', buying and consuming, while ensuring that we become and remain nothing but a mob and that we are always at the herding place so that the market and the marketeers have everyone at their disposal, when they advertise their offerings and, along the way, save a great deal of money and make a hell of a killing from it. 

This distorteddia has been let to grow because the entire 'mechanism' from the states and governments to media and publications to universities and businesses and all other from all spheres and all parts of the world, simply, let everything being dragged along and with such a naive, unquestioning, submissive and bedazzled way, that these agencies of the entire world had offered the best and highest most validation, prestige and recommendations, as well as, free advertisements to these distorteddia conglomerate and with it they amassed vast number of human beings just falling into their nets and the more fell the more billions they made and, now, things are becoming insanely obvious as to how desperately dangerous this is getting. It is time to wake up and do something about it. This distorteddia is the most dangerous development in the human progression but this is more dangerous than just physical annihilation of humanity for it is slaughtering the very humanity we are supposed to be and turning us into a mob