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A: Absolute Right to Live in Clean, Healthy, Safe and Natural Environment: B: Absolute Right to Breathe Natural, Fresh, Clean and Safe Air: C: Absolute Right to Necessary Nutritional Balanced Food and Drink: D: Absolute Right to Free Medical Care at the Point of Need: E: Absolute Right to an Absolute Home: F: Absolute Right to Free Degree-Level Education and Life Long Learning: G: Absolute Right to Guaranteed Social Care: H: Absolute Right to a Universal Income: I: Absolute Right to a Job: J: Absolute Right to Dignified Civic and Human Funeral Paid Through by Universal Income: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd

Humanity Can Only Change the World Once It Is Able to Construct a Vision, Blending Together Its Dreams, Aspirations, Faiths, Convictions, Resolutions and Determinations in the Infinite Goodness of Humanity Being an Infinity Unfolding Itself on This Universe, Into This Vision, That Brings Into Existence This Parallel and Palpably Tangible Reality, That Outshines the Reality Itself and It Than Puts Infinite Faith in That Vision and Then It Enters That Vision-Reality, in Which It Builds Its Home and Existence and Only That Humanity Can Let the World Get Inspired By That Elaboration, Exposition and Example of Its Very Faith, Very Humanity and Very Existence of Infinite Faith and Infinite Work in Infinite Learning, Development and Progression: Only This Way Humanity Can Change the World: Humanity Does Not Have to Succumb to Eternal Suffering of Infinite Poverty When It Has Infinite Riches to Recreate a New World and a New Human Condition, That Is Infinitely Better Than the Current Killing-Mechanism Capitalism: Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd: For A Better Human Condition For All Humanity Across Mother Earth

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First Published: September 24: 2015
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The Society of Editors Warns of Severe Consequences If Plans to Restrict Young People’s Access to News Websites Go Ahead



|| Thursday: May 30: 2019 || ά. Writing to the Information Commissioner’s Office:ICO, the Society says that proposals to ensure news websites are age appropriate risk doing untold harm to legitimate media companies, even, forcing some regional titles to fold. The proposals are part of the ICO’s Age Appropriate Code Consultation, which seeks to protect young people and children under the age of 18 from having their data details exploited on the web.

The proposals, if, enacted, would require news websites to either ensure their content is suitable to be read by children or require users to prove they are adults. “Not only are these proposals a real threat to the financial future of media companies, they, also, fly in the face of other endeavours to encourage young people to engage with the world around them and play a part in their future.” said the Society’s Executive Director Mr Ian Murray.

“In either eventuality the media industry online would be severely harmed. Making news content child-friendly will inevitably mean watering it down substantially, while asking users to provide proof of age would see a huge loss of readers. Without the ability to provide advertisers with market research, collated from users, the aim of these proposals, the industry would be unable to attract revenue.” Mr Murray said.

The proposals from the ICO are not aimed at protecting children from possible unacceptable content but solely from the use of their data. “While no one wishes to see children and young people exploited, there appears to be no evidence this is, actually, the case with media websites. Yet, now the industry is faced with potentially catastrophic harm in an attempt to remove an unrecorded threat.” Mr Murray said.

In his letter to the ICO, Mr Murray wrote that, although, news was not targeted specifically at children, those under the age of 18, there had always been an encouragement that young adults and teenagers do engage with the world through reading newspapers and following news broadcasts.

‘’The proposed age-appropriate codes would seem to go against that body of thought, which in itself is strange at a time when there are more and more calls for young people, especially teenagers, to have their voices heard with regard to their future. Here it appears teenagers and young people under the age of 18 are to be treated as too young to be allowed to engage in the world taking shape around them.” Mr Murray wrote in the letter

Read the Society’s submission to the ICO.

About the Society of Editors: The Society of Editors has members in national, regional and local newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and new media, journalism education and media law. It campaigns for media freedom, self-regulation, the public's right to know and the maintenance of standards in journalism.:::ω.

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An Invitation: Join The Humanion Team



|| Thursday: May 02: 2019 || ά. There are countless neutrinos, invisible, insignificant but necessary, the last, almost, hypothetical ‘matter’ in this Universe; combining all of them together would create an enormous body of a mass! Invisible is invincible, if, we count these neutrinos. The world and humanity did not know they existed until very recently. We have two things in an equation: Questions=Answers. We have infinite range of questions to raise, seek and get answers to in relation to working out this infinite conundrum of this Colossus Complexus, that is this human life and human existence on earth, this life, this ecology of the web of life, this humanity, this human progression, this society and all, that goes on in it and this ever evolving expanse of the Mother Universe, where matter, motion and biological life function under Universal Laws and to do all this and, to do this well, all we have is the ]eternal power’ of the human mind: to keep on learning eternally. We keep on learning and we keep on developing ourselves as we go on. This is the developmental and progressional pathway for taking forward the human condition. This is why and this is how we have been able to leave the cave and ventured out to build and we have built much, albeit, of weakly construction, that does not seem to support our existence.

Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion and all the other things we are seeking to do is to seek to finding a way to do exactly this: keep at it on the path of eternal learning and inspiring minds to keep on learning and expanding our understanding and our abilities further and forward. There are many views one could take in relation to time but, taking the cosmosian time frame and arrangements, human time seem, almost, pointless. A year or a decade or a century or a millennium is nothing in relation to the Astronomical times. Often, it takes billions of years for us to come to know of an event, that took place in that long a past. Sometime, we look at stars shimmering away in the night heavens without knowing or realising that that star had already died long ago.

In this Cosmosian spread of time, human existence, must, therefore, be always mindful of our existence in this Cosmosian spread of time and in this Universal context. So far, less than 02% of the human genome has been expressed of the human genome! 98% has not yet been expressed. That is how far we are at the developmental stage: we are, this humanity, is nothing but a crawling baby and this baby has been able to create this mess, this capitalistic apparatus, that is the proof as to what a little baby this humanity is. We can work, act, do and create more and better were we to be able to raise ourselves up and wayward with the injection of this view-point that this is the humanity baby and this is how far it will have to keep on going, developing itself, from 02% of the genome to 100% of it, few hundred million years into the future, only to reach full young adult stage of development.

Therefore, those, who subscribe to the view that capitalism and Marxism have become the ultimate strait-jacket of inventions within whose ‘decrepitude’ humanity must keep on suffering and paying the price for this horrendous human condition imposed on humanity by capitalism and by the failure of Marxism, are nothing but dead wrong. However, they seem to offer the view that this is the pinnacle of human development and progression, this capitalism, this killing mechanism, this mother-apparatus-of-all-misery, that have put up all barriers, all obstacles and all prohibitions against the very humanity and the very human existence. Humanics challenges this view and puts forward the critique in philosophy, political philosophy, political economics, public affairs management, jurisprudence and sociology, demonstrating as to why must we rise to remove these obstacles, barriers and prohibitions, established, created, implemented and enforced onto the human existence so that they, effectively, annul the human existence into nothing but a life-long live-in-life-sentence of suffering, misery, agony and pain.

The Humanion invites readers to make a choice and raise questions and not accept taughtologies. Despite capitalism’s assertion, through its psychology of zoohuman, behaviourism and Freudianism, that humanity is selfish, humanity is nothing like it. Humanics views humanity as an infinity unfolding itself: humanity is nothing but infinite imagination, empathy, ingenuity and creativity put together in a finite expression with hypothetical infinite potentials to be and do: human. Only zoohumans are selfish; natural humanity, humanity naturale is not and can not be selfish. Take the view: a Consultant spends her entire life, learning and practising Medicine. And what does she do with it: yes, she gets paid so she pays her bills and makes some savings etc and she serves people and she dies, leaving any left-over wealth she was able to generate behind. But what did she do with her learning of a life time? Who did she serve? Who did she leave behind anything she had created? And, here, in the long run, all her life’s works served the people, all the student medics she taught and left behind will do the same as she did with her life and learning. She left some books, that she had written, many medical text books, which will be studied for generations. Who did this Consultant’s existence serve, what did all her life long learning do? Who did she serve?

And we see that this Consultant’s existence and life was not selfish. She did not learn for herself! Imagine that she did not get paid for all her life’s work, that she needed no money and she did all that she would have done. She would have existed in humanics without money and still she would have contributed to better the human condition by as much. No one learns anything for oneself, in the long run. The generations of teachers served the people. Generations of social workers, doctors, engineers, architects, authors, poets, composers and so on served humanity with their craft. Take money and ownership off existence and all these professions still keep on serving humanity with their knowledge, learning and crafts and society will go on but, much better for they all now will have a meaning and purpose in life because they do not get paid for what they do so that, effectively, all they create are given to society as gifts, as personal contributions, donations to one’s society and communities while one existed on other humanity’s gifts and contributions. In giving humanity becomes second to none and in receiving humanity becomes as gracious as humanity can be because one has existed in one’s entire existence with others’ contributions to enable their existence.

Regine Humanics Foundation Ltd and The Humanion invite for your support, which you can do in many ways: today, we write to invite and encourage people, particularly, the youth, to join The Humanion Team. We need more people to get involved and help us take humanics forward. Humanics is not going to happen tomorrow or at the next election or next year or next decade but it can not but happen; otherwise, capitalism has enough killing power to bring the entire humanity into extinction. We are offering this minority view today and we are taking small but sure little strides in taking the message and vision of humanics forward. Take part, join in and let us take forward the vision of humanics towards the future. The Humanion covers a whole range of things and there are opportunities for many people to get involved: offer some time with commitment and a sense of purpose. Anything big begins small. We have made our small little start and we are going: join us in this Long Walk to Humanics and let us lay the little neutrinos on the architectural grid and let us keep on adding them so that they begin to become electrons, protons and neutrons and they create atoms and they join and begin to form molecules and they join and they keep on creating wider grid. Capitalism is not the high pinnacle of humanity nor does Marxism have the answers we need. We need you to join our team and let us keep on building and adding one neutrino to another till they begin to form large enough structure to be seen. One by one: one star in each eye for one soul and there stands another soul, that makes two sets of stars in two sets of eyes and each gets added power from the other for their stars are now reflected  in the other eyes. Join us and let us go: keep on walking on the path of the Long Walk to Humanics.

Send in your CV, with a short write up of no more than 300 words, about humanics and why you would like to join us and what you can offer, in terms of time commitments etc and send it to editor at thehumanion.com: These are voluntary and unpaid positions and you join in simply because you believe in what we are seeking to do, you believe in humanics and the vision its puts forward for the future of this humanion and, most importantly, you believe that by joining forces and working together, hand in hand, we could gather more neutrinos together faster and reach wider quicker. Capitalism has brought the world and world humanity to a state of ‘decay’, a state of ‘rot’ and a state of ‘dysfunction’. Let us take the new, vibrant, ever-green, ever-growing, ever-natural, ever-soulful vision of humanics to build a soul-commune-ecology of one-humanity, to each and every soul of this humanity.

We await to hear from you all: you, who are at learning and research institutions, at medical schools, at law schools, at college and university campuses, at cafes and cafeterias, at work places, in communities and organisations and agencies, at hospitals and teaching hospitals and research, learning and innovation fields, at business, trade and commerce across the United Kingdom, across Europe and across the world, across the Mother Earth. But let us re-iterate, humanics is not going to happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next year or in a decade but unless we set up and out and work for and establish the foundation of the idea and vision of humanics and put up a parallel society, civilisation, philosophy, political philosophy, political economics, public affairs management, jurisprudence and sociology in every room, every arena, every sphere and every space, where capitalism is discussed capitalism will not be seen as to how rotten, how decaying and how desperately monstrous a killing apparatus it is and it has become and why this rotting, stinking and monstrous dead and deathly thing must be taken out to free humanity from the psychology of zoohuman into the psychology of humanity naturale: all children, both woman and man, of the Mother Earth is set free at liberty, at equality at all times under the rule of law in natural justice, where humanicsovics runs the public affairs management system and all business, trade and commerce or all the productive and economical activities are run in humanics in a humanical civilisation in humanical societies, that have buried ownership and money into the depth of the deepest vault of the history museum of human development. We await to hear from you.:::ω.

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John Witherow to Deliver the Society of Editor’s Satchwell Lecture: June 10


|| Thursday: May 02: 2019 || ά. The Editor of The Times, Mr John Witherow will deliver the annual Society of Editors’ Satchwell Lecture in London in June. Mr Witherow is a major media figure with a distinguished career in journalism. He has edited The Times since 2013 and this year saw the paper pick up the prestigious Daily Newspaper of the Year title at the National Press Awards.

The Satchwell Lecture takes place at Stationers’ Hall on Monday, June 10, which is free to attend and includes a glass of wine. Spaces are limited and registration can be made via the Lecture’s Eventbrite page. The Lecture will start at 19:00 with a reception, followed at 19:30 by the lecture and a question and answers session with time for networking to follow. The evening is expected to end at 21:00.

The Satchwell Lecture is named for former Society of Editors Executive Director Mr Bob Satchwell, who stepped down from his role in March 2017 due to a life-changing illness. Last year’s inaugural lecture was delivered by BBC Director General Lord Tony Hall.

Mr John Witherow is the longest-serving national newspaper editor in Britain. He joined The Times in 1980 and was appointed editor of The Sunday Times in 1995 and editor of The Times in 2013. He started his career in South West Africa, now Namibia, in 1970 with the aim of teaching in Ovamboland on the Angolan border. He was refused a permit to go there by the South African government, which governed South West Africa at the time. Instead, he set up a library for Africans in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. While there, he was a BBC stringer for the Africa service.

Mr Witherow joined Reuters news agency in 1977 and worked in Madrid for a year before joining the Times as a reporter. In his first week he covered the Iranian embassy siege and later the Iran-Iraq war. In 1982, he was sent on the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible to cover the Falklands war. After reporting on the air war and surviving Exocet attacks, that destroyed HMS Sheffield, he was put ashore with Five Infantry Brigade. He came under bomb attack while on an ammunition ship and was close by when Argentine aircraft struck RFA Galahad, killing 48 servicemen, the biggest single loss of British life during the war.

After the fall of Port Stanley in June, he returned to the UK on a Hercules plane with the SAS. He wrote a book, The Winter War, The Falklands, with Patrick Bishop. In the same year, Mr Witherow spent six months in Boston and Washington for the Boston Globe.

He moved to The Sunday Times in 1983. There he served in several positions, including, defence correspondent, diplomatic correspondent, foreign editor and head of news. He was made Editor after the departure of Mr Andrew Neil in 1995.

Under his editorship, the paper broke a series of powerful news stories, including, cash for questions, cash for honours and the abuse of the expenses system in the upper house. Several peers were fined, suspended and one was jailed as a result. These stories helped reform the Houses of Parliament.

He was Editor when the Paper alleged that US cyclist Mr Lance Armstrong was a drugs cheat.  Armstrong sued and the paper had to settle. Only later did US authorities prove he was using performance-enhancing drugs and he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. The paper recovered its damages and costs from Mr Armstrong. The episode was made into a film, called, The Programme, 2015. He, also, presided over the start of the Insight investigation into corruption at FIFA, which, ultimately, led to the suspension of Mr Sepp Blatter in 2015.

In 2013 he was made Editor of The Times. The Paper became profitable for the first time and has won numerous newspaper awards. It, also, became Britain’s biggest selling quality national daily under his editorship.

Although, there is no charge for the event, donations towards the Journalists’ Charity will be encouraged. For further queries, interested are requested to contact Ms Mariella at the Society of Editors on 01223 30 40 80 or mariella.brown at societyofeditors.org.

Caption: John Witherow: Editor: The Times: Image: Society of Editors:::ω.

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