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Imagine That All We Humans Do is Part of a Universal 'Genome' of Actions from the Spring of Our Imagination, Imagine That Our Regeneration Initiatives and Actions are Rising from That Genome, Imagine That They Express Our Spiritual Energy, Imagine That That Creates the Ecology, Imagine That This Ecology is Necessary, Imagine That to Create The Cohesion That is Required to Achieve Homeostasis, Unity and Harmony or Equilibrium for Humanity, Both as Individuals and as Communities and Imagine That We Call All This Hope and Now Spell It as GREEN:K Hope. Welcome to The Humanion's New Section GREEN:K Hope: Created: September 03: 2016

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Imagine That All We Humans Do is Part of a Universal 'Genome' of Actions from the Spring of Our Imagination, Imagine That Our Regeneration Initiatives and Actions are Rising from That Genome, Imagine That They Express Our Spiritual Energy, Imagine That That Creates the Ecology, Imagine That This Ecology is Necessary, Imagine That to Create The Cohesion That is Required to Achieve Homeostasis, Unity and Harmony or Equilibrium for Humanity, Both as Individuals and as Communities and Imagine That We Call All This Hope and Now Spell It as GREEN:K Hope. Welcome to The Humanion's New Section GREEN:K Hope: Created: September 03: 2016


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A New £03 Million Hong Kong Donation for UCL Dementia Research to Support Further Research in the Fight Against Dementia



|| November 19: 2018: UCL News || ά. UCL Economics and Business graduate Ms Cathy Lee and her husband Mr Martin Lee have donated £03 million to support the University’s Dementia research. One of the largest gifts to come to UCL from Asia. The funding will help to create a new advanced research centre for UCL’s world-leading translational neuro-science research, with a particular focus on understanding, diagnosing, slowing and curing Dementia.

The new building will be home to the world renowned UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, as well as, the hub and headquarters of the UK’s Dementia Research Institute, a £250 million initiative to bring together all of the UK’s research and clinical expertise to defeat Dementia, based at UCL due to the university’s unparalleled neuro-science excellence. Announcing the donation, Ms Cathy Lee said that the experience of watching her Grandmother live with Dementia had brought home to her the far-reaching impact the disease has on the individual and the wider family.

“Martin and I are so lucky to have the means to make a small contribution to the fight against brain disease. And having done our own research, it was clear that there was no better place to make a gift than at UCL. With their cutting-edge research and the progress they have already made in so many areas.” Ms Cathy Lee said.

“I know there is still a long way to go for Dementia. But I know UCL is doing everything in their power to get there.” Thanking Ms Cathy and Mr Martin Lee, UCL’s President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur said, “Nowhere in the world is better placed than UCL to make significant advances against Dementia and philanthropy is the most amazing catalyst for real, sustained progress.

This is an incredibly generous and far-sighted investment by Cathy and Martin, that will make a tangible contribution to creating a future free from Dementia. We’re thrilled that Cathy has kept her connection with UCL strong since graduating and that Martin has, also, become part of the UCL family.”

The donation will support Dementia research at UCL, which has, already, been home to ground-breaking discoveries on how dementia diseases develop, which genes can put people at greater risk, and finding ways of detecting the diseases years before symptoms appear. UCL researchers are now leading on landmark clinical trials, testing new treatments for brain diseases, that currently have no cure, such as, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

The donation was announced in Hong Kong with a short ceremony to induct Ms Cathy and Mr Martin Lee into the UCL Circle of Benefactors, an exclusive group for UCL’s most generous donors, who have given £01 million or more in philanthropic funding to UCL.

Ms Cathy Lee, who graduated from UCL in 2004 with a BA in Economics and Business with East European Studies and Mr Martin Lee, a renowned business leader, are noted philanthropists in Hong Kong and around Asia. The two will be featured on UCL’s new Donor Wall, to be unveiled in spring 2019, which will create a permanent celebration of Circle of Benefactors members at the heart of the university. The Wall will feature castings of the hands of many of UCL’s senior donors, including, Ms Cathy and Mr Martin Lee, who visited the university in summer 2018 to have their hands cast.

The both made their donation as part of UCL’s It’s All Academic Campaign to raise £600m to support UCL’s research, students and campus development. Now in its third year, the Campaign has raised a total of £480m towards its target.

Caption: Ms Cathy Lee: Image: UCL:::ω. 

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To Seek: To Try: To Do: To Change: To Make Better: Artist Finds Home in His Artworks with Orphan Children: With Msizi Africa in Lesotho Working to Make Better




|| October 08: 2018 || ά. A Renowned artist will create a series of artworks with orphans from Lesotho to raise money for an international charity, which provides food programmes for impoverished communities in the country. Mr Richard Scott is a British-born artist, who lives and works in South Africa, known for his artwork he describes as ‘Naïve meets Pop Art’. He is now working in partnership with UK-based charity Msizi Africa to produce artwork for an upcoming charity auction.

Msizi Africa has been running food programmes since 2007, serving more than 02.8 million meals in the process to children. In addition to this, the charity has, also, built houses for vulnerable families, supplied more than 1,000 school uniforms and pay tuition fees for those, who want to learn but can not afford it. Their latest venture involves a workshop, where orphans and other children from some of Lesotho’s poorest communities will create artworks, which will, then, be sent to Cape Town to be embellished by Mr Richard Scott, before being auctioned online to raise funds for the charity.

Ms Lucy Herron, the Founding Trustee of Msizi Africa, said, “We are incredibly grateful to Richard for getting involved. The children can not wait to see their art combined with his to create something new and exciting.”

Mr Richard Scott, whose work has been sold to collectors all around the world, said, “How can you explain how cool it is to paint for a living? Even cooler than that is the feeling you get when you help other people, that’s the coolest feeling in the world. So, when Lucy Herron asked me to join her programme at Msizi Africa in Lesotho, South Africa, it was a no-brainer.

Getting involved with the charity is an honour and helping the kids help themselves, while having fun painting, is really a special feeling. Thank you Msizi Africa for allowing me to be involved and been able to make a difference.”

Once completed, the art will be auctioned online in November. Anyone, who is interested in receiving updates on availability should the Msizi website.

About Msizi Africa: Msizi Africa was founded on June 06, 2007 after seeing a little good food made a huge difference to the lives of 50 growing children in an orphanage. They believe every child should be able to grow up healthy and strong, no matter where they were born, and that good nutrition is critical for development. They run feeding programmes in the neediest villages in Mohales Hoek where, before they came along, children often didn’t eat for several days. Open 7 days a week, children receive a nutritious meal and are supported and monitored closely by our team.  The charity is proud to say they have served over 1,000 children 02.8 million meals.

Since its founding the charity has, also: Built 15 houses for vulnerable families, Supplied over 1,000 school uniforms, Built a new dormitory, a sick bay and a playground at Mants’ase Children’s Home, Paid school fees to ensure vulnerable children can remain in school, Paid college fees to support teenagers through engineering and nursing courses, Supported sporting talent by funding teenager’s football training. :::ω.

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The Reality Is Falling Apart: Humanity Can Not Exist as Humanity in Unreality Non-Reality and Distorted Reality: It is Time to Fight Dehumanisation and Rehumanise Our Reality: 16-24 Year Olds are the Loneliest Age Group: New BBC Radio Four Survey





|| October 01: 2018: University of Exeter News || ά. BBC Radio Four has today announced the results of The Loneliness Experiment, a nationwide survey conducted by the Radio station’s All In The Mind Programme in collaboration with Wellcome Collection. It is the largest survey into the issue of loneliness to date. The survey results indicate that 16-24 year olds experience loneliness more often and more intensely than any other age group. 40% of respondents aged 16-24 reported feeling lonely often or very often, while only 29% of people aged 65-74 and 27% of people aged over 75 said the same.A series of seven All In The Mind podcasts, titled, How You Can Feel Less Lonely, will be released between October 02 and October 08, in which Ms Claudia Hammond and Professor Pamela Qualter discuss the top seven solutions to loneliness which emerged from the survey. And, this, this survey and what follows, is not, even, the first step of the beginning to understand these terms and conditions and states of dehumanisation, mechanisation, mechinations and the ruthless devastation, destruction, dismantling and disfigurement of these: the reality, the real individuals, families, communities and the entire society with all the spheres and domains, which has caused absolutely devastating disconnections, disjointments and derailments, as well as, utter and absolute ‘blockage’, ‘barriers’ and ‘difficulties’ in forming, fostering and maintaining relationships of endless kinds and types, that are only humane, social, cultural and spiritual, that foster, feed and enhances and sustain each and everyone’s humanity.

Cheap gimmick and so called ‘stigma’ are all here and everyone uses them: but it is not about stigma but the impacts and affects of these phenomena we have mentioned and until and unless society, communities, families, individuals, as well as, policy makers of all forms, manners and strata of agencies and bodies, including, governments of all levels and scope take this as the existential threats to ‘all we have earned’ for the headline of today’s devastation is: Reality Is Falling Apart. But humanity can not exist in unreality, non-reality nor can it exist but get destroyed and devastated by made up and mechanical imposed and distorted realities, that are nothing but pseudo and made up things. These distorted realities are corrosive, poisonous, tiring and tearing and all these have taken people away from the reality, where they have very little opportunity to make ‘real memories’ and, instead, they have ‘pseudo memories’, implanted to them from ‘the distorteddia’, where they ‘watched’ others and spent their times doing and being nothing so that minds are being filled with ‘pseudo-memories’, as the images and videos of foods and drinks and air and water and they can not sustain human souls: they need reality and real humanity, that can not be found in images, videos, games and other contraptions of the distorteddia and the horrendous texts etc. Real humanity must live in reality and connect, form and maintain human bonds, connections, relations and go about being and doing, creating and learning, working and creating, giving and going with and among the contemporary humans and in this the food and drink of humanity will come in as naturally as air and water. This is the turning back and this is the road for us to find our way home, back to humanity.

Humans need nutritious food and drink and they need fresh and clean water and clean and fresh air: they can not exist as humans by looking at the images of these things nor can they exist watching videos of these things! They must have real things, these absolutely necessary things: we need humans and other humans and they must be real ones: as real individuals and not their images, not their sketches nor their videos, but as real and rooted in reality, in real families, in real communities and we need them to connect and bond and join together, interact and create and work together, discuss, debate, agree, disagree and make and bake and shake and rake and take and give and receive: this humanity is falling apart because our reality is falling apart. Take a look at your community spaces, in your high streets and the communal, social, cultural and artistic spaces and places and see how horrible it looks and feels because it seems it is the field day for reality to be ‘abandoned’. Go to real supermarkets, shops and shopping malls and other places, where they are supposed sell things and you see they have made these once living and thriving people-spaces into deserts: because they want to save and make more profit so that they have been mechanising and leaving humans out of their stores and spaces so that it all literally looks and feels like abandoned desolate deserts. That is part of the reasons people are abandoning these real shops because they have turned themselves into desolate deserts! It is time to wake up and act and look to the reality and real humans suffering and paying the price of the strangulations of all these dehumanisations. It is time to stand up and do something about it. It is time to stand up and challenge and fight dehumanisation and rehumanise our reality once again.

Over 55,000 people aged 16 years and over took part in the survey exploring attitudes and personal experiences of loneliness, making it the biggest survey of its kind. The survey was developed by academics at the University of Manchester, Brunel University London and the University of Exeter, supported by a grant from Wellcome. Of the findings, Ms Claudia Hammond, Presenter of Radio Four’s All in the Mind, says, “The topic of loneliness is now receiving a great deal of attention and political prominence as demonstrated by its inclusion in Tracey Crouch’s ministerial portfolio and the recommendations from The Jo Cox Loneliness Commission.

We were staggered by the huge numbers of people taking part in our survey. This research shows we need to take loneliness seriously in all age groups. We know that most loneliness is temporary but we need to find ways to prevent it from becoming chronic.” Professor Pamela Qualter, of Psychology at the University of Manchester, who led the study, says, "The response to the BBC Loneliness Experiment has been significant. People have provided valuable insights into when and how loneliness is experienced, how it relates to age, being alone, caring responsibilities, employability, and discrimination.

For me, the most interesting findings relate to the stigma of loneliness and the varied solutions people had to overcome loneliness. Those findings suggest that we need to be kinder to ourselves, when we feel disconnected from others but, also, that there is a whole toolkit of potential solutions, that we can try."

Professor Manuela Barreto, Head of Psychology at the University of Exeter, said, ‘’This is a unique opportunity to look at possible cultural variation in how loneliness is experienced.” 

The main findings

: Levels of loneliness are higher in younger people with 40% feeling lonely, compared with only 27% of over 75s

: People, who feel lonely, have more ‘online only’ ‘distorteddia’ friends

: People said that dating is the least helpful solution suggested by others

: 41% of people think loneliness can sometimes be a positive experience

: Only a third believe that loneliness is about being on your own

An episode of All In The Mind, recorded in front of a live audience at Wellcome Collection and broadcast on BBC Radio Four at 20:00, Monday, October 01, will delve further into the results of the survey. The programme features singer Jazz Morley, poet Dalgit Nagra, and philosopher Julian Baggini, alongside academics Professor Pamela Qualter and Professor Christina Victor.

A series, titled, the Anatomy of Loneliness, will break down the research into three programmes. On Tuesday, October 02, the programme focuses on loneliness in both younger and older people, examining factors, which, might, explain why younger people are reporting higher and more intense levels of loneliness. Ms Hammond speaks to Ms Sophie Andrews, CEO of Silverline and Ms Sarah Warren of Youth Focus North East. Professor Barbara Taylor from Queen Mary College London studies the history of loneliness and solitude, explaining how attitudes have changed significantly through time.

October 09 programme looks at how friendship, personality and social media impact loneliness. Professor Ken Rotenburg, of Psychology, from Keele University investigates how the capacity to trust others impacts loneliness and Ms Rebecca Nowland from the University of Central Lancashire analyses data on ‘distorteddia’ and loneliness. Researchers Professor Louise Arsenault and Dr Tim Matthews from the Institute of Psychiatry show how bullying as a child is a risk factor for loneliness.

October 16 programme asks how long term loneliness can lead to health problems, poor sleep and examines the genetics of loneliness. Professor Manuela Barreto from the University of Exeter analyses the BBC Loneliness Experiment data to discover that Britain remains one of the loneliest countries. Ms Hammond talks to the Minister, whose role is to try and tackle loneliness, Ms Tracey Crouch.

Inspired by true stories of loneliness and working with academics supported by Wellcome and the BBC Loneliness Experiment: Me, Myself I, a moving, original drama of three separate but interlinked stories will broadcast on Saturday, October 05, starring Ms Siobhan Finneran, Ms Sue Johnston and Ms Millie Gibson.:::ω.




Imagine and, that what you do, becomes you for as soon as you imagine something it becomes real in your soul. And, here, resides the choice; even with imagination: what to imagine and what not to, what to become and what not to, what to do and what not to. Therefore, imagine love and harmony, joy and warmth, care and compassion, humanity and oneness, humanionship and respect, kindness and grace, togetherness and community, giving and expecting not to receive in return and selflessness and highest of wisdom; if the world does not follow, your soul already has and, you are infinitely enriched by it already. Therefore, imagine! Alphansum Sovereign Necessarius: Munayem Mayenin

So What is Psychology: It is the science, that studies and learns about the part of humanity, that we do not get to see: The Human Mind: Like the physiology, if not looked after well, this human mind falters, breaks and falls ill for it needs 'food and nutrition', that do not come from physicality but are and can only be generated, in addition to keeping the physiology in a balanced state of good health and well being, from and through being positively and actively engaged in the physical reality created by Family, Networks of Wider Families, Networks of Friends, Fellow Learners, Acquaintances and Colleagues, Networks of Communities and the Wider Civic Society: In Short,  healthy human mind is the statement, that says: There exists a civic society, that is capable of supporting, nurturing and sustaining happy, healthy and balanced human mind:

So what is the Formula: The less civic a society is the more mental and psychological damages it inflicts on all human minds, creating and sustaining the entire range of mental health issues. It can be seen as parallel to this sociological and political philosophical formula: A society, where there is hardly any rule of law, creates, sustains and maintains the highest degree, level and magnitude of repression, oppression, exploitation, violence, infringement, transgression, aggression, unrest, agitation, hostility, anger, animosity, suffering and injustices, all of which create and feed the conditions of the highest possible levels of all manners, forms and expressions of 'crimes' and such society simply ceases to be a society but becomes, effectively, a jingoistic jungle, in which all human minds are broken to destruction. There in such a jingoistic jungle, therefore, can not exist happy, healthy, well balanced human mind but the most severely destroyed, broken and devastated one, that can not, ever, be 'mended' back to health. In other words, the closer the human mind is to natural justice the more it will be like itself and the farther it is away from natural justice the less it will be like itself and so far it is unlike itself is the part, that has been broken and, consequently, it has been made ill because of the breakage inflicted on it. Natural justice is what creates the conditions for natural humanity to exist and natural human mind is such a natural thing, that can not exist as it is, when dehumanisation breaks its home and takes its farther and father away from its natural home, from natural justice, tearing it apart as it does so: Psychology of Zoohuman: Munayem Mayenin

Psychology of Zoohuman

An individual human lives and exists in many a unit of institutions, including, an immediate family, a wider network of a wider family, a Core Unit of Friends, a Social Group of Wider Friends and Acquaintances, a local community, a wider community and a society in general added to which because of recent development in technology the virtual reality. The most fundamental of all these are three: the first being the immediate family, the second being the wider network of wider family and the third being the Core Unit of Friends. Unless the individual is well connected to, with a to and fro active, engaged and positive relationship, with all these units and all their members, all of whom are active in the wider positive units, that spread outward, incorporating, all the basic units, than the individual will find it difficult to reach her:his full potentials and face the risks of all forms of shortfalls, including, illnesses of both physical and psychological nature.

Unless an individual is seen as a metaphorical tree: that has two sets of roots, one going up for light, air and space and one going into the depth of the earth for other necessary goodness for life, without which the tree will struggle to survive, will stunt, decay and suffer as it does so until the end: than she:he is not seen as she:he is in 'potential' and this person will face the same fate as that tree, that lacks the two sets of roots. For humans, the first set of roots goes onto the earth of its core family unit, which is based on the earth of the wider units referred to and the other set of roots goes upwards to the wider units of society. With both these sets of roots the individual generates enough sustenance to support, foster, nurture, enhance, empower and create a personal eco-system to create her:his personhood, being, existence, where one is fully equipped to bring about all the potentials one has onto reality. From Munayem Mayenin's work: Psychology of Zoohuman

For those, who are interested in exploring the issues raised in this are invited to study, Emile Durkheim and Ibn Khaldun

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You are Invited to Leamouth Peninsula: An Open House of Unity Arts Festival 2018: September 22-23: There is No Art Unless It Seeks to Reach and Inspire Communities Becoming Better Connected Humanity




|| August 19: 2018 || ά. On September 22 and 23 Leamouth Peninsula’s leading cultural destinations will open their doors for Unity Arts Festival, a celebration of creativity in one of east London’s most exciting new neighbourhoods. London City Island, Goodluck Hope and Trinity Buoy Wharf will unite, for the very first time, to showcase some of the most innovative exhibitions, installations and workshops seen in the capital. Forming part of Open House London, Unity Arts Festival invites guests of all ages to meet the artists, designers, makers and performers, who are transforming the island and to experience both the area’s cultural heritage pioneered at Trinity Buoy Wharf and the evolving creative landscapes of London City Island and Goodluck Hope.

Home to resident creatives and local artists, London City Island’s gallery spaces, studios and workshops will be alive with activity for the duration of the festival. Atropelos, a new exhibition at the island’s Arebyte Gallery by Mr Daniel Rourke and Ms Luiza Prado, combines Brazilian graffiti culture with web-based visuals to form a modern commentary on the abolition of societal borders. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with the evolving screens as artists upload their creations. Virtual reality and three-D printing will be used in The New Jerusalem by <r Doron Altaratz at Arebyte Gallery, aiming to build a conceptual bridge between London City Island and Jerusalem.  Trinity Art Gallery, an extension of Trinity Art Studios, will, also, host a fine art showcase at London City Island, exhibiting work from residents and the surrounding area. 

The Woods is a new music, photography and dance studio opening at London City Island by Three Bears Entertainment, who have recently worked with Mr James Arthur and Mr Aston Merrigold. Forming part of the Unity Arts Festival programme, The Woods studios will be putting festival goers through their paces with a series of dance workshops and fitness classes across the weekend taught by tutors who can be seen on TV, film and theatre.

The Woods will, also, host a photography exhibition by island resident Ms Sokari Higgwe, along with drop-in music production workshops and a choir drop-in session taught by Mr Byron Gold, who appeared with his choir on BBC 2'S The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone. English National Ballet, who will soon be relocating to London City Island, will take advantage of the new dance studios at the development, hosting workshops and demonstrations. 

Children will be able to explore the world of animation with London City Island resident Mr Tim Allen, who will be holding workshops for children aged six to 15. Creating plasticine figures, participants will be able to see their characters come to life through the magic of animation.

For those with a passion for film, Goodluck Hope will host Unity Arts Festival’s very own movie marathon in the renovated warehouse. London Film School’s brightest students, who will soon call the peninsula their new home, will host screenings of some of their exciting work.  Guests will also be able to explore Goodluck Hope’s palm grove and sweeping Thames-side terrace. 

Rooted in the rich history of Leamouth Peninsula, Trinity Buoy Wharf offers festival goers a reflective glance at the area’s maritime heritage, as well as, an exclusive look into its 20 year status as an urban oasis for creatives. Home to a diverse cross section of artists, the community at Trinity Buoy Wharf will open their doors for Unity Arts Festival and people will be encouraged to visit the studios and explore the area by walking the Street Art Trail, curated by renowned street art historian Garry Hunter.  Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Sculpture Park and even be able to take part in a parkour workshop courtesy of the London Parkour Academy.

The Big Draw and The Line, in partnership with Unity Arts Festival, present the ultimate urban sketch crawl and drop-in artist-led workshops. The sketch crawl will start at Greenwich Peninsula and will take you on a drawing adventure through Trinity Buoy Wharf, Goodluck Hope and London City Island.

The workshops, hosted at Trinity Art Studios, will offer a wonderful opportunity to explore and be inspired by the evolving landscape and the sculptures along The Line. The Big Draw artists will lead the workshops and will encourage you to imagine the future of the island. Your ideas, designs and drawings will form part of our Uniting the Island exhibition.

About Unity Arts Festival: Unity Arts Festival was created in response to the rapid development of new housing and the influx of new people to Leamouth Peninsula. Its purpose is to bridge communities through the arts.  In this first year it is the established arts community of Trinity Buoy Wharf and the expanding community of London City Island to which the festival gives focus.  It is, also, a year where foundations are being laid to welcome Goodluck Hope and its new residents to the festival programme.

Through the unity of artists and arts organisations, the festival strives to bring quality content through a series of exhibitions, performances and workshops; the intention being, to encourage and inspire visitors to both observe and to participate in the arts of UNITY.

About London City Island: London City Island will comprise 1,700 new homes set on an island of 12 acres, with independent artisan restaurants, shops, creative hubs and al fresco spaces. The development takes its inspiration from the area’s maritime heritage, with bold primary colours and making use of its waterside surroundings with river walkways. Additionally, all Island residents will become members of the City Island Arts Club, the island’s own private residents’ club which includes a striking red swimming pool of bright, seafaring red tiles - the trademark hue which appears throughout the island.

About Goodluck Hope: Encircled by water, Goodluck Hope is a new riverside neighbourhood comprising 804 homes, phase one is due to complete in 2020. Adjacent to London City Island, future home to English National Ballet and London Film School, Goodluck Hope is a short walk to Canning Town station across a new pedestrian footbridge. Goodluck Hope is developed by Ballymore, one of Europe’s leading property developers synonymous with great design, architecture and regeneration and with a reputation for innovative projects that push boundaries and energise cities.

About Trinity Buoy Wharf: In 1998, Trinity Buoy Wharf was an empty, derelict site. Now it is a thriving centre for the arts and creative industries with a rare community of over 500 likeminded people enjoying the unique riverside location. Free from overdevelopment, the site's fascinating history can still be seen in the buildings, installations and residents such as the Lightship LV95 that is moored here.

With careful regeneration, Trinity Buoy Wharf has kept its character whilst offering amenities such as studio and gallery space, a pier, school, rehearsal rooms and two dining options in the form of Orchard Cafe and Fat Boys all American diner and 4 of the hugely sustainable Container City buildings.:::ω.

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Having Come Through the Other End of Brain Cancer What Is John Lawson Upto Now: Go and See Him at His Restaurant for Some Neurological Renderings as You Help Raise £10,000 for the Brain Research Campaign: Where: Leigh-on-Sea: When: October 27




|| July 19: 2018 || ά. On Saturday, October 27, Chef Mr John Lawson will be hosting an intimate dining experience with the help of his former teacher and mentor, Mr Raymond Blanc OBE and fellow protégés Mr Robin Gill and Mr Ollie Dabbous, in aid of ‘Brain Tumour Research Campaign’. Taking place at his restaurant ‘FOOD’ in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, brain cancer survivor Mr Lawson and his Team will cook using only seasonal ingredients, that benefit the brain. Aiming to raise £10,000, each Chef will create a beautifully presented and full of flavour dish free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar for diners to enjoy.

Having been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour in 2015, ‘Brain Tumour Research Campaign’ is a charity close to Mr Lawson’s heart. “Every day I am grateful to be here and to be cooking again. There was a point when I thought it would never happen. I couldn't, even, peel a carrot three years ago, following my seizure. I am one of the lucky ones. I see my role now as a Chef and Spokesperson; I want to help change things to make people more aware of brain tumours. It’s pretty scary stuff as this type of cancer is now responsible for the highest number of death within the under 40 age bracket, yet, it is the most underfunded and under researched.’’ Mr Lawson said.

‘’I hope that this event will help not only raise money for much needed research but, also, awareness. Everything we will be cooking will be in line with my restaurant’s ethos, with health and well-being at the forefront. My tumour is slow growing and can come back at any time. There are thousands of other people in the UK, who, just like me, are living with a brain tumour now, so I wanted to do my part and try to change the statistics.”

Running from 12:00, on Saturday, October 27, Mr Lawson’s ‘brain food’ dinner will mark the restaurants first anniversary. Established to reintroduce healthy, seasonal cooking, using only ingredients sourced as locally as possible to the restaurant scene on the Essex coast, upon opening ‘FOOD’, Mr Lawson promised to give guests an unforgettable food experience, with a soft yet incredibly important side of nutrition.

A year after opening, ‘FOOD’ boasts passionate regulars, who return to enjoy his no menu concept in the knowledge that their meal won’t cause their bodies any harm, only nourishment.  

Tickets to ‘brain food’ are priced at £150 per person and are available to purchase by telephone on August 01 between 10:00 and 16:00. The booking number is 01702 840904 during that time. For more details about the event  visit their website.   

The ticket includes a four-course meal prepared by the Team of Mr Raymond Blanc, Mr John Lawson, Mr Robin Gill and MR Ollie Dabbous, snacks, bread and treats in addition. Bubbles will be served on arrival and followed by wine pairing matched to each course.

About Brain Food: Date: October 27: 12:00-21:30: Last table 21:30: Where: Food by John Lawson, 92 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-sea, Essex SS9 1BU.

Each ticket is priced at £150 per person, booked as tables only. A table of two will be priced at £300, a table of four, £600 and table of six, £900. All profits will go to Brain Tumour Research Campaign. Tables are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance. Tables are non-refundable; however, the name of guests, may, change with prior notice.

About Chef John Lawson: Westminster trained Mr John Lawson started his career at La Manior Aux Quat Saisons. His training with Mr Raymond Blanc saw him go on to work in two and three Michelin star restaurants in the France, UK, USA and Australia, restaurants, including, Daniel Boulud’s and Gordon Ramsay at The London, New York. Mr Lawson has been a private Chef for The Sultan of Oman and a high-profile Celebrity family. He was appointed Executive Chef and Partner of No.8 at Crown, Melbourne in September 2013. His achievements were not only limited to the restaurant; he made an appearance on Master Chef, as well as, cooking at the Australian Open in 2014 and 2015. In October 2016 he returned to the UK after fighting a brain tumour, he opened his restaurant FOOD by John Lawson in June 2017, with its main focus on health and well-being, educating his guests in the importance of eating 'real food'.

About ‘FOOD by Chef John Lawson: ‘FOOD’ by John Lawson can be found in the fishing town of Leigh-on-sea, perfectly located near the sea for fresh fish and on the edge of the beautiful Essex Countryside for fresh local produce. The Restaurant opened its doors in June 2017 offering guests a food experience, there is no menu, whatever is in season and delivered from the fisherman or farmer is prepared and presented in the restaurant. Open Wednesday-Saturday evenings and Sunday Lunch, it’s about a good lifestyle balance for Chef John and his team. After discovering a brain tumour in 2015, life for John had to change, health and well being is the focus now and this echoes through the restaurant. All dishes are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, beautifully presented and full of flavour: 

About Brain Tumour Research Campaign: The Brain Tumour Research Campaign was founded in 2004 and aims to raise public awareness of the desperate need for brain tumour research; to lead a fundraising campaign to support research into and treatment of brain tumours and to assist the emergence of an international Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, based at Charing Cross Hospital in London.

Run on a purely voluntary basis, 100% of the donations go directly to the research projects, with all administrative costs being borne by the volunteers. Since its creation, £02.75 million has been raised and invested in a unique translational programme taking research from laboratory to clinical research, with the aim of finding new treatments for this long-neglected cancer.

We are very proud to be the nominated charity to benefit from this exciting and prestigious event and hope that it will take us a step further towards our goal of finding a cure for this devastating disease, which has, until recently, received less than 01% of national cancer research funding despite having the lowest survival rates of any cancer in this country.

Brain Tumour Research Campaign is based at 12-15 Hanger Green, London, W5 3EL: Tele: +44:0: 20 8601 2402: Website: email: info at :::ω.

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Running for Young Epilepsy




|| July 17: 2018 || ά. Mr Andrew Williams, Mr Bob Gibbs and Mr Jon Nock representing Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions successfully completed the British 10k in London on Sunday to raise funds for charity. Running to raise donations for the Young Epilepsy charity, which tackles Epilepsy with children and young people across the UK. It delivers world class diagnosis, assessment and rehabilitation, as well as, pioneering research, specialist education, a helpline and national outreach services.

Abacus supplies and supports a power-assisted Gemini height adjustable platform bath at its specialist educational campus in Lingfield, Surrey. Starting at Wellington Arch, the team ran in sweltering conditions past several famous landmarks, including, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and finishing next to Trafalgar Square. Out of 15,000 entrants, official results show Jon finished in 1,743th place with a time of 00:50:38, Andy crossed the line in 3,214th place on 00:55:50 and Bob finished at 00:55:51 in 3,220th place. And that’s not bad at all while raising the desired funds for the cause.

Mr Andrew Williams, Abacus Marketing Manager said, “I have run a half marathon previously and play competitive cricket, however, I have never run a 10k race before, especially, in that heat. It was tough as I was carrying a back injury but running with Bob and Jon, plus the support from the charity pushed me on.

It was a really memorable experience and would like to thank everyone, who has donated to our final total of £750; it will make a significant difference to lots of young people living with Young Epilepsy.”  

Ms Martha Knight, Fundraising Co-ordinator for Young Epilepsy, joined several supporters from the charity on Embankment at the eight kilometre mark near Westminster Bridge. She cheered on all the Young Epilepsy runners and concluded, “Thank you so much Abacus for representing us; you continue to be incredible Ambassadors for our charity.”

Caption: Mr Andrew Williams, Mr Bob Gibbs and Mr Jon Nock, Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, successfully completed the British 10k in London to raise funds for the Young Epilepsy charity:::ω.

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