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First Published: September 24: 2015
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Letter to The Reader Arkive Year Alpha and Year Beta

Letter to the Reader: To Follow the Course of the Light

 Die Kanzlerin legt vor der Gedächtniskirche eine Rose nieder. Image: Bundesregierung:Kugler 

|| December 20: 2016 || ά. Dear Reader, where to begin or how to, following what has happened in the last couple of days, in the world. Almost immediately after the terrorist attack in Jordan followed the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey and even before that news could sink in another atrocious terrorist attack broke with such a vicious violence on the ordinary humanity enjoying life at a happy Christmas Market in Berlin that one is lost in utter shock and disbelief. When there is hardly anything that can be articulated is when one feels the need to simply reside in silence to gather one's disarrayed flickers of light to bring together the strength to speak. To speak and to denounce that what is nothing but 'evil' that has none and shows no regard for life or the sanctity of life: an evil that does not differentiate between war and not war and between ordinary people and an army. So it goes and attacks and kills anyone and everyone. What can it be but evil, it does not matter what it calls itself, which requires no reason nor needs any purpose for it is a 'vile' made of hatred in which it rages, burns and then gets consumed in it. Yet, while it lasts, it brings carnage to humanity as it has done in Berlin and in so many other places of the world.

The tourists in Jordan had nothing to do with anything. They were there to experience history, life, people and cultures and enjoy and make the most of that experience of their holiday. Instead of being able to do that very ordinary thing in peace they were shattered by violent criminals chasing, shooting and killing them. These terrorists have no respect for anything and they have no care in the world. Yet, the world cannot ignore what they do because even if the world leaves them alone they come to the world with their hatred and guns and criminal planning and preparedness and they attack and kill. From the experience of all the terrorist attacks that took place, say, in the last year alone, one cannot but conclude that these vile creatures have no particular enemy but the entire world and humanity that is outside it and it strikes wherever it can and it would kill whomever and as many as it can. For think of the places where they attacked: from Bali to Belgium, from Ankara to Nairobi, from Somalia to France, from Jordan, Lebanon, Israel to Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Germany and the names of places they attacked can go on for a long while. It simply appears as if they would attack anywhere where they can achieve the opportunity to kill a large 'group of people' regardless of who they are killing or where they are from or what country it is where they are running their carnage. And those that are responsible for this barbaric, brutal and cruel crime against the innocent the law should follow its course to bring them to justice.

Our heart and soul, our deepest sympathies, solidarity and sincere condolences and prayers go out to reach those who have lost loved ones, to those whose loved ones are injured and fighting for their lives in hospitals, to those who have survived the brutal attack but witnessed and suffered the terrible nightmare unfolding before their very eyes, to the whole city of Berlin and to all Germany. In this sudden unfolding of the barbarism and the brutality, as we have already mentioned, one feels the need to simply stay silent. But being together is better than being alone in such time as this. Togetherness, being part of the same humanity going through and feeling the same pain and agony of the sudden loss and carnage is helpful for it offers a psychological sanctuary to draw strength from. Be together, stay together for together humanity is stronger and only being together humanity can, does and shall always defeat evil no matter where it comes from. In unity, in resolution, in perseverance and connectedness seek to celebrate the great city that Berlin is, look towards the essence of what Germany is, has become and shall continue to be so: a beacon of light, of democracy, of liberty and of rule of law and a sense, a determination, a choice and a commitment to follow the course of the light, rising out of the ashes of destruction. Let that light rise from the fountain of the 'Ode to Joy' from where you draw the symphonies that not only the composers composed but also others did as poets, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, mathematicians, artists.

Despite whatever one thinks or makes of what Russia has been doing or about its geo-politics, it is utterly barbaric, utterly brutal and utterly unacceptable as to what has happened in Turkey in the assassination of the Russian Ambassador. Anyone who says what Russia has been doing is the reason why this Ambassador has been killed, as if to suggest that this makes, somehow, this murder an 'okay-thing', would be absolutely mistaken and terribly misguided. There is none and cannot ever be any 'mitigating circumstance' in which people taking human lives can be 'excused'. The only mitigation for such a crime is in this what the law allows which are: self defence and defending those whose lives are faced with the perils of death by others seeking to take their lives while the second is applicable to only the 'legally assembled law enforcement bodies' and the only other mitigation can, does and should apply is when one is insane or suffering from severe mental illness that renders them, before the law, incapable of being able to differentiate what is real and what is not, what is right and what is wrong and to be able to make a choice between what is good and what is not good with their full intellectual capacity. Therefore, this assassination of the Russian Ambassador is not only sad, tragic and pointless but also dangerous for if diplomats are not able to work freely and without fear of their lives the world would be a much worse place than what it is today. It is a deplorable crime and we very much hope that Turkey's judicial authorities will bring the full force of the law to bear on the perpetrator:s in their efforts to bring justice about for this barbaric crime.

And, all other agonies in the various parts of the world go on and the world goes on. Life goes on and among these very many, almost endless 'bleeding' there in hundreds and millions of places and instances humanity, organisations, agencies, people, individuals putting up the highest possible bravery and creating humanity-magic for other people to give them hope and offer support and compassion, about which the world does not hear much of. But we must always remember not to forget about these very flickers of light that are being generated all across the world. And with this note, we will end by this anecdote, you pick up a 'Gazette', any Gazette or Chronicle at the bus or train stop and you read how ordinary people, in little known places, doing astonishing things. And if lucky, you might get to, suddenly, see something awe-inspiring and moving. Today, there was this street musician playing outside a Church. Since the school holidays already began children were out and about. Three young girls were rushing to reach the shops. And yet, one, stopped and struggled to locate where her change was and got something out and put it in the Musician's collection box. Many may not even notice this. But we did in the tiny space of time by which we passed the scene. Her friends had already crossed the street but she wanted to do something for this musician and she did. It was a moving thing to witness, an awe-inspiring thing. We finish off with this beautiful image of a young human soul that wanted to 'give' the gift of what she was: of her humanity. And it made our day. May that child continue to live as rich as she was at that moment when she was the greatest of humanity because she decided to give something to that poor musician. The Editor: ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Letter to the Reader: The Nine-Step-Realm-Path of Becoming

|| December 11: 2016 || ά. Dear Reader, from today's edition of The Humanion, you mark this point: go back thirty years, and think whether these terms, including the the ideas and concepts they are expressing, that you find on this edition, existed. No, they did not. Do they now? Yes, they do. They first got born in the mind that created these ideas and concepts and then created the words to express those ideas and concepts. The first point being this that they did not exist or rather, they existed in the 'non-existence'. Then the mind, with imagination, created them, bringing them to existence from the 'non-existence-sphere' that precedes and succeeds the sphere of existence. Thus, they arise out of imagination, out of utopia and because they were arising out of imagination and creation they first became a reality inside the mind creating them from where they went outwards towards the reality to become reality. And, you may be aware of what we have written about, that for things to exist in reality they must go through or rather grow through a nine-step realm-path of becoming so that they grow onto reality as real.

And this nine-step-realm-path is as this: ''i: Imagination, ii. prospectivity, iii: tentativity, iv: feasibility, v: possibility, vi: onwardineity, vii: probability, viii: certainty and ix: reality; these are the nine realms of reality through which human endeavours begin and progress towards reality.'' This is the nine-step, onward realms of becoming: all arising out of imagination, seeking to travel towards becoming part of reality or rather, becoming real. There is none and cannot be any reality that can come to exist unless that reality has existed in imagination and from there followed this nine-step path onto reality. So, let us go back to these ideas and concepts that brought along new words or terminology so that the ideas and concepts can be expressed. Thus, they arise out of imagination and human creation. Humanics, humanical, dehumanisation, humanisation, rehumanisation, cosmography, cosmovicology, hearteogenics, hearteogenitian and many other ideas, concepts and relevant vocabulary came into being.

The point, Dear Reader, is this: that nothing comes to existence unless we imagine them first and that's the beginning of the process of getting something to become real. Therefore, when a new idea is proposed and everyone goes, ''But this is a utopia!'' can only be described as a 'taughtology, mark the word, made up, that we are 'taught' to get used and use as clichés are used. Of course, if an idea is new, it cannot but be a utopia. Utopia was the MRI machine when it did not exist in reality but a mind first conceived, imagined and created this idea of the machine that would come to be known as and used for the purposes that it is now being used for. Then that idea that mind described using expressions, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine or MRI Machine and then the mind went about working out the mechanics, physics, mathematics, science, design and technology of that idea and there came a lot of thinking, working out, writings, diagrams, images and drawings that eventually made their way onto a Research publication from which someone with faith in that utopia that got developed through that nine-step path, took it on and said, ''Let us see whether we could make a prototype of this machine.''

And they went on and developed that prototype that needed to go through another process of trial and error before it became a perfect prototype that then was used to see whether it did what it was supposed to do and not do; but it did not use human subjects. When it had gone through a lot of these and evidence proved that it did all that it was imagined to be able to do and not do some other even more serious people became convinced that it was something with serious potential so that they invested in it so that the MRI machine now could go on the next stage of its nine-step path and begin its human trial.

It did complete it and produced overwhelming body of evidence that it did all it was supposed and not supposed to do and that it was safe to use. Now, the great majority of people have not only the theory but the practical body of evidence to see that MRI machine is something that shall become a reality and become part of the wider reality so that they invested in it and MRI machines became real and reality.

This is the nine-step-realm-path that ideas and concepts must follow to become real. Imagine and place your entire faith, conviction and resolution to that what you imagine and then make a choice to do all that you are and all that you can be into this so that you exist to strive, to persevere, to work to bring that what you imagined into reality and then you shall find that what becomes your reality, becomes you and your self are that what you had imagined, created, chosen to strive and work to bring to reality and it did indeed become the reality: your reality, your being, your existence, your self: that is you, the human that makes a choice and brings it to become reality.

And thus, this insignificant human being, the Editor of The Humanion, refuses to accept the state of humanity in this world that has been created by a system of politics, political philosophy and political economics, that does nothing but, as evidence shows, to ensure for the most of humanity, that life is nothing but a miserable agony, suffering, bleeding, strife and a slow-death-process of living or rather dying away, in which they are forced to die not living or not live but dying, is the best we can do, we can imagine, we can create.

The statement that this is the best we can do or make or create is such that it is not anywhere near the truth and it is infinitely away from the truth. This is the worst possible thing we can imagine, create and do to run our human affairs management. And The Humanion does not want to exist simply to accept this that the worst possible thing that we have created that does nothing but harm the majority of humanity and even harm those who do not think they are harmed, as the best we can do. We, instead, can imagine and then make a choice to take that imagination forward to create a better world, a better system of human affairs management system that is capable of supporting us to create, support, sustain, enhance, empower, nurture and advance a better humanity and that the world, the humanity needs so desperately.

And on this note, let us say, I imagine you as you do imagine me: You and I: mirroring each other's, the high-most of ourselves, that we can imagine, make and create of ourselves and let us take a breathe: open all the doors, all the windows, all the ventilations and breathe in: the Universe is Beautiful and in this Beautiful Universe imagine yourself and all the rest as the most beautiful and go and work and strive to bring that most beautiful into existence. Love be and love do.  The Editor: ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Letter to the Reader: On the Choice

|| December 06: 2016 || ά. Dear Reader, let us take a look at what happened in Italy. People of Italy might think that the outside world does not know what their lot is like, but they would be mistaken. The outside world does know, for when desperation sets in and one cannot breathe, things are set in motion by that desperation so that it sends out its 'impactiles' all around. Here, in the United Kingdom, particularly, in London, we find the 'debris' and 'shrapnel' of the Italian 'impactiles'. Few months ago, we spoke with an Italian young man in London, who was sitting at a park bench, being at a loss so that his eyes did not bear the shine of the light that an Italian Renaissance-lit young person's eyes would be lit by. No, he was absolutely dejected, disheveled and almost at the last nano-dot of his tethers. Desperation brought him to London for things were and could not have been more worse, than what they became where he found himself. So he came to London but here, things did not look as good as he had hoped for. He still did not have a job after months of trying and all he had was running fast to the empty. We sought to offer him our humanity, our sympathy and some flickers of light of hope. We hope he has found a job but even if he did find a job that won't be one with big title or pay package. It will not resolve his problem. He will earn a mere wage with which, he shall find, paying the bills was the hardest of struggles he has ever undertaken. Another Italian woman, told us, that she was 'lucky' that she was going to start work for MacDonalds somewhere in London. Another Italian young woman struggles along at a Coffee Shop in London while another young Italian man struggles along at another minimum wage job, finding it a mighty struggle to support his young family. What we are trying to say is this that what has been happening in Italy we find its 'impactiles' in here, in London, in England, in the UK.

And yet, instead of the anger, frustration and terrible sense of injustice, bringing a positive political movement with a serious, pragmatic as well as visionary set of programme of actions, we find the horrible forces of the evil that, Italy would know, should know and cannot forget, must not forget, the force that went about desecrating Italy and the Italians, not long ago, are fanning people and this anger, this frustration and sense of injustice towards a dangerous illusion for fascism, nazism, bigotry, racism and xenophobia are not going to bring in what Italy and the Italians desperately need. Italy's problems are not caused by the European Union; the Euro is not the cause of Italy's misery. Italy's woes have been building up for decades. And it is its political system and governance structure that simply are unable to create a culture of stability so that governments can run and function properly. No one has tried to fix this and it lingered. Governments came and went like a procession of absolute failures creating and leaving on their wake a massive, yet ever increasing in depth and size, mess and Italy continued to 'limp' along, getting weaker and weaker as it went along with the fractured bones that won't get better unless they are treated.

Establishment seems to be at the receiving end of this anger: but what is the establishment? A political structure, a political economical infrastructure, a system of governance and a functioning and independent judiciary so that each branch works in accordance with the law and follows the course of due process of law. And thus, you will have people who must be qualified to do the jobs that this would require to be done. And than you would have people in powerful positions and professions, politicians, economists, public servants, lawyers and, judges and justices and many other professions of teacher, social worker, engineer, architect, business and investment people, public servants, doctors and surgeons and workers and so on etc. And if a nation begins to look at these very people, that they should entrust with the infrastructures, mechanisms, systems and culture so that they can and should run the democratic mechanism of a nation, as the establishment and as the ultimate evil, as the public enemy, as the cause of its miseries than the outcomes are going to be dangerous and it could be described as this: a person with a sword, goes in the water and he seeks to strike the water and what happens, the sword actually goes and injures him because as soon as the sword enters water he cannot control the direction of the sword any longer nor the speed at which the sword travels.

The days in which 'revolutions' used to take place in the world, such as the French Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution is over. The old style revolutions are terribly unlikely to happen to this world any longer because the world and humanity in the world have got so closely tangled up that it is impossible for an old style revolution to take place and succeed. This kind of things will not happen for the world has moved on. Any change that comes and shall come must come through democratic means and through democratic evolution. Medicine, for example, has journeyed 'millions of light years', since the days of Hippocrates, but it still abides by the Hippocratic Oath and yet it has evolved and it evolves everyday towards a better space and place, acquiring new knowledge, skills, expertise and technology so that it gets better everyday and yet it does not forget the contributions Hippocrates made, Ibn Sina made, Nafis made, Henry Gray or Alexander Fleming or Marie Sklodowska-Curie made. Evolution is the natural means of perfecting any 'mechanism' and it does so by 'trial and error' for unless you lighted a fire in the terrible, terrible cold you cannot be sure whether a fire is helpful to beat the cold nor can you be sure that such a fire is going to be safe and healthy for you, even if it beats the cold. So you go and light up one, small and see how it goes and from that you learn as to what went well and what went wrong and then you update and go again. Think of the fight, the epic war Medicine has been putting up against cancer and you realise, that it can never be a revolution but a continuum of carrying on building on the blocks that have been made, placed and that work and you go seek for more that might work. What is important, fundamental to remember in this, that you go and seek new that might work and find, often times, that what you found new did not work so you go on trying. But even, when that what you found to be new, yet you saw it did not work, that, even that failure, would guide you towards the next set of new that will work. Therefore, even failures are absoolutely necessary in science an, in life, too, they are necessary. It would be dangerous and most foolish for one to just throw all this that has been perfected and that works to the dust and say: I am going to make anew. If you find that you have built up the most sophisticated national health service in the world that serves the entire nation well, you do not go and dismantle it but protecting it you carry on building on it. But you see that the area of education is failing you go and dismantle the parts, sections, fragments that do not work and rebuild it, seeking to making it effective and better. It is anti-nature and it is the most foolish way of going about making things better. You, who call yourself I, most of this you, is anew in your physiology and this has not happened through revolutions but through daily evolution, by every second and every minute and by every hour and every day, and by continuous evolution. Therefore, what these fascist, nazi, racist and xenophobic forces are seeking to do is exactly this: they are seeking to get people to take their sword of anger and hit the water and yet they do not know it is the people who are going to get hurt by the sword going with its 'own will' in the water and hitting and cutting these very people themselves. It is these very people of Italy who are going get hurt and see their lives getting absolutely dismantled.

Dismantle everything and what are you going to end up with? What is going to replace what is dismantled? Look no further than what happened in Iraq or most specifically, in Libya. You may dismantle but a system that you tear down you cannot just replace because you did not have a built up system with you. And you end up with the nightmare of chaos. And what happens in Italy with this referendum is this. Desperation should make people, not take desperate measures, but take the best possible measures that one could be taken so to not get into even more a desperate state. In fact, no one is in more desperate need to ensure that one takes the most rational decision one can, than the desperate, for unless one ensures that is the case, and makes desperate decision instead, one is heading towards more profound, more horrible and more destructive state of absolute desperation. One is hanging by the cliff and looks down to find a valley thousands of mitres down and does one jump out of desperation? What would happen to one if one jumps? That one shall die: but the worse state is not dying: the far worse than dying is getting mortally wounded and suffering in absolute agony till the last breathe for there is no help that will arrive. Therefore, a rational response is the only one that will help this person make 'the not desperate' but the best possible decision and choice one could make which can only happen if one manages to overcome fear set in absolute panic and stay and seek to look at things rationally. The old school psychology of flight or fight is absolutely misguided in this.

There are more in situations of life and in life than what this absolutely shallow, hollow and dangerously oversimplified way of looking at things that says: flight or fight. Instead, one could see that there is altogether, altogether a different paradigm of frame of looking at and seeking to understanding things that exists so that it offers the most complex mechanism that helps one to grasp something truly in its entire complexities in order to derive at the most rational response. By locking and imprisoning oneself in this wrong paradigm frame of either flight or fight one has lost one's ability to choose and make and create a path of going forward and one gets lost and submits to the forces around and become a victim of them all. Selfishness is absolutely, utterly and dangerously, has been made almost into a religious faith by the capitalist system and the market. But, let us illustrate why, while differentiating the wish, the desire, the need, the necessity of a human being to survive, to exist, to continue to live on is absolute opposite of what is selfishness, selfishness is anathema to that very human necessity to exist and carry on living on. And when being selfish a human soul does the greatest of harm and disservice to herself:himself because it does the absolute opposite of what one expects it to do. Let's take this example, say one creates a system of living in the most beautiful palace and there one breathes in the most clean air while outside in the city, the rest of humanity suffers and dies away gradually because of the horribly poisonous and toxic air and this person does not bother about that at all, does concern himself with any of this because he is not suffering nor facing the ill of that problem that is killing the people of his city. How long can this man survive with his palace and his clean air? Because, when the entire city is wiped out, his money, his wealth, his selfishness won't be able to fix the problem that generated his electricity that will come to run out, that his machine used to purify the air or when something went wrong in that machine and he cannot buy another one and invariably he will come to face the same fate as his fellow citizens did and died for it. Or if he gets ill with any illness, there is no one to save his life. Yet, if all these persons constituting humanity in that city come together, work together, set their hearts, minds, souls and bodies at it, they shall be able to clean the air of their city and no one will die of deadly air and that shall include that selfish person. Therefore, as the human physiology should tell us, our bodies and therefore, we survive and go on living because all our trillions of cells work in unison, working together in harmony and they build life and there we ought to look to learn why selfishness is not what humanity is about and why selfishness is the lowest form of killers of that what humanity is.

For when one responds to a stampede with flight or fight and everyone involves in a stampede does so, as it appears, one appears at the most helpless and the entire collection of the ones become the victims. On the other hand, if they do not take flight or fight and instead, use the other paradigm frame of looking and seeking to understand things, there won't even be a stampede. The same goes to a stock markets. There you see how financial stampede happens. And in a case of a nation or people, death is not a thing to ponder but the state of that dying in a desperate state of agony of stagnation and chaos that linger and go on for generations. And this other paradigm frame of looking at things and seeking to understand things so that one simply does not let oneself become a victim of a stampede. If no one runs in absolute panic in the stampede no one will get hurt, that is an absolute truth. A crowd runs in panic but a nation is not a crowd nor can or should it let itself become one or act like on. A nation is made of individuals and each of these individuals is an autonomous human person with her:his humanity, with her:his ability and right to choose. An individual must choose while a crowd cannot choose. Italians and Italy must choose and a choice is not and cannot be as such if it is about whether to accept whether one walks through fire or through boiling water. A choice is between whether one walks through fire or boiling water on the one hand or on the other, whether one finds a mechanism that will allow one to pass through either without getting destroyed by what lies on the path or whether it is wise to wait or whether one can find means to cover oneself enough that would allow one to go through either fire or water. What the dark evil forces are offering is not and can never be a choice. Yet, the problem is that the forces, the democratic, progressive and secular forces have failed to offer such a choice.

Italian political parties, the ones who are secular, democratic and progressive have failed themselves, Italy and most of all the Italian people absolutely terribly. This referendum is an expression of that terrible failure. When a patient comes to the A&E with absolute life and death situation the doctors put the patient in Intensive Care to stabilise the patient or even put the patient to a medically induced coma. They do not go and begin operating on the patient, who does, indeed, desperately need that operation, because that would kill the patient fastest. So they decide to stablise the patient and get the patient out of danger so that the operation then can be carried out because the patient now can go through that and chances are the risks are lot less for dying from such an operation, once the patient has come out of intensive care or the coma.

Italian economy needed absolute, decisive and fundamental overhaul so that the economic stagnation was dealt with, that the economy begins to grow, creating jobs and opportunities and unleashing a bonanza of investments and drive to strive to regenerate so that the government revenue goes up and this all translates into Italians feeling the benefits of all that. Instead, they were given a referendum and what does that bring in for Italy? More chaos and prospect of another Italian election and the horror of the prospect of the hatred-wielding evil forces are going to advance. And what would happen after another election? Nothing much other than that what Italy needs so desperately on offer from any democratic and secular force in Italy. There might be a mess of an outcome where they will spend months to form a government or fail to do so. Then what, another election? What shall that mean for Italy? This is not the way to go about in a nation that must get a 'handle' on its desperate affairs and does this nation, this Italy have the nation to do it? Yes, it does to the highest. Does it have the leadership to lead this nation to such a task? Absolutely not. Instead, Italy hears the dark calls and the angry Italy is being used to, more and more, fall into this deadly trap and responding in larger number to this dark, dark call towards a path that can only lead towards further evils and destructions. Italians must begin to form a new political movement, bringing together the democratic, liberal, progressive and secular forces and seek to come up with a programme of actions that offers a serious, credible and feasible pathway for Italy to follow. Unless this happens the media shall continue to be used by these evil forces, the media that is reporting and presenting these events as if this is normal and natural without any 'critique', without any resistance and without any understanding as to what these horrible things mean and their horrible consequences. Further to this, the media is presenting these racist, fascist, nazi, xenophobic forces and their mouthpieces as if they are just another lot of ordinary politicians, dressed up in suits and the media is failing absolutely desperately even when it does present these faces because they fail to challenge them to bring the truth out of them that they are racists, that they are bigots, that they are xenophobes, that they are nazis, that they are neonazis and neofascists, that they are ani-semitic, that they hate women, that they hate people with disabilities, that they hate diversity, that they hate democracy and that they want to establish what Mussolini sought to do, what Hitler sough to do. And in this the forces that exist to advance hatred and use people's anger and frustrations to generate more anger to serve their own purpose of establishing the darkness, will be striving harder and they now have already, effectively declared: its 'hunting season' wide open.

These dark forces do not and cannot have the means or the power nor do they want to to this, to do what Italy and the Italians so, so desperately needs. It is time Italians and Italy wake up and take up this challenge to realise, renaissance does not just fall from the sky; one must choose to seek to get enlightened and through that endless, perpetual striving towards knowledge and learning and seeking lies the path of renaissance. You choose what way to go and then you resolutely step up: one... two...three.. Dante does not take you to Hell.... he takes you to the plane to show you that there, Beatrice or love exists, who sends you her light of love, so that you can see where heaven is and the fact that it does exist and yet you can see how the path to that heaven goes through the most difficulty strewn, the most savagery torn, the most danger-filled, the most terror-burnt, and the path is filled with and littered by the most painstaking of suffering of agony and strife, over, under, though, between, around and beyond the planes of the absolutely terrifying, burning darkness and you find yet, there is light, there is the light that Beatrice always sends you..... Italy and the Italians... it is time to wake up....Because it does not matter that Beatrice's light, Beatrice's lamp is always burning out for you in the terrifying darkness, calling you, showing you the way, it is you, it is this every single soul of every single Italian must rise and make the choice to walk towards that light... Rise, choose and resolute, determined, committed you step on.....one...two...three...You choose whether to live dying in the agony and in the burning fire of anger or to try and strive to seek to, using the light of hope, of courage, of vision, of positivity and of love and faith in humanity, turn this nightmare into a journey towards a rise, a regeneration, a rejuvenation, a revival...a renaissance...a renovatio....for Vita nuova. The Editor: ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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Letter to the Reader: On Observation


|| December 04: 2016 || ά. Dear Reader, To Observe is not to judge about what one observes but make the best possible representation of the reality one is observing so that it stands at the closest possible proximity to the truth of that reality being observed. The problem the observer faces is she observes with the risk of being and becoming subjective that will hazard her towards erring from the truth; therefore, she needs to stay on guard of avoiding to fall into this trap and seek to strive towards objectivity. The observer, as a scientist or a researcher, must use the tool of using multiple perspectives so to make sure that as many perspectives as possible have been employed in the act of Observing so that one gets to the closest possible proximity to the truth.

Take an example, if one is observing a demonstration taking place, say, at Trafalgar Square and in the surrounding vicinity involving hundreds of organisations joining together with their small array of participants and hundreds of thousands of people are gathered. And our observer is, say, outside the Church St Martin-in-the-Fields. All she could see and observe is a sea of people all around that she could just almost believe because she could not see all the people. Where she is standing she could probably see some people, the number of which, she could count using her fingers. So how does she report on that, if she just stands there? She, therefore, needs to walk about, go from one point to another and have a look. Take various stand points, get onto higher grounds, roofs, balconies and other vantage points and see, hear and ask and listen and make mental notes.

Therefore, if she has ensured that she has been to as many as possible vantage points, has taken as many as possible perspectives and views only than she can produce a report as an observer that would resemble the truth the closest. It may be possible that where she started off, it was perfectly peaceful and people there seemed to be in a happy and jolly mood and there were, mostly people, who appeared to be professionals and over a certain age, say mid forties. While, at the end of Charring Cross Road, there were people from a particular group, who might be younger and were terribly angry and they got violent and put lot of tires on fire on the street. Police responded and scuffles broke out which the Police soon brought under control.

And she did not know about it. And it is possible, that one of the persons that got involved in those scuffles, fell on the road and fell unconscious and no one did anything because the Police had already moved on because another fight erupted somewhere nearby. And this person was left there and eventually died. And our Observer did not know about it nor did she know that at the other end of Whitehall someone let loose some barking and dangerous dogs and they went and mauled a few people which eventually the Police brought under control. She did not know that one of the people that got mauled seriously is fighting for her life at local hospital, where along with her fighting for his life another protester who seemed to have been hurt by gunshots. She did not know that there were people, in dark clothes and in masks, who took positions on some of the roofs of the nearby buildings. What appeared, as if they were holding guns. No one knew who those people were. Eventually people began to notice it and then panic set in and a stampede followed in which hundreds got seriously injured that created a health emergency that local hospitals in London set in emergency procedures. Our Observer did not see any of this and eventually found she was pushed away with the stampede and she ended up somewhere at Totenham Court Road and there she sat and bought a coffee and compiled her report. What would she report and how far would that report resemble reality?

Having said this much, we begin. From now on, we shall try to write a Letter to the Reader, making a brief presentation of the world we find,  as of the moment of writing this Letter, about which it is impossible to make any other form of presentation. This would seek to offer glimpses on events that happened or are happening now. Starting with the UK, in London there was the particular by election in Richmond Park where the Liberal Democrats beat Zac Goldsmith. A small piece of news other than that it appeared the people who voted remain in the EU Referendum decided to support the LibDems. Everything is in flux at this moment in British politics and everyone is waiting to see who blinks first because it appears everyone is 'scared' to say the 'wrong' thing so that no one is going to say what, to them, is the 'right' thing.

Is it a good thing? No, it is a dangerous thing: if everyone is scared of saying what they think is the right thing to say but deciding not express it because of fear that others might not like it and they would suffer the consequences than we come to a point where is born a culture of fear and intimidation. But some people, admirably, are speaking out as to what they believe to be important and must be said. Who are these voices? Leaving aside what The Humanion might make of Tony Blair, he is speaking out fearlessly and that is probably the only thing that can be said to be a good quality of Blair that he would speak out whatever others may think of him. Who else, Gordon Brown is speaking out as he always does, fearlessly, John Major is speaking out, Chuka Umuna is speaking out. Nick Clegg is speaking out and here is the thing about Clegg: he will speak out and that is probably the best that can be said about him. Jeremy Corbyn is speaking out without fear, John MacDonell is speaking out. Everyone must speak out regardless of what others might think of them. Otherwise we are surrendering to the culture of fear and intimidation so that soon this shall eradicate the democratic space which then shall be dictated by fear, intimidation, recriminations and violence and fury.

Sad thing it is, a terribly sad and tragic thing what the Brazilians have been going through. The plane that went down killing the entire football team and the crew was a blow to what was to be a jubilant and happy occasion for the football club, the players and the clubs supporters concerned that turned into such a horrific tragedy. Our sympathy, solidarity and prayers are with the Brazilian people and to those who have lost loved ones and are grieving in inconsolable sorrow and loss.

As recently as late Saturday, December 03, there was a shooting in Finland's Southeastern town Imatra where a gunman shot three women dead. The deceased included the Mayor of the city and two journalists. The incident shocked the local people understandably and the community is reeling together at this time of sadness. Our prayers and thoughts are with the Imatran people, particularly, with those who lost their loved ones. It is not clear as to the motive of the gunman who seemed to have a criminal record. Although, the question must be raised as to how someone with a criminal record got hold of a gun and if this happens to be a gun acquired illegally, than the authorities must seek to understand the mechanics of this illegal gun market and deal with it promptly and decisively.

As of Africa, the best news out of Africa, and we very much hope that this story develops towards becoming a greater good news, has happened in Gambia where a peaceful election produced a democratically elected new president.

Myanmar is embroiled in the tensions, strife and agony happening in the Rakhine State and things are getting worse. every day. And we urge the World, instead of condemning the Aung San Suu Kyi Government, to support it as much as possible so to help them get a hold of the situation and begin to establish a mechanism to resolve these issue causing conflicts. To be frank, if Aung San Suu Kyi fails in bringing peace in Myanmar than this land is to be lost in chaos and fall back to the Army for there is no other force in that country that has the means or vision to bring peace. So, instead of being hasty, though we must insist on the rule of law and proper respect of people's human rights and human dignity, The Human urges the World to continue to offer support to Aung San Suu Kyi Government for she and her government is is the best hope Myanmar has of seeking and achieving peace. And here, one must remember the hatred that communities and groups are seeking to use against other groups and are fanning to create more hatred is something that a leader, even if this leader happens to be Aung San Suu Kyi, simply can just blow out as if it is a candle. This hatred, resentment and anger grew out of the failures, inadequacies and abandon of the army rule of decades that caused nothing to get better but made everything worse including causing and using these sources of hatred, resentment and anger to grow among various ethnic groups in their own advantage. To deal with it requires hardest of works in political infrastructure and culture building, in economic and financial infrastructure building, developing the economy and create jobs and opportunities and investments, particularly inward investments from the outside world so to deal with the massive unemployment and other relevant social deprivation. Anyone who thinks this can be done with a statement would be terribly naive. This requires hardest, steadfast, continuous and decades long work. And if anyone can do this work it is is a government led by a mind such as Aung San Suu Kyi. She is not superhuman but just human but she is a good, resolute, determined and committed soul to her people. The world must hang on and support her and her government's work, instead of condemning them. And the world must seek to offer real and true support by seeking to increase inward investments for without this Myanmar won't be able to do much alone.

And before we wrap up, the Italians are at the polls, voting for a referendum on constitutional reform, initiated by the current Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who said that he would resign should the no side win the referendum, defeating his proposed reform package. It is impossible to say what might happen at this referendum but one thing is clear across Europe and other parts of the world that the leaderships of countries are getting into a dangerous path of seeking to run democracies through plebiscites. Democracy that we have is not democracy but representative democracy whereby representatives, elected directly by the people, are given the mandate to run the business of the state in three specifically separate parts: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The Government is the Executive body that is made of the representatives that the people have elected and given the mandate for a particular period time to govern.

Therefore, a representative democracy is run on this valid, lawful and constitutional mandate. So long the party that is running the government has this mandate they are politically, judicially, constitutionally and morally eligible or entitled to run the country the way they think fit. In this the public themselves might not even like what they are doing but they are entitled to run their government as they declared in their election manifesto. This Government does not need any further public approval for what it does. If the people did not like what they did they have the opportunity, means and right to vote this government out of office. This is representative democracy. But looking at the recent examples, particularly, in Europe, it appears that everywhere governments are using plebiscites to make decisions on things that they have the mandate to make themselves without wasting public resources in organising unnecessary referenda, creating unnecessary, unhelpful and poisonous atmosphere of hostility among the people of a nation.

Greece went and had a referendum which was really unnecessary. The UK had a referendum: but the country already had an elected government why did they have to call a referendum? They, instead, should tell the people that either they wanted to stay in the EU or they did not want to stay in Europe and on that basis they should have, could have gone back to the people so that they would have had a chance to decide on whether to re-elect them or de-elect them on that basis. But instead, they got divided and made a mess of government that effectively got itself divided into two absolutely opposite governments, leaving the space for real government itself vacant, and went for a referendum which created so much problems and shall continue to create even more problems and it is the very people who would suffer the consequences of those problems, not one year or two but years and years into the future. And this current government, which is a muddle of pro and anti EU segments, is struggling to deal with the aftermath of this referendum that has left a vacuum of effective government that needs desperately to seek to bring the economy back on track. So that the most urgent necessity of bringing the economy back on track, dealing with the productivity gap, dealing with the funding crisis in the NHS and the desperate state of social care, the desperation of the housing situation, homelessness, young people and the working poverty, and the impacts of all the cuts that have inflicted on society and the deprivation and degradation of infrastructures and communities around the country. And none of this is getting the attention of the segmented government that is struggling with this EU Exit. There are other governments in Europe and in other places, too, who have organised such plebiscites about issues that the governments themselves, where elected, had had the mandate to make decisions about these issues. What is clear is this, plebiscites cannot and do not resolve issues but create much more problems and bring instability and uncertainty that surely do not support a proper business environment which all economies must have in order to seek to grow and support the system of governance.

This is the political leadership that is seeking to use the 'tool' of 'populism' to its advantage so that opponents can be forced into an 'enforced silence' because the 'people have spoken' mentality so that even the MPs and Lords and Baronesses who supported the remain side in the case of the UK, are forced into this corner where they are obliging this 'enforced silence'. But what is the people? This mother, who has stopped on the pavement with her pushchair which accommodated two babies and one other child on his little bike that stopped working so that she is holding the pushchair with one hand and with the other seeking to fix the bike's issue, this mother is the representation of the real people and when the economy does not perform as well as it should, it is her and her three children and others like them that suffer and that suffering is multiplied and there you will have the people.

People are not vague, but real and whatever these politicians do or fail to do does either good or harm to these real people and they cannot become one voice, as if this mother is speaking as the people, and their individual lives and voices get lost in this political nightmare where these populist politicians are seeking to take people towards. Representative democracies cannot run and function on plebiscites but must run and function within the democratic and constitutional mandate it receives from the people. But Italy is facing such a point and it does not look good as to what prospect waits ahead for Italy and the Italian people, what and who do not need a plebiscite but true courageous, visionary and committed leadership that can guide them out of the misery that Italy and Italians have been made to suffer and this suffering do not get stopped by this referendum but actually it makes the prospects of this suffering getting on and worse more acute. And the consequences of this plebiscite is not just going to affect Italy but the EU as a whole. This tendency of using populism and plebiscites in representative democracies is the most worrying development in the history and development of the concept of representative democracy.

Finally, the best news, let the world know, and tell humanity to seek to make a stand against the dark and evil forces that want to tear the world humanity down: tell the World that Austria and the Austrians have taken a stand and made a choice to say, enough. Austrians have elected a President in the name of Alexander Van der Bellen and rejected the one seeking to use respectability as a guise but nothing could guise what these forces stand for. And Austria and the Austrians have rejected these forces with an emphatic choice. We congratulate Austria and the Austrians for taking and making this stand. This should inspire the rest of Europe and the wider world to make a stand, to make a choice and defend what must be defended in order to strengthen humanity, liberty, equality and fraternity. Let this inspire everyone in every corner of Germany, in every place and space in France, in Italy, in all places where humanity faces the real and present threat, danger and evil of the forces that is made of nazis, neonazis, fascists, neofascists, racists, chauvinists, masochists, xenophobic, bigots, anti-semitic, anti pluralistic, anti women, anti people-with-disabilities, anti-all other religions other than a 'particular and approved' version of Christianity, according to which most Christians of the world won't be Christians, supremacists and all of these forces believe in hatred, violence and torture, to name but some of the evils they represent.

Do not forget what they did to this world and to this humanity not so long ago. To call these forces far right or alt right or extreme right is helping them appear respectable: they are anathema to what humanity is, what good is. You want to see evil in the face, look at them and that is the face of evil, that is the closest humans would ever come to see evil in the flesh. These are faces that appeared as nightmares to those helpless and innocent human beings, children, men and women, who they gassed in the concentration camps in their thousands, whom they burnt alive in many places. These are the faces that ran a business and a machine of death, slaughter, torture and barbarity against humanity, humanity that they considered, not human or rather subhuman. These are the forces and faces that want to put women to their places, serving them and 'done away with the people with disabilities'. These are the faces that want to eliminate humanity from the 'impurities' by seeking to get rid of the entire human diversity by only seeking to keep that 'white' that they approve to be 'white'. This is not a joke, this as serious as life and death a matter.

And no one can simply say, I do not have to take a stand: everyone must for as Jean Paul Sartre said and we paraphrase, one cannot but choose for unless you make that choice, by default you choose that what is going to kill you off.  You do not vote for the one that stands up against these evil forces you help the evil to get you on its evil side by default because one less vote for the force of good is one more silent voice falling into the default box of that evil making it stronger. It is, therefore, everyone's moral obligation and duty to make a choice and make a stand. For they first come for the Jews and no one speaks out. Then they come for the Muslims and no one speaks out, then they come for the trade unionists and no one speaks out. Then they come and take away the Communists, then the Democrats and so on and so on. They then take the disabled and use them in their experiments and try to gas them. No one speaks out. Then they come for the black and no one speaks out. Then they come for the women and no one speaks out. And those who thought they were safe, now find, they now have come to take them, that is you. And you find, there is nothing, there is no one that is there to speak out for you. There is no escape: one must make a choice and one must make a stand before one has lost the opportunity for when Hitler has assumed power you have lost that opportunity of making that choice and of making that stand and making that count. Austria and Austrian people have made that choice and made a stand and there you see it shine. It tells the world: it is possible to stand up and make a statement that we are not going to be taken to the gutter for we are better than the gutter for we are high-sky-bound souls of that what constitutes humanity which is a beautiful rainbow made of all colours and the coral and choral of the magnificence of diversity in one unity of a whole and that we are one and the same humanity. It is the same mother whose face appears white in Moscow as the mother whose face appears ever so glowing black in the sun in Jamaica and it is the same mother that appears pale white in somewhere in Japan and it the same mother whose face appears glazed-dark somewhere in New Zealand or Sri Lanka and it is the same mother whose face is brown in India and you walk farther away from India into Tibet and you find another same mother nursing her child who appears candle-lit, it is the same women that her children call mother who appears a white rose in some part of the desert of the middle east and it is the same soul that feeds her child with enormous love, called Joanna, in John Steinbeck's The Pearl who becomes scared and desperate for her scorpion bitten child's life as any other mother would be in Scotland or in England or in Germany or in Venezuela or in America or South Africa. It is this, it is this, it is this, this love that has billions of expressions that is spelt in one word: humanity. The Editor: ω.

Whatever Your Field of Work and Wherever in the World You are, Please, Make a Choice to Do All You Can to Seek and Demand the End of Death Penalty For It is Your Business What is Done in Your Name. The Law That Makes Humans Take Part in Taking Human Lives and That Permits and Kills Human Lives is No Law. It is the Rule of the Jungle Where Law Does Not Exist. The Humanion

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December 12: 2016


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