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First Published: September 24: 2015
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It Is a Democratic Crisis: Make Tech-Companies Liable for the Use of Harmful and Misleading Material on Their Sites: Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee




|| July 29: 2018: || ά. In a first interim report in its Disinformation and ‘Fake News’ Inquiry, published today, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee warns that we are facing a democratic crisis founded on the manipulation of personal data and targeting pernicious views to users, particularly, during elections and referenda. The Committee outlines a series of recommendations to tackle the problem of disinformation and fake news facing the whole world.

Mr Damian Collins MP, the Chair of the Committee, said, "We are facing nothing less than a crisis in our democracy, based on the systematic manipulation of data to support the relentless targeting of citizens, without their consent, by campaigns of disinformation and messages of hate. In this inquiry we have pulled back the curtain on the secretive world of the tech-giants, which have acted irresponsibly with the vast quantities of data they collect from their users.

Despite concerns being raised, companies like Facebook made it easy for developers to scrape user data and to deploy it in other campaigns without their knowledge or consent. Throughout our inquiry these companies have tried to frustrate scrutiny and obfuscated in their answers. The light of transparency must be allowed to shine on their operations and they must be made responsible and liable, for the way in which harmful and misleading content is shared on their sites.

We heard evidence of co-ordinated campaigns by Russian agencies to influence how people vote in elections around the world. This includes running adverts through Facebook during elections in other countries and in breach of their laws. Facebook failed to spot this at the time and it was only discovered after repeated requests were made for them to look for evidence of this activity.

Users were unaware that they were being targeted by political adverts from Russia, because they were made to look like they came from their own country and there was no information available at all about the true identity of the advertiser. I believe what we have discovered so far is the tip of the iceberg. There needs to be far greater analysis done to expose the way advertising and fake accounts are being used on social media to target people with disinformation during election periods. The ever-increasing sophistication of these campaigns, which will soon be helped by developments in augmented reality technology, make this an urgent necessity.


Data crimes are real crimes, with real victims. This is a watershed moment in terms of people realising they themselves are the product, not just the user of a free service. Their rights over their data must be protected.

The first steps in tackling disinformation and fake news are to identify the scale of the problem and the areas where immediate action is required. In this interim report we have set out a series of recommendations, including, making the tech-companies take greater responsibility for misleading and harmful content on their sites, providing greater transparency for users on the origin of content, that has been presented to them, raising funding from the tech-sector to provide more media literacy training in schools, and calling for an international coalition to act against campaigns of disinformation from Russian agencies and their networks, whose purpose is to disrupt our democracy."

The Interim Recommendations: The Committee sets out a series of major reforms to begin to tackle this issue and invites responses to its proposals, a complete list of interim recommendations is available in the report:

Make Tech-Companies Responsible and Liable: We recommend that a new category of tech-company is formulated, which tightens tech-companies' liabilities and which is not necessarily either a 'platform' or a 'publisher'. We anticipate that the Government will put forward these proposals in a White Paper later this year.

This process should establish clear legal liability for the tech-companies to act against harmful and illegal content on their platforms. The tech-companies are not passive platforms on which users input content; they reward what is most engaging, because engagement is part of their business model and their growth strategy. They have profited greatly by using this model. This manipulation of the sites by the tech-companies must be made more transparent.

Just as the finances of companies are audited and scrutinised, the same type of auditing and scrutinising should be carried out on the non-financial aspects of technology companies, including, their security mechanisms and algorithms, to ensure they are operating responsibly.

Impose a levy on tech-companies to fund education and the Information Commissioners Office:ICO. We recommend that the Government put forward proposals in its forthcoming White Paper for an educational levy to be raised by social media companies, to finance a comprehensive media educational framework.

We suggest there could be a levy on tech-companies operating in the UK, to help pay for the expanded work of the ICO, similar to the way in which the banking sector pays for the upkeep of the Financial Conduct Authority.


Change the Rules on Political Campaigning: There should be a public register for political advertising, requiring all political advertising work to be listed for public display so that, even, if, work is not requiring regulation, it is accountable and transparent for all to see. There should be a ban on micro-targeted political advertising to Facebook 'lookalike audiences' where users have requested not to receive political adverts.

The Electoral Commission should come forward with proposals for more stringent requirements for major donors to demonstrate the source of their donations. We support the Electoral Commission's suggestion that all electronic campaigning should have easily accessible digital imprint requirements, including, information on the publishing organisation and who is legally responsible for the spending, so that it is obvious, at a glance, who has sponsored that campaigning material, thereby, bringing all online adverts and messages into line with physically published leaflets, circulars and advertisements.

The Electoral Commission should, also, establish a code for advertising through social media during election periods, giving consideration to whether such activity should be restricted during the regulated period, to political organisations or campaigns, that have registered with the Commission.

The Government should investigate ways in which to enforce transparency requirements on tech-companies, to ensure that paid-for political advertising data on social media platforms, particularly, in relation to political adverts, are publicly accessible, are clear and easily searchable and identify the source, explaining who uploaded it, who sponsored it and its country of origin.

Tech-companies, must, also, address the issue of shell corporations and other professional attempts to hide identity in advert purchasing, especially, around election advertising. There should be full disclosure of targeting used as part of advert transparency.

Competition and Market Authority:CMA Audit of Fake Accounts: If, companies like Facebook and Twitter fail to act against fake accounts and properly account for the estimated total of fake accounts on their sites at any one time, this could not only damage the user experience but, potentially, defraud advertisers, who could be buying target audiences on the basis that the user profiles are connected to real people. We ask the Competition and Markets Authority to consider conducting an audit of the operation of the advertising market on social media.


Digital Atlantic Charter: The UK Government should consider establishing a digital Atlantic Charter as a new mechanism to reassure users that their digital rights are guaranteed. This innovation would demonstrate the UK’s commitment to protecting and supporting users and establish a formal basis for collaboration with the US on this issue. The Charter would be voluntary but would be underpinned by a framework setting out clearly the respective legal obligations in signatory countries. This would help ensure alignment, if, not in law, then, in what users can expect in terms of liability and protections.

Other 'Malign Actors': The interim report outlines disturbing evidence of the activities undertaken by companies in various political campaigns dating from around 2010, including, the use of hacking, of disinformation and of voter suppression through alleged violence and intimidation.

One company, SCL, used behavioural micro-targeting to support their campaign messages ahead of USA mid-term elections in 2014, later claiming that in just one of their campaigns the 01.5 million advertising impressions they generated created a 30% uplift in voter turnout, against the predicted turnout, for the targeted groups.

The Committee found evidence that AIQ used tools that ‘scrape’ user profile data from Linked In. The tool acts similarly to online human behaviour, searching Linked In user profiles, scraping their contacts and all accompanying information, such as, users' place of work, location and job title.

The report begins to attempt to expose the shady, secretive world of these tech-companies and the high level international links between these companies, their subsidiaries and individuals. In one example, the inquiry heard of the links between SCL and Mr Christian Kalin of Henley Partners and their involvement in election campaigns in which Mr Kalin ran ‘citizenship by investment’ programmes involving the selling of certain states' passports to investors, usually, from countries, that face extensive travel restrictions.

The Committee's final report, which will, also, include further conclusions based on the interrogation of data and other evidence, is expected before the end of the year.

Read the Report::ω.

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|| May 17: 2018 || ά. Quality Journalism is Created, Sustained and Maintained Out of the Same Choice We Make to Act, Behave, Live and Conduct Our Life In With and By Rationality, Science, Mathematics and Evidence, Which Enable Us to Exist and Work for an Open and Democratic Civic Society in All Pubic Spheres. This Quality Journalism is That What is Bona Fide, Objective, Professional, Verifiable, Evidence-Based and Public-Educational Without Being Sensational, Opinioneering and Dogmatic, Ruined and Destroyed by Base and Crass Nationalism and Brewing and Culturing of Vested Propaganda But with a Commitment, Determination and Resolve to Challenge All Forms Discrimination, Prejudice, Bias, Ignorance, Phobia, Racism, Sexism, Misogyny, Masochism, Chauvinism and Propaganda, Manipulation and Impositions by Vested Market Interests. Quality is Not in the Saying or in the Claim But What is Covered and How Things are Covered. The Choice as to What to Read and What Not to is Up to the Readers But We All Must Acknowledge and Conduct Ourselves in Ways and Manners, That Show That We Exist in This Universe, in Which This Tiny Little Dot Milky Way Offers a Home to Our Nano-Dot Sunnara, That Houses Our Mother Earth with an Ever-Bent-Little-Moon Forever Going Round and Round Her. And On This Mother Earth We are the Humanity, Billions of Us as One In Many As One and Many In One As One.

Our Existence, Our Non-Existence, Our Past, Present and Future are Constructed in the Same Constitution of the Same Genome, in the Same Blood, in the Same Neuro-Cardian Architecture. On This Regine Humanics Foundation Stands and One of the Things, That The Foundation Does is Publish The Humanion: And Here The Foundation Invites All Your Support, Assistance and Co-operation in Building This Work. Everyone Can Do Something to Support The Foundation and The Humanion. Readers Can, People and Organisations Can. Businesses, Banks, Trade and Commerce Bodies and All Other Commercial and Business Agencies Can. Make a Reader's Contribution, Make a One Off Contribution, Make a Regular Payment of Support, Join The Regineumanics Family With a Little Pound or Advertise in The Humanion. A Tiny Fragment of the Staggering Amount of Money Spent by the Businesses and All Other Agencies in Promoting Their Services, Products and Offerings Will Ensure the Support The Foundation and The Humanion Need to Carry On Building This Source of Light for The World and For the World Humanity. Support The Foundation and Support The Humanion.

Regine Humanics Foundation is a Human Enterprise, Registered as a Not for Profit Social Enterprise. No One Makes or Takes Profit Out of It: All Is Spent and Invested in The Foundation and All It Does. The Foundation Exists to Work to Seek to Fight Dehumanisation, Foster Rehumanisation Through the Empowerment of the Individuals, Families, Communities and Societies in Reality in Human Interconnections, Interactions and Inter-Exchanges Between and Among Real Human Beings in Reality. The Foundation Exists to Keep on Advancing the Vision of One Humanity in One Universe, in One Sunnara, on One Earth and in One World. The Foundation Exists to Work for a Better Human Condition for All Humanity in a Better World in a Better Loved Mother Earth in a Better Understood, Studied and Explored Universe. Humanics is the Vision of This Better is Possible and We are on The Long Walk to Humanics. Join Us: Support Regine Humanics Foundation and The Humanion.
::: ω.

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The Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards 2018



|| April 22: 2018 || ά. A public art project and website celebrating dissent in Cuba and a collective of young bloggers and web activists, who give voice to the opinions of young people from all over the Democratic Republic of Congo, are among the winners of the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards 2018. The winners were announced on Thursday evening at a gala ceremony in London. Among the winners were  one of the only human rights organisation still operating in Egypt and an investigative journalist from Honduras, who regularly risks her life for her right to report on what is happening in the country.

The awards were presented in four categories: Arts, Campaigning, Digital Activism and Journalism. The winners are: Cuban art collective The Museum of Dissidence in Arts, the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms in Campaigning, Habari RDC, a collective of young Congolese bloggers and activists in Digital Activism; and Honduran investigative journalist Ms Wendy Funes in Journalism. “These winners deserve global recognition for their amazing work.” said Index on Censorship CEO Ms Jodie Ginsberg. “Like all those nominated, they brave massive personal and political hurdles simply so that others can express themselves freely.”

Drawn from more than 400 public nominations, the winners were presented with their awards at a ceremony at The Mayfair Hotel, London, hosted by Poet Ms Kate Fox. Actors, writers and musicians were among those celebrating with the winners. The guest list included The Times Columnist and Chair of Index Mr David Aaronovitch, BBC Presenter Mr Jonathan Dimbleby, Comedian Ms Shazia Mirza, social human rights activists Mr Nimco Ali and Ms Sara Khan, Serpentine Galleries CEO Ms Yana Peel, Poet Ms Sabrina Mahfouz, Channel 4’s Ms Lindsey Hilsum.

Winners were presented with cartoons created by Mr Khalid Albaih, a Romanian-born Sudanese social media based political cartoonist, who considers himself a virtual revolutionist.

Each of the award winners will become part of the fourth cohort of Freedom of Expression Awards fellows. Through the fellowship, Index works with the winners both during an intensive week in London and the rest of the awarding year to provide longer term, structured support. The goal is to help winners maximise their impact, broaden their support and ensure they can continue to excel at fighting free expression threats on the ground.

This year’s panel of judges included Ms Razia Iqbal, a Journalist for BBC News, Mr Tim Moloney QC, Deputy Head of Doughty Street Chambers, Ms Yana Peel, CEO of the Serpentine Galleries and Mr Eben Upton CBE, a Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and CEO of Raspberry Pi.

Awards judge Mr Eben Upton said, “"The ability to speak freely is a key foundation of democratic society and the rule of law: absent the ability to openly identify the abuse of power, extractive economic conditions and exclusive political institutions, proliferate. This is why freedom of expression is so precious and so often under attack from those in power."

This is the 18th year of the Freedom of Expression Awards. Former winners include Activist Ms Malala Yousafzai, Cartoonist Mr Ali Ferzat, journalists Ms Anna Politkovskaya and Mr Fergal Keane and Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.

Mr Ziyad Marar, President of Global Publishing at SAGE, said, “The protection and promotion of free speech is a belief firmly entrenched within our values at SAGE. As both publisher of the magazine and sponsors of tonight’s awards, we are proud to support Index in their mission as they defend this right globally. We offer our warmest congratulations to those recognised and remain both humbled and awed by their inspirational achievements.”

Caption: Human rights defenders Mohamed Sameh and Ahmad Abdallah of Egypt Commission on Rights and Freedoms, Honduran investigative journalist Wendy Funes, Congolese digital activist Guy Muyembe and Perla Hinojosa, Fellowship and Advocacy Officer at Index on Censorship, holds the 2018 Freedom of Expression Arts Award for Cuban arts collective Museum of Dissidence, who could not attend the Freedom of Expression Awards: Image:Index on Censorship :::ω.

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Kathryn Berry Wins the Royal Television Society Student Award 2018 for Her Film Fallen Angels


|| March 15: 2018: University of Bolton News || ά. Ms Kathryn Berry has been, duly, 'documented' as having won  the Royal Television Society:RTS  Award for her poignant fact-based film, Fallen Angels. Ms Berry us a Media, Writing and Production student at the University of Bolton. The RTS presents awards to six different categories, including, Factual, recognising the best audio-visual work created by students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Ms Berry's film, Fallen Angels, provides insight into a group of individuals overcoming extreme adversity; recovering from an addiction and turning to the world of dance with the Fallen Angels Dance Theatre to battle their adversities and find new meaning in their lives. Commenting on her achievement, Ms Kathryn Berry said, "I had it in my head not to get my hopes up as Fallen Angels was in a strong category, shortlisted alongside another University of Bolton film.

But it felt very rewarding for myself and my team, who all worked hard on the project.” Ms Sam Johnson, Head of Bolton School of the Arts said, "This is a great achievement and all credit needs to go to Kathryn and the team of students and staff, that have supported her creative journey.

The 2018 award builds upon previous successes in the Factual Film category as Bolton graduate Robbie Nash, also, won top prize for his third-year documentary, ‘See What I See, Hear What I Hear’ in 2017. This is an area of real strength within our Media provision."

Well done to Ms Kathryn Berry on her way into making and breaking further grounds in making films, that challenge, as well as, 'take forward', views and viewscapes of life and reality, that the 'commercialised' 'film-bonanza-market-cult' is not interested about. ω.

Caption: Kathryn Berry receiving her Award: Image: Claire Harrison

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Tom Clarke Joins ITV News as Science Editor


|| February 21: 2018 || ά. ITV News announced today that Mr Tom Clarke has been appointed as Science Editor, leading all specialist science coverage, providing original journalism and detailed analysis of complex scientific thinking and environmental issues. Currently Science Editor at Channel Four News, in his new role Mr Clarke will work across ITV News’ television, online and social media platforms, as well as, contributing towards ITV’s Current Affairs line-up, including, the Tonight programme and On Assignment.

Mr Clarke said on his appointment, ''In my 14 years at Channel Four News I’ve reported on genetic cures for untreatable diseases to the final proof of Einstein’s relativity theories and I’ve worked in fascinating, sometimes, dangerous places with brilliant colleagues, who, I will truly miss. But now I’ve reached escape velocity, I am thrilled to be joining ITV News as Science Editor and a newsroom packed with world class journalists. To me the science and environment brief is the most important there is, covering humanity’s greatest achievements and its gravest threats.

I am really excited at the opportunity to bring that to a new audience at ITV.” Nominated by the prestigious Royal Television Society Journalism Awards for his investigative work on Tamiflu, Mr Clarke joined Channel Four News in 2003 as Science Reporter, before being promoted to Science Correspondent in 2005 and, most recently, Science Editor in 2012.

He has spent 14 years reporting on a range of major science stories for Channel Four News, from investigating technical flaws in the design of Grenfell Tower and potential major flaws in the Hinkley Point nuclear reactor design, to reporting on the ground during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, analysing the unprecedented speed of warming in the Arctic and following the most ambitious Alzheimer’s trial in a remote village in Colombia, where, nearly, everyone has the disease. He has, also, reported for Channel Four’s award-winning Dispatches strand and NPR’s Science Friday programme in the United States.

Ms Julie Hulme, Director of Newsgathering, at ITV News, said, “I’m really excited Tom will be bringing his expertise and energy to ITV News’s coverage. I'm sure he will enthuse our viewers on issues from space to climate change. We can't wait for him to join us in the ITV Newsroom."

Graduating with a BSC in Zoology from the University of Reading, an MSC in Entomology from Louisiana State University and an MA in Journalism from New York University, Mr Clarke spent three years at the beginning of his career building up his expertise as a reporter at Nature Magazine, writing for print and online editions of the world’s leading science journal.

Alongside his TV journalism career, Mr Clarke sits on the board of Wicked Weather Watch, a charity devoted to getting the topic of climate change into the primary school curriculum. ω.

Caption: Tom Clarke: New ITV News Science Editor: Image: ITN

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Many Voices of America: Black Agenda Report

|| December 10: 2017 || ά. There are so many voices of America that get drowned in the political 'propaganda's shallow, hollow but dangerous rhetoric-driven bombardment. And America is portrayed as the 'dreamland' of capitalism as if humanity has reached its pinnacle and there is nothing better it can do or create or achieve. When, for the fast and the last time, we had set foot on America, somewhere in New York, America did not appear a 'dreamland'. It is not a dreamland. Not a single country that achieves the high point of capitalist development is anything but dreamland. Capitalism is a 'legitimate nightmare' and it can never be a 'dreamland' for nightmares and dreams are two opposing things, as the good old English dictionary would tell us. But the myth and myth making go on. Yet with this, parallel to the 'affluence, decadence and hedonism' of consumerism, that seems to sing from the same hymn-sheet of 'nationalism', life gets destroyed, devastated and ruined as hunger, unemployment, unemployability, lack of and ill-education, homelessness, overcrowding, rough sleeping, malnutrition, lining the food banks, drug and alcohol abuse, human and civil liberties trampled on, terrible lack of political awareness in the form of political organisations and desperate level of disempowerment and disenfranchisement, particularly, of all the poor people, all minority communities and particularly, of women, violence, murders and crimes and gun crimes,  the devastating and all-encompassing working poverty, to abruptly shorten the endless list, that keep on raging havoc on lives. Yet, voices, opposing this mythology and mythology making must keep on raising themselves; voices, such as the Black Agenda Report and in a human face, in a human voice, its Editor and Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley.

In a recent piece, Margaret Kimberley writes, ''Political hysteria has its ironies. President Obama has just signed into law a new office of government propaganda that is intended to prevent any warming of relations with Russia under a Trump administration. But, President Trump will appoint the head of the office. The Democrats apparently expect Trump to cooperate with their plan to undermine his foreign policy, 'silence dissent and create a network of propaganda partners' to badmouth Russia. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign the corporate media, Democratic Party operatives and the pundit class all proclaimed that Donald Trump is a fascist. The fascistic nature of our political, law enforcement and economic systems were conveniently omitted from these warnings, but assertions of Trump’s untrustworthiness were repeatedly endlessly. If that characterisation has any validity at all then Barack Obama’s establishment of a de facto Propaganda Department is a terrible blow to democracy. On December 23, 2016 Obama signed the National Defense Authorisation Act:NDAA, a federal law that is passed every year. NDAA authorises defense appropriations but it is also used as a Trojan horse to hide attacks on civil liberties. In 2011 the NDAA authorised indefinite detention of anyone deemed a terrorism suspect. Tucked inside this year’s NDAA was the passage of the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act which establishes the little known or discussed Global Engagement Centre.'' ω.

Image: Courtesy of Margaret Kimberley's Blog

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Sixteen World Press Freedom Groups Condemn the Killing of Investigative Maltese Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and Demand an Immediate and Independent Investigation Into Her Death


|| October 18: 2017 || ά. Sixteen press freedom groups have issued a statement, condemning the killing of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and demanding an immediate and independent investigation into her death. “The murder of a prominent investigative journalist in broad daylight in an EU Member State underscores the seriousness of this crime. Daphne Caruana Galizia’s work as a journalist to hold power to account and shine a light on corruption is vital to maintaining our democratic institutions.

Her killing is a loss for her country and for Europe.” Ms Hannah Machlin, Project Manager for Index on Censorship’s data platform Mapping Media Freedom, said. Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed when the car she was driving exploded in Bidnija around 15.00 on October 16 in, what is thought, to have been a targeted attack. “The barbaric murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia is an attack on journalism itself. This crime is meant to intimidate every investigative journalist.” Dr Lutz Kinkel, Managing Director of the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, said.

“Because Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and parts of Malta’s political elite were targets of Galizia’s disclosures, we strongly recommend an independent investigation of this case. The killers have to be found and put on trial.”

The blast left her vehicle in several pieces and threw debris into a nearby field. Half an hour before the powerful explosion, the journalist posted a comment about a libel claim the prime minister’s chief of staff had brought against a former opposition leader over comments the latter made about corruption. Galizia filed a police report 16 days ago recording that she was being threatened.

Galizia had conducted a series of high profile corruption investigations and has been subject to dozens of libel suits and harassment. Because of her research, in February, assets were frozen, following a request filed by Economic Minister Mr Chris Cardona and his EU presidency policy officer Mr Joseph Gerada.

On August 24 Opposition Leader Mr Adrian Delia filed a lawsuit against her over stories linking him to offshore accounts totalling to £01 million earned from alleged prostitution in London flats. On March 11 Mr Silvio Debono, owner of the real estate investment company DB Group, filed 19 libel cases against her after Caruana Galizia published a number of articles about his deals with the Maltese government to take over a large tract of high value public land.

Galizia, also, conducted an investigation, linking the Prime Minister Mr Joseph Muscat and his wife Ms Michelle to secret offshore bank accounts to allegedly hide payments from Azerbaijan’s ruling family, which were unveiled in the Panama Papers. She worked on this investigation with her son Mr Matthew Caruana Galizia, a journalist for the Pulitzer prize winning International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, who has had his posts on allegations of wrongdoing by Prime Minister Mr Joseph Muscat and his associates censored on Facebook.

On October 17, her family filed an urgent application for the Duty Magistrate Consuelo Mr Scerri Herrera to abstain from investigating Caruana Galizia’s murder because of the court’s 'flagrant conflict of interest'. In 2011, the magistrate initiated court proceedings against the journalist over comments she had made about Magistrate Mr Herrera.

Seven reports of violations of press freedom were verified in Malta in 2017, according to Index on Censorship’s Mapping Media Freedom project. Five of those are linked to Caruana Galizia and her family.

The murder has brought widespread condemnation from the international community, including, statements from Council of Europe Secretary General Mr Thorbjørn Jaglan and OSCE’s Media Freedom Representative Mr Harlem Désir.

The signatories of the statement said in the statement: We, the undersigned press freedom organisations call for n independent and transparent investigation into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia; protection for her family members and for other Maltese journalists, who have been under threat; Measures to protect the environment for independent and critical journalism to ensure that reporters can work freely.''

Article 19
The Association of European Journalists:AEJ
The Centre for Investigative Reporting
Committee to Protect Journalists
The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom
The European Federation of Journalists:EFJ
Freedom of the Press Foundatio
Index on Censorship
International News Safety Institute:INSI
International Federation of Journalists:IFJ
International Press Institute:IPI
Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa:OBCT
Ossigeno per I’nformazione
Platform of Independent Journalism:P24
Reporters Sans Frontieres:RSF
South East Europe Media Organisation:SEEMO:

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Life's Laurel Is You In One-Line-Poetry A Heaven-Bound Propagated Ray Of Light Off The Eye Of The Book Of Life: Love For You Are Only Once



Life: You Are The Law The Flow The Glow: In Joys In Hurts You Are The Vine-Songs On The Light-Trellis


























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